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Lovecraft is Missing is a Webcomic by Larry Latham, with a simple premise: it is the autumn of 1926, and horror author H. P. Lovecraft is not where he's supposed to be. His friend-by-post and fellow writing enthusiast Orwin Battler has traveled from Oklahoma to see him; occult expert Father Jackey is after missing pages from a rare book most recently in Lovecraft's possession; University librarian Nan Mercy is after the book pages as well as personal revenge against Lovecraft's probable kidnappers.

True to the work of the inspiration himself, determination is their least useful and most counterproductive asset.

Previously updated on weekly on Fridays, with hiatuses between chapters. Sadly, due to the author's death the future of the series is uncertain, although his wife has stated the desire to continue with the help of friends presumably well-versed in the genre.

The site went down in 2016, and the domain has since been usurped by an arts and crafts website.

Lovecraft is Missing contains examples of: