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Taking the Space-Time Continuum, and ripping it a new hole.

"She doesn't waste time – She recycles it."

Times Like This is a webcomic created by Thomas Overbeck. It is, as the author puts it succinctly, a webcomic "about time travel, and all the fun and interesting stuff involved with it. It's also about lampooning historical figures and speculating humorously on current celebrities."

In short – it's a "Comedy of Eras."

The main character is Cassie Wells (whose name is doubly appropriate, all things considered), a young female genius who discovers the ability to travel through time. She works at a high-tech lab in the Dallas area specializing in Nanotechnology.

She has two friends helping her with her travels: Matt Gahan, an electronics expert whom Cassie befriended when he worked at the travel agency next door; and her best friend from school, Bethany Gibson.

She lives in the greater Dallas area along with husband Philip Webber, their new-born son Evan Theodore Webber, her pet dinosaur Mascus, and her MIRA-7 robot, named Nicki.

Her travels are "monitored" by the Federal government - but not how you'd expect. Agent Keith Scott has been assigned by the FBI to keep tabs on her - and help her keep her secret.

This webcomic provides examples of: