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You call me a cheeky monkey.
Woman: What are you doing?!
Principal Lewis: Showing you my butt. ...What? You thought those were ding-dong prices?! (laughs) Na-ah, nah, nah.

Ah, yes, the time-honored tradition of pulling down one's pants and displaying one's buttocks. While the term "mooning" has been in the English language for over 400 years, it wasn't until the late 1960s that it gained its modern slang usage.

Mooning is typically done for sheer, pointless defiance, to taunt an enemy, or simply for laughs. The general idea is to do it within full view of people who don't expect or want to see a pair of bare buttocks. Cheek Copy is a cousin of this trope that's less direct and can have the perpetrator be a safe distance from the victim with the same net result.

While this is often a male-oriented behavior, it's not unheard of for a woman to do the same. Of course, when a woman does this, it's often more for titillation than shock or offense.

Performing the act from the window of a moving car is perhaps the most common form in modern America. This solves the problem of a quick getaway while one's pants are undone. A popular variant is the "pressed ham", wherein the mooner shoves his bare cheeks up against the glass of a closed window.

In more unfortunate situations, the act of mooning may be followed by an Ass Shove.

While in fiction this is usually portrayed as harmless with no serious consequences (probably except for embarrassment), in Real Life, many jurisdictions will consider this actually illegal if done in public, with charges of public indecency or even second degree sexual assault.


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  • An ill-advised prank advertising the Melbourne Comedy Festival.
  • There is a Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 commercial where two guys in a car stop next to the police. The passenger moons them and the two speed off.

    Anime & Manga 
  • A favorite move of the titular character from Crayon Shin-chan, which he calls the "ass dance" (by pulling his pants down, bending over, and running left and right diagonally).
  • In the City Hunter Movie "Death of the vicious criminal Ryo Saeba", after getting drunk one night, the titular character Ryo sees a helicopter filming him from his hotel room and he decides to flash his bare bum at it from his window.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Mr. Satan threatens to do this to Cell in the manga, but it is never shown. In the anime, he smacks his butt at Cell.
    • Kid Trunks to Broly in two of the Dragon Ball Z movies.
    • It was also done by Kid Goku to Lord Luud in Dragon Ball GT, and his descendant Goku Jr. also did this in his movie.
    • Goku also managed to do it completely by accident in Dragon Ball when asked if his tail was real: he pulled down his pants and mooned the audience to show that yes, it was real.
  • In Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood, after barely escaping from the Dark Knight Bruford, Poco lowers his trousers and smacks his ass to mock the undead monster.
  • In Kemono Jihen, Inugami shows off his tail to Kabane like this, proving that he's a Kemono like Kabane is before explaining what a Kemono is.
  • The manga Kono S wo Miyo has a few examples. The protagonist gets a stigma on his buttocks that, if seen by a grown female, will fall deeply in love with him. It is mostly accidental, but he does use this method a few times.
  • The Panpaka Pants movie Panpaka Pants The Movie: Treasure of the Bananan Kngdom has Terry, the Monkey, Orson the Crane and Wanpoko the Dog bare their butts sometimes, much to Panpaka's dismay.
  • In the original Japanese version of Powerpuff Girls Z, the Rowdyruff Boys bare their backsides to the girls as a way to taunt and annoy them in the 20th episode. Shown here.
  • The fourth episode of Tentomushi no Uta has Hiyoko bare her behind in contempt at her brother Kintaro.


    Comic Books 
  • Bart Simpson featured a few instances of characters baring their behinds.
    • "The Time Bandit!", a story from the 14th issue, has Bart go back in time to when Homer and Marge were children. At one point, Bart gets a laugh out of Homer's class (the teacher included) by mooning them.
    • "Ponce Upon a Time" from issue 42 has Bart discover to his horror that he'll look like Homer as he grows older after comparing a childhood photo of himself mooning when he was a baby to a childhood photo of Homer doing the same.
    • "The Mystery of the Pesky Desk", a story from the 53rd issue, has Lisa investigate the mystery of a desk believed to be cursed, when in truth there's moonshine fumes causing whoever sits at the desk to become reckless and stripped of inhibitions. One of the things Lisa ends up doing after sitting at the desk is mooning her classmates.
  • Would you believe that this once happened to Batman? Guy Gardner may have a glass jaw, but he still has balls of steel. Although Batman takes it with commendable aplomb:
    Batman: Tell Guy he needs a shave.
  • The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers have a '50s nostalgia party, but Franklin doesn't dress up, declaring the decade "a drag". Fat Freddy incredulously cries "Whadd'ya mean? Remember cruisin'? Chopped Deuce coupes? Submarine races? Moonin'?" (his emphasis) Fat Freddy does eventually come round to Franklin's point of view when it's pointed out that it wasn't half as easy to get stoned back then.
  • In Hack/Slash vs. Army of Darkness, Ash convinces Cassie to take part in a great American tradition: Mooning passing motorists.
  • Marvel What the... throws two occasions in just for the pun, involving the Black Pantser and the Moon Knight. Lampshading strictly optional: "We can't do this in a comic!"
  • Patty-Cake:
    • At the end of "Scorned", a story in the fourth issue of the first volume of Patty Cake & Friends, Patty gets back at her rival Susie McBee by calling her on the phone and telling her to look out her window just so she can moon her off-panel.
    • In the eleventh issue of the second volume of Patty Cake & Friends, the story "Girls at the Beach" has Patty's older sister get in trouble for mooning out the car window while the Bakerman family are driving to the beach.
  • We don't see it, but in PS238, minor character Ajax once mooned two of his teachers while under the effects of another student's Mind Control.
  • Tank Girl:
    • A strip published in 1989 had Tank Girl moon the reader on the last panel, the words "Up Yours" written on her bare ass.
    • In the fifth issue of King Tank Girl, the story "Commando" ends with Tank Girl, Sub Girl and Jet Girl exposing their behinds to prove that they were on the third day of their underwear routine (which was not wearing underweat at all after one day of wearing underwear normally and one day of wearing them inside-out).
    Booga: Now that's an ending I can really get behind!

    Comic Strips 
  • In Calvin and Hobbes Calvin mentions he had no choice but to do this to the class when he accidentally ripped the seat of his pants and Miss Wormwood, not knowing what had happened, made him go up to do a math problem on the board (he was too embarrassed to tell her why he didn't want to go up). He then comments to Hobbes that he ended up getting to go home early from school because several teachers and the principal couldn't restore order afterwards.
  • The Far Side:
    • One cartoon shows a castle guard with arrows in his butt being carried on a stretcher. One of his fellow soldiers talks about how he had suggested that somebody should try mooning the Saxons sieging their castle.
    • There is another one featuring sheep having a night on the town.
    • Another cartoon depicts a beetle couple at home, with the wife looking at the neighbours' house, which is entirely dark except for two large glowing spots from the window. She tells her husband that the fireflies across the street are mooning them.
    • Yet another comic parodied the Ty-D-bol commercials by having a miniscule family of three living in the toilet looking upward. The father remarks "Looks like another full moon", implying that someone is about to sit on the toilet to take a dump.
  • A cartoon in MAD had a group of teenagers mooning a passerby who turned out to be a werewolf and who is transformed by his exposure to a 'full moon'.
  • In the newspaper comic strip version of The Moomins, each extended arc begins with a close-up panel of Moomintroll's butt.
  • Works by cartoonist Mordillo:
    • One cartoon featured a clash of two pirate ships. #1 opens all hatches and shows their cannons. The reaction of #2 obviously is opening all hatches and showing their butts.
    • Another cartoon depicted a woman mooning to retaliate against a male flasher.

    Fan Works 
  • Codex Equus:
    • Azamuku, the Alicorn-Kitsune hybrid god of Deceit, Rebellion, and Moral Goodness, has taken to mooning people as a way of humiliating them for claiming to be "honorable" yet being rotten at heart.
      • While fighting members of the Interregnum during their final showdown, he would moon them in retaliation for driving his Kitsune mother to fake her death in order to protect herself and her hybrid son from persecution.
      • He also does this to arrogant, traditionalist deities who try molding him into a 'proper' deity. Whenever they tried to convince him to wear divine regalia or barding instead of going around naked, his response was to moon them. He would moon a deity who tried making a visiting Prince Caerulus Melodia drop his southern accent, and would suggest using this method to deal with those who try making him act 'proper', something Caerulus would take to heart once he went back to Equestria.
—+-> Azamuku: Your Highness, sometimes you'll meet gods who think they know how you should act, and tell you things you don't want to hear. So when things get too much and they won't stop no matter what you say, just turn around and show them your rear!
  • Prince Caerulus Melodia himself mooned someone in one incident; he grew annoyed with a traditionalist deity who tried making him drop his southern Ponyland accent so he could speak in a proper and refined way befitting of a divine sovereign. When said deity wouldn't stop bothering him, Caerulus proceeded to retaliate by mooning them, something Azamuku taught him after befriending the divine Alicorn-Kitsune hybrid in Neighpon. This caused his twin brother Bossa Nova/Prince Rubeus and other friends who were nearby when it happened to collapse into laughter.
  • In Celebrity Deathmatch fic Final Stand of Death, during their VR training session Emma and Melanie gets moon by a random Scotsman. Groucho remarks on Melanie getting a bulleye in response.
  • In the Parody Fic Giggles Bags the Borg, a WW1 air ace drops his pants while flying over the Hun trenches. He's not trying to insult anyone though; the castor oil lubricant used in the airplane engine is giving him the runs.
  • Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space. Our introduction to our bold space hero Captain Proton has him admiring the radiant surface of the moon, which turns out to be a Sex Bot giving him a panty shot.
  • During chapter 6 of Sugar Rush: Rival Racing, Petty Capop-Rock moons Swizzle and Minty as a distraction when they race against him and his brother. This prompts all the female racers to cringe in disgust, while the male racers all laugh (with the exception of Gloyd and Rancis, who wanted to laugh but were well aware that their friends were losing the race).
  • During the 82nd Hunger Games of Tales of the Hunger Games, Linnet and her district partner moons the entire crowd during the tribute parade.
    Linnet: "Ladies and gentlemen, you've seen us as suns...but have you seen us...moon?"
  • The Doctor Who fanfic Why You Should Never Moon a Ninja has Jamie doing this, and suffering the consequences.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In 12 Monkeys, Jeffrey Goines (Brad Pitt) does this to the security staff at a mental institution while acting up.
  • In 8 Mile, while battling Lyckety Splyt in a rap battle, B-Rabbit (portrayed by Eminem) finishes his verse with the last lines: "So I'm gonna turn around with a great smile/and walk my white ass back across 8 mile", while showing his full moon to his opponent while doing so.
  • In American Graffiti, an unnamed character played by Ken Martinez flashes his backside at nerd character Toad. While the mooner remains silent, the character's girlfriend is driving the car and catcalls to Toad, causing many to incorrectly remember this as a female example.
  • In Angela's Ashes, Malachy Jr. moons Oliver and Eugene in one scene to try to make them laugh.
  • In Austin Powers in Goldmember, this is Mini-Me's statement to the World Councillors sentencing him and Dr. Evil (who is quite amused by the display.)
  • Billy Elliot. A thief moons a pursuing police car. This would qualify as a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment, were it not for this random moment enabling Billy to steal the crucial library book which teaches him to dance.
  • Braveheart has this with the entire Scottish army. The English army responds with a volley of longbow fire, and at least one of them scores a bullseye.
  • In The Burning, Dave, Fish, and Woodstock moon at Glazer as he angrily yells at them for shooting him in the ass with an air pistol.
  • In Captain America: The First Avenger, the good Captain gets mooned on stage by a soldier who was unimpressed with his USO performance.
  • Captain Sabertooth and the Lama Rama Treasure has one of the antagonistic pirate mooning the protagonists from the other ship. Incidentally, this scene made it into the first trailer.
  • In Tobe Hooper's Crocodile Annabelle, played by Julie Mintz, pulls down her shorts to do a drive by mooning from the back of a jeep.
  • The Court Jester. The Rightful Heir (still an infant) has a Birthmark of Destiny on his butt. There are a couple of scenes of Hawkins holding the infant in his arms, lowering the swaddling clothes just far enough to reveal the birthmark, causing those who see it to Kneel Before Zod.
  • In Deadpool, Wade spells out Francis' name with the dead bodies of his mooks... and the "I" had his pants down, rear end exposed.
  • Death on the Nile: A well-to-do woman (played by Bette Davis) is relaxing and drinking tea while riding a steamship down the titular river Nile. A group of young native boys run alongside the steamship, shouting and waving to get her attention in a seemingly-friendly manner. She smiles at the "charming little urchins" until they suddenly all turn their backs to her and drop their pants...
  • In Dirty Work Mitch gets Sam to do this to a waiting line-up at a movie theater. He then parked there, which Sam notes kinda misses the point.
  • In Easy Virtue Philip makes a joke about his performing the can-can naked to Larita and she responded that she would do anything for him. After hearing this her sister-in-law Hilda decided to perform the dance without panties, and the result was her reputedly mooning the audience during the dance
  • Fear Street: Part One. While returning home on the school bus with the band after the game, Ryan moons the jocks in hot pursuit in their convertible with a pressed ham from the back window.
  • Forrest Gump. The title character, at one point, gets Shot in the Ass. Later, Lyndon Johnson jokingly expresses interest in seeing the wound. Forrest, of course, takes the request literally and moons the President of the United States. Fortunately, the Big Chief was more amused than anything else (LBJ was a bit on the crass side when it came to manners).
    Lyndon Johnson: [chuckling] Goddamn, son!
  • The Gamers: Dorkness Rising: How do you worship a Moon God?
  • In the film version of Grease, the Headmistress announces that the FBI had experts examining images of the young men who did this on live television. During Blue Moon, no less.
  • There's a "we have to change our clothes while the car is in motion" sequence in Johnny Dangerously that results in a mooning.
  • After K-19: The Widowmaker is forced to surface near a US Navy vessel to make repairs, the crew does a spontaneous mass mooning of a passing helicopter.
  • The first dare Sydney is shown performing in Nerve is mooning the crowd at a pep rally: bending over and flipping up her cheerleader skirt to reveal she is not wearing underwear.
  • In Only the Brave, on the way to a fire, the guys fool around on the bus, and at one point one of them moons everyone.
  • In Our Brand Is Crisis, while overtaking the bus of her rival on a precarious Bolivian mountain road, Sandra Bullock's character sticks her bare butt out a window to taunt them while her staff watches in amusement and shock. In interviews Bullock, seemingly embarrassed, admitted she did not use a stunt double for the mooning.
  • In Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge, Buzz tricks a guard away from the video surveillance booth by mooning the camera, so he and Susie can search for Melody.
  • In Joel Schumacher's The Phantom of the Opera, a man on a balcony moons Carlotta just before she begins her "Prima Donna" song, to the great amusement of the nearby spectators. Apparently no one likes her much.
  • Point Break. As the Ex-Presidents flee the bank they're robbing, the robber wearing the Nixon Mask yanks down his pants to show the words Thank You written on his behind. Ironically this provides the initial clue that the robbers are surfers, because this exposes his tan line to the CCTV cameras.
  • In the final scene of the '80s movie Private School, the graduating class of the titular all-girl school do this.
  • In Problem Child, Ben Healy's father Big Ben moons his audience without realizing that the camera is on.
  • Prom Night movies:
    • Vicki (Pita Oliver) moons the creepy school janitor in Prom Night (1980), and gets scolded for it.
    • Jeff in the fourth film moons the prom attendees as he and the other characters are on their way to their own party.
  • The Alpha Beta fraternity in Revenge of the Nerds does this to the Tri-Lambs. Yes, the whole fraternity shows their hairy buttocks, among other things. While singing "Old MacDonald".
  • In the Australian film Romper Stomper, one of the skinheads does this while they're fleeing from the pursing Vietnamese.
  • In Slapshot the entire team and their followers do this out the windows of a bus in one town.
  • In The Smurfs 2, when Patrick Winslow says, "Is a Smurf's butt blue?", Grouchy is seen bending over and preparing to flash his own butt, saying "You tell me". And this is coming from the same Smurf who in the previous movie taunted Patrick Winslow with "kiss my smurf". There would have been a "blue moon" in this film as well if Grouchy was allowed to pull it off.
  • In Starship Troopers, one of Rico's fellow recruits is talked into mooning Rico's camera when he's composing a message for Carmen.
  • In M. Night Shyamalan's The Visit (2015), Nana gets overly excited while playing hide and seek with her grandchildren in the eave under the house. Her long skirt gets disarrayed in the process, causing her to walk away toward the horizon with one ass cheek showing. Later in the movie, a security camera catches her sleepwalking nude. The most reliable reports indicate that these shots used stunt doubles rather than principal actress Deanna Dunagan, who was 75 at the time.
  • In Wish You Were Here (1987) when Lynda was repeatedly yelling "up ya bum" her neighbor asked what she was doing. She replied that she was just looking for a cat. The girl then bent down and lifted her nightshirt giving the grouchy woman an eyeful.
  • In the Adam Sandler vehicle You Don't Mess with the Zohan (2008), when Michael (Nick Swardson) arrives home from work, his first sight is the beefy bare backside of his mother, whose skirt is in disarray while she makes out with Sandler's titular lodger. The lady appears to be played in this scene by a double, and not principal actress Lainie Kazan.
  • In Zapped (1982), a group of guys from the rival high school do this to Scott Baio's character after he hit a home run to win the baseball game. They would regret it.

  • In the Belisarius Series, the Axumites do this to mock Venandakatra during the celebration of Shakuntala's wedding. They rotate through the platform facing Venandakatra three times, because the crowd loves the sight of four hundred bare black asses hanging over the battlements to taunt Malwa.
  • The Canterbury Tales: Alison moons her unsuccessful suitor Absolon through a window in the dark in "The Miller's Tale"... while leading him to believe she's sticking her face out the window for a kiss. He "kist her naked ers", and Squick ensues. He then comes back with a red-hot iron, asks for another kiss, and shoves the iron "amidde the ers" of Alison's lover.
  • In Graham Oakley's children's book The Church Mice and the Moon a small camera-carrying rocket to the moon goes astray and ends up in the church instead. At the press conference a politician announces pompously, "Ladies and Gentleman, the moon!" not realising the rocket's camera is actually showing a member of the church choir bending over while taking off their robe.
  • An odd example occurs in L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz books, although this is not the fault of author Baum, but of illustrator John R. Neill. This artist had an apparent fetish for including bizarre non sequiturial images in the drawings he made to accompany Baum's stories. In The Scarecrow of Oz, whose first act follows a boat trip gone wrong a la Gilligan's Island, Neill chose to pepper the adventure with gratuitous scenes of an attractive, well-built, not-quite-human lady in the water, with fins on her arms (a la Aquaman) and on the sides of her head (like Flash wings or Catwoman ears). No such character is ever mentioned in Baum's text. In the full-page illustration preceding chapter one, this mermaid/nereid/selkie/whatever-she-is is riding a whitewater wave which strategically covers her lower body, except for a "window" which gives us an unobstructed view of her bare buttocks.
  • Dave Barry's Guide to Guys:
    • According to him, one of the immature activities which constitute the "business meetings" of the Arcola Broom Corn Festival involves
      a man climbing up a ladder and, using props, presenting a dramatic rendition of a song while the Rangers attempt to guess the title, which is not difficult because the song always involves the word "moon"
    • In the same book, he also states that mooning is one of the two things invented by guys, the other being Pez.
  • According to the Discworld Fools' Guild Diary, the battle clowns of Uberwald used to wear armour everywhere except their backside. The practice of displaying their scars was named after the town they were based in: Müning.
  • In the National Lampoon's High School Yearbook Parody, there is a picture with the caption "Thanks to parents for lending their cars to transport prom balloons." Except it's not balloons we see pressed against the window of the car.
    • The cover of the same book has three cheerleaders performing a synchronized routine, with their skirts flipping up in motion. While two of the girls are wearing modest bathing suits/leotards, the third lady is commando. While we have a view of her butt, the characters on the audience benches react in open mouth shock to the implied sight of her reproductive region. Whether the woman is exposing herself deliberately or merely forgot to put on her undies that morning is open to interpretation, as this standalone image does not illustrate any of the stories inside. (Some reprint editions strategically place a title bar over the lady's butt on the cover, yet provide the unobstructed view within the book's interior.)
  • Bobby is forced to do this as part of his hazing by Rumson and his gang in One Fat Summer. Needless to say, Bobby doesn't find it fun at all.
    "Lookit that can!"
    "There's two moons tonight!"

    Live-Action TV 
  • Judging from her body language and facial expression, the reporter thinks that the guy who's mooning her has a nice butt in this live report.
  • In The Big Bang Theory episode "The Pants Alternative", Sheldon gets drunk before his award acceptance speech and ends up mooning the audience and being put on YouTube:
    Sheldon: Now, for the astronomers in the audience, get ready to see the dark side of the moon. And here's Uranus!
  • On The Bob Newhart Show, Bob's old college pal, nicknamed "The Peeper", reveals that Bob's nickname was "The Mooner." Bob hastily claims it was because he liked the "Moon Mullins" comic strip, but then smiles as he remembers an old Studebaker they used to drive...
  • In an episode of Designing Women Julia Sugarbaker (off-camera) humiliates herself at a charity fashion show by walking the runway with the back of her dress tucked into her pantyhose, and later says she fears she'll be forever known as "The Woman Who Mooned Atlanta."
  • In 1990s TV series Drexell's Class, when the title character expects he is getting a better job, resigns his teaching position, and, as a final Take That! to his boss, moons her. This comes back to bite him when his new job goes bust and he has to beg for his old one back.
  • In the "Take Me to the Ball Game" episode of Good Luck Charlie, Uncle Mel moons the baseball players and is shown on the Jumbo screen. Of course, Teddy and Ivy cover him up with foam fingers, but don't forget this is a Disney Channel show! Later:
    Teddy: Then the police officer told us to please leave, then Uncle Mel told him to kiss something that was on the jumbo screen.
  • Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies: The premiere episode "We're Gonna Rule the School" has Nancy, Jane, Olivia and Cynthia mooning everyone during an assembly.
  • On The Jeff Foxworthy Show Jeff is the king of mooning in his hometown since at a major ball game his mooning attempt got caught on the jumbo-tron. Later that episode he and his son moon a car with three women in it. It turns out the women were his wife, sister-in-law, and brother's girlfriend.
  • In a home video contest in the Chilean Cult Classic show Maldita sea!, one of the videos featured a guy hallucinating after sniffing on his smelly tennis shoes. One of his hallucinations features him facing a warrior who warns him about his "body power" and then moons him as an attack. Then he kills him, but as said above it was All Just a Dream.
  • On Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Ned moons Cookie in "Vampires, Werewolves, Ghouls and Ghosts" to transform him into a werewolf.
  • Night Court had a rare female version where Billie pulled her skirt up and mooned out the window of Harry's chamber. The episode ended with quite a few people in the building across from Harry's office mooning back.
    Bull: There are eight million stories in the naked city. (the others glare at him) Somebody had to say it!
  • Parks and Recreation:
    • In episode 2.12 "Christmas Scandal", Leslie gets involved in a scandal involving her being falsely claimed to have had sex with a married city councilman, she ends it on live TV when he claims he has a mole on her butt cheek, she pulls down her pants, mooning the hostess, to prove this is untrue. (Her butt is not shown to us.)
    • In episode 2.22 "Telethon", to prevent Mark from proposing to Ann and being shot down on live television, Leslie pulls down her pants, mooning the camera. (Her butt is not shown to us.) The hostess from the earlier episode comments that it is getting to be a habit.
  • Rome: When the forces of Julius Caesar steal a march on Rome, Pompey Magnus and his senatorial supporters have to flee because he hasn't raised enough soldiers to defend the city. The populace are shown jeering their apparent cowardice, including one man who bares his buttocks in contempt.
  • On an episode of Roseanne, Arnie laments that the only thing he and Nancy used to fight about was "who drives and who moons."
  • The first instance of visible mooning on network U.S. TV was on St. Elsewhere where Dr. Westphall, who had quit in disgust, was offered a new job by his replacement. His response was to bare his backside and say "You can kiss my ass, pal." The action and the line were very risque for 1987.
  • Penny Marshall had a cameo in the Taxi episode "Louie Moves Uptown", where she tries to get a nice apartment. However the application board rejected her because she was an actress, and she responded by hiking up her skirt and sticking her tongue out at them. (She was wearing decent underwear.)
  • That '70s Show:
    • Eric invents the "Moon & Trench" which involves him "trenching" his teacher's lawn with the Vista Cruiser after mooning him at the door.
    • Donna mooned a pep rally photo that made it into the yearbook. She was proud of it, but Eric was all dickish and possessive about it until he dropped trou to prove he was okay with Donna showing her butt, unintentionally mooning his and Donna's parents in the process.
  • In the Two and a Half Men episode "Pinocchio's Mouth" Jake is kicked off his school bus (and Alan grounds him) for doing this.
  • On Who's the Boss?, Angela relates how, as a teenager, she mooned a guy who stood her up.
  • In one episode of The Wonder Years, Kevin goes out with his friends who moon an older couple in the next car at a stoplight, but Kevin himself ducks down upon realizing the couple is his parents!
  • One clip on World's Dumbest... has a group of people who get together to moon a train.

  • A popular children's song is the Gold Rush era folk-song "Sweet Betsy From Pike," which tells the story of the a woman and her boyfriend/husband Ike traveling to California. They survive numerous hardships, almost starve, fend off hostile Indians, and successfully arrive to dig for their fortune. Oh, yes, and along the way: "Out on the prairie one bright starry night/They broke the whiskey and Betsy got tight./She sang and she shouted and danced o'er the plain/And showed her bare arse to the whole wagon train." How this affected Betsy's relations with her wagon train neighbors, whom she would presumably have to see every day, knowing that all of them had witnessed her public partial nudity when she was in a drunken foolish state, and whether she ever lived it down, are anyone's guess. The song never mentions the incident again, and the verse can be excised without changing anything else. One famous version, recorded by Burl Ives, changes the final line to the nebulous "and made a great show for the whole wagon train."
  • Long before Eminem, AC/DC guitarist Angus Young would moon the audience at the end of stripping down to just his schoolboy shorts. Nowadays, he wears boxers printed with the flag of the country they're performing in.
  • Perhaps not too surprisingly, Eminem is known to have done this at some of his concerts.
  • The cover of Iron Maiden's "The Best of 'B' Sides" shows Eddie The Head mooning the viewer from behind a windshield of a bus.
  • Keith Moon's solo album, "Two Sides Of The Moon" had a picture of Keith and a lady sitting in a limo on the cover photo, but inside there was an alternate picture of Keith mooning out the window of the limo.
  • The Toy Dolls song and album, "Bare Faced Cheek", the cover of which is shown above.
  • The title of Frank Zappa's instrumental composition "A Pound For A Brown On The Bus" from Uncle Meat was inspired by two of his band members who placed a bet for a pound on the tour bus that one of them wouldn't dare to show his behind on the bus. Before his words were cold one of them was already pulling down his pants and showed his behind, thus winning the bet.
  • When Paul McCartney was recording "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" for The Beatles album Abbey Road, he chuckles in the line "Writing fifty times". This was because John Lennon, in the engineer's booth, mooned him (expressing discontent he, Ringo and George had over the time spent on the song).

    Myths & Religion 
  • In The Bible of all places: Exodus 33:23 implies God moons Moses (the exact words are "And I will take away mine hand, and thou shalt see my back parts") Some translations just say He shows Moses His bare back though.
  • The Japanese monster known as the Shirime exposes its rear to passersby it encounters on the street... in order to show its anus is a giant eye.


    Pro Wrestling 

    Puppet Shows 
  • In the Dinosaurs two-part episode "Nuts to War", a television report of the war between bipedal and quadrupedal dinosaurs has Howard Handupme inform the audience that footage of the war is too intense to show at dinnertime. Fran Sinclair's mother Ethyl Phillips remarks that it's probably because one of the soldiers mooned the camera.

  • In a 90s episode of The News Quiz, Jeremy Hardy mocked a rugby player who appeared in a Quorn ad trying to look like a sensitive New Man who did the cooking, claiming that you could tell he was thinking "Isn't there a coach window I could bare my arse out of?"

  • There's a character in the stage play Grease who is known for this. The song "Mooning" is a Double Entendre.
  • The King's wives in The King and I, who at one point wear Gorgeous Period Dresses that did not come with undergarments, accidentally did this to some visitors from England. One of the visitors unintentionally scares them with his monocle, causing them to lift up their skirts and run away.
  • In RENT, during the lines "We raise our glass/You bet your ass" in "La Vie Boheme," Maureen gets up on the table and moons Benny and his associates.

    Video Games 
  • Brain Dead 13: One of Lance's cool dance moves in the final confrontation. Except that his hairy butt is just... squicky.
  • Commander Keen does this in Secret of the Oracle as an Idle Animation in the Temple of the Moons when you leave yourself standing on a moon symbol.
  • In Conker's Bad Fur Day, Conker gets mooned by cavemen twice: first by the muggers on the hoverboards, and then by the soldiers in the arena (though the second one was removed from the Xbox version).
  • In Dragon Age: Inquisition Sera is quite fond of both the in-person version, which she does frequently to Vivienne (who doesn't care) but also the indirect version by defacing Inquisition documents with drawings of butts.
  • In the Duke Nukem spin-off game, Duke Nukem: Time to Kill, Duke wears a kilt in the Medieval levels. An Easter Egg has him imitating Braveheart by mooning the camera.
  • Joe Higashi's infamous Taunt Button animation from the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters series. So infamous that it became his winning portrait in KOF 2001, and the Alternate Universe manga KOF: G showed him performing it in public too.
  • A rather easy-to-miss example in FreeSpace. If you look closely at the rear of the Ra-class Vasudan Escape Pod, you'll see a Vasudan's rear end in the window.
  • A background character can be seen mooning during the final boss fight of Harmful Park.
  • Red Dead Redemption II: In one camp interaction, Reverend Orville Swanson calls Uncle lazy and a lone wolf who howls at the moon. Uncle responds by giving him some... moon... to howl at. While still in his union suit/pajamas!
  • In the second entry of The Spellcasting Series, Ernie Eaglebeak has to moon the Queen of Peloria as a fraternity initiation prank. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Spyro the Dragon:
    • In the very first Spyro the Dragon game, there are Gnorcs in the second hub who do this to you. Charge your big, pointy horns right at their big yellow posteriors!
    • Likewise, in Spyro: Year of the Dragon, the Rhynocs with hot coals in Frozen Altars can do this to you.
  • Terraria: When placing a Garden Gnome, one of the possible poses it could be in is one where it is mooning the screen.
  • Angela from Trials of Mana does this at various points during the story, and even during her level up animation.

    Web Animation 

    Web Comics 
  • In a contemporary arc strip of Arthur, King of Time and Space, when Arthur and Guinevere go to the Kentucky Derby, Arthur notes that many female spectators are flashing their breasts, and suggests that maybe this is part of participating fully in the event. Guinevere replies that if he feels that way, maybe he should act on it. So...
  • Dean & Nala + Vinny: Nala and Vinny are hosting a virtual live Q & A. A reader offends Nala by pointing out her bandaged foot looks funnynote . The indignant feline responds by turning around and shoving her backside into the laptop's webcam ("How about THIS up close... Is that funny?!")
  • In Drowtales, during his recounting of the previous council gathering, Phani'nath depicts this happening in an Imagine Spot. The actual mooning probably didn't occur, but Quain'tana's response is still very much in character.
  • Freefall: Not shown onscreen, but Helix exclaims "Sam! You just mooned the mayor!" How an alien squid in an environment suit has a recognizable bottom to moon people with is not explained.
  • An old Goblin Hollow arc involved Ben and the gang mooning people from the back of his van. Sheldon, the turtle, refused, and was accused of being jealous "'cos you ain't got no butt". It ended with Ben explaining the never-seen resulting Disaster Dominoes to Lily:
    "So then it was my turn. I gave Sheldon the wheel, dropped my britches, and slapped my butt against the window. Naturally my belt got caught in the door handle just as we got stuck in traffic. Then that squad car pulled up... You know, this confession would be a lot easier if you'd stop laughing."
    "Tell her the bit about the bus full of Japanese tourists!"
  • Mob Psycho 100: At one point, Mob remembers that when he was younger, one of his friends mooned everyone on the playground and everyone, save for him, laughed. It's a rare Played for Drama moment; the moment is used to highlight how Mob is forced to control his emotions because of his Psychic Powers and how it isolated him from other kids, especially his crush, Tsubomi.
  • In one Nodwick comic, Yeagar decides on a gesture of defiance after proving unable to answer the Riddle of the Sphinx. Fortunately, it turns out that the answer to the riddle is "Moon".
  • Unsounded: Sette moons Jivi rather than greet him more kindly when she finds him in Litriya Shrine on the 58th page of Chapter 15.

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 
  • Done literally on The Amazing World of Gumball when the Sun gets mooned by... the Moon. With 3D butt cheeks.
    • In a much more innocent example of this trope than most,when Gumball tried out for the cheerleading team he briefly flashed his ass to his mom to demonstrate that his skirt didn't hide his butt.
  • American Dad!: In "A Ward Show", after Principal Lewis steals a bag of oranges from a Mexican street salesman, a woman stops her car and asks how much. He says, "10 bucks to see it; 20 bucks to ride," with the woman clarifying that she meant how much for the oranges, with Principal Lewis saying they're not for sale. She pays the $10 to "see it", but doesn't realize until after she's paid him that Principal Lewis was talking about showing her his butt; not his "ding-dong".
  • Beavis and Butt-Head: In the back of a school field trip bus, they moon the cars behind them while slowly going up a mountain road.
  • Celebrity Deathmatch:
  • In one episode of Craig of the Creek, Craig, while exploring the city with his cousin, is shown the house of a boy named Lucas, who his cousin describes as "wild". Lucas shows at the window and proceeds to moon them, though the audience doesn't see it and later shows up a couple scenes later and does the same, though the scene ends before we see anything.
  • Dexter's Laboratory:
    • Another quite literal example: Dexter accidentally pulls the moon out of orbit, which causes it to fall on his house and crush his lab, burning his clothes in the process. Deedee comes in a few seconds later and sees her brother's backside, and tells her mother that Dexter is mooning her. All the while the moon itself is still clearly visible in the background.
    • Dexter is depicted mooning in the title card for the infamous "Rude Removal" episode.
  • The John Dilworth short The Dirdy Birdy featured a bird named Purdy repeatedly mooning a cat named Fergurina, only for the cat to retaliate with comedic violence every time.
  • The Downtown episode "Train Pain" has Chaka and Mecca agree to race Fruity and Matt to Coney Island by taking trains. When Chaka and Mecca have difficulty getting to one of the trains on time, the man at the door rudely refuses to hold the door for them. On another train, Chaka and Mecca spot the man in the window of the train next to them and they retaliate against his earlier action by mooning him, which subsequently gets them kicked off the train by the operator.
  • Eddy from Ed, Edd n Eddy does this to Kevin in "A Case of Ed" while Ed gives this gem of a line:
    Ed: Whoa! I am turning into a werewolf, Eddy!
  • The end credits extension of the Evil Con Carne episode "Gridlocked And Loaded" where the team was in a traffic jam had Billy in a car next to them irritating General Skarr. Billy moons Skarr in one segment, after which Skarr turns his cannon on the car and blows it to kingdom come.
  • Futurama had a hilarious example in "Future Stock" where Fry moons Mom. Mom (after correctly identifying it as a pressed ham) orders her sons to hit one of the Retaliate buttons, causing a billboard of Mom to fire lasers at Fry.
  • In The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy episode "Billy and Mandy's Jacked-Up Halloween", Billy moons Jack in order to distract him from Mandy's planned assault on Jack and his pumpkin soldiers.
  • In Hey Arnold!, Sid, Stinky and Harold moon their principal. This leads to drama when Arnold, who knows they did it, refuses to rat them out and instead does 30 days of hard time in detention.
  • In the Jean-Luc & Dondoozat episode "Autoroute", Jean-Luc took to mooning people on the highway, causing them to crash due to the distraction. The third car he tried it on, though, was being driven by Dondoozat, who chased and spanked him.
  • Kaeloo: Stumpy does this to Kaeloo in one episode so she will get angry. It works.
  • King of the Hill:
    • Occurred when Bill, Dale, and Boomhauer tricked Hank into mooning the lobby from the hotel glass elevator (by saying they were all going to do it). Worse when former governor Ann Richards was in the lobby. Bill took the blame and apologized in front of her which leads to the plot of the episode. The same episode ends with Bill mooning Lenore out a limo window.
    • Dale moons out the window of a moving truck, but quickly regrets it when he sideswipes a bunch of shrubbery.
    • Variant: Hank, Bill, and Boomhauer steal Dale's new lawnmower as part of a revenge prank for Dale's previous jerk behavior (especially when borrowing Hank's mower), and escalate it by sending him photographs that they know will drive him nuts. One of the photos is a close-up of Bill's ass on the mower with his pants partly pulled down. It's confirmed to be Bill later when Hank thinks about ending the prank, and Bill comments that it's easy for him to say since it's not his butt in the picture.
  • From an episode of The Life and Times of Juniper Lee:
    Roger: Hey girls, want to see something cool?
    Jodi: Please don't moon us again Roger.
  • In the Mary Shelley's Frankenhole episode "Death", Victor Frankenstein moons Death while he's outside the bedroom window of Victor's sons Heinrich and Gustav, hoping that this will provoke Death into claiming his sons sooner. Instead, Death decides to spite Victor by letting his sons live, knowing that the immortal Victor would actually be happy to see his sons die and that refusing to let them die would be the best way to get back at Victor. Death moons Victor back when he first finds out about his sons remaining alive for the foreseeable future.
  • In the Mighty Max episode "Bring Me The Head of Mighty Max", it is mentioned by Bea that Max got two hours detention for mooning the teachers' lounge.
  • In the My Dad the Rock Star episode "King Of The Desert" Rock is about to do this while chaperoning Willy's school trip, but a kid stops him saying he's not allowed to participate in any strenuous activity or mooning.
  • In season 2 finale of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Twilight Sparkle meets her old foalsitter Cadence and tries to greet her with a childhood Secret Handshake that ended with both participants shaking their rumps together. Since Cadence doesn't join her, however, Twilight ends up waving her backside right in Cadence's face.
  • In the OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes episode "You're In Control", Boxman Jr. at one point taunts T.K.O. by mooning him.
  • In the Phineas and Ferb elseworld episode "Doof Dynasty", during the song "The Way of the Platypus" Bufford moons the audience to show he has no beaver tail. Fortunately for the viewer, Perry the Platypus quickly covers it with a a fan.
  • The Rocko's Modern Life episode "Sugar Frosted Frights" had a scene where Rocko, Heffer Wolfe, the Hopping Hessian, and Gordon were looking at photos and laughing. One of the slides shows Heffer baring his butt in front of the camera.
  • The Simpsons has an affinity for this trope:
    • Bart moons the Australian government in "Bart vs. Australia", having written "Don't Tread On Me" on his cheeks, as they attempt to punish him with a booting.
      Marge: I'm glad you're all right, honey, but I wish you'd chosen a more tasteful way to be patriotic.
      Lisa: I'm impressed you were able to write so legibly on your own butt.
    • Homer does this in an ill-considered comedy performance for Mr Burns' birthday in "Rosebud", where he drops his pants to reveal a frowny face painted on his butt and does a mocking impression of Mr. Burns. It doesn't go down well.
      Homer: I'll never wiggle my bare butt in public again.
      Lisa: I'd like to believe that this time. I really would.
    • Mel Gibson and Homer moon a group of studio executives in "Beyond Blunderdome", with disastrous results when Homer is hit by a car. Homer got the idea from Braveheart, but mistakenly thought the mooning was how the heroes in the movie defeated their enemies.
    • Another moment leads to Bart's accidental mooning of the US flag causing him and his family to be branded as traitors to the country in "Bart-Mangled Banner". When actually his shorts were eaten by a donkey and bends over to cover his privates and a photo was taken with a large flag behind him.
    • After egging his house, hoodlums Jimbo Jones, Dolph and Kearny moon Principal Skinner and his mother in "Lisa's Date with Density".
    • In "Bart's Comet", Bart manages to rig a weather balloon to make it look like a mooning Principal Skinner.
    • In "Kill the Alligator and Run", Homer dismisses Florida as "America's wang" and is told "They prefer the Sunshine State." It's a double meaning- a "sunshine" is a "moon" from the other side of the body.
    • In probably one of the earliest examples in the series, "The Way We Was" features a flashback to when Homer was on the debate team (trying to get Marge interested in him) in high school. His idea of a rebuttal involved showing off his butt.
    • In "To Surveil with Love", Bart moons the closed-circuit TV surveillance that Ned Flanders is operating, and thus discovers the Simpsons' backyard contains a blind spot none of the cameras can see. He keeps mooning Flanders until he has marked all the borders of the blind spot.
    • "I Married Marge" showed that Bart attempted this for the first time in utero when Marge had a sonogram.
      Dr. Hibbert: If I didn't know better I'd swear he was trying to moon us.
  • South Park:
    • In "Fourth Grade", the boys plan to do this to their new teacher, Ms Choksondik. However, on the first lesson she appears to be a Drill Sergeant Nasty, which scares all of them except Cartman out of doing it.
    • In "Starvin' Marvin", to keep with the Braveheart parody in the scene, Kyle proceeds to moon the turkey army.
    • In "Death", when the parents visit the network headquarters to protest the Toilet Humor in Terrance and Phillip, the network executive delivers a brief, defiant statement followed by a mooning.
  • Colonel Rimfire is shown reading a hieroglyph that reads "Look behind you" in The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries episode "Curse of De Nile". The word "behind" is represented by an image of a mouse grinning while exposing his butt.
  • The Tak and the Power of Juju (2007) episode "Little Chief" begins with the Chief of the Pupununu try to hang out with his daughter Jeera and Tak to feel young again. One of the activities the Chief suggests to Tak and Jeera is that they knock on Jibolba's door and bare their bottoms at him.
  • Tuca & Bertie :
    • The episode "The Sugar Bowl" has Bertie's boyfriend Speckle moon Bertie while talking about the advantage of being able to walk around with his butt out. Bertie replies by implying that Tuca once mooned her.
    • "The Deli Guy" has an example where Bertie and Speckle are making love and Speckle decides to press Bertie's bare ass to the window so everyone can see it.
  • The Ugly Americans episode "Mark Loves Dick" has Randall give a glass-bottom boat tour of Atlantis and encourage everyone aboard to give a "New York hello" to the sunken city, prompting Randall and the tourists to moon Atlantis.

    Real Life 
  • In The Beatles song Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Paul McCartney laughs for no reason during a lyric. Rumour has it that John Lennon was mooning him from the studio.
  • There's a similar story about Bob Dylan, who laughs for no reason at the start of "Bob Dylan's 115th Dream" allegedly due to Allen Ginsberg mooning him from the studio. Officially the laughter was because Dylan started playing before the rest of the band, but it's become a piece of song lore.
  • A very common technique used in Photo Bombing.
  • During the week leading up to Super Bowl XX, Bears quarterback Jim McMahon got tired of being asked about his rear end which had been injured earlier in the season and decided to literally show one reporter that it was okay.
  • In 2003, the Minnesota Vikings' receiver Randy Moss fake-mooned Green Bay fans after scoring a touchdown against the Packers. Moss claimed it was in retaliation for a group of Packers fans who mooned the Vikings team bus the last time they came to Green Bay; the announcer disagreed, calling it a "disgusting act".
  • During the Vietnam War, when U.S. troops were forbidden to fire upon Vietcong soldiers until being shot at first, a Marine Lieutenant named Gordon Evans tried to provoke an attack (so he could take out a group of soldiers he saw) by flying his plane extremely low to the ground, making a good target. The Vietcong response? They dropped their pants and mooned him as he flew by.
  • When Guns N' Roses went to Chile in The '90s, Slash "greeted" the fans who came to the band's hotel via jokingly mooning them from his hotel room's window.
  • For whatever reason in Laguna Niguel, California, mooning Amtrak passenger trains has been a tradition every year on the second Saturday of July since 1979.
  • Katy Perry once went on a water-slide at Raging Waters park in California, and accidentally mooned everyone at the water park. The paparazzi were on hand, of course. Perry wrote on Twitter on August 13, 2012, "Let's be fair, I really think I deserve a season pass for that ass. Oh, and some flip flops."
  • In Maori culture, baring the buttocks with intent to offend is called Whakapohane.
  • On the set of Earth: Final Conflict this was a common prank that actor Von Flores would play on the other cast members, attempting to get them Corpsing.
  • Ducks have been known to feed underwater from time to time, which from the perspective of a human on land looks like the duck is mooning them.
  • The first recorded incident of mooning happened in Jerusalem shortly before the First Roman–Jewish War, when a Roman soldier mooned Jewish pilgrims at the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem who had gathered for Passover. This sparked a riot and then a stampede when the pilgrims panicked after the Romans called in reinforcements, ending in the death of ten thousand Jews.


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