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"Use sex magic to destroy his fear of you and to open the floodgates of love. Only then will he see you as a human being with all of your inner beauty."
Barbara, The Love Witch

Some wizards use wands and ritual implements to cast their spells. Some use True Names or a Language of Magic. Some invoke extraplanar beings. Some use Magic Music. And then there's these spellcasters, who wield magic through sexual acts. The sex acts might be a way to raise or transmute power, or could be done as part of invoking The Laws of Magic (specifically the Laws of Association and Contagion) on the mage's partner.

For this trope to be in effect, you have to have an actual spellcaster having actual sex for actual magical purposes. James Bond administering a Sex–Face Turn to a minor female villain doesn't count, because he's not a mage, but a wizard using sex to set a mind-control spell on their partner would. While Succubi and Incubi often drain magical/life energy from their partner(s), this trope doesn't kick in unless said horny devil is using the energy to immediately do something rather than merely as nourishment. The latter cases fall under Vampiric Draining instead.

Most often, the sex involves two (or more) people, but a downplayed version of this trope has the mage employing masturbation instead.

Few if any of these mages use sex magic exclusively. It's more common for that to be one option for a witch or wizard, rather than the only option.

Can overlap with Intimate Healing or Deus Sex Machina. Not to be confused with using magic to make people want to have sex with you, which goes under Love Potion, or using magic to make your sexual activity more fun, which goes under Power Perversion Potential.

Contrast Virgin Power, where those who don't have sex have magical powers. See also The Power of Lust.

There are several Real Life occult traditions that practice sex magic ... but that's all we're going to say on the topic.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • One of the major components of the worldbuilding in the Boys' Love / Heroic Fantasy hybrid, Crimson Spell, including:
    • The initial premise of the manga. Halvir, a sorcerer, agrees to help a distressed prince with a curse that causes him to transform into a raging demon nightly. He quickly realizes that sleeping with the demon subdues him better than any magic, helps him heal Prince Vald when he's in human form, and supercharges Havi's magic into the bargain. It also appears to give him the ability to sense Vald's presence and the use of his power at a distance. Several characters theorize that this would be true of anybody who slept with Vald (and possibly with Havi, as Gile asserts, given his prodigious magical power).
    • In one of the side stories, Havi casts a protective spell mid-thrust that pops up later, sending off a powerful Barrier Warrior attack if anybody besides him attempts to touch Vald.
    • After Vald is initially kidnapped by Astador, Havi uses their simultaneous climax from Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex to disable Astador's connection to Vald and to transport them back to the human world.
    • Rimris also utilizes it, using sex to fuel his prophetic visions.
  • Dragon Pink: Pias is an elven sorceress, who has to regularly have sex in order to replenish her mana. She can give herself a momentary boost in power by performing oral sex but gains a far greater surplus by taking it directly into her body, via intercourse. The women of her race of elves are usually barren, so Pias was shocked when she eventually became pregnant with Bobo's child.
  • It is heavily implied in Negima! Magister Negi Magi that forming a Permanent Pactio between two people requires them to have sex. This concept returns in the sequel series, UQ Holder! where it's strongly hinted that Negi had sex with Yue and Nodoka, and as a side effect of his immortality, they lost the ability to age.
  • In the Nasuverse, bodily fluids can be used as a medium for Mana transfer, with sex being the most efficient method. This is often, but not always, used as an excuse to add sex scenes. The all-ages editions of these media tend to downplay this for obvious reasons.
    • Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA uses a Bowdlerised version of this Played for Laughs, with Kuro draining Mana from others through French kisses. When Illya asks if Kuro has any other means of transferring mana, we don't hear Kuro's response but it causes Illya to turn red.
    • In Fate/stay night, Shirou must have sex in order to transfer some of his Magic Circuits to Saber (in the Fate route) or to receive part of Rin's Magic Crest (in the Unlimited Blade Works route). Most other Masters don't need to do the sex, Shirou's just not so adept at giving energy. Bleached Underpants adaptations replaced these with the infamously bizarre "mana dragon" and "mana dolphin" scenes respectively. In the True End of Heaven's Feel Shirou's mind is placed in an artificial body which requires regular mana infusions from Sakura to sustain itself.
    • In Tsukihime, the twins Kohaku and Hisui are "Synchronizers" who carry large amounts of Mana that can be transferred to others, which has the side effect of suppressing the "inversion impulse" in those with demon ancestors. For most of the story, they use this ability by allowing others to drink their blood, but if Shiki becomes close enough to one of the twins he can have sex with them for this purpose. In the Back Story, this transfer was carried out against their will.
  • Queen's Blade: Nyx can only use minor fire spells on her own. So, to power up, she allows her sentient staff (Funikura) to bang her. During which, it forces one of its tendrils in her mouth and makes her swallow several large mouthfuls of what appears to be semen. Which results in a near split-personality style transformation, as she changes from doormat to 'revenge mode'.
  • In the Hentai Jiburiru: the Devil Angel, the rules state that only females can become angels that battle demons. Once she becomes an angel, the best way to charge her magic is to have sex, and the best way to gain new powers is by using different positions and techniques. The heroine's boyfriend in the first series, is more than happy to help her charge her magic and help her attain new powers, and in the second series, he helps his step-sister power up in order to save his captured girlfriend.
  • The titular Bible Black from the Bible Black Hentai franchise is an ancient grimoire of spells once owned by the Knights Templar and used to attain wealth and glory before they were killed by King Philip IV and Pope Clement V as heretics. The book itself would then exchange hands over the centuries before somehow ending up in the hands of a student at the Japanese Academy where most of the series takes place. The book possesses many spells that are either activated through sexual intercourse or can outright cause it (allowing women to grow their own penises, causing a student to strip naked in front of a class, etc).

    Comic Books 
  • In Astro City, at least one of Simon Magus' rituals require having sex with his assistant Grimoire.
  • Inverted in Empowered. Empowered and her boyfriend Thugboy are both very hot and are constantly shagging. Their flatmate, the Ambiguously Bi Ninjette, admits that she can use the sexual frustration created by their failure to have sex with her to boost her ninja magic.
  • The Great Power of Chninkel: Volga the seer can only use her powers of foresight while having sex. This leads to a hilariously uncomfortable moment for Jo'on since Volga is a giant blob of arms and stick eyes. However, she alters both their forms to human first.
  • Used at least twice in Hellblazer:
    • One arc involved the summoning of a giant dragon. It was neutralized by summoning its counterpart... via threesome.
    • Another had a young woman chosen by a cult to bear the Second Coming of Christ, ensuring humanity would be enslaved to the angels. John (who had demon blood in his veins at the time) thwarted that by having sex with her, tainting her so the angel wouldn't go in her.
  • In the "Black Science" arc in The Invisibles, Lord Fanny is shown powering one of her spells with masturbation. The Invisibles also includes a rather unusual example in its Para Text: during its early run, the sales of the series dropped notably, and author Grant Morrison (who practices magic in real life) was worried it would get cancelled. To prevent this, he suggested a massive, multi-person "wank-a-thon" on the letters page of one issue. The idea was that all the readers would masturbate on a particular date while focusing on a magical sigil Morrison had provided, and the resultant Sex Magic would stop The Invisibles from getting cancelled. Unfortunately, this particular issue was delayed, so it came out only after the date Morrison had set, though the series was never cancelled anyway.
  • Promethea: A whole issue notoriously consisted entirely of a sex magic ritual between the hero Sophie Bangs and her Trickster Mentor Jack Faust.
  • In the second Sasmira book, it's revealed that Stan and Bertille inadvertently performed the time travel by having sex in a pyramid during the summer solstice. They have to do it again in Kheos pyramid in order to return to their time.
  • Sex Criminals: The premise is that certain people have a Time Stands Still power when they reach orgasm(as it's not something they can just ask about and they're still preteens when they discover it, their names for it range from The Quiet to Cumworld). Two of them randomly hook up with each other (with a mutual "How the hell are you in here?!"), and eventually decide to use their power to rob a bank. However, there are others with similar powers, who act as a self-appointed police force.
  • Among many other forms of magic, witches from Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose partake in sex magic. Especially appropriate, given the high count of naked women.
  • XXXenophile by Phil Foglio: One story features a mystical order that routinely teaches apprentices how to summon extraplanar beings in order to have sex with them.

    Fan Works 
  • In The Amorata witches and wizards don't attain full power until they lose their virginity.
  • Given the use of sexual imagery when Willow and Tara are spellcasting, as a metaphor for their lesbian relationship, this naturally figures in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Slash Fic. And not just Willow/Tara either. In The Fog of War by Kitty Karnivore, a magical accident leaves Buffy and Spike spellbound, so they have to reverse the spell through 'ritual' means. When Buffy has a look at the pictures in the spellbook, she immediately accuses Spike of having set up the whole thing on purpose.
  • In an arc's temptation Jaune's semblance makes women obey orders given to them using semen, orally for temporary, vaginally for permanent
  • Spells and Androids: The Joy of Sex, an Andromeda/Charmed crossover fic, has Phoebe appearing aboard Andromeda after some scrying spell goes wrong. Sex Magic turns out the only type available to send her back to her time before she's stuck in the future permanently.
  • The Naked Jedi: Inasmuch as the Force is "space magic." Nue Jedi philosophy teaches students to contact the Force in similar ways as the Jedi, but to enhance that connection through their arousal. Mechanically, Sarza can reroll one Force Die if she's sufficiently stimulated.
  • In The Stanford Adventure Club, you have a demigoddess and half-fae popping their cherries in a cave full of ley lines, with an evocation of the four elements. The result is a coast-wide springtime and general horniness amongst the populace.
  • In The Power of Seven, the ritual used to save Harry's life is an example of this, which is complicated as Dumbledore muses that such magics are illegal in Britain.
  • Quirk: Incubus fleshes out Quirks that involve sex, as a consequence of Izuku's quirk being one. Here, 'sex quirks' are rare but not unheard of, and children found to have them are given special protection and counseling by the authorities because they're highly valued in sex trafficking rings.
    • Izuku's quirk gives him a boost of strength and stamina through sexual activities (not limited to actually doing the deed- flirting, stripping, and kissing all count).
    • When Izuku began to research sex-quirks, some examples he found included a quirk that induces orgasm through touch, one that causes someone to fall in love with them and one could even cause someone to Go Out With A Bang.
    • Shiretoko claims that there was a girl who had a quirk that gave a boost of energy to anyone who had sex with her (a quirk remarkably similar to Izuku's) and she was sold and resold in human trafficking rings for it until she was rescued.
    • Izuku's counselor Ruki has the power to manipulate hormones.
    • Midnight's quirk is registered as a sex quirk because it is a pheromone-based ability that affects men more strongly than women.
  • The The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fanfic All the Trashy Novels plays it for laughs. Zelda has been trying to unlock her ancestral divine sealing power for years, and is absolutely mortified when she discovers that it activates when she orgasms. She immediately insists she needs to find an alternative—her embarrassment aside, it's not exactly a practical way to seal away an ancient evil that probably won't let her pause the final battle to have sex with her boyfriend. Eventually, she discovers that it works on The Power of Love; love of her country, her friends, and her family all work. She just happened to stumble on sexual love first.
  • RWBY fanfic The Man of Their Dreams has Salem use this to give most girls in Beacon a strong Erotic Dream of Jaune Arc, expecting it will cause them to break into fighting each other over him. It massively backfires on her: not only does she fall for Jaune (the magic required her to actually have sex with him), but Jaune manages to unite all the girls (including Cinder Fall, Emerald and Neo) into a war machine that defeats Salem and forces her to negotiate her surrender.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • Anita Blake and Merry Gentry. Both Laurell K Hamilton series features a protagonist who can cast great works of magic through sexual acts. The only difference is Anita Blake is part-succubus and Merry Gentry is half-fae.
  • A Clash of Kings: It's implied that Melisandre creates a shadow assassin by sleeping with Stannis to absorb his Life Energy.
  • Dante Valentine: Sexwitches in the generate Power to cast spells through sexual acts. Unsurprisingly most are employed as prostitutes or strippers and there was a major black-market trade in them before the passage of the Parapsychic Act.
  • Eros and the Mysteries of Love by Italian fascist philosopher Julius Evola is basically a catalogue/explanation of historical sex magic ranging from ancient Babylon to Aleister Crowley.
  • In Jinx High, the villain of the book can (and does) use other forms of magic, but seems to prefer sex magic when it comes to controlling people.
  • Magic in The Dresden Files is fueled by emotion, so this trope is one way to gather the necessary power.
    • In Storm Front, Victor Sells prepares powerful death curses by holding ritual orgies during thunderstorms.
    • At the climax of White Night, Harry is running on fumes and has sex vampire Lara Raith kiss him so he can use the emotions to fuel one last spell to get them out of that mess.
    • Changes: Harry's transformation into the Winter Knight involves having sex with Queen Mab.
  • The Folk of the Air by Peter S. Beagle: there is a fairly random sex scene between an ancient evil spirit in a boy's body and a young (very young) woman for the purpose of "tantric sorcery."
  • Heralds of Valdemar: Falconsbane uses a mix of sex magic, nonconsensual BDSM, and Mind Rape to brainwash Starblade. Undoing the damage requires a female Healer with Intimate Healing.
  • Illuminatus!: Sex Magic is a key part of Discordian practise, and Hagbard Celine is implied to have used it to turn Marilyn Monroe into the physical embodiment of Eris.
  • The Iron Dragon's Daughter: The protagonist, Jane, learns to use sex magic to boost her own spellcasting ability.
  • Magic University: This is a whole course at Veritas University, called Esoteric Arts. Kyle and Jess have (vaginal) sex at the end of the first book, fueling the spell which restores Frost from his coma, which itself was caused by his siren boyfriend Michael taking too much of his sexual energy.
  • Once: Nell Quick, psychic healer, natural remedy brewer and sinister occult practitioner, tries to acquire unwitting heir Thom Kindred's seed, which would offer profound magical influence. Sexual love, which allowed Thom's late mother Bethan to become human is said by undine Jennet to be "the strongest magic of all."
  • Shadow Police: In ''Who Killed Sherlock Holmes?", Kev is able to cast a detection spell by causing Joe to ejaculate at the cardinal points of the magical circle he has set up. Kev notes that this is probably the minimum form of 'sacrifice' that London will accept, and only works because it is a very minor spell.
  • The Serial Murders. Occult Detective Richard Jeperson ends up having threesome to conclude a magic ritual, though it's not clear if this is a part of the ritual or everyone just getting worked up.
  • The Spellmonger Series: The first book ends with a literal bang, as the main character and his Ex have sex to power a giant spell to forcibly bridge two locations in the fabric of space and time, in order to save the population of the valley from a horde of genocidal goblins.
  • Doctrine of Labyrinths: Happens twice to the wizard Felix, where he gets sodomized in a sex magic ritual. The first time was in the 1st book Melusine where his master buggers him to steal his magic. The second time is in the last book Corambis, he's purchased as a whore and used in an orgy to activate the Titan Clock artifact.
  • Sword of Truth: In Stone of Tears sorceresses gain subtractive magic as part of their pact with the Keeper through having (painful) sex with a demon (he has a barbed penis).
  • A Widow in Waiting: With the proper knowledge, someone with magic can steal other people's powers via sexual intimacy. Fortunately, this doesn't work if either side is married or if magical or mundane coercion was involved.
  • Wild Cards: Fortunato's powers are based on, and charged by, Tantric sex.

