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Out With Dad is an award winning webseries and is one of the many online short-form narrative productions that proudly calls Toronto home. Out With Dad is a quirky drama about a teenage girl and her single father, at a time when Rose is coming of age and coming out of the closet. Out With Dad tackles issues of coming out, homophobia, first loves and heartbreak, making mistakes and acceptance, learning and love.

Out With Dad has received international recognition, including being official selections at the LAWEBFEST and Marseille Web Festival in France. At home, it was nominated for Canada’s highest honour, Best Original Program or Series produced for Digital Media – Fiction in the inaugural Canadian Screen Awards (which is a merger of the former Genie and Gemini Awards).

In season 3, a spinoff series, Vanessa's Story, started running alongside the main show, focusing on Vanessa after she runs away from home.


Out With Dad provides examples of:

  • Adorkable: Rose has her moments, as does Nathan, her father.
  • All Women Are Prudes: Vanessa's mother is ultra-conservative regarding all topics involving sexuality and is absolutely intolerant to the possibility of her daughter possibly being gay.
  • Asexuality: Nathan is asexual as it turns out. That's why he never remarried and has never been with anyone since his wife died. He's not aromantic though, there is a fairly large difference.
  • Attempted Rape: Happens to Vanessa. Fortunately, she manages to fight the guy off.
  • Bi the Way: In the first episode of Vanessa's Story, she admits that she's not straight. Previously, she admitted to Kenny that she had feelings for Rose. She later explicitly identifies herself as being bisexual, although she's also not very comfortable with any label.
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  • Bumbling Dad: Nathan on occasion.
  • Bookends: The series starts with Rose and Vanessa together and Nathan moving towards them, it ends with Rose and Vanessa together and Nathan walking away. There's no The Big Damn Kiss like some fans wanted, but still, the point comes across fairly clearly.
  • Call-Back: Done in the grand finale. When Nathan tells Rose he's asexual, Rose starts to launch into the same speech Nathan used when she came out to him. He stops her before it gets too far, but it is very funny.
  • Camp Straight: Owen comes off as this a bit from the way he talks.
  • Catholic Schoolgirls Rule
  • Childhood Friends: Rose, Kenny, and Vanessa have been each other's best friends since they were little.
  • Coming-of-Age Story: Ultimately, the main theme of the entire series. Growing up is hard enough and it's made so much harder when you're gay just because of everything everyone who isn't says or does. Even parents, whether their kid is gay, straight or has stripes like a zebra, still have some growing up to do.
    • Lampshaded by action in the final episode. Rose has finally grown up and grown into herself, Vanessa can finally have the meaningful relationship with the person who started this particular ball rolling in the first place, and Nathan has finally learned to live a life separate from his daughter.
  • Coming-Out Story: Split between two characters - Rose gets the total support from her dad, Vanessa gets the homophobic reaction from her mom.
  • Daddy's Girl: Rose is rather close to her father, having been raised in a single-parent household after her mother passed away when she was young.
  • Darker and Edgier: Vanessa's Story, as compared to Out with Dad.
  • Death by Childbirth: Rose's mom died while giving birth to her, as it triggered an undiagnosed heart condition.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: Vanessa's Story.
  • Double Date: Rose and Claire end up crashing Nathan and Angela's date. It's rather awkward for Rose and Nathan.
  • Face Palm: Nathan and his dad both react this way when his mom worries Rose will cut her hair short, since she's a lesbian.
  • Fun Personified: School takes second priority to having fun for Kenny.
  • Gay Best Friend: Nathan's best friend, Johnny. He had been close friends with the Miller family for years. Rose even refers to him as "Uncle Johnny". No relation.
  • Gayngst: Big time, especially in Rose's case, and increasingly in Vanessa's as she starts coming out.
  • Genki Girl: Claire, Rose's bubbly, perky, openly-gay friend and later girlfriend.
    • Angela, Nathan's love interest, a Motor Mouth who doesn't hold much of anything back.
  • High School
  • Hormone Addled Teenagers
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Just about every episode had either "Out", "With", or "Dad" in the title, with only a very few exceptions.
  • Lipstick Lesbians: Rose and Claire, while Vanessa's a lipstick bisexual.
  • Keet: Kenny is described as "always bursting with energy (probably with a touch of ADHD!)".
