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Single-Target Sexuality

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Jade: I'm surprised no woman has claimed your bed and become your queen.
Kotal Kahn: Many have tried.
Jade: Yet they failed? Why?
Kotal Kahn: None of them were you.

Alice has never really been in love with anyone else but Bob. She can only be attracted to/aroused by him — not even other men, or, for that matter, women. Not even porn can do it for Alice unless Bob is in the porn. If Bob turns into a girl, Alice will still be hot for her. If Bob is technically more than one person, Alice will love all of them, to the exclusion of everyone else that does not inhabit Bob's body. The only way you can describe Alice's sexuality is "Bob-sexual".

Sometimes a serious character type, sometimes a joke said by Charles to describe Alice's infatuation with Bob. Sometimes it gets to the point where Alice becomes a Stalker with a Crush or something similar.

Uninterest in attractive people of appropriate gender, other than one's love interest, is commonly shown as an indication of being deeply in love; whether this is Truth in Television varies between couples. Feeling this way about a partner is not as unusual for those on the grey portions of the asexual and/or aromantic spectrums, for example. Many shippers tend to believe their One True Pairing is affected by this.

This trope is when someone's only attracted to one person at all. If the person is a sole exception to someone's normal sexual preferences, it's If It's You, It's Okay, being hetero- or homosexual plus one, rather than asexual plus one.

