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Eve on the left, Hanna on the right.

"I'd warn you not to make the same mistakes, but...I hardly remember how that young brain worked. It all kind of disappears. [...] You're such a strong lady. Probably the strongest I know? You're like Wonder Woman. Or the star of a skincare commercial. Powerful. Sorry if I'm kinda talking down to you. I've got way more finesse in person, as you know. But I really think you'll find success. Your 20s aren't the end. Even if it feels that way. My 20s were a complete waste. I promise you, there's more. Well, I better catch a plane. Good luck, Ning. And thanks."

Octopus Pie is a Slice of Life Web Comic written and drawn by Meredith Gran. It centered around the daily life of twentysomething Everest Ning (Eve for short), her stoner roommate Hanna, and their circle of friends. The story was set in modern-day Brooklyn, NY.

The stories mostly revolved around Eve's everyday life, dealing with her family's quirks, her roommate's bizarre antics, and trying to find romance, fulfillment, and a job that doesn't suck.

The strip ended on the 5th of June, 2017, after more than 10 years of run-time, and from March 19, 2018, the comic began reruns with author commentary. Furthermore, in The New '20s Gran has since released two sequels:

  • The Other Side, which chronicles how the cast dealt with the COVID-19 Pandemic, as well as entering their thirties.

  • Octopus Pie Eternal, which focuses on how the cast enters married life and starts families.

This webcomic provides examples of:

  • Alt Text: Used inconsistently; it may be an actual bonus comment or simply the number and title of the page.
  • Art Evolution: Jump-started by chapter 10 being drawn on paper (as opposed to via tablet) for the sake of averting Schedule Slip.
    • Up until chapter 46, the strip is mostly drawn in black and white, with halftone gray shading. Then it switches to full (and often gorgeous) color.
  • Art Shift: "Love Comics" is the stand-out.
    • Hanna tends to be drawn in a more overtly cartoony style when compared to everyone else; her head is a bit wider, her face distorts more often, and she's prone to slapstick.
  • Awesome McCoolname: America Jones. It even has stars in it when said out loud!
  • A World Half Full: A significant portion of the cast are burnouts, college grads working part-time jobs as waiters, and a lot of them having severe emotional conflict. They still get better day by day though.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Eve has a burning grudge against hipsters and stoners, though this has eased off as the comic progresses.
    • Hanna doesn't care for her pastries being likened to Twinkies.
  • Beta Couple: Hanna and Marek are incredibly stable, happy, and sexually active together, in contrast to basically everyone else...until the subject of having kids comes up.
  • Bittersweet Ending:
    • The original run ends with Eve finally finding true love in Will and the two are looking forward to a bright future, but she's also out of a job after Olly's burns down. Hannah, meanwhile, has mostly worked her way through her post-break-up depression knowing she has the undying love and support of her friends and family, but she still has to contend with the consequences of her haphazard lifestyle and her destroyed friendship with Marigold, and is still unemployed and directionless.
    • Octopus Pie Eternal has Hannah and Marigold finally start to bury the hatchet after refusing to even talk to each other for years, but this is small comfort when Marigold's marriage with Jane is falling apart, while Hannah may or may not later have an incredibly messy divorce with Sean.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: The series starts out with shenanigans concerning Eve's Soul-Sucking Retail Job and her interaction with Hannah, but slowly introduces relationship drama that gets increasingly intense, culminating with Hannah and Marek, the most stable and loving couple in the comic thus far, breaking up, turning Hannah from a fun-loving stoner into a cynical Sad Clown on her best days, and starting a chain of not just broken hearts, but broken friendships in the cast.
  • The Comically Serious: Discussed.
    Marek: But really, the deadpan is the key. You can essentially trick people into laughing at nothing.
    Eve: Oh Marek, you card.
  • Cool Shades: Hanna's "douchebag shades".
  • Crystal-Ball Scheduling: immediately after being forced to watch trailers for tacky Spring Break softcore, Eve sees a number of girls casually discussing their drunk partying and promiscuity, prompting Eve to comment:
    Eve: Jesus, did they follow us out of the TV? It's like The Ring except I don't get to die.

"That's it?!"