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A Web Original work that has been published in print.

May contain a Print Bonus.



Web Animation

Web Serial Novel


  • $#!+ My Dad Says: The book contained some of the same quotes with new ones added. It later became a short-lived series on CBS.
  • Cake Wrecks has produced a book, complete with a book tour (to which many fans brought cakes of their own).
  • Comic Book Legends Revealed from the blog Comics Should Be Good - half new items and half items already posted on the blog.
  • Scott Adams published a number of his blog posts in the Dilbert book.
  • The seed of How to Teach Physics to Your Dog came from a blog post, though most of the content in the book is new.
  • Hyperbole and a Half has a book.
  • Julie & Julia: blog=> book => movie with Meryl Streep. A big gap in that final step, made by the fact that Nora Ephron just didn't like the attitude she got off of Julie Powell from her blog.
  • Jump the Shark from the late website of the same name.
  • Law and the Multiverse blog was turned into a book called The Law of Superheroes.
  • April Winchell's popular Regretsy has been published in book form.
  • Stuff White People Like started off as a blog and was made into a book.
  • Sirens (UK) and its US remake are loosely adapted from the nonfiction book Blood, Sweat and Tea by London Ambulance Service EMT "Tom Reynolds", which as itself adapted from his blog "Random Acts of Reality".
  • What If?


  • Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy. Went from a popular science website to a nonfiction book.
  • Wikipedia has, in fact, been released on CD. Okay, not the whole thing, but portions have been released on CD or DVD for charity purposes, and the Wikipedia 1.0 project is attempting to produce a more rigorous hard release.
  • The Skeptic's Dictionary is an online resource covering a variety of pseudoscientific topics from the skeptic's perspective. Portions have since been compiled into a book.
  • The Counter-Creationism Handbook started off its life as a portion of the TalkOrigins website.
  • Hilda and Richie: An early version was serialized online on a Google blog back in 2017 before becoming a print book in 2021.