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Heartstopper is a Webcomic by English Artist and Novelist, Alice Osman, primarily centred around the love story of Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson, two characters who first appeared in her first novel, Solitaire.

Osman also has a Patreon up specifically to help keep the comic running, in addition to any tips readers may be willing to give in the Tapas app through which the comic is primarily published.
Additionally, an official merch site can be found here.

The story is told primarily from Charlie's perspective, though occasionally switching to that of Nick whenever doing so provides greater clarity, often the case when the two are at home or when Nick is telling his side of a tale.
Though the story does feature some original characters, most are derived from Solitaire, here depicted as young adults attending an English Grammar School.
We begin with a brief sequence depicting Charlie with his abrasive hookup fling, Ben Hope. After a bell, the two part and we see Charlie's new Form Group notice from over his shoulder. Upon arriving in the classroom, he is assigned a seat next to Nick Nelson, leading to the image for this page. The two hit it off, very well. Many wholesome bonding experiences later, the two admit their feelings for one another.

There are also occasional side stories sprinkled spradically throughout the part index of the comic, featuring either an alternate universe, a future event beyond the scope of the comic, or past events not shown when they occurred.


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