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The Connections run deep

''I get asked constantly on why things went the way they did in my life 95-98 and even beyond them when I had bunny. To be honest, as someone i met during that time noted from a western philosopher. Sometimes you roll the dice of life and see where you end up. The dices rolled from the start when it came to myself, were always my own choice, my own hands and i made them because I wanted to. Anyone who says otherwise is talking shite. I met people who were dear to me. I expanded the lens of my own eyes and views. I tasted the sweetness of desire. I webbed in affection and friendship. And got to bust ball and chain across a couple of wankers.

So to any that ask if i regret what happened and what I went through both positive and negative despite how it affected me, my family and so on.

... Do I Fuck!''
Natsumi Sumeragi

Roanapur Connection is a Crossover Fan Fic between Code Geass and Black Lagoon being headed by DeadlyViperQuill writing group members Blackmambauk and being written with fellow writer and Co runner of Roananpur Connection blackmanaburning with fellow writers like Waggleton. With anneauxdelacroixcontributing to the writing as well along with others.

It is also available to read on The Deadly Viper Quill's DA gallery here which includes art commissions inserted in chapters and other lore information, on Sufficent Velocity here. Along with being on Archives of Our Own here.

It takes place in the 90’s and serves as a prequel in general to Code Geass, but also Blackmambauk’s currently on hiatus fic. Code Geass Colored Memories. That started off as a side fic to Code Geass: Colorless Memories. But will hopefully in future be rebooted and follow on the events of Roanapur Connection.


Has its own Wikia page which is open for editing and will house information to the universe that is not stated in the main story or implied etc.

Roanapur Connection will cover canon characters from both series, but also introduces oc’s that relate to some of the canon characters in Code Geass.

This fic contains examples of the following tropes, in addition to those already present in the source material:

  • Adaptation Expansion: Roanapur Connection fleshes out the backstories of a number of side characters from both series. Increased focus on Japan, India and China's history and culture in CG world. Ganabati from Code Geass spin off Code Geass: Oz the Reflection is a prominent example so far in serving as a POV character and getting some of his past fleshed out compared to his minor role in OZ.
  • Alternate Universe: Of course considering it’s Crossover nature and the fact Britannia conquered India in this version of Code Geass.
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  • Alternate History: A war between Russia and the EU is stated to have happened between 1987 and 1990 in Eye Of the Storm. With heavy implications that there was major loss of life and death on both sides and vast damages done to the Capitals of many European Countries.
  • Alternate Continuity: The story is for a good part what you get if you add characters from most Code Geass medias, add a few original characters, crossover with Black Lagoon and go from there
  • Ambiguous Disorder: Nathan Andre is heavily implied in Eye Of The Storm to suffer at least with Anxiety or Anxiety disorder from the way he taps his leg throughout the meeting, needing the toilet often. He also is hinted to possibly be Autistic from the way he reacts to being touched by his boss, his reaction to a door slamming shut being similar to a autistic meltdown or sensory reaction. Along with his often social miscues noted by Ganabati and that he seems to use his cane to stim himself often. To further complicate it, he's been noted to scream out at night from Noodle Incident of Romania that Ganabati describes as having been... horrific.
  • Ambiguously Gay: Ganabati suspects this of Director Casprini from his sarcastic remarks of goldilocks and the fact he wears gaudy clothes and has manicured hands and perms. Though this seems more likely down to his Biased POV exaggerating someone who he expresses dislike for in his internal thoughts.
  • Bad Dreams: The first chapter opens up with Natsumi narrating on bad dreams that she has been having that seem to possibly hint of future events that are coming or at least her fears of one. Jolly Sailor Aki Kun also hints to Nathan suffering from them in regards to a incident in Romania that has left mental scars on him.
  • Berserk Button: Racism with Ganabati, whom he mentions having punched out one of the Golden Companies executive at a christmas party for speaking a racist remark to his face.
  • Big Eater: Akira is shown to be this in Bricks in the Wall with the large evening meal that she ordered. she even lampshades it by saying she is a big girl after all.
  • Bully Hunter: Oboro mentions in her POV chapter, Father, Son and the Mother Hen. That Natsumi Sumeragi is one of these, and is the reason why she and Haru are friends. Having stood up for him when they were teenagers against the Morimotos and Kururugi's who were picking on him.
  • Celtic Mythology: Nathan has a statue of the Celtic God Danu in his office. Which Ganabati finds quite bizarre considering Nathan has a picture of Elizabeth the first as well and his name happen to be Saxon. But he chalks it up to being another of Nathan's quirks.
  • Cameo: Sayoko Shinozaki gets one at the end of Beyond Akira. Showing her as a cheerful child that is already training to become a Ninja Maid.
  • The Caligula: Emperor Malcolm Di Britannia of Britannia is heavily implied to be this in eye of the Storm with reports of britannian refugees fleeing to Europe, via Bismarck Waldsteing's pov of shooting his pistol at nobles to force them to dance and humiliating gestures to even some of his strongest supporters. his appearance later on in Peace Sells but Who's Buying all but confirms this with his disheveled appearance, abrasive attitude towards Hui Ying Qing and outright declaring war on China and right after being shot in a assassination attempt.
  • Camp Straight: Director Casprini is most likely this as shown in Father, Son and the Mother Hen. When a picture of him with his wife Greta at the Vatican. Which from Oboro's pov is not a big deal and something she appreciates a man for having interest in feminine hygiene. Murking Ganabati's POV further of the man which was hinted in Eye Of The storm to be tainted with his dislike of Casprini.
  • Can't Hold His Liquor: Ganabati, due to getting drunk on two Newcastle Brown Ales, or as he likes to refer to it as 'English piss'.
  • Children Are Innocent: Sayoko Shinozaki is definitely this in her cameo in Beyond Akira. Positively cheerful and already well on her way to becoming the Ninja Maid we all know and love in Code Geass.
  • Child Soldiers: Anna (who also goes by the name Mariannie) is drafted up into the war between Britannia and China after a prank on a noble goes wrong.
  • Classy Cane: Nathan carries himself one around (which is hinted to help him stim). Which Ganabati and Madam Norwood note to be a Regiment of Sussex cane. Which for someone that is heavily implied to be from the North of England to be carrying around raises further questions about Nathan in Ganabati's mind.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: So far, Nathan Andre seems to be somewhat quirky in how he acts or speaks at points. Main example of when he came skipping into a meeting between Ganabati and the exiled Maharajah and Maharani. Or the fact he carries a snake around on his shoulders in public. Though there are hints that he likes to Obfuscating Stupidity around certain people.
    • Oboro Shinozaki/Kirihara is shown in a few of her internal thoughts in Father, Son and the Mother Hen to be quirky herself with the she way she narrates breaking her legs for a year once trying to fly with that it caused her to ouch. Or the fact she has a picture of a duck in her guest room.
  • Crossover: Naturally, of one between Code Geass and Black Lagoon.
  • Day In The Lime Light: For the side characters of Code Geass spin off series Oz and Code Geass: Akito the Exiled if Ganabati and Gene Smilas presence are anything to go by.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Ganabati especially drips sarcasm in his internal thoughts, but his fellow companion Nathan gets a few quips of his own.
  • Deliberate Values Dissonance: Saburo Kirihara's and his father reaction and comments on Akira Maclean in Beyond Akira. Who is a crossdresser is very much reminiscent of the Gay Panic that occurred often in the 90's. Though Saburo's isn't so much of objecting to Akira being a crossdresser but in the way Akira flusters him and because he believes Akira's boss is insulting his wife and him by sending Akira to meet with them. Taizo on the other hand, refuses to even let Akira touched his granddaughter's head and refers to Akira as that thing and accuses Akira indirectly like many people accused LGBTQ people in the 80s and 90s of carrying Aids.
  • Double Consciousness: Oboro in her internal thoughts throughout Father, Son and the Mother Hen. States her belief in the Japanese thought of everyone having three Consciousnesses, one out in public, one with friends and family and one in their private identify. With her noting she fears of what her father in law's private identity might possibly be like. Her POV chapter shows her own struggle in maintaining her second one and not letting her own slip through because of the patriarchy structure of Japanese society.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Quite a few characters make an appearance early before they are properly introduced in the story or are mentioned early on.
  • Fanart: Like Code Geass Colored Memories, Roanapur Connection has a Fic Cover that was designed and created by KiraLNG. Along with a fair number of commissions done by Skygiratina00 as the collaboration gallery for Roanapur Connection on Deadly Viper Quill's pages show.
  • Feather Boa Constrictor: Nathan is shown on the cover of Roanapur Connection above to hold his Snake Lucious in this fashion. He also wears him around his neck in the first chapter after Ganabati gifted it to him.
  • Finger-Tenting: What Nathan is shown doing in the Golden Company meeting in Eye of the Storm Part One, although he’s also shown to be anxious with the way his foot and leg tapped throughout the meeting.
  • Fictional Document: Most of the Fanon Wiki pages are written as documents and messages found In-Universe by characters of different groups and also concerning different matters that each page touches upon.
  • Foreshadowing: Eye of the storm sets up a few detail that no doubt will come into play in future chapters, both a good mix of Code Geass and Black Lagoon characters and plot points.
    • Akito the Exiled character, Leila Malcal’s parents are mentioned and hinted to be a rising presence in Europe. They are also mentioned to be at the headquarters of the W-zero squad (which was their family home originally according to the end of Akito the Exiled).
    • Lelia Malcal's adopted family the Malcals are mentioned to have been past clients of the Golden Company and at the very least Ottoman affiliated in the past.
    • Black Lagoon minor character Vasili Laptev, is mentioned specifically in the same chapter as having been thrown out of a meeting with the Yakuza. Which seems to be setting up for the Yakuza Arc of Black Lagoon.
    • Romania gets mentioned between talks with Gene and Nathan, anyone who has watched Black Lagoon will know of who came from there.
    • Afghanistan is also mentioned of having been a warzone they have operated in. With specific reference to fighting Russian Spetsnaz forces there.
    • Ganabati notes that some of Nathan's books in his office were given to him by Mr Ken, a mercenary who was one of Nathan's mentors.
    • Ganabati also notes of Greenback Jane and her work with the Germans. Along with that she has hooked up with Black Lagoon crew member Benny. Placing the events of the Fic after at least the Greenback Jane arc of Black Lagoon.
    • Pirate activities are noted to be heavy near Thailand and have Britannia and China on edge.
    • Oboro's mention of her grandmother disappearing in Britannia years is bound to come up again in the future as a motivation for her.
  • Foregone Conclusion: Anyone who has watched Code Geass will know that India's quest for Independence is likely to not end well. Considering they are a militarized Zone in the Chinese Federation by 2017 a.t.b and still trying to free themselves from foreign war by aiding Peace Mark and the Black Knights in Code Geass: Oz the Reflection and the main anime.
  • Great Offscreen War: The Russian and EU war 87-90 Eye Of The Storm refers to. Is heavily implied to have been a bloody and costly war that Europe is still recovering from years later. With Ganabati also noting the use of Chemical Bombs (Sakuradite specifically) and gas attacks that did a number on the major cities of Europe (London, Paris and Berlin are mentioned to have suffered major damage), but also on Poland and Ukraine especially.
    • The Great War is also mentioned in Chapter One that Nathan states led to Japan becoming a republic in 1945 atb. Though no further details have been provided yet on it beyond Natsumi’s grandfather having fought in it and never being the same according to his granddaughter.
    • Oboro notes in her POV's that Japan attacked Vladstosk during the war and the Russian coastline when they entered the war in 89. to which she and Akira in Beyond Akira. Imply Lieutenant General Genbu Kururugi and Major Amashita Kiyomasa and their men committed unsavoury acts there and Saburo either witnessed or was forced to carry out orders relating to them.
  • The Gadfly: Nathan is pretty much hinted to be one in Eye Of the Storm Part Two with the way he has his snake put off Lieutenant Colonel Romeo in his office. Even more so in the picture he sends in Beyond Akira where he gives a peace sign and the V sign at the same time.
    • His PA, Akira Maclean spends a good part of Beyond Akira getting under Saburo's skin with his comments on which prefix to use and the fact they are a Crossdresser (though Akira's POV chapter actually confirms that Akira is a Transwoman).
  • I Owe You My Life: Ganabati reminds Maharajah Singh that Nathan once saved his life, which is part of why he and his wife took Nathan in and backed his entry into the Golden Company. The other reason as they imply in Eye Of the Storm, was to expand their influence. Though Maharani Balaprada also mentions that she took Nathan under her wing and trained him herself.
  • Insufferable Genius: What Jane Greenback from Black Lagoon is implied to be according to Ganabati’s thoughts, which which led Nathan to fire her from the Golden Company after she kept going over budget, deadlines and was plain obnoxious to deal with.
    • Ganabati also thinks Nathan is this in his internal thoughts from the way he acts.
    • As does Oboro of Natsumi Sumeragi in how she behaves towards her at times and others.
  • Happily Married: Oboro and Saburo are shown in Father, Son and the Mother Hen to be this. Subtly supporting the other throughout the meeting with Saburo's father despite the tensions of it and the matters being discussed.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: Oboro mentions in her internal thoughts in her POV chapter. That the age difference between her and Rabbit (Natsumi Sumeragi) is eight years. She also implies they became friends partly due to Natsumi having few friends her own age. Though she also says that it's also because of Natsumi's empathy for minority groups in Japan and her fearless attitude and willingness to call others out who do harm.
    • Ganabati and Nathan are another example, with the age gap implied to be a decade between them.
  • I Kiss Your Hand: Well ring as Balaprada has Nathan do as a sign of respect and hinted to be teasing between the two, which Ganabati notes as odd due to Indian culture often not involving the touching of hands at all. Which he puts down to Balaprada picking it up due to living in the west and taking to it more than her husband.
  • Jerkass: The Golden Companies Director of Accountant Mr Dink, whose's Establishing Character Moment is to basically call Ganabati by a very racist slur along with other remarks he has made in the past that led to Ganabati breaking his nose. He also objected to Indians working at the Golden Company and it's implied he kept Nathan and Ganabati in for a further three hours in the meeting just to spite them.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Saburo shows throughout Father, Son and Mother Hen, Beyond Akira that while he a bit grumpy, abrupt in his manners and often sarcastic and cynical towards others. He also loves his wife for who she is, sticks up for her often, his daughter who he dotes on and cares for his siblings as well.
  • Likes Older Women: Hinted to in Eye Of the Storm with his interaction with his boss Elizabeth Norwood. But confirmed in Akira's pov chapter brick int he walls that Nathan Andre is attracted to women older than him.
  • Lipstick Lesbian: Princess Hui Ying Qing is revealed in Peace Sells But Who's Buying to when she and her maid Wei Ren engaged in a passionate kiss while they are fleeing Luo Yang after the conference goes south. Having been hinted earlier via Hui giving Wei a peck on the cheek before the conference began.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Oboro in her thoughts of her past, merely shrugs off going through the roof of her dojo shrine when she tried to fly a umbrella, breaking her legs for a year with a simple Awe.
  • Mysterious Past: Quite a few characters in the story have pasts that affect the story in some way even a large amount has yet to be revealed or as the author has said won't make sense til later on in the story.
  • Narrative Filigree: A number of the Fanon Wiki Pages are these, as they contain details that while irrelevant to the main plot. Add details to certain characters, Knightmare Frames and also hint to possible developments. With elements of Unreliable Narrator in places as well. Which was inspired by The World of Ice & Fire by George R. R. Martin. Whom blackmambauk the writer of most of the wiki pages is a big fan of.
  • Noodle Incident: Akira Maclean baits Saburo in Beyond Akira with the implications that he and the generals he served under during the EU-Russia war committed war crimes or an unsavoury act while they attacked Vladstosk. Which nearly pushes Saburo to lose this temper during the meeting.
  • Oop North: Where part of the first chapter takes place. Specifically Newcastle and where Nathan is all but stated to consider as his home. Which also forms a heavy part of his motivations we have been told thus far of getting support for. Ganabati also notes of Nathan's favourite sweets coming from one particular town in Northern England called Wigan. He also notes Nathan never took him there on his tour of Northern England. Which he suspects has some meaning to Nathan.
  • Original Character: Plenty due to the prequel nature of it, though filled with a fair few canon characters from both series.
  • Parental Issues: As in the main series, a lot of the characters have issues with at least one of their parents.
  • Perfectly Arranged Marriage: Sayako Shinozaki's parents, Oboro and Saburo are shown to be this in Father, Son and the Mother Hen, though not without some conflicts and personality differences. Oboro notes that it is because they both worked hard to make their marriage work.
    Oboro: "To some extent it has worked out... but only because I worked hard to make it work and because Saburo works with me."
  • Perpetual Frowner: Both Saburo and his father are noted by Oboro to be this and they spend most of their time on page frowning at others. Though Beyond Akira also shows them both smiling when they are around Sayoko who is a Morality Pet for both of them.
  • Plot Threads: Quite a few going on in the story and they continue to build and increase as the story goes on more will probably follow as the author prepares the next arc of the story.
  • Private Military Contractors: What the Golden Company are shown to be in Eye Of the Storm, though they seem to run the mill of taking on security guard or low profile work for the most part since the Russia-EU war ended. Which Nathan and Ganabati seek to change. But they also are implied to have a vast history like the White Company did in real life in fighting in many conflicts across European History, along other numerous RL merc groups if Ganabati’s pov is anything to go by. They are heavily hinted to be Plausible Deniability for the EU to operate in places they don't or can't be seen to have a hand in.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Elizabeth Norwood, Director of Intelligence for the Golden Company is shown in Eye Of The Storm to be considerate, attentive and caring for those in her department. In contrast to most of the other directors of the Golden Company that are shown to either be greedy like Mr Lealand, foppish like Director Casprini, or complete Jerkass as Mr Dink is.
    • Ganabati's boss Director Dubois is also hinted to be this despite not saying anything in the meeting and Ganabati seeing him as a Nonentity average person who hires Indians without any hassle.
  • Royal Blood: So far, we have Natsumi Sumeragi, whom is a member of the Sumeragi Clan, who and all but stated to be tied to the Emperors family. Which also have Mahjarha Singh the third and his wife Maharani Balaprada as Royals in Exile.
  • Secret Test of Character: Oboro suspects the real reason Nathan sent Akira to meet with them wasn't so much to get under their skin, or to tease. Granted she thinks that was part of his intent as well, but because sending Akira would allow him to assess what sort of people they are and to show what sort of people he trusts and works with.
    Oboro: "He's testing us isn't he? To see how we react to something very few would expect to happen. That and also because he likes to apparently be cheeky. What with the way Akira has ruffled my husband already and the way their eyes seem to be reading us for a reaction every moment of this meeting. But to trust a unique person like Akira with this level of business indicates he is open minded or believes in giving social outcasts a chance? Or might be one himself in some way. Either way, I have gotten a good amount of detail, insight and information into him that will interest Rabbit. She will certainly will find Akira fascinating to meet with."
  • Shout-Out: One to The Inbetweeners in Eye of the Storm, with Madam Norwood mentioning being harassed by some people calling her a Bus Wanker.
    • One to Football Club Newcastle United (which Nathan is a fan of) and the Fanzine True Faith if reference to Michael Martin and Alex Hurst are anything to go by (who are Editors for it and well known for having socialist leanings in their writings). Along with the pub the Strawberry that is next to the ground in real life.
    • Golden Company is one to George R. R. Martin series A Song of Ice and Fire, which is one of Blackmambauk’s favourite series and a noted influence in their writing.
    • Director Lealand is a shoutout to Henry Leland from Alpha Protocol, especially with the remark about his yellow tie and shit that was part of the wear of Henry.
    • Along with one to Bam Bam Bigelow with a poster of his Beast From The East nickname on it. Another one is made to him by Oboro in Father, son and the Mother Hen. When she affectionly calls him Flamey and empathizes with his upcoming loss to Lawrence Taylor.
    • Oboro also gives shout out to Bull Nakano and Jinsei Shinzaki for their work in WWF in 95.
  • Super Prototype: One is hinted to in Eye Of The Storm despite Knightmare Frames not gaining traction in Code Geass until the time of the Invasion of Japan. They certainly are in the early phrase as War Machine by Juubi K hinted towards (whom Blackmambauk is a big fan of and good friends with).
  • Sweet Tooth: Nathan is shown in Eye Of The Storm to have quite the taste for sweets from the way he indulges upon the sweets in the meeting.
  • Take That!: One to Margaret Thatcher in Eye Of The Storm, with Nathan referring to a Witch having led Britain in the past. Which is what many Northern England saw her as for destroying the mining community in Britain during the 1980s.
    • A playful one to the city of Sunderland with Nathan using the the local insult Mackam to describe them, which plays into the deep football rivalry the Cities of Newcastle and Sunderland have in real life.
    • To WWF in 1995 in chapter Father, Son and the Mother Hen, with specific one to Doink the Clown face run during that period. Or the fact they had Lawrence Taylor beat Bam Bam Bigelow at Wrestlemania 11.
  • The Alcoholic: Ganabati is pretty much shown in Eye Of The Storm to be this, hilariously he got drunk on two drinks of Newcastle Brown Ale.
  • Unreliable Narrator: There are hints in each POV chapter done so far that there is biases, inaccurate or skewed perspective or thoughts given by the POV. With a prominent example being Oboro thinking Akira Maclean is a crossdresser when Akira's pov reveals she is a transwoman. Though that is justified due to Oboro having no way of knowing that and because Akira form her POV clearly portrayed herself as being a crossdresser.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Eye Of The Storm shows Nathan and Ganabati's relationship to be very much like this. They both like to take swipes at the other for their perceived privileges or blindspots. Along with teasing the other often. But end of the chapter shows both care deeply for the other and want to help the other achieve goals they both see as admirable.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: Saburo Kirihara and his father, Canon CG character Taizo Kirihara relationship is shown to be this explicitly in Father, Son and the Mother Hen. With both of them having different expectations for the other and long running tensions causing tensions throughout their meeting.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: Akira Maclean, Personal Assistant to Nathan Andre that meets with Oboro and Saburo in Beyond Akira is one. Akira gathers mixed reactions from the pair when they meet. Though less to do with the crossdressing part and more to do with the fact Akira keeps teasing Saburo and getting under his skin. Though Oboro comments on how much Akira seems to put into it and makes her wonder on Akira's reasons. Subverted in Akira's pov chapter Bricks in the wall, where it turns out Akira is a Transwoman and its heavily implied that Nathan Andre is a crossdresser.


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