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Dorothy: Rose, what do you call a girl who's slept with a man she's known for less than one day?
Blanche: A damn good sport?
Dorothy: I call her a tramp.

Slut-shaming is the act of making someone feel bad for their promiscuity, by linking higher promiscuity with lower worth as a human being.

Slut-shaming is directed against women far more often than against men, not least because of the cultural perception that sex is something men do to women. Thus, one 19th/20th-century Sino-European Double Standard holds that a man who has sex is just "being a man", whereas a woman who has sex is Defiled Forever — a font of moral corruption who will make the people around her lazy hedonists. Yet, the men are often free to admire or even have sex with the "sluts" while despising them at the same time. An alternative view, extant since the 19th century, is that because men are sometimes seen as innately slutty, calling one a slut doesn't mean much.

Although the slut stereotype is not commonly applied to men (at least straight men — stereotypes/stigma associated with women are often also applied to men who have sex with men), that is not to say that it cannot or does not directly harm them as well. For example, if men are always willing to have sex, then a man can't be sexually assaulted, because how could he not want it (or he "must be gay" if the rapist is a man)? Indeed, a man who is shamed for sexual promiscuity is more likely to be painted as a predator than as a slut.

"Higher promiscuity" is extremely relative from one society to another, and often from one person to another, depending on age, race, class, etc. What you wear, how you act, what you do, whom you do, all of them can be ammunition against you. Usually the basis of the accusations (or allegations) of sluttiness are:

These next ones don't count as long as you only do them with your wife/husband.

Characters will heroically engage in Slut-Shaming in works that play the My Girl Is Not a Slut trope straight, whereas Slut-Shaming will be played unsympathetically in works that insist promiscuity is good and say My Girl Is a Slut.

This attitude can get especially nasty when it overlaps with cases of sexual assault, frequently overlapping with Blaming the Victim or Defiled Forever (it often manifests as people claiming a victim had it coming or that they weren't really assaulted because they have lots of consensual sexual partners, were dressed a certain way, and so on; sadly, it's Truth in Television that victims of sexual assault may be disbelieved, or the gravity of the crime gets downplayed, because of their sexual history).

Those who engage in Slut-Shaming doubt the existence of the Ethical Slut and often are portrayed as Moral Guardians who insist Sex Is Evil. Sensible Heroes, Skimpy Villains is a form of sister trope. See also Madonna-Whore Complex, My Girl Is Not a Slut and Urban Legend Love Life. Characters who are Sour Prudes and/or have a case of Sex Is Evil, and I Am Horny are likely to engage in slut-shaming behavior. Compare All Men Are Perverts and All Women Are Lustful, which when applied judgmentally can be considered a society-wide form of slut-shaming leveled against an entire gender. It may play a role in a character deciding to Blame the Paramour if they get cheated on, particularly if it's a man cheating on his wife or girlfriend with another woman. Contrast Virgin-Shaming, which is when a character is ridiculed for being a virgin instead of for not being one. (However, the two tropes can overlap, in defiance of all logic and reason.)

Note: Please refrain from Virgin-Shaming when adding examples. If people can pursue casual sexual experiences without being judged, they should also be able to choose abstinence without being labelled a "prude".

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    Anime and Manga 
  • Pretty much everyone in Bitter Virgin who finds out that Hinako was raped by her stepfather and had a baby by him worries that Daisuke (her love interest) will consider her Defiled Forever, unaware he has known since the start. Later, when Daisuke's sister comes home pregnant and unwed, most of the town (including the mother) think the sister was shameful and slutty. In both cases, the manga treats the women as sympathetic — Hinako's experience is traumatic and Daisuke never thinks badly of her for it, and his sister is shown as being intelligent and friendly. Meanwhile, the mother comes around to accepting her grandchild and the people engaging in the Slut-Shaming are portrayed as being ignorant.
  • Boys Run the Riot: Ryo was bullied by two girls in middle school for seemingly being a girl who was close friends with boys, receiving cruel notes in his locker accusing him of sleeping with his friends. The attention was bad enough for Ryo's friends to stop being friends with him.
  • Dandadan: Alpha Bitch Aira starts a rumor about Momo being "easy" as payback for Momo getting snarky with her for making fun of Okarun. Okarun shuts that down the moment he hears about it by transforming and threatening to beat up one of the boys passing it around.
  • In DNA2, Mako tries to get Kotomi slut-shamed and hence barred from taking part in an important tournament by stating that she had spent the last night in a Love Hotel with her boyfriend since she had seen the two leave the redlight district the evening before. Since Kotomi stands up to her and asks if Mako has any proof, everyone immediately knows that Mako was lying.
  • In Fruits Basket, Tohru's aunt, uncle, and cousin strongly imply that she was sleeping around and/or molested by the Sohma men she was staying with (granted finding out a high school girl was living with three unrelated men wouldn't be taken well by many people, but the Sohmas were perfectly respectable towards her and the relatives were clearly mocking poor Tohru). They also accuse her mother of being wanton and a slut, because she'd been in a biker gang in her youth. When Kyo and Yuki come to retrieve her, Tohru's cousin recognizes them as "the two guys the little tramp was shacking up with." In response, Yuki, in full Tranquil Fury mode, gets in his face, calls him a lowlife, and warns him to never talk about Tohru like that again, leaving Tohru's cuz speechless.
  • Fasalina from GUN×SWORD does this to herself, hating herself for being a former prostitute/pole dancer. She supports the Claw's agenda thinking it's the best way to atone for her "sins". The only other person who uses her past against her is Ray, who is portrayed as a Jerkass for most of the series, but being 'the good guy' while Fasalina herself is an Affably Evil Dark Action Girl.
  • Imaizumin-chi wa Douyara Gal no Tamariba ni Natteru Rashii: ~DEEP~: Reina's classmates badmouth her because she's a magazine model and has to be doing all kinds of things there with no basis.
  • In Kaze to Ki no Uta, Gilbert is subjected to this by other students in his school. It is also a part of the discrimination against Serge's Romani mother Paiva, which has become something of a Berserk Button for Serge himself.
  • Maken-ki!: Zigzagged in chapter 111. Love Espada gets confronted by apparitions of male students who call her a whore for always tempting them with her body, yet never allowing them to screw her. But instead of being offended by the accusation, it turns her on, prompting Espada to let them bang her right then and there. Except they dissipate just as they were about to get started.
  • In MM!, Yuno Arashiko developed androphobia after her boyfriend tried to rape her, and then severely beat her when she scratched him in defense; what hurt worst though was the way people treated her after she recovered because he'd been spreading rumors about her and convinced everyone that she was a slut.
  • Perfect Blue: Mima's public image takes a beating after she appears in a Sleazy Photoshoot and the photos are published in a magazine.
  • Rosario + Vampire: Kurumu is absolutely pissed and decides It's Personal when Keito calls her a "dumb slutty airhead" to her face.
  • At the start of My Love Story!!, Yamato gets groped by a chikan on the train. After Takeo confronts the man, the guy tries to put the blame on Yamato for wearing a skirt (which is a part of her school uniform). Takeo doesn't have any of it and punches him.
  • My Wife is the Student Council President: In episode 4, Rin tells Izumi the real reason she joined the school's disciplinary committee. It was to dispel the rumors that she allegedly used her large breasts to steal another's girl's boyfriend. The truth of the matter was, it was unintentional since Rin wasn't aware of him until after the breakup and she still turned him down.
  • In Muhyo and Roji, Elena, an Executor, slut-shamed Rio, a much younger artificer, for wearing revealing clothing, perhaps unaware or uncaring of the fact that Rio didn't like it, but was forced to do so by her Dirty Old Man client Executor Zoucheng, lest he prevents her from selling her tools. In the anime, Elena invites Rio to a party in order to humiliate her. Elena dislikes Rio so much that she callously refuses to save Rio's mother from a spirit just because Elena views Rio as a "trashy woman." Naturally, all these developments cause Elena to come off as an Asshole Victim in retrospect.
  • In School Days, Kotonoha Katsura attracts unwanted attention towards her breast size leading to her getting bullied by other girls on a regular basis.
  • In SPY×FAMILY, Camilla, one of the women Yor works with, tries to shame her at a party by claiming that she would give "massages" to men when she was younger. Yor is initially terrified, as she can't admit that those "massages" were a cover for her actual job as an assassin. However, Loid actually proclaims it to be admirable of her, as he knows that Yor had no parents and had to raise her brother and herself on her own—in his view, the fact that she was willing to take part in degrading work for the people she loves is a sign of how dedicated she is.

  • Jim Jefferies, in one of his routines, argues that the common Double Standard in which women are more often shamed for promiscuity than men isn't as unfair as it sounds. The reason men get praised for promiscuity is that for them it's an accomplishment, while for women, "To be a slut you just have to be there". In his words, "It's fuckin' easy to be a slut. It's fuckin' hard to be a stud", and "You can be a fat ugly slut. There are no fat ugly studs."
  • Dan Cummins discusses double-standards of parenting, pointing out that some fathers are excited for their sons for "having fun" in college, but no fathers ever talk that way about their daughters.
  • Ed Byrne argues that slut-shaming men are self-defeating, as they cause women to feel bad about having sex and fear "getting a reputation," which causes men (including himself) to get turned down by those women.

    Comic Books 
  • Gender inverted. Oliver Queen, AKA The Green Arrow, is often insulted and bashed for cheating on Black Canary. The problem? He didn't exactly cheat on her, he was raped. Afterward, they did turn him into a regular womanizer in order to retroactively justify this.
  • Word of God confirms that the first Terra from Teen Titans was shown in a sexual relationship with villain Slade Wilson specifically to emphasize how evil she was by showing what a slut she was, despite there being no evidence that she ever slept with anyone else. Add to that the fact that she was 16 while Slade is significantly older, and it crosses into Questionable Consent territory since technically Slade is the one who's emotionally manipulating a 16-year-old girl. Later, Slade actually gets written as an Anti-Hero while Terra is the one who eventually dies.
  • Gender inverted. Nightwing is considered by some to be a slut and horribly promiscuous due to being portrayed as a womanizer by some writers. This leads to the same fans dismissing the scene in which he was raped by Tarantula, with the reasoning that he was a man and must have wanted sex from her, even though he clearly refused and begged her to stop. Years earlier, fellow Titan Mirage had committed rape-by-fraud by taking on Starfire's appearance, who at the time was Dick's girlfriend. When called on what she did, Mirage simply joked that Dick should've known something was off, and Pantha jokingly referred to Dick as a slut.
  • In the Silent Hill: Downpour comic "Anne's Story," the doll slut-shames Anne for having an affair. The doll actually represents Anne's feeling of guilt for having the affair, although the only reason she did was that she wanted Murphy transferred to her prison and the warden wanted her to have sex with him in return.
  • In Uncanny Avengers, the Scarlet Witch does this to Rogue, at one point calling Rogue one of her father's floozies. She brings up the relationship not in a way to necessarily shame Rogue for her "promiscuity" (especially since Rogue's powers make physical relationships difficult) but to remind her that she isn't exactly pure and noble herself, having a relationship with the X-Men's worst enemy.
  • Second series of Young Avengers avoids this in-universe — Kate Bishop dismisses the idea that going to bed with a guy on the first date makes her a slut — but faces it in real life — apparently the angry letter from issue #3, that was accusing both Kate and Noh-Varr of not being role models and saying having sex makes them "instantly unlikable" was actually one of the few printable letters and one of few not trying to put all the blame on her. Kieron Gillen addressed the thing on his Tumblr and made it clear that not only he disagrees with this line of thinking, but it personally offends him.
  • Runaways:
    • Nico has a dream where her parents berate her for being a "shameless whore" for "kissing" and "being with" multiple boys. Nico calls them out on the double standard, pointing out that her father probably dated women before her mother, and that she isn't going to listen to them. Given that Nico earlier expressed discomfort and shame over her tendency to use physical intimacy to cope with grief, the scene likely shows her overcoming her issues. Interestingly, Nico is the only one to think that way. No one else thinks badly of her for what she does.
    • In an arc where the group ends up in the 1800s, Victor falls in love with a lower-class girl named Lilli, who is very physically affectionate with him, by way of hugging, kissing, and being open about loving him. Nico later says of them, "She's a ho and you're a toaster. Let's just go." She later admits that she did want to let them be together because she knew they really were in love, and her line was probably because she had just recovered from being tortured by an ancestor.
  • In Sex Criminals, middle-school girl Suzie tries to get advice about sex from the group of 'dirty girls', but in a twist, she's the one who's ashamed to talk to them.
  • In Archie Comics, both Veronica and Cheryl Blossom have been criticized many times by other characters for dressing too provocatively, being too flirtatious or 'easy', and going out with too many boys. Usually, the story will cast the girls in a bad light for this (worse than for male casanovas like Archie) and often punish them at the end.
  • The Legend of Wonder Woman (2016): Pamela Smuthers verbally attacks Etta for supposedly "stealing" her boyfriend and being involved with too many boys at a college party. Etta is upset but doesn't feel she did anything wrong, especially since she turned down Pam's boyfriend and isn't interested in him.
  • Lois Lane deals with the aftermath of a picture of her and Superman kissing gets released. While Lois and Clark are walking down the street, he hears someone call her a "slut". She tells him there's nothing they can do about it and to just let it go. He's upset that she's the one catching the brunt of it to which she replies of course she's getting the brunt of it, not him.
  • Loki in Valhalla gets into this against both Freya and Sif in Freya's Necklace and The Gifts for the Gods respectively, describing both of them as 'easy' to vilify them. The end of Freya's Necklace implies that this is psychological projection on Loki's part, as he assumes everyone is as crooked as he is and thus anyone who shows sexual interest towards anyone is only doing it to be manipulative and would do it to anyone.

    Comic Strips 
  • Tiffany from Luann tends to get this from Luann a lot; the go-to insult is some variation on "Tiffany is dating the entire football team." Interestingly enough, Tiffany has less sexual experience than Luann or any of her friends; she's never had a boyfriend or even properly kissed anyone (she gave one person a quick peck on the mouth and another a peck on the cheek, but that's it.) Doesn't stop Luann from constantly implying that Tiffany is the village bicycle though, even after Tiffany receives some Character Development and becomes friendlier with the main characters.