See One True Love. Not to be confused with Single Object Sexuality or Object Sexuality in general. Can result in or be the result of Happily Married, especially when it is mutual. If a breakup or even death ensues, may lead to them hooking up with a Replacement Goldfish or even the Doppelgänger Replacement Love Interest. A character with Ridiculously High Relationship Standards could be considered a downplayed version of this trope. Compare and contrast Especially Zoidberg.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Gui from ½ Prince has stated that he would like Prince no matter the gender or age. He's not homosexual, he's Prince-sexual.
  • Belldandy of Ah! My Goddess is Keiichi-sexual. Especially applicable in that Keiichi was once gender-flipped into a woman, and Belldandy didn't care a whit (except caring in that Keichii himself was somewhat dismayed).
  • The manga Ai Kora appears to be this series' main plot, as the main character Hachibei Maeda only finds attraction in women who have his "Ideal Parts". He shows no interest in women who do not have these parts.
  • And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online?: Ako is strictly Rusian-sexual. While at school she acts like other guys don't even exist and becomes visibly annoyed when any of them try to interact with her, and before she knew Hideki was Rusian, she avoided and ignored him like everyone else.
  • Naoi from Angel Beats! is obsessed with Otonashi.
  • In Arakawa Under the Bridge, Official Couples Nino and Kou and Jacequliene and Billy only have eyes for each other. Also Sister is very much Maria-sexual.
  • Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan seems to be strictly Eren-sexual.
  • Kaorin from Azumanga Daioh has eyes only for the Huge Schoolgirl Sakaki.
  • From all indications, Firo from Baccano! seems to be Ennis-sexual, despite the fact that she takes a long time to catch on. Though they're both immortal and have plenty of time, there's still something to be said for the fact that Firo waited fifty years for her to agree to marriage, and though they're now living together hasn't tried anything.
  • Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts:
    • Shouko is Yuji-sexual and goes to completely ridiculous extremes to ensure that Yuji doesn't pay any attention to any girl but her.
    • Kubo is Akihisa-sexual. Reinforced even further in one of the OVAs, where for once he's shown being attracted to a girl… who's actually Akihisa crossdressing. He then spends the rest of the OVA torn between Akihisa and Mystery-Girl-Who's-Also-Akihisa.
    • The main girls, Mizuki Himeji and Minami Shimada, are very obviously Aki-sexual. Unfortunately, Akihisa is an idiot who Oblivious to Love and these two girls have odd ways of showing their affections toward him. Minami's little sister has a Precocious Crush on him, Akihisa's sister loves teasing him, and the Kinoshita twins, Hideyoshi and Yuko are implied to like him as well.
  • In Bakuman。, Miho Azuki has never been interested in anyone other than her classmate Moritaka Mashiro, as she has been attracted to him since fourth grade.
  • Subverted in Beastars, where a carnivore having an "exception" for an herbivore is a very bad sign. As Gouhin explains to Legosi, when a carnivore is attracted to herbivores in general, having a thing for one is just normal attraction. But when a carnivore only fixates on a single herbivore, what they're actually doing is subconsciously rationalizing their Horror Hunger for an herbivore they've befriended and misinterpreting it as romantic feelings, which usually ends in the carnivore eating their "exception" and convincing themselves the herbivore wanted to be eaten. Thankfully, Legosi's thing for Haru turns out to be the former. Riz's feelings towards Tem, on the other hand...
  • B Gata H Kei is filled with many characters who have this. Keiichi is Yamada-sexual, Kyoka is Keiichi-sexual, and Mayu is Kosuda-sexual.
  • Guts of Berserk Hates Being Touched due to a very traumatic childhood experience and is never shown to have any sexual or romantic interest in anyone except Casca. In some translations, he even says If It's You, It's Okay word-for-word. Technically there is one time in the very first page of the manga where Guts has sex with a Literal Man Eater Apostle in order to kill her, but this is dismissed by most fans as Early-Installment Weirdness and has been omitted from every adaptation.
  • Luka from Betrayal Knows My Name is this way towards Yuki. The fact that the pretty girl he fell in love with is now reincarnated into a male body does nothing to discourage him in his unfailing loyalty and devotion.
  • The bifauxnen protagonist of the one-shot manga Bianca claims that she's not interested in boys while rejecting an unexpected love confession from a guy, but claims that she's not really into females either—which is why she never reciprocates the countless confessions she receives daily from other girls. The person she's in love with is a cute girl she met during middle school, whom she considers her "one and only"; and when it is revealed that the girl she fell in love with was actually a boy (who confessed to her at the start of the story) who had been Dragged into Drag, she agrees to go out with him, even dolling herself up to accept his confession.
  • Kyo of Black Bird (2006) is a Misao-sexual. After making an agreement to marry her when he was 8 and she was 5, he devoted the next ten years of his life to taking over his clan from his brother, an action leading to countless deaths, including his own mother's, because that was the only way to secure a marriage with her. He never once met Misao over those ten years and never once showed any interest in any other woman despite that. He has since married Misao and does not hide the fact that he really cares about nothing but her, being willing to see anyone die if it means he stays with her, even his entire clan. In turn, Misao is an entirely Kyo-sexual, who even after having all her memories of their childhood sealed away, was still in love with Kyo when she met him again.
  • Black Butler: Agni is definitely a Soma-sexual, and Baron Kelvin is Ciel-sexual. He even leaves his wife after meeting Ciel.
  • Creed from Black Cat is Train-sexual, and creepily so. He keeps on stalking and following Train around, killed Saya - Train’s closest friend at the time - due to jealousy, and at the end, even attempts to kill Train himself because he believes that the “witch” Saya has corrupted him too much.
  • Black Clover:
    • Asta is so deeply infatuated with Sister Lily that he refuses to peep on other girls at the hot springs. He is also completely oblivious to the fact that Noelle, Mimosa, and Rebecca all have a crush on him.
    • For Charlotte Roselei, it's Yami Sukehiro or bust. While countless nobles have proposed to her and courted her affections, Charlotte has violently chased them off every single time. When Yami enters the equation, she struggles to maintain her dignity as she mentally goes lovey-dovey over how much she loves him, yet can't find the strength to confess. Yami being Yami, he never notices Charlotte's feelings and is convinced that she hates his guts. It takes Yami almost dying before Charlotte finally musters the courage to confess to him, tearfully begging him not to die, but because Yami was half-dead when she did, he did not hear a word she said.
  • Black Jack: The only one Black Jack has ever loved is Kisaragi Megumi, but he has to give up on her because she got a cancer that required her uterus to be removed, and she could no longer live as a woman. They were forced to be apart as this was Japan in the 80s. As for Megumi, Black Jack is also the only one for her, and even after deciding to live as a man and thinking of himself as a man as well, he still loves Black Jack.
  • Blast of Tempest's entire plot revolves around Yoshino and Mahiro trying to save the world so they can learn who killed Aika—Yoshino's girlfriend (whose picture he still kept in his cellphone and chose to remain her boyfriend even after the fact) and Mahiro's step-sister (who he was ready to avenge even if it meant the world ending and pulling a Face–Heel Turn).
  • Soifon from Bleach has eyes only for her Yoruichi-sama.
    • Orihime once said that if she were reincarnated five times and lived five different lives, she'd fall in love with Ichigo every time. She and Ichigo are Happily Married at the end.
  • Bloom Into You:
    • Touko has received countless love confessions from both males and females but she turned all of them down because she wasn't in love with any of them. It isn't until she meets Yuu that she becomes romantically interested in someone for the first time in her life.
    • Yuu initially feels no attraction to anyone, not even to a kind boy who confessed to her or to Touko who spends almost the entire series pining after her, until she gets to know Touko better and slowly starts to reciprocate her feelings. It's quite possible that she's demisexual, i.e. someone who doesn't feel romantic or sexual attraction until they've developed a strong emotional connection with someone else.
  • Romio and Juliet from Boarding School Juliet are devoted to each other at the cost of being Oblivious to Love from anyone else. Romio is Not Distracted by the Sexy by anyone (aside from Juliet herself) that tries to charm him, while Juliet bowed out of a dance party in her honor and declines to enter a beauty pageant because the only one she wants to dance with, and the only one who she wants to see her at her best, is Romio.
  • Tomoyo in Cardcaptor Sakura is deemed Sakura-sexual by the fandom. Most characters in the series have more than one crush over its course (usually one of each gender) but Tomoyo only has eyes for Sakura.
  • Case Closed:
  • Shirai Kuroko from A Certain Scientific Railgun is obviously Onee-sama-sexual, she doesn't even look anywhere else! It might be more accurate to say that she's Misaka-sexual since she also thought Mikoto's mother (who is basically just Mikoto all grown up) was a hottie. Let's just pray she never finds out about the thousands of clonesEven after having her memories of Mikoto removed, her heart starts pounding and she begins blushing at the mere sight of her.
  • Jack from The Circumstances Leading to Waltraute's Marriage is only interested in his wife Waltraute. Case in point, he's entirely unaffected when he interacts with Freyja, the Goddess of Beauty.
  • In Code Geass Mao is C.C.-sexual. Even if he wasn't, his Geass would make it impossible to form a working relationship with anybody else.
  • Cross Ange's Tusk is very much this trope. He proudly declares to Hilda at one point that he's saving his first sexual experience for the titular Ange, and that no one else will do for him. Come Episode 22, he makes good on that promise when he takes Ange's purity after defying death and reuniting with her.
  • Naruse from the yaoi manga Cute Devil and its sequel is definitely Akiyoshi-sexual to Yandere levels.
  • The Dangers in My Heart: Kyōtarō Ichikawa only has his eyes on Anna Yamada, and vice-versa. Even when he grows more comfortable speaking to other girls, he doesn't pay much mind to their looks as he does hers. Even another model only gets objective acknowledgment from him. Meanwhile, Yamada has had no experience in dating prior to getting closer to Ichikawa and barely acknowledges other boys who try to get her attention.
  • Misa from Death Note can be described as Kira-sexual or Light-sexual. (Although if she had to choose one or the other, she'd choose Light.)
  • Chikane from Destiny of the Shrine Maiden is Himeko-sexual. Even after finding out her Meido is in love with her, Chikane has eyes only for Himeko, to the point of absolute creepiness.
  • Devilman: Akira is the only person Ryo loves. Or, more correctly, he’s the only human Ryo loves, considering that Ryo is Satan and literally incapable of being compassionate to anyone else.
  • Dragon Ball Super: Akira Toriyama himself admits to not being one of romance. The explicit straight characters so far have been Bulma and Krillin. Vegeta explains that Saiyans are explicitly attracted to strong-willed people, which explains why Goku and Vegeta stick to their respective wives, Chichi and Bulma. It's most certainly the same deal with Gohan and both versions of Trunks.
    • Future Trunks and Future Mai are pretty much an Official Couple.
    • Goten and Paris are each other's first dates in Dragon Ball GT.
    • Gohan has proven to be strictly Videl-sexual and pays no attention to anyone else attracted to him, be it one-shot filler characters, or popular idols. Videl is the same way and rejects Sharpner's feelings for her.
    • 18 can be a bit of a flirt, but she falls in love after meeting Krillin.
    • Tien and Lunch initially are asexual characters. They only ever had eyes for each other.
    • Chichi has been Goku-sexual since day one, and she's succeeded in marrying him and having two kids. She didn’t remarry while he was dead for seven years. The only other person she's attracted to was Yamcha.
    • The parents of Goku, Bardock and Gine, are this to each other. We may not know much about Gine, but she must have a strong will if she can soften a battle-hardened warrior like Bardock enough to get to care for his sons.
  • Doctor Slump: Obotchaman is Arale-sexual, he has never shown interest in any other girl, even when some consider him cute he just thinks of Arale. In the future, he will marry and have a robot child with her.
  • Durarara!!'s Shinra is a very vocal Celty-sexual, claiming that, were she not to exist, he would probably be asexual. Celty, for her part, is worried that he might be Dullahan-sexual, and dreads another one showing up and stealing him away.
    • Mikado is clearly Anri-sexual since he hasn't been shown to be attracted to anyone else in the series. Anri reveals that she may be Midako-sexual too, and this love isn't influenced by a Yandere demonic sword.
  • La Seine No Hoshi: Robert's friendship with Simone eventually bloomed into full love, and he's never taken his eyes off her ever since. She feels the same way.
  • Voltes V: Prince Heinel insists that he's apathetic to anything that gets in the way of his honour. However, when Katherine puts herself in danger, he instantly throws the mission to save her. Despite insisting that he doesn't like her, he refuses to let her join battle, even after all his men have abandoned him, choosing to send himself to war instead. Before Katherine dies, she gives him a Dying Declaration of Love that he reciprocates.
    • The Italian dub heavily exaggerated this by adding a Dub-Induced Plotline Change where Heinel's motive for entering Godol is for Katherine, with his last words even being "Katherine, my last thoughts are of you!".note 
  • Fairy Tail: Juvia is fiercely Gray-sexual, falling for him at first sight and doing a High-Heel–Face Turn as a result. This later applies to Gray in the Immediate Sequel, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, when he explicitly confirms having developed feelings for Juvia, since she is the only girl he shows any attraction to.
    • It's heavily implied that Natsu is Lucy-sexual. At the end of the manga, Gajeel reveals he had a Precocious Crush on Lucy's ancestor, Anna Heartfilia, who shared the same scent as Lucy. Natsu is surprisingly nonchalant about it, but it may explain why he feels more comfortable with her than anyone else, to the point of breaking into her house near constantly, and has at one point, seemed excited at the idea of surprising her in the shower. Granted, Natsu is still Oblivious to Love and has never actually made a romantic move on Lucy that wasn't accidental or happenstance.
    • Most of the romance in the series involves this. Erza and Jellal, Gajeel and Levy, and Mavis and Zeref all only ever show serious romantic interest in each other. That said, there is some implication that this is averted in Mavis's case by her relationship with Zera.
  • Ken in Fist of the North Star to Yuria also after her death. At the end of the manga, Ken refuses Rin's love (while also steering her towards Bat) and has steeled his heart to the point where he will never love another woman; Yuria was the only woman in Ken’s life and then reasoning that he should die alone in the desert, fighting for someone in need.
  • Kagura Sohma from Fruits Basket is disturbingly attached to her cousin Kyo, and tends to express her psycho-love through violence. Then she'll snap out of it and go ultra-dere before abruptly switching back to pummeling the poor guy. She extracted a Childhood Marriage Promise from him by threatening his life, for Pete's sake! Though she later realizes that her love for Kyo stemmed mainly from her belief that loving him would make up for her earlier horrible behavior towards him and willingly concedes him to Tohru, the mangaka herself says that a part of her will always love Kyo.
  • In the manga and Brotherhood anime of Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Edward Elric is never shown to have any romantic interest in anyone except his Childhood Friend Winry Rockbell. At the end of the series, they are married with children.
    • Similarly, despite Roy Mustang building up a reputation of being a womanizer, he and Riza Hawkeye don't seem to have any true interest in anyone except each other. In fact, Word of God states that they would be more than just boss and subordinate if it weren't for the military's fraternization laws.
    • Lan Fan is a type-A Tsundere who melts like butter around her "young lord" Ling, for whom she very obviously has feelings while never showing any interest in anyone else. Though it's unknown whether or not a relationship forms (since Ling did seem to have feelings for her, too), she at least remains his bodyguard into adulthood after he becomes Emperor of Xing.
  • Gauron for Sousuke in Full Metal Panic!. Especially noticeable when one considers that Gauron is a 40-50-year-old wealthy terrorist that has two incredibly loyal, beautiful girls at his beck and call (and that both love him obsessively). Yet his greatest sexual fantasies that he always wanted to satisfy always seem to be along the lines of "rape Sousuke." Yes, the only one he has eyes for is a 16-year-old, chaste boy that hates his guts and would like nothing more than to beat the shit out of him. Oh, and it doesn't matter if Sousuke is only a 12-year-old, or if he's fallen in love with someone else, or if he's a dead body—if it's Sousuke, it's all good to him.
    • Subverted in the original novel, as his assistants in Owaru Day by Day, on which the Second Raid was based, were boys.
  • Future Diary:
    • Yuno is completely Yukiteru-sexual. She wouldn't mind hooking up with the Yukiteru of an Alternate Timeline just because they are still Yukiteru.
    • Also, in the Alternate Universe spin-off, Paradox, Akise Aru is shown to be Yukiteru-sexual. Murumuru asks him if he's gay, to which he responds that he's not — he just loves Yukiteru.
  • Randoll of Future GPX Cyber Formula is completely Asuka-sexual, and he doesn't show interest in anyone other than her. He does try to flirt with Rena in the PlayStation game, due to being similar to Asuka (but ultimately fails).
  • It runs in the Kokutou family in The Garden of Sinners. Azaka is only interested in her brother Mikiya, which fuels her hatred of Shiki. Mikiya is also this way towards Shiki; when Azaka insults Shiki for acting like a man, Mikiya responds that it wouldn't matter to him if Shiki was a man, prompting Azaka to throw a book at his face.
  • In Get Backers, the Ax-Crazy Psycho for Hire Takuma Fudou can certainly be described as Ban-sexual. He shows a lack of interest in anything non-Ban related and any time he so much as senses Ban's presence, his "mind goes blank," he gets very excited and starts feeling a "throbbing desire." Countless times, he screams at Ban to "give his body to him" and "meet his desires." He also shows great resentment and jealousy towards Ginji (whom he claims he dislikes because Ban ignores him when Ginji is around), as well as Hevyn.
  • In Gravitation Shuichi is Yuki-sexual and Tatsuha is completely and utterly obsessed with Ryuichi. Whether it's faking illnesses or dressing up in an animal suit, Tatsuha will do anything to get Ryuichi. Unfortunately for Shuichi, if Tatsuha can't get his hands on Ryuichi he forces his UST upon Shuichi as Shuichi resembles Ryuichi.
  • Gintama: Kyuubei is extremely devoted to Tae, but otherwise showed no interest in women and Hates Being Touched by men. In fact, it seems like a part of Kyuubei's Gender issues had to do with wanting to be compatible with Tae.
  • In Hana-Kimi, Nakao stated to Ashiya Mizuki that he wasn't actually gay, he just had this for Nanba Minami.
  • Despite being in a harem manga, and clearly Genre Savvy about it, Miki of Hayate the Combat Butler has only shown interest in one person, Hinagiku. She's even gone so far as to tell the central member of the (main) Harem that she has no interest in him.
    • On the other side of the wagon, Kotetsu (Izumi's older brother) has been shown to have no interest in anyone but Hayate. This may simply be that we haven't seen any interest being displayed beyond that in Hayate and trains.
  • Tatsuya of Hekikai No Aion is Seine-sexual. Being the Nice Guy, he doesn't show any kind of attraction to any other girl who isn't Seine; and he has other options that he already knows love him, but still, his eyes are upon the kuudere Seine so much that he may cross the line and almost openly be a paedophile for her 8-year-old form when he goes into her dreams of the past.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
    • Sweden could be interpreted as either "Finn-sexual" towards Finland or making an exception for him.
    • Spain could, from an angle, be viewed as "Italia-sexual". He's proposed to both of them, is extremely affectionate to Romano, and thinks Veneziano is adorable, and yet doesn't show much of this to any other characters. Could be because he's not shown very often, or because not many of his relationships have been shown, but as of now it looks like this…
    • Belarus is Russia-sexual. So very much.
    • One joke/explanation for Germany/Italy shippers is that the usually stoic Germany is Ita-sexual.
    • Holy Roman Empire is Ita-sexual. Some fans will tell you this doesn't count because of the Germany-is-HRE theory, making this a double-submission.
      Holy Roman Empire: No matter how many hundreds of years go by, I'll always love you more than anyone in the world!
  • In His Favorite, Sato is dead-set on Beady-Eyed Loser, Tsundere Yoshida and both are the main couple in the manga since the very beginning. This is because while his irresistible good looks can bring countless infatuated girls (and occasionally guys) in droves, he treats his admirers as an Unwanted Harem hell due to the fact he's completely turned off by anyone who'll bend over hand and foot for him. Thus, Yoshida is the one Satou has eyes for since he's the only person not to give in that easily to him (Helps that he also knows Satou's true nature and still loves him regardless).
  • Haruka from Honey Hunt is Yura-sexual and so is Q-Ta, possibly. Also, in chapter 21 Nanase outright admits to Yura that he's in love with Mizorogi and only Mizorogi.
  • Kanu Unchou from Ikki Tousen is Gentoku-sexual, mainly noticeable due to her Flanderization in the anime.
  • Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Bell only has eyes for Aiz. He is so enamored by her that he doesn't notice that he's gotten the harem he originally wanted.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Jonathan and Erina are very devoted to one another. Not even Dio stealing her Sacred First Kiss was enough to keep them apart. Even after Jonathan's death at the end of Part 1, Erina remains a widow to the end of her life in Part 2.
    • Part 4: Tomoko Higashikata is very Joseph-sexual, to the point of harshly, and even violently, rejecting anyone who hits on her. She even hugs Jotaro, mistaking him for his grandfather.
    • Also from Part 4, Yukako is intensely Koichi-sexual. At first, Koichi is totally turned off by her Yandere behavior, until he finds himself falling in love with her too.
    • DIO has attracted a number of followers, women included. It's implied that his most loyal of followers, Enrico Pucci is DIO-sexual.
  • In the Yaoi Genre Junjou Romantica, all the couples are like this in some shape or form, but the straightest example would be Shinobu, who remained in love with Miyagi even when the latter married (and later divorced) his sister and didn't let that, the age-gap, the fact that he works for his father, or even the fact that Miyagi still held a candle for his dead teacher stop him from trying to get him.
  • K 's Fushimi towards Misaki.
  • Kaguya-sama: Love Is War:
    • Downplayed with the main couple. Kaguya and Shirogane's love for each other has shaped their romantic preferences, meaning that the only times they show even a passing interest in another person is when they meet a relative of the other who displays similar character traits (Shirogane's little sister Kei for Kaguya and Kaguya's cousin Maki for Shirogane).
    • It's implied that this trope is the reason why Osaragi is a member of the "Impossible Girls" (four of the most beautiful girls in the school who will turn down any boy who asks them out regardless of circumstances). More specifically, she's been in love with Ishigami since middle school but has resolved to help him get with the girl he likes (even if it's not her).
  • An even more specific variant of this trope appears in Kamen no Maid Guy, where the Leader of the Naeka's breasts fan club only has eyes for her… or at least her chest. Strangely, Naeka finds this almost romantic. After he's put through Easy Amnesia (for the second time that episode), he reverts to normal, and his eyes are no longer on Naeka only.
  • Kämpfer:
  • Yuuki from Kanamemo is Yume-sexual. She seems especially pleased at the idea that Yume, being born with a silver spoon in her mouth, would always be a kid, making it so that Yuuki would have to take care of her forever.
  • Chizuru from Kanokon is like this (Shotacon) for Kouta. It actually becomes in some ways rather disturbing, as Chizuru looks like a voluptuous young adult, but Kouta has a rather boyish appearance about him, so it's sexually inexplicit shotacon. It also frequently gets elements of Double Standard Rape: Female on Male thrown in.
  • In Karakuridouji Ultimo, Rune toward Yamato, by way of Reincarnation Romance. As a result of his gender-changing, he goes from being a heterosexual girl in the past to a homosexual boy in the present but still longs for the same person.
  • Yamada from Kase-san, being the platonic ideal of an ingenue, had apparently never once thought about sex, kissing, holding hands, romance, or being attracted to anybody at all until she met Kase-san.
  • Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple: Kenichi Shirahama and Miu Furinji attract a lot of would-be suitors over the course of the series, but they have only eyes for each other. It works out well for both, as the epilogue reveals they married and had a daughter.
