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Satoko and Nada is a Japanese webcomic written and illustrated by Yupechika.

The titular pair are 20-something college students studying in America, Satoko from Japan and Nada from Saudi Arabia. Each strip chronicles their day-to-day adventures as roommates, whether meeting new friends, learning about each other's culture, cooking delicious meals, getting cozy, and preparing for big milestones like graduation or marriage.


Satoko and Nada provides examples of:

  • Big Eater: Nada always ends up gaining weight during Ramadan, despite the daily fasting, and begs Satoko to help restrain her when the nightly feasts come.
  • Bland-Name Product: "S-Bucks" is used for Starbucks Coffee.
  • Character Development: Satoko starts fairly anxious and disheveled when she and Nada first meet, but over time and with her roommate's help she becomes more confident and fashionable.
  • Drama Bomb: Unexpectedly after several strips of calming roommate bonding, an early arc concerns Satoko seemingly being nearly kidnapped by a man giving her a ride and Nada rushing to come to her rescue.
  • Emoticon: Satoko gets confused when Nada texts her "¯\_(ツ)_/¯" so Nada has to explain later with a literal shrug.
  • Fainting: Satoko faints after Kevin mistakenly reads "あたり", "atari" as in "per", on a drink bottle as "atari" as in "winner" and thinks he won a contest.
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  • Fish out of Water: Both Satoko and Nada find themselves standing out in public due to being immigrants, often to their detriment.
  • Food Porn: Many of the strips center on Satoko and Nada cooking for each other and teaching various Saudi Arabian and Japanese dishes. Inversely, their first attempt at American food turns out to be disappointingly simple.
  • Innocently Insensitive:
    • Satoko compliments Nada's chador and asks if she could get one of her own for comfort instead of snuggling into Nada's from time to time. Nada takes it as a claim that Satoko doesn't value her snuggling anymore.
    • On Nada's date of Satoko, Satoko secretly surprises her with a cake and gift, but Nada doesn't realize what's happening at first since she never really celebrated birthdays.
    • One time when walking in on Nada's prayer, Satoko got confused if she should cover up too and ended up tangling herself in a blanket.
    • After Pakeezah accidentally eats Satoko's cake, she bakes her a milk pudding in apology. Satoko takes it as a challenge as she angrily devours the whole thing.
    • Satoko is initially alarmed by Americans complimenting her outfits in public, but she gets used to it and tries it nervously herself.
    • After teaching Satoko "mashallah", Nada gets unhappy when Satoko doesn't say it when Nada prompts her for compliments. The next time Satoko tries, she completely butchers the pronunciation.
    • Satoko isn't familiar with waving to signal American buses to stop, thinking that when they passed her they were just being mean.
    • Nada thinks her friends are being frustratingly casual when they refer to going on "pilgrimages" for small vacations.
    • When Miracle starts making sushi, Satoko assumes it'll be just like Japanese-style but gets annoyed when it deviates into California-style. She angrily admits it tastes good.
  • Irony:
    • When shopping for clothes, Nada notes that she tends to have more freedom in what she'll wear beneath her veil since few will see it, while Satoko doesn't have to wear a veil and thus often limits herself in what she'll be seen wearing in public.
    • Kevin is Japanese-American and is studying to teach English in Japan, but notes that white Americans tend to be hired for those jobs over him because they "look more fluent" in English.
    • Right after Nada emphasizes how it's important to not judge others by their manner or lack of veil and how they dress, she begins harshly criticizing Satoko's outfit.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted. Nearly all of Nada's male friends are named Muhammad or Abdullah. Satoko has trouble telling them apart, then learns Nada often can't either.
  • Parody Religion: Satoko briefly wonders if she should mark her religion as Buddhist on Facebook, since she's really more of a polytheist, then finds her Japanese friends have all put joke religions like "mint-chocolate".
  • Shout-Out: