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"I hate to be the one to tell you this, Baron, but your torture victim appears to be having a wonderful time."
Technician, Mirror Dance

The best way to survive, nay, thrive during torture is to get off on it (we mean the victim, not the audience).

Whether it's masochism or a steel mind, nothing is more demoralizing to a torturer than their victim berating them on a sloppy job, or worse, giving them tips!

Even bluffing enjoyment can work wonders when under torture, and we mean the good stuff, not just talkies.

Note that this is not always Truth in Television for actual masochists, though they might develop a high pain tolerance or an uncanny ability to not react to pain. Most people who identify as masochists don't enjoy being hurt outside of a romantic/sexual context. Still, there are some who do.

If one really wants to take it Up to Eleven, remember, it's a Good Thing You Can Heal. For extreme cases of this, try putting the torture victim in an And I Must Scream state and/or Go Mad from the Isolation. Bad Is Good and Good Is Bad might also do the trick. Also keep in mind that people can be irrationally annoyed by harmless and innocuous things like disrupted patterns, perpetual messes, certain smells, etc.

Subtrope of Torture Is Ineffective. Compare Power Dynamics Kink, Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth, Aren't You Going to Ravish Me?, Deliberately Distressed Damsel, Combat Sadomasochist, Unishment, and last but not least Threat Backfire. Compare Briar Patching and Mischief for Punishment, when someone acts out on purpose because they want the punishment.

A form of Attack Backfire.

No Real Life Examples, Please!


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You, Iku gets off on all pain, both physical and emotional, to the point where she's happy that her love for Rentarou is seemingly unrequited, and Rentarou initially pretends to reject her in order to give her the pain he knows she's seeking.
  • In Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest, Tio loves it when Hajime punishes her physically. In fact, while most of Hajime's party were able to escape the Lotus-Eater Machine in the Sea of Trees Dungeon because of the bonds they share with one another, Tio escaped because the fake Hajime in her dream didn't abuse her as severely as the real one, which disappointed her.
  • Slan, the only female member of the Godhand from Berserk, definitely qualifies as this. When Guts fights her at one point in the manga, the only thing that he accomplishes by impaling her and blowing off half her torso is giving her an orgasm. Because that alone wouldn't be creepy enough for Berserk, it should be noted that it's not actually her body at the time. She used a pile of guts from the trolls that Guts had just slaughtered to manifest in the physical world.
  • Black Butler:
    • Angela whips Grell in the behind the scenes episode and Grell responds by blushing and gasping in pleasure. Grell also seems to like Sebastian and Will even more for the abuse they dish out.
    • Sebastian appears to enjoy his torture in episode 20 of the anime, referring to the pain as a "spice" and even commenting that Ciel is a good master for having ordered him not to break out.
    • The Undertaker is quite pleased when an irritated Grell buries him in salt.
  • Creed from Black Cat of course. Train tries to beat it into Creed that he is NOT interested in the sword-wielding Stalker with a Crush. The result? Train ends up unknowingly spread-legged on top of Creed and only realizes too late that Creed got a hard-on and even orgasmed from it all. Disgust and exasperation are pretty much what describe Train's reaction.
  • In Bleach after Charlotte Chuhlhourne is zombified by Mayuri he is completely immune to the trigger which causes his comrades to feel immense pain. Not that the trigger doesn't work, he just is completely unfazed.
  • Blend-S:
    • It's fair to say many of Cafe Stile's customers are masochists.
      • When Maika heard that she'd be playing as the sadist at Cafe Stile, she was puzzled as to why anyone would want to be treated like garbage by a waitress. Dino explained there're people who like that—and he's right. Moments later when Maika treated her first two customers that way (and completely accidentally!), those two customers are clearly quite happy with the experience.
      • Maika accidentally uses salt, vinegar, and tabasco sauce in her dessert in the second episode of the anime. After she says it's her dessert, it becomes an instant hit with the masochist customers.
    • The cafe's owner Dino can count, but only if Maika's doing the abusing. He nosebled a few times to it in the first episode, but in obvious pain when Mafuyu abuses her for his tardiness.
  • In Blue Reflection Ray, as far as Uta is concerned pain is the reason for living. She never felt anything until she was the victim of a knife attack, making her seek physical and emotional pain in order to feel alive. She constantly prods Niina to get rough with her and is unfazed when attacked in a Reflector battle.
  • During Liang Qi's final episode in Canaan, Liang Qi, rapidly losing her grip on sanity (not that she's ever been sane, to begin with) is so desperate for any kind of contact with her "nee-sama" Alphard that after the latter slices her leg with her knife during their big fight, Liang Qi begs her to hurt her more.
  • In A Certain Scientific Railgun, Kuroko Shirai often hits on Mikoto Misaka, who gets annoyed and often electrocutes her. Kuroko enjoys it and thinks it's an expression of Mikoto's love.
  • Charger Girl has Arresta, who nearly orgasms (and wets herself) whenever hit by Sento's baseball bat.
  • In The Comic Artist and his Assistants, Sena tries to punish Aito for not paying her but she only ends up awakening his inner masochist because her lashes aren't strong enough to cause him serious pain.
  • Kaoruko from Comic Girls once told Tsubasa she wants to be scolded by a Hot Teacher.
  • Shinki of Dance with Devils shivers in excitement when other people injure him or threaten to injure him.
  • Date A Live:
    • Kyouhei Kannazuki is such a masochist that he often screws up on purpose to get punished by his superiors. The only punishments that actually scare him are the threats of being castrated or killed.
    • Origami Tobiichi doesn't care what humiliating things are asked of her, as long as her crush Shido Itsuka is the one asking. At one point, she even acts like a dog and uses Shido's belt as a leash on herself.
  • Mitsuka-sensei of DearS displays a kink for bondage and for being "punished" by her students.
  • Played With in the Pilaf Arc in Dragon Ball. When Bulma refuses to disclose the location of her dragon ball, Pilaf states that he will subject her to a "Humiliating Act" to break her, Bulma is clearly shaken by his words...until said "Humiliating Act" turns out to be blowing her a kiss. Pilaf is shocked she's unaffected by this, and Bulma, breathing a sigh of relief, states that she thought she was about to be stripped naked and fondled. The Pilaf Gang freak out at this, thinking she's a pervert who wanted to them to sexually assault her, and immediately throw her back in her cell.
  • A demon casts BDSM themed torture spells on the main cast in Dragon Half. This immobilizes everyone except for Rufa, who can't get enough of it.
  • Durarara!!: For Shinra if the torture is done by Celty, it's hot. On one occasion, he spent several hours trapped in one of her shadow-webs, and spent the entire time fantasizing about ways they could be used for S&M. He also doesn't consider regular ass-kickings a barrier to his friendship with Shizuo.
    • Aoba admitted to Izaya that he's a masochist who is still looking for a special someone to be his sadist.
  • In one of the early episodes of Excel♡Saga, after getting a blast of high-voltage current from a soldier, Excel requests "A bit higher, please" with a blush. The torturer thinks his gear is malfunctioning and tries it on the unfortunate fellow next to Excel. Said fellow is promptly incinerated.
  • Virgo from Fairy Tail will ask for punishment, even if she's doing everything right! During one mission, Virgo is summoned only to appear fully bound in ropes. She explains that she had some free time and so decided to punish herself! She then uses her powers to help Natsu, Lucy, and Happy infiltrate an enemy fortress only for them to come up into an actual underground torture chamber. Virgo looks like she's in heaven as she asks Lucy to use a wooden horse (well, dragon, same principle) on her. For a character based on the Zodiac Constellation of the Maiden, it really makes you wonder if she's really a virgin.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist has Kimblee, the man who kept his identity inside the swirling vortex of hellish creepiness that is Pride's typhoon of souls because "howls of anguish are like lullaby to my ears". Though to be fair, that could just be because he's a complete psychopath.
    • It also has the original Greed who yelled "Ahhh, this is how hot I like my baths! I'm sure the flames of Hell are hotter than this!" as he was burned to death by his own father.
  • Gauron from Full Metal Panic!. Face it — don't even try to torture or threaten him. He likes it. He's so hardcore to the point where he didn't even seem to mind that much that sharks ate his arms and legs, and he lost an eye, being rendered completely immobile. And apparently, even in that sorry state, he's still in the mood to get off on seeing Sousuke's depressed face.
    • The same goes for the female scientist that Gauron was strangling, as further explained in the novels. They both seemed to enjoy it, as Gauron even lampshades it by mocking her, asking her if she actually likes making him angry, and actually wants him to hurt her. He says this with a perfect mixture of "coldness and joy," and she responds by gasping with "pain and ecstasy."
  • Yuki's father of Future Diary acts turned on when Minene beats him up for being unable to do pushups while she's sitting on his back.
  • Takuma Fudou from Get Backers shows definite signs of being this. He actually enjoys and savors pain during battles and is shown to start cutting his own chest up while yelling at Ban to "push him to the limit and make him bleed" when Ban doesn't put up enough of a fight. It's even lampshaded by other characters, who mention the stark difference between Fudou and Ban: Fudou lives for the sadomasochistic, bloody sensation of battle, whereas Ban has no such desire and is a cold professional. On another note, although Fudou seems to have carried a huge grudge for Ban ripping his arm off, it's implied that it's not actually the pain that Fudou hated so much as what was likely Ban's attitude when he did it. Fudou even mentions that he kept his rotting, maggot-infested arm with him, and the sensation he felt were "incredible chills rising up his body."
  • Played for laughs in Gintama. Poor Sacchan, nobody wants to beat her.
  • Lisa, Kosame, and Fukuyama in Girls Bravo. Naturally, that makes things difficult for Yukinari, Kirie, and Koyomi, respectively. For example, in one scene Lisa attempts to molest Yukinari but he shoves her so hard in retaliation that she rolls back and slams against a wall, blood squirting from her head. Lisa's response give a huge Slasher Smile, get Glowing Eyes of Doom, and scream "Geez, Yukinari-sama! You're unexpectedly violent! But that's fine, please be more reckless with me!" She then proceeds to chase him again, perfectly content with her arms outstretched for a hug. In another scene Kirie prepares to do her usual wrestling moves on Fukuyama and Kosame immediately hugs her legs saying "AH! Onee-sama! Please do that move on me as well!" And Fukuyama continues to act like a huge pervert towards the girls despite knowing Kirie will just beat the crap out of him for it. In fact, it seems to make him even more willing to act like a pervert towards the girls.
  • Druj of The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! loved it when Jahy made her feel like garbage and used her like furniture, although it's implied that she had a limit to her masochism.
    • The Magical Girl has gone through so much painful and near-lethal misfortune that it not only doesn't phase her anymore, she actually outright embraces and looks forward to it if doing so means she's shouldering the "burden" of the mystic gems and having a meaning to her life.
  • In the first chapter of Hekikai No Aion, Minato warns Tatsuya about not messing around with Seine because he thinks she is a masochist that likes being bullied.
  • Hellsing:
    • Rip Van Winkle. During their battle, Alucard grabs Rip by the throat, slowly sticks her rifle through her chest until it comes out the other side of her body in an act of symbolic rape, and then sinks his fangs into her neck. And (in the OVA) how does Rip react to this? By blushing and letting out a series of orgasmic moans. It's helped by Maaya Sakamoto's voice acting. In the manga, the scene is drawn pretty much exactly like a hentai doujin (and Hirano DID quite a bit of those), down to the ridiculously intense blush on Rip's cheeks when Alucard drinks her blood. And her constant wriggling and gasping under his hands as he slowly inserts the rifle through her torso. And no, the rifle doesn't have a bayonet. Alucard just jammed it in, barrel first. It also doesn't help the author stated that Rip is an amalgamation of all of his fetishes.
    • Alucard could also qualify for this trope since he usually lets people shoot him full of lead before he kills them.
  • Germany from Hetalia: Axis Powers. Or so Italy claims at gunpoint. France too. After his April Fool's rampage, some of his victims capture him and attempt to humiliate him in retaliation... only to find that he actually enjoys most of their punishment. Until Sweden comes up with a Cool and Unusual Punishment, that is.
  • High School D×D:
    • Akeno enjoys a lot of the lewd situations the girls get in.
    • Grendel similarly enjoys pain being inflicted on him.
  • Kakihara in the Ichi the Killer manga might be the very god of this trope. The whole series actually evolves around him pursuing something so insanely hardcore that even he will get off on it. The film downplays this somewhat but is still an example of the trope.
  • I'm In Love With the Villainess: Rei makes absolutely no secret of how much she enjoys Claire's bullying and abuse, much to the latter's confusion and consternation.
  • In an episode of Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san, Sarutobi threatens to put a gag over Inugami's mouth if she mentions her name again. All this does is make Inugami blush and drool with anticipation. In general, it's a Running Gag (no pun intended) that Inugami seems to enjoy being insulted, humiliated, or compared to a dog, just so long as it's by a pretty girl.
  • Yo-Yo Ma from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean is a long range, automatic and nigh-indestructible Stand who, along with being incredibly durable and able to regenerate from any wound, is also extremely masochistic and, much to his targets' chagrin, moans and actively asks to be punished when being hurt.
  • Mizuki of Kamisama Kiss is quite happy about being a subservient familiar that occasionally gets abused. Also, when Nanami hits him and the other gods for making fun of her while drunk Mizuki releases hearts and says in ecstasy "Give it to me more, Nanami-chan!"
    Mizuki: "...the wonderful feeling of being dominated by the irresistible! Please, say it again, Nanami-chan! Bind me with the invisible chain!
  • In The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior, Shirosaki really enjoys it when the girls punish him. In one example, Granny Sumiko asks him if he could go buy some fish for dinner. He then says she needs to be more abusive. She remembers, then tells him to go buy fish while insulting him. He then wholeheartedly agrees to it.
  • In Komi Can't Communicate, Agari will give a restaurant a favourable review if the food is up to her standards, no matter how horrible the customer service towards her is.
  • A more modern, and really quite blatant, example would be Darkness from KonoSuba. Being called by her real name (Lalatina) is the only kind of humiliation she doesn't enjoy. Ironically, her eagerness to be put through the wringer, and the enjoyment she gets from it, makes her a rather ideal tank... that is, if you don't need her to actually deal any damage, as her sword skills are rather subpar. One particular instance is when she's possessed by Vanir, one of the Demon King's finest, who, after latching the mask containing his consciousness onto Darkness' face, attempts to drive her into submission with intense pain. The contradictory feedback he gets makes Vanir increasingly uncomfortable, and whenever Darkness regains control, she has a big stupid grin on her face.
  • Hapshiel from Magician's Academy started off as being sealed off in a rock for 20 years. He could have broken out at any time but decided not to. Why? Because he enjoyed it. He then gets attacked by a golem (essentially a mecha with machine guns) and the attack makes him excited. The same thing happens when one of the teachers turns into a werewolf and attacks him. He thinks the teacher is essentially flirting with him. The whole time after a failed attack he then goes and plants a very forceful French kiss on the attacker after which he moves on. He was described in-universe as being a sadomasochist.
  • It's implied in an episode of Michiko & Hatchin that Atsuko would become aroused whenever Michiko would beat her up as a child.
  • Kou of Monochrome Factor. In the anime adaptation, he's implied to have a bit of a bondage fetish, present for no other reason than to creep Aya out after she beats him up and he begs for more.
  • Monster Musume: After eating some of Miia's cooking, Mero compares it to having her fins painfully split apart into legs. Afterwards, she is seen collapsed on the floor smiling about it, despite foaming at the mouth.
  • My Bride is a Mermaid: On one occasion, Lunar tries to punish Nagasumi by tying him up and repeatedly grinding her heel into his crotch from behind. He actually enjoys it.
  • Hidan in Naruto pretty much orgasmed when he impaled himself, killing Asuma.
  • One of the ninjas in Ninja Nonsense discovers a new kink as he's getting spanked during one of Miyabi's rampages.
  • One Piece:
    • Zigzagged with Buggy. Presumably, torture might work on him, just not using sharp objects, seeing as they don't work on him because of his Bara Bara no Mi Devil Fruit power. As a result, he was easily able to survive his incarceration on the first level of Impel Down, because that's exactly how the prisoners on that level were tortured. (For some reason, none of the guards ever noticed that, and neglected to use seastone restrainers on him.)
    • On the topic of Impel Down, most of its prisoners are punished with all kinds of torture: being cut by sharp plants, chased by beasts, dehydrated, overheated or frozen. Every prisoner gets dunked in boiling water when they're brought in. But those sent to Level 6 are the worst prisoners in the world, the kind too tough for regular torture; several are mentioned to have taken the boiling water without flinching. Presumably because of this, Level 6 prisoners otherwise don't receive any torture.
  • PandoraHearts:
    • Vincent has a yandere obsession towards his brother Gil that becomes even more obvious after he goads Gil into saying he'll murder anyone who tries to take Oz away from him and gets excited when thinking about the angry expression Gil will make due to his actions. Later, while flirting with Lotti Vincent releases hearts marks and becomes happy when Lotti threatens to maim Vincent for hitting on her. He also has Ho Yay vibes with Leo which peaks when the latter uses violence on the former.
    • Isla Yura got really excited when Oz tore Humpty Dumpty to shreds using B-Rabbit's power and threatened to kill Yura.
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt:
    • While her older sister Panty is the horniest of the duo, Stocking seems to be more of a masochist at nature, getting off on Electric Torture at one point. May be a hint to her true nature... as a demon (if that was her that came back).
    • The villain Corset is one of these, especially since he's practically the embodiment of BDSM. When he's being trampled to death by Judgement, he screams in ecstasy and begs for more, though he does panic and beg her to stop when he realizes he's about to die.
  • In Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, Gardenia loves being attacked by Grass-types. James' Carnivine bites down on her head and she really likes it. She also has Cacnea use Pin Missile on her back like a massage.
  • Tatewaki Kuno of Ranma ½ frequently expresses his affections for Akane and the pig-tailed haired girl by glomping them despite knowing that they always just respond by beating him up or kicking him to the sky. In fact, since it's them beating him up, he seems to enjoy it.
    • Happosai is confirmed by canon on this, not just speculation. You can't win with that guy - he enjoys both chikan and the consequences, as long as the beatdown doesn't actually put a stop to his scheme.
  • Belphegor of Reborn! (2004). During their battle, Gokudera manages to hit him with one of his bombs. Belphegor simply sits up while making somewhat orgasmic noises and muttering excitedly "I was hurt again. It's so thrilling!"
  • After getting accidentally stepped on by Narumi in Re-Kan!, Ero-Neko the cat says he kind of liked it.
  • Ruby in the Rosario + Vampire manga is a masochist, which chapter 15 of R+V II seems to be dedicated to. The chain linking her to Tsukune shocks her with Tsukune's excess power, in order to force him to learn how to control it. However, Ruby literally orgasms over the feedback. Kurumu even lampshades it immediately after.
    Kurumu: "You act all innocent, but you, Ruby... are kinky!"
    • She has also likened tying herself up bondage-style to "wrapping the phone cord around your finger when you're bored", and does it with equal frequency. When the Harem was asked what they were to Tsukune (read: what they want to be to him), her immediate response was "toy" (the official Viz translation uses "plaything" as the answer, but the meaning is preserved).
    • During the Volume 4 omakes the other girls try on the chain and let Tsukune shock them once. Kurumu and Koko hate it, Mizore is on the fence about it, Yukari likes it, and the very last panel has Moka try. Yukari looks on at Moka's reaction and states "Moka is a "yea" for sure!"
    • Taken to the logical extreme in chapter 44 where one of the division leaders electrocute Ruby and she decides she doesn't need to defend against it because she "doesn't hate being shocked."
      • She then counterattacks with a suit of Cast from Hit Points magical armor, called Iron Maiden, which she seems to enjoy as well.
      • Played with in that same instance. Kurumu notices that Ruby is actually badly weakened by the experience (and not in a good way) but is acting otherwise so the team won't worry about her.
    • When a doppelganger posing as Tsukune gives Ruby what's intended to be a rib-breaking elbow smash, her response is to hug him with a blush of pleasure and beg him to hit her again.
  • In Sabagebu!, Urara falls in love with Momoka after she realizes that she enjoys getting beaten up by her.
  • Minako Aino in Sailor Moon. When someone looks in your Dream Mirror you usually faint from the horrible pain, when Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye looked into hers, she got horny. She's the type who craves attention. She'd actually been chasing both of their disguised forms in that episode of Super S. Earlier, in one episode of S, she got jealous because her fellow Senshi had been targeted for their Heart Crystals and starts going out of her way to draw an attack on herself. It actually works, but here's the funny part. Normally, the process makes the victim faint almost instantly. Minako held out for several minutes, crying out that she had been worthy of an attack and taking the crystal with her a considerable distance (whilst also outrunning the villain responsible for it, and said villain is on a car) before finally fainting deep in a parking garage.
  • Q and R from Seikon No Qwaser run around begging people to order or punish them sadistically, and when they don't consider the response to be enough for them, they "disqualify" their target in a very violent fashion. Even when they did encounter someone who impaled them on copper poles and shocked them to death with electricity, they regenerated and begged for more.
  • Aria of Seitokai Yakuindomo has many kinks, including masochist ones. She has been seen to be happy with wearing a chastity belt all the time and masturbated with enema at least once.
  • Ayeka in Tenchi Muyo! tries electro-torture on Ryoko early on in the OVA's. It doesn't quite work as intended. Her lines translate as something along the lines of "Ahh, I'm coming, I'm coming!" (For the record, that's exactly how Pioneer translated it in the official English dub.)
    • The supplemental material reveals that Ryoko's body isn't capable of feeling much of anything, especially in terms of pleasurable sensations. Then again, thousands of years of only being able to feel pain might have simply led to her liking it because it was better than feeling nothing at all. However, she reacts VERY differently when exposed to the Master Key immediately after the electric shocks. If she HAD been faking, she'd probably just keep doing so.
  • Tokyo Ghoul has several of these, thanks to Ghouls' natural Healing Factor.
    • Nico is introduced getting a hole punched through his stomach by Yamori, and responds by moaning in delight.
    • Naki, another of Yamori's associates. While a fairly innocent Manchild, he fondly recalls all the times his Cool Big Bro did things like throwing him out windows, stabbing him in the stomach, or breaking his fingers.
    • Eto turns out to be like this as well. When Kaneki slices her in half, she responds by claiming to love him and licks his eye.
  • Some odd combination of nihilistic joy and a closeted taste for Plant leads Legato of Trigun to get off on the idea of being tortured or killed by his master and even Vash the Stampede, who he sees as a god or... something... despite really wanting Vash dead. This happens, actually. Bullet to the brain, and Legato just smiles in victory. This is only speculative in the anime, but it's crystal clear in the much darker manga rendition.
    Legato: Give me the gift of nothingness. Give me death!
  • Konuma Ryuuko and Haguro Dou of Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest. So much so that it comes as no surprise when it's revealed that they're dating and that they frequently engage in violent sex and hope to do the same to Inugami whom they both lust after.
    • Ryuuko, however, starts subverting it later. Unlike Haguro, her love for torture does have some small limits...
  • Yandere Kanojo: Manabu's little sister Mayami is a masochist who enjoys getting beaten up by Reina.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX:
    • As part of his Freak Out, Zane from is forced to duel while wearing electrodes that shock him whenever he loses life points. At first, he hates them, but once his turn to The Dark Side is complete, he hardly duels without them.
    • Also, Yubel, who enjoys pain and insults. The only things that can scare them are being separated from the one they love forever, and the threat of being erased from existence. This is because Yubel truly believes for most of the third season that extreme agony is the only way to express real love. If you don't hurt the person you claim you love, you don't actually love them.

    Audio Play 
  • In Big Finish Doctor Who, the Eighth Doctor often pretends to be too kinky to torture. It never really works, and there are plenty of audios in which he sarcastically begs for more torture just to screw with his captors, only to be broken soon after and start begging for them to stop.
    • The War Master, as the titular character of his own box set proves a genuine example of this trope, however. At one point he is tortured for days straight but never shows any signs of cracking, eagerly engaging the Mooks with a casual conversation on the employee benefits of being a torturer and maintaining a hold on all the power in a conversation with the Corrupt Corporate Executive responsible despite being tied up and threatened with a collection of scalpels.


    Comic Books 
  • The DCU:
    • Batman:
      • The Joker doesn't seem to have a problem with pain, though he laughs at everything, so take that as you will. At least once, he's seen tied to a chair and beaten up by a so-called sadist. After a while, he points out how utterly ineffective the man is at torture by pointing out (quite correctly) that due to the man's lack of imagination, the face (the only part where he has really focused on hitting) has mostly desensitized. The fact that he's been focusing so intently in the area without specialized tools (which would be the case if the point of it all was deformity) leads the Joker to conclude that the man has no real gameplan beyond merely dishing out as many punches as he can, making him a complete bore. In Salvation Run, it's revealed that he's in constant pain ever since the night when he was bathed in the chemicals that made him the Joker, and he's just gotten used to it and gotten to like it.
      • The Penguin turns out to be this in both Secret Six and Birds of Prey. He doesn't care when Bane slaps him around and instead asks if one of the female team members can beat him up instead, as then he would enjoy it more. He also gets a crush on Dove in Birds of Prey after she knocks him out.
      • In one comic, the Creeper is tortured to test his pain threshold. Though he obviously feels pain, he only laughs, saying that he can't help it as the torture tickles before passing out. Any less amount of pain and he just speaks his usual nonsense, meaning that torture for any other reason, would most likely be fairly useless. Safe to say that any psychological torture he would only find even more funny.
    • This is a common theme with Etrigan. Being a demon, he is a natural masochist. Not only does he enjoy pain, but it also makes him physically stronger and more powerful.
    • The Joker's consort Harley Quinn sometimes falls in this category as well, Depending on the Writer.
      • This is jokingly mentioned when Green Arrow handcuffs her in the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic. Harley states that she finds being bound enjoyable since it reminds her of the kinky games she used to play with the Joker.
      • In one comic, Harley ties up a cab driver and duct-tapes the man's mouth shut. When the guy cries out, Harley tells him to shut up and states that surely this isn't the first time he's ever been bound and gagged by a pretty woman.
    • In one issue of the Justice League International reunion series, Mary Marvel threatens physical violence against Guy Gardner after he hits on her. Rather than be intimidated, Guy seemed aroused by the idea of being tied up and smacked around by Mary, which is especially disturbing given that he's a grown man and she's a teenager.note 
    • Secret Six:
      • In Villains United, Luthor's Society captures the Six, and they are tortured. Unfortunately, one of the Six is Parademon, an inhabitant of Apokolips, who has dealt with worse daily since childhood and seems to enjoy the process.
        Parademon: Thank you, Granny! May I have another?
      • Manhunter is whaling on Ragdoll with her sharp steel gauntlets. His response:
        Ragdoll: No, don't stop! I've almost finished!
        Manhunter: Eeew!
    • In Shade, the Changing Man, the third version of Shade is driven mad by his previous death and afterlife. When he finds out that he's about to be tortured, he expresses enthusiasm for the idea, as long as it's being done by an expert.
    • Wonder Woman (1942): While Di is generally focused on the job even while captured by opponents, she often muses about being comfortable and has given villains pointers about how to do domination properly after she's got them on their way to Reformation Island, where her fellow Amazons will teach them "loving submission". There's also the way Amazons in the Golden Age seem to really like spanking.
  • Lori Lovecraft: In Back to the Garden, two demons use Danke Schoen as portal through which to enter the mortal realm. The process creates an intense, orgasmic sensation which overwhelms the target vessel and destroys them. The demons note that most humans are killed in a few minutes. Dirty Old Woman Danke held out for two hours.
  • MAD features a Batman Begins parody where Bats starts beating up a bad guy. The reaction?
    "Wait a minute. I'm getting smacked around and intimidated by a weirdo wearing a rubber bodysuit... Then what the hell do I need these hookers for? Usually, I have to pay them $500 a night for that same service!"
  • In Marshal Law, all of the superhumans were created with a process that deadens their ability to feel pain. The Marshal himself wears razor wire wrapped around his arm as part of his costume. Many other "heroes" also mutilate themselves. When the Marshal is tortured, he thanks the torturer for letting him feel again, if for only a moment. Then he feeds the torturer to cannibals. It's a very dark Crapsack World.
  • Marvel Universe:
    • In an issue of Daredevil, the title hero leaves the Crippler Bound and Gagged after defeating him. When Silver Sable rips the duct tape off of Crippler's mouth, the villain cries out in pain and then asks her to do it again.
    • In an issue of Dark X-Men, Norman Osborn tries to control Aurora by fitting her with a tiara that electrocutes her every time she disobeys him. She eventually escapes by developing another Split Personality, one who is masochistic enough to enjoy the pain long enough to remove the tiara.
    • Deadpool:
      • With his regenerative powers combined with insanity, torture is completely ineffective for Deadpool. The reason torture doesn't work all that well on Deadpool is because he was tortured past the Sanity Event Horizon as part of Weapon X. Killebrew, the doctor in charge of Wade's "treatment", can still cause him to break out in PTSD, but everyone else is a rank amateur.
      • In one issue, Deadpool ties up the Secret Avengers. After Deadpool remarks that Black Widow seems to be enjoying herself while Bound and Gagged, Widow coyly responds "A little, yes."
    • In Supreme Power, Hyperion feels pain for the first time while fighting Doc Spectrum and asks for another hit.
    • In an issue of X-Men, at one point during a battle between Iceman and the White Queen, Iceman binds his foe to the wall with ice shackles. Far from being intimidated, the White Queen mentions that she used to pay good money for just such an experience. Taken captive in Generation X... same words.
  • Nemesis the Warlock:
    • A nameless alien is in the hands of an inexperienced torturer, while his supervisor comes along. The alien sympathetically agrees with the criticism the supervisor gives, and while the torturer is soon busy receiving an earful from the supervisor, the alien says it'll torture itself if they won't do it.
    • When Torquemada is sent back to the past, he meets his past incarnation: the original Tomás de Torquemada, head of the Spanish Inquisition. When future Torquemada readily admits various heresies, such as asserting that the Earth is round and claiming himself to be a God, he's strapped to a torture rack. He doesn't budge and gives his past version advice on torture, who is eventually so disgusted by his cruelty that he's left in a fetal position on the floor.
  • In the comic adaptation of Neverwhere, Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar are just as unkillable as they are in the book and TV series, but they also display shades of this trope. In the comic, Mr. Vandemar charges into a fireball with his tongue hanging out, as though he were lapping up the flames; Mr. Croup, meanwhile, seems to derive almost-orgasmic pleasure from devouring a rare vase, blood pouring from his mouth as he swallows the glass shards. In Croup's case, this is possibly more pleasure taken in destroying something of great value which is also ancient and beautiful, but masochism certainly wouldn't be at odds with his characterization.
  • During the Treasures of Britain arc of Sláine, Sir Lancelot has taken refuge in a monastery after the death of King Arthur. Slaine conceals himself, while Slaine's rival and his troops arrive to torture the information out of Lancelot regarding the whereabouts of the story's MacGuffin. Unfortunately for them, they find that he wishes to be tortured as penance for having an affair with Guinevere and even offers them his own equipment to do so.
  • There's a reference in Watchmen to Captain Carnage, a masochist who threw himself in front of masked heroes in an attempt to get beat up. This backfired when Rorschach threw him down an elevator shaft.

    Comic Strips 
  • Dilbert, when arrested by Homeland Security. In his case, it's more "too desperate for human contact" than "too kinky", though.
  • A The Far Side strip features a pair of demons forcing the damned to toil in a mine. One guy is cheerily pushing a wheelbarrow while whistling. One demon says to another, "You know, I just don't think we're reaching that guy."
  • A cartoon by Gahan Wilson showed a man on the rack... cracking up the torturers by telling jokes. "... But, seriously...." Of course, it might've been that he was making them laugh too hard to actually inflict any pain on him...

    Fan Works 
  • A variant happens in the Azula Trilogy, as Iroh isn't too kinky but too awesome: the attempt ended in the torturer wannabe escaping because his attempts had ended either in miserable failures or Iroh torturing him.
  • Boldores And Boomsticks: Tyrian actually enjoys being hit by Night Shade, which shows the target "a frightening mirage" (at least until Shade figures how to actually make it work).
  • Subverted in Constant Temptation which makes it very clear that torture is very different from harmless safe, sane, and consensual S&M games. Though Light's experience with taking pain helps him get through the ordeal.
  • In the Tenchi Muyo fanfic ''The Devil and Miss Mihoshi'', Mihoshi proves that not only is she too kinky to torture (breaking the devil's best torturer into a shell of his former self), she's too kinky/dumb to damn. The devil himself can't break her, and is forced to release her to avoid her relentless cheerfulness and bumbling from ruining hell.
  • First Place Sinner is a Harry Potter fanfic about Harry's life after his aunt's husband and son left her, and how he shares a masochistic relationship with her in order to prove that he has first place in her life. It takes place before Hogwarts and the relationship isn't sexual, just really, really, messed up and disturbing.
  • In the Global Order of Law and Defense universe, many superheroines and supervillainesses practice bondage in order to build up a tolerance in case they have to endure torture. Or at least that's the excuse they give for all the time they spend spanking and whipping each other.
  • Downplayed in Hand on Education: Extra Credit when Glynda Goodwitch spanks Nora for her attitude. Afterwards, Nora spends several seconds shaking, making Glynda think she'd started crying, only for Nora to confess to Jaune that she just might have a spanking fetish.
  • Harry Potter Neko's Mate:
    "Is that you, Casper, you dirty Mudblood?" Bellatrix cooed. "I thought the Dementors ate you. Maybe the theory's right, and Mudbloods don't have souls to suck."
    Bellatrix screamed in pain, then cackled again in apparent pleasure. The guard had obviously hexed her. Sirius sighed, and rolled his eyes. The guards didn't understand that Bellatrix got off when they did that.
  • In the Harveste Series, a Harry Potter fanfic series by kyaru-chan, this applies to, well, pretty much all of the protagonist characters. But then, it's a crossover with The Addams Family, so that's not so hard to imagine.
    Umbridge: I believe you are inappropriately dressed for your detention today.
    Harveste *cough* Harry *cough*: Am I? Did I need my own manacles? Should I go get them?
    • And:
      The dark red writing glowed wetly for a second before disappearing and slicing itself into the back of the abomination's hand. He gasped.
      "Oh, Professor, this is a Blood Quill! I haven't used one in years!"
    • And:
      Voldemort has Harveste in the graveyard at the end of year four: "Crucio!"
      It was unbearable, excruciating, maddening. It felt like he was being roasted, like hot pokers were pressing into his eyes, his mouth, his ears, every inch of his skin, followed by knives being tapped into the very marrow of his bones then twisted, twisted, twisted until he was like Karkaroff's hand or Draco's green peas. He felt like foot-long splinters were being driven under his nails, and he couldn't move, couldn't breathe because he was screaming, screaming so loud, louder than anyone had done under Wednesday, under Grandmama, and there was just pain, pain, pain everywhere...
      Lord Voldemort laughed cruelly as he lifted the curse from Harry's panting, shaking body, and his Death Eaters laughed with him, too scared to do anything else.
      "Oh... oh... "
      "How does it feel, little boy?" Tom hissed threateningly. "How does your first taste of real pain feel?"
      "Oh." Harry took a deep shuddering breath, then another one. That pain... had opened his eyes to what was really happening now. "Now I understand why Mother loves red-hot pokers so much."
      "My Mother – oh -" Harry shuddered as another spasming ripple danced along his nerves. "-I've never really understood until now – ah- it was glorious. Absolutely divine. Do it again."
  • Has been played with at least twice in Homestuck Kink Meme fic with regards to Equius Zahhak, who canonically enjoyed being strangled and thus poses a challenge to sadistic ficcers keen to find something he won't enjoy. One extrapolates from his Super-Strength the idea that he's not happy when finally successfully restrained, and a much grosser one plays with his love of animals and implied vegetarianism.
  • In Infinity Train: Knight of the Orange Lily, Specter's Split Personality (later revealed to be a lightning bolt) Easter gets electrocuted by Mr. Denver in the Shock Street Car. However, instead of screaming in agony, they end up screaming in ecstasy. Mr. Denver doesn't understand why Easter is still standing and decides to increase the voltage while the other members of White Gestalt decide to leave while they still can.
    Easter: (at the prospect of Mr. Denver ramping up the electricity) Yes please!
    • A later car, "The Ghoul School Car", has them begging Elsa to strap them to an operating table and be shocked like an electric version of BDSM.
  • One Justice League fanfiction plays with this in the form of a Master of Illusion OC. His reaction to torture severely freaks out his torturer. But he later admits to his partner that he actually used his sensory manipulation powers to simply convince his body that pain was pleasurable.
  • In The Killer Dame (a parody of the Voyager episode "The Killing Game") Neelix has been brainwashed by the Hirogen into thinking he's a Gestapo agent, so proceeds to beat up a captive Harry Kim. But when he brings in the Delaney sisters dressed in Nazi uniforms to whip him until he talks, Harry comes in his pants.
  • Invoked in The Land of What Might-Have-Been when Fiyero is captured by the city of Loamlark and they attempt to interrogate him as a spy. As Fiyero is now in his scarecrow state, he points out that Loamlark can't actually do anything to him that would cause him pain, since as a scarecrow he doesn't eat, drink, breathe or sleep and is obviously incapable of feeling pain, and he has as little regard for his own life as is possible to have without being actually suicidal so there's no point trying to outright kill him.
  • The Naked Jedi: When a Dark Side spirit tries breaking Sarza with Naughty Tentacles, she uses her increased connection to the Force due to arousal to weaken the spirit to the point it can't (or perhaps, won't) continue bothering her.
  • In Not the Only Redhead Voldemort finds using the Cruciatus Curse on Bellatrix less than effective.
    Voldemort: I must find a new way to punish you for acting without thought. You enjoy this too much.
  • In Off The Record when captured and tortured by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Loki begins giving them tips.
  • Pain and Parseltongues is an incomplete Harry Potter fanfic that depicts Harry as a masochist during the Third Task in which he gets tortured. His response serves to completely confuse and freak out Voldemort.
  • In the Reborn! (2004) Slash Fic "Homecoming" Chapter 4 Tsuna is about to be molested by Mukuro and hits him. This doesn't deter Mukuro in the slightest but he is stopped when guards arrive on the scene.
  • In Reparations, Harry is a healer. At one point, one of his colleagues talks about a patient who kept trying to get out of bed, so in the end, she had to conjure ropes and tie him up. Apparently, he liked it.
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures and Teen Titans crossover fic A Shadow of the Titans, Gadjo, an Ax-Crazy Blood Knight OC, LAUGHS while being ELECTROCUTED in the final battle of the HIVE entrance exam. Later, when he is sent to "The Pit" for detention, Mammoth says at one point that probably the only reason he hasn't broken out yet is that he LIKES it there!
  • One South Park fanfic called Stan the Masochist is centered around Stan and his love of physical and mental abuse from his older sister Shelly. There's a sequel that's much longer and goes in further about the origins of Stan's masochistic feelings and how it affects his life.
  • A Tale of a Masochist and its sequel are a series of stories in which Harry has been caught by Death Eaters and tortured for over two months. One of the reasons why he never broke was because he was a masochist and he secretly enjoyed what they were doing to him. Voldemort ends up catching on to this, and the two fall into a sadistic and masochistic type of love.
  • ToyHammer features as one of its antagonists a Slaanesh cultist (as described under Tabletop Games.) The only thing that actually gets to her is being sneezed on — she enjoys being cut and being zapped with lightning, and she's used to being bit and clawed at by beings significantly more destructive than the protagonist.
  • A non-torturous variant occurs in the lemon fic White Christmas. In order to snap Molly out the succubus-induced lust haze that she's in, Harry slaps her lightly on the arm. It doesn't work.
  • Subverted in the Naruto Continuation Fic White Rain. Though Lucia is a masochist, she freely admits that she has her limits, and her various liaisons with Itachi Uchiha often exceeded said limits.
  • One scene in the Good Omens (2019) fic Winging It has Beelzebub lecturing some lesser demons on how this trope shouldn't be a thing in Hell - every soul has something they dread, and their Eternal Torment should be tailored to that. In particular they note a damned soul that is clearly a masochist enjoying the pain being inflicted, and condemn it instead to a century of paint-watching duty ("No! NO! ANYTHING BUT THAT!").
  • What Is Written In Blood has Angel who is sexually turned on by the torture Erich inflicts on her. Needless to say, Erich is disgusted by her behaviour.

    Film — Animation 

    Film — Live Action 
  • Morticia (and pretty much The Addams Family in general) reacts quite favorably to pain and torture.
    • When interrogated in the first movie, she compliments the turncoat lawyer stretching her on the rack with "You've done this before!" The rack was already in her bedroom, so he really should have seen it coming. In certain incarnations, they even merrily torture or attempt to murder each other for amusement, never mind the insinuations about Gomez and Morticia's sex lives. Not to mention when Gomez is freeing her:
      Gomez: Leather straps, red hot pokers...
      Morticia: Later, my dearest...
      Morticia: Don't torture yourself, Gomez... that's my job.
    • Addams Family Values has a reference:
      Morticia: So... you still desire me after all these years? The old ball and chain?
      Gomez: Forever.
      Morticia: I'll get them.
    • Also:
      Morticia: To pleasure.
      Gomez: To pain.
      Morticia: Tonight.
    • While Morticia is being rushed through the hospital in Values, Gomez asks her if the pain of labor is unbearable torture. Her only response is a quietly blissful, "Oui..." She likes the pain so much that the doctor has to remind her that there's a baby to deliver.
  • In The A-Team, Murdoch is placed into an army psychiatric hospital after his arrest. When given electroshock therapy with no anaesthesia, he responds pseudo-orgasmically - "Oh, yeahhh. That's the stuff."
  • In Barbarella, the heroine is captured by the evil scientist Durand Durand, who puts her in the Excessive Machine, a device that causes fatal sexual pleasure. However, Barbarella overloads the machine which eventually catches fire and breaks down. The expression on Dr. Durand's face is classic Why Won't You Die?.
  • In But I'm a Cheerleader, the girls at camp were given electrical shockers to use when they had "impure thoughts"; Sinead soon found another use for them.
  • The Dark Knight:
    • The Joker laughs maniacally whenever someone attacks him, especially Batman since it only drives him closer to "breaking his rule." The Joker rubs the futility of it all in Batman's face, saying, "You have nothing! Nothing to threaten me with! Nothing to do with all your strength!" It's also lampshaded by the cop he later takes hostage, who says, "I know you're going to enjoy this. I'll just have to enjoy it even more."
    • When Batman is interrogating the Joker and slams his head into the table, the Joker tells Batman that starting with the head makes the victim fuzzy so they can't feel the next hit, and responds only with "See?" when Batman then punches his hand arguably hard enough to shatter it completely.
  • The Finnish film Dogs Dont Wear Pants is this trope, the movie.
  • Lou in Fight Club tries to intimidate Tyler Durden by beating him up. Tyler gets really into it, inviting Lou to join the club, and laughing maniacally as Lou pounds his face in. He then shakes his own blood into Lou's face, gleefully declaring that Lou has no idea exactly how crazy Tyler is or what infectious diseases might be in his blood. The whole thing causes someone in the room to vomit and Lou is so freaked out that he promises to let them carry on using the basement of his property just to get Tyler to let go of him.
  • Klytus claims that Princess Aura is this in Flash Gordon (1980). From what we see of the torture and Aura's reactions afterwards, though, he is almost certainly lying to troll Barin.
    Prince Barin: You tortured Aura!
    Klytus: An interesting girl. I think she found it rather enjoyable.
  • In the 1968 movie Great Catherine, the titular heroine (played by Creator/JeanneMoreau) tickle-tortures the main character with her bare foot and then makes him kiss it. Subverted, since it was intended by Catherine to be so (she was enamored of him, and it was sort of flirtatious torture).
  • The Human Centipede is a trilogy of Body Horror Torture Porn films about people being sewn together mouth-to-anus by a madman, with all the nasty scatological implications of that premise being fully dwelled upon. The third film, Final Sequence, is about a power-tripping prison warden who forces his inmates into a human centipede in order to stop them from rioting, but there's a problem: one of his inmates is a man who enjoys eating his own feces, and actually relishes the thought of being put into the Centipede and being force-fed human waste. The warden just shoots him, as the Centipede is meant to be a degrading punishment, not something to be enjoyed.
  • In In the Loop, resident Violent Glaswegian Jamie meets his match when threatening Judy.
    Jamie: I'm quite aroused at the idea of giving you a long... slow... disciplinary hearing.
    Judy: Is that right. Well, I'd love you to give me a long, slow disciplinary hearing. Because you know what I'd have at the end of it? A big... fat... compensation payment. So give me one.
  • James Bond:
    • Xenia Onatopp in GoldenEye seems to enjoy getting beaten up almost as much as killing people. Her fight scenes with Bond indicate that she wasn't going to stop fighting simply out of pain. Up until he burns her ass on a hot radiator. . . guess she was only into some types of pain, which is rather Truth in Television.
    • In Casino Royale (2006), Bond makes a show of enjoying being smacked by a knotted rope in a rather delicate place by Le Chiffre. He shouts "NO! NO! TO THE RIGHT! TO THE RIGHT! TO THE RIGHT!", and also has that line about how Le Chiffre would be known for being the man who died scratching Bond's balls. This convinces Le Chiffre that he's never going to break. Luckily for Bond, Le Chiffre doesn't last long enough to up the ante.
    • Repeated in Skyfall when Silva's molestation fails to disturb Bond.
  • In Julia X, none of the torture the sisters inflict on The Stranger seems to faze him very much, with him just regarding it as part of his 'date' with Julia. In the end, just before he dies, he even describes it as "The best date I've ever had".
  • Arthur Denton of Little Shop of Horrors (played by Bill Murray, based on a similar character in the 1960 movie played by Jack Nicholson) is a masochist who regularly visits dentists looking for pain. He goes to Dr. Orin Scrivello, D.D.S. because Scrivello is a sadist who delights in tormenting his patients, making him ideal for Denton. Scrivello keeps trying to inflict agony, but when Denton finally orgasms, Scrivello finally stops his work and yells at him to "Get Out!", since he can't get any pleasure out of inflicting pain on somebody who's enjoying it.
    Arthur: I've been saving all month for this. I think I need a root canal. I'm sure I need a long... slow... root canal!
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail features the renowned Black Knight who persists on continuing to fight when every single one of his limbs has been cut off by King Arthur, insisting they were only 'flesh wounds' and even called Arthur a fleeing coward when he was nothing but a limbless body on the ground.
  • A running gag throughout The Muppet Christmas Carol is Gonzo and Rizzo getting hurt by the characters who are oblivious to their presence. Rizzo is very unhappy about this while Gonzo enjoys every second of getting knocked about. At one point they're knocked off a windowsill by the Ghost of Christmas Present and when the scene cuts back to them Gonzo is laughing happily, much to Rizzo's annoyance.
    Rizzo: I suppose you enjoyed that?
    Gonzo: Of course!
  • Muppet Treasure Island has Clueless Morgan and company trying to torture Gonzo for information. They put Gonzo on the rack... of course, this is a Muppet whose idea of fun is getting keelhauled, so the only thing they succeed at doing is making his arms and legs ten feet long.
    Gonzo: I might even have a future in the NBA!
    • The DVD commentary put it best in its simplicity: "They picked the wrong guy."
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: Scott is only slightly deterred when Lucas Lee cuts him off with a sucker punch in the middle of asking for an autograph.
  • Invoked at one point in The Siege, when FBI Agent Hubbard semi-seriously threatens to send Elise Kraft, a CIA agent he caught illegally operating in and detaining someone on US soil, to the infamous New York jail on Riker's Island, and asks Elise if she knows what will happen to a petite woman like herself in jail. Elise responds by licking her lips and saying "Yum", which does a pretty good job of undermining Hubbard's threat.
  • Gene Wilder pretends to be this way in Stir Crazy when the warden is trying to force him to join the prison rodeo.
  • Used and ultimately subverted in Street Fighter. When Honda is being tortured by one of Bison's mooks, it seems like a straight use of the trope, since it looks like he's enjoying it and has a peaceful smile on his face. The subversion kicks in after the guard leaves when his ally Balrog cringes at the damage done to him and Honda, clearly in pain, explains, "I'm Sumo, brother. My body can be in one place, my mind another."
  • The Suicide Squad sees the extent of the Thinker's Dirty Old Man tendencies include this as when Ratcatcher asks if he wants dozens of rats going up his ass, he responds that his answer might surprise her. Then again, given what's implied about the man, this isn't even the worst thing about him.
  • In Top Secret!, Nick Rivers is being beaten for information by two henchmen. During the beating, he passes out and has a nightmare that he is back in high school, but discovers to his horror that he is late for the final exam and hasn't studied. He then comes around as the two henchmen has strung him up and are starting to whip him, and is relieved that it was All Just a Dream and he is only being tortured for information.
  • In Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, our Damsel in Distress tries to threaten the main goon with mace. This proves to be ineffective after he corrects her that it's actually pepper spray and then proceeds to spray some into his mouth to "clear the sinuses".
  • Vampire in Brooklyn: "Interesting. I've been stabbed, and I've been hanged, and I've been burned. Even broken on the rack once, but I've never been shot before. Kind of itches a little!" And then to demonstrate the fact he puts his finger inside the hole and wiggles it a bit.
  • In Wasabi's first scenes, Hubert is tasked with interrogating a transvestite of this ilk. After a violent punch that makes him spit teeth, he compliments his captor: "You really know how to talk to women."
  • In Videodrome, jaded psychotherapist Nikki Brand has Max Renn thrust a hatpin through her earlobes during sex, idly burns herself on the breast with a cigarette during a relaxing moment, and eventually runs off to Pittsburgh to audition for a reality show in which people are savagely tortured for the amusement of the television audience.
  • In Vigilante Diaries, resident pervert Hanover keeps hitting on Torture Technician Raven the entire time she is attempting to torture him.
  • In the 1988 horror film Waxwork, one of the characters is drawn into a scene where no less than the Marquis de Sade whips her for the amusement of the King, promising to turn her over to the King's pleasure before whipping her to death. Cut to the character's boyfriend, frantic to rescue her. Cut back to the whipping scene, where an astonished Marquis marvels that not only did she withstand such a brutal beating, but that she actually had an orgasm from it, after which she throws herself at his feet and begs him to beat her again.

  • A joke, popular in Russia. Mom and Dad have found their son's stash of BDSM porn. Mom: "OK, what should we do with our son?" Dad: "Well, I guess corporal punishment is out of the question".

  • Played dead straight in Anita Blake. The villain Gabriel's dream was to be slowly killed by Anita. Nathaniel, a protagonist, was also quite the masochist. As well as Narcissus, who was more of a grey character. Gabriel actually wanted to rape, kill and eat Anita, while she was armed and doing her best to kill him. He was very masochistic, not suicidal. And he's never actually tortured. Also, Nathaniel has limits, but Raina and Gabriel broke him so that he was incapable of saying "no". He is shown badly hurt and clearly not enjoying it in "Narcissus in Chains" (pinned to the wall by multiple blades) and mentions that he was enjoying prostituting himself until he was gutted in "Burnt Offerings", but not during or after.
  • In the Italian fantasy novel Balthis the Adventuress, there's an entire underground subrace that lives by this trope: they sleep in hard stone beds, eat and drink awful-tasting things daily and often flail and beat each other up as a form of greetings. When we get to see one of their own kind "tortured", we see her sit on comfortable pillows, with no chains or restrains and with delicious food and excellent wine. And she complains a lot for it.
  • In Robert Rankin's The Book of Ultimate Truths, a group of monks seems to have a fascination with paintings of martyrdom — naked, buffed martyrdom. Captured by the Big Bad, the Abbot — bound, gagged, and naked apart from a gossamer posing pouch — seems to be having a wonderful time.
  • According to Anthony Blanche in Brideshead Revisited, a group of students were about to throw him in a fountain but were put off when Blanche claimed he would enjoy it too much.
  • The Diamond Age involves someone who reacts to a seemingly horrific form of torture (direct pain-nerve stimulation) as if being tickled because he's got nanobots installed in his body to counteract it. His torturers simply decide to do things the old-fashioned way.
  • Invoked but averted in Doctrine of Labyrinths when villain Edwin Beckett uses this trope as his Jerk Justification. He claims that violently beating and gang-raping Felix was perfectly okay because Felix is a "shadow" (an in-universe BDSM term for a submissive gay man), suggesting that someone who likes to be dominated during consensual sex will automatically enjoy any pain and humiliation they are subjected to. Felix strongly disagrees.
  • Doctor Who Expanded Universe:
    • When the Doctor is psychically tortured in the Expanded Universe novel Return of the Living Dad by reliving painful memories, the pain he's experienced turns out to be more than the psychic torturing him can cope with. So instead, the torturer takes his most pleasurable memory (a nice cup of tea) and increases the sensation a million times, at which point he breaks.
    • Semirhage does this intentionally in The Wheel of Time. Apparently, nobody trains their operatives to resist intense pleasure, so it works better than pain in some cases.
    • A couple of the Eighth Doctor Adventures novels feature this as regards to the Doctor's companion and the TARDIS's resident Lovable Sex Maniac Fitz. Subverted in one, in which he is hit with a whip and learns he doesn't get the appeal at all. In another (Mad Dogs And Englishmen), he, the Doctor, and fellow companion Anji are stripped and collared by space poodles. Anji hates it, the Doctor is wholly indifferent, and Fitz...
      "Fitz," Anji hissed. "Are you telling me you really don't mind trotting around starkers in a collar and lead?'
      He grinned. "Are you kidding?"
    • Referenced in Ghost Ship when the Fourth Doctor converses with his Temporary Love Interest about her favourite poets:
      "Oh please," she said, scowling. "Come the revolution, he'd be the first one I'd have lined up against the wall, given a last cigarette and then, you know, horsewhipped to death."
      "He would probably have quite enjoyed that, you know?" I noted, speaking from a keen personal knowledge of the man.
    • Implied in the Short Trips and Sidesteps story "A Town Called Eternity" when the Fifth Doctor survives being hanged thanks to his respiratory bypass system. He notes in his internal monologue that hanging was not a means of execution on Gallifrey, but a 'risky hobby for seedy Cardinals with regenerations to spare'.
  • In one of the Dragonlance prequels, some minotaurs attempt to torture Sturm Brightblade and Tasselhoff Burrfoot. Sturm, being a Solamnic Knight, stoically endures everything with nary a change of expression. Tasselhoff, on the other hand, helpfully makes suggestions to his torturer. Being a Kender, he's incapable of feeling fear, and his bones are difficult to break — and heal quickly. Thus, the worst thing the minotaurs can do is to bore him by trying the same form of torture for more than ten minutes, which is why he starts making suggestions. In the end, the torturer might have come away from the session feeling worse than his victim — if nothing else, he probably got a nasty headache.
  • Dune: In Hunters of Dune, a group is trying to reawaken the memories of a ghola of the Baron Harkonnen, which is usually accomplished by pushing someone to breaking point with some great trauma. However, he proves too kinky to torture and the only thing that eventually works is sensory deprivation.
  • Eight Worlds: The Charonese from The Golden Globe have turned pain into a religion. When "Sparky" Valentine tells Isambard Comfort that his sister died in pain, he replies 'Good'. Isambard eventually gets his just desserts when his pain nerves are permanently destroyed by our hero.
  • In "The Hellbound Heart", the Cenobites (or Order of the Gash) inflict their tortures and deformities on themselves for novelty's sake.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:
    • Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect are captured early on by the Vogons. The Vogon captain proceeds to read his poetry, the third worst in the universe, but Arthur bluffs his way out of it, claiming that he actually enjoyed the poem. He's lying; the television show displays him in the same pain as Ford, while the film simply shows him confused but certainly uncomfortable. He and Ford start an improvised literary analysis, but the captain is not convinced and dumps the two out an airlock. Fortunately, they are rescued. It's possible that Arthur was better able to resist the torture than Ford due to indirect Earthling exposure to the worst poetry in the universe: that of Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Greenbridge, Essex.
    • Ford Prefect is implied to have a version of this related to the Janx Spirit drinking game, in which the eventual loser is forced to perform a forfeit, "which was usually obscenely biological". It then states that Ford Prefect usually played to lose.
  • Rei Taylor of I'm In Love With the Villainess is very open about how much she enjoys the abuse and punishment dealt by her love interest and eventual employer, Claire François. Claire is more often than not disturbed and bothered by this, though it ultimately doesn't stop her from trying until she falls in love with Rei.
  • Averted, ironically, in Kushiel's Legacy. The heroine is an anguisette, one who derives pleasure from pain. This doesn't mean she can't feel pain; it means than she experiences pleasure simultaneously with pain. When a captor begins skinning her alive, the sensation is so intense as to be torturous anyway. In the third book when she's trapped in the harem of a mad dictator, she doesn't exactly enjoy being done in the ass with a spiked iron rod either, and privately admits that this is about where she hits her limit.
  • Legacy of the Dragokin: The Mara race hate men and live to torture them but one of them found a guy like this who fell in love with her for it. They're soon Happily Married.
  • In Little Star, Max Hansen develops a masochistic complex after being wounded by Theres. When "the Wolves of Skansen" ultimately torture him to death, he has an orgasm.
  • In the Sidney Sheldon novel Master of the Game, sexual sadist George Mellis mentions that he avoids masochists when seeking out sex partners because they enjoy the pain that he inflicts, which takes away his pleasure.
  • In Matilda, Bruce Bogtrotter is caught stealing cake at school, so the sadistic headmistress Agatha Trunchbull forces him to eat a whole cake in front of an auditorium of students as punishment. Although Bruce initially hesitates, he ends up seeing the punishment as a game and eats the entire cake willingly as a middle finger to Trunchbull (it helps that he's fat and used to eating a lot). The entire auditorium applauds, and even when Trunchbull slams the tray down on Bruce's head in disgust, he just sits there and smiles in a cake-induced stupor.
  • In H. L. Oldie's "Messiah Clears the Disk", Judge Bao, a senior judiciary officer, is accused of treason, jailed, and whipped. First thing he tells his interrogators? He points out that the investigation is being conducted with gross violations of the Torture Canon, then lectures them on the exact sequence and timing of various pain-inflicting techniques that the accused must be subjected to. The chief interrogator makes sure the protocolist takes notes.
  • The Orphan Master's Son: Main character Pak Jun Do's training for the North Korean special forces involves lessons about turning the pain of being on fire into a warm, glowing light that illuminates one's soul, and how to retreat into a little private garden inside one's mind when in pain. He is in quite severe pain several times through the story, each time taking the opportunity to mentally revisit his fondest memory, his time on the fishing boat on which he worked before being drafted.
  • Paladin of Shadows: In A Deeper Blue, a drug lord kidnaps Mike's manager/mistress/etc. (It Makes Sense in Context), Anastasia, and tortures her for information. She's a hardcore submissive and enjoys it. Very, very much. It helps that the torturer in question is an ignoramus who fails to tell the difference between sounds made in response to pain and sounds made in response to orgasm.
  • The Pilfered Princess: Sarah annoys her torturer by orgasming during a torture session and spends the entire story begging Inferno to "rape" her. Because, frankly, the Dark Lord's ogres, trolls and other assorted underlings just aren't that good at the whole sex thing.
  • In the Saga of the Exiles, there is a character named Felice Landry. In one scene, Culluket the Interrogator picks her out of a group of prisoners to torture for information. Worst choice he could have made. Not only does she get off on his treatment she actually becomes a superpowered badass and enables her comrades to escape using the powers he has inadvertently set free within her. She later spends quite a bit of effort looking for him to return the "favor."
  • In Shadow of the Conqueror, one of the women kidnapped and raped by Dayless the Conqueror later defends him, calling him "gentle in his own way," expressing gratitude for the Child by Rape she had as a result, and saying that she doesn't wish him dead even though she knows he did plenty of other things to deserve it. Given that Dayless himself insists that he never treated his victims gently and actually subjected them to extreme psychological and sexual torture, one has to wonder what kind of sex this woman would consider to be rough. She seems to be the anomaly, of course, as the rest of the women he ravaged are perfectly willing to call him a cruel, perverse, sadistic monster.
  • Star Wars Expanded Universe:
    • Han Solo is tortured a number of times. His response is usually along the lines of "Is that all you've got? I was tortured by Darth Vader."
    • In a threat of torture for two, Leia followed up with "So was I. That was before we met."
    • Meanwhile, the Yuuzhan Vong love pain and torture, especially Domain Shai. Domain Shai's idea of a lazy Saturday afternoon involves spending time in an organic device called the Embrace of Pain. A young woman shaped by the Vong to be like them gets lines like these: "I'm half Yuuzhan Vong inside. The only thing pain would cause me is a religious experience." and "I know something about pain you don't. Pain drowns other people. I just swim in it."
  • Sword of Truth: Cara attempts this in Temple of the Winds. It doesn't work that well because the torturer A.) can read people very well and B.) can also use psychological torture.
  • Subverted with Tomasso in Tigana. He is known throughout the land for being an open homosexual and masochist, tells the reader about the time he was whipped when he was 12, and realized he liked it. But he is nearly driven to tears before the real torture even starts when the guards are allowed to "play with him."
  • Vorkosigan Saga: In Mirror Dance, Mark (the insecure clone brother of the usual protagonist, Miles Vorkosigan) develops into this. While captured by a Mad Scientist crime lord with a torture obsession, he splits his personality into five aspects; Mark, the normal, goofy businessman; Killer, the result of his assassin training; and Grunt, Howl and Gorge, representing Mark's sexuality, masochism and gluttony, respectively. The last three are used to withstand any and all torture while keeping the rest of his psyche relatively sane. Meanwhile, Killer and Mark are plotting a particularly awesome jailbreak.
  • In The Wheel of Time, the Aiel are very, very resistant to torture. Perrin only manages to break his Shaido prisoner in the ninth book by chopping off one of his hands and threatening to chop off his other hand and his feet and leave him like that. When Egwene finally masters the Aiel technique she starts laughing her head off while being beaten, much to her captor's startlement. Semirhage, as the best torturer in the history of existence, doesn't eventually get broken through torture but by the humiliation of being spanked by a woman less than a seventh of her age. Also, when Semirhage is captured, even though Rand doesn't allow Cadsuane to torture her, the Aes Sedai decides that physical pain will never work anyways; it's what Semirhage is expecting and probably looking forward to. Instead, she decides that humiliation is a much better tactic.
  • In Wyrd Sisters, the Duke is trying to scare Nanny Ogg by showing her his torture instruments. There are conversations like:
    Nanny Ogg: What's that?
    Duke: Ah! That is my IRON MAIDEN. Well, may you tremble, for—
    Nanny Ogg: Can I have a go in it?
    Duke: Your pleas fall on deaf— Wait, what?
    Duke And after that, we shall use FIRE!
    Nanny Ogg: Fine by me, it's bloody freezing in here! I mean, seriously, how much would it have cost to install some heating?

