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Fanfic / Equestria Girls: Friendship Souls

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Equestria Girls: Friendship Souls is a Bleach/My Little Pony: Equestria Girls crossover fanfic written by thatguyvex.

Original cover art here

Currently incomplete.

The author has written a crossover with The Bridge (MLP) called Hunters and Hollows, where the Dark Hunters scout alternate universes and stumble upon Hueco Mundo. It is now complete.

Friendship Souls provides examples of:

    Hunters and Hollows

  • Action Girl: Soul Reaper Tempest Shadow all the way. You don't get much more badass than being the former 11th Division Captain before Hurricane, the previous Kenpachi before Sweet Cider, and having the distinction of being one of the few to survive a fight with the Primera Espada himself. She's able to handle all four kaiju in their human forms along with Di Roy, Gaw, and Roka with only her Shikai, and it's only when Irys transforms into her true kaiju form from absorbing the spiritual energy of Hueco Mundo that she's forced to use Bankai, and Tempest still wins.
  • All Amazons Want Hercules: Tempest Shadow becomes attracted to Monster X because of his great strength. He gently turns her down because he is already dating Aria Blaze.
  • All for Nothing: The Storm King planned for centuries to Devour the Dragon to gain a power boost large enough to defeat Tirek, but the Hunters force him to do it early, and he ends up killed by them and Tempest regardless. Also regarding Tempest, she lost all of her comrades save for Yin and Yang, who only survived due to the alterations Grogar made to them and Grubber's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Beam Spam: The Storm King's Resurreccion can do this with Ceros and Balas, the latter firing in the hundreds or even thousands.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Tempest Shadow was on a scouting mission in Hueco Mundo for Soul Society with her Division when Tirek found them and started slaughtering them. Tempest chose to Hold the Line to get her people back to Soul Society and hope for reinforcements, but none came and she was forced to make a Heroic Sacrifice and was Left for Dead. The Storm King found and sheltered her, so she agreed to work for him to overthrow Tirek. Unfortunately, the Storm King wasn't being altruistic; he saw how her Division members tried to help her and realized she had the charisma necessary to bring a loyal army under his banner with enough time.
  • Big Bad: The Hollow Storm King.
  • Blackmail: Grubber caught Patros breaking the rules, and uses this to get him to do stuff.
  • Blow You Away: The Storm King's trump card and unique Cero variant (which is noted almost every Espada level Arrancar has one) is the Cero Devestador, which involves shaping and merging his Cero with a massive stormcloud to fire an incredible cyclonic attack infused with a Cero powerful enough to glass a large city.
  • Canon Foreigner: Yin and Yang appear as loyal subordinates to Tempest Shadow, whose backstories are that they were experimented upon by Grogar that cost them the ability to use Resurreccion, but in exchange they gained their powerful lightning and fire abilities respectively. Still, rather fitting that even in this new universe they found themselves loyal to a disgraced Soul Reaper.
  • Composite Character: Tempest Shadow draws from several different characters: Her Bankai has many parallels with Sajin Komamura's, her status as a former Soul Reaper who has earned the legitimate loyalty of Hollows and Arrancar brings to mind Sojiro Kusaka, and being the female Noble Top Enforcer and A Mother to Her Men to a seemingly benevolent leader who saved her life only to be betrayed by that leader when they reveal their true selfish colors echoes Tier Harribel.
  • Devour the Dragon: The Storm King's endgame has been to cannibalize his whole army via his Zanpakuto's unique ability to drain the energy of every Hollow it's branded once he activates his Resurreccion and use the resulting power-up to defeat Tirek. When Tempest goes against him to free the heroes and he sees that most of the army is reluctant to choose between him or her, he decides to reap the harvest early to power-up and kill them all. To accelerate the drain, his monstrous form sprouts tentacles that can absorb his branded Hollows into his mass. Fittingly, the release command for his Zanpakuto is "Cannibalize".
    The Storm King: What’s what? Oh, that feeling like your entire being is getting sucked out through a straw? That’s the true power of my brand, and my Zanpakuto. Any Hollow I’ve branded, upon releasing my Traicion, has their essence absorbed into mine. Pretty neato, isn’t it?
  • Discard and Draw: Thanks to Grogar's experiments to try and see if he could make an Arrancar's Zanpakuto work more like a Soul Reaper's, Yin and Yang lost the ability to use Resurreccion, but gained their respective Elemental Powers.
  • Doppelgänger Gets Same Sentiment:
    • Monster X and Irys are disturbed when they meet alternate versions of their friends Adagio Dazzle and Sunset Shimmer. Monster X quickly realizes they are different and don't know them, then manages to prevent Irys from making a scene when she sees Sunset.
    • When Adagio finds out X is dating an alternate version of Aria, she tells him to take care of her. She may not be her Aria, but she is still family.
  • Due to the Dead: Since Hollows disintegrate when they die, they remember them by carving their names into stone.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: The Storm King cannot comprehend that Tempest Shadow would earnestly serve and work with him if he actually trusted her, or that not everyone is out to get and betray him if he doesn't betray them first.
    The Storm King: You damned idiot! You could have had the revenge you wanted!
    Tempest: Revenge? Yes, I wanted that. But far more important than that, I wanted to have the meaning restored to my life that only comes from bonds shared with comrades who are as family. I would have followed you anywhere, for such a bond, if you hadn’t thrown it away. Now, neither of us have anything. So I guess that means we’re both idiots.
    The Storm King: Tch... So...damned...sentimental...
  • Extra-ore-dinary: Tempest Shadow's Zanpaktou in Shikai allows her to summon and manipulate storms of metal. In Bankai, she controls a huge metal giant.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Much like his Equestria counterpart, the Hollow Storm King presents an affable, if eccentric front, and he looks after his people and has provided them with plenty of comforts, which Tempest hopes to spread to the rest of Hueco Mundo to make it a better place. He always intended to sacrifice all of them for a power boost so he could defeat Tirek, and Tempest going against him brings this crashing to the surface.
  • Hates Baths:
    • Gaw cannot swim, so she is scared of water and refuses to bathe.
    • Grubber dislikes bathing because he prefers to smell like his "natural musk".
  • Giant Equals Invincible: Averted. The Storm King's Resurreccion takes damage, but his Healing Factor more than makes up for it. The four kaiju are tough, yes, but they can indeed be hurt by enough force. The Storm King's Beam Spam is even compared to the usual salvo of missiles and weaponry from human enemies, but unlike man-made weapons, the Storm King's attacks are strong enough to hurt.
  • Healing Factor: The Storm King's Resurreccion has an incredible one, capable of healing attacks from Tempest's Bankai and combined attacks from all four Dark Hunters' kaiju forms. However, as it is tied to his reiastu levels, it does have limits as he takes more damage and expends more energy.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Grubber, in addition to reminding Tempest that as a Soul Reaper if she deals the finishing blow to the Storm King all the souls absorbed will be purified, was the one who protected Yin and Yang as they were assimilated by the Storm King and when purified he used the last of his strength to hold their own spirit energy together so they would survive.
  • Hold the Line: Tempest Shadow did this centuries ago against Tirek to let the 11th Division escape back to Soul Society. She does it again at the climax of the story against the Storm King's Resurreccion to buy time for Monster X, Gigan, Megalon, and Irys to access their own kaiju forms.
  • Interquel: The events of the fic take place during the time period after the Quincy assault on Las Noches but before the Camp Everfree arc to rescue Ember.
  • It's All About Me: The Storm King, naturally. He's the one who stabs Tempest in the back when she's the one trying to find a compromise between Monster X's group and him, absorbs the entire Hollow army for a power up to selfishly take down Tirek and kill those against him, an he has the audacity to suggest he's the one wronged.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Yin and Yang cause the fight between the Storm King forces and the alliance of Adagio's Fraccion and the Dark Hunters because they panicked, believing that they were all spies from Las Noches trying to sniff them out for elimination. They apparently have a habit of jumping the gun since Grubber isn't at all surprised when it happens and offers to bet with Tempest which of them did it this time, Tempest herself seems more irritated in a resigned way than anything, and the Storm King upon learning of what went down isn't fazed they caused the incident.
  • Mistaken for Romance: Tempest Shadow assumes that Irys is Monster X's girlfriend. When he says she is not, Tempest is relieved and tries to flirt with him until he tells her about his actual girlfriend Aria Blaze.
  • Mistaken for Spies: The Dark Hunters agreed to help Adagio's forces scout Hueco Mundo for powerful Hollows who might be inclined to join her in overthrowing Tirek. They get captured by the Storm King's forces. The Storm King doesn't believe them and thinks they are Tirek's spies.
  • A Mother to Her Men: Tempest Shadow is almost universally loved by the Storm King's legions, and it's pretty clear she's the one who their true loyalty lies with. Fitting, considering her time as the former 11th Division Captain, and exploited by the Storm King in order to gather as many followers as he could.
  • Naked on Revival: When Yin and Yang are revived after being devoured by the Storm King, they materialize naked. Nobody reacts to this and Tempest gives them new clothes.
  • "Not So Different" Remark: Monster X and Tempest Shadow realize this because they are loyal to their masters, Bagan and the Storm King respectively, for helping them, but don't know them that well and are merely pawns.
  • Parental Substitute: It's made clear that Tempest Shadow is Yin and Yang's adopted mother in all but name.
  • Savage Wolves: The Storm King's Resurreccion turns him into a giant wolf with six tails each tipped with a wolf head and multiple Combat Tentacles able to spear targets. It fits his true nature as A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.
  • Spike Shooter: Grubber's Resurreccion makes him grow spikes all over his body, and he can fire them. Gigan's kaiju form modified by Hollow energy can fire these out of its Arm Cannons.
  • Villains Want Mercy: The Storm King asks for a "time out" after his Cero Devestador is foiled by Kaizer X's opposing attack weakening and diffusing its energy from a direct hit on the heroes, and he used up so much of his remaining energy his Healing Factor is compromised. Understandably, none of them grant it.
  • Virtue Is Weakness: The Storm King believes concepts like trust and friendship hold people back.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness:
    • Grogar left Yin and Yang to die after his experiments on them were finished.
    • The Storm King had always planned to Devour the Dragon to his Hollow and Arrancar followers to get a boost to defeat Tirek, and he presumably was going to dispose of Tempest Shadow once he had done so, but when the Hunters cause a rift between the two he decides to do both early.