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Treading Ground was a slice of life webcomic drawn by Nick Wright.

Nathaniel "Nate" Ashborne spends his dreary life working at the “Food Baron” supermarket, a task he performs with limited enthusiasm. When Nate moves into his friend's Steve Adams and Derek Wilkins' apartment, it doesn't take long before he meets the spunky girl Rose Crowley. They get off to a good start, quite good in fact. Really... very... good. It looks like this could be the turning point of Nate's crappy life, but there are two problems: Rose is known as the neighbourhood bicycle, and she's 17 years old.


The comic follows Nate and Rose, as well as their friends and work pals, as they try to make their relationship, jobs, school and life in general work out. The script and dialogue is fast and sassy, and the humour is direct and disrespectful, with some of the situations Nate encounter in the supermarket taken from the author's personal experience. Occasionally, some pages are marked NSFW, mostly due to Rose.

The comic has had a long life due to ongoing breaks in the author Nick Wright's attention; only 77 strips were between 2003 and 2006. From February 2010 onward, he finally managed a steady Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, producing the remainder of the 251-strip plotline in less than a year and a half. The webcomic concluded on Friday July 8th, 2011. He briefly started a sequel series, Peached, featuring two of the supporting characters of Treading Ground going off to college in Atlanta, but put it on indefinite hiatus and shifted his focus to working as a writer and producer for That SciFi Guy (to the point where he redirected the website for said sequel comic into a website for that show).


Treading Ground provides examples of: