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Webcomic / The Mirror Of Souls

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"What is it you must learn?"
Cern, Chapter 2 (a recurring theme in the comic)

The Mirror of Souls is a Historical Fantasy webcomic, hosted on ComicFury, that follows two teenage girls misplaced in time. The comic is currently on hiatus and is being rewritten. It is unknown when updates will resume.

Two girls, one from modern Tokyo and the other from Celtic Britain, come across the same Ancient Artifact in their respective time periods: a gold mirror. After (unknowingly) reciting the spell engraved on the back, the two are pulled into the mirror and spat out on "The Other Side" into worlds completely unlike their own. Other important characters are various relatives and mythical beings and the occasional wandering musician.


The comic updates on Fridays. Other non-scheduled updates, filler updates (content varies from related-to-comic to not-related-to-comic), or late updates are usually accompanied by explanations as to why.

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