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These Words Are True and Faithful is a 2018 novel by Eugene Galt. The plot centers on a Love Triangle; the book is a psychological portrait of the Villain Protagonist, who falls in love with and later cheats on his partner. After a chance meeting at the courthouse, 26-year-old lawyer Sam Overton and 39-year-old police officer Ernie Butler become lovers until their relationship develops difficulties, whereupon Ernie starts an affair with retail worker Danny Parsons.


These Words Are True and Faithful contains examples of:

  • Gayborhood: Ernie enjoys being seen with Sam here. Later, Ernie's indiscretion is discovered here.
  • Greek Chorus: One of the secondary characters, when gossiping about Ernie.
  • Loving a Shadow: Sam accuses Ernie of treating him as "a blank slate onto which you could project all of your fantasies" during the post mortem on their relationship.
  • Nobody Over 50 Is Gay: "If you want to meet gay men over 50, just go to any public place and have David paged."
  • No Guy Wants an Amazon (gay version): Sam takes Ernie to a party thrown by a partner at Sam's firm and his wife, a radiologist. Ernie is upset that everyone at the party is a doctor or a lawyer except him. This is the point at which Ernie starts to fall out of love with Sam.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Ernie is impulsive, boasts of relying on his gut feelings, and interprets events as signs that some things are just meant to be. Sam is methodical and interprets events as the workings of probability. At one point, Ernie accuses Sam of sticking his "rational, rigorous mind where it doesn't belong."
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  • Sarcastic Title: Many of the characters either lie or believe others' lies. Also, "these words are true and faithful" is from the Book of Revelation, and the book is critical of Christianity.
  • Straight Gay: A secondary character accuses Sam and Ernie of being "not really gay."
  • Triang Relations: This is type 7.


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