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Maybe a bit too casual?

Buffy: [about Riley's lunch selection] ...a Twinkie! That's his lunch? Oh, he is so gonna be punished.
Willow: [pouting about currently being single] Everyone's getting spanked but me.

Sometimes sexualities such as sadomasochism and fetishism come into play without being treated as a big deal: The character just happens to be into BDSM (or similar). That is, any variant of Bondage (as in tying each other up with ropes or handcuffs), Dominance-games, and/or Sado-Masochism (as in Kinky Spanking and such). No big deal is made out of it, at least not by the main characters. This can be a good excuse to play with gender roles and power dynamics, an excuse to get the Heteronormative Crusaders all riled up, or simply a way to put a character in an unexpected situation or let a conversation take an unexpected turn.

While usually about individual characters, this trope can also be a characteristic of a Free-Love Future or similar world. In these cases, the fact that kinky sexuality is so normal that no one thinks twice about it in this world is often used as a way of pointing out how different that world is from our own.

People playing with this trope do it Safe, Sane, and Consensual, and are likely to have a Safe Word. People who see a little bit of what they are doing, without getting the whole picture, might sometimes make the classic Abuse Mistake.

Also a way to portray (or show interest in) a fetish.

Compare and contrast the tropes where kinkiness is used to indicate that a character is intelligent or a bad person, or a weirdo. See also True Love Is a Kink. When certain non-sexual aspects of power are being sexualized, this is Power is Sexy or Power Dynamics Kink.


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  • There's an old TV ad in which a couple is looking through a window into their neighbors' impeccably neat and organized living room. The husband remarks that people like that are always too uptight, at which point the neighbors go running through the room in full BDSM gear. The wife then observes, "They don't seem so uptight."
  • This Cup Noodles ad features a man in a gimp suit, who tells his off-screen partner role-playing as his mom that he's "eating [his] veggies", to which she replies "Chew with your mouth closed!". He then zips his mouth zipper.

    Anime & Manga 
  • In The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You, some of Rentarou's many girlfriends have kinks on display among their "family" that end up being accepted as mere character quirks once they've integrated into the group. For a few examples:
    • Hakari and Karane, despite their constant bickering, are shown on many occasions to be as much into each other as they are into their boyfriend.
    • Iku Sutou is a massive masochist who never turns down an opportunity to push her body to the limits or take a spanking.
    • Hahari (Hakari's Absurdly Youthful Mother) has a fetish for doting on Rentarou and the other girls in a motherly way, even up to inviting them to suck on her breasts.
    • It gets discussed when Rin Baio, the 22nd girlfriend joins the group and is terrified of how they'll react to her literal lust for violence. The other girlfriends are able to reassure her that between the kinks and personalities of the existing harem, Rin having an unusual fetish isn't all that weird.
      • Incredibly, it's averted for Rentarou himself, because while he does possess a libido and is at the center of a massive polygamous harem, he's extremely straight-laced about waiting until he's an appropriate age before engaging in any carnal acts with them. Instead, he devotes a superhuman amount of energy toward showing his love for them romantically.
  • Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School:
    • Touko Fukawa fantasizes about her crush raping her. This is portrayed comedically, with an art shift towards sparkles and other shojo-esque tropes.
    • Teruteru Hanamura's proclamations of promiscuity and masochism are treated as mere rudeness by his classmates.
  • Cross Marian in a D.Gray-Man anime filler scene makes a comment that he's a tad kinky. When HQ is attacked by Akuma, Klaud tells Cross to do some work. He scoffs at her remark, stating he hates work. Klaud, annoyed, then asks if she's going to have to whip him. In response, Cross states that isn't a bad idea, and that he'd much rather be spending time with a good woman than fighting.
  • The Domina matriarch and patriarch in Domina no Do! are a sadistic dominatrix and a submissive masochist respectively, and they make no effort to hide that their love for each other is firmly rooted into their kinky sexual life. Their utter lack of any shame or willingness to hide this side of themselves from their kids is presented as a negative trait, as it's directly to blame for their daughters being so screwed up; female protagonist Hikari Domina believes all male/female relationships run on the femdom/malesub paradigm, whilst her younger sister Akari has become an extremely oversexed Fille Fatale and Manipulative Bitch.
  • Akeno Himejima of High School D×D seems to be into BDSM. An early episode has her dressing up like a dominatrix when visiting a customer for a contract, and one of the bonus artworks in the Blu-Ray shows her tied up in the traditional shibari style. Seems to run in the family as her late mom, Shuri, had quite a sadomasochistic streak in bed.
  • All three female members of the Student Council in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War have established fetishes. Fujiwara likes being forced, Kaguya gets turned on by people who look tired, and Iino has a thing for crew cuts. Kaguya's fetish is even a plot point in one chapter when she finds herself less attracted to Shirogane after he gets a good night's sleep.
  • Nabari no Ou: Gau's masochistic tendencies are Played for Laughs in an omake strip, and Raikou is later implied to be a sadist during the Alya Arc.
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt has the titular Stocking Anarchy, one of the two Fallen Angel sisters, who's into being tied up tightly, being electrocuted and being put into cages. Nobody seems to mind, especially in the dub where her sister Panty casually mentions it to a bunch of rich men and none of them question it.
  • Pokémon: The Series:
    • Trip's Servine apparently doesn't mind Ash's Snivy whipping him until he collapsed. Granted, Servine was under the effects of Attract, but other Pokémon usually snap out of the effects after an attack. It's now a meme to call Trip's Servine a masochist.
    • In the Diamond and Pearl seasons of the same show, Gardenia was strangely fond of taking the brunt of various Grass-type Pokémon's attacks. Much like above, fanon often depicts Gardenia as being really into it.
    • In the XY&Z series, when everyone returns to the nature preserve that Ash's Goodra is helping keep watch over, a Quagsire is not only misblamed for trouble at the preserve, said Quagsire blushes and smiles at getting whipped by the preserve's Florges.
  • In Popcorn Avatar, the males in the class assume that Kurando and Lisa are into BDSM due to misunderstanding, with Lisa presumed as the "master".
  • Rebuild World: The Big Guy hunter Kurosawa nonchalantly discusses his Meido fetish with his friend Shirakabe in a Red Light District bar after seeing the two Ninja Maids Shiori and Kanae. Shirakabe suggests he get one of the working girls to wear the outfit, but Kurosawa says that's no good because it's about much more than that.
  • Ruby from Rosario + Vampire seems to enjoy being the submissive person between her and Tsukune, the latter of whom doesn't really have an interest. Ruby not only enjoys pain but reminds Tsukune repeatedly that she does in double entendres.
  • In The Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas doesn't mind being tied up so he won't grope Elizabeth in her sleep, comparing it to bondage.
  • Shimoneta: The villainous White Peak has an obsession with women's underwear, especially white panties that have been freshly worn. He's even stitched an entire bodysuit out of them and created Gathered Fabric for the purpose of stealing more white panties to ensure he'll have a constant supply of them.
  • Wandering Son implies that Saori has a thing for crossdressers. It started in fifth grade when she began coercing the closeted transgender girl Nitori to dress up. Saori never understood Nitori's dysphoria and, if anything, was transphobic, but she did like cute boys in girl's clothes (which extends to trans boys, as she gushes when she dresses up Takatsuki for a fashion show).

    Comic Books 
  • Annihilation: Conquest: The series had this exchange between two romantically involved cosmic super women.
    Moondragon: If we survive this, you've earned a spanking.
    Phyla-Vell: Promises, promises...
  • Batwoman: A flashback conversation in Batwoman (Rebirth) between Kate Kane and Safiyah, her lover on the island of Coryana, reveals that the couple is into bondage.
  • Deadpool: When Deadpool finds his business unexpectedly booming, he hires an assistant to keep his schedule straight. She also helps design several new costumes for him. When she shows the sketches, Deadpool asks why some of the costumes have high heels. She responds "I'm kinky".
    • He ties up and gags Black Widow in one issue. After he takes the gag off, she admits that she kind of enjoyed it.
    • Deadpool himself. Spider-Man finally agrees to hang out with him and get to know him. He tells Deadpool there will be some ground-rules. Deadpool then asks if they can pick their own safe-words, noting that his is "Do it again." He also appears to be the sub in his relationship with Shiklah — at one point we see him wearing a chastity belt, with Shiklah holding the key.
  • Green Arrow: Black Canary and Green Arrow have implications. In one comic prior to Black Canary permanently dyeing her hair, Green Arrow mentions that she only wears her blonde wig to bed.
  • Hellblazer: John Constantine is both kinky and bi in nearly all of his portrayals, whether it's the comics or the show, though the movie was a notable exception. In Hellblazer, he's been portrayed as a rather pushy sub who usually demands it even rougher, and he's into everything from handcuffs to whips to even burn play.
  • Kick-Ass: Dave Lizewski's superhero obsession is presented as such. Unusually for such a... weird fetish (but in line with the trope), it's shown to be a healthy outlet for his fantasies, since said fantasies involve community activism and an altruistic outlook on life and society.
  • Lucifer: In the first album, Casual Kink and Bondage Is Bad are both expressed as attitudes held by characters: Jill held a little speech about how she's not into BDSM herself but doesn't mind it as long as it's consensual - while Elaine write a story within the story where her way of establishing the bad guy as bad is to state that he fantasizes about three creepy things, one of them being tied up women. (The other two are money and selling drugs. It should be noted that since this is in the first issue, Elaine is still an immature 12-years-old inexperienced psychic.)
  • Marvel Adventures: In Marvel Adventures: The Avengers, Dino Manelli's reaction to seeing Tigra in issue #34 is to say that Egypt just got a whole lot better looking. Keep in mind that Tigra is a fuzzy orange Cat Girl and Dino is a man time-displaced from the forties, yet his fellow howlers don't call him out on this.
  • Sin City: The series implies this with Gail and Dwight's relationship. Gail is canonically a professional dominatrix and regularly wears a black latex corset in public. But in spite of that, she and Dwight don't seem to have an explicitly Dom-sub relationship, and they generally bicker and banter like any other pair of ex-lovers would. The Big Damn Kiss shows that they get back together at the end of "The Big Fat Kill".
  • Spider-Man: During their marriage, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson were known on a few occasions to indulge in a little light bondage, using his webbing. The fact that it dissolves in roughly an hour makes it useful for such games.
  • Superman: Action Comics #1051 has Jon discovering Clark's Warzoon outfit, which includes chains attached to a collar and a loincloth of sorts, in the closet. When Lois races in to shut the door and direct him to where the board games he's looking for are, Jon quickly realizes what it's used for here.
    Jon: Ohhhhhh, my God.
  • Uncanny Avengers: It's actually a plot point in issue 2 that Rogue and Gambit engage in BDSM (she specifically references "kinky bondage drinking games"); her experiences in the bedroom allows Rogue to escape from her bindings and begin fighting her way out of Red Skull's lair after having been captured by him.
  • Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Under the pen of her creator Wonder Woman quite frequently makes comments and insinuations about liking being tied up in consensual situations. Steve Trevor gets in on it too, though both of them get bound by villains far more often than in situations where they'd actually enjoy it.

    Comic Strips 
  • Dilbert: Dilbert once chatted with a woman calling herself Mistress Cruella. Afterward, he looked quite startled. What she said to him was, of course, left to the reader's imagination.
  • Pondus has a lot of this. Often used as a tool to create awkward situations (Jocke and Camilla walking in on Jocke's mother and stepfather doing a scene), but sometimes just for cuteness (Pondus wife bringing home her nurse uniform from the hospital in return for him taping her favorite Soap Opera).

    Fan Works 
  • In the Twilight fandom, The Dom Edward/Sub Bella style of Fanfics is extremely popular. The extremely popular Erotic Novel series Fifty Shades of Grey started life as a fanfic called ''Master of the Universe'' (Author E.L. James used the penname Snowqueens Icedragon when it was originally published). Even its original form it was very popular, amassing over 56,000 reviews during its original, censored run on FanFiction.Net alone! Not to be outdone, the Uncensored version posted on, received over 23,000 reviews in its run. Eventually, James replaced all the Twilight Elements out of the fic and packaged it under the Fifty Shades title.
  • Several Neon Genesis Evangelion fics support the idea that in the (unlikely) event where Asuka and Shinji pair up, they will inevitably involve themselves into BDSM with Asuka as the slave and Shinji as the master. While this seems Out of Character for a person with Asuka's personality, Aggressive Submissive is a thing, and a well-written take on such a scenario would be one that properly fleshes out Asuka's Hidden Depths.
    • Power Plays takes it one step further: Hikari, sweet and innocent Hikari is into BDSM as well, with the same arrangement. Both pairs go at it 24/7 and neither use safe words... And then we haven't even mentioned that Misato practically forced Shinji to be Asuka's master by watching their relationship and every time it looked like things are going steady, Misato dropped a not-so-innocent remark to trick Shinji into thinking Asuka is only playing with him. Her excuse when Asuka ratted her out was that she wanted them to take their relationship seriously, ie. they shouldn't even start it if they're going to break up later (she was speaking from experience but that's still no excuse for forcing two fourteen year-olds into BDSM).
  • In some of iCarly's more risque fics, Sam and Freddie take their Belligerent Sexual Tension friendship and exaggerate it to having Freddie be a sadomasochist to explain why he's fallen in love with a girl who repeatedly and constantly abuses and degrades him.
  • In Those Who Stand for Nothing Fall for Anything Light claims that his calling himself "God" is just a sex kink and he doesn't ''really'' have a God complex.
  • In "Shards To a Whole", an NCIS fanfic, McGee and Abby confess their love for each other after the explosion at NCIS during the Season 9 finale, and start dating again. They enjoy an active and happy sex life, including some mild bondage and cosplay. At one point Tony DiNozzo sees them in action and freaks out.
    McGee: [to Gibbs] Look, if the words 'doing freaky things to Abby' come up, before you kill me, I'd like you to remember, Tony thinks it's freaky, not me or Abby, and it's with Abby not to her.
  • Lyra Heartstrings of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is often depicted in fan works as being, erm, interested in humans, yet her often crushingly weird antics are typically only answered with an eye roll or possibly a facepalm from her roommate / Heterosexual Life-Partner / lover Bon Bon.
  • Athena is revealed to be this in Phoenix Wright: The Baby Shower when Franziska finds her bondage equipment and as part of "truth or dare" game orders her to wear all of it. Used as a Chekhov's Gun, as her whip combined with Franziska's own are used to pull up Iris after she falls from the balcony and is hanging on a griffin statue.
  • In Origin Story, Alex and Louise are more annoyed than embarrassed to be caught wearing fetish gear by Agent Phil Coulson, though given that Louise is a former prostitute, it's hardly surprising. Alex, on the other hand, is simply the type to not be intimidated by anyone or anything.
  • In Le Papillon Rising, Nino asks why Adrien is stalking Marinette with butterflies. His response?
    Adrien: It's a kink of hers.
  • In Two Pink Lines, after Marinette learns Adrien and his father had a fight and says she might have to beat them up until they see reason:
    Adrien: Oh, you know what I feel about spanking, My Lady. But with my father... that would be gross.
  • Cirelle in The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World embodies this trope. Only Ringo gets to find out exactly what she has to offer, though. (Paul and John can't have sex with normal women any longer, and George won't even tell the others what she wanted him to do.) It's all offscreen.
  • Luna in For Love of Magic to a remarkable extent. None of the others are remotely ashamed of what they get up to, but she's the only one to openly talk about it, even in public.
    • Luna Lovegood, in general, tends to be portrayed as either very casual or very naive when talking about sex.
  • The Power of Seven has a few of these:
    • Ginny realizes that she likes being watched and watching Harry with other witches. After Fleur joins, Ginny comes to realize she has a gender-flipped cuckold fantasy combined with a humiliation kink... watching Harry with other women while they talk about how much better and sexier they are. Fleur stumbles on it and gives Ginny rather lavish fulfillment of that particular kink, leading to some deep conversations as Ginny becomes afraid this particular kink, and her want to have it fulfilled, actually makes her pathetic. She's quickly assured this is not the case.
    • Demelza (after identifying Ginny's own kink) reveals that she has a certain submissive streak that she enjoys exploring with Harry, to the extent that she calls him "Captain" and later "Master" during their sessions.
    • Hermione and Harry are switches (alternating who controls who in their encounters).
    • Katie is a bit of a domme towards Harry, but in a nurturing way. She also seems to enjoy playing a "sex coach" to the less experienced girls, and greatly enjoys engaging in humiliating dirty talk to Ginny during her first encounter with Harry as Ginny watches.
    • Aside from talking about the creatures featured in the Quibbler, the closest thing Luna has to a 'kink' so far is a preference for giving Harry blowjobs; she takes it a step further in Chapter 65 when she starts a bit of amateur roleplay comparing Harry to non-existent creatures such as high elves or incubi.
    • Susan's interests appear deeply suppressed, but under the influence of Hermione's experimental invigoration draught, she fantasizes about Harry overpowering her and taking her, essentially a rape fantasy. She also lets herself simply enjoy watching Harry and Hermione.
    • Fleur is presented as a more sexually aggressive domme than Katie, but she manages to maintain a balance where she is encouraging Harry to let her take charge without forcing him.
    • Demelza and Fleur also seem to have a pregnancy kink.
  • The Victorious fic "Just a little hang-up" opens with Jade musing that she has an obsession with Tori's hair, enjoying when it hangs down across her back and being annoyed when Tori has it in a bun, to the extent that Jade fantasises about the hair being so long that Jade could wrap it around her naked body. After Tori learns about this fetish, she reveals that she has a similar interest in feet, and the two girls spend some time indulging their interests to confirm that they want each other beyond their kinks. The tale concludes with Tori and Jade revealing that they each have another kink, but exactly what they are is undisclosed (beyond that Jade's kink involves something her mother has dozens of in her closet and is an unexpected thing for a Goth to like).
  • The Buffy the Vampire Slayer series "The Wuffara Chronicles" features a triad relationship between Tara, Buffy, and Willow, with Tara as the Mistress to Buffy and Willow while Willow is 'officially' Buffy's Sub who Buffy shares with her own Mistress. It is often noted that this relationship mainly works because of the psychological benefits to all three; being Mistress to Buffy and Willow helps Tara's self-confidence, Willow has always striven to succeed for attention and enjoys being praised for her efforts, and Buffy simultaneously gets a chance to not have to be in charge all the time and a chance to be in total control of at least one thing in her life.
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe AU fic "Captain Carter And The Spider's Silk" features an AU where Peggy Carter/Captain Britain is brought into the future. While training with 21-year-old Peter Parker, Peggy finds herself aroused when Peter manages to tie her down with his webbing during a training session, leading her to realise she has a bondage kink. Later chapters see this develop into outright roleplay, including a "fantasy" of Peggy being captured and Peter interrogating her, although she quickly asks him to stop putting on an accent as it kills the mood.
  • In Pokémon: The Series fic "Ash's Adventure: Girls' Hunter Edition", May is described by Misty as a "kinky, violent weirdo" with a pyromaniac edge, who wanted to become a PokeGirl (a human who can use Pokemon attacks) because she wanted the powers and because she wanted someone to 'own' her. At one point May explicitly recalls how much she enjoyed Misty 'using' her when she felt weak after swimming, and initially emerged from her human ball naked apart from shoes and her head-bandana, with her arms bound and a ball gag in her mouth.
  • In The Lightning Strike, as Harry Potter forms a relationship with various female heroes, each of them demonstrate a particular kink; Natasha is mostly a domme, Skye enjoys being the sub to either Harry or Natasha (which extends to enjoying being tied up and gagged in more extreme encounters), and Wanda appears to enjoy watching either with her powers or in person.
  • Mr and Mrs Gold: The Gold’s sex lives seem to have traces of this, with various mentions of bondage and power-play in their sex lives. At one point Rose had to walk around town with a scarf to hide severe bruising. When Regina snitched the scarf away, she was forced to confess the truth lest everyone think she was being abused. Hilariously, Granny was the only one not completely miffed by this.
  • A Monster's Marriage:
    • During a game of Risk, Jaune openly admits he plans and taking out Cinder while she's going after Emerald and Mercury.
      Cinder: My knight, you'd rout me from behind?
      Jaune: Well, it certainly wouldn't be the first time.
    • In the sequel, they're shown engaging in bondage and roleplay, only to be interrupted by their daughter.
  • White Sheep (RWBY):
  • Fallout: Equestria:
    • In a memory orb, Littlepip finds Steelhooves teasing Applejack about how she likes to be tied up with own lasso. Not to mention that the reason it comes up at all is because he's trying to convince her to have sex while he's wearing the memory recorder device (that she considers a step too far).
    • In the present, Velvet Remedy convinces Littlepip's girlfriend that Littlepip is into light bondage. She keeps trying to convince everyone it's not true, but no one believes her.
  • cool and new web comic regularly features characters in dom/sub relationships, with the dominant one even being referred to as a "daddy" (as in Daddy Dom). Troll romance is even more complicated because of this, since now the original quadrants have been split between their primary definitions and a "daddy" variant, as well as including an "omni-daddy" that doms for anyone still available. All of this is played for laughs rather than for any kink factor, as it's just one symptom of the CANWC world being absolutely bonkers.
  • People Like Us: Travis and Arthur realize this about themselves and enter a BDSM sort of relationship with Travis as the dom and Arthur as the sub during sexy times.
  • The Cultist: Charlie, the demon girlfriend of Solomon, is into BDSM and sexy roleplay. Zatanna learns she is also into BDSM when Charlie introduces her to it. She is also into being Solomon and Charlie's "pet".
  • Saintly Phantom: After spending 20 years being sexually unsatisfied by Angelo, Luz decides to indulge in all of her sexual fantasies that she couldn't with him, from Bondage to Sex Tapes, after getting together with Danny.
  • Son of the Sannin: A throwaway line from Shizune reveals that she and Shisui seem to enjoy being handcuffed to the bed by the other.
  • In Lucky Number Thirteen (a Fifty Shades fanfic), Sharon is very upfront about her sexual kinks and interests to Ana, to the point where Christian comparatively looks rather 'tame'; Sharon outright calls Christian "pretty much a white chocolate S&M player" and Ana is astounded by some of the stuff she's done in the bedroom. However, Sharon comes across a pretty normal and friendly woman (which is generally how actual BDSM practitioners are).
  • Very casual amongst Orcs in Splint. Most Orcs, Rukhash included, have a penchant for rougher sex and see biting and scratching each other as erotic or even affectionate in some cases. At one point, Rukhash tells Cadoc that although she likes that's he usually very gentle with her, she'd also appreciate it if he were a bit more wild sometimes. This is a pretty minor part of Rukhash's character and is so commonplace amongst Orcs, it's barely even seen as a 'kink', contrasting them with Gondor's more conservative views on sex.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Holiday In Handcuffs (A Christmas B-Movie about a woman kidnapping a man to pose as her boyfriend to her parents) features the protagonist pulling up with her handcuffed partner to a gas station. When the attendant asks, she tries to pass it off as intense roleplay, and he cordially offers her a pair of christmas-themed handcuffs on the house.
  • L.A. Story.
    Sara McDowel: Listen, if I say that sort of thing again, tie me up and gag me.
    Roland Mackey: [her ex-husband] We tried that once, but you started laughing.
  • Exit to Eden takes place on an island where BDSM and Fetishism is the everyday norm. And it's hardly even a real part of the story, more like an exotic background for an ordinary detective story.
  • In Preaching to the Perverted, the main character is sent by a Heteronormative Crusader to infiltrate a BDSM club. As he gets to know the people there, he finds out that they are just ordinary people with unusual sexuality, not any better or worse than anyone else.
  • While most of Secretary averts this trope quite hard, it does pop up twice. In the middle of the movie, Lee is listening to a tape about coming out as a dominant or submissive, assuring the listener that BDSM is a capacity for a wider range of experience. More importantly, the movie has a happy ending where Lee finally gets rid of her fiancée (whom she never wanted, he was pushed on her and she wasn't assertive enough to say no), come out as a masochist and finally demand a real relationship with Edward. Some people are pissed at her, but her father stands by her side and assert that he's proud of her. And finally, Edward overcome his fear and they live happily ever after.
  • In Enough Said, there's a moment where Lisa catches Albert looking at her feet, and assumes he's grossed out. As he explains, it's quite the opposite. Refreshingly, she doesn't see it as a big deal, and only playfully teases him about it.
  • There is a quick instance in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall where the main character, in an attempt to forget his ex-girlfriend, starts having sex with lots of different women, one of whom is a fairly quiet girl who wouldn't stop saying "hi" to him. He asks if she could stop because it was getting a bit weird. Without missing a beat, she tells him, "You can gag me." As he's left surprised, she explains that she brought a gag with her and some handcuffs too, then asks, "Do you want to gag me?" He finally replies, "Actually, I kind of want to now."
  • Transporter 3. Valentina forces Frank to take off his clothes by threatening to throw away his car keys, saying it's not just men who like striptease.
    Frank: (removing shirt) You know what I'm going to do to you for making me do this?
    Valentina: Spank me.
    Frank: For starters.
    Valentina: Tie me up?
    Frank: You'd like that, wouldn't you?
    Valentina: I like the rough stuff. (Frank grabs her) Not too rough!
  • Casey from We're the Millers likes to be strangled when she makes out with a guy.
  • In 9 to 5, Judy Bernley's ex-husband Dick catches her in Frank Hart's bedroom while she's holding him hostage for blackmail and assumes that she's into BDSM. Judy uses this belief to her advantage in order to get rid of her ex-husband.
  • The Addams Family:
    • Implied with Morticia and Gomez. When interrogated, Morticia compliments the turncoat lawyer stretching her on the rack with "You've done this before!" later, when Gomez is freeing her:
    Gomez: Leather straps, red hot pokers...
    Morticia: Later, my dearest.