  • Maligned Mixed Marriage: Vanessa's mother kicked her older brother out for him marrying a woman because she was a Muslim, a person of color, or simply not Catholic (Vanessa isn't sure).
  • Maybe Ever After: Rose and Vanessa, specifically addressed by Rose in her final vlog. Maybe they can be friends after everything that happened, maybe they'll be something more, we'll never really know. Here's hoping though.
  • Missing Mom: Rose's mother passed away when she was born, due to a sudden heart attack.
  • Musical Episode: No, really. Season 3, episode 6, Out with Song and Dance features a Massive Multiplayer Ensemble Number (with basically the entire cast up to this point in the show, even those who hadn't been in season 3), complete with Spontaneous Choreography.
  • My Beloved Smother: Vanessa has one of these, sadly. This is taken Up to Eleven once she starts intervening into her daughter's social life and refuses to allow Rose and Vanessa to interact with one another. Ultimately, it drives Vanessa to run away.
  • No Bisexuals: One of the homeless kids Vanessa meets believes this. Averted in the actual show.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: Rose and Kenny, so much that they're constantly mistaken for being a couple by their classmates.
  • Papa Wolf: Nathan willingly comes to his daughter's defense once Vanessa's mother begins speaking ill of her, although this eventually backfires on him once he accidentally outs Rose as a lesbian, which further increases the rift in hers and Vanessa's relationship.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: Kenny occasionally provides a brief dosage of humor to the frequent heaviness of the series.
  • The Quiet One: Rose likes to think of herself as "the shy type" of person and even mentions being quiet as being her one true label before starting to question her sexuality.
  • Reasons You/I Suck Speach: Delivered beautifully by Steven Lemay unto himself when Vanessa comes back.
    • Another one delivered to Rose by Nessa after it eventually comes out that she (Rose) was never very interested in her and let that mess keep building. Sadly, though delivered through intense (and frankly justified) anger, Nessa does make more than a few good points about Rose's behavior and way of handling her life.
  • Romantic False Lead: It was pretty clear from the beginning that any relationship between Rose and Vanessa 2.0 was doomed from the get go. The former still hadn't settled high school issues and the latter was just too quick to fall in love. It's still no less painful to watch it go down in flames though.
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: Rose and Vanessa appeared to have this dynamic with one another before Rose began questioning her sexuality.
  • Schoolgirl Lesbians
  • Ship Sinking: After finally sleeping together, it looks like team Claire is officially done for.
    • The same episode that seems to cement this also delivers the final salvo into any remaining hopes for a relationship with the New Vanessa.
  • Single-Target Sexuality: Vanessa obviously feels some sort of an attraction to Rose, but at first she isn't shown displaying interest in any other females in the series. It's averted in episode 2 of Vanessa's Story, when she does have sex with Kayla, though later from what Vanessa says it was just submitting to her.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Rose and Vanessa have blatant feelings for one another, but can't be together due to the conservatism in Vanessa's family and the possible circumstances being in a relationship could bring. This is even lampshaded in the fourth webisode of the first season, once the two dance to Side Swept by Late July, which pretty much suggests just this.
  • The Cutie: Claire.
  • ¡Three Amigos!: Rose, Kenny, and Vanessa.
  • Time Skip: After season three, the series jumps ahead, with Rose going from being fifteen to beginning university.
  • Title Drop: Used in the last line of the final episode.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Vanessa refuses to acknowledge Rose at school and interact with her further after Rose suggests that she may be gay, coldly referring to her as a "queer" and distancing herself from their friendship. It's later revealed that her family's conservative, strictly Catholic views may have been to blame, as Nathan suggests, and that Vanessa is simply scared of her possible reality.
  • Trans Tribulations: Morgan, a transgender member at the PFLAG meetings, recounts having been beaten and raped by some men in the past due to being trans.
  • Web Original
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: After season 3 we never see Kenny again. Some noises are made regarding him, implying that he and Alicia broke up because he was inattentive, but we never hear from him or his story.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Claire and Rose have sex when the former is still in a relationship with Alex.

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