    Live-Action TV 
  • American Horror Story: Coven presents multiple variations of this trope:
    • All witches possess at least one unique ability. Zoe Benson discovers her ability to kill people she has sex with when her boyfriend violently hemorrhages to death during their first time. They call it "Black Widow" if you needed a label for it.
    • Cordelia and Hank Foxx attempt a fertility ritual in hopes that they could conceive. It doesn't work.
  • Beforeigners. The Völva claims she will be able to see into Alfhild's past by having sex with her. Alfhildr asks if this is true, or the Völva is just a "horny lesbian". The völva incredulously asks how one excludes the other.
  • Game of Thrones: Melisandre can create shadow assassins by having sex with someone, seducing Stannis so she can birth a demon shadow to go after his brother Renly. He suggests the same thing in the next season, but she explains that she can't drain any more of his Life Energy without killing him in the process.
  • Grimm: Adalind casts a spell to strip Nick of his Grimm power that requires her to sleep with him in order to complete it. She uses a glamor to pretend to be Nick's girlfriend, Juliette, so he'll willingly sleep with her. To reverse the spell, Juliette has to use a glamour spell to look like Adalind, forcing Nick to willingly sleep with a lookalike of his rapist, in order to get his powers back.
  • Season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer used spellcasting as a means of hinting at the lesbian relationship between Willow and Tara, leading to a scene in "Who Are You?" in which the two Hot Witches invoke a spell called "the passage to the nether-realm". This involves them Holding Hands and getting all sweaty, breathing faster and deeper until they fall backward in ecstasy with a giant flaming "O" rising around them. So perhaps not a literal interpretation of this trope, but the audience was certainly expected to get that idea.
  • In The Magicians (2016), Quentin and Alice use a spell like this when Penny gets trapped in the Neitherlands because he can't figure out which fountain leads back to Earth. When they first attempt it, they have trouble because the spell requires simultaneous orgasms. It finally works and Penny finds the right fountain... which teleports him to Quentin and Alice while they're having sex.
  • Motherland: Fort Salem: Energy can be gained by having sex which is used in fueling spells. As a result, the witch cadets are encouraged to have a lot of it.