    Morticia Don't torture yourself, Gomez... that's my job.
    • Referenced more directly in the sequel, Addams Family Values:
      Morticia: So... you still desire me after all these years? The old ball and chain?
      Gomez: Forever
      Morticia: I'll get them.

      Morticia: To pleasure.
      Gomez: To pain.
      Morticia: Tonight.
  • In Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter, Kronos's new girlfriend Carla asks him why he's so rough in bed (the only thing we see is him kissing her and biting her lip hard enough to draw blood), but with a tone of casual curiosity rather than any unhappiness about it.
  • In Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman, the Machine Gun Woman has no issues with having sex with Santiago while tied up,after he has captured her and says that he cannot risk untying her.
  • In Tales from the Hood 2, Zoe and Philip engage in some literal Master/Slave roleplay when breaking into the "Museum of Negrosity", dirty-talking to each other as he holds a whip and she holds onto a literal whipping post.
  • After being given A Taste of the Lash in The Ramrodder, Tuwana discovers that she enjoys it.

  • The Slave World novels sometimes casually mention BDSM play done in Britain's timeline. In the Alternate Timeline, where the Roman Empire never really fell and the story takes place in an England that was never an Empire, much of the everyday social life is kinky - not only to many readers but also to visitors from the first timeline.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • Molly Carpenter's kinks come up in conversation. Justified in that Harry prefers not to think about the sex life of a girl he sees as a surrogate daughter but is worldly enough not to get thrown by, say, hearing about the recreational uses of Wartenberg wheels.
    • Vampire/human relationships end up in this trope quite a lot since White Court vampires have to carefully manage physical contact and Red Court ones have to preemptively act against blood frenzy with human partners. One woman protects her White Court boyfriend from the pain her touch causes him by cultivating an interest in up-market bodysuits, to general approval.
    • Harry gets in on the act when an ex-girlfriend returns. Said ex struggling with vampirism when they do have sex she is tied up with magic rope for mutual safety. This doesn't seem to be Harry's normal taste but it definitely doesn't seem to bother him at all.
  • Doctor Who Expanded Universe: Perhaps surprisingly for a guy who started traveling with the Doctor a few years before the Summer of Love, the Eighth Doctor Adventures' Fitz Kreiner doesn't stop at casually coming out to the reader as bisexual, he also makes what seems like a semi-sincere crack implying this trope:
    ‘Fitz,’ Anji hissed. ‘Are you telling me you really don’t mind trotting around starkers in a collar and lead?’
    He grinned. ‘Are you kidding?’
  • When it comes to his "nightly activities" with Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian from Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation: Mo Dao Zu Shi is more than open to trying new things, from bondage and roleplay to doing it upside down and even doing it in front of illusions of their younger selves who are also getting intimate. However, there's one thing that he doesn't allow, and it's being spanked.
  • In Iain M. Banks's Against a Dark Background, main character Sharrow visits a monastery to consult with someone there. This monastery has a practice of everyone inside being chained to tracks in the wall, and visitors are no exception. The monk who is supposed to let her in is a He-Man Woman Hater who makes his displeasure at letting a woman in very clear and tries to find the heaviest and most uncomfortable shackle for her chain he can. While roughly fitting it on her, she smiles and mentions that a lot of people pay good money to get treated like that. He is of course disturbed by this and shuts up. Sharrow does not display any interest in this anywhere else, so she was probably just trying to get under his skin. She does knee the guy in the groin on the way out as payback though.
  • Dana Stabenow's series of detective novels about Kate Shugak are completely blatant but completely matter of fact about Kate's extremely aggressive attitude in bed, and love of scratching and biting her lovers.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, Asha Greyjoy is shown engaging in some rape roleplay with her lover.
  • In These Words Are True and Faithful, Ernie's friends and acquaintances see kink as completely unremarkable. The same is not true of Sam's more prudish friends at the LGBT Community Center.
  • In Confessions of Felix Krull Madame Houpflé is into young, preferably teenaged men, and the idea of being humiliated by Felix Krull, a mere domestic worker and thief, turns her on immensely.
  • Yoruka in Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle. When circumstances force her, the other girls and Lux to sleep together, she misinterprets a request from Lux in the middle of the night as him wanting to have sex right next to the other, sleeping girls. When Lux says that he has to punish hernote , Yoruka waits in a dungeon filled with BDSM equipment, naked save for panties, collar, and handcuffs, and asks him to punish her.
  • Spellster: Tracker with practically anything involving sex except for whips-he draws the line at those.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Cesare's first appearance in season two of Borgia is tied to a chair.
  • In Broad City, when Abbi finally hooks up with her neighbor Jeremy and asks to change positions (meaning her on top), he pulls out a strap-on for her to use. She freaks out and calls Ilana, who tells her to go for it. Their relationship ends when she accidentally ruins the strap-on by putting it in the dishwasher and buys another one that he isn't pleased with.
  • Jake from Brooklyn Nine-Nine is implied to have a bit of a masochistic/submissive streak. He's at least familiar enough with this sort of thing to know what a Safe Word is, and brings it up in a way that implies he's no stranger to having used one. He's turned on by Amy being mean to him (and begs her to "do it more"), and the entire squad agreeing to humiliate him. He also likes it when Amy gets aggressive, happily complying to her demands when she gets forceful with him—in or out of the bedroom. At one point, when she twists his arm behind his back in a panic-driven gut reaction, he cries out in pain before whispering, "Do it harder!" Probably the most explicit it ever got was when a Nonverbal Miscommunication led to him thinking Amy was miming pegging him (she was actually miming grabbing a cord and pulling it), he was stunned... before quickly saying he's open to anything she wants to try.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer has several mentions of casual interest in spanking and some dialogue by Anya that strongly implied that she and Xander were practicing (mild) BDSM. Nobody ever seemed to mind the idea itself, just the fact that she was talking about her sex life with other people at all was treated as awkward. But on the other hand, the Riley/Faith sex scene in "Who Are You?", and the dialogue around it, strongly implies that BDSM, or any sexual role play, is a way for emotional cripples to evade true intimacy. Joyce and Giles played with handcuffs in "Band Candy" (far Too Much Information for Buffy). Willow mentions wanting to be spanked on "The I In Team", and Anya in the same episode saying, "Yes, we've enjoyed spanking." Buffy mentioned "a favor" with outfits to Riley in "Family", and Faith said that safe words were for wusses on "Consequences" (technically the last one is not conventional modern BDSM, since it's not safe, sane or consensual, although it could fit under the newer Risk Aware Consensual Kink umbrella).
  • Fiona in Burn Notice has been known to invoke this, mainly to mess with Michael's head. In one instance, she picks up a pair of handcuffs (intended for use in one of Michael's plans) and asks him, "Where have you been keeping these?" Poor Mike nearly loses his grip on his power drill. No, his actual power drill.
  • Female protagonist Beckett in Castle is shown to be interested in BDSM, immediately identifying a specially made pair of handcuffs and the shop which it probably came from. Castle's safe word is "apples", while Lanie has mentioned at one crime scene that she likes whipped cream, but won't do caramel.
  • Charmed (1998):
    • The episode "The Wendigo" reveals that Phoebe just happens to have a pair of handcuffs lying around... and refuses to admit where she got them.
    • Paige also does this while arming Phoebe for battle in "The Day the Magic Died".
      Paige: Steel-toed boots from my mosh pit days. Chainmail top from my club days. And handcuffs (far-off smile) from last Friday.
  • In Coupling, Jeff and his girlfriend are shown to engage in bondage in one episode, with it being Played for Laughs rather than for moral disapproval.
  • CSI:
    • The character of Lady Heather, a highly intelligent, articulate, and urbane dominatrix who is briefly one of Grissom's love interests. For the most part, she's portrayed as a generally good, decent person.
    • Outside of Lady Heather, Grissom quips that he loves his job when Sara asks him to tape her up (and they both proceed to smile at each other the entire time). In "Immortality", he tells Sara after she asks that his safe word with Heather was 'stop'.
  • In Desperate Housewives, Bree's reaction to her husband's kink was portrayed as her willing to go along with it because she loved him, but when she thought he'd bragged she reacted negatively.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Implied with Brigadier Bambera and Sir Ancelyn in "Battlefield". Unless you think there's some other interpretation to be put on him asking if she's single the day after their first meeting involved her beating him up and manacling him.
