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!HERO is a 2003 Christian Rock Opera by Eddie DeGarmo and Bob Farrell that modernizes the story of Jesus Christ. It notably featured a number of major players in the Christian Rock world, such as former dc Talk member and current Newsboys frontrunner Michael Tait as the title character, along with John Cooper of Skillet, Audio Adrenaline's Mark Stuart, and Rebecca St. James.


Disc One

  1. "This Is How It Happened" Paul Wright (Hunter) 2:08
  2. "A Few Good Men" Michael Tait (Hero), Mark Stuart (Petrov), and Michael Quinlan (Jude) 5:09
  3. "Wedding Celebration" Michael Tait (Hero), Nirva (Mama Mary), John Cooper (Rabbi Kai), John Grey (Preacher Rabbi), and GRITS (Wedding Party) 4:32
  4. "Fire of Love" Michael Tait (Hero) and John Cooper (Rabbi Kai) 4:38
  5. "Lose My Life with You" Michael Tait (Hero) and Nirva (Mama Mary) 3:14
  6. "Man on a Mission" Paul Wright (Hunter) 1:14
  7. "Secrets of the Heart" Rebecca St. James (Maggie) and Michael Tait (Hero) 3:52
  8. "Stand Up and Walk" Michael Tait (Hero), John Cooper (Rabbi Kai), and Matt Hammitt (Blind Cripple) 4:24
  9. "Do What You Gotta Do" John Cooper (Rabbi Kai) and Pete Stewart (Devlin) 3:05
  10. "Take My Hand" Michael Tait (Hero) 1:48
  11. "Love's Declaration" Michael Tait (Hero), Mark Stuart (Petrov), and Rebecca St. James (Maggie) 3:17
  12. "Raised in Harlem" Michael Tait (Hero), T-Bone (Jairus), and Donnie Lewis (Jairus' Wife) 4:21
  13. "They're Callin' Him Hero" Paul Wright (Hunter) 2:42
  14. "Manna from Heaven" Michael Tait (Hero), Mark Stuart (Petrov), Rebecca St. James (Maggie), and Michael Quinlan (Jude) 4:20
  15. "Hero" Mark Stuart (Petrov), Rebecca St. James (Maggie), and Michael Quinlan (Jude) 4:41

Disc Two

  1. "Leave Here" Michael Tait (Hero), Rebecca St. James (Maggie), Paul Wright (Hunter) and various (Street Urchins) 5:19
  2. "Stand by You" Paul Wright (Hunter) and Rebecca St. James (Maggie) 2:47
  3. "Say the Word" Paul Wright (Hunter) 1:36
  4. "Intentions" Michael Quinlan (Jude) 3:20
  5. "Finally Home" Mark Stuart (Petrov), Rebecca St. James (Maggie), and Michael Quinlan (Jude) 3:37
  6. "Not in Our House" Michael Tait (Hero) and John Cooper (Rabbi Kai) 2:09
  7. "Murder on Their Minds" Paul Wright (Hunter) 2:59
  8. "Party in the House Today" Mark Stuart (Petrov) 3:49
  9. "In Remembrance of Me" Michael Tait (Hero) 1:53
  10. "Shadowman" Michael Quinlan (Jude) and Pete Stewart (Devlin) 5:00
  11. "Hero's Agony" Michael Tait (Hero) 2:37
  12. "I Am" Michael Tait (Hero) 4:17
  13. "Kill the Hero" Paul Wright (Hunter), John Cooper (Rabbi Kai), and Bob Farrell (Governor Pilate) 6:00
  14. "Execute: 'Intentions (Reprise)', 'Hero (Reprise)', 'Lose My Life with You (Reprise)'" Rebecca St. James (Maggie), Nirva (Mama Mary), Michael Quinlan (Jude), various (Urchin Mob, I.C.O.N. Thugs) 3:58
  15. "He's Not Here" Rebecca St. James (Maggie) and Nathan Lee (Janitor Angel) 3:41
  16. "The Truth Comes Out" Paul Wright (Hunter) 1:47

Troped In Harlem

Alternative Title(s): Hero The Rock Opera