  • Kimi ni Todoke:
    • Sawako and Shota are both like this for each other.
    • Ryuu seems to be one since he says to Sawako that he "can only love Chizuru" and is a Patient Childhood Love Interest to her.
  • In Koharu no Hibi Koharu is Akira-sexual. To Yandere Stalker with a Crush levels.
  • Love Stage!!:
    • Ryouma says as much.
    • Shougo trying to woo Rei for 10 years counts as well. He even states that every love song he sings is for him.
  • Kagami from Lucky Star can be described as Konata-sexual after seeing her character song 100% nai nai nai, the OVA and the Pocket Travelers manga.
  • Oscar in Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine is all about Inspector Zenigata. Up to Yandere levels.
  • While, unfortunately, due to the franchise's history of No Hugging, No Kissing and lesbian hiding we have yet to see onscreen confirmation there are a few cases of this in Lyrical Nanoha.
  • Judar from Magi: Labyrinth of Magic is obsessed with Sinbad to the point that he threatened (and then attempted) to destroy his entire kingdom in a bid to get him to switch sides. He also talks about wanting to "make [Sinbad] mine".
  • Usui Takumi in Maid-Sama! seems thus far to be terminally Misaki-sexual. Not only is he notorious for turning girls down at the beginning of the series, once Misaki piques his interest he doesn't seem to have more than a passing interest in other people at all except so far as how they relate to Misaki.
  • Flirty Stepsiblings Yuu and Miki from Marmalade Boy are respectively Miki-sexual and Yuu-sexual.
  • Martian Successor Nadesico: Yurika Misumaru is firmly Akito-sexual, having been in love with him since they were kids. She doesn't even consider anyone else, especially Jun Aoi, whose crush on her is rather obvious to everyone.
  • Medaka Box: Besides Rule of Funny, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi has been Medaka-sexual for nearly his entire life. And she has been in love with him for just as long. In an interesting twist on this scenario, despite them both being cognizant of each other's feelings (after some inevitable dancing around), Medaka has tried to get with Zenkichi twice and he has turned her down both times (the second time was just poor timing on her part really, he would have said yes had she asked even 6 months earlier by his own admission). Their attraction and loyalty to one another is so strong that in the end, despite the rejections, the shoddy timing on either part, the fights, even dying (temporarily) they kept right on waiting for one another, never even seriously considering having a different significant other, for a bit over 25 years before getting together. Now that's dedication.
  • Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun's character bios lists what types of people they like. For Sakura, it reads "Nozaki." Indeed, Sakura possessed a Stalker with a Crush attitude with Nozaki in her backstory which did clear up after her Love ConfessionThe problem being Nozaki takes it to mean something else.
  • My Hero Academia: While The Tease will make him blush, there's only one person that will make Izuku Midoriya go red with their mere presence, and that's Ochako Uraraka. Similarly, Ochako has only had eyes for Izuku ever since he rescued her from the Zero Pointer during the exam.
  • Yukino and Haruka in My-HiME and My-Otome seem to be this way for each other (depending on the adaptation; in the original My-HiME, it's one-sided on Yukino's part), although Yukino's bookishness and Haruka's bullheadedness make their emotions hard to read.
    • In the same series, since Mikoto has No Social Skills, it's very hard to pin down the object of her affection (if she even has one), but given her protective nature toward the protagonist, she can best be described as Mai-sexual (pun intended).
    • Potentially Natsuki toward Shizuru, as Natsuki's interest in her and main reason for considering her the most important person in her life is her reaching out to her when she couldn't trust anyone. In HiME, conversely, Shizuru is very clearly interested in Natsuki to the exclusion of anyone or anything else.
    • If the audio dramas and promotional art are canon, then averted with Shizuru, who shows interest in Mai during "Lingerie Rhapsody", and is seen groping Mai in one piece of promotional art.
    • Shiho is Tate-sexual, but he doesn't reciprocate, which drives part of the plot towards the end.
    • Takeda is Natsuki-sexual, and it started one year prior to the start of the series in "Natsuki's Prelude", where he showed up to her class and offered her a large bouguet. His interest in her never wanes, but during the Festival she sends him a letter, thanking him for his feelings, but stating that she couldn't return them, as there was someone else she loved (See Above).
  • Haru from My Little Monster loves Shizuku, a lot. Even when that love was hard to pinpoint and had another person have a crush on him. And nothing will get in the way of being with Shizuku, not even his friend.
  • Naruto:
    • Throughout the entire manga (and even more so in the anime), Hinata only ever loves Naruto, being the only girl in their grade who wasn't crushing on uber-popular Sasuke. Her drive to become stronger and improve herself primarily stems from her desire to always be by his side. This works out for her, as he realizes his love for her in The Last: Naruto the Movie, and they are Happily Married with a son and a daughter at the end of the movie and in the epilogue.
    • Similarly, Karin, Sasuke Uchiha's second female teammate, is shown to be entirely Sasuke-sexual. Unlike the above example, though, Karin does not end up with him, since Sasuke marries Sakura, his first female teammate, instead.
    • Obito Uchiha only ever loves his teammate, Rin Nohara, even though she loves their other teammate Kakashi. After her death, he becomes a victim of Love Makes You Crazy.
    • Neither Shikamaru nor Temari show any interest in anyone else before meeting each other (in fact, Shikamaru found most girls to be a pain when he was a kid), and he was totally Oblivious to Love about Shiho's obvious crush on him. The two of them end up married with a son in the epilogue.
    • In spite of the Ship Tease she had with Naruto (until Chapter 469), Sakura only has romantic feelings for Sasuke. This turns out to be mutual, as Sasuke doesn't show romantic interest in anyone until he finally accepts and returns Sakura's affection for him. They ends up marrying and having a daughter together.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • Gendo loves Yui, and only Yui. While he has affairs with Naoko Akagi, and later her daughter, Ritsuko, these first happen after Yui's untimely "death", and he harbors no actual feelings for them, and he is really only stringing them along for his plan, the ultimate goal of which is to be reunited with Yui's soul.
    • Unlike Shinji and Asuka, who have shown interest in more than one person, Rei and Kaworu only show romantic attraction to Shinji. This is even more obvious in Kaworu’s case, considering that in most installments, he’s a Satellite Character to Shinji.
  • Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! has its title character, Nyarko. She fell head-over-heels Mahiro just by looking at a picture of him and attempts to get him into sex in the hopes that they'll become a Happily Married couple… with enough kids to start their own soccer team. Did we mention that Mahiro is a normal human and Nyarko is a Lovecraftian alien abomination in human form?
  • Boa Hancock from One Piece despises all men and is indifferent to most women; however, when it comes to Luffy, she has made it explicitly clear that no matter what the circumstances, even if he was the son of demons, she'd still love him. The Egghead Arc reveals that her feelings for him are so strong that they've literally become encoded in her DNA and end up being inherited by her Seraphim clone S-Snake.
  • Ōoku: The Inner Chambers: While Taneatsu used to be a playboy in his youth and fooled around with several young ladies both noble and peasant, once his situation with Tokugawa Iesada leads to the pair being Happily Married he becomes singularly focused on her. After Iesada dies of liver failure, Taneatsu comments to himself that all other women have lost their luster to him and wonders to himself if this is what it means to truly love only one person.
  • Harry in Outlaw Star is like this for Melfina. He ignores all others and only shows interest in Melfina.
  • Suzu in Peacemaker Kurogane started out as Yoshida-sexual (his master), but after he went crazy and gay, he became a raging Tetsunosuke-sexual.
  • Penguindrum: Tabuki and Yuri Loved Momoka. A Lot. Both created a Fake Relationship for the sake of said love and Yuri even tried to rape Ringo simply because she was her sister and she looked like Momoka .
  • Pokémon Adventures:
    • Most fans generally agree that Yellow is canonically Red-sexual. The Pokémon Fan Club President, though not speaking of romantic manners, at one point wonders, "Is Red all this kid thinks about?"
    • Same thing with Ruby and Sapphire. They had fallen in love when they were kids and changed their personalities for each other. When they meet again and manage to not recognize each other, they end up falling in love with each other all over again. Not even Team Magma Admin Courtney's apparent interest in Ruby could tear his eyes away from Sapphire.
  • Pokémon the Series: XY: Serena has no romantic interest with anyone other than her childhood friend Ash. Even after plenty of Hint Dropping on her part (most of which failed), even after getting into a rather intense argument, even after getting a few admirers of her own, in the end, Serena still considers Ash her "ultimate goal".
  • The anime version Sasame from Prétear is a bit of a flirt, but when it comes right down to it he's Takako-sexual. After falling in love with her and failing to tell her before she became the Princess of Disaster, he pined after her for 16 years and eventually abandoned his friends and everything he believed in for the chance to be by her side. The manga version of Sasame is described as a "playboy" however.
  • Rue of Princess Tutu loves only her boyfriend Mytho, and flat-out states as such. It doesn't matter to her whether he's an emotionless doll, has had his heart corrupted by raven's blood, turned into a monster as a result of said corruption, or his true self.
  • Prunus Girl: Aikawa is the only person who ever gets a reaction out of Maki, who is otherwise completely uninterested in "girls". He "deals with" one love letter off-page, thinking that ever since starting high school *cough* those letters failed to get him worked up, and obliviously brushes aside the last attempts of another girl to get his attention.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The fanbase has almost universally decreed that Homura is Madoka-sexual… and some often depict Madoka as being Homu-sexual.
    • In the Spin-Off Manga Puella Magi Oriko Magica, Kirika adores Oriko to the point that she refuses to associate with anything that isn't related to or that is disliked by Oriko, will murder people she considers saviors if Oriko wants her to, and states that her wish as a Magical Girl was specifically to become the love of Oriko's life. Even when she becomes a Witch due to an injury, she controls her transformation in order to send Oriko's enemies into despair and kill them, and as a Witch continues to recognize and treat Oriko affectionately.
    • Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Pleiades Saints loved Kazusa Michiru to the point that they made 13 clones of her (Including Kazumi) from her Witch's corpse. A straighter example is Mirai Wakaba, whose feelings towards Saki can get pretty possessive—though Saki herself seemed to be far closer to Michiru.
    • Interestingly, while most witches are mindlessly destructive, the witches created from Saki, Mirai, and Kirika were still able to recognize their former lovers.
  • Chinese Amazon Shampoo of Ranma ½ could conceivably be dubbed a Ranma-sexual. She has absolutely no qualms whatsoever over embracing, dating, or otherwise being affectionate towards her reluctant Gender Bender fiancée no matter what form he's in, despite the fact that she canonically called Akane a pervert whilst insinuating that Akane was really a lesbian in love with Ranma's cursed form. She displays no interest in any other man, even men who manage to prove themselves as being stronger than Ranma.
  • Gokudera of Reborn! (2004) is Tsuna-sexual and Tsuna is Kyoko-sexual.
  • Roll Over and Die: The Yuri pairings tend to be this to each other.
    • Milkit is Flum-sexual while Flum is Milkit-sexual. Neither girl had shown any interest in anyone else to the point of Everyone Can See It. Milkit was a former slave and became attached to Flum after she proved to be a genuinely good person who wished to give her a good life which resulted in Flum gaining her Undying Loyalty. Flum wishes to give Milkit a good life to heal her from the broken life she was forced to live, and she comes to appreciate the support and praise Milkit gives her. Flum also can’t stop gushing about how beautiful Milkit’s face is.
    • Similarly, Ottilie and Henrietta are Childhood Friends who have never considered anyone besides each other. Ottilie is devoted to Henrietta, and she even joined the Royal Army because of her. At the end of Volume 03/Episode 04, Henrietta orders Ottilie to resign partly for her own safety, but so she can have more freedom to do what she needs to do. When things are resolved, Henrietta promises to kiss Otand possibly go beyond that.
  • Tsukune of Rosario + Vampire is Moka-sexual despite his Unwanted Harem. And Kurumi and Mizore are both Tsukune-sexual, unfortunately.
  • André Grandier of The Rose of Versailles loves Oscar and nobody else. Likewise, Rosalie is also this towards Oscar, although she hooks up with Bernard at the end of the series, but still has some longing for Oscar... Even in the sequel series, years after Oscar's death and having Bernard's children. It helps that it was Oscar to set them up together.
  • Implied to be the case with Yahiko toward Tsubame in Rurouni Kenshin after his feelings grow from a crush to something more. Outright stated in the second extra chapter after the end of the manga where Kaoru sends Yahiko on a month-long mission teaching at a friend's dojo while the owner was away. Said owner, concerned about leaving his very pretty daughter alone with his male students, asked Kaoru for help. The reason she sent Yahiko was that she knew Tsubame was the only girl for him and that he wouldn't even think about any other girl, much less do anything untoward. She even says this right out to Yahiko, much to his sputtering embarrassment. As expected, he shows no attraction for the daughter and, upon his return, immediately heads off to see Tsubame with Kaoru again restating her previous observation.
    • Pretty strongly implied with Misao toward Aoshi. She's loved him (one way or another) since her early childhood and is still very focused on him even in the manga's final arc. Of the series's four female protagonists, Misao alone never expresses interest in Kenshin (though she admits that Enishi is "finer of face than she expected" in the Jinchuu arc).
  • Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas: Alone, the vessel for Hades of the 18th Century era, only ever has eyes for Tenma, his best friend who is still fond of him despite having to be his enemy from then on. This is especially notable in that his sister Sasha, who is the Expy of Saori and quite expected to get Ship Tease with Tenma, is instead portrayed in a platonic light with him. And chapter 214 of the manga pretty much confirms that, yes, he is very much in love with Tenma.
  • It could be easily argued that Harima Kenji from School Rumble is "100% Tenma-sexual" because despite the fact that babes like the Hot School Nurse Anegasaki Tae, the traditional Japanese girl Tsukamoto Yakumo and the rich, beautiful, somewhat temperamental half-Japanese Sawachika Eri all showing degrees of interest in him, he still only has eyes for Tenma, who unfortunately for him is very much a "100% Karasuma-sexual".
  • In Sensual Phrase, both Sakuya and Aine are like this for each other, though Sakuya is more extreme about it.
  • Seraph of the End:
    • Sayuri and Mahiru are like this for Guren, with Mahiru exhibiting Yandere traits in her efforts to be with him.
    • Shinoa is confirmed to be demisexual for Yuichiro as of Chapter 66.
    • As of chapter 90, Mika is also confirmed to have romantic interests for Yuu and Yuu only, as shown by his Dying Declaration of Love.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins, in accordance with the chivalric romances that inspired it, has this trope apply for pretty much all of its protagonists. None are ever attracted to anyone who isn't their One True Love (excepting moments of intoxication or magical brainwashing shenanigans).
  • Sgt. Frog:
    • Momoka is clearly Fuyuki-sexual; when she thinks that he's been turned into a girl (it's actually his mother aged down by Kululu, long story), she's completely okay with it.
    • Tamama could also be said to be Keroro-sexual.
    • Giroro and Koyuki are both Natsumi-sexual. More prominent in the manga with Koyuki, though.
  • Silver Diamond 's Chigusa will forever be Rakan-sexual. (And considering he's immortal, that is very literal.)
  • So, I Can't Play H!: Ryosuke started the series as Chivalrous Pervert who enjoys ogling and groping women. Later, when he and Lisara genuinely fall in love, he discovers that Lisara is the only person who can arouse him now.
  • Soul Eater: Gopher is Noah-sexual with a Yandere streak a mile wide.
    • And Soul's attraction to Maka takes the cake, what with Soul dismissing any and all girls that wish to be partners with him even after becoming a Death Scythe and not technically needing Maka anymore. It even reaches a point where he manages to fight off his insanity without Maka's help for her.
  • Special A: Kei is very much Hikari-sexual. He has only been attracted to her ever since they were young. Unfortunately, Hikari is very Oblivious to Love.
  • In Steel Angel Kurumi 2, Uruka and Kurumi are Nako-sexual.
    • This is a result of the Steel Angel's design. She is programmed to love whomever awakens her. Male, female, who cares? Whomever awakens her is her only love.
  • Strawberry Shake Sweet: Julia. Not only does she have eyes for no one other than Ran, but she doesn't even recognize her own feelings at first, indicating that she's never been in love before.
  • Chizuru in Student Council's Discretion claims this when asked about the kind of person she likes: Kurimu and only Kurimu.
  • Suzuka: Yamato even when in other relationships, is obsessed with her. In the manga, he turns down other women who are interested in him and flat out refuses sex because of his obsession.
  • Sweet Blue Flowers: Akira had never had a crush on anyone before dating Fumi, and in the end, she is never shown ever being attracted to anyone else.
  • Sword Art Online: While their first encounter did not have much of an impact (until it was retconned in the Sword Art Online: Progressive series), Kirito and Asuna never look at someone else the way they look at each other. They do consider themselves husband and wife even though they are not of age and have repeatedly swore eternal love to each other and each other alone to the point that they would both kill themselves should the other die. Asuna has received many marriage proposals and always turned them down while Kirito pays no attention to anyone else attracted to him. In the game Sword Art Online: Lost Song, Klein jokes that if Kirito was a girl, he would try to date him, to which Kirito replies Sorry, even if I was a girl I'd still go for Asuna.
  • Himespetchi of Tamagotchi has a massive crush on the show's main character Mametchi, to the point of perceiving him as a much more handsome version of himself than normal and even having a catchphrase that she usually says whenever she's daydreaming about him ("Gigakyun!!"). The only time she doesn't take interest in him is in episode 129, where she falls in love with Prince Tamahiko due to her developing amnesia; otherwise, her feelings for him never fade away, even when she has to leave Tamagotchi Planet in the second season of Yume Kira Dream.
  • Delinquent Dojima from Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ is obsessively fixated on Sayuri Amamiya, though more than willing to help protagonist Riku find his true love with her.
  • To Love Ru:
    • Momo is totally obsessed with Rito and ignores all the guys who hit on her at school and only looks at him. She occasionally shows it extends to "single-target omnisexuality"; even when Rito changes into a girl, a mouse, or even panties!
    • Applies to several of the other haremettes like Lala (who refuses all her suitors and sees Ren just as a friend), Haruna (loved Rito since middle school), Run, and Yui (before Rito, she had no interest in boys).
  • Souichi from The Tyrant Falls in Love is most likely "Morinaga-sexual," despite being utterly in denial about it; he states on more than one occasion that he puts up with Morinaga's sexual advances because he's Morinaga, and that not even blackmail will make him tolerate having sex with anyone else (and yet he manages to overlook the painfully obvious implications of this…). Admittedly, Souichi is a rabid homophobe, which would make him heterosexual by default, and his relationship with Morinaga more of an If It's You, It's Okay situation… if any sign was shown of him being interested in anyone else, male or female, much less having any friend other than Morinaga.
  • Fandom has described Subaru in X/1999 and Tokyo Babylon as "Seishirou-sexual" and vice versa, though it's pretty common for CLAMP characters to pick one person and stay with him or her for their entire life.
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Mutsuki is revealed to be this for Sasaki/Kaneki, so much so that when Uta wears Sasaki/Kaneki's face as a disguise they force their love on him.
  • Robot example: Mirage of Transformers: Energon. He outright moons over Galvatron to the bemusement of his comrades and at one point transformers and pirouettes while surrounded by a glowing pink heart. At the end of the series, he dives into the sun to follow Galvatron, presumably to his death.
    • The original Japanese version is much more blatant with this, while the English version tries to make it seem more like passionate loyalty. It doesn't work.
  • Lum of Urusei Yatsura is Ataru-sexual, having eyes for only her "Darling" in spite of him being the biggest lech in the galaxy and constantly running away from her to hit on other girls, and every single other male around her age being enamored with her.
  • Illsaide from Vampire Game seems very much to be this way towards Ci Xeneth's princess Falan, even after it's discovered that he's her half-brother via her father Jened and the Lord of the Sea's daughter, making him half sea monster as well.
    • However, Illsaide shows some attraction towards Duzzel in his Ishtar form for a little while. Even going as far as kissing Duzzel.
  • Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun has Ameri Azezal has eyes on Iruma only. She has countless admirers who are obsessed with her for her strength, beauty, and popularity in and out of school, yet she's only interested in Iruma, who she knows is human, which is supposed to be Demon's food, yet she doesn't care and loves him regardless because he's such a Nice Guy to her.
  • Chiba from Wandering Son only has eyes for Nitori. In the several years from 5th grade to high school, she has shown no signs of liking anyone but the protagonist, whom she likes no matter her gender (though she seems to prefer her as a boy). Unfortunately for her, Nitori isn't in love with her back. Eventually she gives up and begins dating Fumiya (who himself has been flirting with her unsuccessfully since elementary) in high school.
  • Watanuki in ×××HOLiC has this for Himawari. That mixed with a healthy dose of being utterly Oblivious to Love means he's never even considered looking at anyone else. Of course, the target switches later to Yuuko, but it's just as strong. If not stronger judging by the fact that as of 100+ years of waiting for her, he seems just as devoted.
  • Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito has a debatable case of this with Hazuki. It's pretty clear she's a lesbian, but the only one she has eyes for is her adoptive older sister and best friend Hatsumi, to the point that she automatically trashes a gift given to her by an akogare-ing classmate within 5 minutes of the start of the first episode.
  • Despite being a huge Chick Magnet, Hak from Yona of the Dawn has virtually no romantic or sexual interest in anyone besides Yona. This persists through basically a lifetime of being a Hopeless Suitor and, as far as he knows, rejection. Even after he decides to give up on her, he still likes her.
  • Manabu Tanaka and Reina Ryuuzaki from Yandere Kanojo are a Single Target Couple beyond question.
  • Victor Nikiforov seems to be this for Yuri Katsuki in Yuri!!! on Ice. Yuri never seems to have had feelings for anyone else (a scene in episode 1 seeming to suggest feelings for his childhood friend Yuko turns out to be a misdirect), is picked on for never having had a romantic partner, and he's turned down other people out of nervousness. Meanwhile, he's had a lifelong obsession with Victor, including collecting tens of posters of him for his wall, and even adopting a poodle like he did and naming him after Victor. Victor, for his own part, has had at least one relationship before Yuri but seems to have eyes for no one else once Yuri enters the picture.
  • Itsuki from YuYu Hakusho is "Sensui-sexual". He even loves all of Sensui's personalities, no matter how vile. His official favorite is Shinobu, the original one, although Naru — a young girl who is naive and innocent — comes in second. It's worth pointing out that Itsuki's manga version talks about how he started hanging around young Sensui because he knew the other would break eventually and he loves to see pure things shattered.
    "Like a little girl who thinks babies come from storks growing up to star in porno films. I love that kind of thing."
  • In Zetsuai (1989), Nanjo Koji is Izumi-sexual, having fallen in love with him at first sight and Izumi being the only person he ever felt emotion for. When they coincidentally meet again years later, Koji all but stalks Izumi and declares to another prospective love interest that even if said love interest was Izumi's twin, he would still love only Izumi.
    • When a girl who had a crush on Izumi found out about his relationship with Koji, she expressed strong disgust. Koji, who overheard her, told her that he isn't gay, he has no interest in other men. He only loves Izumi and would love him in any form—as a woman, as a tree, or as a machine, he would find him and love him.

    Asian Animation 
  • Happy Heroes: Doctor H. never strays from having a crush on celebrity news reporter Miss Peach, a trait that's established as early as the first episode.

    Comic Books 
  • Batman villain, Mr. Freeze, is usually depicted as having been in love and only in love with his beloved, deceased wife Nora.
  • In Camelot 3000, when Sir Tristan is reincarnated as Lady Tristan, it causes her considerable distress and confusion. But Isolde (reincarnated as a woman, as in her first life) has no confusion at all. She's in love with Tristan, regardless of Tristan's sex.
  • From The Flash, there's Wally West and Linda Park. While Wally did date around a bit early into his career as the Flash, once he began a relationship with Linda Park, she became the only woman for him, even when reality itself was altered so that they weren't a couple. When Linda was Ret-Gone'd by Abra Kadabra, despite the Flash Family wanting Wally to date Jesse Quick, he says he just wasn't interested in women. When DC Rebirth had Wally return after he was retgone'd, his thoughts are primarily about having Linda remember him, despite apparently having been in a relationship with Omen in this new timeline, and her being interested in him. When Wally ends up travelling the multiverse, he meets an alternate version of Linda who has superspeed, and when she expresses interest in him, he turns her down because she's not his Linda.
    Wally West: I'm sorry, Lightspeed. In all the multiverse, there's only one woman for me.
  • Mr. Gosh from Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl is Lenore-sexual.
  • Platinum of the Metal Men, in her attraction to her creator Doc Magnus. She's not into other robots or even any other men. This is in contrast with the rest of the team (besides Tin), who seems to be asexual.
  • Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim is a self-proclaimed "Scott-a-holic" and only (briefly) dates Young Neil because he looks like Scott. She eventually gets past that with time, accepting that it's Ramona that Scott prefers.
  • Katchoo in Strangers in Paradise only has eyes for Francine. Period. Oh, sure, she has a history of wild promiscuity covering men and women, and another history of a slightly less amusing nature, but when it comes right down to it Francine has always been the only one for her. David grows to accept this and, eventually, so does Francine. The entire series is a lead-up to the realization that, for these two people, they are simply meant to be together.
  • While Wonder Woman has had several boyfriends, and at least one girlfriend in most continuities, Steve Trevor is interested in her and her alone, with exceptions being his post-Crisis iteration who was interested in Etta Candy and Etta Candy alone and his Adaptational Jerkass New 52 iteration.
  • X-Men: Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, may have married Madelyne Pryor and been in a long-term relationship with Emma Frost, but it's made very clear that even while he sincerely cared for them, his One True Love is Jean Grey. It's telling that both women were like Jean in some way (hell, Maddy was her clone), and Jean was dead whenever he was with either. Likewise, Jean has dated others and shown passing interest in Wolverine (though never really as much as he would like, outside of Age of Apocalypse), she always ends up drawn back to Scott - something that teen Hank notes with resignation to Bloodstorm, who was carrying a torch for teen Scott.

    Fan Works 
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: Although Germany and Japan are bi and gay respectively, they only ever had feelings for Italy. They were that devoted to him.
  • Harry Potter fic A Question of When stars little-known character Romilda Vane as a Peggy Sue who travels back in time from some unspecified point in the future not to save the Wizarding World... but to try and seduce Harry Potter, having convinced herself that it wasn't how she approached him in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but when. The sheer amount of time she invests trying to romance him (implied to be lifetimes) and the fact that she doesn't notice any other boys (or people, really, which gets her in trouble) put her firmly in this category.
  • Subaru is described by Nove as "Teana-sexual" in Relationships Series, and her older sister Ginga asks if she'd be attracted to Teana even if she were male.
  • A couple of this author's stories take this trope to a ludicrous extreme, whereby every single character in the story appears to have Single-Target Sexuality for... whoever the main character is. Even the Pokémon!
  • This Scream fanfic has an OC that seems to be Charlie-sexual. Early on, it's hinted he's the only person to stir her… that way. She's seventeen at the time. Later on, when she starts dating someone else he does nothing for her and she's still stuck on her friend. Yeah, it's weird.
  • In Armored Core: from the Ashes, Fiona Jarnetfeld is HOLY SHIT this for Ghost. Made all the creepier because he doesn't love her back and that he Mind Raped her into serving him as a ruthless member of his elite guard and her psychopathic love for him is the only remaining aspect of her personality. Yeah. In case you weren't clear, the person who Mind Raped her into serving him happens to be the protagonist. Can you spell Crapsack World?
  • Many, MANY Sherlock/John fanfictions from the BBC show's fandom have this implied or used in their works. Sherlock is generally regarded as asexual, unless it's John, so, "John-sexual." John is generally heterosexual unless it's Sherlock, so, "Sherlock-sexual"—which is a different trope.
  • Megamind fanfiction is rather split about this. On one side, the titular Anti-Villain is paired with practically every other major character, and then some. Then, on the other side, many fanfics portray him as Roxanne-sexual. At least one or two fanfics have his species mate for life.
  • Whether or not Koizumi Itsuki fits this trope depends on the chapter of You Got HaruhiRolled! you are reading. Most of the time, he shows attraction to Kyon, and in one chapter explicitly calls himself Kyon-sexual, in other chapters he exhibits his Abridged Series characterization, where he is equally shamelessly a paedophile. Further confusing matters is that in one Spin-Off chapter, he does an entire song-and-dance routine about being straight all along. Far less ambiguous is Kyouko's lesbian crush on Sasaki, which has held for all chapters, except possibly for a gag in the court case arc where she states that she is not a virgin.
  • In the The Hunger Games fanfiction Some Semblance of Meaning, Obsidian seems to only have an interest in Vale. He doesn't even respond to his district partner Amber's advances, except with disgust—and apparently, she's quite attractive. Also, after Vale's death , Obsidian seems to try and make himself fall for Vale's sister Maybelle, but it's obvious—to her and everyone else—that he is still hung up on Vale.
  • Sherlock and Beth Holmes in Children of Time. Sherlock is Beth's First Love, and, though she admires other men (like Jeremy Brett), Sherlock remains her only serious attraction. Sherlock, on the other hand, falls in love with Beth long before he realizes it, and eventually tells her (during their honeymoon) that he would never have given romance much thought if she hadn't entered his life.
  • Demon Spawns Series: Corey is only in love with childhood friend Laney. After all, she was the only person his age who saved him from some local bullies.
  • The Monsters University fanfic Born to Please has Chet Alexander becoming obsessed over Johnny Worthington, though it takes a while for the former to realize his true feelings for the latter.
  • Twilight Sparkle has her sights set on Trixie and nopony else in To Romance a Magician. Before she realized her attraction, she believed that her lack of reaction to other ponies was just due to her having a lot of self-control and being able to put it out of her mind. No such luck with Trixie.
  • The Bridge:
    • Monster X's Superpowered Evil Side Kaizer Ghidorah will only ever love one being, their wife Controller 011. Since she is dead, Kaizer cares for no one. Hundreds of years after 011's death, when X and Aria Blaze start falling in love, Kaizer is unable to accept it and hates both of them. Later, talking to Controller 011's ghost convinces Kaizer to move on and give Aria a chance.
    • Godzilla Junior has never felt attraction or arousal until he met Princess Luna, and even afterwards only feels it with her. Queen Maui speculates it's because certain birds and reptiles mate for life.
  • As noted in the Western Animation section, this was popular fanon concerning the Avatar in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra...until it was officially jossed when Korra and Mako broke up and Korra moved on. Now, it's popular fanon that Book 3's Arc Villain Zaheer—in keeping with his Straight Edge Evil tendencies—only ever had eyes for his towering and scary girlfriend/ostensible second-in-command P'Li.
  • Corrin Reacts: Ryoma is only attracted to Scarlet, showing absolutely no interest in anyone else romantically. This, of course, makes it difficult for Hoshidan nobles who want to set up marriages between their daughters and the King of Hoshido himself, and exasperates Takumi.
  • Transformers Animated: Cybertronian Genesis: The only being in the universe Optimus Prime has optics for is Elita-1, and neither time nor her transformation into the Decepticon Blackarachnia has changed that in the least.
  • Ace Attorney fic Our Families' Fate states that Phoenix never dated anyone before or after Iris. Apollo comments that it must be true love.
  • It's common for Death Note Light/L fanfics to depict them as the only people who fulfill each other's need for a partner/adversary as brilliant and cunning as them to keep them intellectually stimulated, even if the "love" that arises from that need and stimulation is twisted at best. One such fanfic is Fever Dreams where L is shown to have no physical or emotional attraction to anyone other than Light.
  • In Sotto Voce:
    • Due to their Reincarnation Romance and later their soul bonding, Zelda and Impa fall in Love at First Sight and become downright obsessed with each other, despite knowing each other for so little.
    • Deconstructed with Zelda and Impa's mothers, who only had eyes for each other. Their taboo Secret Relationship meant they were forcibly split up when Kishla outed them. Zelda the fourteenth couldn't handle her loveless Arranged Marriage and being away from Tikala, so she was Spurned into Suicide.
  • Harboured & Encompassed: Horatio falls in love with Archie almost immediately, and before that, he didn't even realize he was gay. He ponders at one moment whether he's Archie-sexual. Later in the sequel, he's in a committed relationship with Archie and Will (who was his roommate), so presumably, he grows out of it or he levels up to Double-Target Sexuality.
  • The Harry Potter fic Apex Predator sees Harry being taken in as a shared mate for the Delacour family, with Veela psychology and society having no problem with Gabrielle entering a sexual relationship with Harry even though she's only ten. Gabrielle is swiftly established as so focused on Harry that she admits at one point that she literally can't imagine being with anyone else but Harry after her first time with him, and even her mother and sister note that going back to being with other men after Harry would feel like a step down even if they don't reject the idea as explicitly as Gabrielle does.
  • In the Spider-Man fic "Jackpot", after Gwen Stacy is brought back to life in a post-Civil War (2006) timeline, she's still in love with Peter even though he's almost a decade older than her by now, but Word of God confirms that Gwen is just attracted to Peter rather than liking older men (and she only pursues her feelings with Mary Jane's blessing while forming a relationship with Mary Jane herself).
  • Somewhat deconstructed in Ghosts of Evangelion with Shinji and Asuka - they both had crushes on other people prior to Third Impact, but afterwords aren't interested in anyone besides each other due to their shared trauma and psychological problems. This leads to a lifelong level of dependence that's noted to be unhealthy at times, even by themselves.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: Like in canon, this seems to be the case for Serena towards Ash. At one point, she ponders that her dreams "belong to Ash and Ash alone"
  • The Wound's Still Bleeding: Since they've met, Kakashi has only ever had an interest in Obito. The two end up together in their late teens and end up all but married in their twenties.
  • Vigilantes' Dawn: After everything they've gone through the last five years, neither Oliver nor Laurel has any interest in being with anyone else.
  • In Supergirl (2015) fic Future Shock Leslie thinks she's this towards Cat. Turns out she's demisexual, but she doesn't find out until she's started to get the hots for Susan.
  • It's very common for KanColle fanfiction to portray Kongou as "Teitoku-sexual".
  • The Simpsons: Team L.A.S.H.: While Anastasia's rich father has introduced her to multiple similarly-wealthy suitors, she only has eyes for one boy: Simon Skinner-Chalmers, one of her classmates whose family is not wealthy or prestigious. She hasn't been attracted to anyone who isn't Simon.
  • Soft is a short, relationship study piece exploring this idea in Jaime's relationship with Cersei (see the Literature listing for A Song of Ice and Fire). He's straight for her, absolutely, but not really straight in any sort of categorical way.
    Cersei: Do you love me because I’m a woman?
    Jaime: There many reasons why I love you, sister.
    Cersei: But you love women.
    Jaime: [confused] I love you.
    Cersei: But you admire other women.
    Jaime: [sighs] Not really, no.
    Cersei: [frustrated] You find pleasure in a woman’s form, then.
    Jaime: If that woman is you, sister, then yes, that’s exceedingly true. An understatement, actually.
  • In Truthfully Harry realizes that he does not react physically to anyone but Draco, stating that he must be "Draco-sexual".
  • Lost and Found (RosamundRosemary): Mary Hunt is just as in love with Katarina Claes as in My Next Life as a Villainess. When it's brought up that Katarina's disappearance might be because she was turned into a man, Mary, rather than bring turned off, is nearly drooling since she can likely marry her male version.
  • Much like how Alma had never stopped mourning Pedro, Pedro in Returning Home never remarried after losing his family.
  • An Unpleasant Surprise, Molly gets into an argument with Ashley when she tells her she’s dating Libby. Ashley asks if she ever found a guy attractive, Molly after thinking about the men she used to admire, she’s never felt attraction to any guy before. However when she tells Ashley this, she admits Libby’s the only person she’s felt any attraction to, women or otherwise.

    Films — Animation 
  • The Book of Life:
    • "I Will Wait For You", basically describes how Manolo will wait for Maria.
    • Maria towards Manolo.
    "And look closely: she has the Sanchez curl next to her eyes. She only has eyes for Manolo." – Jorge Gutierrez from The Art of the Book of Life.
    • Like Manolo, Joaquin has only had eyes for Maria.
    • Xibalba and La Muerte only have eyes for each other.
      "His flames burn green with envy. The only red in his design is in his skull-shaped irises because he only has eyes for La Muerte."

      "Her dress is red because it represents love, passion, and life. The only blue in her design is in her eyes because she only has eyes for Xibalba."
  • In Cinderella, by his father's account, the prince was not interested in relationships, even as numerous women gushed over him. Until he met Cinderella. In the third movie, this helps him identify that Anastasia is not the one he danced with even under the spell's effects because when he touched her hand, he felt nothing.
  • In the Hotel Transylvania films, the "zing" is a combination of Love at First Sight and this trope for monsters. A monster zinging with someone confirms to them that this person is their one and only. In the climax of the first film Dracula changes his mind about Mavis and Johnny being together the moment he learns that Mavis zinged with Johnny. In Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation this trope ends up being averted when Dracula unexpectedly zings with Erika. This is a shock to him since he had already zinged with his late wife Martha and it was commonly believed that a zing only happens once. The implication is that Dracula was finally at a point in his life when he was ready for a Second Love.
  • How to Train Your Dragon franchise:
    • Hiccup and Astrid towards each other. Unlike the former's parents, it's more of an implied version — they have known each other since childhood and it's established at the very beginning of the first film that Hiccup has liked her for a while, and while Astrid was initially not interested in anyone at all (and was equally aloof towards all of her classmates), Hiccup succeeds in winning her over by the end of the movie. By the time of the second movie (five years later), they've obviously been together for a long time, and are just as much in love as ever. This is further confirmed in the TV series, as neither one shows a romantic interest in anyone else (i.e., Hiccup was one of the two boys who didn't gain a crush on Heather). They become Happily Married at the end of the third and final movie in the series.
    • Hiccup's parents, Stoick and Valka. Even after Valka was abducted by dragons twenty years previously, Stoick still always loved her and never showed even the slightest interest in remarrying. Valka, for her part, lived away from all humans for those twenty years. When she and Stoick meet again, they pick up their relationship from where they left off, much to Hiccup's delight.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • This is one possible interpretation of The 40-Year-Old Virgin. After failing to lose his virginity as a young man, he demonstrates no attraction to the women his friends try to set him up with and isn't aroused by pornography (he apparently hasn't even masturbated in decades). He only appears interested in his eventual wife.
  • Beach Ken in Barbie (2023) only shows any interest in Stereotypical Barbie, wanting nothing more than being accepted by her as her official boyfriend. She however takes no real interest in a romantic or sexual relationship with him.
  • The execrable Batman & Robin did get one thing right — Victor Fries loves Nora, and only Nora. As a result, he is completely unaffected by Poison Ivy's seduction, a fact that Ivy resents.
  • Edward Bloom of Big Fish for his wife. As the Unlucky Childhood Friend says of him: "For Edward, there are only two women in the world. His wife, and everybody else."
  • In Elektra Luxx, Holly invokes this trope as she declares her love for Bambi.
  • Forrest Gump never seems to notice any women other than Jenny, from when he was a kid.
  • In Good Will Hunting, Sean Maguire experiences this with his deceased wife.
    Will: You ever think about gettin' remarried?
    Sean: My wife's dead.
    Will: Hence the word: remarried.
    Sean: She's dead.
  • Paulie professes to have love only for Tori in Lost and Delirious. It's debatable whether this is really an accurate description of her sexuality, or just her acting out her histrionic, melodramatic personality.
    Paulie: You think I'm a LESBIAN?
    Mary: You're a girl in love with a girl, aren't you?
    Paulie: No! I'm PAULIE in love with TORI. Remember? And Tori, she is, she IS in love with me because she is mine and I am hers and neither of us are LESBIANS!
  • In The Matrix, Neo is desperately devoted to Trinity, and only Trinity. It's very mutual.
  • Played with in Predestination, where the only person our hero ever loves is his/her time-traveling self.
  • Princess Buttercup from The Princess Bride, who fell in love with Wesley and after his death swore to never love again. Sure, Prince Humperdinck is marrying her, but it's because she has to and it's clear she doesn't love him and never will. Lucky indeed that Wesley turns out to be alive.
  • Knives from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, is obsessed with Scott immediately upon dating him, as well as after, a trait she shares with her comic counterpart.
  • Jamal from Slumdog Millionaire spends years looking for Latika after they are separated as children.
  • Peter Parker in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy. While the Peter Parker of the comics has had relationships with several women, in the film version he's stated to have had a crush on Mary Jane Watson since early grade school and never showed interest in anyone else. Even the time he went on a date with gorgeous Gwen Stacy was to make MJ jealous and he was under a corrupting alien influence at the time.
  • Kevin from St. Elmo's Fire. Jules convinces herself that the reason Kevin has never made a pass at her, the most powerful Dude Magnet in their graduating class, is because he's gay and has a crush on Alec. It's actually Leslie, Alec's girlfriend, who Kevin really wants, to the point of refusing to pursue any other woman and proclaiming a cynical attitude toward romance until Leslie becomes available.
  • Anakin from Star Wars was in love with Padmé since he was nine, and his love never weakened, even though they didn't meet for ten years after The Phantom Menace. As Darth Vader, he never showed interest in any other people (though that's probably largely because he was so focused on being Darth Vader), and despite his insistence that Anakin Skywalker was "dead", sometimes experienced memories of Padmé and their life together.
  • Charlie in Stoker only has eyes for one person: India. He's willing to exploit Evelyn's crush on him, and even dates her for a bit... but only as a means to get closer to India.
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street:
    • Mrs. Lovett is Benjamin-sexual, even when he becomes Sweeney, and when they were both married to different people.
    • Sweeney is Lucy-sexual. He escapes from prison to find her again and, upon learning she drank poison, sets about killing Judge Turpin to avenge her memory. And when he finds out that he accidentally killed her, he willingly lets Toby slit his throat.
  • Can be magically induced by the pansy in Were the World Mine, as in the famed Shakespearean play that inspired the story.
  • Zohan in You Don't Mess with the Zohan starts off extremely non-discriminating. But after spending a nice afternoon with his boss, he suddenly realizes he's no longer "steef" for anyone else and spends the rest of the movie pursuing her.

