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Bite Me! is a now complete humorous webcomic/novel by Dylan Meconis, set during the The French Revolution involving a group of vampires and a werewolf working together to save the rest of their coven. The cast include Claire, a humorously crazy bar wench with pro-Revolutionary sentiments; Lucien, an intellectual Friendly Neighborhood Vampire, Ginevra, a snooty aristocratic vampire who's pretty much The Baroness; Luther, a grumpy and cynical werewolf who is an old friend of Lucien (both characters appear somewhat differently in the webcomic Family Man (Dylan Meconis)); and Audric, the de facto leader of French vampires, who is a whimsical Bishōnen described on the cast page as an Evil Overlord. Not to be confused with the web original series Bite Me- The Gamer's Zombie Apocalypse.

A backup can be found here.

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