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Bird Boy is a fantasy webcomic set in a world where a great hero went into a forest and freed the light that the villain had trapped, and was trapped himself.

Bali, a small boy with a big bird-beak headdress, sets out hunting on his own after his elders have put off teaching him to next year. Led by a bird he stumbles on a forest where it is summer, and from there, to stranger things.

It can be read at (The full archived Volumes I and II are now back on line.)

This work contains examples of:

  • Art Shift: Between the Back Story, done in the style of wall or cave paintings, and the main story.
  • Light Is Good: The hero, the sword... and Bali is later told that the Rook Men hate the light.
  • Webcomic Print Collection: Volumes I and II were published in 2016. Possibly for contractual reasons, the pages in these collections were withdrawn from the website, but have since been restored.