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He can't help it. He's a Barbie doll.

"I have a girlfriend now, myself, which is weird because I'm probably gay based on the way I act and behave and have walked and talked for 28 years. I think I was supposed to be gay. I think in Heaven they built, like, three-quarters of a gay person and then they forgot to flip the final switch, and they just sent me out and it was like, 'You marked that one gay, right?' and it was like, 'Oh no! Was I supposed to?'"

A Camp Straight is a man who exhibits some or all of the common characteristics of a Camp Gay but is clearly heterosexual. He either has a girlfriend or only shows sexual attraction towards women despite his flamboyance.

Up until the 1970s or so (this is when people began to get more comfortable with openly gay characters as a result of social change), in many segments of society and media, men were assumed to be straight unless outed, no matter how feminine they acted. Thus, many films from the era of The Hays Code contain Camp Straight characters who are sometimes proven straight by a Last-Minute Hookup.

Some shows purposely do this to insert a gay character (or increasingly to insert a stereotypical gay character) without annoying the Moral Guardians. Today such a person is considered a Metrosexual, a straight person who acts gay. This kind of character also has some Values Dissonance involved. In the past, this kind of behavior was associated with people like The Dandy, and it was a symptom of them being ladykillers. In newer works, this character is more often used for An Aesop about judging people by appearance.

The Distaff Counterpart is very rare: there are few female characters in Western fiction (although rather more women in real life) who look and act butch while actually being heterosexual, although Bifauxnen (the closest equivalent in Japanese media) may be of any orientation and it is not uncommon for them to be heterosexual.

Compare Ambiguously Gay, Mistaken for Gay, Faux Yay, Gay Bravado, Real Men Wear Pink. For many of these fellows, an argument can be made for Camp Bi. If a character isn't quite "camp" but still undeniably girly, he may be In Touch with His Feminine Side.

Compare with The Whitest Black Guy. Contrast with Straight Gay. Not to be confused with Straight Camp or a different kind of Straight Camp for that matter.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Amaterasu dis Grand Grees Eydas IV of The Five Star Stories — you know you're fabulous when a female Fatima becomes your body double and nobody notices.
  • Ouran High School Host Club
    • Tamaki Suoh. But then again, he's the self-proclaimed "Dad" to the group, while Kyouya's the "Mom". Make of that what you will.
    • The entire Host Club qualifies in some regard, with the exception of Haruhi Fujioka and Takashi Morinozuka.
  • Takuto from Star Driver. He's officially the Galactic Pretty Boy, for crying out loud!
  • The Familiar of Zero
    • Guiche.
    • Also the bar owner and Siesta's Uncle. He is every stereotype to the Camp Gay from dressing up in women's outfits and having his staff refer to him as mademoiselle. So it always comes as a complete shock to every character when they find out one of the staff members is his daughter.
  • Kuranosuke from Princess Jellyfish qualifies for this... hard. He's a flamboyant crossdresser who has had many girlfriends in the past.
  • Pegasus from Yu-Gi-Oh! In fact, his being straight is part of his whole motivation - he's trying to revive his dead lover, Cyndia/Cecellia. Yet he still manages to be the most fabulous character on the show.
  • Marquis Andrea Cavalcanti/Benedetto of Gankutsuou.
  • James of Pokémon: The Series. He's flamboyant, campy, and crossdresses, but has shown interest in the opposite gender several times. Compare his taste in Paper-Thin Disguise to that of his female partner in crime as shown here. Okay, there were those "Flaming Moltres" jokes...
  • Pokémon Adventures:
    • Ruby. His Catchphrase is "Beautiful~" accompanied by Bishie Sparkle, but he admits his attraction to Sapphire.
    • Wallace too. He's practically an older version of Ruby and is shown to be in love with Winona.
  • Tsubasa Kurenai of Ranma ˝ habitually dresses like a girl, looks rather girly even when not wearing a dress, and acts kinda flamboyantly. But he's definitely heterosexual, what with his blatant crush on Ukyō. In the official English sub of the anime, he actually gets asked outright if he's gay and replies he's straight but likes to dress up.
  • Sensual Phrase: Kazuto a.k.a. Towa, who in the manga is dating his stylist and Victorious Childhood Friend Miya.
  • Yuda/Juda from Fist of the North Star, who wears makeup and frequently parades around in his underpants and talks about how beautiful he is. He's straight, though, and has a harem full of women, even if he does make some questionable comments about how beautiful Rei is.
  • You can't possibly take one look at Parco Folgore from Zatch Bell! and honestly believe that not only is he completely straight, but the biggest womanizer in the series. He even sings about breasts. Well, in the original version...
  • Zarbon in Dragon Ball Z is a narcissistic pretty-boy but never gets anywhere beyond Ambiguously Gay.
  • Ukiyo from Samurai 7.
  • Yuga Aoyama from My Hero Academia, who is honestly more vain than interested in either gender.
  • Narumi from Gakuen Alice ends almost all his sentences with hearts in the manga, and seems to enjoy teasing males.
  • Kazuma a.k.a. Sheila from Ai Shite Night. He's very feminine-looking and crossdresses when on stage... and he's also Happily Married to his manager Marimo and has a daughter with her.
  • Due to the frequent amount of Ho Yay found in the series, several characters from Code Geass could easily be mistaken for gay due to their... theatrical... mannerisms. Especially Lelouch, who is ~FABULOUS~. That being said, most of the characters in the show are paired off or implied to be, in heterosexual relationships (except for a single character who has nothing to do with this trope). The Camp Straight is largely caused by several factors. One being that Japan likes its characters to be Bishōnen with lots of introspection and inner turmoil. Another is that the main character, most of his family, and several of the supporting cast are very good at being dramatic. As well, the Britannian characters are basically pulled directly from stereotypes concerning royalty and the nobility from the height of the age of absolutism, as a result, a number of characters are The Dandy. This is, of course, ignoring the fact that Lelouch is a chick magnet (in and out of the series), his father has 108 wives, and Clovis was apparently a womanizing Chivalrous Pervert. Well, the fans do love referring to this show as "Code Gayass".
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has the same issue as Geass above, which is exacerbated by Araki ditching the Heroic Builds the series became synonymous with for more bishounen characters from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable onward, and the ridiculous skimpy outfits in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.
  • In Hetalia: Axis Powers, pretty much Everyone Is Bi or, has a very vague sexuality. However, how manly or effeminate a character is clearly has no influence on what their preference is. If not for his first love being a boy, Italy would fit this trope to a T. He's super affectionate with other men (especially Germany), weak, cowardly, emotional, has a high girly voice...yet he loves pretty women, flirts with them constantly, and one of the reasons he's so useless is that "there are no pretty girls watching." But then, everybody except Hungary thought he was a girl until his voice broke.
  • Bleach
    • Yumichika's a tad fruity, to be sure, but there aren't any hints of him being attracted to any men (not even Ikkaku, although the anime will sometimes create Ship Tease) and the only person he ever calls beautiful is Orihime.
    • Luppi's flamboyant and effeminate but he spends his fight flirting with Rangiku.
    • Szayel Aporro was horrified when he thought Renji was flirting with him. Depending on the source, his dialog either has him deny being gay or tell Renji You're Not My Type.
  • Talking Bird Dera from Tamako Market is a complete dandy but loves the women.
  • Pretty much everyone from Dragon Knights dresses in elaborate outfits and heels, but Rune can (and has) been mistaken for a woman. He's also one of the few characters in an established relationship with his wife Tintlet.
  • Nanatarou V. Yamada of Boku Girl is highly flamboyant and rather obsessed with women's underwear to the point of wearing it regularly due to being heir to a lingerie company. He is also attracted to Mizuki, who he knows is physically female (but not that "she" wasn't born that way).
  • Hato from Genshiken is a Wholesome Crossdresser yaoi fanboy who is straight.
  • Gundam Wing has a cast of pretty boys with plenty of Ho Yay between some of them, but most of them have female love interest when the series has concluded. This hasn't stopped hundreds of fangirls from pairing the male cast together in fanworks, especially Heero and Duo whom both have well-established female love interests.
  • Ayame Sohma from Fruits Basket is flamboyant, wears his hair long, and has been shown wearing a wedding dress- and at the end of the series, he ends up with Mine, a woman who works at his cosplay shop.
  • Mido from Violence Jack is rather flamboyant and looks and acts like a girl, so much anyone who meets him thinks he is one when he spots the beautiful female leader of the Kanto Heretics, Nishikori Tsubasa, he is instantly smitten, people are confused by this.
  • Queen "The Plague" from One Piece wears lipstick, acts dramatic and flamboyant, likes to sing and dance, and is named... Queen, but his Establishing Character Moment is him ogling an oiran's photograph and suggesting a visit to the Red Light District after work. (Also, the name "Queen" is because he's part of a group with "Jack" and "King".)
  • Case Closed: Gender inverted. In "Karaoke Box Case", two of the suspects appear to be a gay couple, only for one of them to angrily reveal that she's a woman, but because she's into bodybuilding and sports masculine clothes and hairstyle, she looks nothing like a woman.
  • Osomatsu-san: Todomatsu is incredibly girly and a crossdresser, but he's still straight as an arrow.

  • Despite his Camp Gay persona during his performances, Super Tekla, born Romeo Librada, identifies as a heterosexual man, having been a father to several children.

    Comic Books 
  • Top 10: Gender inverted with Peregrine. She has a muscular physique and close-cropped grey hair, her costume is quite androgynous, and she has a tough, unemotional personality. But she's also married to a guy.
  • In Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner once worked with a man who acted textbook gay, but later was indignant when Kyle asked him about coming out, asking "Why does everyone think I'm gay just because I'm thin and dress well?". This was probably a retcon on the part of the writer, as in his first appearance, during Kyle's job interview, he mentioned Kyle having a "nice butt" when he came into the bosses' office.
  • The Fuse: Gender inverted with Klementina "Klem" Ristovych. She's a tough Cowboy Cop with a Tomboyish Name, masculine dress sense, and macho personality, who is so far depicted as straight.

    Comic Strips 
  • Binkley in Bloom County, whose goal in life is, depending on the comic, either to become a hairdresser or to dance the lead in Swan Lake. One of his recurrent hangups is worrying that girls find him to be a poor kisser (or would, if he ever had the courage to kiss one). At one point he briar patches the monsters under his bed by saying, "Whatever you do, don't send out Nadya Kinski to give me a Swedish massage!"
  • Satchel Pooch from Get Fuzzy. He dresses up as Little Bo Peep for Halloween, likes hair gel and shiny clothes, refers to his new Barbra Streisand album as "faaabulous", and wears a pink workout headband. However, he has been shown to have crushes on various female characters and celebrities

    Eastern Animation 
  • Torpedo, one of the main characters in the Kapitan Bomba series, may fill the stereotype by wearing a pink combat armour, speaking in a high-pitched voice, and generally appearing to be effeminate and naive, but there is no evidence in the series that he is indeed a homosexual. Which doesn't stop Captain Bomb from mockingly calling him Torpedo-fag.

    Fan Works 
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Zarbon is so flamboyant that people literally use his name as a synonym for "gay"...and then he utterly stuns Freeza by asking if he can borrow the Space Skype to call his girlfriend and plan their anniversary date. Freeza remains convinced that Zarbon is gay (and that his "girlfriend" is named Chuck), but Team Four Star confirmed that he's this trope instead. Or, to quote DBZ Kai Abridged Episode 2:
    Vegeta: Oh look, it's the gay one.
    Zarbon: Maybe I'm gay, or maybe stereotypes are bullshit. Mmm! (changes into his monster form) PUSSY!
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series
    • Pegasus is, believe it or not, even more flamboyant than in the source material. He actually tries to kil - uh, send Yugi's friends to the Shadow Realm when they discover he's straight lest his secret get out (which makes him a closet heterosexual). In contrast, his servant Croquet is a Straight Gay (hence why Bakura's "Gaydar" points towards Pegasus' castle).
      Pegasus: I'm afraid you've all seen too much! I can't have people thinking I'm straight.
    • Also Bakura, in contrast to Straight Gay Florence.
      Bakura: I'm not gay, I'm just British!
      Florence: I'm not British, I'm just gay.
  • Hoity Toity moves from "camp" to "camp straight" in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic Dance 'Til We're High. Twilight's first thought after Rarity admits that's who she's dating is "Hoity Toity likes mares?!"
  • Century, being Vanity's "mirror twin" brother, is this in Empath: The Luckiest Smurf.
  • Roanapur Connection: OC Director Casprini is most likely this as shown Father, Son and the Mother Hen. When a picture of him with his wife Greta at the Vatican. Which from Oboro's pov is not a big deal and something she appreciates a man for having an interest in feminine hygiene. Murking Ganabati's POV further of the man which was hinted in Eye Of The Storm to be tainted with his dislike of Casprini.
  • The Pokémon Squad: RM. He likes to crossdress, has a very androgynous design, and the episode "RM's Gay Old Time" has him fitting every single gay stereotype listed on Jimmy Neutron's Expy of FOX News, but after Word of Gay confirmed that almost Everyone Is Bi, RM is one of the few heterosexual characters, with his apparent crushes on other male characters early on being nothing beyond jokes.
  • One Girl with Ten Brothers: Loni and Lexx are just as feminine as their female counterparts (Leni and Lola) are in The Loud House, the former being a fashion designer who loves clothes and the latter being an aspiring Broadway stage actor who hates getting dirty and fusses about his physical appearance all the time, but both of them are attracted to females. The former's status as this is lampshaded when after Luke comes out as a bisexual who has a boyfriend to the family and they accept it, several of them admit that they had assumed that Loni was gonna be the gay one, much to his irritation.
  • There'll Be Another Time: A rare female example. Trixie always dresses masculinely, and even wears a tuxedo to the school dance, yet she goes on a date with a male character.

    Films — Animation 
  • Ken in Toy Story 3. There are so many jokes made regarding his sexuality, including having girly handwriting and Always Camp tastes. Yet he falls in love with Barbie at first sight.
    Ken: I'm not a girl's toy! I'm not!
  • Prince Charming of Shrek. Even though he displayed a lot of campy behavior, he showed a decent amount of attraction towards Princess Fiona. However, this is mostly due to her royal status. He does seem to have a relationship with Rapunzel in Shrek the Third.
  • Jack Skellington of The Nightmare Before Christmas, who is stylish and thespian, but falls for Sally in the end.
  • Megamind. That guy has chemistry with pretty much every guy in the movie, and yet he never gets explicit about any of them in that way (Dreamworks kids' movie, remember?) and actually ends up with Roxanne by the end of the movie following a naturally progressing relationship (so no Last Minute Hook Up there).
  • Shakey from Alpha and Omega, a runty Omega wolf who wears flowers around his neck and cries at weddings. He loves hanging out with a couple of wolven Granola Girls.
  • Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove and The Emperor's New School is very flamboyant but has feelings for Malina in the spin-off.
  • Fix-It Felix, Jr. from Wreck-It Ralph may have just a smidgen of this. The way he approaches his relationship with Calhoun is extremely effeminate.
  • Thistle from The Elm-Chanted Forest. He lisps, he's effeminate, he's especially devoted to Emperor Spine — he still falls in love with a fairy princess in the sequel The Magic Hat.
  • Flower from Bambi is so feminine that he's often mistaken by viewers for the opposite gender. However, he does end up with a female skunk by the end of the film.
  • Genie from Aladdin is very flamboyant, loves to plan weddings, and cross-dresses frequently, yet in the series, he falls in love with a female genie.
  • Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast is shown to be a flamboyant man who likes cooking and speaks in a heavy French accent, yet Lumiere is shown to be a womanizer who eventually hooks up with Fifi.
  • Dr. Satan from The Haunted World of El Superbeasto comes off as very flamboyant and effeminate, but he's had a crush on El Superbeasto's adoptive sister Suzi X since high school and is shown to have had 22 wives before the events of the film.
  • Rabbit from the Winnie the Pooh has a pretty effeminate voice and is very flamboyant and neurotic, yet in the 2011 Winnie the Pooh film, he is shown fantasizing about a harem of lady rabbits.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Fifth Element: Ruby Rhod is flamboyantly camp but also a voracious sex machine to the ladies. To a large extent, an Affectionate Parody of Prince.
  • Snakes on a Plane. The sole male steward is highly effeminate, and all his co-workers roll their eyes when he talks about his 'girlfriend'. When they finally land, the first thing he does is make out with his incredibly hot girlfriend... who is just as Camp as he is.
  • All of the male villains in The Apple. No, really, all of them. Mr. Boogalow, Dandi, and especially Shake, here with Boogalow.
  • But I'm a Cheerleader: Gender inverted. The most butch of the girls is actually straight, but Mistaken for Gay.
  • In Beauty Shop, all the stylists besides Lynn assume that James, their only male hairstylist, is gay until he asks Lynn to dance. Well, it's more like until he and Lynn kiss.
  • Ryan Evans of High School Musical. He's a dancer who frequently wears pink and often partakes in various drama queen antics with his incredibly girly sister, Sharpay. He also gets paired up with the drama club's pianist, Kelsi Nielsen, in the third movie. On the other hand, given the astronomical amount of Homoerotic Subtext between Ryan and Chad in their musical number "I Don't Dance" in the second movie, Ryan could always be bi.
  • The eponymous villain in The 5,000 Fingers Of Dr. T is a colorfully-dressed, piano-obsessed, scenery-chewing Sissy Villain who nevertheless has designs on Bart's mother, whom he's brainwashed into being his bride.
  • The French World War II comedy Gramps Is in the Resistance has Guy-Hubert Bourdelle, camp hairdresser. It's all an act, the guy is actually the elusive, dashing Super-Resistant.
  • In the movie Designing Woman, one of Marilla's friends (played by real-life choreographer Jack Cole) is a flamboyant choreographer who, after some thinly veiled remarks about his sexuality, produces photos of his wife and sons from his wallet.
  • In the short film Un beau jour un coiffeur (One Fine Day a Hairdresser) the main character falls in love with a rather camp male hairdresser only to have his hopes dashed when the hairdresser asks him for help talking to a girl he likes.
  • Duckie from Pretty in Pink is basically a Gay Best Friend who happens to be straight and in love with the girl.
  • The Lindsay Lohan version of The Parent Trap: Martin gives fashion advice, dons an all-leather biker ensemble, wears a Speedo to the pool, and gets together with Chessie mid-film. Go figure (the Speedo, at least, may be passed off as a European eccentricity).
  • Rodney in Cecil B. Demented, a stereotype-defying heterosexual hairdresser. There's still room for (kind of) Gayngst, though — his male co-worker Petie is in love with him and even though he loves Petie as a friend, he's frustrated that he can't return his affection.
  • M. Gustave H., the main character in The Grand Budapest Hotel is exceedingly camp, calls everyone (including men) 'darling' and covers himself with an extremely potent perfume. He is also a shameless womaniser with a taste for (much) older women.
  • In The Three Musketeers (2011), King Louis XIII is extremely flamboyant and obsessed with topics like gossip and fashion, yet he deeply loves his wife and wants to satisfy her.
  • The Hobbit: The Elvenking Thranduil is almost excessively beautiful, has an Unlimited Wardrobe of opulent, flowing gold and silver robes, wears an elaborate headdress with barbed twigs, leaves and berries, and sports several large, jeweled rings. While some degree of luxury is expected for a Sindarin note  king, his fashion sense is rather flamboyant even for Elf sensibilities, and the other Elves in the franchise look somewhat modest compared to him. One of the biggest events that informs his personality in the movies is the violent death of his wife at the hands of orcs; she's Thranduil's Lost Lenore, and the pain of losing her is the reason why he's so aloof, reclusive, and obsessed with retrieving the White Gems of Lasgalen, which belonged to her.
  • Speaking of The Fair Folk, Jareth the Goblin King in Labyrinth — played by David Bowie in all his fabulousness — relentlessly pursues Sarah throughout the movie. Of course, he could always be bisexual, like Bowie himself may have beennote , but Jareth never shows interest in any men — probably because the only other male characters in the movie are a baby boy and several Ugly Cute Muppets.
  • The Designer from Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival is a walking gay stereotype, but comes off as not only heterosexual but uncomfortably forward with his female employees. Most of the miscellaneous male angels have very camp mannerisms, as well, despite the film suggesting that homosexuality is illegal.
  • Titus Abrasax of Jupiter Ascending is quite a dandy, and his entire space aristocrat family is fabulous, but his Establishing Character Moment features an antigravity orgy with a bunch of women. His older brother Balem is even more camp (to the point of glorious Narm Charm) but less enthusiastic about the ladies.
  • Casa Nova of Kayfabe: A Fake Real Movie About A Fake Real Sport is frequently naked in the locker room, is obsessed with his physique, and maintains certain holds for a little too long on the wrestlers in the ring. At the end of the film, we meet his beautiful fiancé, Tatiana.
  • Morris Day's character in Purple Rain. Despite his flamboyant mannerisms and fashion sense, he is a frequent womanizer who openly tries to seduce Appalonia.
  • Harry MacAfee in Bye Bye Birdie is married with two kids. He's also, well, played by Paul Lynde (who originated the role on Broadway).

  • One of Us: A blackmail victim in this thriller novel has built his entire acting career out of the fact that he's one of these, combined with the constant arguments over whether he should have to come out of the closet or whether he's free to "pretend" he's straight. The main character observes that he's being blackmailed for his "lack of a secret."
  • One of Kim Newman's Diogenes Club stories, "The Serial Murders", has Richard Jeperson investigating behind the scenes of a soap opera; the show has a stereotypically Camp Gay PR representative who eventually admits that he's not actually gay, but just plays it up because that's what's expected in that environment. He does defensively point out that his stereotypically "feminine" and "gay" manner of speaking and acting is just how he is, however, and it's not his fault it's been co-opted as representing homosexuality.
  • Prince Roger is an athletic Long-Haired Pretty Boy with an obsessive interest in fashion, and who also appears totally uninterested in women. His manservant Kostas has been asked questions about the prince's sexuality so many times he just laughs at it.
  • Hilariously played with in The Dresden Files: Thomas, a White Court vampire who feeds off intimacy acts like this (and takes on a French accent) in his job as a hairdresser, feeding a little off the women whose hair he does because women believe that the only good male hairdressers are gay and/or European. There's even Ho Yay between Thomas and Harry, with Thomas calling Harry "dear" in front of others and Harry pretending to be Thomas' flamboyant boyfriend when he's caught breaking into Thomas' apartment. However, they are half-brothers.
  • A variant in Good Omens — Aziraphale comes off "gayer than a treeful of monkeys on nitrous oxide," but as an angel he's actually closer to being a literal asexual unless he wants to be something else.
  • One of the many characters in the Deathstalker series is an incredibly foppish aristocrat. Kind of a subversion in that that's just his public persona, he's also the incredibly deadly masked champion of the galactic arena. Once things go to heck, he stops with the fop.
  • In The Peach Keeper, Sebastian is assumed to be gay by everyone because of his flamboyancy in high school, despite his abstinence from relationships at all in the present day. This causes some angst for Paxton, who finds herself madly in love with him.
  • Dandelion the Bard from The Witcher novels and games is a prissy fop who dresses colourfully and has a personality very close to Camp Gay — but he's a veritable Casanova who can't keep his pants on in the presence of pretty ladies, and often finds himself in trouble with angry husbands and suitors.
  • Rogue Trader Tobias Maxilla from Eisenhorn. Always ridiculously overdressed, prissy speech patterns, flappy gestures...and flirts with every woman he meets. This is arguably a disguise...for an exclusive machine fetishism. His entire crew are servitors and Cyborgs, a large number of them crafted to resemble metal statues of female nudes...
  • Wild Cards:
    • Main character Dr.Tachyon is an alien aristocrat that dresses very flamboyantly and behaves similarly. Rival hero Fortunato considers and calls him "the alien faggot". Despite this, Tachyon is actually The Casanova, and even a bit of a male chauvinist himself, despite his sensitive exterior.
    • In the same series, restauranteur and fashion leader Hiram Worchester also fits this trope.
  • In The Catcher in the Rye, Carl Luce lost his virginity at the age of fourteen and was seen dating a thirty-year-old Asian woman while in his early twenties or so. However, Holden says that he "always thought Carl Luce was kind of flitty" based on the way he always acted around them.
  • Jonah, Frederica's best friend in MaryJanice Davidson's Fred the Mermaid trilogy is obsessed with hair care (justified as he's a chemist who works for a hair products company), interior decoration, has the typical over the top speech patterns and hyper mannerisms of a Camp Gay and plans his own wedding, which is to a woman.
  • In dating book The Game (2005) by Neil Strauss, the author (a pick-up artist) suggests "Peacocking" which is wearing ridiculously flamboyant clothes to attract women's attention by appearing different from the usual. Also, one of his best pick-up lines is "if I wasn't gay, you would so be mine" and then walk away.
  • Queens of Geek: Gender inverted with Taylor. She has an undercut, doesn't wear makeup, and shops in the men's section, but is only attracted to men.
  • Amaranthine Saga: Cyril Sunfletch, like most avians, loves bright colors, luxurious fabrics, and shiny things, and is known for his dramatic sense of fashion. All of this, when he tells school principal Tamiko that he plans to come out during a public ceremony, means that she immediately assumes he's gay. Taken aback, he tells her is Happily Married (to a female) and he meant coming as Amarathine.
  • Bubbles in Space: Cosmetics billionaire, Cosmo, is one of the most fabulous men in the world and looks like a glam rocker but (primarily) has eyes on Bubbles. All of the other subjects of his attentions are women as well.
  • The Yiddish Policemen's Union: Naomi Landsman is a small-craft pilot and Determinator who describes herself as a Butch Lesbian "in everything but sexual preference."

    Live-Action TV 
  • Game of Thrones: Lancel Lannister's appearance and demeanour are noticeably more effeminate than the actual gays at court, but he's heterosexual.
  • Modern Family: Manny, if he weren't such a KidAnova one would wonder considering his love of nice clothes and cooking and fondness for French.
  • Gender inverted in 30 Rock, where Jack assumes Liz is a Butch Lesbian due to her self-consciously unfeminine demeanour and clothing.
    Liz: What made you think I’m gay?
    Jack: Your shoes.
    Liz: Well I’m straight.
    Jack: Those shoes are definitely bi-curious.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus
    • In the sketch "Biggles Dictates a Letter", Biggles (Graham Chapman) asks Algy (who is sort of a Sergeant Rock) and Ginger ("camp flying gear, sequins, eye make-up, silver stars on his cheeks") if either is gay. Algy is the Straight Gay, while Ginger is the Camp Straight. The latter is lampshaded by Biggles.
      Biggles: Oh thank god for that. Good lad, stout fellow, backbone of England. (Ginger leaves) Funny... He looks like a pouf. note 
    • Eric Idle played Camp Gay or Ambiguously Gay roles (or at least slightly effeminate ones) but is in fact straight.
      • In contrast to Graham Chapman who played characters who were unnerved by camp, but was openly gay.
  • According to the NNDB, Christopher Lowell is straight, but acts flaming because he knows no one would believe an interior designer isn't gay, and wanted to preempt the Saturday Night Live jokes.
  • Similarly, on Get Smart, a flamboyant interior decorator (played by Jack Cassidy) turned out to actually have a gruff voice (and flattened Smart in a fight) but used the standard mannerisms so he'd be taken seriously in his job.
  • Frasier
    • Frasier and Niles Crane. Artsy, flamboyant, and completely hetero. Actor David Hyde Pierce, who played Niles, actually is gay in Real Life. Lampshaded a few times, especially the ski lodge episode. Niles usually gets this a bit more than Frasier; the episode where Frasier is accidentally set up with his Straight Gay new boss ends with the boss genially and easily accepting that Frasier isn't actually gay, but incredulous when he learns that Niles is also not gay.
    • Gil Chesterton, who is very flamboyant, but states in one episode that he's married to a butch biker chick. Of course, this is Retconned at the end of a later episode, in which he enters a gay club. (The simplest explanation is that he's in a Transparent Closet and his wife is The Beard.)
    • Roz's guy-of-the-week in "The Doctor is Out" is so stereotypically camp that Frasier and Niles are convinced he's actually gay. When Roz learns that Frasier tried to "prove" it by following Barry into a gay bar she snaps that Barry couldn't have been there because he was in bed with her the whole night.
  • Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. He gets regular manicures and pedicures, and generally prides himself on being well-groomed and immaculately dressed, his love of wearing suits being one of his defining character traits. However, he is a chronic womanizer, being The Casanova, a Lovable Sex Maniac, and a Handsome Lech. That said, he also abhors any kind of emotional openness or genuine romantic connection (until, of course, he becomes a Ladykiller in Love after falling for Robin) and makes fun of Ted and Marshall for, as he sees it, behaving like women.
  • On a Sex and the City episode, Charlotte becomes best buds with a pastry chef — she thinks she's his new Fag Hag till he kisses her.
  • M*A*S*H: Corporal Max Klinger tries to get a section 8 discharge through rather flamboyant and campy transvestitism, which is an integral part of his personality for the first few seasons. However, he's not trying to appear gay; he's trying to appear crazy. (In one episode he balks when offered the opportunity to sign a document declaring himself to be homosexual, something that would have automatically led to a discharge back then.) He eventually falls in love with and marries a Korean woman. He ends up somewhat Becoming the Mask when, giving up his attempt to seem crazy by dressing as a woman, and embracing his role as a soldier in war, he finds he can't stop wearing women's clothes, and ends up wearing earrings for the rest of the show as his own form of "methadone" to deal with his compulsion. And before that, for several seasons, he was married to a woman back in America. And despite wearing drag, his general behavior was pretty masculine as well, unless he was trying to convince a visiting officer of his insanity.
  • Saturday Night Live: Lampshaded with the 1989 sketch "Lyle, the Effeminate Heterosexual." Lyle (Dana Carvey) is so Camp Straight that everyone, including his own kids and even his wife, thinks that he's gay.
  • Three's Company has Jack Tripper, who is pretending to be gay so The Ropers wouldn't kick him out for living with two women.
  • Brazilian sitcom Toma Lá Dá Cá has Ladir, husband of the condominium's administrator, who dresses and talks as gay as possible (and even used to have a cross-dressing performance as "Dirla"...), but his wife states that he has "too much testosterone".
  • Fez from That '70s Show, though it has been hinted from time to time that he's attracted to/in love with Kelso.
  • In The Thin Blue Line Constable Kevin Goody exhibits all the mannerisms of a Camp Gay (his actor, James Dreyfuss, fits this trope in Real Life) but is actually a Dogged Nice Guy to WPC Habib, whom he hits on in every episode (and is very surprised that his colleagues might have thought he was gay).
  • The incredibly vain pretty boy James of Big Time Rush whose obsession with girls is second to that with his looks.
  • Schmidt from New Girl fits the trope too well, often bashing other characters for their poor sense of fashion and grooming. He has all the extreme mannerisms of the Camp Gay and yet is an undeniable lady killer, besting lesbian gynecologists at cunnilingus.
  • Larry, the middle son on The War at Home, alarms his Archie Bunker-like father with his non-macho behavior, such as participating in the school musical and dressing as a woman (although most of his schemes are attempts to get girls), and he suspects that he and his nerdy best friend, Kenny, are more than friends. Turns out Larry's straight... but Kenny ain't.
  • Nevel of iCarly acts pretty camp, but has a Villainous Crush on Carly.
  • A two-part episode of Reno 911! featured Camp Gay Lieutenant Dangle's ex-wife (whose second husband was also gay) introducing her third husband, who was played by Scott Thompson playing an average Scott Thompson character. Later on, Deputy Junior reveals he saw the ex-wife and said husband engaging in heated sexual intercourse before they entered the building.
  • The A-Team: Although perhaps not perceived that way at the time, Face can be seen this way (or at least more like Ambiguously Gay) in retrospect: for instance, he loves designer clothing and can name the labels ("Gucci shoes") and was once shown taking over half an hour to get ready in the morning.
  • Subverted in Extras by Bunny the theater choreographer, who appears to be this way for a while, until it's revealed that he's simply closeted.
  • Martin Short's Fat Suit character Jiminy Glick is flamboyantly fey, and married.. .and prone to give too much information talking of physical relations with his wife.
  • In The Nanny, Fran meets a pretty-boy male nanny and assumes he must be gay. Her reasoning: "For one, I was instantly attracted to him!" Then, as she's trying on clothes in front of him, he starts kissing her.
    Fran: Oh my God, you're not gay?!
  • Chandler Bing from Friends is consistently Mistaken for Gay (he has a "quality"). As the show progressed, his character became more and more feminine. The show's creators pondered whether to out him but in the end decided he was just metrosexual before that was cool. These qualities could stem from the fact Chandler was originally written as gay but was changed to heterosexual when Matthew Perry was cast in the role.
    • The show later had Sandy, the eponymous male nanny in "The One With the Male Nanny", who is extremely effeminate yet straight. Ross Lampshades this, saying "you've gotta be at least bi."
  • In TV gardening show Ground Force, presenter Alan Titchmarsh is the metrosexual, rather fey, Camp Straight, preferring to sit down with an artist's pad and watercolours and sketch out his design for the new garden... set next to big macho builder and co-presenter Tommy Walsh, the contrast becomes even more marked.
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • Raj, so much so that he is often Mistaken for Gay. He enjoys chick flicks, The Twilight Saga, girly music, etc., has several pretty blatant Ho Yay and even a Heterosexual Life-Partner but is shown at various points flirting with attractive women, including Summer Glau, and in one episode he sleeps with Penny. Just sleeps. Would've been sex, but he got so excited, he ejaculated before anything happened.
    Raj: I'm not gay! If anything, I'm metrosexual.
    Raj's father: What's that?
    Raj: It means I like women as well as their skin care products.
    • Howard, Raj's said Heterosexual Life-Partner, has a flamboyant image defined by his form-fitting colourful clothing, neatly kept hairstyle, and expressive body language. One of his most prominent traits is his sometimes unhealthy obsession with women, and he eventually settles down with his Love Interest Bernadette.
  • J.D., the protagonist on Scrubs acts like this often, especially in the middle seasons. He likes drinking appletinis "easy on the 'tini" and take luxurious baths on his days off.
  • This is a running joke on Whose Line Is It Anyway?. The guys in the cast love to flirt outrageously with each other and even kiss on occasion, but most of them are married to women.
  • Gunther on Shake it Up is very flamboyant and loves wearing sparkly tight clothes, but in one episode he has a crush on a girl and asks Ty for help to get her. In fact, Ty basically told Gunther not to be as flamboyant.
  • Bones
    • In an episode, Brennan and Booth are questioning a fashion designer's assistant who at first appears to be of the Camp Gay variety. Later on, he casually mentions his wife, which prompts Brennan to bluntly tell him that she thought he was gay. He's not offended, though, and claims it's common for people to assume that. In fact, this got him laid a lot in high school and college.
    • There was another case with a Camp Straight wedding planner, who admitted to having slept with the (female) victim.
  • Perry Pearl on The Class (2006) is an excellent example. As is his father-in-law.
  • Red Dwarf
    • Kryten in his Series 2 appearance. He's extremely camp but is well-meaning and tries to treat his (all-female, and dead) crew right. After his actor changes and he's "reprogrammed", the only hints of his previous manner is his obsession with cleaning. We know he's straight because his fantasy partner is a female version of himself (in Series 4's Camille). Had David Ross returned to play Kryten things would probably have been different.
    • The Cat. Totally fixated on his looks, encyclopedic knowledge of clothing styles, perfect judge of colors and whether they match or clash... and absolutely determined to find himself a girlfriend, even going rollerskating through the empty ship with a bouquet in hopes he'll randomly stumble across a female. Although, unlike Kryten, his ultimate fantasy partner is himself. What do you expect from a character who could serve as a pictorial accompaniment for the definition of "narcissist" in the dictionary?
  • Johnny Keogh in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps can act extremely gay on occasion, yet has a wife and child.
  • In Sherlock, during Moriarty's first appearance he acts overtly gay on purpose. He doesn't stop, even after revealing that it was a ruse to observe Sherlock while appearing forgettable and non-threatening. His true sexuality is never mentioned or indicated in any way; he might be straight, gay, bisexual or even asexual, for all we know. (In his final appearance, which is a posthumous flashback, he has a line hinting that he's bisexual, but he might have been just joking to troll the rather uptight people he was talking to.) Amusingly, his actor Andrew Scott is Straight Gay in Real Life.
  • Chris Mann from The Voice.
  • Brad from Happy Endings with his twirling and love for Romantic Comedies
  • Barry the money launderer on Burn Notice.
  • Tom Kenny (yes, that Tom Kenny) plays one of these in a Mr. Show sketch.
    "Toddy": Oh no! NO! I know what you're thinking! Hey look, I've got a wife and three fucking kids, OK?!
  • In the All in the Family episode "Judging Books By Covers", Archie thinks one of Mike's friends, Roger is gay because he acts effeminate. He isn't, but it turns out one of Archie's old drinking buddies, an ex-football player is gay. Archie refuses to believe that, even when the guy tells him personally.
  • Black Sails: Jack Rackham is surprisingly prissy for a pirate, but is definitely straight, as demonstrated by his relationship with Anne Bonny.
  • Glee:
    • Played With concerning Coach Beiste. Back when the character was known as "Shannon", he was often assumed to be gay, with his typical 'butch' appearance but in fact is only attracted to men. Then he came out as a trans man, revealing him to actually be gay.
    • Jesse St. James likes theatre and ballet but also loves Rachel.
    • Sue is a Rare Female Example. She has many butch attributes but is only attracted to men. Lampshaded.
      Sue: Why would someone assume I'm a friend of Ellen? Just because I'm mannish, and highly aggressive, and have short hair, and I only wear tracksuits, and I coach a girls' sport, and I married myself... It just doesn't make sense!
  • Mr. Humphries of Are You Being Served? seems to be a typical Camp Gay character... but as the series progresses, it seems that he's attracted to women... predominantly. Word of God from the (Camp Gay in Real Life) actor who played him supports this.
  • Felix Unger from The Odd Couple. He's neat, loves cooking and cleaning, is a stickler for manners, wears his heart on his sleeve, loves opera and ballet, cries at weddings, doesn't like sports, and has some Ho Yay moments with Oscar. Yet, he has an ex-wife that he's obsessed with getting back with, is shown dating various women throughout the series, and could even be quite the ladies' man sometimes!
  • Though Tobias from Arrested Development is famous for being in the Transparent Closet, Word of God suggests that it's more likely that he's this. At the very least he isn't aware of his sexuality and/or doesn't realize that he speaks in a misleading way. Season 4 cements this as he falls in love with a woman and learns to stop saying things that make him sound gay... only to then start saying things that make him sound like a pedophile.
  • Olly Murs from The X Factor's 2009 series. He has no qualms about breaking into a dance when he sings and has a slightly flamboyant performing style but admits to having trouble getting dates because girls think he's gay.
  • Vice Principals: Lee Russell, played by Walton Goggins, is a mincing, effeminate clothes horse with a surprisingly sneering personality. However, he's married to a woman, and the biggest problem in his marriage is his rude stepmother.
  • Brian from Still Standing is both this and a nerd. He's into science fiction, reads Vogue, twirls a baton, likes musical theatre, and serves as a male cheerleader at one point just so he could have hot girls spank him on the ass.
  • Another Paul Lynde example: Paul Simms, the protagonist of his eponymous early-'70s Dom Com The Paul Lynde Show.
  • The Letter People: Mister B and Mister D have high-pitched, campy voices, but never show romantic interest in other male characters.
  • In the The Golden Girls episode where Sophia prepares to get married, the caterer displays every gay stereotype. Right down to threatening to "slap you (Dorothy) silly" when she prepares to make a snide comment after he mentions his marriage. (Presumably, he's either straight despite the flamboyant way he asks, or indeed gay and in a pretend marriage for appearance's sake).
  • In Two and a Half Men, Alan gets increasingly campy and effeminate throughout the run of the series, despite liking women. This is acknowledged within the show with various characters believing he's gay, and even Alan himself questioning his sexuality a few times. He's also willing to marry Walden just so he can keep living in his house...
  • Nikola Tesla from Sanctuary is a slender dandy who is sharply dressed, loves his wine, talks with lots of graceful hand gestures, and sometimes walks with one hand on his hip, and he has a very egocentric "high-maintenance" diva-like personality. And yet, he's always trying to flirt with the protagonist Helen Magnus, surrounds himself with pretty women wherever he works on his latest world-domination scheme, and unlike with Helen's other, more traditionally masculine love interests, there is never any hint in the writing that suggests he ever had feelings for another man.
    Magnus: (reacting to the news that Tesla was fired from a secret government lab) Nikola, please, this is hardly the end of the world!
    Tesla: No more Miese van der Rohe pied-à-terre, no more bottomless expense account, no more... hottie... what's-her-face. What else is left for me now but the grape?
    Magnus: Gosh, I haven't seen you this depressed since the cravat went out of style.
  • For All Mankind: Gender inverted with Molly Cobb, the first American woman in space in this series' Alternate History. She's an expert pilot who avoids a lot of the features that code for femininity in the 1960s/'70s period, and there are apparently in-setting rumors that she's a lesbian — but she turns out to be happily married.
  • Married... with Children has Marcy's second husband, Jefferson D'Arcy. He's seen as a vain Prettyboy who's very concerned about his hair, regularly gets facials, knows about what cream to use on his skin and was even a cheerleader in high school. Yet, he's as big as a ladykilling Straw Misogynist as every other No Ma'am member (even as the gentler side to his marriage to Marcy.)
  • Just Shoot Me!:
    • Kyle, a male model played by Andy Dick.
    • Nina's magician boyfriend in "Mayas and Tigers and Deans, Oh My".
    • Downplayed in the case of Finch. He usually doesn't act this way, but also acts with girlish glee when something goes his way, or shows a sensitive side. While figure skating, he also had a very effeminate outfit and manner. Due to his long hair and slim, short build he has also been mistaken for female on multiple occasions, and once is thought to be gay by his dad. Despite all this, he's not only aggressively heterosexual but mostly a creep around women (like Maya).
  • Only Murders in the Building: Oliver Putnam has mannerisms, dress sense and occupation (theater director) that just scream Camp Gay. However, not only is he shown repeatedly flirting with women over the course of the show, he was once Happily Married to a woman for years and had a son with her, though the marriage ended up collapsing due to him sinking his son's college fund in a disastrously failed production.

  • Suede's frontman Brett Anderson cultivated an androgynous, Ambiguously Gay image in the 1990s, which went hand-in-hand with the band's Ho Yay-tastic music. Yet all of his relationships have been with women, and he's nowadays a married man and a father of two.
  • Japanese musician Takanori Nishikawa, better known by his stage name; T.M.Revolution is the absolute epitome of this trope, taking a look at him, you could be forgiven for thinking "Dude's gay" but not only is he straight, he was even married at one point (to Yumi Yoshimura) and is very open about his relationships with women, claiming his flamboyant looks are simply part of his stage presence.
  • Memetic rapper Lil B. He's obsessed with swagger, constantly brags about his tight-fitting clothing, calls himself a bitch and a fag, and claims to look like Hannah Montana... all the while gratuitously bragging about his ability to exhort other men's "bitches" to have sex with him. An outspoken supporter of LGBT rights, Lil B appropriates the terms "gay" and "lesbian" for himself, describing himself as "gay" because he is happy and a "lesbian" (and hence a "faggot") because he loves pussy, as lesbians do, and has named one of his albums I'm Gay.
  • Kevin Barnes, the singer for the psych-R&B-funk-disco band Of Montreal, is this. He's incredibly effeminate in interviews, but he's married and has a daughter.
  • Prince, who famously swathed himself in purple phallic symbols and yet was an almost memetic Lothario to the ladies.
  • Alejandro Sergi, frontman of the Argentine pop band Miranda!. He has an androgynous appearance, a very girly falsetto voice (to the point anyone who listens to Miranda! without watching the videos would think the main voice of the band it's a woman), dislikes playing soccer, and likes to paint himself. However, he is rather sick of people asking him if he's gay, and his campness is done in homage to Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, and Prince.
  • The late Tiny Tim, a novelty act and a walking encyclopedia of period songs (especially ones from the early 20th century). Like Liberace, he was a devout Christian and somewhat conservative (at least as far as abortion was concerned), but he was also very eccentric, cheerful, flamboyant, and often behaved rather effeminately. He was married three times, all to women.
  • David Walliams, whose public persona ranges from "slightly effeminate" to "ridiculously over-the-top Camp Gay", surprised everyone by getting married to the model Lara Stone.
  • Paddy Boom, drummer for Scissor Sisters for their first two albums, was the only heterosexual male in the band and also the most flamboyant in appearance.
  • The first part of Mother Mother's "Verbatim" is about how the protagonist likes wearing lingerie and acting effeminate but is very straight.
    I cross my legs just like a queer,
    But my libido is strong when a lady is near, yuh
  • Despite what Common Knowledge may say, not every member of the ultra-campy Village People is gay. Straight members of the group include lead singer Victor Willis and the late Glenn "Leatherman" Hughes.
  • Brian Eno was one as a member of Roxy Music and early in his solo career, with his feather boas and makeup.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Any straight exotico will still perform all the same masculinity-reducing tactics as a gay exotico.
  • There have been various other wrestlers - Ric Flair, AJ Styles, Shawn Michaels, to name a few - who have adopted slightly effeminate costumes and mannerisms over the years just to be "flashy" or "rebellious," but are otherwise perfectly straight. Though Shawn did have periods as a Gorgeous George before WWE admitted what he really wanted was a tender little lady.
  • Magnum TOKYO wore pink and black furry coats, but he was quite straight.

