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This is when sexual intercourse and other sexual activities are referred to by code words. This type of euphemism is usually used by adults, especially when near children or in a work targeting children, though they may also use sexual euphemisms when discussing the topic with a friend or family member. Many of these euphemisms come from common language and, in certain cases, can be totally innocent. As such, this may overlap with Innocent Innuendo if it turns out the "euphemism" was literal.

These euphemisms can be part of a character's humor or their schtick, and depending on the specific euphemism, it could establish their character as a lewd pervert, someone who's comfortable with their sexuality, or someone who has enough wit to talk about these things in polite society. In some cases, pink is used to highlight these elements as a visual aid or to highlight it.


Some common euphemisms for sex include: one thing, this and that, making love, the nasty, doing the do, getting lucky, getting laid, doing the horizontal tango, dancing, woohooing, making whoopee, and literally hundreds more. Some common euphemisms for other sexual activities include: choking the chicken, crying bald man, beating the meat, strangling the cyclops, menage a moi, and countless others.

This is a supertrope to Get Thee to a Nunnery, which is when the sexual euphemism is no longer understood as such, though it used to be. This may overlap with Intercourse with You, which is a song about sex with or without euphemisms; Getting Crap Past the Radar, when euphemisms are used to include otherwise inappropriate talk; and Double Entendre, when an innocent phrase has a double meaning related to sex. If used as names, they are Euphemistic Names. Also see The Body Parts That Must Not Be Named, when someone uses euphemisms for the sex organs. This is a sister trope to Unusual Euphemism, which is when a character makes up a euphemism for sex because they're made uncomfortable by the subject. Contrast Is That What They're Calling It Now? for when something is not intended as a euphemism for sex but a character interprets it as one, which overlaps when a term turns into this. Accidental Innuendo is when the author didn't intend it either. See also Innocent Innuendo and Heh Heh, You Said "X". See also Gay Euphemism which is about avoiding direct usage of homosexuality-related terms.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • Washuu announces to the world at large that Ryoko wants to do "this and that" with Tenchi in Tenchi Muyo!. In another episode, Ayeka worries about Ryoko "doing this and doing that" with Tenchi.
  • The student council in My-HiME briefly discusses a curfew-breaking female student who may have been doing "this or that" with a boy in one episode; one of the council members is apparently unfamiliar with the usage and takes a while to piece together just what the others are talking about.
  • In My-Otome, a schoolgirl envisioning the lascivious things an older girl could order a classmate to do squeals about "this or that".
  • In Nagasarete Airantou, after months of living with Suzu, Ikuto was finally asked by Yukino's mother if he had done "this and that" with her to which Ikuto responds with a massive Nosebleed and refusal of doing said acts.
  • In episode 8 of the new TV version of Ah! My Goddess, Urd (on a videotaped "instruction guide for the lovelorn") promises to explain how to do "this and that" with a girl. In episode 12, Sayoko accuses Mara of doing "this and that" to her on waking up next to her.
  • Best Student Council uses a variant, in the Unusual Euphemism paya-paya, which sounds just lascivious enough almost no one actually understands what it means.
  • In Nodame Cantabile, Stresemann offers to take the naive titular character to a hotel, where he can show her 'this and that'. When she asks what 'this and that' is, he replies 'Something you probably don't know about yet, Nodame-chan.' Chiaki, still within earshot, gets it and intervenes before Nodame can agree.
  • Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch:
    • In the manga, Lucia is giving one of several love confessions gone wrong, and Kaito jokes about "this and that", causing Lucia to yell at him while he laughs it off. It's a major turning point in the relationship, where Lucia is able to finally blink, look at him and start laughing too, where before she'd continue to take Kaito's perverted jokes personally.
    • Elsewhere in the series, it's Covert Pervert Hanon's favorite saying when she wants to tease Lucia about her relationship.
  • In FLCL, Naota's father uses Fooly Cooly (the title/Arc Words of the series) as an Unusual Euphemism for an ill-defined perverted sexual activity.
  • In Inuyasha, when Miroku and Sango go off alone to investigate a mountain, Shippo expresses concerns over "this and that".
  • In the manga version of Prétear, Yayoi muses about "doing this and that" after Himeno says that she can't sleep because the Leafe Knights stay in her room at night to guard her. Himeno tells her they don't; what really happens is actually far less romantic...
  • In Midori Days, Midori dreams about being Seiji's wife and ends it with "Then we'd do this and that"...
  • FAKE has Dee imagining what he and Ryo could do together on Christmas eve. "We could have done this... and this... and maybe some of that..."
  • Tsuyuri from Doujin Work suggests that Najimi and Houshi might have done "this and that... and this ... and maybe that" in a love hotel, only to watch Justice squirm in despair.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka: In Urumi's fantasy where she and Onizuka elope to Hokkaido, and move into The Alleged House:
    Urumi: Oh, teacher! Here, let me help you erect your plank!
    Onizuka: Oh, Urumi!!! I'll help you fill the well! Oh, yes!
