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"I was told I make intelligent comics, and then I made a comic about a horse that pooped."
Kate Beaton

Hark! A Vagrant is a largely history-based Webcomic by Kate Beaton, best known for its historical comics, which are one-shots of varying length focusing on historical events or figures getting into pretty inaccurate situations.

Recurring themes include Beaton visiting her younger self, Canada, a pony called "Fat Pony", and a story about a sailor who meets a mermaid. Like most webcomics, there is little continuity between entries, and it rose to fame through Memetic Mutation taking hold on a few comics. Also, rather than use Alt Text, Beaton usually accompanies each comic with a short paragraph.

The series is ongoing, and can be read on its site. Additionally, Kate Beaton has a personal tumblr which can be seen here, and a Live Journal here.

This webcomic provides examples of:

Meanwhile, in a 20 mile radius of this event: BODICES RIPPING; MEN TURNING GAY; IT WAS AMAZING; the end

Alternative Title(s): Kate Beaton