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Webcomic / Deep Dive Daredevils

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Only the barest hint of the adventure to come!

Deep Dive Daredevils is a Diesel Punk Webcomic about the USS Custer and its' Badass Crew. Set in The '30s, the comic follows the crew of the Custer as they sail the seven seas, having one improbable adventure after another. Deep Dive Daredevils is written by Matt Heistand, Evin Dempsey and Dan Fifield, a.k.a. the "Three One Five". The art is by Danilo Guida and Angela Consol, with letters by Ben Timmreck.


  • Secret Of the Beaufort Sea: Joe rescues a man who was adrift on an ice floe. Little did he realize what danger this act of compassion would bring!
  • The Cajun Caper: The Custer docks at New Orleans for supplies, only to find out that the "Big Easy" ain't so easy!
  • Pitch Black Day: Our heroes accept a private charter from a mysterious young woman, "No Questions Asked". They soon discover that this was a bad idea—the hard way!
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  • End(s) Of the Earth(s): Recovering from the events of "Pitch Black Day", the crew takes shore leave on a tropical island. Alas, there's trouble brewing—not to mention an active volcano!
  • Beyond Familiar Shores: The conflict with the "Giga-Reich" continues and escalates, and no-one can tell what will happen next!

Deep Dive Daredevils contains examples of: