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Safe, Sane, and Consensual

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"You know kids, I wish every mother and father in this theater would go home tonight and make a speech to their teenagers and say, 'Kids, be free, no guilt, be whatever you are, do whatever you want to do, just so long as you don't hurt anybody.'"
"My Conviction", Hair

It's okay for people to do pretty much anything to each other, as long as they are all into it, know what they are getting into, and the risk of permanent harm isn't unreasonably high. But how do we really know what's going on? How can we tell if it's a mutual game or if it's abuse? Sometimes, it can be hard to see the difference between the two when you're on the outside looking in.

The difference between actual abuse and BDSM/similar activities (sexual and otherwise) is often described in the terms of BDSM being SSC — Safe, Sane, And Consensual:

  • Safe means that the risks are known and minimized as much as possible. It means that people involved in any activity know what they're getting into and handle it responsibly.
  • Sane means that the individuals involved have self-control and will not betray their partners' trust. It also means that the individuals involved have set boundaries, and will not cross these boundaries without the full knowledge of everyone involved.
  • Consensual means that everyone involved agrees to something without coercion, intoxication, or duress placed upon them. It also means that everyone involved has a sufficiently high intellectual capacity so they understand the risks and consequences of their actions. (Legally speaking, everyone who has reached a certain age is expected to have reached such capacity, outside of those with cognitive disabilities.) Those who are drugged down with high doses of alcohol or similar may not be able to give meaningful consent because of the effects of those substances on inhibitions and mental faculties.

This pattern can also be used to describe, for example, the difference between an honest boxing match and simply beating someone up. There are many variations of the pattern: Consenting Adults, Informed Consent, Risk Aware Consensual Kink, and so on. But while nuances may differ and may be important in specific contexts, the basic concept is the same: Everyone involved does not merely give lip-service consent, they know what they are getting into and are capable of deciding for themselves what they want and don't want. For more on the fine nuances of the difference between these phrases, see the Useful Notes entry on consent.

Although SSC is the staple for much of the BDSM scene, requiring consent, able means to understand and "safe" circumstances, it is important to recognize that BDSM is also very complex and that these boundaries can be pushed in certain ways, for different kinks and relationships, and even for intense role-plays. Dominance and Submission is about one person exerting their dominance over another and the other person submitting willfully, allowing the dominance of the other. It is this willful submission that underlies all healthy D/s relationships, and in return for this giving up of control to another person, that person, the Dominant, takes responsibility for the restriction, freedom, pain, and pleasure of the submissive.

The more hardcore the kink, the more the lines can be blurred:

  • In more hardcore Dominance and Submission, the kink can be about very deep submission and the giving up of nearly all freedom, the submissive wishing to please their Dominant to levels that risk personal harm. In complete contrast, the submission can even be about a fight for control — where the Dominant takes control of the submissive and the submissive only allows that control after a struggle or the Dominant needing to earn it in some way (e.g. the Dominant needs to force complete restriction on the submissive before they will submit to their will, or there might even be a real physical struggle where the sub will only submit if overcome). In this instance, the Dominant and the Submissive consent to the scenario, but the fight for control has an element of risk, sometimes even foregoing safe words (which is generally a really stupid idea unless you have absolute trust in your partner that they won't push you past your hard-line boundaries, or you have a Dungeon Master standing by to intervene if things go too far).
  • In hardcore Sadomasochism — Sadism and Masochism — the situation becomes even more involved, where the submissive as the masochist has boundaries that they can't go past — things they like, things they hate, things they tolerate, and things they can't stand — and the Dominant as the sadist can choose to ride those boundaries for punishment and pleasure, sometimes inflicting very high levels of pain or discomfort as severe as the sub can tolerate it (and the idea of "toleration" for pain and discomfort can be pushed to the absolute scary limit, and the greater the trust and understanding between Dominant and Submissive, the more the boundaries for consent, risk, control, submission, and sadomasochism can be pushed (on both sides)). This is where you sometimes find the term "Risk Aware Consensual Kink", as they are engaging in activities that aren't necessarily 100% "Safe", but rather going in knowing how to deal with the risks involved.
  • But no matter the situation or combination of Bondage and Dominance, Dominance and Submission, or Sadism and Masochism, the key point is that the Dominant becomes responsible for what happens to the submissive and should never break the submissive or push them past boundaries that they can't tolerate. The roles are complementary and depend upon a willingness to enter into a given scene or relationship under certain conditions. When the control is forced upon the submissive unwillingly and they are treated in ways that they are unwilling to tolerate or don't want to submit to, or even if they do like it, if the Dominant pushes them to breaking point or causes permanent harm, that is when the entire nature of the relationship changes and it becomes abuser and abused, or more like the relationship found in torture. Also, if the Dominant neglects the aftercare and needs of the sub outside of the scene or sex, or forces too strict rules or punishment onto the sub, this can also be abuse, although the risk there is that both Dominant and submissive can be completely unaware that it is happening if they become too immersed.

This trope is about discussing and defining the limits of proper behavior, or simply waving a Consent Flag. People simply doing BDSM in an SSC way is not this trope: It is either Casual Kink or Brains and Bondage, while people doing BDSM in an anti-SSC way falls under Bondage Is Bad unless this trope comes into play in some form; for example, the victim or another character pointing out that it's not the proper way to do BDSM.

One notable subversion of this trope is pretending that Abuse or exploitation is BDSM (and thus implied to be SSC). One notable aversion/way of darkly playing it for laughs is to highlight the need for Safe and Sane by sarcastically pretending that consent is all that's needed — and use an example where someone naively or stupidly agrees to something that they obviously can't handle. It's been observed that an important distinction between abuse and BDSM is that a dominant will immediately stop what they're doing with just one Safe Word, while an abuser doesn't care no matter how much anyone asks them to stop.

See also Safe Word and Abuse Mistake. Compare Ethical Slut. Contrast Sex Is Evil, and I Am Horny and Bondage Is Bad.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Demia's Decoy Dolls from Interspecies Reviewers take this to the utter extreme; as magical constructs with a "lifespan" of three days, customers can do anything with or to them as long they don't disturb the public while doing it, and that limit is only because the mayor gave Demia an earful after all the public sex that occurred when she first started. One clone gives being locked up and left to die after being dismembered and being savagely beaten as examples of "anything", and even notes those are done by multiple people every day.

    Comic Books 
  • Indirect in City of Dreams: Much is done without formal consent, but dreamers can always wake up. Subverted in two different ways towards the end.
  • Played hilariously (and almost ingeniously) in Mister Miracle (2017), which reveals not only that Scott Free/Mister Miracle is in a happy, loving relationship with Big Barda, he's into bondage sex. While the sex scene doesn't show him and Barda exchanging Safe Words, Scott's entire superhero-shtick is being the greatest Escape Artist in the universe and had already demonstrated previously in the series to have escaped multiple Death Traps. When he says "I can always escape," you'll probably believe him.

    Fan Works 
  • Evangelion 303: In chapter 17, twenty-year-olds Shinji and Asuka explore their relationship's sexual dynamics further. Asuka wants to try bondage games. When Shinji asks if she is REALLY, ABSOLUTELY sure that she wants to get tied up and spanked by him, she retorts that she is and he better do so now. Later, when he says he is surprised at her being a sub, she explains THAT is the point of fantasy. During the chapter, Shinji reflects that Asuka had probably fantasized about it for a long time, but before him, she had never met someone she trusted enough to try it, and she wanted to be sure she could share her secret fantasies with him before their wedding.
  • In For Love of Magic, Harry enters a BDSM relationship with Professor Vector and notes that he's rather proud of himself for having a good enough feel for her limits that she's never used their safe words. When he gives her to his other lovers for the night, he makes a point of everyone knowing the safe words (yellow for "ease up" and red for "stop") and reminds Vector that she can stop it at any time.
  • While engaging in bondage in Slippery When Wet (NSFW fic), Max breaks character twice to remind Chloe to let her know if things get too much and makes sure she remembers their safe word before they begin proper.
  • Zig-zagged in Reaching for a Dream with Naruto's time with the sadomasochist Keiko and later his relationship with Xanna. While Keiko is responsible and will stop as soon as she hears a safe word, the matron of the brothel didn't give Naruto one due to his stated goal of "learning everything about pleasing a woman", though Keiko should have checked to make sure he had one. Naruto and Xanna are later known to engage in very rough sex and after ascending to godhood, they don't let others see them have sex as what they do is not only extremely illegal at times but would be fatal for mortals.
  • Goes back and forth in the Victorious fic "The Real me", which reveals that Tori's mother has been a dom to her father for years and she has been training Tori in anticipation of Tori joining her at the Diamond Club, a BDSM-focused club for various subs and doms, once Tori has a sub of her own. While Tori eventually chooses Jade as her sub, as the two learn more about the expectations of the Diamond Club they realise that they don't share the club's views on how extreme such a relationship should be, to the extent that subs aren't permitted to talk when in the club and the idea of a Safe Word is mocked. Tori and Jade's dynamic goes too far on some occasions, but most of these are accidental and Tori always makes sure to redefine their limits and expectations in the aftermath.
  • "Amare Vita" sees Doctor Casey Brackett (The Predator) form a relationship with the Fugitive Predator that is primarily based on role-play, ranging from she and the Predator alternating roles where one of them is being analysed by the other in a lab to Casey acting as the prey in a makeshift hunt. While the Predator took Casey to another planet for the hunt when she was expecting to just be taken to another part of Earth, he assures her that he was always close enough to hear her if she was genuinely in trouble, and Casey acknowledges that she has to make allowances for his alien approach to such matters.
  • After realizing that Akitsu is a sub in Anything Goes Game Changer, Ranma makes a point of asking for advice about it from Homura, the only man he knows likely to have experience in such matters. Homura's advice breaks down to 1) Don't push things too fast, 2) Don't assume that being a sub means she has a kink for exhibitionism, and 3) Never do anything that makes him uncomfortable.
  • In The Power of Seven, while Harry has subtly different sexual dynamics with each of the seven girls in his harem, his relationship with Demelza, in particular, depends on them both acknowledging the limits of their interaction, as Demelza has a definite interest in tales of experienced men protecting/seducing lower-class women. As he initially approaches her to test her interest, Harry starts by acting in the manner of a team captain giving her guidance, to the point that Demelza refers to him as 'Captain' during their initial encounters and eventually 'promotes' the term to 'Master' after they actually have sex as opposed to Harry basically fondling her. She has even been told she has a safe word, although she's never used it to date, expressing complete faith that Harry will protect and reward her. Harry also demonstrates another important facet of this trope: if he even thinks something's gone wrong, he asks Demelza to confirm she's okay, safe word or no. So far he's always misread it and Demelza is fine (or better than fine), but pausing and checking in to make sure is an important part of SSC. Thanks to Harry's genuinely caring nature, it's a part he understands intuitively.
    • In a lesser variation, the girls also refuse to engage in kink-shaming; after Ginny expresses concern about her own humiliation/cuckold kink, where she gets off on watching Harry with other women talking about how much sexier they are than her, the other girls assure Ginny that her kinks may not be their kinks, but her kinks are okay.
  • Safe, Sane and Consensual is explicitly discussed in "Ménage à Quatre", to the extent that Katie provides Hermione with a book about this kind of sexual lifestyle to demonstrate that Katie, Ginny and Harry are following such rules in their own relationship.
  • Discussed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe AU fic "Captain Carter And The Spider's Silk", where Peggy Carter (now Captain Britain in the present day) realises that she was turned on when 21-year-old Peter Parker tied her down with his webbing during a training session. While Peggy is initially concerned about what that says about her after she's spent so long fighting for her independence, Natasha helps Peggy recognise that she wouldn't be giving up her power in that scenario, as Peggy immediately recognises when questioned that Peter would always let her go if she asked him to do so after being webbed down. When they actually begin a sexual relationship, not only does Peter give Peggy some pointers on topics such as safe words before they engage in any role-play, but Peggy can always tell that Peter is being careful during their games to use just enough strength to create the "illusion" that he's forcing her while always keeping a light enough touch that Peggy could make him stop if he ever did something she genuinely didn't want him to do.
  • The Lucky Hand is a short fic of Horatio Hornblower (book 'verse with taking some characterization for Pellew from the TV 'verse) in which Commodore Pellew spanks Lieutenant Hornblower, who previously served under him as a midshipman. It's agreed between them that it will be only hand and Pellew wants to hear that Hornblower knows it's all play.
    Pellew: Call me Edward again and tell me you know that it’s all play, now.
    Hornblower: I do know it, Edward. I do.
  • In Marvel Cinematic Universe fanfic, The Watcher Watched Tony Stark stresses to Loki the importance of enthusiastic consent and mutual pleasure multiple times much to Loki's confusion due to his personal history with bad BDSM relationships and Asgard's negative views on BDSM and homosexuality.
  • Played both ways in Eroninja. Anko has a thing for BDSM which Naruto is willing to indulge but some of her kinks are too extreme for him, which she agrees not to try after he says no. Haruna however, was essentially abused into becoming a submissive Sex Slave who needs to be heavily abused to get off. Initially, her bodyguards fulfill the role as she can trust them to keep their sex life separate from their day-to-day lives but when they die, she finds herself in dire straits. Eventually, Naruto learns of her condition and gives her to Anko so both can indulge their kinks, and Anko only pushes things too far once and only to make sure Haruna wasn't too broken to use the safe word she was given.
  • In A Hero Rises, Midnight makes a point of explaining how to safely engage in BDSM to Izuku and Himiko, especially because the latter has a fetish for bloodplay and is a sadist. As Midnight explains, both fetishes can be indulged safely but they should be careful and she asks that they come to her with any questions they have, no matter how embarrassing rather than trying to figure things out on their own and potentially hurting themselves.

