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Rumors of War is set in a world inspired by Mythical Greece, and falls somewhere between Alternate History and Historical Fantasy with a dash of Heroic Fantasy.

The original webcomic was episodic in nature, making frequent use of time skips to cover the time (a year and a half) in-universe of its release schedule. The comic ran 500-some pages across 5 major story arcs from 2010-2011 before it went on hiatus mid-chapter into its sixth arc. The author returned to finish said chapter several months later.

Following a successful Kickstarter in January 2014, the comic was revived with new characters and a new format. The new webcomic is scheduled to run a full year (going into the first part of 2015).

In addition to the webcomics, there are several pieces of short fiction (character "vignettes" and an aborted serial novel) set in roughly the same time and place as the first comic.

Rumors of War (2010-2011)

In the wake of the War of Thessalonian Independence, also known as the Third Trojan War, a magical society struggles to right itself as it sinks into a period of decline. The palatial estates of the bronze age demigods are abandoned as a people return to a lifestyle from a simpler time while fleeing the onslaught of iron age pirates, slavers, and marauders.Probably best described as a a Situation Dramedy, or perhaps a Forensic Drama with magic (in mythical Greece!).

The pages themselves are formatted to resemble screen caps from an SNES-era video game, and so the action is carried by questions, questions, mysteries, talking, questions, questions, questions, and more questions.

This webcomic (and its related media) provide(s) examples of: