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♫ Love is love is love you see, and everyone should love proudly! ♫
An LGBTQ+ Pride Parade is going on. There will be parade floats, LGBT+ organization banners, costumed participants and music. Rainbow flags decorate the streets, and LGBTQ+-friendly restaurants and cafes show their support with signs and posters. Maybe the Pride Parade has little or nothing to do with the plot, being there simply there to spice up the background of whatever the protagonists are doing (any show with a Cast Full of Gay is bound to do a Pride episode at least once).

Or maybe it's a major part of the episode. For example, one of the major characters could be helping organizing the whole thing or organize protests against it. Or the presence of the Pride Parade could be the backdrop for a character's Coming-Out Story. Or there could be heated debates on what minorities and organizations should and shouldn't be included in the parade. Hilarity may very well ensue if one or both sides resort to Activist-Fundamentalist Antics.

The parade may be portrayed as a standalone event, or be given context as a part of a larger festival. In the later case, it often includes tie-in events at the gay bars around the city, concerts, films, and seminars on issues important to the LGBTQ+ community. There may be contests for the best bear (big, strong gay men with a Carpet of Virility), drag performers, and members of the BDSM community.

In Real Life, in most cities, Pride takes place in the month of June as that is when the Stonewall riots occurred. But some locations have it earlier or later in the year if the weather in June isn't friendly to a large outdoor event. In the United States, for example, a few southern and western cities hold Pride in October since the heat isn't so oppressive, and to commemorate National Coming Out Day on the 11th.

Within the LGBTQ+ community, while Pride is generally viewed as an important community event, some have expressed concerns about how major cities' parades are getting less like grassroots community-run events, including diverse expressions of identity and activists sharing political messages with signs, and getting more shiny, commercialized and commodified. In some major cities, Pride parades have a heavy presence of MegaCorp advertising banners and LGBTQ+ members say there seems to be a goal of making money from the community note  and selling Pride-themed merchandise, or selling expensive tickets that exclude lower-income participantsnote . The 2020's, in light of aggressive legislation against transgender people, has seen some cities take Pride back to its more community-oriented political roots.

Compare Sex Is Good, Ethical Slut and Brains and Bondage. Contrast (or compare, depending on the tone of the work) Sex Is Evil, Depraved Homosexual, Bondage Is Bad, Straw Loser and Internalized Categorism.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Love Me For Who I Am: In Chapter 15, Mei, Mogumo and Kotone go to a Pride Festival. This triggers a lot of emotions from Kotone, who's struggling to accept that she's a lesbian and is shocked to see how many women like her are out there.

    Comic Books 
  • Bitchy Butch tends to hate the parades because they are inclusive. (She's a bitter and hateful lesbian who resents bisexuals, trans people, men - including gay men, lesbians who don't hate men, and so on. All Played for Laughs.) And yet, even she grows to reluctantly enjoy them.
  • Several Chick Tracts feature Pride Parades, portraying them as unholy armies of Satan laying siege to the world. The portrayal often use a combination of Manly Gay and Bondage Is Bad.
    • In one of them, there's a guy blocking the parade route, silently holding up a sign quoting a bible verse about homosexuality being an abomination. So a cop comes along and puts him under arrest, which you'd expect to happen in Real Life, since he was blocking the route after all. That's where any semblance of realism ends, however, as Chick's Straw Pro-LGBT Rights People proceed to beat the guy within an inch of his life while the cops, instead of trying to break it up, join in with their nightsticks. And then, after the guy confined to a hospital bed, a judge tells him that he's facing a prison sentence for the "hate crime" he committed. Read it here.
  • DC One Million makes brief mention of a "Bizarro Pride Parade" in the Chronos #1,000,000 tie-in issue.
  • The Astro City issue dealing with Barbie-styled super-android Beautie reveals she's had a strong following amongst Astro City's gay community ever since she broke up an attempt by homophobes with guns to disrupt one of the city's first pride parades.
  • Marvel Universe:
    • The Young Avengers, a superhero Five-Token Band, face down a hate group attacking a pride parade in New York City during "Children's Crusade", with gay member Wiccan ultimately putting most of the bad guys in a coma after they mess with his boyfriend.
    • Marvel's Voices: In "Assemble", Wiccan and Hulkling organized a pride parade for Marvel's LGBT heroes.
  • In Silex and the City, Julius Dotcom has a flashback to a gay affair that began in New Rock at the first Homo sapiens pride parade.
  • In Suore Ninja one is held on the border between Italy and the Vatican, and starts the moment the Papal election is announced. Then it turns out the paper used in ballots for the Papal election had been made from trees cursed by a homophobic Etruscan wizard, and the white smoke from their burning turns the people in the parade into zombies.

    Comic Strips 
  • Several issues of Dykes to Watch Out For have a foreground plot about the main character's personal lives and a background plot of them arranging various demonstrations including pride parade.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Badhaai Do: To symbolize that he is now now out of the closet, Shardul puts on a rainbow mask while monitoring a pride parade.
  • My Fellow Americans has two former presidents trying to escape being killed under the orders of the current president (It Makes Sense in Context) taking cover in a Gay Pride parade. They aren't trying to get Lost in a Crowd in this case, but rather are trying to be as visible as possible - not even the bad guy in the film would try to have them killed on live television. Becomes a Brick Joke by the end of the film when one of the government agents later refuses to shoot because he's been told these are 'imposters' but sees the gay-pride rings one still happens to be carrying and realizes "Those are the Presidents!" The audience doesn't recognize him at first because at the parade, he was cross-dressing as a member of a marching Dorothy band. He tells the Presidents they met "Somewhere over the rainbow."
  • Damsels in Distress One day Lily and Thor were in town together, and saw "a parade with rainbow flags." This was a problem for Thor, who is so dim that he doesn't know the names of colours.
  • The Times of Harvey Milk: Harvey Milk marches in one. In the 1970s they were still rather novel. (The first one in San Francisco was in 1972.) Dan White tries to ban them.
  • Milk features a recreation of Harvey Milk's participation, including the revelation that he was threatened with death should he take the stage to speak.
  • Pride is a film about a group of gay and lesbian Londoners and the Welsh village they support during a year-long miners strike. The film begins with the Audience Surrogate Bromley jumping in mid-parade, and at the conclusion all of the mining guilds march in London's pride parade in solidarity.

  • The Bugarup Galah in The Last Continent, the Discworld version of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.
  • Proud Pink Sky is set in the world's first gay state. Pride is the biggest celebration of the year, and serves as a national holiday.
  • The Turner Diaries feature a Pride Parades and make a note of how they are getting more inclusive over time, now extending to include fetishists and such. Since the book is nazi propaganda, the narrative role of the Pride Parade is to serve as an example of how the jews control the world and weaken the aryan race through the power of perversion.
  • In The Atrocity Archive by Charles Stross, Bob mentions that once a year his Camp Gay flatmate Pinky drags his Straight Gay partner out to Pride to maintain his security clearance. Back in the day when being a spy and homosexual were, shall we say, legally incompatible, gays were vulnerable to blackmail ("do this or I tell your boss and you're out of a job"). Nowadays the services just insist on openness, the idea being that you can't be blackmailed if you're not hiding anything.

    Live-Action TV 
  • 3rd Rock from the Sun plays for confusion and inability to comprehend the nuances of local culture: The alien family was searching for their ethnic roots and Dick was fascinated by the concept when Nina told him she had gone to a black pride rally. So Dick took the family to a "white pride" rally.
  • The characters in The L Word attend a Gay Pride parade in one episode.
  • A 1980 episode of CBS Reports entitled "Gay Power, Gay Politics" featured footage from the 1979 March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Rights as part of a purported exploration of the rise of gay political power in San Francisco. The episode turned out to be a hatchet job, conflating homosexuality with BDSM, for which the network issued a then-unheard of apology to the gay community.
  • Briefly used in Married... with Children when Bud tries a cowboy look as a means of attracting a girl. He comes back several minutes later, having been beaten up by a Native American pride parade marching half a block from the Bundy house.
  • Queer as Folk (US) features several of the characters marching in Pittsburgh's pride parade while others watched and cheered.
  • The last episode of the 2nd season of Noah's Arc took place during one.
  • An episode of Seinfeld had Jerry stuck in traffic due to a Cuban pride parade.
  • The first two episodes of Sense8 take place during San Francisco Pride, with Nomi and Amanita taking part in the parade as part of the Dykes on Bikes group. In the second season Lito is invited to serve as grand marshal of the São Paulo Pride Parade. In both cases the scenes were filmed during the actual Pride events in each city.
  • The last episode of season 13 in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia involves the gang trying to exploit Mac's homosexuality for free publicity at the city's pride parade; the main plot, however, follows Mac trying to find a place for himself in the gay community, and express his complicated feelings around his sexuality.
  • Dispatches From Elsewhere: Simone goes to join one in the second episode, approaching a group of trans women. At the last moment though she runs away for an unknown reason.
  • Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life has Stars Hollow planning and cancelling their first pride parade. While the town is willing to host one, it turns out only one person signed up to actually be in it (and he was just planning of walking with his dog).

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • The Simpsons:
    • A gay pride parade goes through town in "Jaws Wired Shut".
      Marchers: We're here, we're queer, get used to it!
      Lisa: You do this every year. We are used to it!
      Marcher: Spoilsport.
    • There was also a float dedicated to those still in the closet.
      We're gay, we're glad
      But don't tell mom and dad
      • Attentive viewers will know that it was Smithers and Marge's sister Patty.
    • Then after watching this display, Marge asks Homer "Wouldn't it be nice if that man and that woman got married to each other?"
    • When there was a bear "attack" in Springfield Homer led an angry mob to the mayors office with this chant:
      Crowd: We're here, we're queer, we don't want anymore bears.
      Lenny: Hey, that's a pretty catchy chant. Where did you hear it?
      Homer: Oh, I heard it at the mustache parade they have every year.
    • This was also discussed in the "Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy" episode, where the family were pointing out other incidents of Lisa making the rest of them take part of her beliefs and stances, including a gay pride parade. A newspaper article includes a picture of the event, which features same-sex couples in the background holding hands and marching while a very confused looking Bart stands in the foreground staring at the camera.
  • In the South Park episode "South Park is Gay", all the males in town have turned metrosexual. Once the women of the town start getting fed up, the men put on a Metrosexual Pride Parade, which includes the chant, "We're here, we're not queer, but we're close, get used to it!" Then a fire breaks out and the men are to wussy to do anything about it, at the end of the ep all the men are now back to being rednecks again.
    • In the show's very first Very Special Episode, "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride", one of the bullies mocks Stan's gay dog by asking him if he's going to a pride parade.
  • Gary and Mike are in San Fransisco for their roadtrip. A convoluted series of events leads them accidentally driving their convertible at the lead of the Pride Parade, with Gary shirtless and flying the flag of his father's Marine unit behind him in front of television cameras.
  • An episode of Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World takes place at San Francisco pride.


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