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Goodbye Chains is a Webcomic by Alice Hunt and Tracy Williams. It details the dramatic (and comical) misadventures of thieving con artist Banquo White and his Communist (yes, you read that right) companion, Colin Lord.

Generally speaking.

It takes place in the American West, so there's frequent use of The Western tropes. (It is also an excellent example of Shown Their Work when it comes to the setting and its history). It sports a concoction of clever writing and great character interactions, especially between the two main characters, who are most likely ready to kill each other (at least from Banquo's end) as much as to support each other.

The comic can be read here. It has a sister site titled Venus In Points, "which is about Banquo and Colin if they were badly drawn cartoon doggies who die a lot." It can be read here.


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