    • In the episode "Forest of the Dead", The Doctor asks what River Song (his future wife, who's living their relationship backwards via Timey-Wimey Ball) is doing with a pair of handcuffs. She grins at him in a very meaningful way and says only, "Spoilers."
    • The handcuffs thing comes up again in "The Eleventh Hour" with Amy Pond, and is not elaborated beyond the implication that she moonlights as a Kissogram (like a Stripogram but with clothes and physical contact) and one of her outfits is a police officer.
    • In "A Christmas Carol", Amy and Rory were in the honeymoon suite of a spaceliner when the ship threatened to crash into a planet. They were dressed as Police-Girl Kissogram and Roman Centurion respectively at the time. While growing up they were also Playing Doctor a lot (interesting given Amy's infatuation with the Doctor; she used to have Rory dress up like him).
    • In the Hartnell story "The Chase", Ian (who has been shown to love dressing up in fancy historical costumes in various stories) asks for Barbara to give him her cardigan as part of a plan, to which she says, "Again?" Ian protests that it's not for him this time. The Expanded Universe picks this up and run with it - the most extreme is probably a scene in Campaign in which Barbara admits in her diary to fantasising about him 'in a rubber dress and stilletos'.
    • When the First Doctor threatens to give Bill 'a jolly good smacked bottom' in "Twice Upon a Time", she thinks this trope is what he meant. It's not, sadly.
  • Fellow Travelers: Hawkins Fuller and Timothy Laughlin's lovemaking feature elements of BDSM, with the former as the dominant partner while the latter is the submissive. Hawk likes to order Tim to do things like remove and fold clothing during foreplay, sit on his lap, never break eye contact, etc. Hawk refers to his younger lover as "my boy" (which indicates that Tim is subordinate to Hawk) and demands that Tim declares that he belongs to him as if he's Hawk's Property of Love (e.g. "I am [your boy]!" and "I belong to Hawkins Fuller"). After an argument in episode 3, Hawk slaps Tim twice in the face (at the latter's request) and then bounds Tim's hands with his own tie before initiating rough sex, with Tim being nude whereas Hawk is almost fully dressed.
  • After Henry's home is searched in the pilot of Forever (2014) and Jo describes several items as torture devices, Henry matter-of-factly states that "all those are for sex."
  • Friends:
    • Chandler once dates Rachel's boss, who leaves him handcuffed to a chair because she has to go to a meeting, with hilarity ensuing.
    • In one episode, when Monica gives Chandler a crash course on how to please a woman (before they end up together,) she maps out several erogenous zones and tells him to mix them up and "always keep them on their toes," to which Rachel enthusiastically exclaims, "Ooh, toes!"
    • "The One Where No One Proposes" has a joke implying Monica and Chandler have talked about her topping him properly, and "The One with Rachel's Phone Number" has them both into her slapping him.
    • Phoebe and Mike in are hinted to be into bondage and dominance-play; for example, Phoebe insist they take a table tennis bat with them to their hotel room. Or at one point, Chandler finds a pair of fluffy handcuffs and when he asks Phoebe, she complains "these would never be able to cuff a man to a water pipe - they're much too flimsy." When those handcuffs were found, Chandler believed they belonged to all three of the female Friends at different points, until they found pictures of them in use. By Monica's grandmother. To quote Monica, "Nana liked it rough!"
  • Blair and Chuck's relationship on Gossip Girl involved handcuffs, frequent references to punishment, roleplaying, and the other uses bidding paddles can be put to.
  • House:
    • In "Love Hurts", Dr. Chase is revealed to be into bondage and to be acquainted with a dominatrix, and while he's occasionally ribbed about it, no one thinks he's a weirdo for it. The patient of the week that keeps sneaking his dominatrix lover in to choke him, which turns out to be part of the problem. She isn't being excessive, but his condition makes him more fragile than should be expected. House goes to forbid them from doing it again and they seem to be ready to fight him, thinking he'd be a Moral Guardian, but his reaction is basically "Eh, just buy a cage. That should be fine". However, the patient's parents won't speak to him because they believe he humiliated them as everybody they know knows about his 'perversion' (in his father's words).
    • In "Clueless", in which a husband has an attack while going into rough stuff with his wife, others wonder about their dark rape-fantasy role-plays but they're eventually okay with that even impressed that they're both into threesome. Even Dr. Cameron, usually a wide-eyed idealist, thinks it's an interesting way to show trust in their relationship. However, it turns out his wife has been poisoning him with a gold-based compound.
  • Crops up from time to time in How I Met Your Mother. Lily happily admits to enjoying spanking, and in one episode she and Robin walk in on Barney, who is having trouble getting loose after having been tied to the bed by his one-night stand. We also know what Barney and Robin's safe word is, implying they're into some kinky stuff together, too.
  • Gordon and Sheila, two happily married Middle Englanders played by Rob Brydon and Julia Davis in Human Remains, run a very traditional B&B... with a swingers' dungeon in the attic. They move forward their planned remodel of their playspace when the local DIY shop has an unexpected wallpaper sale.
  • Interview with the Vampire (2022):
  • Played with (nonsensically) in Joking Apart, where the main character finds handcuffs at his girlfriend's house, tries them on as a joke, and then realises he can't get out of them. He awkwardly attempts to hide this while his girlfriend explains that an ex-boyfriend of hers, who she describes as being a disgusting pervert, bought her a pair of handcuffs once expecting her to be into it. When she discovers that the main character is handcuffed, however, she immediately changes her mind and mounts him for a kiss. Probably Author Appeal, since the writer was Steven Moffat.
  • Several characters in Leverage are implied to be kinky:
    • In "The Mile High Job", Nate and Sophie (who are posing as a married couple) steal another passenger's luggage as their own to board a plane. The TSA officer finds handcuffs and a whip in the carry-on: Sophie says the whip is for her and the handcuffs are for Nate.
    • In "The Cross My Heart Job", Eliot sarcastically asks if Sophie has handcuffs in her purse to restrain a Mook: Sophie replies, "Not on this trip."
    • In "The Two Live Crew Job", Eliot tricks his hitter counterpart, Mikel, into getting close enough to him that he can handcuff her to him. Later she holds up the handcuffs shyly while sitting with him at a bar, the implication being that she wants to use them.
  • Lucifer (2016): Lucifer often indulges in bondage with his many, many sexual partners. In "Off the Record", a reporter sneaks into Lucifer's penthouse and finds a woman tied to his bed in just her underwear. The reporter assumes that she's being held prisoner, but when he pulls the gag out of her mouth, she cheerfully tells him that she's there willingly. As the scene ends, she asks the reporter to put her gag back in as she can't do it with her hands bound.
  • In an early (pre-Flanderization) episode of Married... with Children, Steve and Marcie tried this, dressing up as a sailor and a prostitute. (Fortunately for them, Al and Peg reluctantly vouched for them when a cop picked them up.)
  • In the Masters of Horror episode "Homecoming", the phone rings while the main characters are having a BDSM session. He answers the phone, but she keeps whipping him a bit just to embarrass him in front of the important political figure he's talking with, who in turn knows exactly who he's with and what she's doing and seems completely unsurprised.
  • Mendol Ikemen has an inordinate amount of it, since the manager is not really a lesbian, as well as a whip fetishist, and she and her lover together do some really weird things like licking each other.
  • The Musketeers has a kinky sex scene between Athos and Sylvie that involves her disarming him at gunpoint and tying him up before having sex with him. The sole reason for this is to create a Pseudo-Crisis by making the audience briefly think that he's seriously in danger until it's revealed who the other person is.
  • NCIS:
    • Perky Goth Abby makes frequent casual references to handcuffs, straitjackets, sleeping in coffins, etc, even when talking to apparently straight-laced nerd McGee, making you wonder about just how kinky their relationship got. Her metal "necklace" is also an Eternity Collar. At least once, when she leaves early, she tells them to call if they need her, and if so, to ignore any screaming they hear.
    • Ziva frequently implies she's interested in bondage, but this may just be to tease Tony.
  • New Girl:
    • Schmidt has mentioned his interest in breathplay, signed a sex contract with his amateur-dominatrix boss, and was seen hogtied on the kitchen counter by Jessica's sister, Abby.
    • When Jessica got nervous about having sex with a new person for the first time in seven years, she throws herself into some ill-advised lingerie, role-playing, and breathplay, which ended up scaring Paul away for the night, although he was willing to try again for her.
    • Because Schmidt blamed Jessica and Nick for the end of his relationships with Cece and Elizabeth, he tried to ruin theirs by convincing Jess to perform a purposely vague, but apparently frightening sex act, called "The Captain," with Nick.
  • Person of Interest: Done as part of the ongoing Lesbian Subtext between the two female Token Evil Teammates Root and Sameen Shaw, who for various plot-related reasons would get stunned with tasers or zip-tied and hooded by the other.
    Root: Well, I'm glad we all agree you (Shaw) are going to stay put, especially since we know it would be impossible to keep you locked up... against your will, anyway.

    From a previous scene, Shaw, as she's about to be tortured (by Root) with a iron: One of the things I left out of my file. I kind of enjoy this sort of thing.
    Root : I'm so glad you said that. I do, too.
  • Schitt's Creek:
    • Roland and Jocelyn lend Johnny and Moira their cabin so they can have some alone time, and they casually tell them they are welcome to use the bondage equipment beneath the bed and advise them to pick a fun safe word.
    • Johnny and Moira themselves make vague references to a kinky sex life that included Eyes Wide Shut parties and late-night couples massages.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
    • Quark is discussing Klingons and says, "Spare me from beings who think pain is pleasure. [beat] In small doses, perhaps..." Despite ostensibly believing in traditional Ferengi values, it's hinted that Quark does get off on aggressive alien females. When a leather-clad Ezri Tigan (as the Dax symbiote is still in Jadzia in their universe) from the Mirror Universe walks into his quarters and puts a knife to his throat, Quark thinks it's kinky roleplay and is quite eager to play along.
    • "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places": Worf and Jadzia and Quark and Grilka (a Klingon woman he is in a relationship with) come into the infirmary with some pretty substantial injuries. Poor Dr. Bashir decides that he is going to stop asking how his patients managed to injure themselves because he really doesn't need those images in his head.
    • In the episode "Let He who is without Sin...", it's casually dropped that Worf's and Jadzia's happy, consensual sex play has been known to lead to broken ribs. Some way past Safe, Sane, and Consensual if you're human, although knowing Klingon customs, it's likely normal as Klingons see a broken collarbone on their wedding night as a blessing on the union. Broken ribs can be repaired very easily in the series.
  • Stella (UK): Paula and Dai Kosh have had a very Casual Kinky sex life since 1989.
  • In Sugar Rush, the main character tries spanking, which is portrayed as normal, though the person who suggests it turns out to be unfaithful.
  • Supernatural:
    • Dean Winchester's rather open interest in kink is often Played for Laughs, including when his brother walks in on him having a threesome with implied BDSM. Sam is mortified and wants Brain Bleach, but Dean is rather proud and claims his brother witnessed a natural act. He also openly enjoys Asian Fetish porn, and while briefly in Heaven complains that he expected triplets and latex rather than the mundane happy memories he gets.
    • Crowley, who constantly peppers his conversations with kinky innuendo, switches Hell's eternal torment to an everlasting waiting line because too many people were actually into the torture and pain.
  • In Two and a Half Men, Charlie and Rose are both very straight examples of this trope; Rose talks about how much she loves being a stalker and/or dominatrix, and Charlie makes many references to having a lot of different kinks. On the other hand, Alan once subverted this: Alan made a reference to a woman "satisfying my every sexual desire," but when Charlie teasingly pressed him for details, Alan admitted that he doesn't actually have a lot of different sexual desires, "just the one."
  • Jade from Victorious just happens to enjoy pain and likes seeing her boyfriend getting smacked around by Cat, and isn't afraid to offhandedly mention that.
  • In Willow, when the party is captured by the Bone Reavers, Boorman talks as though he thinks Scorpia wants to get back together with him, while she is clearly just out for revenge on him for leaving. When she orders the Reavers to tie him up and take him to her tent, he replies that it still kind of sounds like they're on the same page.
  • On Young & Hungry, Sofia begins dating her upstairs neighbor who is in a rock band. She ends up with temporary deafness and accidentally agrees to do...something. When she tries to indirectly ask him what it is, she assumes that it's some sort of freaky sex act (never outright said, but heavily implied to involve the use of a strap-on). Turns out that he's not into that...he only wants her to pour hot wax on his nipples.

  • "Even If the End Is Near" by Evan Greer, a bittersweet song about love in a time of climate change and ecological collapse, contains this verse, out of the blue:
    Sometimes the sunsets somewhat terrify me
    They're beautiful and colorful, but not the way they used to be
    When the scariest statistics are racing through my head
    At least I know when I get home you'll tie me to the bed
  • The Jethro Tull song "Hunting Girl" is all over this. It was even inspired when then-bassist John Glascock was going through his luggage and the other band members noticed he travels with a riding crop.
    Boot leather flashing and spur necks the size of my thumb
    This high-born hunter had tastes as strange as they come
  • Midway through Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", the woman ties the man to a chair and by implication takes a dominant role. It's this, but also a reference to the Old Testament character Samson being tied up by Delilah.
  • Parodied in "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Such A Groovy Guy":
    Oh and then I might decide to tie you up with dental floss
    I'll make you wear a harness and I'll show you who's the boss
  • After Eminem spent the first half of his career writing songs about beating and murdering women, he went through a liminal phase in Encore where he was into Destructo-Nookie and on Recovery where he was into Masochism Tango, then spent the latter half of his career repeatedly describing how much he wants the women to beat him up in bed. This serves to signify his transformation, which he lampshades in "These Demons" - "Used to rock wife beaters, now I let your wife beat me".

  • Wooden Overcoats: It doesn't come up much, but Georgie has a bit of a masochistic streak. When she meets the sexy Russian ringmaster at the circus, she's very excited by the fact that she carries a whip and keeps all her subordinates under her thumb. Antigone has to exasperatedly remind her that they're there on business.
    Antigone: [to the ringmaster] Have a discount, or a free gift! Take something — anything!
    Georgie: Take me.

    Video Games 
  • In World of Warcraft, your goblin female character sometimes say: "I'm a free spirit. I don't like to be tied down. Wait, you meant literally? Oh, I'm totally into that!". Characters of certain other race-gender combos also say things that can be interpreted in a similar direction, but they are less obvious about it.
    • The male goblin even references the female goblin tendency for this:
    "Yeah, so she told me to tie her up and do whatever I wanted to her. So I took her stereo."
    • It seems VERY obvious that the Pandaren have a fat fetish. Flirts and jokes from BOTH genders mention things about someone needing to gain weight, or they themselves need to gain weight. Even the females!
    • Ever wonder why Draenei females have so few unique voice lines? It's because several of them leaned too hard into this trope and got removed! A full list here (Potentially NSFW text).
  • In Star Wars: The Old Republic if the Sith Warrior marries Vette she'll later mention very suggestively that she's kept her old shock collar before the scene fades to black.
  • Implied in the relationship between romanced Garrus and female Shepard in the Citadel DLC of Mass Effect 3, in which they roleplay a first date and swap some suggestive dialogue before partaking in a Mating Dance. This scene sent many shippers squeeing.
    • Speculated by Jack, in her usual way, if Garrus and Shepard are together and, together, liberate Grissom Academy. It should be noted that Shepard cannot protest the following assessment:
    Garrus: "As charming as ever..."
    Jack: "Bite me, Garrus. Better yet, bite her - probably how she likes it."
  • The Mark of the Assassin DLC for Dragon Age II has dialogue revealing potential Love Interest Anders (if you romanced him and brought him along) to have a kinky bondage/role-playing fantasy involving himself chained up. He points out that you are currently in a prison which has chains in it...
    • There is also Isabela, who when told by Anders that she is right about something tries to deflect it humorously by replying: "Chains? Whipped Cream? Always be on top?". Whether this is just for humour is not revealed, but then again this is Isabela we are talking about.
    • There's also a conversation between the two early in the game where they realize they'd met before at an orgy, and she recognizes him as being the guy who did "that thing with the electricity."
    • Dragon Age: Inquisition plays this far straighter if the Inquisitor enters a relationship with Iron Bull. He gives the Inquisitor a Safe Word and explains he will never do anything the Inquisitor doesn't want. For his/her part, the Inquisitor certainly seems to like it when Bull spanks him/her before initiating a kiss. If neither he or Dorian are romanced they'll hook up and both adopt a habit of casually mentioning their relationship being of a similar nature.
  • There's a lot of this going around in the Saints Row series, but Kinzie of Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV takes the cake. Her tastes are apparently a little too much even for the Boss, who can proposition Asha with the line, "I'm looking for rough sex and Kinzie scares the crap out of me." (When Kinzie herself is propositioned, she socks the Boss in the jaw before leaping enthusiastically into his/her arms.)
    • Not that Kinzie doesn't have her limits — when propositioned to be a prostitute, her response is to flatly state her safeword.
  • Zig-zagged in Senran Kagura. Ryobi is a psychotic sadist, and Ryona is out-of-her-gourd masochistic. The two often indulge each other with sexual overtones, despite being fraternal twin sisters. On one hand, this freaks a lot of people out; on the other, Hebijo's questionable recruitment practices mean Ax-Crazy students almost have an advantage in climbing the ranks, and in their story mode it's shown their squadmates just see it as something they have to put up with.
  • One of the many conversations featured in Coffee Talk involves a rather frank discussion of kink. Hyde (a vampire) tells Gala (a werewolf) how he's heard that some werewolves use BDSM as a means of calming themselves during their monthly transformations, to which Gala matter-of-factly replies that's only something that ever happens in porn, though vanilla sex as a calming method is actually fairly common. Gala lightly ribs Hyde about the fairly obvious implication that he was watching werewolf porn, telling him it's okay if he's into "that sort of thing." Hyde quickly claims that he just heard about it from a friend... Hyde and Gala's true ending, which involves Hyde presenting a flustered Gala with a fuzzy pair of handcuffs, implies otherwise.
  • In Rune Factory 4, many of the townspeople assume that Arthur's glasses collection is because he's a glasses fetishist. While that's not the whole truth, he also does have a thing for girls with glasses—if the player character dates him, he'll ask her to try on glasses for him and proceeds to Eat the Eye Candy.
  • Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars: The whole game is BDSM-themed. Your Player Character is a Dominatrix who must tie up and recapture her subs as they engage in Mischief for Punishment.
  • In Hades, Zagreus frequently quips about not minding or even being into pain, even telling his ex, the Fury Megaera, that her whip hasn't exactly been a deterrent for him in the past. You can rekindle their relationship, and if you do, the audio of the resulting Sexy Discretion Shot includes a whip crack to make it clear that he wasn't kidding at all.
  • Miu Iruma from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. She is a practitioner of BDSM, as indicated by her leather straps, and is a masochist. She has given several indications that she is into bondage and wax play, and she has an odd Fetish for machines, which largely contributes to her attraction towards Keebo. She also seems to really enjoy it when Kokichi insults and slut-shames her during trials, and she openly talks about how much she likes to masturbate.
  • Cyberpunk 2077: During the gig "Serious side effects", V has to investigate a dingy motel. Johnny will appear and say "Man, last time I got choked in a hotel room I had to pay for it. You know how it is.".
  • Final Fantasy XII implies that Balthier is into this, but Fran is definitely not (her Stripperiffic outfit notwithstanding). When the party has been taken prisoner and handcuffed, the normally calm Fran goes berserk and starts beating up their guards. Balthier's comment? "I always knew Fran didn't take well to being tied up. I just never knew how much."
  • While most of companions in Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas are dressed sexy, only some of them are prominently kinky.
    • Dark elf Zethe of clan Elzedith wears a harness and touches his nipple.
    • Wood elf Nharia of clan Travian holds handcuffs.
    • Incubus Gnassag of clan The Luxuriant. Although both incubi and succubi use a whip as a weapon in battle, only male companion Gnassag keeps it during courting. He is also holding a heavily melted candle in another hand, which could hint he is into wax play.

    Web Animation 
  • On Dr. Crafty, Messi is deeply in tune with her sexuality, but she is also gratuitously tone-deaf—even overconfident and selfish—about how she expresses it throughout Season 2. If an urge comes up, she absolutely must satisfy it above all else, even if it means derailing an episode's commentary and making her coworkers feel deeply uncomfortable.
    • Messi spends most of "Original Characters" drooling over many of the characters on the episode’s list. Her lusting reaches its apex for the number one entry, wherein she tries offering legitimate commentary about her extremely attractive design, but she eventually caves in. With that, she and the character start making love on the spot, forcing Crafty to cut away until they finish.
    • "Dumb Dingies" is where Messi's lechery reaches its lowest point, and Nurse is forced to intervene. As Nurse explains some studies to Pepper about her biology, Messi outright orgasms as she overhears the conversation, ticking Nurse off and disquieting Pepper even more. Then, Messi grows aroused by Crafty's chibi drawing of her, and when she asks if she can have the drawing to pleasure herself with, Crafty firmly declines. Unperturbed, Messi then attempts to create and have sex with her own clone. At this, Crafty suffers several consecutive panic attacks offscreen as he calls for Nurse, who addresses the matter head-on in an impromptu therapy session with Messi.
      Nurse: "Okay, Messi. The Doctor managed to stammer out what happened over the course of four consecutive panic attacks... Why are you so thirsty?"
      Messi, pompously: "I'm a healthy slime girl with healthy interests!"
      Nurse, firmly: "It goes above and beyond being 'healthy interests' when you start scaring your coworkers."
      (A clipboard falls from the ceiling into Nurse's hands.)
      Nurse: "I'm going to give you a little test to see just how bad it is."
      Messi: "A test...?"
      Nurse: "All you have to do is look at these pages I show you, and then tell me the first thing they remind you of. Ready?"
      Messi: "Oh, um... okay. I'm ready."
      (Nurse draws an inkblot sheet.)
      Messi: "Girls."
      (Nurse draws another sheet.)
      Messi: "Girls."
      Nurse: "Hm... What about this one?"
      (Instead of an inkblot sheet, Nurse draws a hazy photograph of a bikini-clad woman. Messi actually takes her time to answer, causing Nurse to beam in anticipation for a different response.)
      Messi: "Hmmmmmmmm... Girls."
      Nurse, fed up: "Ugh, I give up! You're hopeless! Just don't let this happen again..."
    • After Nurse puts her in her place over her perverse behavior in "Dumb Dingies," Messi starts committing to improving herself. It takes a bit for her to really get going, but as early as "Fighting Game Characters," she starts making lewd comments more carefully, keeping them tame and unobtrusive to the overall commentary. She even redirects the conversation away from some sexy content when Bayonetta comes up, clearly holding herself back from her old habits.
      (Some footage of Bayonetta appears, showing the titular character dramatically undressing for battle. Messi suddenly removes the footage from onscreen.)
      Messi: [blushing] "Okay, I'm definitely gonna be saving those for later. But, uh, isn't this a show for all ages?"
      Crafty: "Really? This coming from you?"
  • Salad Fingers is big on this - the main character himself is a rust fetishist, looking for rusty spoons to caress. As surreal as these stories are, his fetishism serves to make him seem less alien and inhuman.

    Web Comics 
  • El Goonish Shive never really goes into adult territory, but it has a ton of this. Multiple characters express interest in shrinking (particularly through a magical soda), Tedd has a furry fetish, Susan gets aroused when her lesbian friend kisses a guy she has a crush on, and Ashley "likes" transformation stuff.
  • Collar 6 is set in an Alternate History where BDSM became commonplace and it's perfectly acceptable, for example, to walk in a public park in latex with your collared personal slave on a leash.
  • In Fans!, Rikk, Aly, and Rumy have been seen engaging in some light bondage on occasion, with Aly as the dominatrix.
  • Ménage à 3: It's at least hinted on occasion that several of the characters regard a little light BDSM as a perfectly normal part of enjoyable sex. This is certainly true of Yuki, who positively enjoys being tied up at least once (strip #212, October 14, 2009), and talks about candles in a way that worries Gary (strip #645, September 13, 2012) — and Zii doesn't seem to have been unhappy with that side of their past relationship. A more complicated instance appears when Yuki ties DiDi up and spanks her, for (supposedly) non-sexual reasons; to judge by her facial expressions and subsequent reactions, DiDi may come very close to discovering a submissive side there. (See strips 613 & 614, June 14 & 16, 2012)
  • In Scandinavia and the World, Finland is the submissive to Sister Sweden's Dominatrix. Denmark tries to get the same "attention" in one strip, but fails.
  • The wife in this (NSFW) Perry Bible Fellowship comic is startled, but recovers heartwarmingly quickly.
  • From Housepets!:
    • Squeak is a mouse who likes being stepped on by cats. In one comic this saves her life when a cat trying to catch and eat her is grossed out by her reaction and lets her go. Her boyfriend Joey is a dog who likes to wear a catsuit, which is treated similarly to both cross-dressing and fursuiting. Their relationship is also weird due to the huge size difference between them.
    • In the final arc, Karishad attempts to initiate flirting with Cerberus, a three-headed canine Giant Woman who towers over the pyramids she's standing next to. When Kitsune warns him about her being a 'man-eater', he optimistically responds he's willing to try it out.
  • Girl Genius:
    • This is hinted at but not explicitly stated - Gil has a book entitled In the Seraglio of the Iron Sheik, a seraglio being a harem, which his friend and manservant refers to as "a favourite" - implying that Gil's favourite porn is a harem and by extension a slave-girl fantasy.
    • Referenced again by Violetta after Agatha's locket is removed yet again, allowing her evil and world-conquering mother to take over her body and try and kill everyone.
      Agatha: Maybe I'd better just weld it onto an iron ring?
      Violetta: Don't be ridiculous. A good solid lock will do fine. Sheesh. Whose adolescent slave-girl fantasies are we indulging here, anyway?
    • It's been heavily suggested that Tarvek's fantasies about Agatha (and possibly also Gil's) actually involve Agatha being the more dominant one in the relationship.
      Agatha: [to a minion] Tremble and obey!
      Tarvek: [flirting] Ooh, ooh, say it to me!
      Agatha: No. You wouldn't do it anyway.
      Tarvek: I might...
    • It's very clear that Theo going into The Madness Place - a highly charismatic, extremely unpredictable mental state that sometimes leads to the people around the Mad Scientist being turned into beetles - is a major turn-on for Sleipnir.
      Sleipnir: Oooh! Now that's the brilliantly sparky beast I ran off with!
      Theo: Care to assist me?
      Sleipnir: Rwowr!
  • In Questionable Content, growing up as the son of a famous dominatrix and fetish model leaves Marten with absolutely no hang-ups about kinks, although he limits himself to no-nonsense technical advice rather than participating personally, his own preferences being "pretty vanilla" according to his girlfriend.
  • In Belzebubs, Sløth and Lucyfer's sex life is still very much active, their foreplay involving dirty talk (usually involves threats of disembowlment) and roleplaying (Sløth dressing up as a priest and trying to exorcize a demon from his wife).
  • Mr. Boop: Betty and Alec are extremely open about their sex-life, with Alec posting comics depicting their various BDSM and role play scenarios.

    Web Original 
  • The Nostalgia Critic:
    • The Critic has no problem admitting he'd be happy for the Chicago women to kill him, as long as they were playing "The Cellblock Tango".
    • Devil Boner and Hyper are as happily kinky as they can be, tying up Critic for kinks and giggles, her kissing his penis gun, and references to puppy play.
  • One of the healers in Guts and Sass: An Anti-Epic, Litin, is an empowered, self-confident masochist. He likes to get beat up, in and out of sex, and no one makes a big deal about it.
  • One of the few things Spoony likes about Final Fantasy VIII is Quistis, who he finds attractive. When Squall seems to ignore her, Spoony exclaims "She's 18 years old and whips people! I have to go to Tijuana and pay for women like that to pay attention to me!"
  • In Death Note: The Abridged Series (kpts4tv) Light apparently fantasizes about getting kidnapped by a hot guy in leather. You can blame Raye Penber for the stalking fantasy and Ryuk for the leather fetish.
  • Not Always Right has this fellow, who satisfies his foot fetish by going to a department store and handling high heels from the display. Since he never damages them or bothers the employees or other shoppers, they figure it's easier to just leave him to it.
  • CollegeHumor features this in a lot of cases, particularily with Rekha and Grant. In the sketch "Your Friend who Never Learned Partying Sucks", there's an entire side-plot about Katie discovering eating ass and doing research about it.

    Western Animation 
  • Bob's Burgers sees Bob and Linda engage in this from time to time, or at least try to, from simple things like "love dice" to light roleplay or wearing odd accessories to bed like Bob's "Spi-Ceps".
    • The episode "It Snakes A Village" is entirely about Linda's parents Al and Gloria moving into a retirement community full of elderly, kink-friendly swingers. The main conflict of the episode is that Al and Gloria don't have an open relationship and are at risk of getting kicked out of the community if they don't make an appearance at the next "mixer." The day is saved, however, when Al reveals he has a balloon kink, which Gloria is willing to indulge at the party without making things too weird.
  • The eponymous character of Dan Vs. hints rather un-subtly in one episode that he'd like his friend Chris to eat off of him. This is passed off as nothing and dropped for the remainder of the episode.
    Dan: Ahh, so clean you could eat off me. [meaningful look]
    Chris: I'm not going to do that.
    Dan: I'm just saying you could..!
    Chris: Well, I'm not going to.
    Dan: FINE! [slams fist and pouts]
  • Family GuyPeter might not be very "good" or "heroic" most of the time, but the sex he has with Lois is almost always presented as a mutually loving and kinky relationship; they're even seen discussing their day-to-day lives moments before they suit up and Lois cheerfully informs Peter that "the Safe Word is banana".
    Peter: I love you.
    [Lois zips his mask and knocks him to the bed]
  • The Simpsons has some of this from time to time. (Marge was once turned on by Homer's "Mr. Plow" jacket.)
  • Callie of Ugly Americans...but what did you expect from the literal spawn of Satan?
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender manages to sneak this trope into an early episode. When Nyma handcuffs Lance to a tree in order to get him out of the way so she can steal his Lion, Lance initially seems to interpret this action as something much more flirtatious, as he responds with a suggestive, "Whoa, this is kinda..." and an eager expression.

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