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Zoophobia is a fantasy/humour webcomic by Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano (later of Hazbin Hotel fame) about a neurotic young woman named Cameron who, when desperate for a job, winds up being unexpectedly thrust into Safe Haven, a fantastic world full of incredible beasts, unimaginable beings and zany characters. She receives a job as a guidance counselor at the Zoo-Phoenix Academy, where she faces head-on with a colorful cast of talking animals and strange creatures. Unfortunately, Cameron has quite the terrible case of zoophobia and is ultimately terrified by the very students and staff she must work with.

Now has a character page!

The comic is currently on an indefinite hiatus, with an animated series of shorts being uploaded to Vivziepop's YouTube channel. The first short, the musical "Bad Luck Jack", was uploaded on September 30, 2020.

Note: Links may not work due to a site revamp.

This comic provides examples of:

  • Aerith and Bob: There are characters named Vanexa, Zechariah, Venganza and Afkinz, then there are those called Jack, Tom and Nathan.
  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife/Amazing Technicolor Population: The characters that are standard, garden-variety humans and talking animals have perfectly ordinary coloration. There aren't many characters in this comic that fit that description.
  • Ambiguously Brown: Just what ethnicity are Mirage, Phineas and Camilla?
  • Anti Anti Christ: Damian, quite literally. He's the son of Satan himself, but prefers to hang out with his friends on the surface world. At first he does so against his father's wishes, but after telling his parents how much he hates living in Hell, Satan agrees to allow him to continue visiting the surface.
  • Animal Eyes
  • Animals Not to Scale: Some animals, such as Fabian, Zechariah, and Jackie in bird form, are enormous compared to how their species would look in real life. Cameron at one point outright refers to the animals as "oversized."
  • Art Evolution:The site relaunch on July 29th, 2013 that followed a months-long hiatus brought with it new and improved artwork, with backgrounds featuring far more details, shading and colouring becoming more intense and attractive, and an overall cleaner look.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness: Subverted with Adina.
    • And averted with a lot of the villains.
  • Beauty Is Bad: Phineas and Castello.
    • Word of God is that the latter is "one of the meanest male characters in the entire story".
  • Big Bad: Numerous ones.
  • Cartoony Eyes
  • Cast of Snowflakes: Unsurprisingly, they started out as just a bunch of characters the artist drew before deciding to make a comic about them.
  • Casual Danger Dialogue: Reconciling with your girlfriend while your teacher fights the deranged vampire that just chomped on your neck not even a second ago several feet away isn't the best idea.
    Zill: No! I'm sorry for everything! Forgetting our anni-
    Kayla: Zill, you're seriously still thinking about that with what is currently happening?
  • A Chat with Satan: Major Styx has one of these; to be expected however since Satan is his boss.
  • Cool Plane: Snake’s plane.
  • Cute Little Fangs: An abundant trait amongst both human-like and creature characters.
  • Cute Monster Girl: Nearly every single monster girl.
    • And there are some cute monster guys as well.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: A majority of the Hell residents, even Lucifer himself.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: The general reaction to Tentadora's arrival at the school.
  • Dramatic Thunder: During Cameron's interview, a bolt of lightning strikes outside the window as the interviewer stoically looks for a position for Cameron. It's one of the first hints that something about the interview isn't quite right.
  • Extreme Omnisexual: Word of God states that the demon Angel will go after anything that moves.
  • Faint in Shock: Cameron faints very soon after arriving in Safe Haven. Admittedly, leaning back to find that you are being loomed over by a giant cheetah in the previous frame could be traumatic. Luckily, Zech means her no harm.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: In the world of Zoophobia, we have shapeshifters, vampires, werewolves, sirens, menaces (related to sirens, but more aggressive), angels, demons, banshees, reapers, nature spirits, unicorns, dragons and many, many more species all existing together.
  • Fantastic Racism:
    • Some avians consider themselves superior to other species, especially when it comes to performing arts.
    • Leeson freaks out when he realizes Damian is a demon. The use of the trope is justified for two reasons. 1) He was a fundamentalist Christian. 2) Demons are not allowed in the area.
  • Feather Fingers: Averts this. Any creature who can't pick up/hold things in their natural form has a human form.
  • Fish People: The Aquians.
  • Forgotten Anniversary: The second story arc "The Anniversary/The Talent Show" revolves around Zill and Kayla's.


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