  • In Across the Universe (Beth Revis), Harley only ever loved his girlfriend, Kayleigh. He took her alleged suicide very badly, staying up all night to madly paint, and likes Amy so much because her red hair reminds him of koi (Kayleigh's favorite type of fish). Elder also becomes Amy-sexual, fascinated by her exotic appearance and free personality, which is unlike nearly everyone on the ship.
  • Guy and Iason from Ai no Kusabi are this for Riki. However, Iason is quite literally Riki-sexual. All of the other Elites are asexual except for him who develops lust and then love for Riki.
  • In the Baldur's Gate: Shadows of Amn novelisation, Bodhi hasn't been attracted to any man (there's no mention of women either way) for hundreds of years, but when she sees Abdel Adrian running around naked, it's like, whoah. And when they have sex (and she drinks his super blood), she instantly falls in love with him.
  • Bazil Broketail: Once she falls in love with Relkin, Eilsa consistently rejects every other candidate for marriage she's presented with, to the detriment of her relatives who think an heir of the Wattel clan should choose a better husband than a lowly dragonboy. It doesn't matter to Eilsa, though, that her other suitors are of higher social status and wealth — her heart is with Relkin and Relkin only.
  • Blackout: 17-year-old Colin is obsessed with 25-year-old Polly even though he knows he's too young for her. Since they both work at a time-traveling institution, he proposes that he take The Slow Path until their ages line up, but she insists that he should just live his life and find someone his own age. Ultimately she gets stuck in time, and he spends about 8 years trying to find her so that when they finally meet again, they're the same age.
  • Arrin is only interested in his ex-lover Malya despite fifteen years of absence in The Blood War Trilogy.
  • In the Codex Alera series, the extremely attractive and strong Marat woman Kitai is Tavi-sexual. Justified because the Marat form deep pair-bonds with an animal, and she bonded with Tavi by mistake. In fact, this was Played for Laughs when Kitai was initially annoyed and said: "I wanted a horse."
  • Vlad Tepes' feelings for Elizabeth Bathory in Count and Countess.
  • Julian Blackthorn from The Dark Artifices doesn't have eyes for anyone except Emma, to the point that he was confused as a young teen when he didn't experience attraction to other girls.
  • In the Darkover series, Danilo Syrtis is this way towards Regis Hastur. As the heir to his domain, Regis does have to marry a woman and have children. Danilo and Regis's wife work out a Regis-sharing arrangement.
  • Derek of the web-novel Domina only has eyes for his childhood friend Lizzy — despite all the other girls who are interested in him, including Akane.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • Justine is Thomas-sexual. However, this is originally less about love and more about the fact that an Emotion Eater is about the only thing that can keep her mental illness under control. And while they finally admit they're in love later… well, Thomas is a White Court vampire, so The Power of Love burns him. Ouch, Star-Crossed Lovers. But Justine eventually realizes her Thomas-sexuality can be used as a solution to that particular issue.
    • The trope is discussed and subverted in Changes. In response to Susan's assertion that Molly is (still) in love with him, Harry argues that he's seen her date other people.
      Susan: I said she was in love. Not dead.
  • In Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte, the Riefenstahl line tend to be very passionate towards their chosen loves. This includes Lieselotte with Siegwald, August with Elizabeth, Baldur with Fiene (who is also a Riefenstahl) and Cecilie with Fabian. In particular, Lieselotte is noted by her father to be extreme even by the family's standards. Cecilie is no less extreme; she apparently told her father she'd rather kill herself than not marrying Fabian—when she's just 9.
  • Anastasia Steele from Fifty Shades of Grey is entirely Christian Grey-sexual. At the age of 21, she never had attractions to men before meeting him and is not interested in other men. She has never even touched her body for her own pleasure and, in Fifty Shades Freed, has to be taught by Grey how to do so.
  • In Flowers for Algernon, when all of Charlie's sexual experiences are passionless, confusing, or painful until he has sex with Alice Kinnian, the only woman he's truly loved.
  • Forbidden: Early in the book, Maya asks her brother Lochan — jokingly — if he's gay. He says no, he's not. Later, they both realized he's in love with her. The singularity of his sexuality becomes most visible when he's looking for someone else to transfer his affections to and can't:
    No, that’s ridiculous. My problem is that I need someone to focus my attention on, some object of desire, some girl to fantasize about. I look around the class but there is no one. Attractive girls—yes. A girl that I care about—no. She can’t just be a face, a body; there has to be more than that, some kind of connection. And I can’t connect, don’t want to connect, with anyone.
  • Locke Lamora from Scott Lynch's Gentleman Bastard series is so in love with Sabetha that he's unable to perform with anyone else, even a prostitute he specifically selected because she looked like her. It's implied in later books that there is some kind of magical imprinting or reincarnation thing going on, given that he was physically and romantically attracted to Sabetha the moment he first saw her—which happened at least half a dozen years before his body reached puberty.
    "Some men want any redhead in general, and some want one redhead in particular. Those who want a redhead in general have their fun and go their way. But you... you want one redhead in particular. And I'm not her."
  • Lan Wangji from Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation: Mo Dao Zu Shi is a very slowly Defrosting Ice King, so it's hard to tell how much attraction he can feel to others, but him falling in love with Wei Wuxian when they were both young and pining for him for nearly twenty years after that without a glance at anyone else definitely seems to qualify.
  • The Great Gatsby centers around Gatsby's unending pursuit for Daisy and no one else. The term "Gatsby" has even come to describe real people who have Single-Target Sexuality.
  • Harry Potter:
    • Severus Snape has never gotten over his devotion to his childhood friend Lily Evans, even decades after she broke off their friendship. In fact, if it hadn't been her Voldemort killed, he would never have made his Heel–Face Turn.
    • The only person Albus Dumbledore ever loved was Gellert Grindelwald. Unusually for this trope, it's been implied that this wasn't because his leftover feelings for Grindelwald made him incapable of falling in love again, but rather because the entire experience soured him on romantic love in general.
    • Molly and Arthur Weasley arguably also qualify for this trope, as they have been a couple since their Hogwarts days and have never indicated any interest in any other characters (though Molly does a teensy bit of Eating the Eye Candy when Gilderoy Lockhart makes an appearance). Their marriage is shown to generally be very happy and loving and, with seven kids, they obviously don't lack for passion.
  • Darryl of Heart In Hand is Alex-sexual: not only did he never have any sexual interest in anyone until he ended up sleeping with his hockey rival on a regular basis, but he confirms through an experiment that he literally can't get it up to the thought of anyone — female or male — other than Alex.
  • Lifebonded couples in Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar books are effectively interested in one person for the rest of their lives. While they can have sexual relationships with others before (and after) bonding, there's no true emotional investment.
    Stefan (to Vanyel): All—all I can tell you is that I think I'd love you if you were a hundred years older than me, or a deformed monster, or — or even a woman.
    • Herald-Mage Vanyel is definitely this trope. His One True Love has always been Tylendel, his deceased first lover. In the intervening twenty or so years between Magic's Pawn and Magic's Price, the books indicate he's had only a handful of partners — several of which were women who wanted to get pregnant but for whatever reason couldn't (one of whom was the King's consort, to hide the man's sterility.) Vanyel is so 'Lendel-sexual that he only falls in love (and lifebonds) again when the object of his attraction is reincarnated. That's dedication.
    • This gets ugly in Brightly Burning, where Herald-trainee Lavan needs more than a regular Companion bond to anchor his sanity. His own Companion Kalira lifebonds with him, making him completely uninterested in any women his age — the pair of them are effectively asexual. (If he does explore a physical relationship with Kalira, it is mercifully kept 'off-screen').
  • Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games is Katniss-sexual. He fell in love with her when he was just 5 years old and heard her singing—at that moment he "knew he was a goner." He presumably went on to love her for the rest of his life (in the epilogue they were married and had two children) even overcoming the fact that he was tortured and brain-washed to hate her by the Capitol while captured. Subverted later on. He tells Katniss that he noticed a lot of other girls but none of them made the same impression as she did.
    • Katniss herself can be considered Peeta-sexual. He's not the only boy she ever kisses but he is the only one she describes any attraction to and only his kisses make her feel something. She's around eighteen years old when they become a couple and she spends the rest of her life with him.
  • In the Incarnations of Immortality novel Being a Green Mother, a succubus chooses to focus her intense sexual drives on one member of a particular rock band. This is aided by unique properties of the magical Jonah's Whale (yes, that Jonah and that whale).
  • In Kea's Flight, Kea is attracted to her First Friend Draz and no one else.
  • The Lovely Bones: Lindsay and Samuel are this to each other.
  • Malazan Book of the Fallen:
    • In the third book, Memories of Ice, Detoran is Hedge-sexual. She does drag someone else into the bushes at one point but it's implied to be out of frustration because Hedge keeps running away from her affections; said affections being that she's in the habit of beating Hedge senseless and THEN dragging him into the bushes.
    • And Detoran herself if the sole target of a rogue bhederin (a kind of bison in the Malazanverse) bull's affections. It's Played for Laughs.
    • In the later books, starting with Reaper's Gale, we get Urb, who is strictly Hellian-sexual, though Hellian in turn is too busy getting, and staying, drunk to notice. Right at the start of the series's final battle in The Crippled God, Urb confesses his love for Hellian over the din of the beginning battle. Turns out Hellian reciprocates.
    • There's also Badan Gruk in Reaper's Gale, who only has eyes for Sergeant Sinter. He actually followed Sinter into the army just because he figured that'd be the only way to remain in her vicinity.
    • A more prominent example within the series is Trull Sengar, who never exhibits any inclination for anyone until meeting Seren Pedac in Midnight Tides. It's so obvious everyone except himself knows immediately. Deconstructed when it is revealed that Seren Pedac is a latent mage who has likely been influencing the minds of people around her in her favour unwillingly and had just prior to Trull falling in love with her expressed her interest in him.
  • In the Charles de Lint novel, Memory And Dream, the deceased Kathy describes herself as not being gay or straight, she doesn't love anyone else, just her best friend (and protagonist) Isabelle... who is, if not precisely homophobic, definitely very straight.
  • Alec Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments, towards Jace, or so he thinks anyway. Once he begins dating Magnus Bane he starts coming to terms with the fact that he really is gay. Jace puts the final nail in the coffin by confronting Alec, telling him that he was only infatuated with Jace because it was a "safe", guaranteed unrequited love that he could use as an excuse to avoid other relationships. He proves the point by demanding that Alec kiss him, which Alec cannot bring himself to do.
  • Alec in Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series. He has quite a narrowed taste. Before he and Seregil achieve the Official Couple level he has indisputably voluntary sex only with one woman, who reminded him of Seregil (in drag). If you're not dark brunette, slender, and blessed with a face that at least vaguely resembles Seregil you either stand no chance — or you need magic to get into Alec's pants.
    • Though he was also very briefly fantasizing about a barmaid's breasts after he watched her breastfeed her baby. This stands out, because before becoming attracted to Seregil (and being date-raped by Ylinestra) and "finally waking up", Alec acted and narrated like he hadn't even reached puberty yet—apparently he had no sexual thoughts at all in his first 16 years and he explicitly rejected private sleeping quarters when offered for their long-term living arrangements, despite being otherwise very shy about things like nudity (which implies no wet dreams/morning wood/masturbation needs). It's probably because the first few books were written in the 1980s and Alec is basically just a gender flip of the traditional female Incorruptible Pure Pureness ingenue trope in romance literature.
    • After being together with Seregil for some years, he also becomes somewhat attracted to Ilar.
  • Orlando: A Biography by Virginia Woolf demonstrates in passing that this is not a good thing for an Abhorrent Admirer to have, as even a Gender Bender fails to get rid of him.
  • Overlord:
    • Albedo is a rather extreme version of this trope, and it's entirely Ainz's fault for altering her Flavor Text from "secretly being a total slut" to "being madly in love with Momonga" as a joke mere minutes before YGGDRASIL was shut down (not that he had any way to know the NPC's were about to become real people).
    • Shalltear is a slightly more subdued version: while she's massively perverted, has virtually every kink known to man (as per Peroroncino's design) and is noted to have fun with her vampire brides in her off time, the only person she has anything remotely resembling feelings for is Ainz himself, which is probably because he's the only one of the Supreme Beings who remains in Nazarick.
    • As a result, Albedo and Shalltear frequently butt heads over who gets to be the first wife; they are perfectly fine with sharing Ainz between the two beyond that point (and even agree that it would be strange if Ainz were to have only one wife in the first place).
  • A Prayer for Owen Meany: Johnny was this to Owen. After Owen's death, it pretty much took the fight out of Johnny, and by the end of the book, Johnny has never been with anyone physically. Even in his forties.
  • Reign of the Seven Spellblades: Nanao falls in Love at First Punch with Oliver when they form a connection while sparring in their first sword arts class, and finds it impossible to distinguish her joy in pitting herself against his swordwork from the man himself. Despite a couple of other characters crushing on Oliver (including a steamy Intimate Healing scene with Chela in volume 4 after he's affected by Sex Magic) and Nanao having several suitors of her own, they never even seriously look at anyone else for the rest of the series.
  • In The Scholomance, Orion Lake is only interested in El Higgins. Not just romantically, though his crush on her is obvious from the start—she's the only person he cares closely about at all, which everyone else finds baffling. Most other people don't realize that he likes her because she's the only person who treats him like a person, warts and all, instead of just a tool to be used for killing mals. When El finally meets Orion's father in the third book, he's even deeply grateful to her for pulling his single-minded son out of himself and for helping him to find happiness in other people.
  • The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System: Ren Zha Fanpai Zijiu Xitong: While the original Luo Binghe had a harem of hundreds, Shen Yuan's Luo Binghe has only had eyes for him since he was a teenager.
  • Bohun in Sienkiewicz Trilogy, when (rhetorically) asked whether Helena, who loathes him, is the only girl in the world, answers that yes, she is.
  • Achilles, from The Song of Achilles, never appears to be interested in anyone else except for his long-time lover Patroclus.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • Jaime Lannister has, according to him and to the best knowledge of the reader, only ever loved or had sex with his twin sister Cersei, to the point where he's disturbed when he experiences attraction to another woman (though less so, the more disillusioned with Cersei he becomes).
    • While Cersei Lannister herself isn't nearly so monogamous, her lovers are all chosen either because they resemble Jaime or to advance her political aims (or, once, because she was bi-curious), not because she actually likes them. She flat out says, "It had never been any good with anyone but Jaime."
    • Since childhood, Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish has been infatuated with Catelyn Stark, and it's heavily implied that her rejection drove him to insanity. (He kicks off a brutal civil war just because he couldn't have her for himself.) Even after her death he is still unable to get over her and has transferred his feelings onto Cat's daughter, Sansa.
  • In the works of Nicholas Sparks:
    • In The Notebook, while Noah does have sex with at least one other woman after being separated from Allie, even she recognizes that Allie is the only woman he's ever truly wanted.
    • In The Best of Me, there is no evidence that Dawson has had sex with any other woman in the 20 years since he and Amanda last saw each other.
  • Star Wars Legends: This is common among the Cathar species. When Sylvar's mate Crado fell to the Dark Side and later died, Sylvar never took another mate. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, this is brought up again if a female Trooper is romancing Aric Jorgan. Jorgan brings up that taking a mate is a serious deal for humans, but it is much more so for his species.
  • The Syrena Legacy: Most young Syrena males become attracted to several females and can decide which would be the most suitable mate, but some experience "the pull" towards their One True Love who is their perfect match in every way. Galen feels the pull towards Emma, the only person he's ever felt attracted to.
  • The Kantri of Tales of Kolmar tend to be like this since they mate for life. One fell in love with a human despite the species barrier, and although he'd have been happy to see her as another Kantri, he found her beautiful despite the strange form. Conveniently he ends up human. In a later book, Will is sought after by many women, but finds this annoying and only has eyes for Aral.
  • This is the universal orientation of most characters, regardless of race, in Tolkien's Legendarium. They love once and for life. The only male exception is Finwë, but there are at least two female exceptions (Finduilas and Eówyn). Furthermore, it's pretty heavily implied that Finwë taking a second wife after his first wife's Death by Childbirth was not a good move. Elves in general fall in love once and if they can't have their beloved, they stay unmarried for life. Some humans (especially humans who have grown up around elves or under strong elven influence) share this trait. Its capacity for causing tragedy is used, for instance when Maeglin, attracted to his first cousin Idril, princess of Gondolin (who, in addition to being too closely related, is also very happily married to someone else), attempts to win her by betraying the location of the hidden city of Gondolin to the Big Bad who promises Maeglin that he'll get Idril after the city is sacked.
  • Nawat from Tamora Pierce's Trickster's Duet is Aly-sexual, possibly because he's actually a crow who was turned into a human and real crows mate for life.
  • The Twilight Saga:
    • Edward Cullen, despite having lived for over 100 years as a teenage vampire at the age when males should be at their most sexually curious, has never been interested in any girls. Then he meets Bella, gets a whiff of the delicious scent of her blood, and becomes a committed Bella-sexual.
    • Jacob Black, who follows Bella around and remains in love with her no matter how many times she tries to let him down or how married she might become. He insists to Bella that he will never imprint on anyone because he never even sees anyone but her. Jacob even drives around town trying to interest himself in other girls but it does not work. Switched up later, with the birth of Renesmee, when he imprints on her and becomes Renesmee-sexual instead of Bella-sexual. There's some implication that Jacob had in fact always been Renesmee-sexual, and had in fact imprinted on her before she was born but thought he had imprinted on Bella.
    • This is taken to ridiculous extremes with Alice, who becomes Jasper-sexual after having a vision of him, years before she even met him.
    • The entire concept of imprinting centers around a werewolf becoming utterly devoted to a single woman, speculated to be the one best suited to having his children. Partially justified in that being a werewolf isn't a "curse" in this universe. They seem to be more like a subspecies of humans, who are part canine.
  • In The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, Mori only shows interest in Thaniel, and has been waiting to meet him for at least ten years.
  • Sam and Grace from Wolves of Mercy Falls Series only have eyes for each other.

    Live-Action TV 


  • In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Leopold Fitz is a downplayed example as he was attracted to Skye, but after undergoing a long, drawn-out Love Epiphany regarding his best friend Jemma Simmons, he's exclusively Jemma-sexual and nothing short of invasive brainwashing will change that. Unfortunately, not only is this a real problem in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's something of an occupational hazard for S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. When Fitz is plugged into the Framework, AIDA alters his memories so that she took Jemma's place in Fitz's life. This causes Fitz to not only become a sadist but to develop obsessive loyalty not to Jemma, but to AIDA, who in the Framework is known as Madame HYDRA. When his father asks if he's seeing another woman, Fitz laughs it off as though the idea were preposterous. When Fitz is woken up from the Framework, AIDA still wants to be with him, but even with two lives' worth of memories, Fitz says he can't love anyone but Jemma, which causes AIDA to snap.
  • On 'Allo 'Allo!, Lieutenant Gruber embodies this trope towards René, to the point that even when René is disguised for resistance activities, Gruber still finds himself immediately drawn to him. Even when René was disguised as a woman, the presumably gay lieutenant felt compelled to ask "her" to dance.
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • Sheldon Cooper initially seems to be asexual, showing no interest at all in women or men and seeming to have a merely clinical view of sex. Even when he meets Amy and begins a relationship with her, sex seems to be of no interest to him whatsoever. However, after several years of dating Amy, he begins to enjoy kissing her and eventually chooses to have sex with her. He still shows no sexual interest in anybody else, making Amy the only person to arouse him at all.
      • Later averted in Young Sheldon: It turns out that Sheldon actually did have a couple of crushes. However, neither was interested in him back, which understandably (along with his becoming more socially isolated in general the gap between the shows) made him uninterested in trying again.
    • Amy seems to be Sheldon-sexual to begin with, but in Season 5 she does develop a weird pseudo-sexual fascination with Penny (which disappears in later seasons). Unlike Sheldon, she has shown physical attraction to other people, but Sheldon is ultimately the only one she has ever loved.
  • Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a lesbian, comments that she didn't first discover herself attracted to "women," but to one "woman" — her first girlfriend, Tara. (Indeed, some fans were a bit annoyed at first by their relationship, as before this Willow had always been shown attracted to men.) After Tara's death, Willow eventually shows attraction to other women and gets a new girlfriend. Another odd example with the same character: one episode features a boy who has a magical jacket which causes any woman who sees him wearing it to fall madly in love with him. And it does work on Willow, too, leading to several amusing jokes when she and the other girls start fighting over him.
  • Cole Turner in Charmed only has sex with women who look just like Phoebe. Oh, and of course, with Phoebe. He even later tells the shapeshifter he'd hired to look like her that she's only "good for the occasion dance" and that he needs the real thing.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Rory is a raging Amy-sexual. So much so, that he is Mistaken for Gay... by Amy. (She assumed he was gay because, though she'd known him since childhood, she'd never seen him show interest in girls. Turns out it was because from the beginning he'd only wanted her.)
    • There's a comic in which Amy and the Doctor are bodyswapped. Amy once comments that they'd better get this fixed or certain things on and off the marriage front will be difficult, but after initial brainbreak Rory starts treating her and the Doctor exactly as before, down to holding Amy when Time Lord senses start overwhelming her and calmly threatening the Doctor when he does something that seems counter to Amy's long-term well being. At the end of the issue he says he doesn't care what she looks like, he loves her, and passionately kisses a Time Lord... but they've switched back. He's the last to know.
      Amy: Oh no. Do it again. But do it... slower.
  • Victor/Anthony Ceccoli and Sierra/Priya Tsetsang in Dollhouse remember each other's faces and, Victor-as-"Roger" dumps his girlfriend he was programmed to unconditionally love because of this.
  • Steve Urkel from Family Matters is a Laura-sexual for most of the series, though he does get another girlfriend later in the series who ironically turns out to be Urkel-sexual.
  • Amy in Faking It has apparently never been in a relationship before the beginning of the series then she kisses her best friend Karma as part of their "we're lesbians" scam. Afterwards, she kisses a boy and feels nothing which makes her think she's a lesbian but then has the same result when she kisses a different girl. Afterwards, Shane declares her "Karma-sexual". Should be noted that even before this they had a Pseudo-Romantic Friendship that got them Mistaken for Gay. However, in season 2, she begins dating another woman (Reagan) and also briefly shows interest in a man.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • The second season has a merchant try to convince Daenerys to marry him only for her to make it clear that she still considers herself married to the very dead Khal Drogo. Subverted, when she casually hooks up with Daario Naharis in the fifth season and later falls in love with Jon Snow in Season 7.
    • A better example is Littlefinger, who's never been interested in anyone but Catelyn Stark.
      • And later Sansa, since she reminds him so much of her mother.
    • Jaime Lannister tells Catelyn Stark that he has only ever been with Cersei and no one else, before using that little fact to point out that her husband Ned did not show her any such loyalty when he fathered a bastard. Subverted ever so slightly in the episode "Kissed By Fire", where he checks out Brienne in the bath for a second when feverish. Also by the fact that Ned actually was loyal to Catelyn, and only told everyone Jon was a bastard to protect him from Robert Baratheon.
  • Good Omens (2019):
  • Happened to Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. He may have been a healthy seventeen-year-old at the time, but neither the "erotical nor the pharmaceutical" did any good. If it wasn't Blair, it wasn't working. For this, Serena dubbed him "the eunuch".
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • Marshall with Lily. He can't even fantasize about other women without problems.
    • Deconstructed with Ted's pursuit of Robin. At one point, one of his ex-girlfriends suggests that him being constantly hung up on Robin is the reason he has been unable to sustain any long-term relationships since breaking up with her. In the final season, in which Robin is days away from her wedding to Barney, it becomes a crucial part of Ted's arc for him to finally let her go so he can meet and fall in love with the Mother, which takes place immediately after the wedding.
  • As far as Hal from Malcolm in the Middle is concerned, his wife Lois is the only woman on the planet.
  • Not quite present with Monk, as he has been attracted to a few women, and is technically probably asexual, but he still considers himself married even though his wife is dead, and the idea of actually being interested in another woman is quite a frightening prospect to him.
  • Oz:
  • Probably Alison from Pretty Little Liars could be considered this since she said she never really loved anyone except Emily.
  • In The Punisher (2017), when Micro gets jealous over his wife and Frank, Frank tells him about him and his own late wife, and how he never wanted to be with anyone else, finishing, "I don't want your wife," which heavily implies that even with Maria dead, he won't want any other woman either.
  • Although he once speaks of having had other girlfriends, Ned from Pushing Daisies only has eyes for Chuck, at one point telling her plainly that she's the only one for him. It's even lampshaded in "Smell of Success":
    Emerson: Hell, before dead girl came along, I didn't know what you liked or if you liked or if you had anything to like with. For all I know you could've been one of those people who was born with both but didn't use either.
  • Burt and Virginia from Raising Hope only have eyes for each other. Burt even finds the idea of remarrying in the event of Virginia's death to be preposterous.
  • Nikola Tesla in Sanctuary seems to have only ever loved Helen despite his advanced age. There are other attractive women on the show, but his heart remains very much devoted to Helen Magnus. There is rarely an episode where he doesn't compliment her.
  • The sum total of Naomi's sexuality in Skins is "she's completely in love with Emily".
  • The korean series Tale of the Nine Tailed has a straight example that revolves around the main character's love interest being his past lover reincarnated.
  • The Vampire Diaries: Damon Salvatore is a mild example of this. Although he's a notorious playboy and flirt, he has only ever been in love with two girls who look exactly alike, the aforementioned Petrova doppelgängers; Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert.
  • On White Collar, Peter is incredibly uncomfortable with and terrible at even flirting with a woman other than his wife.

TV Movies:

  • Live Forever As You Are Now with Alan Resnick: Teddy loves his wife. She is all he wants to talk about, and due to the nature of him as a computerized clone, there's no chance of him being in love with anybody else. Even on the website, every time the word "like" or "love" comes up in conversation, Teddy just responds with "I love my wife!"

  • Incredibly widely used in popular music through the years. For example:
    • The Platters, "Only You"
      Only you and you alone
      can thrill me like you do
      and fill my heart with love for only you
    • "I only have eyes for you", composed in 1934 by Harry Warren and lyricist Al Dubin, and performed by artists as diverse as Frank Sinatra, Al Jolson, Billie Holliday, Rod Stewart, and The Flamingos.
      My love must be a kind of blind love
      I can't see anyone but you...
      You are here, so am I
      Maybe millions of people go by
      But they all disappear from view
      And I only have eyes for you
    • "He Stopped Loving Her Today", written by Bobby Braddock and Curly Putman, and released in 1980 by George Jones:
      He said I'll love you 'til I die
      She told him you'll forget in time...
      Kept some letters by his bed
      Dated 1962
      He had underlined in red
      Every single "I love you"
      He stopped loving her today
      They placed a wreath upon his door
      And soon they'll carry him away
      He stopped loving her today.
    • "There Will Never Be Another You", written by Harry Warren and Mack Gordon
      And in our moment of parting,
      This is all I want you to know...
      There will be other lips that I may kiss,
      But they won't thrill me,
      Like yours used to do
    • Even '90s indie-pop got in on the game, as in "Anyone Else Isn't You" by The Field Mice, written by singer Bobby Wratten:
      Other than you, I want no one
      If I can't have you, I want to be alone
      Anyone else isn't you
      And if they're not you, I don't want to know...
  • Arguably Toshi of X Japan, if the lyrics of "Crystal Piano no Kimi," his overwrought love poem for his lifelong (aside for 10 years) best friend and band co-founder Yoshiki are any indication.
  • Nina Simone's "My Baby Just Cares For Me";
    Liz Taylor is not his style,
    And even Liberace's smile
    Is something he can't see.
    I wonder what's wrong with baby?
    My baby just cares... for me.
  • The Steel Panther song, Community Property first appears to be this, with the line, "If suddenly you were a guy, I'd be suddenly gay." But then subverted with; "My heart belongs to you, but my cock is Community Property."

    Myths & Religion 
  • Classical Mythology:
    • Hades towards Persephone. Leuce and Minthe are much later Roman additions. Before that, Hades was almost never shown having any sort of affair behind his wife’s back or being in any sort of romantic or sexual relationship prior to their marriage. Considering the track record that many of the other Greek gods tend to have, this is practically a miracle. Minthe was one exception, and Persephone quite literally stomped that one out (creating the mint plant in the process).
    • Cupid And Psyche towards each other.
    • To a lesser extent, Artemis, who, being the virgin goddess of the hunt, had no interest in romance whatsoever, except for her crush on Orion. It didn't end well.
  • In Arthurian Legend, Lancelot is this for Guinevere. Many other people express interest in Lancelot (including Elaine of Astolat, Elaine of Corbenic, and Sir Galehaut (not to be confused with Lancelot's son Galahad), and others), but he only ever has eyes for Guinevere and is never even tempted by anyone else.


    Pro Wrestling 

  • Paula in Nebulous is completely Nebulous-sexual, save for some Early-Installment Weirdness where she fancies the Loverlies (and the Worserons) just as much as everyone else.

  • Les Misérables has Marius and Cosette be this for each other. This gets rather silly on the side of Marius because he totally misses Eponine's incredibly obvious crush on him. Eponine, for her part, seems quite Marius-sexual, and thus helps him hook up with Cosette so he will be happy.
  • William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream employs as a plot device a magical flower whose nectar causes people to become singularly enamored with the first person they see after having it applied to their eyes. Naturally, things start going a little off-course when Puck applies the juice to the wrong Athenian's eyes, and Hilarity Ensues.
  • The Phantom of the Opera: The Phantom for Christine. Oh so much.
    The Phantom: You alone can make my song take flight, and help me make the Music of the Night.
  • In The Winter's Tale, King Leontes refuses to remarry after the death of Queen Hermione, even though his advisers try to pressure him to do so. Paulina does have some hand in it, urging him to promise to not remarry unless she approves of the bride, but Leontes seems perfectly fine with agreeing to those terms. The way he speaks about his dead wife upon seeing her statue, and the way Paulina talks after Hermione comes back to life suggests that before his jealousy, the two had been deeply in love.