    Fan Works 
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic The Stalking Zuko Series, Jet constantly puts down Jin and calls her a shameless hussy for flirting with Zuko. Although this is averted in the fic itself as it's supposed to emphasize Jet's irrationality and jealousy.
  • You Have Got To Be Kidding Me (Trixie Belden), seems to exist for the sole purpose of Slut-Shaming Dot and rendering her deplorable due to her sexuality.
  • One of the most uncomfortable moments in Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness comes after Lavender is raped. Neville sits her down and tells her that he knows all the rumors about her sexuality are false, even if she is a flirt, because he knows she doesn't sleep around. The end result is that he sounds very, very much like he's saying she would deserve to be raped if she did sleep around.
  • In Christian Grey vs. Pepper Potts, Ana manages to stun Rogue by insisting that Christian Grey was completely innocent of any wrongdoing in his stalking and attempted rape of Pepper, and that Pepper must have been leading him on and trying to use his love of BDSM to smear his reputation.
  • Lacey French (Belle) in Freeze on the Stones suffers from this due to having a child out of wedlock (or so everyone thinks; her daughter was actually born in a happy marriage, but the Dark Curse changed everyone's memories). Her father kicks her out when she refuses to marry Tony Rose (Gaston) to save face. Later she moves in with Mr. Gold (her husband in the Fairy Tale world) as his live-in maid, and everyone starts to believe that she's actually his kept woman. Then the horrible rumors about her and Gold lead Child Protective Services to try to take her daughter away on trumped up charges of neglect.
  • Beyond the Winding Road gives us a deconstruction for a backstory. Elaine Lyman ran away from her controlling parents at the age of eighteen and returned pregnant a year later with nowhere to go. Elaine was already a wild child, but this convinced those around her (particularly her rich and conservative parents) that she was unworthy of any real help for her situation besides giving her an apartment far away from them and hoping she'd eventually better herself. Instead of helping her, it led to Elaine being stripped of any confidence she had and considering herself an unworthy mother to her child. Her depression then led to alcohol abuse (and even to her possibly taking drugs), which increased her financial problems, which decreased her self-worth—making it a vicious cycle. By the present, Elaine is a psychological wreck whose daughter Edith has been forced to take care of both her mother and herself for years because Elaine is so depressed and sick she can barely get up in the morning, and Elaine's parents only make contact with their granddaughter once a month for a day trip, completely excluding their daughter altogether. Edith herself is ostracized from her peers and authority figures because of her mother's reputation.
  • Averted in Recoil: Ethical Slut Andrea Campbell is a fairly promiscuous girl-oriented bisexual. She's also in a relationship with otherwise-straight Taylor Snow (nee Hebert). However, the only person who has a problem with this is Taylor's Moral Guardian alt-grandmother, who is fervently anti-gay.
  • Played with in "Batteries", as Ryuuko is noted to be a stripper and a prostitute but, generally, the story treats her as a flawed but complex person with issues who resorted to those things to provide for herself. Likewise, the other characters see her someone as who needs help and really wants to help her, worrying about her well- being, and, like Satsuki, would like her to come home, while Nonon goes so far as to call her "the Hoe" in one chapter, to which she's called out on.
  • From what's implied in Foundling, Yukari was on the receiving end of this, as she used to be prostitute, considering that the word, "baita" translates to "whore". From what's implied, this is one of the reasons why she doesn't usually leave her house.
  • POP Culture: Cassie ended up mocked and shamed online after revealing to the public that her managers had enabled her drug addiction and routinely raped her for years. It ends up driving her to suicide.
  • Frozen Fractals:
    • After seeing Anna kiss Karl despite barely knowing him, a jealous Elsa gets angry and asks if Anna kissed Hans like that (or more). She apologizes for outburst later.
    • After he drops his nice facade, Karl displays this towards Anna. He comments on how she often accidentally leaves the door ajar while undressing and wonders how she can "pretend" to reject his advances.
  • Angela receives much of this in Her Scarlet Letter when she becomes pregnant with Chase's child from an affair. Her former friends bully and ostracize her for having a baby with a married man, while still being married to her estranged husband Jin as well.
  • Maybe Sprout Wings: Dean's history is littered with this, and part of his therapy is letting go of the self-loathing that resulted from it.
  • Blind Courage: The king's advisors don't have any qualms with calling the princess a "whore" to her face after she becomes pregnant out of wedlock. They're predominantly upset because they had been trying to set up an Arranged Marriage for Zelda. Zelda ends up exiled, and her death faked, because she refuses to abort the baby.
  • Minx in UNDERTOW fears people shaming her if she comes out about an Attempted Rape. She worries others might claim that she "asked for it".
  • In Rip Her to Shreds, middle schoolers Gretchen and Regina judge their friend Karen for having broken up with three boyfriends over winter break.
  • Averted in Remnant Inferis: DOOM, as while the demons do subject the likes of Salem and Team RWBY to this (calling Salem the "Slut-Witch of Black" and Team RWBY the Slayer's "Heathen Whores" respectively), it's more of a reflection of their immense hatred for both and doesn't reflect any of the characters they're insulting.
  • In the A Song of Ice and Fire fanfic The Blacks & The Greens, much as in the example listed in the "Literature" folder, Rhaenyra Targaryen's detractors accuse her of being a whore, despite the fact that in this incarnation, she's only ever been married to Daemon and the paternity of her children is by no means in question. It is known by numerous high ranking people that she was found in bed with Daemon before they were married, but that's the extent of it. Alicent still has the nerve to insist Rhaenyra's behavior was somehow worse than her own son Aegon's after Aegon is discovered having casual, meaningless sex with a servant and visiting whorehouses.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • 68 Kill: Liza speaks contemptuously of Violet as a slut (she was actually coerced into sex) and uses it as justification for devaluing her completely (never mind that Liza'd been a sugar baby willingly herself).
  • In Another Time, Another Place, the other locals regard Else, one of the farmer's servants, as the village bicycle for being caught in flagrante on one occasion.
  • Berkshire County: After a YouTube video of her giving Marcus a blowjob at a Halloween Party is shown, Kylie is seen as a whore by everyone at her school, and is shunned and bullied by her classmates.
  • Berlin Syndrome:
    • When his student Franka hits on him after noticing he'd been watching her during gym class, Andi rejects her and cruelly says it was only because she'd been "flaunting" herself. She'd really done no such thing, just exercising in her gym clothing like everyone else.
    • Later, when his coworker Jana is friendly to him at a party, he asks her if her husband approves of her throwing herself at men that way, leaving her confused and upset, and asking him to leave.
  • In Black Death, the protagonists scream "whore!" at the matriarch of an isolated village after she has them drugged and imprisoned (after they'd actually come to her village in the first place in order to hunt down and torture perceived witches). What makes it particularly hypocritical is that at no point during the film does she ever do anything that could be viewed as remotely "slutty" — even by the most exacting double standards. She never seduces anyone, she never takes her clothes off, she doesn't even flirt with anyone or show an inordinate amount of skin. Thanks to Deliberate Values Dissonance, "whore" is just the default choice for insulting a woman regardless of anything she says or does. It really was the gravest insult to any woman throughout the Middle Ages. In fact, unfounded slandering like that could be subject to legal prosecution (especially if it came from another woman).
  • Body of Evidence: Delaney tells Rebecca she'll have difficulty as the local citizens who form the jury are conservative and thus strongly disapprove of her unapologetic sex life. He manages to get her off despite this, but the narrative seems to enforce this as she really did do it.
  • In The Boondock Saints, after Rocco's little temper tantrum at the diner (in which he kills three guys working for his old bosses) he goes nuts and tells everyone to "pack their shit", and screams at his roommate and her friend when they interrupt him about the cat he killed. When the friend calls him out for screaming at the roommate, he points the gun at her and tells her to "Shut your fat ass, Rayvie! I can't buy a pack of smokes without running into nine guys you've fucked!" Grade A slut-shaming. Pointless, insulting, and meant to control.
  • Born In The Maelstrom: Rebecca is angrily denounced as a slut by the women in her community as a result of wearing a shirt she made thin enough to clearly display her breasts underneath.
  • Cracks: Di refuses to believe Miss G did anything wrong with Flamma at first. Rather, she accuses Flamma of being a slut who seduced Miss G. This leads to her and the other girls attacking Flamma.
  • Kat Dennings' character Caroline in Daydream Nation gets this. She comes back epically:
    Jenny: Ugh, slut.
    Caroline Wexler: What did you call me?
    Jenny: I think I just called you a slut, slut.
    Caroline Wexler: Why?
    Jenny: Because everyone knows that you've banged, like, forty different guys since you came here.
    Caroline Wexler: Really? Forty? Okay, let's just say that I have banged forty guys. What's the problem? You're just jealous because you've been brainwashed by puritanical assholes who think sex is a sin. But then again, your little gerbil-sized brain has been reprogrammed by the media to believe that sex is the be-all, end-all. So now you're stuck, right? 'Cause on the one hand you love to fuck, but afterwards, you feel overwhelmed by guilt and you're not sure why. Maybe it's because sex is neither as good or as evil as you've built it up to be.
  • Dear Zindagi: Subverted. Kaira admits to her therapist Jug that she had more than one guy in her life before marriage and then immediately gets defensive at his response, accusing him of seeing her as a cheap slut. It is apparent, however, that Kaira is thinking this of herself, and Jug gives a comforting metaphor about needing to try out several options before settling on a life partner and not to worry about societal criticism.
  • Easy A: The film is built around this trope: the protagonist pretends to have had sex once, and when the whole school starts to slut-shame her for not being a virgin she decides to make the most of it.
  • Flower (2017): Erica gets into a Cat Fight with a popular girl at school who calls her a slut and makes fun of her dad in jail.
  • Giant Little Ones: Natasha suffers this at school to the point where she's completely ostracized. It's later revealed that she was actually sexually assaulted and has been isolated due to misinformation.
  • Holly Slept Over: Audra says Holly is a tramp negatively while complaining about her to Noel when they're talking early on.
  • India Sweets And Spices: The aunties talk disapprovingly of how Alia sees a lot of boys, and what a shame it is. Later a couple other Indian girls also call her a slut after she tells off them both. Alia isn't fazed.
  • Iron Man: Pepper Potts use this as revenge in her first scene, when Tony's latest flame insults her position. Considering the fact that she slept with him just after she met him because he was a millionaire and she insulted Potts for not being a fling like her, this is understandable.
    Pepper: I have your clothes, freshly dry cleaned, and there is a car waiting out the front to take you anywhere you want.
    Everheart: You must be the famous Pepper Potts. After all these years, Tony still has you picking up the dry cleaning.
    Pepper: I do anything and everything Mr. Stark requires. Including, occasionally, taking out the trash. Will that be all?
    • This continues in Iron Man 2 with the same reporter moving in on Tony's competitor Justin Hammer. Pepper mentions the reporter's "spread" on Tony in the first film. Tony, of all people, gets in on it too, noticing the pattern, adding that "She also wrote an article."
  • In It: Chapter One, the young Beverly Marsh is So Beautiful, It's a Curse, getting unwanted attention and an undeserved reputation as a slut.
  • Losing Isaiah: Implied when the Lewins' lawyer notes that Khaila, as she'd been a prostitute to buy drugs, had slept with many men and thus has no idea who her son's birth father was.
  • The Lover. Although no-one confronts her directly about her scandalous interracial affair, the Girl finds herself ostracised at school.
    The Girl: They say I'm a slut, who goes to the shady part of town to have her body fondled by a Chinaman.
    The Chinaman: It's nothing.
    The Girl: That's true, it's nothing.
  • In Lucky Bastard, single mom/porn star Ashley finds herself tied up and Alone with the Psycho; when he tauntingly asks what her kids will think when they find out what she does, she bravely retorts "They'll think I'm a mom... who loved her kids."
  • All the girls in The Magdalene Sisters are sent to the laundry because of this. Margaret was raped at a party, Rose and Crispina both had babies while unmarried, and Bernadette (although still a virgin) is pre-emptively judged a slut for her beauty and flirtation with boys.
  • M.F.A.: Lindsey, a victim of gang rape, was branded as a slut, with people claiming that she'd really engaged in consensual group sex with her rapists, and it's specifically noted many of those saying it were women, even some so-called friends. It was used to undermine her credibility while they were tried for raping her. All were acquitted, in part due to this.
  • Ophelia:
    • Ophelia is negatively judged and gossiped about due to Hamlet's blatant interest in her, as well as rumors she was seen cavorting about with a peasant boy (actually Hamlet in disguise). Gertrude even calls Ophelia ungrateful for 'debasing' herself in such a way after she took her in (which is rather hypocritical, given the implication she had an affair with Claudius while still married to King Hamlet and married him not long after her first husband was buried).
    • Mechtild reveals to Ophelia that part of the reason she was branded a witch and forced to go into hiding was because she got pregnant out of wedlock.
  • Vivian in Pretty Woman escapes this from her main client, but civilized society views her as "trashy" and his friend clearly forgets that she's a person and not a sex object once he learns that she's a prostitute.
  • The Princess: Moira, Julius' mistress, is called a whore and useless by one of his soldiers. She kills him for the foolish remark immediately.
  • Promising Young Woman:
    • The dean intimates that Nina brought her rape on herself for being promiscuous and being drunk while around men, saying women are partly to blame when they put themselves in vulnerable situations.
    • Jordan guiltily admits that while working as a defense lawyer defending accused rapists he'd use any dirt they could dig up about the accuser's sexual past to intimidate them into dropping complaints, saying at his firm they had a team for just that (while noting the Internet has made it easier than ever).
  • When Amber is caught stealing footage from the network in The Running Man, she is thrown into the gamezone with Richards as punishment. In order to vilify her, the Large-Ham Announcer states that she would sometimes have sex with as many as two or three different men in a year.
  • Maureen Prescott of the Scream franchise was murdered before the first film began, with her lover Cotton Wearey being framed for the crime. Except for Maureen's daughter Sidney and her husband, everyone else refers to Maureen as a homewrecking slut who slept around "like she was Sharon Stone." It turns out three of the first five Ghostfaces, Billy Loomis, Billy's mother, and Roman Bridger are all pissed off by Maureen and motivated by their hatred of her. Billy was goaded into murdering Maureen because she slept with his father and drove his mom away. Mrs. Loomis wanted to kill Sidney for killing her son and for Maureen sleeping with her husband, and Roman manipulated Billy into killing Maureen because she rejected him as the child born from her being raped by producer John Milton. The third movie eventually revealed that Maureen's promiscuity was a result of trauma from being gang-raped when she was trying to be an actress, and showed that even if she was a very flawed person she didn't deserve to be murdered and had understandable reasons for why she acted the way she did.
  • Shiva Baby: Maya calls Danielle a "fuckin' whore" after finding out she's a sugar baby.
  • Show Me Love: Elin has quite the reputation for being promiscuous, despite being only 14 and never actually seen going beyond flirting, with others disparaging her as a result. Johan is rather surprised to find out she was a virgin after their first time.
  • The Squid and the Whale:
    • Walt is rather judgmental about his girlfriend's sexuality. He angrily demands information, which he then judges her for, about giving her previous boyfriend a handjob. Later, he gets upset when she expresses interest in having sex with him because she's being too eager about it. It's very hypocritical on his part considering he's thinking about cheating on her with Lili, and all the authority figures in his life are telling him he should sleep around.
    • He also says some nasty things to his mother when he learns of her infidelity, exclaiming that she brought men to the house "Under our nose like a brothel—men coming in and out."
  • A Very Private Affair: Jill, an actress and sex symbol, has a hostile encounter with a cleaning lady in an elevator; the lady says she reads all the stories about her sleeping around on the newspapers and demands to know why she won't leave "the poor boys" alone, rants about how her brother is fighting in Algeria while Jill gets paid millions just for taking off her clothes, and finally says that Jill will someday pay for it all with her life and nobody will feel sorry for a slut and a bitch. She even comes close to physically assaulting Jill, who runs out of the elevator in tears.
  • In Vlog, Carolina confronts Brooke in a cafe and calls her out about her numerous sexual encounters, and loudly calls her a slut several times.
  • All the characters in Written on the Wind look down on Marylee for her promiscuity.
  • The White Orchid: One of the women whom Claire interviews who knew The White Orchid expresses strong dislike of her promiscuity, saying it was inappropriate in a decent town like theirs.
  • The VVitch: Katherine calls Thomasin a slut and accuses her of trying to seduce her own father and brother. In reality, Thomasin has done no such thing, and if anything, her brother appears to be lusting after her (and genuinely feels guilty about it).
  • Wish You Were Here (1987): Lynda is working at her cafe waitress job one day when out of the blue her estranged father Hubert shows up as a customer. Hubert has learned that his daughter, who he has a combative relationship with, is pregnant out of wedlock by his middle-aged friend. When Lynda gets to Hubert's table, she pretends not to recognize him. Hubert angrily calls her a slut to her face.
  • Women Is Losers: Celina is shown walking past her family and friends, who are mostly disapproving of her being pregnant when unmarried. In one Imagine Spot she also sees her mother say that she's a whore for wanting to use the pill.
  • Young & Wild: Daniela is quietly told off for having sex with a boy before being married by her teacher, then is kicked out of the Evangelical school. She later says they treat it as worse than murder or other crimes, and their real First Commandment is "thou shalt not fornicate", complaining of this.
  • Young Hearts: Harper is cited over a dress code violation as her shorts are deemed too revealing. She feels this is blaming her for how her body's shaped with an implied judgment about her supposed promiscuity based on that. Tilly's dad wholeheartedly agrees and denounces this as double standards too as boys aren't treated that way for similar clothes. When other kids at school learn Harper is now having sex with Tilly, Liam says she's a slut as a result. The rumor mill soon makes it grow into Harper being with three guys, but it's only been Tilly (they were also both their first). Harper confronts Liam and then chews him out about this. It doesn't stop him though, as Liam soon spreads another rumor about Harper having grabbed a boy's dick. Tilly starts to buy into this too, outraging Harper. She decries how her having sex with him makes her a slut, while Tilly gets inducted into the “cool boys club” for it. They break up as a result.