    Video Games 
  • The King of Fighters. Benimaru Nikaidou. When he was officially said to be straight, the SNK people added a "Not That There's Anything Wrong with That" note to his profile to avoid Unfortunate Implications.
  • Harvest Moon
    • Julius is one of these. He looks like a woman and is extremely camp (his favorite items are perfume and jewelry), but you can marry him. And he's pretty Happily Married to you, too.
    • From the same series, Rock will often mention how much he loves fashion, but he's not nearly as camp as Julius.
    • Add to the list, fey homunculus Howard from The Tale of Two Towns, father of bachelorette Laney, disher of gossip and lover of all things pink.
  • Space Channel 5 Part 2 has Purge, a villain who wears a suit of purple disco mirrors under his cloak and wears eyeliner. However he hits on Ulala so many times, it becomes clear that he's straight.
  • Alfred Ashford from Resident Evil – Code: Veronica seems to be this. If you really want to think about it.
  • Tekken: By all indications, Lee Chaolan is this. In fact, ignoring the unicorn on his jacket and his voice, it's odd that anyone thinks he's gay, what with being knee-deep in bikini-clad chicks all. the. time. His special arena in Tekken 5 is a pool, emptied of the water, with him sitting on the sidelines (unless he's in the fight) while girls in bikinis lounge all over him. Namco appears to be having fun with this; his customization options in 6 include a Leather Man outfit that would make Ash from Streets of Rage protest that it's too obvious, but he still spends most of his time trying to nail his (female) lab assistant.
    • The unicorn print on the back of Lee's jacket symbolises the chinese unicorn Kirin, a heavenly beast that bestows luck and prosperity to it's successor. Much like how Lee rose to the Misihma family despite being adopted into the family. And not just any random unicorn.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Charmy Bee has a flamboyant design and mannerisms (and his name's Charmy, for God's sake), but is only interested in girls if the comics can be trusted.
  • Katamari Damacy: The King of All Cosmos has a mildly effeminate speech pattern (at least in the original Japanese), wears a different outfit every game (with most of his outfits consisting of tights), and loves fabulous rainbows, but these turn out to have no relevance to his relationship with the Queen.
  • Disgaea has the very camp, very dandy Mid-Boss. Not only was he married (he's a widower), he has a son: Laharl.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages: Ralph wears purple-trimmed flares, and his character art shows him in a hip-jutting pose only accented by said fabulous clothing and green nail polish (look closely!). But he spends the entire game fretting over his childhood friend Nayru, the titular Oracle, and the manga adaptation makes it clear his interest in her is romantic.
    • Tingle dresses in extremely tight spandex, moves and speaks quite flamboyantly, and believes that he is a fairy. However, his Spin-Off games, Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland and Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love, reveal that he is actually quite obsessed with women; the latter is even a Dating Sim.
  • Mega Man 9: Jewel Man looks almost like a robotic Expy of Leeron. Thing is, in the end credits, he's giving a gemstone to Roll. Even "better", Roll is his sister.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: Consular companion Tharan Cedrax loves luxury items and the finest that Nar Shaddaa had to offer. He's well-groomed and gets indignant about his clothes being dirty if you have to revive him after a fight. But he is also a notorious playboy that flirts and has dalliances with anything female, humanoid, and reasonably attractive. His real emotional attachment, however, is to his sentient holographic assistant, Holiday.
  • General Lionwhyte from Brütal Legend, representing all that is Hair Metal. Despite his flowing hair (which he uses to fly), colorful outfits, and plentiful makeup, his taking women as Sex Slaves for his pleasure palace leaves no question about his sexuality. Ironically, he's also voiced by Rob Halford, his complete opposite.
  • Hans Winkle, from the Old Blood prequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order is pretty girlish-looking, squeamish about blood, vain, and uses suggestive language — and is utterly devoted to his lover, The Baroness Frau Engel. He's also a case of Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon, as he's not only a German Bishōnen but also a devoted Nazi who works in one of their prison camps, where his lover tortures and murders the prisoners.
  • Vega from Street Fighter is very effeminate and cares about his appearance and beauty. He's also been shown to be attracted to women like Chun Li and Cammy and compliments them quite a bit, albeit sometimes in a psychopathic way.
    A flower trifling in the wind is so beautiful... I want to cut it down by my own hand.
  • The Big Bad, Pagan Min, from Far Cry 4 dresses flamboyantly, talks in an effeminate manner, and uses suggestive body language. However, his backstory proves that he is straight. He had a passionate love affair with Ishwari Ghale, the wife of his enemy, the ruthless leader of the Golden Path. The union resulted in a daughter between the two. The Golden Path leader finds out and kills the baby. This sets Pagan Min on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge before Ajay returns to Kyrat. This is later retconned in Far Cry 6: Control where it's established he did have affairs with men in the past yet it's stressed that Ishwari was in fact the love of his life.
  • Persona 4: Teddie is a shadow that gains an ego, which allows him to turn human on occasion. He is shown in human form to look like a Bishōnen who wears a white blouse-like shirt with a rose on it and has a flamboyant design and he seems to be interested in fashion. He also has no problem cross-dressing as he loved dressing up as the character Alice in the cross-dressing contest and he has Ho Yay moments with Kanji and the protagonist, Yu Narukami. However, Teddie constantly flirts with all the girls of the Investigation Team and after winning the cross-dressing contest, he declared that the girls have their beauty competition be swimsuit-themed.
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky has Bleublanc, a.k.a Phantom Thief B. He dresses effeminately, has a very camp voice, uses a lot of rose petal motifs, and is obsessed with "beauty". However, his interactions towards a few female party members have I Have You Now, My Pretty undertones, and one of his possible origin stories pegs his Start of Darkness as stemming from being unable to marry a wealthy girl due to class differences. Interestingly, his rival and Good Counterpart, Olivier, is openly bisexual.
  • Raiden in Metal Gear has an androgynous appearance, feminine mannerisms, and, especially after his Cyborg Ninja conversion, is often portrayed wearing high heels, long nails, and eye makeup. He is also deeply involved with his girlfriend Rose, having a son with her in later installments, with Rising implying he is Happily Married and a good father; he's also by far the least involved in Ho Yay of the Metal Gear protagonists, getting only a couple of villains who flirt with him and who he doesn't seem interested in.
  • Mass Effect: Gender inverted. Even without the abundance of unisex uniforms and Boyish Short Hair options, a female Commander Shepard sounds deep, never crosses her legs and has a very masculine style of walking. She can also romance a male love interest.
  • Sly Cooper:
    • Gender inverted with Penelope Mouse. She's a mechanic (an incredibly stereotypical job for a Butch Lesbian) and both of her main disguises are as men, but she's only ever shown interest in Sly and Bentley.
    • The Black Knight is high-voiced and effeminate yet talks about Penelope in a clear I Have You Now, My Pretty vibe.
  • Fire Emblem Fates has Forrest, a male Wholesome Crossdresser who loves fashion and makes it explicitly clear in his C-support with male Corrin that he is only romantically interested in women.
  • Lancelot from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a very girly looking, flamboyant fencer, with many players accusing him as gay. As a matter of fact, he's very straight and chivalrous: He saved a harassed Odette during a bar brawl, the two fell in love but Lancelot left her to not burden her with his own troubles, but it's clear that both genuinely love each other.

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney: Maximilian Galactica, a stage magician who wears makeup and a purple uniform with no shirt and several white roses. The fact that he's trying to get Regina to marry him marks him as one of the 100% straight people in the game... which is kind of weird. On the other hand, he does seem to joke-flirt with Phoenix a bit... he could be bi but ultimately monogamous. Of course, "Max Galactica" is just a stage persona and he's really Good Ol' Boy Billy Bob Johns underneath all that fabulousness. Still, he definitely seems to prefer being Max whenever possible, even off the clock.
    • Klavier Gavin and Nahyuta Sahdmadhi could be seen as this too. Both take good care of their appearance (both having very long hair blonde for Klavier and braided white for Nahyuta), both dress very effeminate (with Klavier wearing a dark purple jacket, while Nahyuta all but looks like Elsa if Elsa was a man and a monk) yet Klavier only flirts with women (except when the writers think it's funnier to have some light ship tease with Apollo), and Prosecutor Sahdmadhi only has eyes for Ema. Word of God says Nahyuta was intended to be androgynous, while Klavier just seems to be a pretty boy who happens to be mostly straight.
  • Steve from Melody dresses flamboyantly, but he’s so straight, he would check out other girls on dates with Melody when they were together. Plus, he knows how to mess up electrical work in an almost professional way.
  • In Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side, artsy guy Mihara Shiki has a distinctly flamboyant (and often frilly) fashion sense and thinks nothing of announcing himself a fairy prince or putting on a Pimped-Out Dress during the school's Culture Festival. However, he shows no interest in guys and is one of the heroine's main love interest options.

    Web Animation 
  • Donut of Red vs. Blue might be this. While he wears pink armor, spouts innuendo nigh-constantly, and likes to talk about fashion and interior decorating, in one of the alternate endings to episode 100, it's revealed he later marries an exotic dancer named Tiffany and they have twelve children together. While those endings aren't even remotely canonical, if they're canonical in spirit, then it would make Donut firmly Camp Straight, as opposed to Camp... We-Don't-Really-Know-and-Everyone's-Afraid-to-Ask.
    Donut: [singing] Let me blow you... away.

  • Joey from Sunkissed is overwhelmingly straight despite his flamboyant mannerisms and attitude.
  • Alanzo Valdez in Zoophobia. He teaches dance and wears a tutu yet is quite happily married to Jackie.

    Web Original 
  • Enoriel from Reflets d'Acide is Elfeminate, seems Ambiguously Gay and keeps being criticized for that by Zarakai... yet he is revealed to once have Alia-Aenor as his girlfriend.
  • Much like a female Ed Wood, Allison Pregler is straight, but likes to dress up as men (ie. The Cinema Snob, Radu from Subspecies).
  • In Epic Rap Battles of History, Robin is this. He has many effeminate mannerisms, but he also claims to have slept with Irene Adler.
  • Flander's Company introduced in season 4 an Alternate Universe where the Villain Protagonists are heroes. Alternate version of Hippolyte is whiny, dress in white, acts effeminate, and pretty much looks like a Camp Gay in every way... except he is in a relationship with his universe's Carla.
  • Things Mr. Welch Is No Longer Allowed to Do in an RPG: Mr. Welch apparently once created a swashbuckling fop with Dark Secret: Not Gay.
  • While Thayne (who is bisexual) of Analog Control occasionally slides into Camp Gay, MJTR (who is straight) makes a habit of launching jokes playing up camp. And though for the most part, Thayne will not hit on MJTR, MJTR hits on him occasionally.
  • Out With Dad: Owen comes off as this a bit from the way he talks.
  • Sam is the one male actor in the cast of Critical Role most likely to show up sharply dressed to regular sessions and has worn various extremely campy / drag-adjacent costumes for live shows at Gen Con (so far: the skin-tight yellow bodysuit from Kill Bill; a skin-tight, hot pink, glittery body with giant shoulder pads, heavy effect makeup, rollerskates and a glowing lightbulb in his crotch; and a golden, LED-studded, winged thing straight out of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert complete with a feather headpiece, gogo boots, and a giant codpiece...). He loves and has worked in musical theatre since he was a child. All his long-term characters on the show so far have been queer or a case of vocal cross-dressingnote . And of course, he loves to pretend that he and Liam are in a sexual relationship and/or married - just for the sake of comedy. (Or possibly because he has a bit of trouble dealing with Liam's cuddly nature and absolutely genuine declarations of platonic affection, but since laughing in embarrassment in such a moment would be cruel, he reacts by turning the bromance up to eleven and making statements that are obviously untrue, so that it's okay to laugh about it.) In any case, both guys identify as straight and have a wife and kids.
  • Just like his Toy Story equivalent, Ken of Sam & Mickey is a sensitive, fragile, dolls and fashion-obsessed example of this trope who still loves his emotionally abusive and self-destructive Barbie. It's even implied that he's had a crush on Zac Efron.
  • Richard Sapogov, the charismatic Channel Nine host from Within Lapenko. He has a feminine hairstyle, he loves clothes and fashion, but his only love interest is his female colleague, Tatiana Vosmiglazova.

    Western Animation 
  • The Gromble from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters wears red high heeled shoes and is overly dramatic, yet one episode is devoted to him trying to win the affection of the school's female librarian.
  • Either Ace or Gary from "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" on Saturday Night Live fit into this, as both of them display tons of Homoerotic Subtext behavior but Word of God has stated that one of them is gay and the other is straight but refused to disclose which one is which.
  • On Batman: The Brave and the Bold, The Music Meister could probably qualify. On the one hand, he falls for Black Canary. On the other... well, his power is musicals. Also, his flamboyant and often-changing outfits and that an openly gay voice actor provides his voice.
  • Nick's father Elliott from Big Mouth is very effeminate and flamboyant, he enjoys cross-dressing and loves oiling his body, but he has a wife and three children.
  • Bob's Burgers:
    • Gene is flamboyant, composes and writes music, and generally acts effeminate, jokingly referring to himself as a girl or a daughter at times. Yet he has only shown interest in females.
    • Tina's crush Jimmy Pesto also fits this trope, with his love of dancing and his Ho Yay with best friend Zeke.
  • Squishington from Bump in the Night has an astounding interest in cleanliness and comes off as a bit effeminate at times, but he is occasionally shown to be romantically interested in the Cute Dolls and he ends up reciprocating the Germ Girl's feelings for him in "Adventures in Microbia".
  • Odd Della Robbia from Code Lyoko. Dresses in clashing yellow, pink, and purple, wears a belly shirt (granted he wears another shirt under it, but sometimes the animators don't colour it in properly), dyes and styles his hair, acts very campy, speaks in a high-pitched voice, his Lyoko form is a catboy... and he's dated just about every girl in his class, and a few outside of it.
  • Holger from Detentionaire; despite showing a number of flamboyant habits (likely a result of being the resident Funny Foreigner and Cloudcuckoolander) and coming close to flirting with Lee at times, he's straight, as evidenced by his crush on mathlete Beth.
  • The black-and-white Fanny Zilch cartoons by Terrytoons had J. Leffingwell Strongheart, who has effeminate mannerisms and appears to wear lipstick, but is very much in love with Fanny and even marries her in the short "Fanny's Wedding Day".
  • Futurama: Kif Kroker and it's because of his shy, soft-spoken, and sensitive personality. Plus the way he approaches his relationship with Amy Wong is very effeminate. He also gets pregnant in one episode.
  • Gargoyles: Broadway is shown to love cooking, reading poetry and literature and Shakespeare plays, is named after a street district that is famous for hosting theatre and musicals, and is the most sensitive member of the Manhattan Clan, yet he falls in love with Angela.
  • Gravity Falls:
    • Li'l Gideon. He has a love of makeovers and "the sparkly things in life", puts great care in his looks, and sounds rather effeminate in general when he's happy. He also has a huge Villainous Crush on Mabel Pines.
    • Puppeteer Gabe Benson also qualifies. If it weren’t for the fact he shows some interest in Mabel, he could easily be considered Ambiguously Gay due to his stereotypically effeminate mannerisms and tone of voice.
  • Peanut of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law wears pink sweater vests and acts in an effeminate manner, but is not only straight, but quite the player, frequenting strip clubs and coming on to a member of Shoyu Weenie, Daphne, and Birdgirl.
  • Señor Senior Junior from Kim Possible is extremely flamboyant and campy, but is actually straight. He declared Kim his soulmate in one episode, developed a crush on Shego in another, and finally wound up with Bonnie in the final season.
  • King of the Hill:
    • Peggy's hairdresser in a Thanksgiving episode. The way he looks and speaks just screams Camp Gay. Even Peggy thinks so... until she visits his home and meets his beautiful wife and child. Of course, given what Bill had to do in order to be taken seriously as a hairdresser in the example below, maybe he's putting on an act too.
    • Also Bobby Hill. He's constantly showing interest in feminine activities, but he's still completely straight and has had several girlfriends. Then again, he is just thirteen, so who knows.
    • Bill had to pretend to be gay in order to get a job working at a trendy hair salon that only employed women and gay men, making him this trope for the majority of the episode until he outs himself and is promptly fired.
  • Prince Wu in The Legend of Korra has a love of fancy spas, personal grooming, and singing (very badly, but still singing). He's very dramatic and flamboyant, and has some difficulty getting into traditionally masculine activities. Not to mention how suspiciously close he seems to be to Mako. Regardless, he does flirt with both Asami and Korra.
  • Bobby Santiago in The Loud House. Among other feminine hobbies, he watches romantic movies and TV shows and has a weakness for theatre, the latter of which the Loud family exploits in the Thanksgiving Episode. However, he is explicitly in love with and dating Lori Loud.
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack has the show's protagonist Flapjack qualifying as this. He has shown a lot of effeminate behavior such as acting very touchy-feely as well as wearing purple panties in one episode. His voice is also so effeminate that it, combined with his effeminate behavior, causes him to be mistaken for a girl by other people. However, he has an obvious crush on Sally Syrup.
  • Mike, Lu & Og has Lu's father Wendel, the governor of Albonquetine. He has a great fondness for theater and tea cozies, and while he's never seen with a woman (most likely because the only Albonquetine woman around is Alfred's wife Margery), it is heavily suggested that his daughter Lu is biologically related to him, so he must have been married at some point.
  • Rad Cunningham of Moonbeam City has a few Camp Gay mannerisms and early on professes a rejection of doing anything with women ("I do *everything* alone, and *not* with girls."). However, he dates the voluptuous wind dancer Odyssey, gets aroused at the prospect of watching soft-core heterosexual and lesbian pornography in a hotel room, and (while trapped in virtual reality) falls in love with and has sex with a virtual woman. In Episode 10, he reveals to police team partner Chrysalis Tate that he is attracted to her and suggests that they "make out a little, with tongue" after she offers to help him solve his family predicament. Not surprisingly, she declines. See "Strictly Professional Relationship".
  • Oggy and the Cockroaches: Oggy is a neat freak and is occasionally seen wearing clothing with a feminine design yet falls for Olivia and later marries her.
  • Oh Yeah! Cartoons: The titular character of the Dan Danger shorts, in spite of his reputation as a manly badass who likes to rush headlong into dangerous situations, is secretly a very sensitive man and at one point fantasizes about retooling his show to being about tea parties, but dates a female police officer in "A Date with Danger".
  • Pinky Dalton, a character from The Good, the Bad, and Huckleberry Hound, a made-for-TV cartoon film, was apparently built on this very 1988. Just within just the first 30 minutes, we find out that not only does he always wear pink, but his favorite drink is a Shirley Temple with two cherries, he often poses femininely, loves ballet, regularly takes bubble baths, and wants to replace the wallpaper at the gang's hideout because it clashes with the drapes. However, this is counterbalanced by the fact that his voice is surprisingly deep.
  • The English version of "Pat & Stan" has Pat the hippo. He is flamboyant and he often speaks with a lisp but he has a crush on Stephanie.
  • Carrot from Ready Jet Go!. He does feminine activities such as cooking and ballet (as revealed in Castaway Carrot), wore a pink scarf in the aforementioned episode, and yet he is married to Celery, a female.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Milhouse apparently had "flamboyantly homosexual tendencies" as early as kindergarten, but he's had a girlfriend, has had a long-time crush on Lisa, and thinks that Marge is hot.
    • Sideshow Bob has a definite love of musical theatre and definitely keeps up with his appearance but has a wife and child. Even before he married, Sideshow Bob's use of this trope was almost certainly just a shout out to Frasier/Cheers. In fact, when Homer meets Bob's second wife, he comments that he thought Bob was gay.
  • The Smurfs (1981): Vanity Smurf is flamboyant, looks-obsessed, and has a flower on his hat. He's rather like a gay stereotype, but he's in love with Smurfette.
  • South Park:
    • In one episode Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is the newest popular thing in South Park, and all the men and boys become Camp Straight as a result, with "straight" even replacing "gay" as the go-to schoolyard insult. Mr. Garrison and Mr. Slave are unhappy with this, as it means they can no longer tell at a glance who is actually gay (and therefore who they have a chance at sleeping with). Turns out it's actually a plot by the Crab People to make all the men in the world too weak to be able to fight them off when they eventually attack.
    • Butters qualifies very well. He is slightly more feminine than the other boys, and this is accentuated by his gentle innocence, but at the same time he has had the most crushes on different girls of any character — not to mention there was the episode where he became a Pimp. Cartman often calls him gay or a fag, but this seems to be a general slur rather than something accurate, used whenever Butters does Cartman doesn't want him to. Indeed, the conversation with his parents in "Raisins" seemed to be Matt and Trey outright stating he liked girls, lest fans just assume he was supposed to be gay.
    • The one-off character Mr. Gueermo from "Elementary School Musical" has a wife and child but he is very flamboyant, effeminate, and weak, he has a love of musicals and wants his son to be a singer instead of a basketball player, and is "abusive" to his wife which consists of lightly slapping. Eventually, his wife and son stand up to him and punch him, causing him to cry.
  • Steven Universe:
    • Steven, the titular protagonist of the show, is In Touch with His Feminine Side and the most sensitive of the Crystal Gems, whose members except him are sexless beings with feminine appearances. He likes cute and huggable things, constantly wears a pink t-shirt with a star on it, and has no problems wearing a dress for a concert performance. He also wears his heart on his sleeve and does not like fighting. However, he has only shown romantic interest with Connie. Justified, as he was raised mainly by the Crystal Gems, with two of them being lesbians.
    • There's also Jamie, Beach City's flamboyant mailman and aspiring actor, who is instantly smitten when he meets the female-presenting alien Garnet. Though at Ruby and Sapphire's wedding in "Reunited", he takes Bill Dewey to the dance floor since they're the only ones with nobody to dance with.
  • Super Noobs: Memnock has some effeminate interests such as cooking, and he made some tiara jokes towards the Noobs yet he and Zenblock flirted with a couple of women in a coffee shop in the ending scene of "How to Use Your Noob". These effeminate interests he has are mostly a result of Klingons Love Shakespeare.
  • Vernon Fenwick from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He fits nearly every '80s gay stereotype to a tee but is implied to be attracted to Irma.
  • Teacher's Pet: Mr. Jolly is a flamboyant and effeminate cat, but has demonstrated attraction to two female cats in the series. He is shown having a crush on Principal Strickler's cat Tallulah whenever Tallulah is given a major role in the episode and the episode "Bad Fur Day" has a sub-plot where Mr. Jolly falls in love with a cat food commercial star named Ms. Regina Blubberina Fancypaws.
  • Total Drama:
    • Justin is a supermodel who is obsessed with his looks, speaks in an effeminate voice, and unintentionally causes some guys to be attracted to him, yet he has hit on Courtney and dated an unknown girl in the special episode of "Action".
    • Josh, a host of Celebrity Manhunt, also displayed some camp in him such as obsessing over celebrity gossip but he is also a huge fan of catfights.
  • Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race: Gender-inverted with Valentina "MacArthur" Escobar. She's an extremely butch and hot-tempered policewoman and a Gasshole to rival Owen himself. However, she reciprocates Brody's feelings for her.
  • The Transformers: Animated version of Tracks. He's every bit as flamboyant as his G1 incarnation, but the Allspark Almanac books reveal that he has a crush on Botanica.
  • Tripping the Rift: Governor McJersey, a one-off character from the episode "You Wanna Put That Where", who is the ruler of the planet Fabulous Heaven, which is a planet populated mainly by homosexuals, is a man who is very camp and flamboyant and is married to another man named Larry. However, he is revealed to be a closeted heterosexual and even goes as far as having sex with female android Six. His heterosexuality is eventually outed to the entire planet, which unfortunately for him, looks down on heterosexuals.
  • Twayne Boneraper from Ugly Americans is an oddball demon who is shown to wear pink a lot, is a terrible athlete who is bad at sports, watches shows targeted towards women such as Oprah, has cross-dressed, was shown wearing a dress when he was a child, and is a member of a women's club with most of his friends being women. However, he is shown to have a crush on Callie, almost married her sister Lillith, and dated a woman who seemed to be a devoted Christian but in reality was a sleazy stripper who stole things from him.
  • The Venture Bros.:
    • The Monarch. Despite his flamboyance and Foe Romance Subtext with Rusty Venture (down to having sex with a robot with Venture's face), he's clearly fully dedicated to Dr. Girlfriend/ Mrs. The Monarch. Monarch in turn witnesses the trope first hand when he spots a member of Depeche Mode showing up at a party with a girl and refuses to believe his eyes.
    • Pete White is often accused of being gay, both by his best friend Billy and by Shore Leave, but he has shown on a few occasions to prefer ladies.
  • Emperor Awesome from Wander over Yonder is a flamboyant Shark Man who is narcissistic, wears lipstick, wears pink pants and a light blue shirt along with a purple cape, and has shippy moments with Lord Hater. However, Emperor Awesome has shown attraction towards Sylvia and is depicted as somewhat of a womanizer due to the fact that he is often seen with a lot of women as company.
  • Panda from We Bare Bears has a pink phone case, and in "Panda's Dream", he dances with a bunch of girls to pop music and does some girlish dance moves. However, Panda frequently tries getting himself internet girlfriends and also once crushed on Lucy.


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