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Webcomics which are set in non-modern historical periods, often accurately following features and events of the time-period in which they are set.

  • Afganisu-tan: A comic that portrays the history of Afghanistan and its neighbors. If Aghanistan and its neighbors were a group of little girls.
  • Aisopos: A Korean Webtoon that it's set in Ancient Greece and tells the life of the titular storyteller, when he became a slave at the age of 10. It's divided in three parts and has long been completed with a total of 130 chapters.
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  • Altered Frontier: A collection of short stories adapted from the radio Western Gunsmoke, following the adventures of Territory Marshal Catalina De Léon and her companions.
  • Amazoness!: A Webcomic about a young amazon and her friends and the drama that goes on.
  • Baritarian Boy: A historical webcomic focusing on exploits and events from the history of a nevertheless entirely fictional Slavic country. Not quite an example for this reason, but drawing enough from real Slavic and European history to be weirdly convincing.
  • Beneath the Clouds: A ComingOfAgeStory set in 11th century Japan. A nobleman-turned-monk and his daughter embark on a perilous journey to save the emperor who exiled them.
  • Bite Me!: A humorous webcomic set during the The French Revolution which is an Alternate Continuity sequel of sorts to Family Man (see below).
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  • Bumrape Island
  • Clockwork Game: The story of the Hungarian Wolfgang von Kempelen and his most famous invention: "The Turk", ostensibly a clockwork chess-playing automaton.
  • The Continentals: A webcomic set in post Jack the Ripper England where Continental Operative Jeffrey Tiffen Smythe and his gender bending partner the adventress Lady Fiona Fiziwigg investigating a series of brutal "mangling" murders uncovers a tangled web of intrigue, adventure—And murder!
  • The Cummoner: A fantasy webcomic following the sexual misadventures of a Hot Witch and her reluctant sidekick in medieval Europe. Not Safe for Work.
  • Deep Dive Daredevils: A Diesel Punk adventure webcomic set in The '30s, about a Cool Sub and its' stalwart crew.
  • Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant is an adventure comic and swashbuckler set in and around the Europe and the Ottoman Empire during the Napoleonic Wars.
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  • Dovecote Crest: A webcomic detailing the lives and adventures of a group of American Civil War reenactors.
  • The Dreamer: A romantic webcomic in which the main character, Bea, is transported back to the times of the American Revolutionary War in her dreams.
  • Dreamless
  • Family Man: A beautiful, elegantly paced comic about a 18th century German scholar finding his place in the world, struggling with issues of identity, theology and faith. Oh yes, I think there are going to be werewolves at some point too. Dylan Meconis's other (now finished) historical webcomic. Bite Me! A Vampire Farce is set in revolutionary France, and has been praised by Neil Gaiman and Scott McCloud, among countless others.
  • Flagland: Satirizes historical events. Each character represents a nation, as indicated by the flag on his belly.
  • Founding Boys: An Alternate Universe retelling of The American Revolution as a Boarding School rebellion.
  • Four Corners: Set in The '90s, Yokohama, as two unlikely delinquents pair up to solve the mystery of why gangs in the city are being brutally disbanded.
  • Frederick the Great: The time traveling escapades of Frederick the Great, Isaac Newton, Peter the Great, and Abraham Lincoln. Turns Historical Villain Upgrade into an art form.
  • Goodbye Chains: The tale of a thief named Banquo and his communist buddy Colin in The Wild West. A lot better than it sounds.
  • Guttersnipe: The adventures of a street orphan and a sewer rat in Depression era America.
  • Hark! A Vagrant: A gag-per-day historical comic written by historian Kate Beaton. Funny stuff.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers: A webcomic, now a manga and anime, originally set in the WWI and WWII era where the countries are represented by anthropomorphic characters. Historical, political, and military interaction between countries is represented in as social and romantic interaction between the characters; the webcomic version in particular depicts military and economic incursions using homoerotic innuendo. It has expanded to include various ages and historical in-jokes, as well as occasional reflections on the life of nations.
  • Hipster Hitler: Adolf Hitler as a hipster.
  • How I Killed Your Master: Co-authored by Brian Clevinger, a kung fu webcomic telling the story of how the narrator killed his guest's master.
  • Joe Is Dead: A story about living and dead pirates.
  • Kate Warne Pinkerton Detective: Kate Warne was a real person. She worked for Allan Pinkerton in Chicago in the 1850s-60s (including during the Civil War), making her the first female detective in America. And yes, she was awesome.
  • Katusha: Girl Soldier of the Great Patriotic War tells the story of a 16-year old living in Kiev in 1941 who joins the partisans and then the Red Army. Written and drawn by Wayne Vansant.
  • Krig RAWR: Higlhy anachronistic webcomic about warring Dinosaurs.
  • Lackadaisy: A story about bootleggers, rumrunners, the mob, and other assorted scallywags in St. Louis, during the Roaring Twenties. (Also, they're cats.)
  • Lost Cause: Set during the American Civil War, Benjamin Sorderer volunteers for the Confederate army in hopes of proving his courage to his father and himself, and realizes he must sacrifice the things he holds most dear.
  • Loud Era: Starting in 1917, Loud Era follows its characters as they finish high school and face the unwelcoming realities of adulthood. Can be read here.
  • Lovecraft Is Missing: It is 1926. H. P. Lovecraft is not where he is supposed to be.
  • Machiavelli Found here. A biography of the infamous Niccolò Machiavelli with great attention to historical detail.
  • The Mayhem Sisterhood: A webcomic set in mid-19th Century Paris. Two very different women find themselves fighting together during a period of war and political disruption. Think "Le Miserable 2" with some feminist vibes. Based mostly on actual events. Find it here.
  • Mayonaka Densha: Set in Victorian London of 1888 (through time travel). A story about a girl who ends up in the Baker Street Irregulars under the command of Sherlock Holmes in a battle again London's many criminals, particularly Jack the Ripper
  • The Mirror Of Souls: A Celtic tale of a fish-out-of-water and out of time.
  • Mirror Sense: Found here. The story follows an episode of 17th century industrial espionage in which the French attempt to steal the secrets of mirror making from Venice.
  • Monsieur Charlatan: A broken-hearted Private Detective in Paris during The Great Depression.
  • Outsiders: A slice-of-life series which starts in 1986, following the lives of same-sex lovers Ebony Larsson and Siobhan Pattinson as they work to achieve their life's goals.
  • The Paul Reveres: In this alternate reality of The American Revolution, battles are fought with electric guitars and loud music! Tension is rising in Boston, as the colonial militia band, The Paul Reveres, square off against the British regiment, The Union Jack-Offs, in this epic radtacular pursuit of life, liberty, and PUNK ROCK!
  • The Pirate Balthasar: a pirate adventure with plenty of comedy and romance, set in the XVII century on the Mediterranean Sea. Lots of details and the historical research, trivia behind the story, games etc. are available too, on the author's blog.
  • Poison Ivy Gulch: A gag Western about a frontier town in the 1870s, complete with stock Western characters.
  • Polandball: A series of short satire comics written by message board users based of historical and modern relationships using balls with flags printed on them rather than people. Usually offensive, silly or nonsensical. Watch out for occasional Cerebus Syndrome.
  • Rasputin Barxotka: A lusty crime drama the explores the Russian underground during the late Soviet period.
  • Rasputin Catamite: A dark comedy that takes place during collapse of the Soviet Union.
  • Riverside Extras: A neo-noir comic set in an alternate 1920s, centering on a Femme Fatale and an all-female gang.
  • Rumors of War: A Low Fantasy Sprite Comic set in the Late Bronze Age, sometime after the Trojan War but before the Classical Period.
  • Scandinavia and the World: Like Hetalia: Axis Powers, it uses anthromorphic versions of countries as characters. Unlike Hetalia, it chooses to avoid all forms of drama and character development in favour of simplified but historically-accurate comedy. The comic, as you can see by the name, focuses on Scandinavia, specifically the Power Trio of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and, on a more general (i.e. Nordic) level, on Finland and Iceland. The author herself is Danish so if you ever wanted a glimpse as to the history behind the region and how people from each country view each other, it's worth a look. The author also gives explanations for the cultural and historical in-jokes so don't worry about getting confused.
  • The Second Crimean War: Alternate history about the breakup of the USSR.
  • Shaderunners: A prohibition-era story. Simply replace alcohol with color. Bootlegging, romance, and intrigue galore!
  • Shi Long Pang: The Wandering Shaolin Monk (the title should give you an idea of what it's about) features an extremely authentic rendition of 17th-century China. Find it here.
  • SPQR Blues: A webcomic set in Ancient Rome. Find it here.
  • Stateball: A spinoff of Polandball.
  • Tabula Candida: A gag-per-day comic by a professor of European history, based on his in-class doodles. Find it here.
  • Tales From The Middle Kingdom: A comic drawn in traditional Chinese brush painting style, based on the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
  • Tales of the Galli : Set in ancient Rome at the time of Constantine the Great.
  • The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage: A hilarious comic that posing the ultimate question: What if Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace teamed up to fight crime with their massive Difference Engine?
  • Times Like This: A humor (and sometimes NSFW) comic involving time travel... and the occasional lampooning of historical figures.
  • Two Party Opera
  • Vápnthjófr saga: A historical fantasy comic set in the viking age. An unlikely group gets caught up in a civil war and sent out on a seemingly impossible mission.
  • Venus In Points
  • The Water Clock: Found here. Follows a would-be scholar and member of the royal family in ancient Egypt.
  • When Heaven Spits You Out: A historical drama set in the early 1970s in the northeast United States.
  • Wilhelmine: A biography of Wilhelmine of Bayreuth, former princess of Prussia and favorite sister of Frederick the Great.
  • Witchprickers: A medieval Germany webcomic in which a witch and her familiar bat meet a pair of devils.
  • The Word Weary: is USUALLY a slice-of-life comic, but many of the issues take place in the characters' Dungeons and Dragons game... that takes place during the Russian Revolution.
  • Whispers in the Wind A pirate webcomic settled in a sea territory with naval army, pirates, sailors and other sea farers. Clothing, architecture, language and society are influenced by the european 18th century but have sometimes a modern twist.
  • Without Moonlight a war drama set during the Nazi occupation of Greece during World War II, a group of Athenians attempt to resist the enemy and pass on vital information that could win the war. Historically accurate situations, settings and backgrounds/architecture/clothing for WWII Greece.
  • The World in Deeper Inspection is an Urban Fantasy webcomic set in Victorian England.
  • Zekes Guideto History a monthly webcomic written by a teacher that features an affable dog named Zeke who teaches his adolescent master, Parker, about different events in history and then uses these events to teach modern life applications.

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