  • "Sex Magick" by Satanic doo-wop band Twin Temple is part Intercourse with You, part up-beat Hollywood Satanism.
  • "The Witch of the Westmoreland" by Archie Fisher features a knight with a Wound That Will Not Heal seeking the title witch to cure him. She does so and grants him invulnerability to boot.
    "There's none can harm a knight who's lain with the Witch of the Westmoreland!"

    Myths & Religion 
  • One of several creation myths in Egyptian Mythology had Ra masturbating in order to create the world. There's indications that the Pharaoh needed to re-enact this annually as part of his High Priest duties.
  • Some schools of Taoist mysticism used sex to generate jing energy, which would then be transmuted by the practitioner into qi.
  • As does Tantrism, which is actually the most famous real-life case. In short, Tantrists, believe that, if all is ultimately one (a doctrine held by most Hindu schools) then all dualism (such as good and evil) is erroneous. Therefore, Tantrists use sex, meat (forbidden in many schools of Hindu thought), and intoxicants to conquer these inhibitions and realise the oneness of everything.
  • A form of sex magic turns up in pre-Christian Scandinavian religion and Norse Mythology, seiðr. The practitioner receives power from a man via penetration. Seiðr was thus considered the domain of women; men who performed seiðr were considered "ergi" (unmanly), an insult so grievous it was grounds for a duel. Among the gods, seiðr was associated with Freyja and Odin. The implications of Odin, a man, practicing seiðr is brought up in Lokasenna, where Odin and Loki accuse each other of being ergi.
  • In Christianity and Judaism, sex unites two people (a man and a woman) as "one flesh", which is why God only permits sex to be done within monogamous heterosexual marriage, and Paul the apostle refuses to join "the members of [Jesus] Christ" with a harlot. This is also the reason certain Christians believe that "soul ties" can form between people who have sex with each other who are not married, as the person(s) involved will still have a spiritual and/or emotional attachment to the other person they had sex with.
  • Sex Magick is a core tenant of Thelema, the religion founded by Aleister Crowley.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Mage: The Ascension explicitly states that sex is a perfectly valid means of channeling the spheres of Magick (specifically Life, Mind, and Prime), and even suggests combining it with others, like bodywork (think masseuse), Group Rites, Eye Contact, Social Domination, Dance, straight-up Energy, and a few others.
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • One of the fan-created supplements written under the Open Game Licence for the d20 System in 3.5 Edition was the Book of Erotic Fantasy. It contains extensive rules for all things sexual, including a number of spell-casting classes who rely on sexual activity to use their magic, a selection of spells unique to them that require having sex to cast, and feats for using sex to enhance one's body and mind.
    • A Third-Party published supplement, called Nymphology: The Book of Blue Magic, was exactly what it said on the tin. The entire book, from front to back was dedicated to this trope, dealing with the aforementioned "Blue Magic" school of magic, and including new prestige classes, spells, and the like to get the most out of this particular type of magic. Though, unlike Erotic Fantasy, Nymphology was played more for gross laughs, even if it had a few decent ideas.
    • And in 5e, we have Rolling For Seduction, along the lines of The Book of Erotic Fantasy, with subclasses, equipment, magic items, potions, poisons, traps, and spells to invite mature themes in a campaign. The Sexuality Domain for Clerics that allows them to heal through sex, Circle of the Seed Druid which is all about fertility, Heartseeker Ranger which lets you play at being Cupid, Orgone Channeler Sorcerer who empowers their magic from sex, and The Hungering Warlock who's patron turns them into a kind of sexual vampire are some of the sex-based or sex-related magics found here. Rules and suggestions for handling all this in a way enjoyable to everyone at the table are comprehensive.
  • Legends of the Wulin has a loresheet on Daoist sexuality, and how sexual relations and abstinence can be practiced safely or used to cultivate chi.
  • The same creative team that wrote the Book of Erotic Fantasy for 3.5E later produced an update for Pathfinder called The Book of Passion, which similarly was designed for R- or X-rated gameplay. The supplement has a greater emphasis on romance than its predecessor but similarly includes a suite of sex-related magic, magic items, and classes and archetypes.
  • Warhammer Fantasy/Warhammer 40,000: The Chaos god(dess) Slaanesh is the living embodiment of desire, so it has control over (and is fueled by) pain, pleasure, and all manners of excess. note  While the sex aspect isn't used on the tabletop (but fans are all too happy to make up for its absence), fluff contains a lot of references to pleasure cults that try to obtain hir favor or conduct rituals (summoning daemons, for instance) this way. The main complicating factor is that it generally takes a bit more than just sex to get the attention of the Prince of Excess, and it will generally only be one ingredient (not necessarily even an easily recognisable ingredient) in a gigantic and complex stew of exotic depravity. Even a simple Interplay of Sex and Violence is a bit vanilla for experienced Slaaneshi cultists.

    Video Games 
  • Monster Prom: The BLOOD ending follows the player and Vera making a ritual to grant her victory as Prom Queen. She will want the player to have sex with her to finish the ritual if the ending is a success and the CG is very fanservice-y
  • The Sims Medieval: One quest story involves helping a sorceress cast a spell, the final aspect of which involves sleeping with her.
  • Fate/EXTRA CCC: Most of Kiara Sesshouin's magic has some kind of sexual component to it, such as transferring a spell to Hakuno by kissing him/her, and, while the details are omitted, altering Sakura's program with a different spell requires them both to be naked. This comes from Kiara's religion, Tachikawa-ryu Buddhism (which at one point did exist in real life), which believes in using sexual pleasure as an avenue toward reaching enlightenment.
  • Dragon Age: Origins: Morrigan offers the Warden a solution to the fact that the Warden who delivers the killing blow against the Archdemon always dies, as their souls mutually annihilate. This solution involves conceiving a child with a male Grey Warden (either the Warden himself if male, Alistair, or Loghain if recruited), so that she can reincarnate the Archdemon's soul in the embryo before it acquires a soul of its own.
  • Fear & Hunger: This sort of magic falls under Sylvian's domain, creation. Alongside more traditional healing magic, "showing love" to Sylvian almost entirely revolves around sex-based acts, often with healing as a side effect, as shown with a group of bunny-masked people in the titular dungeons who are having an orgy, in which partaking heals the party. Of course, thanks to the drastically differing standards of the Old Gods, it isn’t always cut and dry. Showing love to another adult or a Ghoul on a ritual circle will result in you forming a Marriage, healing lost limbs, with a helping of Body Horror as well, with further love showing either turning you into a fusion of three or more people gone wrong on the ground or an even more twisted Abominable Marriage, and attempting to show love to a Demon Child predictably has Sylvian smite you.

    Web Animation 
  • Cleopatra in Unbiased History was portrayed as using the Julian seed from her romps with Julius Caesar to mind control Mark Anthony and feed her ambitions of power against Octavian. As the latter prevailed and became Caesar Augustus, his wife Livia used his seed as a means to off his potential heirs until he'd have no choice but to choose her son Tiberius.

  • Black Hole (2019): Paranormal investigator Diana Nox has sex with various paranormal and supernatural entities and uses her tantric magic through the act to drain away their energy.
  • Super Stupor: One super has the power to force anyone to tell the truth while his dick is inside them. He very much hates this power, since using it is equivalent to rape (and it would take a cataclysmic event for him to consider using it), and the way he found out about it is considered "the best divorce story ever".
  • So common in Oglaf it would probably take up half the page if we tried to list them all. One recurring character early on is a witch's apprentice whose master wants him to masturbate less and study more, so she spells his semen to tattle on him.

    Web Original 
  • The Sex Mage World: "Sex Magic" in this universe uses energy created by men's lust to fuel spells cast by women. The spells, of course, being focused on controlling men's bodies and minds in various sexual ways. Making use of this power beyond just sex usually requires taking advantage of the weird side effects the interplay of energy and spells creates.
  • Whateley Universe:
    • From Sun and Fun Abigail and Nimbus are "in the middle of a very complex working."
      "Abigail... You don't have to do this... there are other ways..."
      "Oh, but Master! You know how being among the Dead and Dying affects me! Now enough of that!" She initiated coitus in the ninth position of the Kama Sutra, "Chakrabandha, the Wheel". As they howled the N'thargo Chant in unison to their coupling, and their victims moaned, and the Synchronic Infindibulator tinkled and droned, the ship slipped into the solid wall of flashing mist, and disappeared from the sight of Lady Jettatura's yacht.
      Reality itself rippled and wavered. A tear in the very fabric of time and space opened up, and iridescent spheres which would have enraptured any normal mortal mind before rendering it asunder, encircled the liner.
    • From The Curse of the Dragon Queen:
      "Every time [my followers] have sex and orgasm, I get a jot of magical power from it, as though they'd performed a tantric sex ritual. It's a byproduct of the act that would normally go to waste."