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"What do you go for,
Go see a show for?
Tell the truth, you go to see those beautiful dames."
Dames, title song


Often, one Ms. Fanservice is not enough. So, a show may fill itself to the brim with sexy young ladies in Stripperiffic costumes. Having a chorus of showgirls dance with plenty of wiggles and high kicks helps keep the men in the audience entertained.

This was fairly common in earlier musicals, back in the days when the target audience member was the proverbial "tired businessman" (nowdays, he would go to a strip club). Thus the horror whenever someone in Jeeves and Wooster set their sights on "a chorus girl".

A Sister Trope to Lovely Assistant.

Compare the Jiggle Show (the women are actually the stars of the show, rather than decoration).

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    Films — Animated 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Moulin Rouge! features a wide variety of can-can girls across its numbers.
  • In Stonewall 1995 the Stonewall patrons form a kickline and chant taunts at the police.

  • Star Wars Legends: Parodied in Starfighters of Adumar, when eternal prankster Wes Janson gets a cloak composed of flexible flat-panel monitors. One of the animations it displays is a chorus line of (fully clothed) Jansons.

    Live-Action TV 
  • When Have I Got News for You moved to BBC1, they opened their first episode by promising the show wouldn't change. This was followed by a line of chorus girls kicking their way across the set to burlesque music. (On the "Very Best of HIGNFY" DVD commentary, Paul Merton calls this "a poor idea, badly executed." Ian Hislop: "I'm glad it's in, then.")

  • Of Thee I Sing has the candidates for First Lady of the United States parading about the Atlantic City boardwalk in bathing suits. The press corps takes careful aim with their cameras at the girls' knee dimples.
  • In its time, Oklahoma!! was notable for not bringing on Chorus Girls for Fanservice, instead keeping the female ensemble modestly dressed. That is, until the Dream Ballet brought into action a few gaudy dancing girls like those featured in Jud's magazines.
  • Discussed in Carousel. Sometime after the Time Skip, Carrie reports that her husband took her to an "extravaganza" while in New York, but the sight of "twelve hussies with nothin' on their legs but tights" offended his puritanical sensibilities so much that he immediately hustled her out of the theatre. She went back, though.
  • Secondhand Lions: The Musical has the Bollywood-influenced Oujda harem girls during flashback scenes.
  • Fiorello! brings on a batch of chorus girls to tap-dance to "Gentleman Jimmy." (The Real Life Jimmy Walker was famous for having affairs with chorus girls.)
  • In the stage adaptation of The Little Mermaid, the dancing "sea creatures" during "Under the Sea" have showgirl-style costumes.
  • Jesus in Reefer Madness: The Musical is always accompanied by a line of sexy angels who act as his background dancers and backup singers. In some productions, a few male ones may be thrown in as well — or at least two Chippendales Dancers who are capable of lifting him (like in the movie).

    Video Games 
  • Parodied in Sam & Max: Freelance Police musical number "The War Song", as Agent Superball dances in various Busby formations. His kicks aren't that high, but what do you expect in a standard black suit?
  • Elise the Spider Queen from League of Legends has the Can-Can for her /dance emote. She even does it in a chorus line with her spiderling minions when she transforms into her giant spider form.

    Western Animation 
  • In general, Doofenshmirtz's songs in Phineas and Ferb (and not only in Doof song) tend to have a large number of sexy backup singers wearing sexy outfits relevant to the song.


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