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Sexual Extortion

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"Not my beloved!"
" is for the children."

Nightclub Owner: Here's the money, for the girls.
Ginger Moss: I'll make sure they get it.
Owner: Yeah, I'll bet. When?
Ginger: When? When bodacious Beverly stops holdin' out on me. I'm gonna invite her up to my place tonight for a little career manipulation.

Bob is Alice's superior and wants to employ her other talents. The thing is, Alice is not interested — maybe she already has a sweetheart, or her moral code won't allow for what Bob wants, or she's just not into him. Maybe she's asexual or just not into men. Maybe she Can't Have Sex, Ever. Bob chooses to "let her make the decision"... but not really.

Technically Alice can refuse, but saying "no" may come with a whole host of nasty consequences, whereas an "okay" might gain her some thing or things she needs or wants. Oftentimes this is related to her and Bob's professional relationship — promotions, connections, qualifications, etc. Sometimes all she can hope for is just maintaining the status quo.

In general, the perpetrator's plotting would mean the victim undressing in tears and "offering" herself to him, but thanks to a heroic Love Interest or a nifty Deus ex Machina, it only rarely gets that far (let alone any farther). If the victim angsts too long about what she should do, the perpetrator might drop the act entirely.

In a nutshell, Sexual Extortion is a form of sexual assault wherein financial and/or social threats largely replace physical violence. This trope only works if the perpetrator has some sort of leverage over the victim. Some works even portray the victim enjoying it, but this doesn't change the coercion that lies at the heart of this trope.

Subtrope to Blackmail, with the defining elements of the ever-popular combination of sex and the abuse of power. Compare Scarpia Ultimatum, where there is usually not even the thinnest pretext of civilised behaviour and where the lives and well-being of people are at stake. Compare and contrast with Sleeping Their Way to the Top and Casting Couch, which are a bit too consensual to qualify for extortion, but are still a form of abuse of power, and if anything are at the expense of those who refused to play along.

In Real Life, this is known as "quid pro quo harassment". Typical flavors would be a boss/employee or a professor/student. Another variety is a police officer/petty offender. The trope was more popular before the 1960s and 1970s when pre/extra-marital sex was a way bigger deal than today. Older Than Feudalism qualifier: Joseph and Potiphar's wife in the Bible.

Subtrope of Questionable Consent. Goes hand in hand with Sex Is Evil, and I Am Horny. Contrast Ethical Slut and Safe, Sane, and Consensual. When a villain does it to someone close to the hero, it's a Scarpia Ultimatum. Compare Captive Date where one character forces another to go on a date with them and Revenge Porn Blackmail where one party has extorts the other by threatening to release explicit images or footage of the victim.

As with all Sexual Harassment and Rape Tropes, No Real Life Examples, Please! noreallife


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Another Boys' Love Genre example, Sakura Gari, Souma forces Masataka to become his "lover" to pay off his brother, Takafumi's Yakuza debts.
  • Phantom Quest Corp.: Corrupt museum director Mr. Nagasuki pulls this on Natsuki in Incident File 03. First, by pulling the night crew of the exhibit she was working on which was discovered by her deceased boyfriend, Narita. Then by threatening to cut off the exhibit's funding... unless she "co-operated". She almost gives in to the pressure but, thankfully, she had both Phantom Quest and Narita's ghost to protect her.
  • Maken-ki!: Discussed between Usui and Takeru in chapter 38, when Ms. Aki says she'll agree to do anything they ask in exchange for keeping her secret about being a virgin. Takeru panics and asks to oil her back. Usui tells Takeru that, had it been up to him, he would've asked to bone her.
  • The Testament of Sister New Devil: Chisato confronts her nephew, Basara, with evidence of his affairs with the girls that are living with him and uses it to blackmail him into an incestuous relationship with her, as well. By volume 6, the extortion is downplayed since Basara becomes mutually attracted to his aunt and finally takes her virginity towards the end of volume 7.
  • Gate: Subverted twice:
    • Itami is captured and thoroughly beaten by Pina's Amazon Brigade, as they hadn't heard of the ceasefire between the Empire and the JSDF. She orders one of the knights to sleep with Itami, hoping he won't report the incident and start a new war (apparently a traditional method of diplomacy in this world). Unfortunately, when Bozes enters the room she finds Itami surrounded by demihuman maids having a tea party, so she slaps him instead. Itami is brought to Pina even more beaten up than before.
    • Pina asks her brother Diabo for help. He agrees on the condition that she sleep with him. He's actually horrified when he sees her show up Ready for Lovemaking, because he had no idea she'd actually go through with it and only wanted an excuse to stay neutral.
  • Subverted in Overlord (2012): After the lizardmen are soundly defeated by Ainz, he shows up at the village with a deal for the surviving leader, Crusch Lulu, where he'll resurrect them in exchange for something. Completely misunderstanding what Ainz (big humanoid skeleton with no skin or organs whatsoever) wants from her, she (again, a lizardwoman) blushes and starts undressing, to Ainz' shock and horror (and the sound of gnashing teeth from his Unwanted Harem behind him). He quickly clarifies that he wants Lulu to be his spy among the lizardmen and warn him of any seditious activity and that the resurrection will be canceled if she betrays him (something he can't actually pull off).
  • Kaiju Girl Caramelise: A tall guy who sees Kuroe use her Breath Weapon at night demands that she "come have some fun" with him in exchange for keeping quiet about her being a Kaiju. She responds that she won't because he's a stranger, but when he threatens to tell everyone, she has a Partial Transformation and does a Tail Slap on him before running off. This turns out to be subverted later on; the tall guy, Daichi Yoneyama, is actually a fifth grader whose idea of "fun" was to play literal games (his unusual height makes him so freakish to kids his age that they won't play with him). Once this is cleared up, he and Kuroe play a copyright-friendly version of Minecraft together.
  • Love of Kill: Song spends the first episode (or first few manga chapters) extorting a "date" from Chateau in exchange for information she needs for her day job and only manages to not actually rape her because she finally musters the nerve to actually leave the hotel room he takes her to at the end of it. He still manages to force a hug on her before she gets on the train to go home.

    Comic Books 
  • The Boys:
    • Homelander shows the Seven's newest superhero, Starlight, around the board room and she turns around to see he's lowered his pants. He demands oral sex in exchange for her keeping her role on the team, and when his two other teammates A-Train and Black Noir walk in she begs for help. They then proceed to drop their pants as well.
    • Played for Laughs with Soldier Boy, who Homelander manipulates into sleeping with him on an annual basis under the pretense of it being a "test" to join the Seven. And every time he "fails" and Homelander reassures him that it's not gay.
  • Ralph König's Killer Condom (Kondom des Grauens) begins with this trope - underage female student hates herself for it, but chooses to let her professor have his way with her in turn for passing an exam. Luckily, the condom he picks turns out to be a genetically engineered monster that eats his dick and then crawls away, leaving him bleeding and her laughing hysterically.
  • The Outsiders: In Batman and the Outsiders #18, a professor tries this on a student, who refuses and tries to kill herself when threatened with having her education ruined. When Geo-Force hears about it, he tries to pound the perp into gelatin but is stopped by Superman. Batman comes through with a more ethical and lawful solution, finding some of the professor's other victims and convincing them to press charges.
  • Red Ears:
    • One comic features a boss who keeps getting away with demanding sexual favors from his female employees throughout his career. The last however is smart enough to blackmail him after he's done.
    • Another one features a man in 1955 or so confessing to his priest that he saved a Jewish woman from the Gestapo during the war but demanded sexual favors for giving her food and shelter. The punchline of course being that he asks the priest if he should tell her the war is over.

    Comic Strips 
  • A minor character in Doonesbury is a soldier who was forced into sex by her commanding officer and is now in therapy. The strip goes surprisingly in-depth on the various psychological conflicts she's now suffering. (Notably, one of her issues is that she never directly said no to the officer, and thus feels that she consented—this is lessened to a degree when she discovers that his actions are classified as "command rape.")

    Fan Works 
  • The Green Hornet fanfic The Hornet's Girl plays with this trope. The narrator is an escort at a speakeasy and reluctantly agrees to "entertain" the Green Hornet after her boss threatens to fire her if she doesn't. The story takes place during the Depression and she couldn't afford to lose her job. Fortunately, the Hornet is a gentleman and politely turns her down once he sees her discomfort (it also helps that he was on a mission and wasn't interested in doing it anyway).
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness Act II: Rather than just stealing her first kiss as in canon, Miyabi actually forces Mizore to have sex with him in exchange for sparing her mother's life... only for Miyabi to order her mother's death almost immediately after.
  • The Masks we Wear (JiggleWigs) is an Avatar: The Last Airbender Alternate Universe Fic where Zuko's family was forced into exile when he was a toddler and assumed dead. Ursa raised Zuko and Azula on her own as a poor Earth Nation woman. Zuko frequently gets into trouble but always ends up scot-free. When Zuko learns what his mother had been doing in order to get him out of trouble, he's understandably horrified and furious. His sister refuses to believe him.
  • After Stormer is jailed in Farewell to Life the Way We Knew It for being lesbian, the officer offers to let her out if she'll have sex with him. She reluctantly agrees.
  • In the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "Smurfette's Genie", when Smurfette finds a girl genie and tries hiding her from her fellow Smurfs, both Brainy and Hefty find out by sneaking a peek through her windows. Hefty tries to blackmail Smurfette into going on a date with him to keep his silence about the genie, but Smurfette refuses and goes back to her house in tears, wishing Hefty would know what it would feel like to be a Smurfette. Her genie fulfills that wish by giving Hefty an incomplete Gender Bender to embarrass him.
  • Jessica from Lost Causes is a Toon originally created to star in pornographic cartoons. She had no say in the matter.
  • In TheNamelessDoll's Welcome To The Slaughter House and its sequel, Jasmine and several other girls are forced to work in a brothel. The story ends with them escaping and burning it down.
  • A Rabbit Among Wolves: Elizabeth Tanner tries to force herself on Jaune, threatening to have him thrown out of the camp with Trifa covering the whole of their debt. This was a regular tactic of hers she's used before as Trifa learned from the others at the camp.
  • Subverted For Laughs in On An Island In The Sun, which revolves around Harry Potter working to create his own island country free of Fantastic Racism. Many people (mostly girls) express their interest in moving there, leading to various rumors that Harry is forming a harem. When Fleur hears about the island, she believes that the only way to live there would be to join the harem and sexually submit to Harry, which she reluctantly decides to do in order to give her sister Gabrielle a better life. When she tells Harry that she would be willing to go along with the supposed sexual extortion, Harry informs her that the harem rumors aren't real and that she is free to move there no strings attached, leaving Fleur flabbergasted but grateful.
  • Dear Old Dad, a Persona 5 fanfic whose premise is that Shido, the game's Big Bad, is the father of practically the entire cast of the Phantom Thieves, has this as the origin of Futaba. Futaba's mother, Wakaba, was pressured into sleeping with Shido or he'd use his influence in the government to make her research job either difficult or non-existent. The origin of Futaba's half-siblings is little better, if not worse.
  • Vow of Nudity: When Spectra gets caught smuggling by a forest outpost, the commander offers to leave that out of his report if she services him and his men. Considering an honest report would lead to life in prison due to the city's crackdown on organized crime, she has little choice but to agree.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In The Cheat, after the foolish heroine steals $10,000 and then has to replace it, her Faux Affably Evil neighbor offers to give her the money, if she'll have sex with him.
  • The 1953 film Hilja - Maitotyttö is a classic example of Finnish rural romanticism. The main plot: evil farm owner lusts after his eponymous dairy maid Hilja, a young graduate loves her.
  • In Horrible Bosses, Dale's boss Julia does this to him as part of a concerted campaign of sexual harassment. An unusual Female on Male example that isn't played strictly for laughs (though his friends aren't as sympathetic initially as he might hope, as even more unusually for the case where female on male sexual harassment is shown, she's actually physically attractive).
  • Disclosure is all about this, though the woman accusing her (former) boss of this was actually the one who initiated the relationship.
  • 007 himself does something like this at the beginning of Thunderball. An attractive physical therapist coolly rebuffs Bond's flirtations and is all business in her dealings with our boy James. But when she leaves Bond alone - and defenseless- in some sort of back-stretchy machine, things take a turn for the worse when an enemy comes to kill him by turning the machine on too high. The therapist comes back, apologising profusely, and begging Bond not to report her for leaving him. Bond tells her he can be convinced to keep this their little secret. Even if he didn't intend for it to come off as sexual he certainly does nothing to clear things up when she takes it that way.
  • In the pre-Code 1930 movie The Silver Horde (it's about salmon fishing in Alaska, not that other Silver Horde), it's pretty much stated outright that the Hooker with a Heart of Gold female lead secures a business loan for the protagonist by sleeping with a banker.
  • In Nightcrawler, in an interesting inversion, Lou blackmails Nina, his superior, for sex, knowing that without his footage on her newscast, her ratings will drop and she'll be out of a job.
  • In Veronica Mars it turns out that Gia (Krysten Ritter) is being sexually extorted by Cobb after he took photos of her, Carrie and Luke dumping a mutual friend's body overboard after a drug overdose. All are being blackmailed for money but only she is being blackmailed also for sex.
  • After it's all said and done this is pretty much what makes Grace from Dogville succumb and give herself to the villagers of the male sex, even if it was by merely not reacting when they came to (as the narrator put it) satisfy their sexual needs to the point that to an outside viewer it could almost be mistaken for consensual. The unspoken but underlying threat that they would call the gangsters who were looking for her. And when they are finally called, it turns out that her life was in no danger to begin with because their boss is her estranged father, whom she just didn't want to see. Oops.
  • In Rhinestone, Freddie makes a bet with Jake. If she can turn Nick into a country music sensation, he will tear up her highly restrictive contract. However, if she loses, not only will the contract stand, but she will have to sleep with him.
  • In 68 Kill, Ken fired Violet after she turned down his advances, and used his contacts to have her evicted. He then applied financial pressure until she agreed to join him and his wife for their sex games.
  • In Boot Camp, Logan extorts sexual favours from the girl inmates by promising them promotion to 'yellow shirt' status'. However, he is not above raping those who refuse his offer.
  • In Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold, Tortuga charges his girls room and board and, if they can't pay with cash, they have to pay in 'other ways'.
  • 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days: Mr. Bebe the illegal back-alley abortionist finds out that 1) Otilla and Gabita don't have the 3000 Lei promised for the procedure, as they had to spend some on the hotel room, and 2) Gabita is actually over four months along when she said only two, which increases the risk and the price. Since he is a sociopathic dirtbag, he demands sex from both Otilia and Gabita before he performs the procedure. They comply.
  • The French film I Bajou is about Bajou, a Tunisian Jewish businessman. His business goes bankrupt. His biggest creditor proposes to his wife to have sex with her in return for forgiving the debt. (Only the two of them know.)
  • Chicago: Roxie improvises a Fake Pregnancy to get the spotlight back on her after a more scandalous murder story breaks—among other things, to keep Billy Flynn from dropping her as a client in favor of the newcomer. Cut to a doctor's office where Roxie is briefly seen through a door putting her clothes back on, and Billy asks the doctor if he's willing to swear in court that Roxie is pregnant. The doctor affirms this, and Billy tells him, "Button your fly." Meaning Roxie had sex with the doctor to get him to perjure himself.
  • The Lives of Others: The minister rapes Christa-Maria. She knows that he has to power to end her acting career if she does not submit.

  • In Boys' Love Genre Ai no Kusabi, Riki was a Sex Slave of Iason Mink and has been free for about a year. Iason then comes to claim Riki back. When Riki refuses to return and Iason has Riki's best friend Guy in "custody", Iason threatens to brainwash Guy into an Empty Shell of a sex doll unless Riki agrees to come back as his Pet.
  • In The Alice Network, Evelyn must sleep with her boss because if she doesn’t, he’ll probably fire her. Because of her spy work, she could find another job, but the Alice Network probably wouldn’t be able to get her a position as useful as the one she has now.
  • In Dragon Bones, the relationship between Garranon and Jakoven is eventually revealed to be this. It is implied that Fenwick of Hurog did this to the servant maids when he was alive - if he didn't outright rape them. Ward is worried that Oreg might have been victim of this, as he's a pretty slave boy, but in that case, it would have been "have sex or endure the horrible pain caused by disobeying", as it's magical slavery.
  • In Ragtime (novel version only), Tateh's wife is sexually abused by her boss and doesn't speak up because (Tateh being an artist) her income is what's supporting the family. When her husband finds out she's been "unfaithful" to him, he declares her dead to him and throws her out of the house.
  • In Angela's Ashes, Angela is given the chance to give her poor, suffering family everything it needs...but she has to sleep with a distant relative in return.
  • Millennium Series: In The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Lisbeth Salander is repeatedly molested and eventually raped by her new guardian whenever she asks for more money from her account. When he started out sexually harassing, molesting, and orally raping her, Lisbeth assumed that he was just on a power trip. However, after he violently anally rapes her, she finds out that she misjudged him in that he wasn't just on a power trip, but he was a full-blown sexual sadist who took advantage of his guardianship position over her (since she was declared legally incompetent). Lisbeth being Lisbeth, she gets even with him in due time.
  • Chicks in Chainmail: One story in Chicks and Chained Males makes an off-hand remark that a woman does not tell a god "No" unless she wants to end up like Cassandra.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, Jon Snow was attracted to Ygritte, but he intended to stay true to his Vow of Celibacy. She blackmails him into having sex with her — defending him against those who suspect him (correctly) of being a Fake Defector by claiming he's her lover, and then when he tries to thank her, telling him that she wasn't lying: she'd only left out the fact that it hasn't started yet. Left with no choice other than to be exposed, Jon has sex with her, and becomes pretty enthusiastic over time, but this doesn't negate or justify the blackmail, and it comes off rather like a "Not If They Enjoyed It" Rationalization.
  • Temeraire: Laurence's old Navy captain made advances on him and, when he refused, retaliated with brutal work assignments, gratuitous punishments, and Uriah Gambits. Laurence believes he wouldn't have survived the experience had the captain not died of illness soon after.
  • In The Witchlands, it's heavily implied that Corlant has made Iseult's mother sleep with him by threatening to take away her powers.
  • Kushiel's Legacy: Played with in Kushiel's Dart. Phedre buys passage across the Strait to Alba for her party by agreeing to sleep with the local admiral. Of course, she's a High-Class Call Girl to begin with so it kind of comes with the territory: the only odd part for her is being the customer instead of the vendor.
  • Stardoc: Cherijo Grey Veil's "father" Joseph created her as an Opposite-Sex Clone bride for himself, but she Escaped from the Lab. In Shockball, her husband Duncan is seriously injured and she breaks back into the lab to try to save his life. Joseph agrees to help in exchange for Cherijo bearing him a child. She thinks he means IVF and agrees out of pure desperation but finds out afterwards that he means to do it naturally. Fortunately, he's stopped before getting any further than that explanation.
  • Ironweed: With no other place to go and the weather turning cold Francis, a homeless man, finds a parked car for his companion in homelessness Helen to sleep in. He does this knowing that she'll probably have to provide sexual favors to the other bum in the car, and as it turns out she does, although the bum can't get it up.
  • Apprentice Adept: in Juxtaposition, Citizen Merle offers to use her not-insignificant influence in Stile's service, in exchange for one night with him. The end of the book left Stile in the magical world of Phaze, unable to give Merle her night. The subsequent sequel books revealed that Blue (Stile's Phaze doppelganger), took his place both in Proton and the deal. She tries it again at the end of Unicorn Point, but has to "settle" for merging with the Yellow Adept and adding her magical power and influence with her financial.
  • The Elder Scrolls In-Universe Books: In The Real Barenziah, Part III, Thieves' Guild officer Therris agrees to sponsor Barenziah and her peasant lover Straw into the Guild if Barenziah has sex with him—which he makes her do in the tavern common room in full view of the other patrons.
  • Professor Moriarty Series: Fanny Jones (later Paget) is a former maid who had to put up with sexual harassment from the butler of her household or face being fired and thrown out onto the streets. After she finally stood up to him, he made good on his threat.
  • Something to Talk About: Barry Davis, who's a famous Hollywood director, offers to advance Emma's career if she'll give him a handjob. Emma's shaken and horrified by this, telling her boss Jo who reacts furiously. Jo bans him from her building and having any part in the show she's writing, before issuing a release about what Davis did. Soon several actresses publicly state Davis harassed them too.
  • The Kept Man of the Princess Knight:
    • The first time Matthew and Arwin met, she had become addicted to Release to stave off her dungeon sickness symptoms, and her dealer Oscar tried to extort sex from her as an additional payment. Matthew rescued her from Oscar and scared him off.
    • At their second meeting, Arwin tried to get Matthew to help her find a young girl kidnapped by a slave ring, and Matthew told her that her maidenhead was the price of his help. Being a Chivalrous Pervert, he never had any intention of collecting: he just wanted to see how resolute she was. After they rescue the kidnap victims, she offers to fulfill her end of the bargain, and he says he'll take her up on it "in a hundred years, maybe two".

    Live-Action TV 
  • Invoked in season 3 of The L Word, after Helena is seduced by a filmmaker whose documentary she's funding. One day, the filmmaker gets her role-playing during foreplay and gets her to pretend on camera that her support of the film is contingent upon the filmmaker having sex with her. The next day, Helena's served with a sexual harassment lawsuit; as it turns out, the relationship was a Go Seduce My Arch Nemesis plot by the filmmaker's boyfriend to squeeze money out of Helena.
  • In season one of Pretty Little Liars, it is revealed that Jenna had done this to Toby. He refused to have sex with her, on the grounds that they were siblings; she countered that they were Not Blood Siblings. When he still refused, she threatened to tell their parents that he had raped her if he wouldn't consent; they both knew that she would be believed.
  • Law & Order: In Season Five, the DA's office prosecute a councilman for the rape of a co-worker (which they do because they can't charge him for raping and badly injuring another woman who later died in a car accident). As it turns out, the councilman didn't rape his co-worker so much as force her to have consensual sex with him under threat of losing her job and ruining her career. Jack McCoy inventively prosecutes the councilman under a count of 'Larceny by Extortion'. The councilman gets convicted.
  • JAG: In the first season episode "The Prisoner" Harm has been captured by the Chinese while sailing off the coast of Hong Kong (in 1996 before the transfer). Commander Allison Krennick has through unofficial contacts learned of Harm’s whereabouts and a Chinese traitor is willing to bring him back in exchange for political asylum in the United States. The Assistant Secretary of State is reluctant at first, but when Krennick threatens to call his wife and say that she’s his lover he quickly changes his mind.
  • Crops up in an episode of Castle with a photographer who makes models sleep with him in order to get good shots. The victim of the week tried to record the photographer propositioning her so she could expose his behavior as she had no intention of cheating on her husband. Becomes even worse when it's revealed that her husband killed her because he thought she was cheating on him. On the upside, while the police can't charge the photographer with anything, they report him to the victim's manager, who has him blacklisted from the industry.
  • In Sliders episode The Dream Masters one of the titular Dream Masters does this to Wade requesting sex for not tormenting her on her dreams.
  • In one episode of Three's Company, Jack is harassed by his new boss. When he tells her he won't have sex with her, she fires him. When he takes her to court, the judge rules out the case because of the way Jack dresses.
  • The Asshole Victim in one episode of CSI: NY was a lecherous department store manager who taped one of his assistant managers with her hands in the till. After he blackmailed her into having sex with him she thought it was just a one-time thing, but when he tried to force her she killed him in self-defense.
  • In the episode Death is Now my Neighbour from Inspector Morse, the Master of one of the colleges coerces a woman to sleep with him with the promise he'll help get her husband become the new Master. However, he later reveals that he never intended to support her husband in the first place - the woman's husband had slept with the old Master's wife, and making her sleep with him was his revenge.
  • In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    • Quark attempts to extort oo-mox (basically the Ferengi equivalent of a handjob) from female employees twice on-screen. The first employee takes the contract to Commander Sisko, who declares the relevant provision null and void on grounds of what the Hell? (More specifically, that although this may be acceptable under Ferengi and/or Cardassian law, it is illegal and therefore unenforceable under Bajoran law.) The second time is "Profit and Lace", where after spending a couple days as a woman Quark rescinds the demand, only for the employee to tell him it sounded like fun.
    • Back when he was the perfect of Bajor, Gul Dukat regularly offered better rations and other benefits to Bajoran women and their families if they agreed to sleep with him.
  • In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "First Contact", a Malcorian nurse offers to help a disguised Riker escape the local Secret Police's custody in exchange for sex, because she finds the prospect of having intercourse with an alien exciting. Riker is visibly uncomfortable with the idea and even tries to protest that they don't even know if they're "compatible", she says she's "always wanted to learn," and adds "It's your only way out of here... my alien," after which a still quite uncomfortable Riker appears to reluctantly acquiesce.
  • In Wild Boys, the Morally Bankrupt Banker exorts sexual favours from the wives of clients in exchange for loans and lines of credit.
  • In Dad's Army, when Hodges the air-raid warden once tried to browbeat Mrs. Pike into "being nice to him". He pretended to let her off her rent rise on the house where she and her son Frank lived - owned by Hodges - then suddenly presented her with the arrears and suggested she could work it off another way. Sergeant Wilson then very courteously lays him flat with a right hook.
  • In The Boys, The Deep is showing the newest member of The Seven, Starlight, around the board room when she tells him she had a crush on him. Hearing this, he pulls down his pants and asks her to perform oral sex on him, she refuses and her powers activate, damaging the board room. He tells her to either do what he says, or he'll tell everyone she used her powers against him, saying that as a high-ranking member of The Seven he'll have her fired, and she will never be a superhero. The next time we see her, she's in the bathroom throwing up.
    • A variation is used in a later episode. Starlight's costume consists of a rather modest dress and cape ensemble, but some executives believe that she can become more marketable if they update her wardrobe by making it more revealing. She refuses, saying that she should be able to have a say in her wardrobe choice, but they tell her to either don the new costume, or she'll be asked to leave The Seven. She agrees to the change but is definitively not happy about it.
  • Subverted in A Christmas Carol (2019): Bob Cratchit's wife comes to Scrooge and tells him that they need £30 for an operation for Tiny Tim and Scrooge demands intercourse in exchange. When she acquiesces and tearfully disrobes he tells her that he has no interest and it was all a social experiment to see how far one would go for money. He does, however, threaten to tell Bob of her attempted infidelity should he ever try to leave his employment.
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia:
    • The infamous "Because of the implication" scene. Dennis's plan to seduce women with his new boat is to get them alone on the open ocean, get them drunk, proposition them, and imply that terrible things will happen to them if they refuse. He doesn't consider it rape if they don't explicitly say "no" to him.
    • Dennis's sister Dee is similar, but with her own "insinuation" instead of an "implication." Namely, if a guy flirts with her but isn't willing to go all the way, she insinuates that she'll make a False Rape Accusation against him and ruin his life unless he has sex with her that night.
  • Father Brown: The Asshole Victim of "The Hammer of God" is revealed to have been forcing a woman to sleep with him, using her husband's gambling debts to him as leverage. On top of that, he Blackmails her by threatening to reveal her infidelity.
  • Referenced in an episode of Barney Miller where a new female detective is assigned to the squad. They're in Barney's office and he gestures to the couch, non-verbally offering her a seat, but she takes it the wrong way. "I got this job on merit!"
  • Most gang leaders on Oz extort sex from the weaker members in exchange for protection, most notably Adibisi of the Black supremacist Homeboys gang and Schillinger (alongside other high ranking members) for the Aryans.
  • Vikings: Astrid is coerced into sex with a group of men as she's been threatened by having her plot against King Harald revealed if she doesn't submit.
  • The Handmaid's Tale: In "Milk", the rebel leader who June meets makes it clear he'll only let her and Janine stay if one of them pleasures him. June tries to give him a blowjob but can't go through with it. Janine later does instead, offscreen.
  • The Crowded Room: Danny gets a gun from a drug dealer, Angelo, although he's nearly coerced into a blowjob at gunpoint as payment by the guy (he won't accept just money), before Jonny stops it.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Classical Mythology:
    • The story of Bellerophon begins with one of these. After his exile, Bellerophon is put up at the court of Proetus, the King of Tiryns. The Queen — whose identity is disputed — tries to seduce him, but for various reasons (including Sacred Hospitality), Bellerophon refuses. The Queen claims Bellerophon raped her; bound by Sacred Hospitality not to kill Bellerophon, Proetus sends Bellerophon to his father-in-law in Lycia... and for various reasons, this begins the tale of Bellerophon's labors.
    • Cassandra was cursed with Cassandra Truth for refusing to have sex with Apollo. Although, this was after she already accepted his gift for seeing the future.
    • In one myth about Heracles, a Scythian Dracaena stole Geryon's cattle from Heracles and wouldn't give it back unless he impregnated her with a son. Heracles consented to her terms and gave her three sons, who went on to become kings of Scythia.
  • The story of Joseph and Potiphar's wife in The Bible: mentioned more or less in passing in the Book of Genesis, but illustrated with detail in the apocryphal Testament by Joseph. Joseph was keen on following the pre-Commandments Jewish law in any case. Potiphar's wife introduced heavy threats and blackmailing into the play, finally accusing him of raping her in a fit of rage after Joseph escaped her rape attempt. Afterwards she promised to set him free from prison, where he had been sent, if he would do as she wanted.
  • In the apocryphal Book of Susannah, which was added to the Catholic edition of the Book of Daniel, one of Susannah's accusers, a judge who with his partner attempted to rape Susannah and, when she refused to give in, end up accusing her of improper relations with a young man, was himself accused of extorting sex out of his clients through intimidation when he was being questioned by Daniel in a court trial.

  • In The Broken Jug (Der zerbrochne Krug) by Heinrich von Kleist a corrupt judge makes a young woman believe her fiancé would be drafted into a dangerous military mission and offers her to get him a false medical certificate - in exchange for her having sex with him.
  • In Hedda Gabler, Judge Brack attempts to blackmail Hedda into becoming his lover by revealing that he knows that she supplied the pistol Eilert used to commit suicide.
  • In The Lady's Not for Burning, Jennet is falsely accused of witchcraft and convicted by corrupt officials who want to confiscate her property. Humphrey, a member of the town council, offers to obstruct Jennet's execution if she'll have sex with him. She turns him down flat without even a moment's thought, to her own surprise as much as his.
  • In Measure for Measure the evil Angelo demands that Isabella sleep with him or else he'll execute her brother. She tricks him into sleeping with his own estranged fiancee Miranda instead.

    Video Games 
  • In Fallout 2 you can pressure a married mother for sex in exchange for rescuing her husband from a life of servitude in Vault City. She'll go close the curtain so their young son doesn't hear what comes next.
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, residents of Vault 11 were told that they would have to sacrifice one resident every year, or else the computer system would kill everyone in the Vault. Their first sacrifice was the Overseer who told them this, which then turned into a tradition of sacrificing whoever was elected to be the new Overseer every year. This led to the formation of several highly influential and extremely corrupt voting blocs who decided the outcome of every election, killing off anyone they didn't like while at the same time protecting their own members. One resident, Katherine Stone, was forced to perform sexual favors for members of the largest voting bloc under threat of getting her husband elected. Then they elected him anyway.
  • In Grand Theft Auto IV, Roman's girlfriend Mallorie has been sleeping with a gangster named Vlad in exchange for him settling Roman's debts which pisses Niko off enough to kill him with Roman's help.
  • In God of War III, Aphrodite pulls this on Kratos, refusing to help him unless he has sex with her. You can technically refuse (although let's be frank, it's hard to say "no" to Aphrodite here) but it's a But Thou Must! situation; Kratos can't progress any further in the game unless you say yes.
  • At one point in The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero, Lloyd and the SSS are trying to get information out of gang leader Wald. Wald balks at helping the police, but says he might help if Ellie and Tio would be willing to spend some time with Wald without their male compatriots around. Sex isn't directly mentioned, but it's strongly implied, especially given Wald's comments about how attractive the girls are, and two of Wald's subordinates protesting that this is too sleazy, even for them.
  • This seems to be the case in a quest from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III. The antagonist of the quest is the son of the president of Heimdallr Bank, the biggest bank in the empire. Several girls from the all-girls school St. Astraia's have had trouble with tuition, so he's been able to pressure girls to get in his car and entertain him by threatening to cut off their tuition. Though sex is never directly mentioned, it's implied to be what he and his goons do to the girls. It is pointed out that the main reason this has been happening is that Princess Alfin, a student at the school, hasn't been attending in order to sort out family issues. Since she's not at school at the time, there's no security guards to look after the girls, making it easier for them to target the other students. Once the quest is done with, guards are stationed at the school to make sure something like that doesn't happen again.
  • The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante has this happen to Sir Brante in the Noble path. Octavia demands that Sir Brante becomes her paramour, making it clear that she'll use her authority over him to make his life worse if he dares refuse. If he accepts then the accompanying image shows him with his hands over his face in an expression of anguish.
  • You can do this in the Neverwinter Nights mod The Bastard of Kosigan, in several places. Though in most cases, having a high Charisma score will get you a similar scene without any moral problems. Heck, you can pull this on an angel, even with a horrible Charisma score.
  • In the backstory of Silent Hill: Downpour (expanded on in the comic book "Anne's Story"), prison warden Leonard B. Trent forced corrections officer Anne Marie Cunningham to begin an affair with him in exchange for him arranging to have protagonist Murphy Pendleton transferred to Wayside Prison, so Anne could take revenge on him for the savage beating that reduced her beloved father to a ruined vegetable and eventually killed him. Slightly Downplayed as the plan is entirely Anne's and Trent has absolutely no leverage over her to force her to submit apart from refusing to be part of her (illegal) scheme, but he's still a complete sleaze who manipulates Anne into giving in by reminded her of how much she loved her father, and the experience ruined Anne's reputation, caused the end of her marriage when word leaked out, and left her wracked with guilt that manifested within Silent Hill as a disturbingly phallic monster reminiscent of Trent.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: This can be a Kick the Dog moment for the Sith Warrior player when you find that your Twi'lek companion Vette's more voluptuous little sister has been forced to (all but flat-out called) sex slavery. After helping to free her, a male player can force her to sleep with him as payment for freedom, while a female player will have her service the male members of her crew.
  • In The Walking Dead, when the group infiltrates Crawford, you have to find at least two videotapes to figure out the combination on a safe. There's an optional third tape that you can find which reveals that not only was Molly living in Crawford initially, but she was bartering sex for the insulin her diabetic younger sister needed.
  • The Starter Villain of Persona 5, Evil Teacher Suguru Kamoshida, attempts to do this to Ann, offering her best friend a starting position on the school's volleyball team. And he's been pursuing her for quite a while before the protagonist begins to interfere.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines: Venus opened her nightclub with a loan from a Mafiya boss who demands a "suitable late fee" whenever she can't make a payment, so she hires the Player Character to kill him.
    "...I'll be blunt. I refuse to fuck that fat, misogynistic old man one more time to hold on to the club."
  • Vampyr:
    • In Whitechapel, the slumlord Cadogan Bates engages in this trope with female tenants, even if he considers them "filthy immigrants".
    • In the same district, the reaction of the prostitute Cristina Popa implies she's suspecting Jonathan Reid (the player character) of doing when suggesting her to get medicine. Being an altruistic doctor and a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire who distributes medicine for free, Jonathan is shocked.

    Visual Novels 
  • An indirect version is involved in Buried Stars. The agency Beloved was connected with, Stric Entertainment, was in dire straits due to Kim Dong-chul's lousy trend forecasting. Enter a benefactor who promised to put Stric back on its feet. The price: He would get to sleep with Min Juyoung. Dong-chul pressured Juyoung into acceding, but she recovered her resolve just before the deed and left the benefactor high and dry. The sheer torment of the whole situation had the rather unpleasant side effect of commencing her panic attacks...
  • Double Homework:
    • Dennis seems to have made this a component of his blackmail of Dr. Mosely/Zeta, judging from the fact that he gropes her while he’s letting on how much he knows.
    • Downplayed with Dennis’s blackmail of Johanna. He doesn’t make her do anything; he just makes her help him look like he has.
  • The heroes of Enchanted in the Moonlight try pulling such an ultimatum on the protagonist. Her innate power means that not only can an ayakashi become more powerful by drinking her blood, if she were to have a child with an ayakashi, the child would be exceptionally powerful as well. The five main ayakashi offer to have one of their number serve as her protector against the multitude of ayakashi that are out to kill her for her power... if in return, she agrees to bear her protector's child.
  • In Iori's route of Scandal in the Spotlight negative media attention begins to threaten Iori's princely stage image and it looks like he's going to be dropped from an upcoming media event as a result, which could have lasting repercussions on his career. A sleazy producer approaches the protagonist, who blames herself for her part in the whole mess, and suggests that he could ensure that Iori is kept on for the event if the protagonist will sleep with him. She almost goes through with it... but the location the producer chooses for the assignation happens to be an unused recording booth at the studio where Revance is performing live, with predictable results.

    Web Comics 
  • Atlas tries to pull this on Sabrina in Rival Angels. She rather awesomely responds by telling him to go screw.
  • Evon: Herodotus tries to recruit Evon's enhanced clone, Evee, for a mission to rescue Evon from The Cabal. Evee agrees to help him, but only if he'll "let her show him how much she loves him.''note  He gives in.

    Western Animation 
  • Subverted in The Simpsons episode "Pygmoelian". Moe entered a bartending competition, and the one female bartender, a beautiful buxom blonde from Los Angeles (named Titania) seemed to be winning (even though she gave a wrong answer in a Duff beer trivia contest, and her "trick pouring" consisted of jumping up and down while running the beer taps)...then it came to the drunk toss, where she was disgusted by the drunk she had to toss. She angrily turned to Duff Man, and yelled at him, "You told me if I slept with you, I wouldn't have to touch the drunk!" Duff Man replied simply, "Duff Man says a lot of things, oh yeah!" Titania stormed off and forfeited the contest.
  • Family Guy:
    • Subverted in "Death is a Bitch": After helping him recover from a broken ankle, Lois asks Death if he wouldn't mind sparing her husband. Death says sure, but "you'll have to do something for me." After a moment's indecision, Lois begins to slowly unbutton her shirt...only for Death to state that he meant that she could grab him another fruit cup from the fridge.
    • In one Cutaway Gag, Peter is the landlord to a pair of sharecropping mice and he demands sex from the mouse wife in order to keep him from evicting them from his property.
  • In King of the Hill, after getting dumped by Buck Strickland, Debbie Grund tries to sleep with Hank and blackmails him by threatening to lie to Peggy about them being together if he doesn't go through with it. Luckily for Hank, she ends up killing herself before anything happens.
  • Played for Laughs when the fifth episode of Moonbeam City, Da Chief Pizzaz is forced to sleep with the Mayor three times a week to keep the Police Department from being absorbed by the city's much more functional Fire Department.