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Mother Mother is a Canadian indie rock band from British Columbia. The band was originally named "Mother" but they later changed their name to "Mother Mother".

In early 2020, Mother Mother blew up in popularity due to their songs- particularly Hayloft- being used in Tik Toks. Their songs have a general spooky feeling to them and are considered to be Indie Rock.

Mother Mother currently consists of: Ryan Guldemond (guitar and vocals), Molly Guldemond (keyboard and vocals), Jasmin Parkin (keyboard and vocals), Mike Young (bass), and Ali Siadat (drums).



  • Mother (2005)
  • Touch Up (2007; a re-release of "Mother" with new songs)
  • O My Heart (2008)
  • Eureka (2011)
  • The Sticks (2012)
  • Very Good Bad Thing (2014)
  • No Culture (2017)
  • Dance and Cry (2018)
  • Inside (2021)
  • Inside (Deluxe) (2022; a rerelease of Inside with the addition of Hayloft 2)

This band provides examples of:

  • Appearance Angst: "Body" could be interpreted this way.
    "'Cos I've grown tired of this body,
    A cumbersome and heavy body
    "Fall apart without me, body"
  • Camp Straight: Verbatim is this; there are lyrics like "I wear women's underwear," and yet the singer still insists he's straight.
    I cross my legs just like a queer,
    But my libido is strong when a lady is near!
  • Conspiracy Theorist: The protagonist of "Little Pistol" could be this, believing that someone, most likely the government or some other agency, is tracking them through a chip they implanted in their head.
    "Under the skin, against the skull,
    They put a little chip so that they know it all."
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  • Died in Your Arms Tonight: Arms Tonite.
    Hey you, don't you think it's kind of cute
    That I died right inside your arms tonight,
    That I'm fine, even after I have died,
    Because it was in your arms I died?
  • Crossdresser: The first verse in "Verbatim" describes a man who likes wearing women's underwear.
  • Fire and Brimstone Hell: "Little Pistol" alludes to this, considering that the protagonist already views their life and the world around them as a living hell.
    "And now I want brimstone in my garden
    I want roses set on fire."
  • From New York to Nowhere: "Dirty Town" is about someone moving from their town to live on a farm in the country.
  • It Amused Me: In "Wrecking Ball," the reason the protagonist destroys so many things, both literally and figuratively, is "just because [they] can."
  • Kill It with Fire: Metaphorically does this to their problems in "Burning Pile."
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  • Over Protective Dad: The dad in "Hayloft" seems to be this.
    "Young lovers with their legs tied up in knots
    With his long, tall gun, Pop went a-creeping,
    To blow their hayloft dead-heads straight off"
  • Repetitive Name: Mother Mother.
  • Self-Harm: In "Oh Ana", the protagonist mentions cutting their wrists.
  • Stalker Without A Crush: "Neighbor" is about a voyeuristic, stalker neighbor.
  • Sucky School: The protagonist of "Back in School" believes their school to be this.
    "Back in school, back in chains
    Back in school, back in my cage"
  • The Tragic Rose: "Little Pistol" makes symbolic references to roses and burning roses.
  • Weight Woe: The most common interpretation of "Oh Ana" is that it's about an anorexic person dealing with their illness.