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"Handsome fighters never lose battles."

The Fighting Narcissist is arrogance and pride incarnate. He is the most beautiful, the most perfect, your superior in every way. And should you doubt this fact, he will make you pay for your folly, severely.

The Fighting Narcissist is a common character type in action series, especially common in martial arts media. He is a formidable fighter who happens to be handsome, extremely so, and takes pride in that fact to the point of capital sin. To him (and it's almost always him, not her) there is no one more beautiful or talented than himself, and to him both concepts are synonymous. He doesn't just happen to be both beautiful and talented, he's beautiful because he's talented, and vice versa.

He is selfish, vain, and confident of himself and condescending to anyone and everyone else. Physically, he tends to be slim, tall, and fair, but with defined musculature. He will have Caucasian features, even if he's not actually Caucasian. He will be refined in speech and manners, with a tinge of condescension in his speech. He is usually quite seductive, perhaps even refined and charming, but he is nowhere near as pleasing as he might seem at first glance. Beauty is an obsession to him, and often he describes his actions in these terms ("My fighting style is the most beautiful", or "Seeing blood run is a thing of beauty", for example).

This is manifested in exotic weapons, fashionable clothing, body modification, even the use of makeup or masks. You can tell a character is a Fighting Narcissist at first glance: his appearance is genuinely striking. He also tends to be quite wealthy, and a member of the upper crust of society.

This attitude does not lend itself to altruism: Fighting Narcissists are almost universally bad. They have no friends, few allies, and innumerable enemies. They see no one as their equal, and any alliance will be one of convenience. They might sometimes be a villain's Dragon, but have no loyalty to their master beyond convenience, and might even try to take the top seat themselves.

As much arrogance as he might display, he is a talented fighter, dangerously so. Fighting styles lean towards the acrobatic and eccentric (they are mostly very fast). Another particular characteristic, curiously, is Combat Pragmatism. While all opponents are beneath him, no method of achieving victory is. He will use hidden weapons, underlings, and all other sorts of nasty surprises. Victory is all that matters to him, and he sees using underhanded tactics as him being smarter and more cunning. Honor means nothing to him, since honor is, to a certain point, an altruistic attitude, and he always looks out for number one.

Another particular characteristic of a Fighting Narcissist is his attitude towards sexuality. By his definition, any other person is inferior to him, so he is often not actively sexually interested in anyone else. While often effeminate, he is rarely actively interested in men, although he might become obsessed with another fighter who's actually beautiful and talented as well. On the other side of the spectrum, his attitude towards women is almost universally, irredeemably bad. A Fighting Narcissist tends to abuse women and finds much amusement in it. If he actually considers a woman attractive, it is to the point of obsession, and this relationship can lead to massive amounts of Belligerent Sexual Tension. Conversely, if the Fighting Narcissist is effectively gay, he'll almost universally be an Effeminate Misogynistic Guy. The bottom line is that a Fighting Narcissist generally does not deign anyone to be worthy of his desire, and any desire he might have for someone is ALWAYS unhealthy.

If a hero actually proves himself superior in anything, the Fighting Narcissist does not take it well. His high opinion of himself does not allow him to take defeat in any way lightly, and any humiliation he is subjected to instills irrational hatred in him. Oh, and scarring him in ANY way, especially in the face, will enrage him to the point of murderous insanity. If he doesn't get killed (or kill himself), expect him to act the part of Beauty to Beast, wear a mask, and Black Cloak, and break every mirror he sees.

While he can be ambitious and seek power, the main reason a Fighting Narcissist actually fights is self-gratification. He does not fight to prove himself, because he has nothing to prove: in his mind, he's already perfect. He does not seek a challenge, because such petty behavior is beneath him. More often than not, he fights out of boredom and bloodlust: he enjoys fighting and enjoys causing pain, period. Although rarely needing to work, he will often be a gangster, contract killer, or bodyguard; basically, professions that expose him to violence. He might also be a Serial Killer who uses fighting as an excuse to commit murder.

The character can also be used in a less extreme (i.e. non-murderous but still violent) fashion in lighter media: pro wrestling, for example, has myriad examples of arrogant and vain fighters. Also, very rarely, a Fighting Narcissist might actually be convinced to leave the dark side, but this is exceedingly rare, and many times it ends in his ultimate demise.

Related to Beauty Is Bad and Agent Peacock. Contrast Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, who, while also condescending of others and a powerful fighter, is not obsessed with his looks nor inherently evil, and Gorgeous George, whose obsessions lead to ambiguity more than arrogance and is friendly with the females to heighten the ambiguity. Spiritual brother to the Smug Super and the Combat Aestheticist. Often a successful blow to the face will be a Berserk Button. The Fighting Narcissist also parallels the Combat Sadomasochist in terms of the Seven Deadly Sins: where the Narcissist has Vanity/Pride as a staple, the Sadomasochist is into Lust. In Manga, this type of character is referred to as the narusisuto, a long-haired, effeminate self-admirer.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Dark Schneider from Bastard!! (1988) is an Anti-Hero variant — while he is a good-looking Casanova who spouts lines about the good-looking "hero" always beating ugly guys being a universal law, he's boorish, crass and a total perv.
  • Bleach: Yumichika Ayasegawa, one of the very rare heroic examples because he may be a subversion. He certainly insists on presenting himself as such a person, but the reality is more complicated: his fight with Charlotte Cuuhlhourne reveals he's actually sacrificing his real self for the sake of his squad's philosophy due to his belief that Undying Loyalty is much more important than his own desires. Charlotte is used to lampshade this by genuinely being what Yumichika is pretending to be... but looks-wise, he's a mix of The Brute and Magical Girl. When they fight, Hilarity Ensues, followed by Mood Whiplash to reveal the truth about Yumichika.

    In the Invasion arc, the anime decides to play this trope straight for Yumichika by changing his Hidden Depths to something that's even more narcissistic than his public image. The first time Yumichika meets his clone, he's struck by the terrible dilemma of not being able to fight — because he can't bring himself to attack "such a beautiful me". On the other hand, his clone has no such qualms about the fight because he thinks the real Yumichika would look even more beautiful covered in blood... which is taking narcissism to the point of both sadism and masochism.
  • Claymore: Hysteria the Elegant, known as the warrior with the 'most beautiful technique'. She hates being ignored more than anything.
  • Akoya from Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! whose vanity is so great he describes himself in his Image Song to be "more beautiful than the moon". He's also Affably Evil, rich and quite good at art (of himself).
  • D.Gray-Man: Cross Marian is a very powerful general and very vain about his appearance. When he shoots the level 4 akuma he says he can forgive it killing most of the science department but he can't forgive it ruining his clothes.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Zarbon, Frieza's right-hand-man. He takes a handicap in most fights to preserve his good looks; he has the ability to transform into a much stronger but much uglier form, but only does so when it's a choice between doing so or being killed.
    • After achieving his Perfect form, Cell breaks the fourth wall to stroke his ego:
      Cell: I have achieved the perfect body! Go ahead, admire it. Admit it, you know you're jealous.
    • Even Vegeta has some elements of this, at least very early on; he was not pleased when a supposedly lower-class warrior like Goku was able to draw blood from him. Really, it wouldn't be inaccurate to say that most of the villains in Dragon Ball Z display this trope at one time or another.
    • Goku Black who is actually an alternate version of Zamasu who succeeded in performing a Grand Theft Me on his Goku from Dragon Ball Super just loves talking about how beautiful his power/fighting style is, and how much more refined he is than basically all other forms of life. It says a lot that literally the only being in all existence he treats as an equal and shows any care for that's not him is Future Zamasu, who is not only also this trope, but an alternate version of himself.
    • All versions of Zamasu, including Black, are pretty much textbook cases of malignant narcissism syndrome to the point it seems their ultimate goal is to create their version of paradise...which more or less involves killing everyone who's not them, including all their fellow gods so they alone can be the supreme god above all else. Heck, the first few words said by Merged Zamasu are declaring himself the most powerful, beautiful, and supreme god and demanding everyone praise and adore him.
  • Hiromi Kisaragi of Eyeshield 21 is a cornerback who believes that only strength is beautiful; this factors into his exceptionally brutal play style. He's still far more sympathetic than most the examples of this trope, not least because his narcissism is rooted in his own self-loathing and past as a bully magnet; he's now out to prove to everyone that he's not a pushover anymore. And oh yeah, that he's pretty. He's more of a wannabe-Fighting Narcissist than a full-on example.
  • Fist of the North Star: Any character that follows this archetype in any Japanese work is probably based on Yuda. His rivalry with Rei was based on proving his Nanto Kokaku Ken style was more beautiful than Rei's Nanto Suicho Ken.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • The legendary Major Armstrong has shades of this trope in both his combat skill and utter infatuation with himself and his beautiful muscles. Definitely a good guy though.
    • There's also the homunculus Greed, who rarely uses his very powerful full-body armored form because it makes his face ugly.
    • Kimblee's a bit paranoid about getting blood on his suit, not that it ever stops him. He also seems to care quite a bit for his hat, too.
  • Recurring villain Dio Brando of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is powerful, arrogant, vain, ruggedly handsome, and utterly self-centered.
  • Naruto: Deidara becomes crazy hysterical from having his "art" looked down on. He also shows signs of acute jealousy.
  • Baki the Grappler averts this trope for the most part, which fits its motto of "the strong is the beautiful." Kureha Shinogi, however, is VERY MUCH a straight example.
  • One Piece:
    • Pearl wears heavy armor to protect his body from scars and goes a little nuts when he sees his own blood.
    • "White Horse" Cavendish too. A Knight in Shining Armor, or perhaps a deconstruction thereof, he is the captain of the Beautiful Pirates (and is really Bishounen himself) and has amassed a huge bounty for being a major threat to the World Government. While he has murderous levels of envy towards bigger upstarts than him and refuses to believe anyone can be prettier than him, he does subvert the trope in that he is actually a good person inside, just incredibly vain and fond of dramatic entrances.
    • Boa Hancock is very proud of being considered to be the World's Most Beautiful Woman and is an incredibly powerful and skilled fighter. Her people equate beauty with strength and Hancock has a decent claim on also being the strongest woman in the world.
  • Pretty Cure
    • Cobraja from HeartCatch Pretty Cure!. The man even uses autographed photos of himself as weapons!
    • Bad End Cure Beauty from Smile Pretty Cure! who hates everybody that is ugly, and she believes beauty is justice.
  • Ranma ½ features the Kunō siblings, Tatewaki and Kodachi, the latter of whom falls more neatly into this trope than her brother.
  • Red Baron has a female example in Dr. Marilyn, who is obsessed with defeating the Red Baron "beautifully", and is a Proud Beauty Ms. Fanservice who knows how to use her feminine wiles on top of it.
  • Sailor Moon has Dark Kingdom General Zoisite, although he prefers to fight dirty, employing trickery and deceit.
  • Pisces Aphrodite, Lizard Misty (Who Word of God confirmed to be Aphrodite's disciple), and Papillon Myu of Saint Seiya.
  • Twenty from Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, who also can't resist stripping in the middle of anywhere.
  • Sunny from Toriko hates anything "icky" and tends to capture ingredients that have a positive effect on a person's body. Unlike most other examples of this trope, though, he's not evil.
  • Endorsi Jahad from Tower of God. For the love of God, if you kick her in the face, make sure it finishes her off. Problem is, that is really not that easy.
  • Dilandau from The Vision of Escaflowne is a sadistic pretty-boy bully who abuses his troops as readily as he commits war crimes with his invisible giant robot. He's about as stable as a downhill unicycle on a good day, and loses even that level of composure after receiving a gnarly slice on his cheek. "MY FACE!"
  • Karen Kitaura, aka Schoen (or Schön if umlauts are your thing), from Weiß Kreuz. Her Code Name means "beautiful" in German, she was an ex-model, and she goes batshit when her face is scarred.
  • YuYu Hakusho: Suzuki/Suzuka kills anyone who refuses to add Beautiful to his name.

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 
  • In Heroes and Villains, Buffy is a mild, female version of this, since the story is largely an exploration of what she would be like if her pre-Slayer personality remained in place after she gained her powers. Her vanity, conceit, and condescension towards everyone less beautiful and/or powerful than herself are all on full display as she begins her quest to rule Sunnydale High.
  • General Esteem from The Immortal Game, who's widely recognized as the greatest bladecaster in the world, and whose price for serving Titan was eternal youth. And to really sell the point, the first scene to focus on him shows how much time he spends on getting his appearance just right.
  • General-Admiral Makarov, the Big Bad of Shining Armor's side story in the Pony POV Series, while he cares more about his reputation and position than his appearance, still counts. To him, not knowing who he is is an offense punishable by either death or Fate Worse than Death.
  • A Rabbit Among Wolves: Sun is a fairly benign version of this trope-unless you're a threat to public safety-always taking an opportunity to show off his amazing abs.
  • Equestria Girls: Friendship Souls: The Third Espada Catrina is a rare female example, but she ticks all the boxes aside from gender. She's incredibly vain and proud of her beauty to the point part of the reason she has the fastest Sonido of the Espada is not only because she's a Fragile Speedster, but because she'll fly into a rage if she's actually marked in combat, especially on her face. She wields a massive metal war fan and expresses enjoyment of slicing her foes to pieces with particular enjoyment of disfiguring her female opponents and talking of giving them "beautiful" deaths. She also hates her Resurreccion because it makes her more feral and animalistic-looking and will only use it if absolutely necessary to achieve victory. She has an intense hatred and jealousy of the Second Espada Chrysalis in part because she's even more beautiful, more than powerful enough to shut down any attempt to unseat her, and she can restore her damaged looks much faster than Catrina can.

    Films — Animation 
  • Beauty and the Beast: "No one's slick as Gaston/No one's quick as Gaston..."
  • In The Book of Life, Joaquin becomes this over time thanks to the Medal of Everlasting Life. By the end, his massive ego has been greatly reduced.
  • Kung Fu Panda 2, the Big Bad Lord Shen. First clue is that he's a white peacock. He's smug, calculating, looks down on everyone, and when he fights his movements are noticeably more graceful and elegant than the other kung-fu fighters.
  • Moana: Tamatoa the giant monster crab, who's incredibly stronger and obsessed with his appearance. He even sings a song about how awesome and beautiful he is while dishing out a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Count Dooku from the Star Wars series has a lot of characteristics of this trope: he's a Faux Affably Evil upper-class gentleman who is a Master Swordsman and is also rather condescending to anyone who tries to fight him. To his credit, he is a very skilled duelist, although this backfires on him a couple of times - notably, thinking he was so awesome he could go up against Yoda and win, or that he could troll Anakin Skywalker into a rage and think that could end any way except badly.

  • In the Travis McGee novel The Green Ripper, Travis mentions one of his opponents always seems to be a bit too much "posing for the non-existent camera". It's just about this guy's only flaw, as he is a really good combat fighter.
  • The main antagonist from Dean Koontz's The Good Guy. He has such an obsession with mirrors and his own superiority to anyone in this world that he believes he's actually a native of some alternate mirror-world.
  • Guan Yu in Romance of the Three Kingdoms increasingly becomes one as the story progresses, to the point that he is contemptuous of pretty much every opponent he faces. This hubris is what eventually brings him down.
    • Subverted by the historical Guan Yu. While he was every bit as arrogant, he was also horrendously incompetent. As an administrator in Jing, he was so loathsome that many of his subordinates betrayed him the moment the Wu army showed up and almost all his military accomplishments are fictional. The one that isn't, defeating Yu Jin & Pang De in Jing was due to flash flooding destroying their position. He then promptly failed to besiege a flooded city that had very few defenders with an army of about 50,000 & was forced to retreat by Xu Huang leading a tiny army mostly consisting of conscripts.
  • Jaume of The Dinosaur Lords has shades of this. He's an excellent cavalry commander and he knows it, he's a Chick Magnet and he knows it, and he chooses his Companions based on appearance as much as skill.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Lord Flashheart from Blackadder.
    "Next time you all get bored of your lives, give me a call then I'll come and kill you!"
  • Gladiators (2024): Legend is a Heel Gladiator with this as his gimmick, claiming to be the most handsome man ever and the best at every event. Where the other Gladiators will try to be complimentary when they lose, Legend is more likely to claim he let his opponent win. Fittingly, his walk-on music is "The Best" by Tina Turner.
  • Power Rangers:
    • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Octophantom was a tough Monster of the Week with one glaring weakness - his vanity. Octophantom could easily be distracted by the sight of his own reflection, which the Rangers were able to take advantage of by making a mirror for him to look at while they assembled the Power Blaster to destroy him.
    • Power Rangers Time Force: Lucas is very vain about his looks and is quite the ladies man. In one episode, he actually stops in the middle of chasing the monster of the week to admire himself in the mirror. The kicker is that he's in Ranger form meaning he can't actually see his own face.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • The original Narcissist of wrestling might have been "Natural Guy" Buddy Rogers, which, at the time was not so much its own gimmick as it was a subversion of the original Gorgeous George, real name George Wagner. Buddy looked and acted similar but instead of any suggestions toward homosexuality, he incited audiences with his obliviously inflated ego, such as his insistence his bleached head was naturally that way.
    • Buddy would later become the "Nature Boy" then be succeeded by Ric Flair who added on claims of having a ludicrous fortune and lady killing record, further distancing himself from both Gorgeous George and the more recent narcissist gimmick.
  • "The Narcissist" Lex Luger, current image provider, who stared into a mirror before his matches.
  • Rick "The Model" Martel. Aside from being a model, his schtick was that he had his own signature brand of perfume, 'Arrogance', which he'd spray into his opponents' faces.
  • "Ravishing" Rick Rude, although his gimmick was more along the lines of being ruggedly handsome rather than beautiful.
  • "Pretty" Paul Roma, jobber-to-the-stars in WCW and WWF.
  • Billy Gunn during his "Mr. Ass" gimmick, his tights often being transparent in the rear so everyone could see how perfect it was. If not, he was liable to moon the crowd.
  • "The Reflection of Perfection" Mark Jindrak, who was pretty much an expy of Luger's Narcissist days.
  • "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters early in his WWE career, with an exaggerated posing entrance that likened himself to a work of art.
  • Rush slowly fell into narcissism after his 2010 victory in the advanced class of CMLL's bodybuilding competition, which culminated in the fans turning on the self-proclaimed tecnico after he challenged and defeated light heavyweight champion Ephesto, holding the belt of a weight class he was technically above.
  • "The Midnight Son" Caleb Konley, who possesses the prettiest face in the sport.
  • "Dashing" Cody Rhodes, who goes to great lengths to avoid being hit in the face, until a 619 by Rey Mysterio Jr. completely turned him into a grotesque character who wore a face mask.
  • Irish wrestling has the team of Rough Stuff - a pair of vain oiled up Adonises that love to flex and booty-pop in the audiences' faces.
  • Combine narcissism, delusion, and patriotic fervor, and you have Shanna, Portugal's Perfect Athlete.
  • YAMATO in Dragon Gate as of a 2013 Face–Heel Turn.
  • Towards the end of his career, Hector Garza started doing this. He'd come out to the ring in long tights and a skintight long-sleeve shirt, then at various points in the match dramatically remove them. Despite being responsible for Perros Del Mal, in Mexico he was a face while doing this, and he would regularly get cheap shotted by the heels.
  • Tyler Breeze of NXT, who calls himself "Prince Pretty" and "Mmm, Gorgeous". He struts like a runway model and takes pictures of himself before every match. His cell phone is his most prized possession, as it houses all those photos.
  • This became The Miz's new Heel angle after he returned to WWE in 2014. The idea is that he thinks he's a much bigger celebrity than he is (due to having starred in some movies produced by WWE) and attributes this celebrity mostly to his handsome, handsome face. He calls it his "moneymaker" and during matches, he's scared to death of any harm coming to it.
  • "The Showoff" Dolph Ziggler also counts. Although his ego is through the roof, he's also a very athletic amateur wrestler from Kent State University, holding the most wins in college, and the most pins in high school. He has a plethora of accolades at the professional level as well, from being a grand slam champion to winning Money in the Bank. Ironically enough, he's one of the few to actually pull off an organic Heel–Face Turn against another of his kin in Alberto Del Rio, and was often viewed as an Ensemble Dark Horse with a never-say-die attitude.
  • Speaking of Alberto Del Rio, not only was he a cocky, rich, Mexican aristocrat who usually served as a Privileged Rival Foil to his fellow wrestlers, but Del Rio was also a former amateur wrestler and mixed martial artist.
  • Caprice Coleman, the man with the style, the grace, the shape and still, after all these years, the pretty face. Face of an angel, body of a god, why you've overlooked him? Must be odd.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Vampire: The Masquerade:
    • Many Toreador vampires in the subscribe to this trope. Yes, they're obssessed with art and beauty. They also have access to Auspex and Celerity.
    • Likewise, the Lasombra are an aristocratic and regal clan... who have trouble with personal grooming, due to that whole "lacking a reflection" thing. They're said to keep ghouls around mainly to make sure their appearance is immaculate and punish anyone who leaves a hair out of place. They've also got access to Potence and Obtenebration, which means those punishments are gonna hurt. On a side note, they tend to fill their homes with portraits of themselves; general clan opinion is that sitting for one portrait per century is acceptable, but more than that is just vanity. The invention of digital photography, which doesn't use mirrors for imaging, means there are centuries-old Lasombra who are bigger selfie fiends than most mortal teenagers.
    • Many Nosferatu resent beauty and take perverse pleasure in destroying it. "Cleopatras" are Nosferatu that were chosen because of their extraordinary beauty. These vampires were usually (but not always) cruel and exceedingly vain in life, making the Embrace something of an Ironic Hell or a Fate Worse than Death for them. As a result, many "Cleopatras" attempt to learn the Obfuscate ability Mask of a Thousand Faces as soon as possible in an attempt to resume their old ways.
  • This is the hat of Slaanesh-worshipping Space Marines in Warhammer 40,000. Since Slaanesh is the god of pleasure, exhilaration, aesthetics, and narcissism, the typical skew of his cultists are sex, drugs and rock n' roll. Sexless genetically engineered super soldiers don't do sex so either they have to load up on the drugs and rock n' roll and seem very un-soldierish, or they become the pinnacle of the Fighting Narcissist.
    • Specifically, the Emperor's Children and their Primarch Fulgrim are the most notable representation. And even before his corruption by Chaos, Fulgrim was the most prideful and vain of his eighteen brothers.
  • Meanwhile, there's Slaanesh's favorite champion in vanilla Warhammer, Prince Sigvald the Magnificent. He wears golden armour and carries a stylish rapier rather than the customary giant spiky axe of Chaos. All his warriors carry mirrored shields so that he can admire himself while fighting, he suffers from the 'stupidity' rule because of his tendency to sit there and preen in the middle of the battlefield...and Sigmar help you if you think that means he can't slice you up at his leisure.

  • Tybalt, the "Prince of Cats", from Romeo and Juliet is probably the Ur-Example.

    Video Games 
  • Sergei, one of the Seven Deities from Asura's Wrath. He doesn't get too much screen-time and still manages to work "beauty" into half of his lines.
  • Benedict from Battleborn loves himself, rockets, and himself. This along with his annoying personality makes him someone his allies consider as a complete asshat despite what valuable combat capabilities he can provide.
  • Flea, of Chrono Trigger fame, is a tad more mystically inclined than the standard example but he has a quote which embodies the whole fighting narcissist philosophy:
    "Power is beauty, and I'm deliciously strong!"
  • Dawn of War
    • In "The Last Stand" mode for Dawn of War II, the Chaos Sorcerer has two different build paradigms: the Doppelganger-generator, and the "Narcissist" build who turns all Doppelganger-buffs into self-buffs.
    • Also worth mentioning is that the TLS Sorcerer uses the same voice actor as Sindrii Myr, who set new standards for The Starscream by successfully offering his Chaos Lord as a sacrifice for his own daemonic ascension.
  • "Mid-Boss" Vyers from Disgaea gives off this vibe—he calls himself the Dark Adonis, sprinkles his speech with Gratuitous French, indulges in rose motifs, and thinks quite highly of his elegance and strength—although it's more of a facade.
  • Dragalia Lost has a rather tame example in Zardin, who is vain enough to carry a mirror everywhere he goes. While he does become very angry when someone messes up his appearance, he does not try to kill them like most examples of the trope. However, when a monster cuts his face, he loses it and pounds the hapless creature into oblivion. It's revealed that the reason for Zardin's vanity is that he is a Mama's boy, and he looks like his dead mother.
  • Dynasty Warriors
    • Zhang He is obsessed with developing beauty and grace in everything from himself to the formation of his soldiers, and bears a striking resemblance to Vega/Balrog/Claw (see Street Fighter below).
    • And Zhong Hui just can't seem to find enough hours in the day to remind everyone of just how amazing he is.
  • A rare heroic example is Jean Pierre from Fighter's History. A gymnast who got utterly pissed when he received a less-than-perfect score in a tournament, he dedicated himself to train endlessly to hone his beautiful acrobat moves and enters the tournament to see the results of said training.
  • Kuja from Final Fantasy IX is so absorbed with himself that he decides that if he can't live forever, then the world doesn't deserve to go on without him. And as his boss battle proves, he's no slouch in a fight.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Duke Oliver of Tanas from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn believes himself to be the most beautiful man ever despite being an overweight Gonk in reality, to the point of seeing himself as an enemy to all ugly people because of his belief that they sinfully look upon him with envy. However, he will fight on the behalf of anyone else who meets his high standards, simply because he believes that anything beautiful is worth protecting; this is actually how you can recruit him to your side in Radiant Dawn.
    • A wholly heroic example is Subaki from Fire Emblem Fates, who mixes it with The Perfectionist and a bit of Stepford Smiler. He even openly admits it when asked:
      Hinata: Huh?! How can you be in love with yourself? You're the most vain person that I've ever met. How can you be so narcissistic?
      Subaki: It's simple. Appearances are important. Perfecting one's outward image projects confidence and inner beauty. And people will always prefer someone clean and neat over a nasty slob.
    • Narcian from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, complete with Meaningful Name.
    • Another true heroic example is Virion from Fire Emblem: Awakening. However, he might be a partial subversion — it sounds like everything he says is bragging, but any boasts he makes on objective topics, like tactical skill or running errands, are actually just him stating facts.
  • Ash Crimson from The King of Fighters. Subverted, it's a facade
    • Benimaru Nikaido plays it straighter... and is one of the almost non-existent benevolent examples. Yes he is extremely easy in the eye as well as a loyal friend AND a genuinely skilled fighter, but he's also extremely vain and full of himself.
  • When Sora fights Hercules in Kingdom Hearts, the best time to attack is when Hercules stops to admire his muscular arms.
  • The Final Boss of Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Queen Sectonia, is a sociopathic tyrant obsessed with her own beauty, which she claims rivals the gods. She used to be a well-adjusted, benevolent ruler, but years of staring into a Dimension Mirror tainted by Dark Meta Knight caused her to Body Surf across countless life-forms in pursuit of her ideal. By the end of the game, she can barely remember her true shape and begs Kirby for "eternal beauty sleep", since all she has left to cling to is her Pride and even that is failing.
  • League of Legends
    • Draven (Not Draven; Draaaaven) is the younger brother of the famed Noxian general Darius; unlike his brother, however, he wanted only to be famous and have his name recognized everywhere, and so he went from being an ordinary executioner to a flamboyant, theatrical showman, turning executions into grand gladiatorial spectacles with him hunting prisoners down and toying with them before dispatching them with a decisive axe-toss. His quotes reflect this; nearly everything he says is some sort of boast. Hell, the icon for his passive ability (which is obviously named League of Draven) is a picture of his face. Which gives a buff. And the icon for the buff IS HIS FACE.
    • While Draven is the best example, this trope could cover many other League champions as well. Taric regularly talks about how beautiful he is and strikes poses as if for a photoshoot for one of his taunts. Most of Aurelion Sol's quotes are about how much better he is than everyone else, though in his case it's justified.
  • Ghirahim from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword spends much of the cutscene before the second battle against him commending his own beautiful body.
    "Lovely, aren't they? You'll find the supple skin of my arms tougher than any armor. Doesn't their shape just leave you...breathless? Behold! Such beauty! Such a pure form! Such an exquisite physique! Such stunning features! Yes, I've pretty much got it all. Though there is one teensy, tiny thing I lack... Namely, mercy."
  • Doctor Doom carries his self-adoration into Marvel vs. Capcom 3 pretty well:
    "The applause shall continue for another hour. The first to stop clapping shall be executed."
  • Mega Man:
    • Bass from the classic series. He's jealous of Mega Man's position as world champion and wants to kill him for that. And he's also extremely vain. And by lord, he is hot]].
    • Launch Octopus from Maverick Hunter X, hilariously enough. He joins Sigma simply because he considers himself an 'artist' of underwater combat and gets offended when his fighting style is called 'Maverick'. While he's not conventionally pretty by human standards, he speaks in a refined and snotty form of speech and says that 'even my explosion is beautiful' when he dies.
    • Elec Man has a very similar personality in Mega Man Powered Up, another Mega Man remake for the PSP.
    • From Mega Man Zero 4 we have Pegasolta Eclair. When you fight him he introduces himself as "Dr. Weil has a plan as beautiful as myself," and his death quote is "Wah! How could this happen to me!? death, it's so beautiful!"
  • Merco from Mischief Makers is a good example, despite being a Bird Person. In the secret ending where he regains human form, he does indeed turn out to be quite the Bishōnen.
  • A good guy example is Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat. He's an action movie star with a vain streak a mile wide (he only entered the eponymous tournament to show off his considerable fighting skills). This extends to fawning over his double in a Mirror Match. Despite all that, he's the moral center of the heroes.
  • Eikichi from Persona 2 is described by the game as a narcissist in his introductory blurb and with good reason. He effectively runs Kusagayama High School as its feared and respected "Death Boss", all while wearing full make-up, nail polish, and a truckload of jewelry. Since he's a skilled Persona-user, he has more than enough power to back up his boasting.
  • Punch-Out!! series:
    • Super Punch-Out!! had a boxer named Narcis Prince, whose weak spot was his perfect face; a successful punch to his chin would cause him to get pissed off, move faster, hit harder, and make several fatal mistakes in a row, most of which left him open for another sock to the face.
    • In the 2009 Wii game, Super Macho Man embodies this trope. He's a cocky pretty boy bodybuilder from Hollywood, California, who is obsessed with getting attention and lording his wealth, fame, strength, and beauty over others. In the first fight with him, he's very condescending toward Little Mac and leaves himself wide-open posing for photos. In his rematch, he's very angry and frustrated that everything he had that he valued: his media attention, his money supply, even the attention of his former groupies (which Mac didn't even want and had Doc Louis keep them from bothering him) had been taken from him by Mac, and was looking for revenge.
    • Don Flamenco applies in the Wii version. He starts out as an arrogant fighter who goads Little Mac into attacking before making any moves himself. However, after his toupee is knocked off, he flies into a rage that both increases his attack speed and prevents as many openings for combos.
  • Street Fighter's Vega/Balrog/Claw is the best example of this kind of character. Rich, sexy and evil beyond belief, he leads a double life of a nobleman by day and an assassin by night. In all of his battles he wears his iconic mask just to make sure nothing so much as scratches his perfect face. Not to mention he joined Shadaloo because he just really loves killing people. He has a disturbing fixation on both Chun-Li and Cammy, considering Chun-Li the perfect rival in beauty and technique, and because Cammy was made beautiful by Bison himself. The only reason he returns in IV is because he's looking for the data on how to create spare bodies (AKA Seths) for Bison, which would theoretically allow him to live forever.
    • This attitude backfires horribly for him in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, when he fights Chun-Li, who severely puts him off his game by just kicking the ever-loving shit out of his face. Things go from bad to worse for him pretty quick following that.
      • Likewise, in Street Fighter, Ryu puts Vega off his game by holding his face-protecting metal mask in a furnace and leaving him with a burn on one cheek. Vega takes a bad landing on his own claw and dies shortly afterwards.
  • The Suikoden series has an entire class of "Narcissist" characters: foppish aristocrats (or in one case, a conman pretending to be) who have great admiration for themselves, but are surprisingly skilled swordsmen. Atypically for this trope, the Narcissists invariably befriend the hero and get along very well with each other. Typically, they're under the mistaken impression that the hero is part of their clique. It should be pointed out that the male narcissists (Milich, Vincent, Reinbach, etc) are gushingly friendly towards the hero and exhibit (a dramatically heightened) sense of chivalry, whereas the females (Esmeralda and Josephine) are much haughtier and openly bitchy and rude on occasion. Suikoden V introduces Josephine, (the series' first female Narcissist available for the active party) a runaway noblewoman turned fashion designer who unsuccessfully tries to get the hero to dress more "appropriately" (i.e. in gaudily foppish clothing). Unlike other Narcissists of the series, she's not a swordsman, instead being something of a Magic Knight who uses an umbrella with a blade in the tip to rather good effect.
  • Super Mario Bros.: Whether or not Bowser is considered beautiful, he considers himself the epitome of physique and manliness. Hilarious self-worship moments abound in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
  • Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia deserves mention. He even has a title called ''Narcissist'' and various battle quotes to go with it.
    Zelos: I'm just too pretty! Seriously!
  • Craig Marduk from Tekken big time, literally. The only thing that is bigger than his heavily built physique is his ego.
  • Velvet from Them's Fightin' Herds is a rare heroic and nonhuman example, being a reindeer who is too prideful to want to get her hands dirty fighting. Thankfully, she is the resident zoning character who lets her ice powers do the talking for her.
  • Konami Beat 'em Up Violent Storm features Julius, a muscular Greek statue who declares "BEAUTY IS JUSTICE!" when he comes to life to attack you, and if given the chance will frequently stop the fight to pose and flex his muscles. For normal players, he's very tough, but a YouTube video of high-level play shows that he's vulnerable to grab attacks whenever he randomly breaks into his gratuitous bodybuilding pose.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Fate/stay night, Gilgamesh is a king of this trope (amongst the many other things he is king of) and hits practically every part of it spot-on. In the Unlimited Blade Works route, he passes over a perfect opportunity to kill all the main characters in one fell swoop because part of the house they were fighting in was on fire, and it was getting soot on his clothing. His earlier appearance in Fate/Zero has his attitude towards Berserker turn from bored indifference to a genuine rage the moment when Berserker steals one of Gilgamesh's rare swords, and he angrily tells him "how dare you lay your filthy hands on my treasures". Later in the story, he even abandons several of his unique one-of-a-kind superweapons from his Hyperspace Arsenal, because they had been used to attack an ugly Eldritch Abomination and had gotten muddy and slimy as a result.
  • Galaxy Angel: The first game has Camus O. Laphroaig, leader of the Hellhounds. In a variation, he doesn't fight directly, but aboard a space fighter, but otherwise fits the trope to a T, being obsessed with his own beauty and trying to project the image of a romantic charmer, much to the disgust and horror of Milfeulle.

    Web Comics 

    Western Animation 
  • Bugs Bunny briefly serves as mascot for a Gorgeous George-style wrestler named "Ravishing Ronald" in "Bunny Hugged". Ronald lasts about five seconds against his opponent, "The Crusher."
  • In a heroic variation, Neil from Class of the Titans, who is literally a descendant of Narcissus.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog's Bayou loves himself so much, he makes his slave slugs stuff shed skins of himself. His most used word is "me" and variations of it. He's SO vain, that even when his stuffed shed skins attack him, he cannot bring himself to attack them.
  • The Loud House has Lola Loud, a pageant girl who likes to look glamorous. She's also an incredibly aggressive and ill-tempered character, and if episodes like "Lock N Loud" and "Really Loud Music" are anything to go on, she's talented in martial arts.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Invoked on an episode where Bart, Homer, and their friends criticize a boxer on TV who kisses his muscles.
    • Also invoked by Grandpa Simpson's old wrestling persona, Gorgeous Godfrey (of which Mr. Burns is a fan).
  • Transformers:
    • Sunstreaker, from Transformers G1, is a cross between this and combat addict. He's a ferocious fighter whether or not you're on his side (pretty much the only person he actively seems to like is his twin Sideswipe, and even then they bicker), and Primus help you if you scratch his paint. Oddly enough, he's one of the good guys.
    • Sky Lynx for the same series is, if anything, even worse. He's not precisely as hung up on his looks, but he considers himself to be the pinicle of perfection of everything- talent, intelligence, fighting skill, etc. He's also one of the good guys. Springer nicknamed him "Commander Modesty."
    • Tracks, also from the same series, is Sunstreaker with the narcissism ramped up and the aggression ramped down. This means that unlike Sunstreaker he tends to do badly in fights because he's too caught up in worrying about his looks and doesn't work well with other Autobots. He's actually a fairly competent fighter, as shown when he helps take down the Stunticons in the episode Masquerade or in his own spotlight episodes.
    • Knock Out from Transformers: Prime is a vain, sadistic pretty-boy of a Decepticon who once managed to get the drop on Optimus Prime. Like Sunstreaker, he's very sensitive about his paint job.

    Real life 
  • While he became the Fat Bastard in old age, Hermann Göring was a dashing fighter pilot in his youth and diagnosed as a narcissistic sociopath during the Nuremberg trials.
  • David Beckham who is good looking, takes great pride in his appearance, and is a professional footballer. He's a nice example though, as he donates to various charities.
    • Also, Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Ancient Celtic warriors had shades of this, they wore flashy jewellery, carried exquisitely crafted weapons and shields, and even bleached and styled their hair.
  • The Cavaliers during the English civil war were renowned for being vainglorious but affable, hedonistic, and very well-dressed.
  • Gaius Julius Caesar was extremely vain about his appearance, a world-class fighter and habitual womaniser.
  • Alexander the Great was fabulous in terms of dress sense, thought himself the son of Zeus and we all know what a great fighter he was.
  • Joachim Murat was noted as a dandy and was also possibly homosexual, also known for his extravagant clothes and his last words, directed to the firing squad at his execution: "Soldiers! Do your duty! Straight to the heart (Beat) but spare the face. Fire!" He was also a pretty badass cavalry commander.
  • The Emperor Commodus, who dressed up as Hercules, sprinkled gold dust in his hair, renamed Rome after himself and scandalised the aristocracy by taking part in gladiatorial combat. Ironically, not only did he die by drowning, but he was killed by a man named Narcissus.
  • The British Royal Guards are stereotyped as a collective example by the rest of the British Army, being famous for taking drill and deportment very seriously and spending a lot of time standing around looking good in their Highly-Conspicuous Uniform... but most squaddies will admit, if pressed, that the Guards are every bit as competent and professional as any other regiment when they're in the field.
  • Muhammad Ali, taking inspiration from the original Gorgeous George, always boasted that there was no one better at fighting or better-looking than him. He once claimed to be "pretty as a girl", and in the leadup to his first fight with Sonny Liston he mocked his opponent as a "big ugly bear". Even in his old age, he boasted about being prettier than Will Smith, who played him in Ali.
    I'm young, I'm fast, I'm pretty and can't possibly be beat!

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