  • There is a joke about a woman who complains to the doctor:
    Woman: After every date, I end up in bed. I can simply refuse no man, and afterwards, I feel like a slut and an idiot.
    Doctor: Very well, I'll give you some pills, and you'll have no problem refusing...
    Woman: No, doctor, not something to be able to refuse. Give me pills so I won't feel like a slut and an idiot.
  • More nastily, the book of insults and putdowns Ouch by Dave Dutton has insults for men commenting variously upon ugliness, stupidity, arrogance, cruelty and so forth. All the lines aimed at women consist of either "she's a slut" or "she's frigid". Damned if you do, damned if you don't, ladies.
  • A crowd is about to stone an unfaithful woman to death when Jesus steps between them and says "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!" The crowd is silent... and then the woman yelps as someone starts throwing rocks at her. Jesus sighs and says "Mom, I'm trying to work here!".

  • Lil Wayne frequently engages in this, despite boasting of having sex with numerous promiscuous women at the same time.
    "These hoes got pussies like craters. Can't treat these hoes like ladies, man."
  • Madonna and Christina Aguilera have both brought attention to Slut-Shaming and its ickiness, the former in "Human Nature" and the latter in "Can't Hold Us Down" and "Still Dirty."
  • Taylor Swift has been accused of this several times in the past (along with Madonna-Whore Complex) but has largely grown out of it :
    • "Better Than Revenge" is one long "The Reason You Suck" Speech about a girl who stole the narrator's boyfriend and has the line "she's better known for the things that she does on mattress" to further the point.
    • "Fifteen" has her imply her best friend is Defiled Forever due to having sex with her boyfriend, who soon dumps her. She could have been trying to make a statement about how sometimes people, especially younger ones, jump into sex before being truly ready and properly prepared to deal with the potential consequences, but it doesn't come across that way and instead came across as this trope. Justified, however, as she was quoting what her best friend actually said about it at the time.
    • "You Belong With Me" has the lines "she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts" and "She wears high heels, I wear sneakers" which imply that this makes the girl unsuitable for her love interest..
    • Averted in her later songs, however, which Taylor herself has attributed to simply growing up. So averted, in fact, that she now has a single, "Wildest Dreams," that's pretty obviously about the joys of having a fun-filled fling.
  • This is all the song "Fit But You Know It" by The Streets is about. He sees a random girl and feels justified in judging every aspect of her appearance before condemning her for being aware that she's attractive. Deconstructed in the context of the Concept Album A Grand Don't Come For Free - at this point in the story, Mike has just been dumped and is now in the middle of a drinking binge, so it seems like he's just taking out his frustrations about his failed relationship on the first attractive woman he sees. Also since he's actually saying these things out loud while in line at a fast food restaurant, the song ends with him getting kicked out of the establishment.
  • Paramore's "Misery Business" reeks of this.
    Once a whore you're nothing more / I'm sorry, that'll never change.
  • Played with (in a way) in "Slip it In" off the Black Flag album of the same name. The song takes multiple shots at a woman who is regretful for "what [she] did the night before", hitting on (and sleeping with, if the spoken word intro is anything to go by) other guys when she claims to have a boyfriend, and blaming her actions on having too much to drink, among other things — however the song later states "You're getting around/I'm not putting it down/It's just what it is/Getting it while it's around", so the song plays the trope straight and subverts it at the same time.
  • Salt-n-Pepa lashes out against this in the song "None Of Your Business" — which also doubled as a Take That! towards their critics.
  • The girl posse attempts to do this to Maggie, a former prostitute who became one of Hero's disciples, in the !HERO: The Rock Opera song "Leave Here."
  • In Amanda Palmer's cheerful song "Oasis", the protagonist was raped by a man at a party. She ends up pregnant and goes to get an abortion. She brings her best friend, who herself had been molested in the past, and it goes normally enough. When they go back to college apparently Melissa spread rumors that the protagonist was a "crack whore" and they stop talking... Except for the fact they're going to a Blur concert together soon.
  • Despite his own hyper-sexual reputation, Prince's "Little Red Corvette" is all about this trope.
    I guess I should have closed my eyes
    When you drove me
    To the place where your horses run free
    'Cause I felt a little ill
    When I saw all the pictures
    Of the jockeys that were there before me
  • "Dicked Down in Dallas" by Trey Lewis has him listing off all the sex acts that his ex is likely performing now that she's not with him anymore.
  • "Waste of a Whiskey Drink" by Gary Allan has been accused of this, as the song is about one man convincing another man not to buy a woman a drink, because said woman will just sleep around and dump him.
  • Constantly in Eminem's music, Slim Shady will scream at a woman for being a slut or a whore while cheating on her himself and being an abuser into the bargain. Over time in his work, he tends to tone it down by specifically going after shallow women, abusive women, and golddiggers. It's also worth observing that at other times Slim celebrates "sluts" and "trashy" women and has liberal attitudes towards women's sexual freedom (he's in favour of abortion and, later, condemnatory of Donald Trump's misogyny).
  • Bea Miller's "Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing" is all about railing against this attitude, albeit more by empowering the singer than directly condemning the haters.
    I love myself, I wanna see it
    When I turn around, look in the mirror
    And if you don't like it, you can leave it
    'Cause it's my own and I'll keep owning it
    If you don't like what I'm wearing
    Well, you're only bothered 'cause you're staring
    And you'll never talk me into caring
    'Cause it's my own and I'll keep owning it

    Mythology and Religion 
  • Subverted somewhat in The Bible. While it doesn't think highly of sex outside of marriage ("No adultery" is one of the Ten Commandments, for starters), it treats adulterers as people instead of dirty whores, with A) Jesus big on redemption and atonement, not punishment, and B) shamers being reminded that their sins aren't any better than those of the shamed.
    • The Pharisees bring an adulteress before Jesus and ask what he thinks should be done with her. According to Jewish law, she should be stoned to death. Jesus said to the crowd "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." When everyone in the crowd realized they were sinners, they all left. Jesus then told the woman Go and Sin No More.
      • Some have claimed that Jesus was actually calling them out on the Double Standard- under the Mosaic Law, both adulterer and adulteress should both be put to death- but where was the man?
    • A similar story appears in Genesis — Judah condemns his widowed daughter-in-law, Tamar, to death for getting pregnant out of wedlock. It turns out the conception was when Tamar dressed like a prostitute and slept with Judah, who was trying to weasel his way out of a levirate marriage (marrying his brother's widow). When Tamar reveals this, Judah admits that she is more righteous than him; they don't become a couple, but the twins she gives birth to become Judah's heirs.
    • Another incident happens with another woman named Tamar when she is raped by her half-brother Amnon. After the ordeal is done, she demands that she marry him in order to keep what is left of her honor since the time's culture dictated that a rapist should marry his victim to compensate for her lost virginity. However, Amnon disdains her saying that it was her fault for causing him to lust after her and casts her away in disgust. As a result, Tamar says his rejection of her is considered even worse than the rape itself.
    • As with the above Jesus example, there was another incident with a woman at a well who gave Jesus water. Jesus asked her to draw a cup for him and she tried to refuse the request for being both a Samaritan and an adulteress (an adulteress at the time could mean a number of things). Jesus knew this and didn't mind either one. The detail in the story that it was about noontime has made some commentators think the woman was already being slut-shamed by her community. Why was she was getting water at the well alone at that hot hour instead of say earlier in the morning with many other people? Because she was avoiding them.
  • After the dice game in the Mahabharata, Karna calls Draupadi a slut for having five husbands (even though, as stated earlier in the narrative, she is not the first woman to do so...and men were permitted to take multiple wives, mistresses, and concubines), and uses her "sluttiness" as justification for why she should submit to his and Duryodhana's sexual advances in front of his court. Later, she tells Krishna what went down, and he says he'll make it right, that no woman (especially one as pious as Draupadi) should be treated that way.
  • Norse Mythology:
    • In "Sorli's Tale", Freyja, who in this tale is Odin's concubine, sleeps with four dwarfs in exchange for a necklace. Odin makes Loki steal the necklace and when Freyja goes to Odin to get it back, he calls her out for her bargain. Meanwhile, our knowledge of Norse myth suggests Odin is simultaneously married to Frigg and had plenty of extramarital affairs even besides Freyja.
    • Subverted in the older Lokasenna, where Loki attempts to slut-shame Freyja, only for her father Njord to defend her by saying that there is nothing wrong with a married woman having a lover. Said adultery is about Freyja sleeping with Freyr.
  • The Mesoamerican legend of the Xtabay had two equally beautiful women, Xkeban and Utz-Colel, who lived in the same village. Xkeban was promiscious and the village shamed her for this while praising Utz-Colel for her chastity. At one point, the village considered exiling her, but decided against it to humiliate her further.
  • Classical Mythology: One myth has the nymph Aura tease Artemis by saying that Artemis's buxom figure meant she couldn't really be a virgin, while her own petite body was more befitting of a maiden. Artemis goes to Nemesis over the insult, and Nemesis decides the appropriate punishment is for Aura to lose her virginity, via getting her raped by Dionysus.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • During the feud between Shawn Michaels and the British Bulldog, the latter's wife was hitting on Shawn Michaels to make him look bad, which led to Jim Cornette accusing Shawn Michaels of being a fornicator who was trying to make Diana break her marital vows. So, this wasn't an example on screen but off screen, Stu Hart did not like how it made Diana look, making it this trope retroactively.
  • While commentators like Jerry "the King" Lawler and Tazz get to drool over the Divas/Knockouts and beg them to get their "puppies" or "pigeons" out (being euphemisms for breasts), it's a guarantee that if the ladies in question actually did so, they would be considered sluts.
  • Furthermore, pro wrestling is a form of media in which women whose only crime is being a heel (as in less likable than the face, for any reason) can loudly and incessantly be chanted at with calls of "SLUT" or "SHE'S A CRACK WHORE". Mostly, the heels will do something to "earn" slut chants but not always. Tommy Dreamer merely said Jazz looked like one in ECW, for example.
  • On the August 8 edition of Sunday Night Heat, Ivory attacked Tori from behind and wrote "Slut" on her back as punishment for Tori having previously posed in body paint instead of clothing. Trish Stratus would later imitate this on Monday Night Raw, spray painting "Slut" on Christy Hemme's back after Christy posed for Playboy magazine.
  • Trish Stratus was used as a play thing that Vince McMahon eventually discarded, causing her to rebel against him. Molly Holly and Victoria would hold this against her long after the fact, insisting Trish had slept her way to the top.
  • Stephanie McMahon was frequently referred to as a slut but only after she turned on her father and sided with Triple H (with whom Vince had been feuding) and took control of his company. She never did anything remotely whorish though so it's more of a case of fans not knowing what other insult to chant at her ("Gold Digger" and "Manipulator" not exactly being easy for wrestling crowds to chant).note 
  • Steve, The sound guy of Women's Extreme Wrestling and Dangerous Women Of Wrestling, hated hos. Normally this translated into He-Man Woman Hater but sometimes he would ally with women he thought weren't hos or were less hos than a particular target of his wrath (such as the self-identified G.I. Ho). It was implied he hadn't gotten over a breakup and might have been cheated on.
  • While working at the IWA Mid-South ticket booth, Mickie Knuckles was constantly harassed by then IWA World Champion Jimmy Jacobs, who at one point held up challenger Delirious after putting him in a sleeper hold and screamed "You want this Mickie? You want this you slut!"
  • Trish Stratus got showered with chants of "slut" after she turned on Chris Jericho, an admitted arrogant ass but one who genuinely liked and defended her, for Christian, who physically assaulted her for eventually returning Jericho's affections and then bragging to Jericho about how she slept with Christian behind his back while planning Jericho's downfall. Trish would go on to hypocritically tease Lita for sleeping with and getting impregnated by Kane in an effort to defend Matt Hardy from him.
  • Unfortunately for Lita her run as a "slut" came across as legit Slut-Shaming in real life. Behind the scenes, she had cheated on boyfriend Matt Hardy with Edge and fans became aware of this and began to chant insults at her on TV so the writers used it as a storyline to turn her heel. The unfortunate part (in story) came where she turned on her husband — who was only her husband because he had scared her into sleeping with him.
  • When Karen Angle tried to use Sting's supposed affection for children to goad him into becoming Kurt Angle's Tag Team partner, Sting retorted that she should change her dress if she cares about children.
  • On a 2010 edition of the Funkin Conservatory's !BANG! TV, Radiant Rain arrived from an AAA show calling Claudia "The Claw" Reiff "an ugly kiss ass hooker" for Dory Funk Jr..
  • After being named "new vice president of the knockouts" by Karen Jarrett, Madison Rayne accused Tara and Brooke Tessmacher of "being full of diseases" and then fired them.
  • A.J. Lee managed to completely avoid this, and it was epic. After being dumped by Daniel Bryan, she snapped and turned her attention to CM Punk and Kane, as well as continuing to flirt with Daniel Bryan. It was quite clear she was manipulating them for her own desires and she ended up getting the job as Raw General Manager. She also had a brief dalliance with John Cena and is now (April 2013) with Dolph Ziggler, and has been for several months. Interestingly, though some fans and the commentators like to slut-shame AJ and call her names, her current and past love interest(s) are reluctant to do so — even Daniel Bryan, the ex with the biggest beef with AJ, is catty about her choice of romantic partner, not her having pursued those romantic partners. Her current boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler, is completely unperturbed about her romantic history and is very proud to be with AJ. Only CM Punk threw their relationship back in her face. Of course, on commentary Lawler just can't stop harping on the fact that she (gasp) has had several boyfriends.
  • Eve Torres kind of earned her Hoe-ski chants by trying to cheat on Zack Ryder. The only problem here might be that the chants persisted long after that storyline had faded from relevance.
  • While not a crack whore, TNA, perhaps because it has been chanted before, introduced Claire Lynch, a drunken crackhead falsely claiming that AJ Styles was the father of her child, which is about as close as one can get without actually being.
  • Strange case in Ring of Honor, where Steve Corino brags that Matt Hardy has slept with way more women than "your" hero, CM Punk. Thing is, "CM Pussy" and "CM Hump" were not chanted at Punk in congratulation, so this comment did absolutely nothing to endear anyone to Hardy.
  • During the 2015 IWA Deep South "Softcore Cup", one of the commentators advised a man in the audience who accepted Joey Ryan's blow pop to go get tested.
  • SHINE Champion LuFisto, who was in search of rookies to torment at the Nova Tournament, addressed(what she thought was) Maria Maria as 'mi puta favorita'.
  • In the lead up to Shine's second Nova Tournament Notorious Nadi said she was a fan of La Rosa Negra's work, and told Negra to quit wrestling because her talents were better suited for prostitution.

  • Faust: First Part of the Tragedy gives details of the Slut-Shaming customs of rural Germany at that period. The bride's bridal garland being ripped from her head and stamped underfoot by the village boys, the "slut" having to sit in a particular pew in church and so on. Nothing was done to the man, of course.
  • Deconstructed in the stage production of Les Misérables: The song "At the End of the Day" ends with the factory workers and foreman condemning Fantine for being a "whore" by having Cosette out of wedlock. Fantine retaliated earlier by saying that she's not the only worker without a sexually clean history and given that she's been refusing the foreman's advances, more than a little of the accusations are them just trying to get rid of her out of spite.
    Workers: While we're earning our daily bread/ She's the one with her hands in the butter!/ You must send the slut away/ Or we're all gonna end in the gutter!/ It's us who'll have to pay/ At the end of the day.
    Foreman: I might have known the bitch could bite/ I might have known the cat had claws/ I might have guessed your little secret./ Ah yes, the virtuous Fantine/ Who keeps herself so pure and clean/ You'd be the cause, I have no doubt/ Of any trouble hereabout/ You play a virgin in the light/ But need no urgin' in the night!
  • Grease has a song about this, "There Are Worse Things I Could Do". After Rizzo has a pregnancy scare, everyone starts gossiping about her.
    "There are worse things I could do/Than go with a boy or two/Even though the neighborhood/Thinks I'm trashy and no good".
  • Played with in Little Shop of Horrors. Audrey is heavily implied to have been a stripper to make ends meet, and is ashamed of this, seeming to think she deserves the abuse she suffers at the hands of her boyfriend Orin because of it. (Unfortunately, this line of thinking isn't uncommon, especially with people who already have low self-esteem as Audrey does.) Orin seems to agree, even outright referring to her as a slut at one point. Notably, Seymour, who's deeply in love with Audrey and thinks she's a wonderful person, doesn't care one bit about her former job, pointing out that she was simply making a living.
  • Shakespeare loves this trope. It's always deconstructed:
    • In Cymbeline, the protagonist, Imogen is slut-shamed by her husband, Posthumous. One of the antagonists managed to convince him that she slept with him by stealing her bracelet. After her husband wants her dead, she runs away disguised as a boy. However when Posthumous believes that Imogen is dead her regrets and tries to commit suicide.
    • In Much Ado About Nothing one of the four protagonists, Hero, is slut-shamed on her wedding day by her husband-to-be being called. In Shakespeare's day, this would have been a fate worse than death as her honour would have been destroyed forever. Hero has few people who believe she's innocent, even her own father. [[Spoiler: However, Hero is extremely lucky as her cousin, Beatrice, and the man she has Belligerent Sexual Tension with, Bennick believe she's innocent. As well as that the Watchman manage to find evidence of her innocence]]
    • In Othello. Not only does Iago's slut-shaming of an innocent woman ultimately get her killed (even though she never even cheated on her husband), but Emilia has a rather impressive monologue in which she points out that some men deliberately cheat on their wives, while many women who cheat on their husbands only do so because their husbands were being mean to them.
  • Evita: Che frequently mocks Eva's active sex life and habit of sleeping her way up the social ladder. While his comments are fairly subtle the song "Perón's Latest Flame", sung by the Argentine upper classes and military establishment, is much harsher and outright calls Eva a slut who doesn't belong in high society.

    Video Games 
  • Assassin's Creed II provides us with an example of shaming by legislation. The extra, in-game index describes how courtesans (by that time a word meaning essentially "whores") were by law more and more circumscribed and sharply defined in dress and hairstyle in an effort to eliminate their profession from polite society.
  • Assassin's Creed: Revelations gives us yet another example. A senator complains that his organization has been demoted to useless functions, like legislating the length of women's sleeves (a real thing). The heralds also make announcements about that same recent legislation. Wearing their sleeves too short was a punishable offense for women.
  • The criminal inmates of Batman: Arkham City are slightly misogynistic to the same degree they're also trying to slightly hurt Batman's feelings. There are a lot of taunts thrown at Harley and Catwoman.
  • Religious girl and Shrinking Violet Kate Marsh from Life Is Strange receives this hard from not only the stuck up Hipster Jerkass's from her school but also her deeply religious mother and aunt. It all starts when a video of her making out with several boys at a Vortex Club party surfaces on the internet (the fact that anyone can clearly see she's under the influence of something while she's doing it doesn't mitigate anything). What makes it worse is that the students doing the "shaming" know for a fact she WAS drugged at the party and normally acts like the purest girl there is yet still think Kate brought everything on herself. The game also shows the negative consequences of the slutshaming: Kate is really depressed because of it and even manages to kill herself at the end of Episode 2 if the player doesn't make the right choices.
  • Mass Effect 2:
    • During Miranda Lawson's loyalty mission, she confronts the asari leader of the Eclipse mercenaries who's trying to abduct Miranda's sister Oriana. Enyala proceeds to insult Miranda's rather revealing outfit, and if Jack(who hates Miranda) is the other squadmate, she will agree with the insults.
      Captain Enyala: I was just waiting for you to finish getting dressed. Or does Cerberus really let you whore around in that outfit?
    • Engineers Kenneth Donnelly and Gabriella Donnelly
      Gabriella: I've got green across the board. The forward tanks are buoyant and elevated.
      Kenneth: Are you talking about the Normandy or Miranda?
      Gabriella: I'm talking about the one that's covered and protected, not bouncing in the breeze.
    • The asari race as a whole is subjected to this. They are an all female pansexual race that prefers to mate with members of other species and are open about their sexuality. Many asari "maidens" (young adults) even take jobs as strippers or dancers in bars for a few centuries, before settling down to raise children. This has created a galaxy-wide stereotype of the asari being promiscuous nymphomaniacs. The asari as a whole downplay this — except when it strategically suits them. The only asari who are promiscuous nymphos are the vampiric Ardat Yakshi serial killers, who are a source of great shame for all asari.
  • Some Fire Emblem fans don't like Tharja for many valid reasons, but one of the more minor reasons tend to be her outfit. Tharja herself, however, is mortified when she realizes how revealing her outfit is, which makes the choice of clothing sound less about any conscious choice on her part and more about catering to the Male Gaze. It's not even an outfit that is unique to her, since it's just the standard Dark Mage outfit sans headdress, and the male version of the outfit is just as revealing.
  • Haunting Ground: When Daniella finally corners Fiona, she calls her a "vile creature" who "invites the man into her filthy body, again and again". Though it's a completely baseless accusation since Fiona is a virgin. Daniella simply resents the fact that Fiona could, while she herself cannot because she's an incomplete Homonculus, who can neither feel pleasure or pain.
  • In The Elder Scrolls series, this frequently happens to the followers of Dibella, the Aedric Divine Goddess of Beauty who is also associated with the carnal and sexual aspects of love. The primary means of worshiping her involves the "Dibellan Arts", a particular form of lovemaking and sexual practices. Given that most of her followers are women, many are forced to practice these Arts in private for fear of this trope. One particular case of this occurs in Skyrim, where Svana — the niece of Haelga, a promiscuous Dibella-worshiping innkeeper — asks you to publicly humiliate her aunt for her behavior.
  • In Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town the Kappa is the one bachelor who will never live with the player character if married, but as with every other marriage candidate, the PC becomes pregnant very shortly after the wedding. Every other husband will notice the PC seems unwell and take her to the doctor; the Kappa, however, just appears in the PC's house one day and says "You, pregnant," and then disappears again, prompting a "..." reaction from her. Then she goes to the doctor and finds out it's true. All the doctor says to her is "You're going to have a baby" when she shows up at the clinic pregnant and with no husband — no "Congratulations!" like with every other spouse, — and Elli is completely silent.
  • Deconstructed in Persona 5. Ann Takamaki faces a lot of this trope at Shujin Academy. Several students pass around rumors that Ann has been giving sexual favors to PE teacher Suguru Kamoshida. She isn't, but Kamoshida has been persistently trying to get her to do so by threatening her with her friend Shiho's removal from the volleyball team. When Ann finally has enough and refuses Kamoshida's advances, he carries out his threats and then some. Even after Kamoshida is dealt with, the rumors about Ann being a slut don't go away, although a few of her classmates apologize for their past treatment of her and act a little nicer to her.note invoked
  • Played for Laughs in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony thanks to Kokichi and Miu. The former tosses insults at the latter such as "puny whore-brained bitchlet" and "filthy cum dumpster". However, the latter's BDSM kink only results in her getting off on being degraded.
  • My Child Lebensborn: Having been in a relationship with just one soldier from Nazi Germany during the country's occupation of Norway is enough to be branded a "German slut". Such women were publicly humiliated and ostracized after World War II ended, to the point of no longer being able to make a living on their own if discovered. This is half the reason the child cared for during the game is an Abandoned War Child. A journal entry written by the Player Character points out that the women who had been with German soldiers were punished more harshly than people who had cooperated with Nazi Germany purely for financial profit.