  • A lot of "this" and a lot of "that" is exactly what Aizen Teppa from Grenadier tries to get. He's apparently quite successful too (Episodes 11 and 12 show that he's quite popular among the ladies of the town)...except when it comes to his good friend, Rushuna.
  • Mutsumi asks if Naru and Keitaro are going to do "This and That" during Volume 10 of the Love Hina manga.
  • In the Descendants of Darkness manga, Watari convinces Tsuzuki to try one of his prototype gender-changing potions by telling him that if he were female, he could do this and that and it'd all be okay.
  • Gintama has ninja Ayame Sarutobi (Sa-chan) frequently referring to "this-and-that" in her deluded fantasies over her 'relationship' with Gintoki, and the term's also used by several other characters.
  • Junjou Romantica has Usagi-san saying "this and that" when talking about what he and Misaki get up to when they're together.
  • One Piece:
    • Used in the second movie, where the mooks that are about to kidnap Nami so the Big Bad can forcibly marry her say out loud that they hope they'll be able to watch their boss do "this" and "that" to her. The horrified looks on the crew's faces when they hear them are priceless.
    • Later, Sanji hoped to have this with Nami, on a consensual basis of course, after he would have rescued her.
  • When Sato of Welcome to the N.H.K. finds a hentai doujinshi in a shop, Yamazaki cheers "What do you think? Isn't it great seeing your favorite girls doing this and that?"
  • Steel Angel Kurumi has the perverted general, who asks confidentially if Saki can be ordered to do 'this and that'.
  • During their first training in the Shuuren no Mon, Dorothy realizes that Ginta and Snow are paired together and could be doing 'This and that'. She later gets extremely angry when she finds out that their meeting was a kiss. It doesn't help viewers when the next image (after Dorothy gets angry at the pairings) is of Snow being embarrassed and Ginta asking her to show him again. He's fascinated by her summoning of Yuki-chan, her snowman guardian).
  • In Fruits Basket, Kyo is engaged in a martial arts battle with his cousin Hatsuharu's violent Split Personality, "Black Haru", who threatens to do "some of this, and some of that" to Tohru if Kyo loses. This succeeds in making Kyo angry enough to have more of an incentive to fight back, though whether Black Haru actually meant what he said is debatable.
  • Played with/subverted in Fairy Tail. During the Lullaby Arc Lucy is told by Erza to go find Natsu and Gray. She gets lost and frustrated, and decides to stop looking... then Happy looks shocked and says that she must be brave, to defy Erza. He then wonders what will happen when Erza does "this and that" to Lucy, and Lucy freaks out, saying "What is she going to do to me!!??" It's implied, however, that the threat was not sexual in nature, and was more of a 'she'll beat you up, horribly' deal. It never is revealed what Erza really would have done, though...
  • In Azumanga Daioh, Nyamo, of all people, gets blitzed and gives a lecture on "this and that" to the girls, with reactions ranging from horrified to amazed to downright intrigued. And, the morning after, when Chiyo innocently comes to ask her about the things she didn't understand about said lecture... Let's just say it's priceless. And the fact that the speech is muted while relaxing music plays in the background when they talk about these things only makes it funnier.
  • In The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, Sorata assumes Jin and Misaki must be doing this when he, Mashiro, and Nanami arrive back at Sakura Hall at the end of episode 14. Turns out they aren't, and a distraught Misaki greets them by the front door, wearing only a towel.
  • Towards the end of Blast of Tempest, Yoshino off-handedly mentions he did this and that with Aika, which prompts Mahiro to demand an explanation. However we never really find out if Yoshino actually did make love to Aika, or if he was just saying that to get a rise out of Mahiro.
  • In Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, talking about sex is alright (in moderate doses, of course - it is a Shōnen series), but saying the word itself is for some reason no-go, so the characters always talk about "this and that" or "that stuff". The only exception is when Takuma gives Yamada and Shiraishi the very direct order "have sex" for comic surprise effect.
  • In the first episode of Massugu ni Ikou, Mametarou thinks his owner and her boyfriend are going to do "this and that". He freaks out and decides he needs to protect Iku. It turns out they're just going on a first date.
  • Shimoneta is all about this. In a boring world where the concept of dirty jokes doesn't exist, this trope applies to this dystopic version of Japan when people have to talk about sex but they can't, first because most of society has been controlled by the government so if they say censored words or actions is equal to going to jail, as well as teenagers and young people are ignorant of sexual education, so everyone talks about sex in euphemisms.
  • The Testament of Sister New Devil: One of the major plot points of the series is that of the Master-Servant Pact, a magical contract between two (or more) people that makes one bound to obey and serve the other. Violating the pact, or even thinking about violating it, causes the spell to activate and punish the servant. The nature of the punishment can vary, but almost all versions, due to the contract being created by a succubus, are shown in this series cause the servant to go into overpowering sexual desire. Thus, the protagonists always use the term "relief" to mean sexual contact (though not specifically intercourse).
  • In Bloom Into You, Rei thinks to herself that she and her boyfriend Hiro were "doing this, that and the other thing" before they were officially dating, something she's unwilling to admit to her younger sister, Yuu.


    Comic Books 
  • In Next Men, the superhumans are also secluded from society when the story starts. They were taught the word for sex was "dancing" — and that it was a very intimate thing between loved ones only — so it causes them some culture shock when people casually make dates to go out dancing.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man: Aunt May prevented Peter and MJ from having sex, reminded them to be "safe", and asked if he already had The Talk with Ben or needs more information. All without using any specific terms.

    Fan Works 
  • In The Prayer Warriors, the villains in "Battle With the Witches" seemingly refer to sex as "satanic rituals." The heroes have terms of their own, as seen in this description of Draco and Ebony having sex.
    Narration: Draco and Ebony removed the skin from an onion. After that, they put Draco`s noodles into Ebony`s bowl, and Draco then planted some seeds into Ebony`s pot, and then they laid on their bed for the rest the night. They were very tired from all that hard work.
  • Fever Dreams: when Light tells L "I like it when you investigate me."
  • From Legally Damned: "They hopped onto the squishy bed as Ryuk unscrewed the lightbulb."
  • From the Crack Fic The Black Bunny:
    George: Draco, I wanna release my basilisk into your chamber of secrets.
  • From The Dark Lord's Protector:
    While Bella was the most affected, the brothers always to advantage and made lingering touches, and innuendoes such, "my meatballs are bigger then this and tastier" courtesy of Rabastan and "My breadstick is longer and thicker" courtesy of Rodolphus.
    What sent Bella over this time was when her lovers dipped both of their breadsticks in her pasta, saying "We wanted to taste your sauce."
  • From Harry Potter and the Something Something:
    Snape: Not too long after we graduated from Hogwarts, I realized what a fool I'd been in letting Lily leave me on such horrible terms. I managed to seek her out before she and James went into hiding, and I convinced her to forgive me.
    Harry: Lovely.
    Snape: Then she forgave me again the next morning.
    Harry: Dude.
    Snape: Twice.
  • In A Necessary Gift Sirius comments that he hopes to get lucky at a Beltane ceremony. Remus objects to this remark because a ten-year-old alternate-universe Harry (who's pretending to be Sirius' nonexistent son Orion) is standing right there.
    Sirius: Orion's old enough to know about the quills and the inkpots, Remus.
  • In Dearest Hermione Sirius tries to give Harry The Talk, due to his doubts that the Dursleys would ever have discussed "the flowers and the fairies."
  • In The Greengrass Contract Angelina Johnson offers to teach Harry about "kissing and some other stuff."
    Harry: It's okay, Angelina - I know all about parking the hot rod in the garage.
  • In Breakfast Harry's son Jamie insists on dressing up as a cereal box for Halloween, with Ginny as a bottle of milk and Harry as the bowl and spoon.
    Ginny: You know, if we tire him out with trick-or-treating, he'll go to bed sooner. We could always leave that bowl of candy on the front porch and you could dip your spoon into my milk after we put him to bed.
    Harry: I'm kind of hungry. I think I'd want two bowls of cereal tonight.
    Ginny: I think I have enough milk for three bowls at least.
  • One of the villains in The Private Diary of Elizabeth Quatermain speaks of his upcoming marriage as being the means to an end, saying that "I just have to take the blush off your English rose" in order to achieve it. As he's talking to the man who is genuinely in love with the bride, this is quite possibly the worst pressing of a Berserk Button in the entire series.
  • Advice and Trust: A bunch of them:
    • Asuka tells Shinji that he is not getting an "Israfel Special" with Rei and her (meaning a threesome). Quickly the "Israfel Special" expression becomes a Running Gag.
    • Later in chapter 5 Shinji considers that he and Asuka are pretty vocal when "entangling their AT-Fields".
    • During that scene, Asuka tells him "Now get your 'Positron Rifle' into 'firing position', quickly." as an euphemism for sex.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines and its Expanded Universe has people reference one night stands that lead to pregnancy as having 'daycared'.
  • In Osomatsu-san fanfics, some fans like to have Jyuushimatsu use "Seicross" as a euphemism for sex thanks to his introduction in episode 1.
  • One piece of Resident Evil 4 fanart has Ashley propositioning Leon using phrases like "I want you to plant every seed in your apple bag into my fertile valley" and "be my Major General Robert Ross, and burn my White House down".
  • In the RWBY fic Pyrrha(c) victory, Yang jokes that Pyrrha and Jaune's combat training sessions are really sexual euphemisms.
  • Nora ran betting rings in RWBY: Reckoning based on when Darrel and Yang would progress through a relationship, with the last one being when the two would "boop".
  • Empath: The Luckiest Smurf has "getting under one's hat" as a Smurf euphemism for sex.
  • A Very Titans Christmas uses the expression "The deed of a thousand euphemisms".
  • Psychedelic Epiphany Series: Yearly Epiphany From Year 0: Hearthswarming Epiphany:
    you know... married couples like to engage in the totality of their relationship for mutual comprehension and growth of pleasure?"
    "...Yes, I am aware of sex." Willow paused.
  • In the Bones fic “Man Cave Defiled”, Booth uses a play on “hide the salami” saying Sweets was playing “hide the little smokey” in his man cave. Brennan asks if it shouldn’t be “hide the salami” and Booth replies “it’s Sweets, there’s no salami involved”.
  • In Bitter Repercussions, Fireheart gets embarrassed when Bluestar mentions that it took long enough for Sandstorm to get pregnant. He questions whether Bluestar's suggesting he and Sandstorm should have been doing "this and that" for months.
  • Whisper the Wolf drags Silver the Hedgehog to her house for "the important mission".
    Blaze: Why are Silver and Whisper spending more time together?
    Sonic and Tangle: The fucking mini Silvers are coming.
  • The Mountain and the Wolf: The Wolf believes that Jon and Grey Worm are Daenerys' lovers (the former was, but it turns out they're related, the latter is a eunuch), and at one point leaves them with this classy line:
    "Bet that's one dragon's belly you're eager to stab your spears into, eh?"
  • When Bruno has his vision when confronted by Tuffnut in The Dragon and the Butterfly, he asks him if he wants to know "what [his] sister's gonna be doing in a couple years". He then points to Fishlegs.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • The Breakfast Club: Bender grosses out Claire by describing "a game of hide the salami" and suggesting she wants "the hot beef injection".
  • In Captain America: The First Avenger, Cap misinterprets Howard Stark's question to Peggy Carter for late-night fondue as one of these. Howard clarifies later:
    Howard: Agent Carter, if we're not in too much of a hurry I thought we could stop off in Lucerne for a late night fondue.
    Howard: It's just cheese and bread, my friend.
  • Demolition Man. While talking with Officer Huxley about sex, John Spartan calls it "boning", the "wild mambo" and the "hunka chunka".
  • Part of a Running Gag in Idiocracy is that Joe never catches on to Rita's euphemism.
  • The Mask. When the Mask meets Tina Carlyle in the park, he tries to seduce her by saying (in an outrageous French accent) "I will spread your pate" and "I will dip my ladle in your vichyssoise".
  • In Mean Girls, Kevin confuses new student Cady Heron by asking her if "you muffin buttered?" and "would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin?". Then The Plastics step in and tell him to leave Cady alone.
  • In None Shall Escape, Wilhelm says to Willie that the Polish women are there to work for the Nazis and for "recreational purposes".
  • Tango & Cash has Stallone's character making reference to "bumping uglies".
  • Weird Science: Chet irritates Lisa by telling her he wants to "butter her muffin".
  • Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is a Hurricane of Puns, but one of the most memorable is after the titular character has hit her head on a movie marquee:
    Bob: "How's your head?"
    Elvira: "Well, I've never had any complaints..."


    Live-Action TV 
  • In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Ward confesses to Agent Coulson that he 'did that' with Agent May. Coulson, who knew this already, states matter-of-factly, that she preferred to simply call it sex.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • In a bid to make up with Oz, Willow has him over to watch videos. He finds her in the darkened lounge wearing a slinky red dress, Barry White playing in the background and a bottle of lemonade in an ice bucket, which she'd set up in preparation of wanting to "do that thing." The whole setup shows Willow isn't quite as mature as she's trying to be, so Oz turns down the offer until Willow is truly ready.
    • Averted in a later episode which takes place after Willow has lost her virginity.
      Willow: What does it mean when a girl wants to... You know.
      Xander: If you're doin' it, I think you should be able to say it.
      Willow: Make love.
    • The Mayor wants Faith to move out of the No-Tell Motel she's staying in because there are 'immoral liaisons' going on there. Being Book Dumb Faith replies, "Yeah, plus all the screwing."
  • The Dating Game popularized "making whoopee".
  • The "Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook" sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus has this gem:
    "Do you want to come back to my place, bouncy-bouncy?"
    • There's also the "Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!" sketch, where Eric Idle speaks entirely in euphemisms. "Is your wife a goer, eh? Eh? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!"
  • Seinfeld
    • A slightly different example was Jerry and Elaine talking about their relationship, making references to "this", with a forward-and-backward hand motion, implying a conversational, friendly relationship, and "that", with a hand motion towards Jerry's bedroom, implying a sexual relationship. Elaine decides at the end that she wants, "this", "that", and "the other" (love).
    • Then there's "yada yada yada", which George's girlfriend uses to cover up all manner of things when telling stories, which it turns out includes sex.
  • Veronica Mars: In the first season episode "Ruskie Business", Veronica and Meg go to the sheriff's department for a stop Veronica needs to make, which Meg doesn't understand until she sees Veronica and Leo (a deputy) looking at each other. After Veronica and Leo banter, and she asks him for a favor, she and Meg leave, and Meg remarks, "God, Veronica, he totally wants to protect and serve you!"
  • Yes, Minister: In "Party Games", Hacker hears about a sex scandal involving one of his cabinet colleagues, and remarks "To look at him, you wouldn't think he had the time for all this..." before trying to find a suitable euphemism. Sir Humphrey suggests "horizontal jogging".

  • This and That by Michael Penn
  • "Ball of Kirriemuir" uses this a couple of times while otherwise using extremely graphic language.
    The village idiot he was there,
    Up to this and that,
    Amusing himself by abusing himself,
    And catching it in his hat.
  • "Makin' Whoopee", a 1928 song by Eddie Cantor that came from the musical Whoopee!

    Mythology & Religion 
  • In the more formal equivalent (word-for-word) translations of The Bible, "knowing" tends to be used in places where its intended meaning is that the characters are having (or wanting) sex. Although it may be a case where it is more than just a euphemism for sex, that it is actually having intimate relations (whether physical or otherwise) with the other person.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Maid RPG always refers to sex as variations on terms of vagueness throughout the rulebooks. For example, from a replay:
    GM: Ahhh. I see how it is. That's pretty handy. "Doing That Thing"! Heheheh. Vampires do vampiric activities, humans do [censored] activities. OK! OK!

  • The musical A Chorus Line features a song titled "Dance: Ten, Looks: Three" but more commonly known as "Tits and Ass". Frequently, high school performing-arts programs decide they want to perform this musical and are forced to change the lyrics to placate the parents' groups. What do they usually change the lyrics to, so as to best match the rhythm and sound of the original words? "This and That." (Which, considering what that's taken to mean, implies that the Bowdlerized lyrics got even racier.)
  • Othello: Iago tells Brabantio, Senator of Venice, that "your daughter (Desdemona) and the Moor (Othello) are now making the beast with two backs."

    Video Games 
  • In RPG/sim hybrid Azure Dreams (PSX version), after teenage-hero Koh finally gets a Relationship Upgrade by turning Girl Next Door, Bokkuko Tsundere Nico, into a Victorious Childhood Friend as part of his personal harem, she will fondly reminisce to him how very touchy-feely he already was with her even when they were still young children (I remember that even when you were a little kid, you would get me and we would do this and do that). Koh shamelessly agrees with a straight face (Yes, I did this and that).
  • CLANNAD: Kyou is talking to Tomoya about giving a love letter from the soccer captain to Ryou: "If she becomes his girlfriend and since you're a guy, you wouldn't be able to do this and that to her."
  • The H-Game of Da Capo has summaries of the individual scenes in the game. For the H scenes, the summary is sometimes pretty straightforward — "We had sex" — but other times it's rather coyer, "We did this and that".
  • Used in Grandia a few times. For example, when a woman, whose sister has been kidnapped by pirates, worries that they might be "making her do this and that".
  • Little Busters!, when Riki and Kurugaya are sneaking into the school at night to spend time together, Kurugaya sighs at him for not thinking about how they'd get in without setting off the alarms:
    Kurugaya: If you want to take a girl into the school late at night and do this and that with her, you should work out your plans better.
    Riki: Well, I wasn't really going to do this and that with you, but I'll be careful...
  • Fallout 3:
    • The game has no issues with saying "Fuck", but there's a character in Megaton who's job is to "comfort" her customers." She doesn't call herself a hooker, call girl, or any other term. She doesn't say that her job is having sex with the bar's customers, but that's exactly what she does.
    • In Rivet City, if the player tells Father Clifford that Diego and Angela had sex, Angela says:
      Someone told Father Clifford that Diego and I know.
  • The Sims: Sex is referred to only as "Woo Hoo!"
  • Played for Drama in Yakuza 0. One sidequest requires you to rescue a girl from a cult that requires constant large donations of money. The girl you are rescuing was unable to gain that money, so the cult's leader demands that she atones for her sins by performing "special Shooreh Pippi" with him (Shooreh Pippi being the cult's term for prayers). Given the details given about this "special Shooreh Pippi" (it's only available to women, and she and the leader "become one"), it's pretty clear what that entails.
  • Okiku, Star Apprentice: Used by Okiku and misunderstood by a boy bein in Nishino:
    Boy: Is it just me, or is mommy's tummy getting bigger?
    Okiku: It sounds like she had some fun.
    Boy: We played together just yesterday, but...
    Okiku: Uhhh, that wasn't exactly what I was talking about!
    Okiku: Oh, never mind, Don't worry about it.

    Web Animation 
  • Bravest Warriors uses "sassy num-nums" as the go-to phrase pertaining to intimacy.


    Web Novel 
  • Can You Spare a Quarter?: Jamie never uses the words "rape" or "sex" but uses terms like "...doing things with me", and Jason adopts the same terminology.

    Web Videos 
  • In Crash Course: World History, presenter John Green only ever refers to sex as "scoodelypooping".
  • In The Nostalgia Critic's fourth commercial special, the Wicked Witch hits on a henchman using such lines as "What do you say I ride your broomstick for a while?"
  • YouTube personality rSlash uses the term "passionate hugging" when reading Reddit posts featuring the word sex.

    Western Animation 
  • In an episode of Code Lyoko, Jeremie unintentionally makes an innuendo when suggesting he would give Aelita his croissant. Although Jeremie meant it literally, it gets called back to later in the episode when Odd is arguing with his girlfriend, and Ulrich suggests that Odd give her his croissant.
  • In Wakfu, Pirates try to kidnap Eva and the captain states there are "some fighting you do in private", it is clear they got what he meant by it.
    • Rubalix comments that Eva and Tristepin sometimes forget to turn him around when they "exercise".

    Real Life 
  • In the 1970s in the UK, a female journalist who had been in a bedroom with a former Ugandan cabinet minister during a dinner party claimed they had been "discussing Uganda". The satirical magazine Private Eye used "discussing Uganda" or "Ugandan relations" like this for years afterward.
  • South Carolina governor Mark Sanford's initial explanation for his disappearance (to visit his mistress in Argentina) was that he had been "hiking the Appalachian Trail", and some commentators explicitly referenced the "discussing Uganda" incident as a comparison, as an inadvertent example of this trope.


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