  • In Preaching to the Perverted, with the mistress explaining BDSM to the newcomers.
  • In Exit to Eden, with the mistress explaining BDSM to the newcomers.
  • Discussed in The SM Judge, as Magda is trying to explain the difference between spousal abuse and what her husband has been doing with her.
  • The Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show is implied to be this for most, genuinely weird, Transylvanians. Contrast this with Frank-N-Furter's "Experiments" with easily manipulated humans.
  • Birthday Girl zig-zags this trope. The main character is into bondage, but he's a fairly normal guy. However, he purchases a Russian bride sight-unseen, which is hardly typical of someone with a normal romantic life. His Russian bride discovers his fetish and indulges him without any fuss. It turns out that she's a con artist trying to get his money, but by the end of the film they've formed something of a legitimate romance.
  • Cabin Fever: Inverted with Lampshading during Paul and Marcy's sex scene:
    • It certainly isn't Safe - Marcy rejects Paul's gentle prompt to use a condom, with a half-hearted assurance that it'll be okay because she's "healthy." It's worth noting that this act is taking place in the middle of a deadly virus outbreak. Either one of them could unknowingly be infected, and therefore posing a risk of exposure to the other.
    • It doesn't seem very Sane - Marcy's behaviour is reckless and impulsive, and she has just given a disturbing speech about how they are all doomed to die soon, indicating that she's overcome with depression, a mental breakdown, or some other condition that has severely distorted her judgement.
    • It also doesn't seem entirely Consensual - Just look at the look of shock and confusion on Paul's face as Marcy hurls him insistently down on to the mattress! Can you really say he looks 100% happy to be there?
  • R100: The main character is a masochist who signs a contract with a firm of high-class dominatrixes to surprise him with bizarre sessions wherever he is. However, he eventually decides that they're intruding too much into his personal life and tries to break the contract. They refuse and go to war with him. The film never treats the main character as a pervert, though it's implied that his masochism comes from grief over his comatose wife. The writer/director is open about his masochism.
  • Discussed in the bondage club in Bound (2015), specifically to point out that Ryan doesn't follow the rules and is instead a cruel abuser who uses BDSM as an excuse.

  • In Slave Jade, the female lead is a sexually submissive woman who starts dating a "dominant" psycho who kidnaps her and executes a miserable attempt at inducing A Match Made in Stockholm. Before they actually met, he seemed to have a very good understanding of consent and safety — what she didn't know is that the bulk of his emails to her were reasonable ideas that he never thought in his own head, but merely copy/pasted from various sites. In the end, she shoots him and escapes. He survives the bullet and ends up in jail for all he did to her, while her shooting him is ruled as self-defence. In the epilogue, she decides to find a new man to dominate her — a man who isn't psycho, but really understand SSC.
  • In the Kushiel's Legacy universe, things can get plenty kinky but there are rules in place, and violating them isn't just illegal, it's heresy. Both law and custom ensure that even indentured sex servants only participate if they enjoy that kind of thing, and sometimes with a bodyguard waiting, just in case things go too far.
  • Paladin of Shadows: With an exception in the very first book involving an underage hooker, Mike goes out of his way to discuss the technical details of BDSM as far as consent and safety go, including discussions about Safe Words and limits for the other participant(s).
  • Specifically referenced in The Red Vixen at Sea when Rolas is knocked unconscious and falls overboard during an impromptu BDSM session on his sailboat.
    "Somehow we both seem to have forgotten the Safe part. Quite possibly the Sane bit as well."
  • Mary Jo Putney's Regency-set Romance Novel Dancing on the Wind features the villain kidnapping and imprisoning a woman in order to force her to dominate him, with the intention of finally "turning the tables" and murdering her. It's not safe, sane, or consensual, and it would be textbook Bondage Is Bad — except that the investigation includes a conversation with the madam of a whipping brothel, who educates the investigator (and the reader) about the difference between this form of violence and the consensual games in her establishment.
  • The Teresa Knight Trilogy: Teresa, being an ethical slut, strictly abides by this regarding sex, as do the better sex clubs.
  • These Words Are True and Faithful emphasizes this, to the point where Ernie gets Sam to fill out a questionnaire of experience and willingness in various kinks and of health concerns.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The episode of CSI that introduced Lady Heather also featured her schooling both Gil and Catherine on the difference between BDSM and abuse, with a heavy emphasis on Safe Sane and Consensual, although she didn't use that phrase.
  • In Jack of All Trades, the episode located on De Sade's island has much of the BDSM exaggerated for comedy, so it's easy to forget that all the guests (except the protagonists, who are there under false pretenses) came there by their own free will. (Sanity may be questioned since the Austrian guy's wife ends up taking "acting like a dog" a bit far when she savages him. Again, comedy.)
  • In Torchwood: Miracle Day season 4, Captain Jack Harkness finally gets a sex scene. He hooks up with a random bartender. Despite being in a foul mood and smashed drunk and the world is ending, he still absolutely insists on using condoms (since he's not immortal that day — long story), and he doesn't get dominant until his partner tells him he can be in charge.
  • Vikings: Count Odo is a Frankish noble residing in Paris at the court of Emperor Charles. Odo has a BDSM dungeon in the palace and when he introduces the place to Teresa, a Frankish noblewoman who wants to be his mistress, he places great emphasis on consent and some emphasis on safety. Teresa agrees to participate but doesn't seem to enjoy it the way Odo does. It's revealed later that she hates it and only agreed to it because she spies on the Count and she thinks he might confide more of his secrets to her as his mistress.
  • Hollywood: Ernie services one client who's into really hardcore bondage and submission — his requests include being shouted at, beaten, tied up, and left at the side of the road. Ernie happily complies, but irritates the guy because he keeps breaking character to make sure he's okay, leading to a truly hilarious scene where he screams at the client and calls him a worthless pervert, shoves him into the trunk of his car... and then not even a split second later, kindly asks him if he tied him up too tight and if he's sure he'll be okay back there. It's implied this sort of thing isn't what Ernie is personally into, but if a customer is willing to pay and is fine with it, he's up for anything.
    Ernie: [cheerfully] This is fun!

    Newspaper Comics 
  • In one Dilbert strip (28 August 2010), the Pointy-Haired Boss is trying to make people believe that slave labor is ok by pretending that "slave" really refers to the BDSM kind of slavery rather than economical exploitation of poor people.
  • Aversion played for laughs in one strip in the comics magazine Larsson, with a therapist encouraging a couple to play with live hand-grenades in bed as part of their sex-life... as long as they both consented to it.

    Video Games 
  • Magical Diary: After a running gag for a while that Professor Potsdam was going to teach sex ed, the eventual lecture pretty much boils down to: Enthusiastic consent, don't get too distracted from schoolwork, and don't get pregnant, beyond that anything goes. This takes a dark turn in Damien's path where the lack of the 'safe and sane' part becomes painfully obvious, but still magical-world legal because you consented to what he did to you.
  • From City of Heroes we have the super-villains Black-Scorpion and his side-kick/girlfriend Silver Mantis, both cyborgs who have gotten addicted to body-modification and now have a BDSM relationship. The interesting case here is while both are outright evil, and not just a little off their rockers, they still maintain a very sincere BDSM relationship - the subversion is what Black Scorpion does to Silver Mantis is only “Safe” because their frames can withstand literal bombshells, it’s “Sane” only on the curve of super-villainy, but it is 100%, no qualifications consensual, and the two are outright aroused by torture sessions.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition: If the Inquisitor pursues a relationship with The Iron Bull, the relationship takes on more than a few notes of BDSM, but all through this filter. Bull makes it clear from the start that the Inquisitor is in control, and he'll do nothing the Inquisitor doesn't want to be done — and if the Inquisitor says "no," then Bull just drops the arrangement with no grudges. If Cole is in the party, at some point, he may mention that, while Bull leads in the bedroom, the Inquisitor maintains the power in the proceedings. Also Bull is very explicit about what the point of this is: The Inquisitor is someone who never asked to be in a position of power and this is a way to de-stress. He has no interest in pushing it farther into a lifestyle (which can be very emotionally risky). Though Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex means there is some risk, particularly if your Inquisitor happens to be a female elf.
  • The short independent Visual Novel Cute Demon Crashers! is all about this. Succubi and Incubi have worked out that it's a lot easier to get fed if they approach people while they're awake and play nice, so they've taken to helping humans safely explore their sexuality. All of the game's H-scenes have a button for the Player Character to say "stop" at any point, which ends the sex and has their partner immediately start calming them down.
  • In one story event in Ikemen Sengoku titled "Surrender My Love", Masamune and the main character agreed to spend a "bondage day" together after the main character responded quite positively to Masamune's playful suggestion that he get her a collar. While there was very little actual bondage involved, there was a lot of (mostly) nonsexual dominant/submissive roleplay between Masamune and the MC with Masamune "punishing" the MC whenever she did something "naughty" like passionately kissing her after she talked to another man. It's made abundantly clear throughout this that it's a completely consensual and loving roleplay, with the MC even having established a safe word with Masamune beforehand in case he suggested doing something she didn't want to do.
  • Renzei's second season of Villainous Nights includes an optional scene in which he and the player character engage in Erotic Asphyxiation using Renzei's power over air and the heroine's telepathy, after a conversation very carefully establishing boundaries of consent and safety. Renzei instructs the heroine to choose a safeword which she can telepathically transmit to him to stop everything at a moment's notice and confirms that if she stops sharing her thoughts with him or otherwise changes her mind in any way, that will also be a signal for him to stop.
  • Mass Effect 2: If Commander Shepard decides to romance one of their squadmates, then the ship's doctor Mordin will pull them aside to have a chat on "medical matters." Which is to say, he's giving you The Talk about how to have Safe, Sane, and Consensual intercourse no matter who you choose to romance. His advice is not played as a joke, since Shepard's potential love interests include Jack (a mentally unstable psychic), Thane (who's Bizarre Alien Biology may cause hallucinations during intercourse), and Tali (who cannot survive outside an environmental suit, so guidance for physical intimacy is certainly needed).

    Visual Novels 
  • Discussed in Sex Advice Succubus. When Qmin suggests possession as a way for ghosts to have sex with living partners, Chloe is initially turned off by the idea, because she has only ever read about possession in a dubcon context. Qmin then goes on to explain that there is a much nicer side to possession, and that someone willingly offering their whole body to their ghost partner is pretty much the ultimate show of trust. Or as Qmin puts it, "the most consent ever".

  • Sunstone is in many ways an Author Tract on the subject of SSC BDSM relationships — covering both the way these relationships can be normal and healthy and the importance of being safe, sane, and consensual within them.
  • Collar6 started off (seemingly) as little more than a comic set in a world where BDSM relationships (especially lesbian ones) were publicly expressed and accepted. Some aspects were Played for Laughs, others just raw titillation, until the strip entered a particular storyline that crossed a variety of lines no couple should. After a combination of a firestorm of fan responses and his own rethinking of the situation, the author spent the majority of the next chunk of the story having the characters coming to terms with the facts that secrets like the ones Mistress Sixx had kept, and some of the "play" she involved Laura in without first getting consent, were absolutely wrong. Since then, anyone who intentionally continues to violate the norm of SSC guidelines are explicitly evil or at least deluded. Although it should be said that this is also a world where "dominant" and "submissive" spiritual-sexual energies are explicit MAGIC tends to make some of the definitions of "sane" get a bit wobbly.

    Web Original 
  • This is used as therapy in Forest Tales; after an overdose of mating pheromones, Garrek becomes very aggressive during sex and he becomes afraid of accidentally hurting his mates. He hooks up with a female submissive and finds he can vent it in a controlled manner through BDSM.

    Real Life 
  • In the German Internet Cannibal case, the defense argued that the victim/"victim" had consented to be eaten. The court ruled that no one who is willing to consent to be cannibalized is mentally fit to give consent in the first place. In other words, not Safe enough to be considered Sane.
  • This is the core philosophy of Mistress Matisse's and Dan Savage's sex columns for The Seattle Stranger and Georgia Straight. Savage has specifically said in articles that the only things he considers completely unacceptable are rape, pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, and coprophilia. He also tends to caution against cheating except in very extreme cases (for example, an abusive partner), though he is an advocate for consensual non-monogamy.
  • In theory completely averted in the law of the UK, in which no consent can ever be legally given for anything that goes so far as to leave a mark or bruise, and charges can be made by the police regardless of the consent levels of the participants.
  • Some real-life BDSM practitioners distinguish between SSC play and RACK play (Risk Aware Consensual Kink). The latter is defined as forms of play that can never be completely safe (a good example of this is fireplay, which always carries risks). Another perspective holds that nothing is completely safe (and BDSM certainly isn't), and "sane" is subjective and hard to delineate.

Alternative Title(s): SSC, Informed Consent, Consenting Adults, Consent Flag