    Web Comics 
  • Inverted in Questionable Content, after Faye sleeps with her boss's brother, Sven. She immediately begins to freak out but is reassured by her therapist that she's not a slut and that a casual sexual relationship can be healthy, and is perhaps exactly what she needs at that point.
  • Magick Chicks: Invoked by name when Faith, calls Tiffany out on it. Also counts as a mild What the Hell, Hero? moment, since Tiffany is the school's resident superhero. However, Faith did say she'd stop seeing other girls if Tiffany asked her to; assuming, of course, that Tiffany was consenting to go steady with her.
  • In-Universe example: Kankri from Homestuck at one point criticises Porrim for sleeping around. She is not pleased. As Kankri is intended to be an example of the worst forms of social justice while Porrim is the opposite, the readers are expected to side with her and balk at Kankri's hypocrisy.
  • Oglaf parodies this a few different ways.
    • Once is with a city full of virgins terrified of sluts, who don't know what sluts or sex are.
    • Another is with a misogynistic smith who gives a man stereotypical lady armor for not being "manly" enough, with the word "SLUT" emblazoned across the chest.note 
    • A third is the garden of Eden, with God actually being okay with the apple thing, but telling them they have to cover up the tits. No... just the lady tits.
  • In Sin Fest, Seymore gives a scathing comment to Monique for dressing provocatively. Later, Xanthe does too, indicating her dress is the work of the Patriarchy. Since the Sisterhood arc, pretty much any expression of male sexuality is literally demonized to the point where the porn industry is an extension of the devil himself.
  • In Rhapsodies Bian, a Lad-ette who Really Gets Around, rebels against this hard.
  • Defied in the thin H line, Clay's sequel to Sexy Losers. A scantily-clad woman responds to a He-Man Woman Hater calling her a slut by pretending the word is an acronym for "Super-Loveable Understanding Type" and thanking him for the compliment. She continues in this vein when he calls her a bitch:
    Woman: "Beautiful, Intelligent, Truly Compassionate Human." That's so sweet, coming from an ASS.
    Man: What does an ASS stand for?
    Woman: Nothing, apparently.
  • In El Goonish Shive, there is an extra who exists mostly to criticize Diane behind her back (and also within earshot) based on her slutty reputation. This extra then discovers her friend is not a virgin and has to apologize for making her feel bad.
  • Played for Drama in Joe vs. Elan School. Slut-shaming is part of the titular school's modus operandi via its abusive "attack therapy." Any contact between girls and boys, no matter how benign, is forbidden; if a girl gets caught, or if she reveals that she's been sexually active in the past, the program makes an example out of her through prolonged humiliation.

    Web Videos 
  • The Nostalgia Critic and The Nostalgia Chick:
    • They use "slut" and "whore" freely to describe anyone they don't like, but they've both admitted to enjoying being slutty themselves. More to the point, they both have a dim view of shaming women for having sex or enjoying it.
    • In-universe, Critic gets some from Douchey. First, he's just called a whore, but then he's called a "war whore", an insult for a woman who cheats while her husband is away fighting.
  • The Brows Held High review of The Girlfriend Experience was removed because Kyle was accused of this, given that he frequently mocks the background of Sasha Grey and her too-sexual-for-its-own-good character.
  • The Guild:
    • In the second season, Codex is interested in a hot stuntman neighbor and dresses up (showing cleavage) to get his interest when Vork shows up out of the blue and asks "Why are you dressed like a harlot?" Then he invades her home and peruses her belongings before randomly turning to her and saying "Cover yourself, woman."
    • At the end of the third season, Codex and Fawkes have sex and she discusses it with the guild at the opening of the fourth. In addition to yelling at her for sleeping with the enemy, they call her a slut and attack her for doing so after one date. Then, when he makes it clear it was a one-time thing, she starts calling herself a slut.
  • RebelTaxi: Pan Pizza has been known to put down Slut-Shaming on occasion because he's perfectly okay with women being sluts.
  • Allison Pregler during her Charmed reviews would frequently call Phoebe a selfish whore during her commentary. She realized that her name-calling was a bit harsh without context, and clarifies that she doesn't have any problem with people being sexually active or promiscuous, as long as they don't treat their partners like garbage. Phoebe's boyfriends are used, lied to, cheated on, and otherwise treated like crap by her, and that's not counting her usual abhorrent behavior in general.
  • Echo Rose: This seems to be a common occurrence in Nettlebrook— not only were students being shamed on "Fallen Angels", but Echo herself received a note calling her a "hooker", and the former homecoming queen Zoey was bullied with sexual rumors and the name "Hoey".
  • In The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Lizzie has this view of her younger sister Lydia, saying that "Ugh, Lydia's being a stupid whorey slut again!" is something she'd be likely to say about her often. However, the narrative doesn't treat this trait of Lizzie's as admirable; when Lydia overhears Lizzie call her a slut, she forces Lizzie to apologize for her remark and when she later seriously asks Lizzie if George Wickham uploading a sex tape of them online without her consent wouldn't have happened if she hadn't been "a stupid whorey slut", Lizzie is quick to reassure her that it's not her fault at all.
  • Claire from One Take suffers this after her nude photos are leaked. They are put on her school's website, earning her the consternation of her parents. A year later, she's known as "that Berklee girl" whose videos "everyone has watched", and slurs are hurled her way.

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time got away with it in "Sky Witch", with Princess Bubblegum reassuring Marceline The Vampire Queen that Raggedy Princess could be her new cuddly toy, and that she'd be happy to do it as "she's got zero self-respect".
  • In the American Dad! episode "Escape from Pearl Bailey", Steve gets revenge on one of the bullies he presumes is making fun of Debbie by giving her herpes. Everyone at school calls her a slut.
  • As Told by Ginger:
    • Ginger in "Fast Reputation" grappled with the "damned if you do and damned if you don't" scenario, when she crashes a high school party to shed her "Nice Girl" image. She chats up with this high schooler, she crushes on for a bit under the table. And then he talked to Miranda and Courtney about her "pearly whites" and how dark it was, the two spiral it out of control to where Ginger encounters graffiti that all but calls her a slut (the cartoon instead uses the term "fast").
    • To a lesser extent, the priggish and adult Joann tells Hoodsey that Carl (a preteen boy) that the latter is "a budding exhibitionist" all because the boy isn't Shower Shy.
  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated had the puritan "ghost" of Hebediah Grimm, who attacked women with a giant mallet for their "painted faces, exposed necklines, and skirts that rise above the ankle!" It turned out Hebediah was being played by two teens who would "rescue" his victims, who they found hot for exactly the reasons Hebediah was attacking. This is probably why Velma was spared, despite her short skirt, with Grimm calling her a homely "model of purity."
  • Averted completely in Beavis and Butt-Head. Beavis frequently refers to his own mother as a slut, but he says it like he's proud of her!
  • Steven Universe: Gender inverted. Andy DeMayo gets mad at Greg for having Steven when he wasn't married to his mother. The two were in a relationship for several years before they decided to have a child, but it wasn't like they could have likely gotten legally married anyway, with Rose being a Starfish Alien.
  • Diane from BoJack Horseman experienced both this and Virgin-Shaming at the same time when she was called a "virgin slut" in high school. Even back then, she wasn't afraid to point out the Logic Bomb.
  • In the Archie Comics special of Robot Chicken, Betty's sister Polly (played by Bitch Pudding) finds out from Archie that Reggie and the football team had been doing this to Betty after she got drunk and posted a nude photo of herself on the internet. In revenge, Polly attacks the football team and slams Reggie's penis in a locker door.


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