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Webcomic / The Second Crimean War

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Shortly after the breakup of the Soviet Union, ethnic-based violence led by Bohdan makes the newly-independent Ukraine start sliding into all-out civil war. Trying to survive, a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, including a Ukrainian farm girl (Yana Korelenko, who calls herself "Yuri" when she's disguising herself as a teenage boy), a hard-bitten veteran of the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan (Iaroslav Kossak), a confused American (John Silver), and five Crimean Tatar brothers (Berkir, Veli, Inalcik, Kayyum, and Ismail Cemilev). But in a country with lost nuclear weapons just waiting to be found by anyone who comes along, things can only get more interesting...

It can be read here.

The Second Crimean War provides examples of: