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The Main Cast.

Isaac: The amount of work they're expecting to wring out of us is herculean. Honestly, I think Hercules would find this difficult.
Cora: At least we'll never get any recognition. And we'll probably be fired.

The Trenches was a webcomic initially created by Scott Kurtz, Mike Krahulik, and Jerry Holkins, and later featuring the work of Mary Cagle, Monica Ray, and Ty Halley. Each strip was released with a story "from an actual tester about their experiences in the industry".

Former game developer Isaac Cox has been brought low... somehow... and is forced to find a new job in a tough economy. He ends up as a tester for an MMO based on a 80s cartoon Show Within a Show called Lawstar, and has to deal with being on the bottom rung on the development ladder while also dealing with his co-workers.

The comic became increasingly prone to Schedule Slip even during "seasons". Fans had some hope of seeing new installments on a more consistent basis once Mary Cagle took over art duties, and then once more when the comic was handed off to former Penny Arcade Strip Search contestants Ty Halley and Monica Ray, but in 2016 the comic was officially announced to be on a hiatus. As all links to The Trenches site were quietly removed from the main PA site in 2022 and the domain name expired in 2023, it has become an Orphaned Series.

The comic provides examples of:

Tropes found in the submitted stories: