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"She tried to sit in my lap while I was standing up."
Philip Marlowe, The Big Sleep

A Femme Fatale in training, a Fille Fatale (French for "fatal girl", idiomatically "girl to die for") is an adolescent or younger girl who knows how to use her looks to get what she wants.

Where some will focus solely on their peers, others want actual grown men and will proceed to seduce one. She may well initiate a Teacher/Student Romance plot. This, of course, has much bigger implications for the adult in question, who is very liable to suffer sacking at best (if he's a teacher), with a statutory rape charge being more common (depending on jurisdiction).

It is also not uncommon to depict her as a major, but so much younger and less mature than the rest of the cast that she is far closer to this trope than to Femme Fatale or The Vamp, particularly if her advances towards older men are rejected.


Note that, in real life, children who exhibit sexualized behavior have often been the victims of sexual abuse. This is rarely addressed in fiction. In some people's opinion, overexposure to adult content like movies, porn, the internet, and music can cause the same kind of prematurely sexualized behavior, though how true this is is hotly debated.

Compare her Spear Counterparts, the Kid-anova and Dirty Kid. In gay media, a particularly young and aggressive Twink can fill much the same role.

For obvious reasons, Dawson Casting is very likely, as is a Hand Wave that the character is much older than she looks (maybe even to the point of Really 700 Years Old). See also Troubling Unchildlike Behavior. In some Western countries (though certainly not all of them), a major source of Squick.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Touka Yada and Hinano Kurahashi from Assassination Classroom, while we don't see much of them, are shown to be this trope thanks to being students of Irina Jelavic, a professional seductive assassin who serves as the class' foreign language teacher.
  • Mitsuko Souma of Battle Royale tries to be a Femme Fatale, but she really is this. Unlike most examples of this trope, it actually is a result of sexual abuse as a child.
  • Juno from Beastars proudly uses her looks and her wolf strength to get what she wants.
  • Alois Trancy from the second season of Black Butler is a Rare Male Example; despite his young age, he's already very aware of how to use flirtation and sex appeal to get what he wants, often wears skimpy booty shorts, and has No Sense of Personal Space. He's a textbook example for the oversexed behavior of some young victims of sexual abuse. Sadly, Alois (or better said, Jim Macken) is one: he and other boys around his age were Sex Slaves for a rich nobleman, and he was the only one who survived. Already unstable from before the abuse thanks to the death of his younger brother Luca, Alois /Jim ultimately crossed the Despair Event Horizon and make a Deal with the Devil, summoning Claude Faustus...
  • A Certain Magical Index. Lessar of New Light is a middle schooler who probably can't be much older than 14, yet already possesses an impressive knowledge of seduction and love of lewdness of someone many years older. She's willing to use every trick she can think of to "convince" Touma to get with her. Granted, it is partially motivated by her desire to get him to swear loyalty to the UK, but at times that just seems to be the official excuse since she was always interested in him after he saved her life.
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun. Given her age of only 13 years old, Kuroko Shirai's sexual fixation of her "Onee-sama" makes her this. Especially when you see her taste in underwear and swimsuits.
  • Jeremy from A Cruel God Reigns is a rare real life example in that in the manga, the entire first six volumes are a flashback to the sexual and physical abuse that he received at the hands of his stepfather. While this is going on, Jeremy begins to envision drinking Ian's blood in a fetish sort of way, and repeatedly forcibly kisses his roommate William (although this is more along the lines of Sex for Solace). In the latter, present day half of the story, Jeremy becomes a teenaged prostitute and is constantly making advances toward or is trying to seduce his stepbrother Ian to "bring him down to his level" and essentially punish him for not believing or helping him when he first confessed that he was being raped by their father. He seduces or trades sex for things like drugs from his older classmate Pansy or even a random adult at a party in exchange for a cigarette. Although on the older side at 16, Jeremy's flirtations are blatant examples of Fan Disservice and are far more adult than they should be.
  • In Cyborg 009's story Heart of the Machine, Albert/004 strikes an Odd Friendship with a 13/14-year-old girl named Nana. She turns out to be this, due to extreme Parental Abandonment; at some point she even strips naked to taunt Albert, and when he doesn't take the bait, she covers herself and breaks down crying.
  • Akari in Domina no Do!. She's way too dangerously oversexed for a grade-schooler.
  • GTO: 14 Days in Shonan: Twins Miko and Riko Sakaki use their yakuza foster father's inappropriate interest in their bodies to wrap him around their little fingers.
  • In Gunsmith Cats, Minnie May was working as a prostitute and taking age-slowing drugs to appeal to those with a young girl fetish. Though it's explained rather vaguely, she used drugs in order to hasten her puberty so that her adult boyfriend wouldn't feel weird about being with her. She got breasts and hips a lot earlier than normal, but, as a side-effect, stopped growing for good.
  • 15-going-on-16 years old Yukime from Hell Teacher Nube is introduced as one. She at first intended to either drag him by force with her or kill him, but when she committed the mistake of threatening his students and he fought her off, her love became more genuine and she decided to gain his affections by more honest means.
  • Ibuki Yagami from Maison Ikkoku, who aggressively pursues Godai, her substitute teacher.
  • Older Than They Think: this archetype appeared in 1975 with Meg, the tomboyish heroine of the Magical Girl series Majokko Meg-chan. The girl is pretty aware of her good looks, is coquettish and outspoken (unlike the more mellow heroines of the time), and the OP of the series has her singing about using her beauty to woo guys and get what she wants from them.
  • 15-year-old Flay Allster from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. When her father is killed by a ZAFT pilot, she decides that she wants the Coordinators of ZAFT dead, and also wants her former classmate Kira to suffer for failing to protect her father. Knowing that Kira hates killing but is also the only one with the skills to really combat the Coordinators, she feigns a romantic interest in him and manipulates him into fighting, including at least one instance of having sex with him. Eventually, her feigned feelings begin to become genuine, but she dies before she ever gets to make amends for her original motivations, leaving Kira believing she was really in love with him from the get go.
  • Nao from My-HiME. She pretends to engage in Enjo Kosai, then rolls the marks with her CHILD.
  • Evangeline McDowell from Negima! Magister Negi Magi seems like this at first glance, but the little detail about her apparently being the oldest entity on campus technically disqualifies her. Now, if only she would quit making passes at her 10-year-old teacher...
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion's Asuka Langley Soryuu has a blatant, possessive crush on Kaji (and raging 14-year-old narcissism in general) that turns out to be a symptom of her trauma and desperate need for attention to give her self-worth. Kaji doesn't accept her advances whatsoever, thinking she is much too young. She also makes a few subtle (and a few not so subtle) advances at main character Shinji Ikari, most of which pass over Shinji's head. In Rebuild of Evangelion, Asuka's crush on Kaji is completely absent, and she tries to win Shinji over by being a good cook.
  • Shzuku from Omamori Himari. She might be Really 700 Years Old water demon, but Shizuku is still the Token Mini-Moe here and intending to seduce the main character.
  • Green from Pokémon Adventures is a young con artist and has no problem flirting (at least with boys near her age) to get what she wants. She grew out of it later, though.
  • Ren and Maria from Skip Beat!, the latter invoking this trope in a daydream in which she imagines the former professing undying love. Outside said daydreams, he's fond of her (not in that way) and pities her for her family situation, so he pays attention to her.
  • Subverted in Soul Eater, where Rachel Boyd acts this way... but only when she's the victim of Medusa's Grand Theft Me. Once Medusa leaves her body, it's presumed she returns to be a more or less normal 5-year-old girl.
  • Chinami from Strawberry 100%. She is very used to getting whatever she wants. She initially used Manaka as an excuse for dumping one of her previous "boyfriends" and eventually ended up joining the Film Studies Club. While she does not hold any genuine feelings for Manaka, she is bothered by how unremarkable she is to him.
  • Tokyo Ghoul Jack provides a subtle example: Uruka Minami is well-aware of her looks, and uses them to create a false Love Triangle between herself, Fura, and Arima. She also uses her beautiful hair to lure another ghoul into attacking her, allowing her to earn the heroes' trust through being rescued by them. The killer's true nature is also hinted at during the very beginning of the story, when a male victim is discovered naked and robbed in a hotel room.
  • Ryuuko from Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest. The creepiest version ever possible.
  • Akane, a character in The Irregular at Magic High School, feels comfortable flirting with the teenaged Kichijouji.
  • Rebuild World: Sheryl, who's a teenager seemingly the same age as Akira (who doesn't know his age). Sheryl contrasts with her eventual ally, the adult full blown Femme Fatale Carol. Carol is a Predatory Prostitute who sleeps with men for money, information, or favors. While Sheryl uses her smile and empathetic words to sway and dig information out of men in what’s often compared to a Honey Trap (which her crush Akira reacts to with a combination of amazement at her Guile Hero skills, and Trauma Button panic that he may fall victim.) The two women’s interactions mostly consist of Carol lightheartedly teasing Sheryl.
  • Annie Labelle in Robotech is a mild example as she was usually played for laughs, although it would be subject to more serious scrutiny today than back in 1985. Annie was said to be thirteen in most source materials of the time. She flirted (a lot) with Lunk, who was at least in his early twenties. She flirted not at all with Rand, whom, being 17 years old, was actually the closest to her own age. In her birthday episode, she treated the guys to what was essentially a burlesque show.
  • Mel in Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle is thirteen years old and flirts with the seventeen year old Lux with surprising confidence. She's more mature than her age in other ways as well, having been forced to grow up quickly after her family was killed by Abyss.

    Comic Books 
  • Very cleverly and humorously applied in Calvin and Hobbes without it being the least bit Squicky. 6-year old Susie Derkins "charmed" stuffed tiger Hobbes into giving her his water balloon during a water fight, and she used it to drench Calvin.
  • While pretty much every female member of the cast in Archie comics is capable of this, it defines Cheryl Blossom to a T, much to the disgust (and regret) of Betty and Veronica.
  • The Spirit: Saree is P'Gell's stepdaughter who shows every sign of following in her stepmother's footsteps as The Vamp (and probably the Black Widow).

    Fan Works 

  • Angela in American Beauty, played by Mena Suvari, is one of these—except she never actually did anything; the tales of her sexual conquests of older men were fabrications, and Lester gently turned her down upon learning she was still a virgin.
  • Kara from Brick, along with Laura Dannon. The two straddle the line between this and full-on Femme Fatale; they're high schoolers, but (seemingly) on the older end, and they're also involved in a variety of adult crimes such as drug dealing and blackmail. And one is indirectly involved in murder.
  • Ali and Heather in Bully.
  • Adrienne Forrester (Alicia Silverstone) in The Crush. A 14-year-old girl falls in love with her parents' house guest. When he declines her advances, she makes his life a living hell.
  • Double Subversion with Mia in Fish Tank. She is clearly intrigued by Connor from the beginning, but doesn't consciously act on it. However, when he starts reciprocating the interest, things turn inappropriate.
  • Bibi (Lynn-Holly Johnson) in For Your Eyes Only. James Bond even turns down the chance to sleep with her after she strips off and lies naked in his bed. Then, he offers to buy her an ice cream cone.
  • Dierdre in Foxes (1980).
  • The title character in the 1987 British-Swedish movie The Girl. She's a 14 year-old Swedish schoolgirl who prostitutes herself out of boredom and seduces Franco Nero's character, who's married.
  • Hayley Stark of Hard Candy appears to be an example at first—that is, until she throws it all aside, ties up the man she was previously seducing, accuses him of being a pedophile, pretends to castrate him, and generally just Mind Screws him until he commits suicide.
  • Luli in Hick is a deconstruction. She tries to be this trope but has the misfortune of dealing with someone far crazier and more ruthless than she is.
  • Becky in Kidulthood.
  • Regina's little sister in Mean Girls (who looks to be about 9) is seen imitating the girls on TV lifting their shirts up. Mark Waters says on the DVD Commentary that he felt it was the low point in his directing career asking the child actress to move closer to the teddy bear before flashing.
  • Tamsin in My Summer of Love. She does seem to bring out the darkest, most fatalistic sides of Mona and Phil at the end.
  • Nikki in Odd Girl Out, this aspect of her isn't directly relevant to why she's dangerous to the main protagonist, but we are told how she likes to manipulate boys.
  • After a certain age, girls in any of the incarnations of St. Trinian's fit this trope to a tee. Although it should be noted that this, like some of the other British examples listed on this page, features girls of 17 (the heavily sexualised Trinian's girls are Sixth Form students), and are therefore of legal age in Britain (Age of consent is 16 in the UK).
  • Jodie in Tamara Drewe. She even gets a song written about her, "Jail-bait Jody".
  • Diane in Trainspotting.
  • Dodger Allen, Cry_Wolf.
  • Kimberly Joyce from Pretty Persuasion is a very ruthless example.
  • Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon) of Election has had an affair with one of her teachers (who is now an ex-teacher).
  • Lux Lisbon in The Virgin Suicides, she's the second youngest (14 years old) and the only one who had sexual intercourse among her sisters.
  • Esther Coleman from Orphan. Or so we think, since her real name is Leena and she's truly in her 30's. Then again, the girl playing her was only 12, so it could still qualify.
  • Michelle from Cherrybomb (2009) is most certainly this.
  • Leelee Sobieski's character in Eyes Wide Shut.
  • 12-year-old Mathilda Lando (Natalie Portman) in The Professional (aka Léon).
  • Mini, the Villain Protagonist of Mini's First Time, is, at eighteen, technically too old for this trope, but nevertheless is worth mentioning here since it is her youth that makes her seductiveness, manipulativeness, and evil so astonishing and compelling.
  • Eli in Let the Right One In is a subversion: she's a vampire that was 12 years old when transformed. Eli can't remember exactly how long it's been, but it's implied to be around 200 years. "She" is also actually a boy.
  • Tracy and Evie, the main characters in Thirteen (2003), especially Evie, as Tracy mostly follows her lead. Aside from dressing provocatively for most of the film, at one point they seduce their hot lifeguard neighbor, who's in his 20s. He eventually resists and kicks them out of the house.
  • Taissa Farmiga's 16 years old character in Mindscape, although in a very subtle light.
  • Sadie and McKayla in Tragedy Girls are a pair of teenage Serial Killers who have no problem using their beauty and charisma to get close to their male victims. Sadie's also perfectly willing to go as far as actual sex if it means they can accomplish their goals.
  • One of the most extreme examples; Violet in Pretty Baby is a Daughter of a Whore who was raised in a whorehouse and has her virginity auctioned off by the madam when she's 12. After running away from the whorehouse, she seduces the photographer E. J. Bellocq and lives with him.
  • Flower (2017): Erica is explicitly seventeen. Her m.o. is to charm older men and give them a blowjob while her friends obtain evidence of this act. The three of them then blackmail the guy for engaging in sexual acts with a minor and extort money out of him.
  • Jennifer's Body: Jennifer is this, as she is in high school, but uses her sexuality to get into bars, pay for drinks, seduce boys, and lose her virginity to a cop. The fact that the same cop she teases in Melody Lane tells her "not here" since they are in public only adds to this.

  • In John Steinbeck's East of Eden, the character Cathy tricks boys into tying her up and fooling around with her at the age of 10, only to practice her ability to manipulate people. This is only the first in a long life of shocking deeds...
  • Dolores (Lolita) in Lolita is portrayed this way by Humbert Humbert, the pedophile Unreliable Narrator. Is possibly the Trope Codifier.
  • In The Clique, Nina Callas is Alicia's beautiful cousin from Spain. She is able to attract most of the 7th grade boys, including the main characters' crushes. She also claims to have tons of experience with boys and knows what attracts them. It turns out that Nina was just using the boys to hide her kleptomania and was punished when she got back to Spain.
  • Journey Under The Midnight Sun has Yukiho Karasawa, who since a child use her charm to climb up the social ladder and commit several crimes.
  • Lives of the Mayfair Witches trilogy: When we first meet 13-year old Mona Mayfair, she has already seduced her way through a number of her male cousins and proceeds to seduce the thirty-something male protagonist. She later falls for a much older man, namely, a vampire.
    Mona: I didn't lose my virginity. I obliterated all traces of its existence.
  • In Alatriste, Angélica de Alquézar uses this style to manipulate teenage squire Íñigo.
  • Adèle in Jane Eyre is a sort of G-rated nineteenth-century version of this, taking after her mother, who was an opera dancer, by being obsessed with looking good and proto-flirting.
  • Amma Crellin (aged 13) from Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects.
  • In the Andrew Vachss Burke book Terminal, the murder victim, Melissa Turnbridge, is described as someone confident in and abusive of sexual power.
  • Great Expectations: This is Miss Havisham's goal for Estella.
  • Felicity Worthington in the Gemma Doyle trilogy qualifies as a deconstruction, as she actually is a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of her pedophiliac father.
  • In Wise Blood, Hazel Motes briefly tries to seduce Sabbath Lily Hawks, the 15-year-old daughter of an itinerant preacher (mostly because Hazel wants to horrify the preacher). As it turns out, Sabbath is even more interested in seducing Hazel.
  • Diana Ladris from Gone starts the series at fourteen as a Manipulative Bitch with no qualms about using her appearance to get what she wants, which usually works. In the fourth book, when she's either 14 or 15, she tries to convince Caine to follow her plans by sleeping with him. It doesn't work and has consequences. Somewhat justified, though, in that she's really not that young for the setting.
  • The main characters in Roger "Rosalind Erskine" Longrigg's The Passion Flower Hotel, although they stick to boys their own age.
  • Late teenager Allriane Cett of Mistborn: The Original Trilogy is accustomed to manipulating everyone around her, including her own father. She is currently in a relationship with 30+year-old Breeze, and Word of God explicitly states that she seduced him, not the other way around.
  • Ellington Feint from All the Wrong Questions, constantly lies, tricks and manipulates Lemony Snicket repeatedly, and he knows it. But because she has a sympathetic backstory, "a smile that could mean anything", and sometimes casually invades his personal space, Snicket keeps acting really stupid around her.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Pretty Little Liars has teenage girls seducing grown men—though as these teenagers are played by 20-something year old women, the effect is somewhat muted.
    • Alison DiLaurentis was only 14 or 15 when she seduced Ian. (Though this is an Age Lift from the book, when she was only 12.) Among the other older men she had seduced are detective Holbrooke and Ezra. Deliberately played with Emily's crush on her.
    • Spencer is a more downplayed take on this trope—she not only hooks up with both of her big sister's fiancés, she is also flirty with her older sobriety sponsor and tries to get back on the Academic Decathelon team via strip trivia. Melissa lampshades it, and the actress herself refers to Spencer's "aggressive" sexuality in several interviews.
    • Jenna Marshall seduces officer Garret in order to protect herself from Allison, A, and just about anyone.
  • Rosie Webster in Coronation Street.
    • The character was actually over 16 before she started displaying this more... aggressive personality, and therefore not Fille Fatale by UK law.
  • Karen Jackson in both the British and American versions of Shameless.
  • Marie Minshull in Footballers Wives.
  • Parker McKenna in Six Feet Under.
  • Lucy Archer in The Lakes.
  • Sugar in the first season of Sugar Rush, when she is 15 years old. By the time of the second season, she is 17-18, so the trope no longer applies by that point.
  • Ingrid in Young Dracula.
  • Twin Peaks
  • Skins: Effy. Slightly scandalous, as the actress really was 14 at the time of filming—no Dawson Casting there!note 
  • One of the major plot points of Californication is Hank sleeping with his ex-wife's soon-to-be daughter-in-law. She blackmails him for attention through the series.
  • One of the killer's victims in the Criminal Minds episode "52 Pickup" is depicted as one of these in a flashback sequence.
  • One of the patients in House seduced her father because she knew that the threat of revealing that he had committed statutory rape with his own daughter would give her power.
  • Ruby Buttons (Anna Shaffer) in Hollyoaks.
  • In Copper child prostitute Annie. Although she has a major league Freudian Excuse, having been forced into marriage at the age of 10, to a man who treated her so badly that life in a brothel seemed preferable plus the pressures of survival on the streets of the Five Corners district of New York in the 1860s.
  • Sansa Stark seems to be trying her hand at this in the fourth season of Game of Thrones, telling Littlefinger (who'd been bragging that his enemies are in the dark about his true motives), "I know what you want" and dressing in a more flattering and provocative manner. A rare sympathetic example, given her precarious situation and lack of options.
  • Jane Harper from Night and Day, as revealed through the flashbacks and visions of some of those she leaves behind when she disappears. Not that this remotely justifies some of them sleeping with her when she was underage. It's subverted in that sense, in that we learn as the story progresses how bad experiences with men made Jane the way she was, and that she wasn't always that way. Meanwhile, her personality as seen in visions etc probably says more about the characters imagining her than Jane herself.
  • Silver St. Cloud in Gotham, who is tasked by her uncle Theo to seduce Bruce Wayne.
    • In season three, Ivy Pepper is artificially aged and uses her newfound beauty to seduce rich men into giving her food, clothes, and riches. Downplayed as she is played by adult actresses after the age-up and she doesn't have to do much for men to do her bidding.
  • Total Recall 2070: A runaway teenage girl becomes involved with a Virtual Reality bootlegger of sexual scenarios. The two cops put her up in android Farve's apartment for her safety, but she later tries to come on to him.
  • CSI: The principal villain in "Coming of Rage" is a high school girl who manipulates three of her fellow students into brutally murdering a fourth, while she stands by cheering them on.
  • 7 Yüz: In "Büyük Günahlar", fifteen-year-old Elif plays the part of fille fatale, enticing Aytaç into phone sex and thus ensnaring him in Mete's revenge scheme.
  • Kelly Bundy was well-known for this on Married... with Children. Various jokes referred to her dating all her male high school teachers, being a Serial Homewrecker, juggling multiple boyfriends at once and using Distracted by the Sexy for various purposes.


  • Deconstructed and played for tragedy in Six with Katherine Howard who is often remembered by the general public as a tramp who wasn't too bright. Except, as the show points out (along with several historians), she was fifteen when she married Henry (who was at this point well into middle age), and she allegedly lost her virginity to a twenty-three-year-old teacher when she was thirteen. Katherine's big song, "All You Wanna Do," is all about her various affairs with men who only wanted her for sex, and how she enjoyed it at first, simply because she didn't know any better. Every time, she tells herself, "this guy is different," but, as she slowly realizes, they never are. By the time she marries Henry, she really just wants a friend, and seems to find one in Thomas Culpeper. When she realizes he wants to sleep with her, too, she's crushed.
  • Ilse Neumann from Spring Awakening has shades of this, though played for tragedy, in the scene preceding Moritz's suicide. After returning from the artists' colony and failing to reach out to Moritz, she resorts to unsuccessfully attempting to seduce him. Due to Ilse's childhood sexual abuse both by her father and the members of the artists' colony she ran away to in an attempt to escape him, it's implied that she believes the only way she can connect with people is by having sex with them.

    Video Games 
  • Lola Lombardi from Bully fits this one. She's pretty overtly sexual and uses it to con money, gifts, grades, and whatever else she wants from the male students.
  • Misha of Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia seems like one, but her true self is an adult and she's able to switch between her young and adult forms. She adopts a younger form through most of the game for various reasons, one of them being that she believed Lyner preferred her that way.
  • Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls: Monaca Towa uses Nagisa Shingetsu's crush on her to get him to do what she wants, and in one particular scene, she goes as far as to forcibly kiss him and rather distressingly indicates she'll grant Nagisa sexual favors if he pleases her.
  • Remilia Scarlet from Touhou Project is sometimes portrayed as such by the fandom, with Sakuya usually being the object of her desire. She's a vampire who looks like a young child which can be Squick.

    Visual Novels 
  • Illyasviel von Einzbern in Fate/stay night very much enjoys watching Shiro squirm when she puts the moves on him in the anime series. Also an Enfant Terrible and a Tyke-Bomb. It turns out that she's actually biologically older than the person she tries to seduce, and only looks like a young child. Even after that, she doesn't have her own H-scene; in the Tiger Dôjô, we're told that she was going to have an H-scene in that gorgeous bed, but her route was dropped in favor of expanding the Heaven's Feel route.
    • Chloe from the spin-off Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA is a magical clone containing Illya's repressed memories and abilities as the Holy Grail, and is represented as such by her having the personality of Fate/stay night's Illya in the Prisma Illya universe. As such she is just as precocious as her Visual Novel counterpart, but actually is as young as she looks, with all the Squick it entails. Thankfully her antics are Played for Laughs since PRISMA☆ILLYA is a Lighter and Softer entry in the Fate series, but some scenes have gotten the spin-off banned in other countries as child pornography (while Chloe is not the sole offender, she's easily the biggest).
  • Dahlia Hawthorne from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations seduced a childlike man at the age of 14 and forced him to make a suicide pact for her. It's her Moral Event Horizon moment. To make things worse, she has plenty more where that came from, and the Ephebophile she dated (and who may or may not be mentally challenged) looks far more sympathetic than her as he kills himself in court.

  • Better Days includes a girl who seduces the not-quite-old-enough main character and has sex with him repeatedly over the length of their relationship. Then, her abusive family is found out and she's sent off to foster care. The main character bears the psychic scars of his own abuse until he happens to meet her again... she's been through counseling and a loving foster family that taught her all the right things, and she's making a go at her own career, well aware now of the wrongs of her past (both those done to her and those she did to others).
  • Blue from College Roomies from Hell!!!. She doesn't hesitate to use the manipulation skills learned by all children of the Green family to seduce Dave.
  • Larisa from Sandra and Woo likes to dress sexy to appeal to boys, has already smooched around a dozen of them and doesn't mind being called a slut for this sort of behavior... She's also digging more conservative family values, though.
    • Although she may look forward to find a guy she'll consider marrying, until then, she probably wants to enjoy her single life as long as possible.
    • She has toned this down somewhat ever since she has entered into a relationship with Nice Guy Landon. While still quite flirty, most of her behavior is now channeled into PDA with her boyfriend.
  • Rose Crowley from Treading Ground (may be NSFW occasionally). It turns out that she is legal in her state by the time she starts chasing Nate Ashborne, but it is indicated that she lost her virginity long before then.
  • Gloria Goode from Everyday Heroes (at least she thinks so... she's had mixed results so far).

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • In Animaniacs, Dot Warner appears petite and adolescent and often flirts with other characters, including occasional deliberate double entendres and upskirt shots. Watching the program again as an adult can turn out to be extremely uncomfortable, although her actual age is not established (if the characters were born in the 1930s, they're Really 700 Years Old).
  • Archer episode Swiss Miss, the underage rich guy's daughter ISIS is trying to protect. She tries to seduce Archer, and given his Anything That Moves reputation he has a hard time convincing his colleagues that Even He Has Standards. As the show spoofs spy movies, she may have been inspired by Bibi (Lynn-Holly Johnson) from For Your Eyes Only.
  • Lolita and Tanqueray from Beavis and Butt-Head use their sex appeal to manipulate the titular duo in no less than three episodes.
  • Jessica Lovejoy from The Simpsons. Amongst boys smitten by her, she falls right into the role of femme fatale, and isn't afraid to use it.
  • In South Park's 19th season, the Big Bad, Leslie, is able to charm both Jimmy and Kyle into helping her, all while seeming like an innocent victim. As a sapient advertisement, she's really good at manipulating people.