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Joe Is Dead - A webcomic about living and dead pirates.
Joe Is Dead

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Joseph Cinnabar, Celestial Specialist of the small sailing ship The Sicillian Songbird, former mentor of the Honorable Captain Harriet Hopper... is dead. And it's up to one disgraced crew-member to embark on a quest to enact his final wishes... but will she actually do it? Even if she tries to do it, will she succeed?

Morbidly humorous and set in a surreal world where piracy flourishes, "Joe Is Dead" deals with themes of loss, fitting in, and bonds of trust between people.


This comic provides examples of:

  • Absent-Minded Professor: Dr. Helena Horsetail is a physician who has, through a series of events, become a pirate.
  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: When asked to explain the decomposition of dead bodies, Dr. Horsetail goes into a ridiculous explanation of how decomposing material transforms spontaneously into insects. Despite the silliness of this concept, historically, this was genuinely believed to be the origin of many types of insects. Later on, Herringbone asserts the belief that Finnish people are able to control the weather. Although ridiculous, this used to be a genuine marine superstition.


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