    Video Games 
  • Art of Fighting: Robert is said to be a charmer and ladies' man. Yet, he only has eyes for Ryo's sister, Yuri, whom he's been trying to go out with ever since he first met her. Except her father and brother won't let that happen.
  • Baldur's Gate III: All romanceable companions (Shadowheart, Lae'zel, Gale, Astarion, Wyll, Karlach, Minthara, Halsin) are playersexual, regardless of the player character's gender.
  • BlazBlue:
    • Nu-13 is this trope exaggerated: not only is she attracted to no one but Ragna but she likes nothing else.
    • Tsubaki Yayoi, as well. Just as much as Nu-13, because she is prepared to take down anyone who tries to take Jin away from her.
  • Adell of Disgaea 2 has made a point of saying that he Does Not Like Girls in that way. He does eventually admit that Rozalin is the exception to the rule, more or less making him Rozalin-sexual.
  • Dragalia Lost: Being the Yandere that she is, Mym is very Euden-sexual. Too bad he never seems to notice.
  • EXTRAPOWER: Attack of Darkforce: The bem Francisca is obsessed with reclaiming the rogue bem Gradius to become her mate. Gradius, in turn, is solely infatuated with Flamberge, enough to offer his services in exterminating the other Bem to secure her medical treatment.
  • In Far Cry 4, Pagan Min has, by his own admission, only ever truly loved one woman, Ajay's late mother Ishwari. This annoys his subordinate Yuma Lau, who thinks his love for her has made him soft, and it doesn't help Min's tendency to be Mistaken for Gay due to his flamboyance since he hasn't been with anyone else since he lost her.
  • Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury, to Andy Bogard. It's become absurd in later games.
  • Squall Leonhart of Final Fantasy VIII is Rinoa-sexual — completely disinterested in human relationships of any kind before he meets her, and obsessively devoted to her to the exclusion of all else once he admits to falling for her. This is mostly because Squall is a very emotionally damaged person, and Rinoa is the only one who is able to break through the mental barriers Squall erected to keep out everyone else.
  • Soren from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance only has eyes for Ike and could care less about pretty much everyone else; whether this is romantic or a case of very close Heterosexual Life-Partners or some kind of Pseudo-Romantic Friendship is a tricky question. Justified in that Ike saved Soren's life when they were children and Soren's Dark and Troubled Past overall. (Ike was the only person in Soren's childhood to ever show him kindness.)
  • Taken to a horrifying extreme with Alma in the second First Encounter Assault Recon game, where she is "Becket-sexual". Doesn't matter that Becket can barely parse her as human, or that he's trying to destroy her, or that he's obviously repulsed and terrified by her presence (because she's dead, homicidal, incredibly dangerous, and deeply psychologically disturbed). She covets him and no one else. What's perhaps worse about the whole situation is that it's artificially induced—Becket was subjected to a process that "tuned" his psychic aura to Alma. Combined with his intense latent psychic potential, he's been made into the only sexual partner Alma is capable of perceiving or desiring completely against his will.
  • May in Guilty Gear is Johnny-sexual. Unfortunately for her, Johnny is a Casanova Wannabe.
  • Endrance/Elk from .hack//G.U. is "Haseo-sexual". Or "Mia-sexual" considering the first 5 games.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • If a game depicts Princess Zelda developing/having feelings for someone, it is always without question going to be Link due to him being the brave and caring hero of Hyrule. Other potential suitors, like Groose from Skyward Sword and Kass's teacher from Breath of the Wild, will always fail to get her interest. Partially justified in that Zelda, as an incarnation of the Goddess Hylia, is explicitly fated to always have a strong connection to whoever's the current incarnation of the Hero, although how close they are is dependent on how they interact.
    • This is implied for Link regarding Zelda, for the same reason as above. In any game where they have the opportunity to interact for a significant amount of time, he's strongly implied to reciprocate her feelings, with no such hints existing for any other character. In practice, however, it's zigzagged because — especially in games with dialogue options — Link can show interest in other girls, and players have the choice to play this straight or avert it.
  • Metal Gear: According to the creator, Revolver Ocelot develops these feelings for Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Which certainly seems to explain some of his more disturbing behavior towards Solid Snake, a clone of Big Boss and a dead ringer for a young version of him. In fact, his Snakesexuality is so potent it overpowers brainwashing; at the climax of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, choosing not to fight a grapple causes Ocelot to give (old, radiation-burned) Snake a tender kiss.
  • Monkey Island: Guybrush crushes on Elaine from their very first interaction together and never shows any interest in anyone else. It seems to be reciprocal, as Elaine at one point refers to Guybrush as the only man she ever loved.
  • Persona:
    • Persona 3:
      • Robot Girl Aigis will always fall for the Protagonist regardless of gender, though she has a little bit of Gayngst at one point if you're playing as the female Protagonist.
      • Despite attempting to flirt with every girl he sees, Ryoji also turns out to be solely in love with the Protagonist, though this is only revealed if you're playing a female character. He states that he would probably fall in love with you even if you were a boy. Considering how he acts around the male MC, this isn't surprising.
    • Persona 4:
      • Rise never shows interest in anyone outside of the Protagonist, and will flirt with him constantly regardless of the progress of her Social Link.
      • Naoto is flat-out turned off by the idea of romance and entirely oblivious to the affections of others for her, such as Kanji. The only exception is the Protagonist, whom she falls for if her romance is pursued.
      • On the flip side, Kanji only shows meaningful attraction towards Naoto, despite his struggling orientation, both before AND after The Reveal.
  • In Phantasy Star Online 2 Matoi will fall in love the Guardian, no matter what race or gender they are. She outright calls them her beloved in Episode 3 when she sacrifices herself to become the Profound Darkness before the F-Factors take over their body, and in the final cutscene, she gives them a Love Confession.
  • Puyo Puyo: Rulue is only ever in love with the Dark Prince, to such an extent that she doesn't even want to think of being with anyone else. Unfortunately, the Dark Prince would rather pursue Arle as his wife, which causes Arle to get on Rulue's nerves.
  • Resident Evil 6: Derek Simmons never shows interest in any woman but Ada Wong. When she left his services, he turned his loyal researcher Carla into an Ada clone without a second thought.
  • In Rule of Rose, basically everything Wendy does (including all her social interactions with other people) is to sustain her... "relationship" with Jennifer. She only talks or writes about other people to describe their influence on Jennifer, and even her minions are just wet sawdust to her (given that she murders them by proxy). It's implied that she expects the same level of "devotion" from Jennifer.
    Wendy: Please smile only at me.
  • In the Rune Factory series:
    • In Rune Factory 4, Porcoline is obsessively in love with the player character, regardless of their gender. Since he's not one of the available love interests, the PC is mostly just weirded out by it. If the player uses the "I love you!" dialogue option on him, he even mistakes it for a marriage proposal and attempts to sweep them off their feet before they hastily clarify that it's meant as a Platonic Declaration of Love.
    • In Rune Factory 5, Ludmila is a succubus who's obsessively in love with the PC. She flirts incessantly with them, asks them out to all the romantic festivals, and talks about how much she adores them. She is a potential love interest, but even should the player decide to romance someone else, she'll continue to hit on them and openly express her love for them. She's an Emotion Eater who likes "eating" the protagonist's happiness, so as long as they're happy, she's happy—she's both overjoyed that they've found someone to make them even happier, and completely intends to keep hitting on the PC regardless.
  • Amy Rose of Sonic the Hedgehog is completely in love with Sonic, and no one else but him. In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), she even claims that, if she had to choose between the world and Sonic, she would easily pick the latter. Notably, with Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics), it was literally put in writing, with, among several other requirements, Archie was required to depict that Amy would never be unfaithful to Sonic.note 
  • The title character of Super Meat Boy seems to have eyes for only his Damsel in Distress, Bandage Girl, to the point where he goes through all sorts of hell to rescue her when she is kidnapped. Word of God says that she completes him, literally.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Bowser only has eyes for Princess Peach, even as the series would add more females like Princess Daisy, Rosalina, and Pauline.
    • In Super Paper Mario, the main villain, Count Bleck, once had a love named Timpani, as gradually revealed to us throughout the game. His love for her was so strong that he suffered Sanity Slippage when he believed that she had been killed by the machinations of his father, who disapproved of their relationship. He also rejected the advances of one of his minions, Nastasia, who has feelings for him.
  • No matter how much she flirts and teases men and women or how much fanon depicts that she swings both ways, Excellen Browning of Super Robot Wars only ever has had her eyes dead set on Kyosuke Nanbu. It helps that she doubles as the Manic Pixie Dream Girl to The Stoic Kyo.
  • Decus of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World is probably Alice-sexual, though with that weirdo...
    • From the same game, Marta is very much Emil-sexual.
  • Tales of the Abyss has a few examples, mostly amongst the antagonists. Asch is very clearly sexually uninterested in anyone who isn't Natalia. Arietta also had this towards the real Ion and Dist is very clearly pining for Jade, although, in Dist's case, things are... a bit more complicated than most examples.
  • Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni-, Viola stands out among the cast due to her fixation on Koharu Tsukikage. Everything she does has the explicit purpose of getting Koharu's attention.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles: This seems to be a recurring thing for protagonists.
    • Xenoblade Chronicles 1: Shulk and Fiora only have eyes for each other, with Shulk completely ignorant of Melia's attraction to him. When Fiora dies early in the game, he utterly breaks. He only starts recovering when it turns out she's still alive.
    • Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Rex only expresses attraction towards Pyra at first, with Mythra (who is technically also Pyra) coming later. He's not as ignorant as Shulk when it comes to someone being attracted to him though, as during a conversation with Nia equipped as a Blade after her confession, they agree to have a chat about it sometime after their adventure.
    • Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Noah and Mio, the main Kevesi and Agnian protagonists respectively, once again only have eyes for each other. Despite being on opposite sides of a Forever War, they always get together in their reincarnations, no matter what else happens. Hilariously, a scene at the very end subverts the earlier Rex example by revealing that he got with Pyra, Mythra, and Nia. Mio is implied to be his and Nia's daughter.
  • An extreme example would be the Villain Protagonist of Yandere Simulator towards her beloved Senpai. Not only is she only attracted to them, but she literally didn't feel any emotions — positive or negative — until they met. Word of God even says her feelings are less about them as a person and more about how they make her actually feel something. Naturally, she'll do all kinds of horrible things to make sure Senpai is hers. What's worse is that this trait is In the Blood, passing down from mother to daughter for an untold number of generations.

    Visual Novels 
  • Elis in Canvas 2 is Hiroki-sexual. She gets 15 confessions in a single day even when she looks pale and zombie-like but rejects every single one.
  • Doki Doki Literature Club! has Monika, who falls in love with the player (not the male player character, but the player themselves), who she acknowledges could be a guy or a girl, but doesn't really seem to care.
  • Tamara from Double Homework can never see herself involved romantically or sexually with anyone but the protagonist.
  • Ikemen Sengoku:
    • Mitsunari, unlike all the other warlords who have had past relationships, has never been in love or even felt the slightest interest in romance until he meets the female main character (provided his route is chosen, that is), to the point where it takes him a long time to even realize that he's fallen in love with her.
    • Sasuke could also count. While it's not known if he's been in any relationships before he meets the MC, once he meets her he falls in Love at First Sight and spends the next four years training to become a ninja just so that he can grow strong enough to find and protect her. In addition, unlike the other romanceable men who aren't as close to the MC in most routes outside of their own, Sasuke is just as devoted to protecting the MC and keeping her happy in all routes no matter who she's in love with in her current route.
  • Mizuhara in Kara no Shoujo has a severe fixation on Toko, though she says she's not a lesbian. Interestingly enough, there's a bad end where she convinces herself she is Toko (it's complicated) and decides the feelings of love and attraction she feels for Reiji are Toko's. Toko admits to no such thing and hasn't slept with Reiji despite what Mizuhara thinks, meaning that Mizuhara appears to have fallen for him herself.
  • Unusually for a Visual Novel protagonist, Souta in Kira☆Kira: Curtain Call definitely has this going on for Yui, and won't let you forget it. His Inner Monologue points out any time he interacts with a woman who is not Yui that she is not as attractive to him as Yui. Combined with his Hot-Blooded-ness, he's been occasionally driven to spontaneously express his love for her in rather extreme (though not sexual) ways that have caused her friend to impose an informal restraining order on him.
  • Miyako in Majikoi! Love Me Seriously!, to the point that in all of the endings where she doesn't end up with Yamato, she's still shown to be waiting for him even decades later.
  • Eri in Nameless has five dolls, and all of them only fall in love with her, despite many, many people willing to court them. This occurs no matter which route you choose. Luckily in the end timelines converge and no one's left out. Probably.
  • Genzou from Our Wonderland only has eyes for Iggy, despite the fact that the latter is asexual and Oblivious to Love. However, the game treats this a bad thing, since Genzou can't form other significant connections and the only time he tried doing so resulted in Orlam carrying a grudge for years and killing him in most of the timelines. Heck, at the end of the game it's stated that after Genzou decided to form bonds with others instead of only caring about Iggy is when he can finally be happy.
  • Kareha of SHUFFLE! Essence+ says in her route that she's never been in love before Rin, and likely would never have been if she hadn't met him.
  • Lambdadelta from Umineko: When They Cry has eyes only for Bernkastel and vice versa. They've lived for a very long time but have never mentioned another lover or romantic interest subside their declaration of love for each other. Lambda makes it very clear that she wants the game to keep on going forever so that Bern will be caged in it like a bird and forever be hers. Psycho Lesbian much?
  • Zero Escape series: Whether she's twelve, twenty-one, or seventy, Akane only has romantic feelings towards Junpei though she mostly ignores them in order to concentrate on her work. It's implied in VLR that, even after they were estranged for decades, she still planned to to travel back in time eventually so she could properly be with him.

    Web Animation 
  • Church from Red vs. Blue is only interested in Tex, and will go out of his way to make sure she is alive and well even when she is being antagonistic. When she is briefly turned into a man in a flashback during Season 14, Church says he's cool with it (but still leaves because of the other weirdness around him). It helps that Tex is the memory of the dead wife of the man Church was based on, who was always obsessed with bringing her back to life.
  • RWBY: Aside from a generalised attraction to boys in Volume 1, Yang is only ever shown to have Ship Tease with Blake, making Blake her sole Love Interest. They get together in Volume 9, after which the writers confirmed that Blake is Yang's First Love.
    • Meanwhile, Pyrrha Nikos is only shown to be interested in Jaune Arc, starting to fall for him when he becomes the first guy in years to treat her like a normal person instead of putting her on a pedestal.
  • Doki of There she is!! is 100% Nabi-sexual.

  • In the Korean webtoon 340 Days (340 Ilgan-ui Yuye), this is a birth attribute of the Shuts, one of the many subspecies of humans in that world, who will fall in love with one and only person (called their "other half") for their entire life. Hence a particularly high suicide rate among Shuts and a tendency for tragic fictional stories to feature them. The Shut protagonist Hwa Rin's "other half" is a taciturn boy named Dosung… Little does she know, he's a Destroy, a rare subspecies with enormous strength and a taste for violence. Obviously, drama ensues as Dosung starts to develop feelings for Rin.
  • Avialae: Bailey had no sexual experience with or interest in any gender until he met Gannet, whereupon he began making what Addie deemed "gaga eyes" at him. His brother Jamie even jokingly asks Bailey if Gannet is half-bird when he finds out about their relationship, as he was convinced for a long time that the only things Bailey was interested in were birds (which Gannet actually is...sorta). It's later revealed in chapter 3 that Bailey is demisexual.
  • Collin of Boy Meets Boy claims to be asexual with the sole exception of Fox. However, the Spin-Off Friendly Hostility has him realize that he's actually a full-blown homosexual with the implication that if he was truly asexual, he wouldn't have become attracted to anyone in the first place.
    • It's actually kind of a sliding scale. Fatima is described as "more asexual than Collin", and by the end of the comic is married, though it's vaguely implied she's not planning on having sex with her husband. (He seems okay with it.)
  • In Dreamless, Elanor and Takashi have only ever been in love with each other; not even the brief appearances of Takashi's fiancee or the prostitute he confides in detract from that, and in fact are barely discussed.
  • Grace from El Goonish Shive is "Tedd-sexual". It appears to be simply a result of her Uryuom heritage—the Uryuom being a One-Gender Race of alien shape-shifters. Since they can change their external shape at will, they form relationships based primarily on concepts and mental connections. Grace, being 1/4th Uryuom (or so), has inherited this disposition. However, in one non-canon story where reality becomes altered so that Tedd is (and always was) female, Grace hooks up with a different character instead (way to go Sarah!). Although this might be explained by the way, like in many alternate universes where the two are of different genders, the female Tedd and Elliot are in a relationship.
    • Later on, Tedd slips into this as well—over time, he loses some of his Chivalrous Pervert tendencies, starting to have eyes exclusively for Grace. Upon wondering out loud why this would be, Elliot just smiles and says that it's because he's in love.
  • Alex/Murfs of Khaos Komix didn't see what the big deal about sex was until he met Tom and became intensely attracted to someone else for the first time in his life. He even calls himself "Tom-o-sexual."
  • In L's Empire, the Kayoss are a race that have this (combined with One True Love) hard-coded into their DNA.
  • In M9 Girls! Vero is pretty possessive of Karlita's friendship, and she seems pretty annoyed when the other M9 Girls show her affection.
  • In the words of Malori of Mage & Demon Queen, her sexuality is "Uhh IDK I only like Queen Vel."
  • Magick Chicks: Despite attending an all-girls school, which has no shortage of hotties, the only one Sandi has eyes for is Faith Abbot. And wants nothing more than the chance to ROCK. HER. WORLD. Which was made explicit when she wound up dry humping a tree, due to an illusion caused by Jacqui's glamour spell that showed Sandi her heart's desire, which was: the sight of Faith naked, offering to "reward" her!
  • 19 Days has Jian Yi who is nuts for his best friend, Zhan Zheng Xi. Not only does Jian Yi show little to no interest in girls in general, but he is also visibly disgusted and violent when being approached by a guy. Zheng Xi at one point asks him the question of if he likes men but receives no answer. Much later on, Zheng Xi asks similarly if Jian Yi likes him, the more likely of the two.
  • Sluggy Freelance: Thanks to brainwashing, Oasis is strictly Torg-sexual.
  • Twinkie & Mars Bar: Subverted at first — Mars Bar is too big a slut to only have eyes for Twinkie, though he does find Twinkie especially attractive among those who catch his eye. Later on, it's played straight when he realizes his attraction to Twinkie has gotten to the point where only things involving Twinkie can arouse him.
  • Matt of White Dark Life outright states that Tori is the only woman he finds attractive. Likewise, in the future, Nikolai Velenova and Leila Belnades have this towards each other, though an unfortunate incident causes the latter to repress it for eight years, leaving Nikolai blue-balled.

    Web Original 
  • In The Fate of Paul Twister, Paul seems to have a case of this. He carries on a normal conversation with a gorgeous, nude forest nymph who's literally close enough to touch, he sees the exotic Amber as just another girl even though she breaks hearts left and right, and he finds Sarah's advances — who he always describes as physically attractive — more annoying than appealing, all because they're not the beautiful Aylwyn. (Who, unfortunately, doesn't return his affections.) The only time things are at all different is when he gets transformed into a half-dragon and overwhelmed by the dragon's instincts, but boy is that a doozy.
  • In the What If? entry about what the world would be like if everyone had one perfect soulmate, it's pointed out that you don't need to worry about making sure the soulmates don't have Incompatible Orientation because that's built into the premise; everyone has Single-Target Sexuality aimed at their soulmate.
  • you could make a life:
    • Marc had exactly one unsatisfying sexual encounter before meeting Dan and he hasn't looked at anyone not named Dan Riley ever since. Dan even describes him at one point as "THE one guy kind of guy".
    • Liam could also qualify as having this for Mike, as Word of God stated that he went through three relationships to try to prove that he was over Mike after their break-up and failed utterly.
    • David cares about only two things in his life: hockey and Jake.

    Web Videos 
  • The Awkward Compilation has Alex, who is, as a result of years of harsh rejections, a depraved Lester-sexual as of the start of the series. Rather than being the result of actual attraction or compatibility, Alex's record of rejection leads him to crave it; Lester being both heterosexual and Alex's housemate, he is perfectly positioned to give Alex the rejection he comes to crave on a regular basis.
  • The Call of Warr: Ashes wants Durkin and only Durkin. Her biggest concern when he goes missing is that she doesn't know if he has a girlfriend, and while Glintz-Terry is trying to woo her, she just pushes him away and snaps at him.
  • Nothing Much To Do: A modern-day vlog adaption of Much Ado About Nothing, has Benedick and Beatrice towards each other. They fell for each other when they were fourteen but miscommunication pushed them apart. Years later despite living at different ends of the country, there's no suggestion they've ever been attracted to anyone else (apart from celebrity crushes), and both of them are determined to stay single and claim to hate dating. They eventually admit their feelings and get together.
  • Out With Dad: Vanessa obviously feels some sort of an attraction to Rose, but at first she isn't shown displaying interest in any other girl in the series. It's averted in episode 2 of Vanessa's Story when she does have sex with Kayla, though later from what Vanessa says it was just submitting to her.

    Western Animation 
  • Archer. Woodhouse has only ever been seen to have eyes for one person: Reggie Thistleton. In one flashback, he is seen sprawled on a bunk on a tramp steamer with two beautiful naked women, yet he is still crying Reggie's name. After having gone on a major Roaring Rampage of Revenge, collecting 50 scalps of WWI-era Germans.
    • Season 4 introduces and kills off Lucas Troy, who faked his own death and sold uranium to terrorists to help finance a life for himself and Archer together running a Bed & Breakfast, despite protestations that he's not really "gay".
      "I prefer to think of it as a singular same-sex attraction."
  • On Avatar: The Last Airbender, This seemed, at first, to be a recurring characteristic of the Avatar.
    • Avatar Aang falls in love with Katara at first sight, and never loves anyone else or even expresses any interest in any other girls (or guys for that matter).
    • Avatar Roku crushed on Ta Min since childhood and immediately sets to work wooing and marrying her after traveling the world without her for twelve years, never showing any interest in anyone else.
    • Avatar Kuruk fell in love at first sight with Ummi and apparently never loved again after she was taken to the Spirit World.
    • The streak is broken with Avatar Korra in the Sequel Series The Legend of Korra. True, she at first appears to follow the pattern when she falls in Love at First Sight with her close friend Mako and dates him for six months... but then, she breaks up with him over conflicts over their different responsibilities, and the two decide that they're far Better as Friends. At the end of the Grand Finale, she gets a Relationship Upgrade with her other close friend Asami Sato.
    • And to put even *more* nails in the trope's coffin: Ummi is revealed in The Rise of Kyoshi to have been Kuruk's Second Love, as is Rangi for Kyoshi (although, to be fair, her feelings for Yun never added up to anything).
  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Batman has several characters flirting with him, including Huntress and Black Canary, but is only interested in crimefighting...until we see him with Catwoman. But he's not flirting, just trying to rehabilitate her.
  • Ben's partner Rook in Ben 10: Omniverse is explicitly stated in Bro In Space to have eyes only for his Childhood Friend Rayonna, despite being a Chick Magnet on his planet. The episode even has a scene where he coldly rejects another girl's invitation to a festival.
  • Panini from Chowder is Chowder-sexual.
  • Abe Lincoln from Clone High is very in love with Cleopatra.
    Abe: I want to date Cleopatra. She's attractive, smart, athletic, good-looking, she's hot, photogenic, she takes pride in her appearance... I guess what I'm trying to say is... I admire her commitment to community service.
    Joan: [obviously in love with Abe] You don't think dating an old friend would be better? You know, maybe someone that you take for granted?
    Abe: No, I like Cleo.
    Joan: But Abe, think about it, like an old friend—
    Abe: NOPE! Cleo. Only Cleo.
    • Subverted in the end, when he suddenly realizes that he's in love with Joan.
  • Danny Phantom: Danny's archenemy Vlad only has eyes for Danny's mom Maddie. Despite his vast riches, powers, and 20 years of living in luxury, she's the only woman he wants, ignoring she's married and has a rather unpleasant opinion of him.
  • Futurama:
    • Co-creator David X. Cohen has described Zapp Brannigan as sexually "Leela-centric," referring to a conversation in the writer's room in the wake of "War is the H-Word," which depicted Zapp as attracted to Leela's Sweet Polly Oliver identity. He did eventually locate a viable Second Leela's mother.
      "We're having a discussion, 'Wait, are we making a more general comment about Zapp Brannigan's sexuality? Is he straight? Is he gay? What are we trying to say here?' Ultimately, we actually came to a decision on that topic, which is, 'No, he's Leela-centric.' In any form, he's attracted to Leela. That's Zapp Brannigan's sexuality in a nutshell. You can do anything to Leela, and he'll still be attracted to her."
  • Goofy was depicted as a Confirmed Bachelor for decades and never given a Distaff Counterpart Love Interest unlike his stablemates Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. In The '90s he was retconned into a widower and single father; and has never shown much interest in relationships since despite some Ship Tease, so he's presumably still devoted to his dead wife.
  • On Hey Arnold!, Helga G. Pataki doesn't even notice the presence of any boys except Arnold Shortman. Not that she'll ever admit it publicly...
  • Heloise of Jimmy Two-Shoes only loves Jimmy and no one else.
  • Quack Quack from Kaeloo seems only to have a crush on his girlfriend Eugly, and does not show affection for anyone else.
  • Miraculous Ladybug:
    • Apparently, both Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste for each other, but they're unaware of it. Even more remarkable on Adrien's side as he has hundreds of fangirls but is indifferent to anybody else than Ladybug (thus, Marinette).
    • Zigzagged, with the introduction of Kagami and Luka, the latter of whom Adrien explicitly acknowledges interest in and the latter Marinette is clearly attracted to and flattered by the attention of. Those alternates pairings, however, did not make it past one episode of season 4, and the main characters return to their initial targets.
    • Gabriel for his wife, to the point that suggesting he could ever love anyone else is a Berserk Button for him. When he attempts to confess to Adrien that he is Hawk Moth, Adrien guesses that he's about to confess that he's gotten together with Nathalie, and gives his blessing. Gabriel storms off in a huff without bothering to confess anything.
  • Moral Orel: Daniel Stopframe appears to be Clay-sexual although he dumps him in the finale and is seen going to a motel with a prostitute, although that isn't necessarily attraction.
  • Sheldon of My Life as a Teenage Robot is definitely Jenny-sexual. Except for his brief attraction to a disguised Vexus, so he's at least Robosexual.
  • Amity Blight from The Owl House is nominally a lesbian, but she also admits that Luz Noceda is the only person of any gender she has ever been attracted to. Although to be fair she is only 14, and thus it's understandable that Luz is simply her First Love, though likely her last as well.
    • A Flash Forward in the series finale shows they stay together at least until they're both 18 and likely beyond.
  • Snap from Patrol 03 has a crush on Carmen and isn't shown to be attracted to any other female in the series.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • Phineas and Isabella seem to have only ever had eyes for each other, though their respective crushes on each other started at different times (the only exception for Isabella being the Beak, but he was Phineas (and Ferb) in disguise).
    • Candace only has one guy for her: Jeremy Johnson (with one exception in "A Hard Day's Knight" in which she had a crush on Charles... who happened to resemble Jeremy to the T).
  • Regular Show:
    • Skips says that his girlfriend Mona was the only woman he ever loved. She's also the reason he always skips rather than walks (as they always skipped while together), and the reason for his name change. The only other time Skips shows interest in someone else is when he briefly dates a woman he meets on a dating show. However, he breaks up with her by the end of the episode.
    • Eileen only has eyes for Rigby. The two eventually get a Relationship Upgrade in the Season 6 finale, and are married with kids as of the 25 Years Later comics.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Waylon Smithers was "Burns-sexual"; it was decided early on to have Smithers be in love with Burns, but there was a lot of debate about whether it was this or if he was just gay. The latter seems to have won out in recent years, with Smithers having ex-boyfriends and going to a gay resort on vacation. However, some writers, like Al Jean, still stick to the "Burns-sexual" interpretation. Smithers' sham marriage itself (as seen through flashback) is clearly a parody of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, a Tennessee Williams play/film about a man who neglects his wife and spirals into depression as he begins to realize he's in love with his dead (male) best friend.
    • In later seasons, Homer Simpson is lovingly fixated on his wife, to the point he's almost incapable of recognizing when a woman that isn't Marge is attracted to him. Just as sweet, the vast majority of his erotic fantasies involve her in some capacity. If "Treehouse of Horror XXV" and "Thanksgiving of Horror" are anything to go by, he can fall for another woman, so long as it's an alternate version of Marge. And There Will Be Buds even makes a point to mention he's uncomfortable entering a strip club—just to pick up somebody else—unless he has Marge's explicit permission.
  • South Park: Stan and Wendy are an on-again, off-again Official Couple throughout the series. At no point in the series, barring some Early-Installment Weirdness in "Tom's Rhinoplasty", does Stan show any interest in other girls. When Stan and Wendy break up for the first time, Stan's friends try everything to help him find a new girlfriend, but to no avail.
  • Steven Universe:
  • Total Drama:
    • From the first season, Cody starts out as a Casanova Wannabe before Flanderization sets in and he only has eyes for Gwen.
    • The third season introduces super fan Sierra, who starts off with exclusive crushes on Cody and Chris, but after Chris snaps at her, she only obsesses over getting Cody to date her.
  • Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race
    • According to Owen, Emma is the first and only person Noah has ever been interested in dating. This is why Emma breaking up with him nearly renders him catatonic—he's never been dumped before.
    • Carrie has been in love with her partner Devin since they were both five. She only begins noticing other people after she temporarily loses interest in him.
  • Inverted with Callie, the succubus from Ugly Americans. While she's later revealed to have other, exclusively sexual relationships, her only shown romantic interest is Mark Lily.
  • X-Men: Evolution:
    • Scott Summers is only attracted to Jean Grey. He never notices Rogue's obliviously huge crush on him, and even though he dated Taryn Fujioka for a bit, Scott was always trying to get closer to Jean.
    • Despite being on opposing teams, Brotherhood of Mutants leader Lance Alvers only has eyes for X-Men member Kitty Pryde. His feelings for her are so strong that not even Tabitha living with him and his fellow members removed them. Lance even goes as far as to briefly join the X-Men just to be closer to Kitty.

    Real Life 
  • Bina Aspen, the wife of transgender CEO Martine Rothblatt, describes herself as "Martine-sexual" when asked about her sexuality by reporters.
  • Demisexuals and gray-asexuals are these to a variety of degrees:
    • Demisexuality is a sexual orientation where people only experience sexual attraction to folks with whom they have close emotional connections. These emotional bonds can be romantic or platonic; crushes (including attraction to fictional characters), established relationships, and close friendships. While they may have instances of aesthetic attraction to a stranger, any full-blown sexual attraction only happens with a pre-established emotional attachment. The amount of time it takes and intensity of emotion varies between people of course, and many are also at least somewhat demiromantic (unable to feel romantic attraction to strangers; only ever getting crushes on good friends or fictional characters.)
    • Graysexuality meanwhile is a sexual orientation that experiences limited sexual attraction and under a variety of ranges, such as very infrequently and or in low intensities for example. As the name notes, it is a gray area defined by certain conditions and circumstances based on the individual.
  • A few Romanticist philosophers of the 19th century had this trait:
    • Søren Kierkegaard fell in love with a woman, Regine Olsen, and was engaged to her for a time. He eventually broke off the engagement but came to regret it immensely. He never fully recovered from his decision and remained in love with Olsen for the rest of his life.
    • Friedrich Nietzsche proposed to the same woman, Lou Salomé, no less than three times. She turned him down each time, and he never ended up marrying anyone.
    • Henry David Thoreau only proposed to one woman, Ellen Sewall, when he was 23 years old. After she rejected him, he never proposed to anyone ever again. To this day, his sexual orientation is still a subject of speculation.
  • Harrison Gray Otis, third mayor of Boston, Massachusetts, was apparently this for his wife Sally. He once wrote to a friend that he'd never intended to marry or have children until he met her, and after that happened, there was no chance of him falling for anyone else. They were married for 46 years until her death in 1836, apparently quite happily, and had 11 children.