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Addams Family, as said above.
  • Battlestar Galactica (2003):
    • The torture of Gaius Baltar in the episode "A Measure of Salvation" is a subversion. While Cylon Number Three/D'Anna is torturing Baltar with pain inducers and psycho talk, Baltar tries to project himself to a beach to avoid the pain. There, Head-Six appears to him and coaxes him into having sex, with her which results in a rather explicit reaction from Baltar. Naturally, D'Anna is really weirded out. Seriously, if the guy you are torturing and who only a moment ago was writhing in agony suddenly starts writhing in arousal and yelling "I love you!" and "Don't stop!" over and over doesn't make you think he's gone completely bonkers, lost his marbles, or gone nuts, then you're probably unflappable. Also, he's a keeper.
    • Leoben Conoy, the crazy Cylon Number Two, actually falls in love with Starbuck while she's torturing him.
  • On one episode of The Big Bang Theory Amy has committed some minor transgression and Sheldon decides to spank her. She likes it.
  • Micheletto Corella of The Borgias seems to enjoy being whipped by Cesare far, far too much.
  • In Boston Legal, Garrett threatens to beat up an Amoral Attorney who is also a perverted priest (not that kind), but the man simply responds "what makes you think I wouldn't enjoy that?" That turns out to be the solution: a couple of slaps from Sara and he considers their business settled.
  • Buffyverse:
    • Drusilla falls into this category as a result of the torture and madness inflicted on her by Angelus. It seems likely that some of it is inherent to being a Buffyverse vampire but not to the degree found in this insane seer. As seen in the Angel comics when she is sent to Hell with the rest of L.A., but she sees it as her family's pleasant old home.
      Spike: I'll find her, wherever she is, tie her up, torture her until she likes me again!
      • Drusilla's response when Angelus says she isn't alone because she has him and Darla:
        Drusilla: Not in the least. You won't even hurt me just a little bit.
    • Darla in episode 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
      Darla: [to Angel] You're hurting me. I like it. [...] You're angry, that's good. You're hurting me; that's good, too.
    • All Girls Want Bad Boys met Happiness in Slavery, for Drusilla and Darla least in the case of Angelus. Soon enough, they were truly afraid of him; and wouldn't have traded it for anything.
    • Also, Zachary Kralik, a one-shot villain from season three, thoroughly enjoyed being burned by a cross in his... nether regions.
    • In 'Consequences' Faith informs Angel that "Safety words are for wusses" and later regales Spike with her history of enjoying being whipped by a former lover whilst dressed as a schoolgirl.
    • In 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered' Xander tries to fend off an amorous enchanted Willow saying he doesn't want to use force. "Force is okay" she replies delightedly.
  • Burn Notice
    • In the last episode of the first season Sam is captured and continually beaten for information by heroin dealers. He begins by complimenting their technique in beating him, subverts Torture Always Works by giving one false confession after another, and basically constantly mocks his captors and actually encourages them to kill him (this is both to psyche them out and because he doesn't want his friends to be killed trying to rescue him).
    • When the assassin Kendra is captured by the group, she decides to preemptively show them that they can't torture information out of her by smashing her own face into a metal table over and over. Even when she cut herself and was bleeding badly, she showed no signs of stopping until Jesse made her stop.
  • Carla Tortelli of Cheers loves abuse.
    Carla: Woody, you don't know what you're getting yourself into. I mean, those guys at Gary's are vicious. They could strip you naked, paint you red, and put you on a subway.
    Woody: They wouldn't do that.
    Carla: They did it to me. But I got the best of them.
    Norm: How's that?
    Carla: [chortling] I loved it.
  • In Chuck, Jeff is quite the weirdo. Tie him to a tree, inject him with sodium pentothal, he just thinks it's a party.
  • Community, milder than most examples here, but the Dean misinterprets Jeff's threats to step on him as some kind of pleasure to enjoy.
  • In Continuum, Kiera is roughing up Garza. Garza considers this "foreplay".
  • In Criminal Minds, serial killer Frank Breitkopf's modus operandi involved kidnapping a victim, injecting them with just enough ketamine to paralyze them, and then open up their bodies so he could remove all of their organs one by one. Breitkopf would get off on the look of fear on his victims' faces, encouraging his assault. However, he falls in love with one woman because, when she was incapacitated by Breitkopf, instead of being afraid of what was going to happen to her, she enjoyed it, thus subverting his plan, so he let her go so that he could pursue a relationship with her.
  • A variant appears in the Defiance episode "Slouching Toward Bethlehem". Nolan and Yewll interrogate a Votan spy, who also happens to be the BDSM specialist at the local brothel. The flaw in torturing him for information becomes obvious; the combination of him being Irathient and dealing in pain for a living means that his threshold for physical pain is through the roof. It's not that he enjoys it, per se; he can simply take it without breaking, and eventually, his captors resort to a Mind Probe instead.
  • Whenever something dangerous or painful would happen to Baby Sinclair from Dinosaurs, Baby would say "Again!"
  • A particularly dark version appears in the Doctor Who story "The Deadly Assassin", in which the Doctor reacts to Agony Beam torture with boredom, heavily implying that he's been through it a lot in the past.
  • Farscape:
    • Namtar can re-wire his nerve responses from pain to pleasure, turning a pinned arm near breaking into an intensely pleasurable experience. When Aeryn gives an experimental twist, his response is "Harder!"
    • Stark has spent so much time in Scorpius' Aurora Chair, he now appears to enjoy the process of having the memories ripped out of his brain and shown on screen, to the point of screaming "Again, Scorpy! Frell me again!"
    • In turn, when Scorpius is being tortured by the Scarran War Minister Ahkna, in between bursts of flesh-searing heat to the face, he waggles his tongue at her and remarks "I've been searching my whole life for a female like you."
  • In a third-season episode of La Femme Nikita, "Threshold of Pain", the terrorist Simon Crachek is captured by Section. The Torture Twins, a mousy-looking man and his equally mousy-looking woman both sporting large orange plastic briefcases, are brought in to interrogate him. Up to this point of the season, Madeline always sent them in to crack the more difficult prisoners, whereupon they'd emerge wordlessly a scene later, leaving the prisoner quivering and shaking and ready to spill his guts. In this episode, the Twins emerge after a session with Crachek, look at Madeline and shake their heads. Meanwhile, strapped to his chair in the interrogation room, Crachek has a big smile on his face.
  • When Pied Piper gets captured by the titular hero in The Flash (2014), he says he doesn't mind since getting grabbed and tied up by a guy in a leather mask is one of his fantasies.
  • Ghoul: Not played for laughs at all. There's a good reason why the captive is able to withstand any and all torture and is easily capable of turning the tables on its interrogators: it's Not Even Human.
  • House:
    • An unintentional example (although Dr. House might have gotten a thrill out of it). They put a teen with severe burns into a hyperbaric chamber (which would hurt like hell). Apparently, he's in so much pain that his brain confuses pain with pleasure, and he orgasms.
    • A less unintentional example occurs when House goes through Vicodin withdrawal in the season one episode "Detox". He's in severe leg pain after over three days without Vicodin, so he smashes his hand with a pestle to block out the leg pain and release endorphins.
  • Sam Puckett of iCarly is implied to be this. In "iDate a Bad Boy", she describes being tased as "not so bad; it's actually kind of a rush" with a rather wistful look on her face. In "iHatch Chicks", Carly bites one of Sam's hands for making a joke about fried chicken; Sam then implores her to bite the other one.
  • In an episode of The Invisible Man, the villain hooks Darien with a pain-inducing device to force him to commit crimes for her. Darien gets around it by deliberately going into Quicksilver Madness, wherein he's too crazy and is already in too much head-splitting ache to care about some puny shocks.
  • The Jackass crew certainly enjoy hurting each other, especially Johnny Knoxville, who often anticipates what he'll be going through unlike the others, who have more reasonable This Is Gonna Suck reactions. Case in point: the anti-riot claymore from the second film. Bam and Dunn are fearful, but Knoxville? "That is great!"
  • Once in Just Shoot Me!, Jack put electric buzzers on Nina and Elliot's chairs as punishment for making too many jokes at his expense. Nina enjoys the charge and asks for "two short ones followed by a long, sustained one".
  • One sketch of Key & Peele has Key and Peele play two men who have been captured and tortured by a Monster Clown. They end up enjoying it and viewing it as a profound and pleasurable experience through sheer optimism, which ironically winds up tormenting their captor instead and drives him to a mental breakdown.
  • There's a Running Gag in The Mighty Boosh wherein Bob Fossil, or anyone played by the actor, will respond to being tortured/raped/brutally murdered with "Ooh, ah! A little to the left!"
  • Mom: After a brief but intense affair that ended up hurting her, Bonnie realizes that Chef Rudy would probably take pleasure in any physical pain she might inflict so she decides to take her anger out on his incredibly expensive wine collection instead. It still ends up arousing both of them.
  • Hopelessly and hilariously inverted with Monty Python's Flying Circus' "Spanish Inquisition". Heresy is punishable by being poked with soft cushions or (gasp!) being placed in the Comfy Chair. Then there's the rack: a dish drying rack with an imaginary crank.
  • The Muppet Show: Gonzo's turn as the Sheriff of Nottingham goes off the rails because not only is he too kinky to torture, but he's also too kinky to torture anyone else, either — instead of putting Lynn Redgrave/Maid Marion to the thumbscrews, the rack, etc., he ends up subjecting himself to them with her assistance. The only actual torture she endures is fatigue.
    Lynn: Oh, good Sheriff, I can take no more of this. I've got to go and stretch out for a nap in my dressing room. Goodbye. [leaves Gonzo tied to the rack]
    • Animal is no stranger to this either. When Rita Moreno ends their performance of "Fever" by smashing his head between a pair of cymbals, Animal reacts with a delighted "MY KIND OF WOMAN!"
  • The entire run of Mystery Science Theater 3000 could be seen as an example of this directed at Cool and Unusual Punishment. The Mads' whole goal in life is to try and break Joel/Mike's spirit, but he and his robot pals just laugh at all the awful movies sent their way. Perhaps you wouldn't necessarily call that 'kinky', but it's gotta be somebody's fetish.
    • The bots sometimes show strange tastes. In "Gamera Vs. Guiron", the movie's character Tom is threatened with a spanking. Tom Servo talks back at the screen, "I'm Tom. Spank me!"
    • In Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, Tom ends up plugging a hole in the ship with his body, exposing his lower anatomy to the vacuum of space. His reaction is "I'm experiencing a sensation altogether new to me, and frankly... I love it!"
  • Izzy Hands in Our Flag Means Death: Whenever Blackbeard acts violently towards him, he seems to be into it. When Blackbeard cuts off his toe and forces him to eat it, he's almost delighted, because it means that Ed is back to his feared Blackbeard persona. He acknowledges this himself in Season 2 when Ned Low's crew tortures the crew of the Revenge, stating that whatever they do will just turn him on.
  • In Person of Interest, Shaw says that she "kind of enjoys this sort of thing" when Root threatens to torture her with a hot iron. Root is glad to hear this because she enjoys the torturing. This somehow jumpstarts a relationship.
  • In the first episode of Rome, Roman legionnaire and Boisterous Bruiser Titus Pullo is whipped as punishment for breaking formation and then brawling with his superior when ordered back. While it's likely simple tough guy bravado, when the flogging ends he asks if that's all he's getting, and quips that he was just starting to enjoy himself.
  • Saturday Night Live:
    • A Charles Dickens parody ("Miles Cowperthwaite") has the young protagonist on board Her Majesty's ship "The Raging Queen", where discipline is rigidly enforced and enthusiastically accepted.
      Captain Ned:' Is this how men act on a man’s ship? Where is your manliness? Fighting on deck is a serious breach on my articles of strict discipline! I’m afraid the guilty party is in for a very severe punishment!
      Sailor #1: Captain... I did indeed take Mr. Spunk’s spot. I’m ready to accept my punishment...
      First Mate Spunk: Captain! I threw the first blow. If anyone is to be punished, let it be me. I ask only that whatever you do, please don’t put me in a tight-fitting Lassie costume and make me eat from a monogrammed dog dish!
    • When Dakota Johnson hosts to promote Fifty Shades of Grey, a man slaps her character across the face, to which she responds "Harder!"
  • The contestant in Pod #9 in Solitary 3.0 exhibits such behavior during the metal clips treatment. All the other contestants scream in agony as 40 hard metal clips are attached around their body. Unbeknownst to them, contestant #9 acts nonchalant about the whole thing and even seems enthusiastic about furthering the "torture". Later, when another contestant gets to punish someone of their choosing with a second 10-clip treatment, she chooses #9, unaware of his preference for the "torture". #9 proceeds and mocks the treatment by feigning pain, then laughing about it.
  • In one episode of Sons of Anarchy, Tig is captured by a crew of bounty hunters. He insults one of them to provoke a beating and seems to enjoy it. In a later episode, he says something to the effect of "I don't know if this is good or not, but I'm totally hard right now" while Tara is busy picking a bullet out of his buttcheek.
  • In Stargate Atlantis, Larrin once experiences the terror of being fed on by a Wraith, a process which is known to be extremely painful and causes Rapid Aging in the subject. Sheppard forces the alien to return the lifeforce it took from her, after which a once-again young Larrin remarks with a confused grin that "It felt kinda good". In fact, this is how Wraith worshippers are trained by their masters: the worshipper is fed upon until he or she is on the brink of death, then the Wraith gives it all back. Rinse and repeat over and over again until the subject swears loyalty.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
    • Cardassian tailor Elim Garak is a former secret operative and assassin of the Cardassian Obsidian Order. In "The Wire", Dr. Bashir discovers that Garak has an implant in his brain that is wired to stimulate the pleasure centers of his brain to produce large amounts of endorphins whenever Garak suffers strong physical pain. Originally, it was meant to "protect" Garak against physical torture. During his exile among Bajorans (who hate Cardassians), humans and other aliens, Garak built a device that allowed him to remotely control the implant and turn it on or off whenever he wanted. At first, Garak had merely planned on using the implant from time to time, whenever the stress and depression of eking out an existence as a humble tailor on a space station among hostile aliens became too much for him. But one day, as he admits to Dr. Bashir, he turned the implant on and never turned it off; he became addicted to the high endorphin levels.
    • The Mirror Universe counterpart of Kira, 'the Intendant', seems to like the idea of torture. When she's captured by the Rebels, she advises Mirror-Julian to turn up the setting on his 'little toy' (an Agony Beam).
  • Star Trek: Voyager: Played for Laughs with the "Captain Proton" holoprogram. In "Thirty Days", Ensign Kim (playing Proton's sidekick Buster Kincaid) has been captured and chained up by the Twin Mistresses of Evil (played by the ship's babes, Megan and Jenny Delaney from Stellar Cartography).
    Buster/Kim: Torture me all you want, Demonica, I'll never crack!
    Demonica/Jenny: Oh, but you will.
    Malicia/Megan: By the time we're through with you, you'll be begging to tell us everything you know.
    Demonica/Jenny: You'll be our puppet.
    Malicia/Megan: Our slave.
    Buster/Kim: [enthusiastically] Great! You're doing great!
    [Tom Paris (playing the hero Captain Proton) bursts into the room waving a Ray Gun]
    Proton/Paris: You're done for, Demonica!
    Malicia/Megan: Malicia! She's Demonica.
    Proton/Paris: Whatever. You two are going to jail for a very long time.
    Buster/Kim: I've got everything under control, Proton! Shouldn't you be getting back to Headquarters?
  • Supernatural:
    • Many characters claim this over the course of the show in response to torture, although it's usually just meant to piss off the torturer as they're still in agony when it's actually applied. One of the few who doesn't even display any physical signs of discomfort is the Alpha Vampire when he's captured interrogated via Electric Torture.
      Alpha Vampire: [bored] Ow. Please, stop. That hurts.
    • This trope is also Crowley's reason for changing Hell from physical torture to an eternal waiting line in "The Man Who Would Be King".
      Crowley: See, problem with the old place was most of the inmates were masochists already. A lot of "thank you, sir. Can I have another hot spike up the jacksie?" But just look at them. No one likes waiting in line.
    • In "Devil May Care", Crowley himself is captured and interrogated by the Winchesters.
      Crowley: Torture? Brilliant. Can't wait to see Sam in stilettos and a leather bustier, really putting the S-A-M into S and M. Honestly, boys, what are you going to do to me that I don't do to myself just for kicks every Friday night?
  • Tales from the Crypt has the Crypt Keeper who, in addition to reading the audience the titular tales, amuses himself by inflicting Self-Harm and various forms of torture. And his response every time will always be cackling laughter and sometimes a Hurricane of Puns. As the epilogue of Demon Knight shows, he likes being decapitated.
  • The Tick (2001) has a variation — Captain Liberty is too self-centered to psychologically torture. In a Silence of the Lambs parody, the Terror has driven his third cop to suicide by way of Hannibal Lecture. Captain Liberty volunteers to keep an eye on him. When he tries probing into her psyche, she unloads so many issues, insecurities and shallow drama that he ends up begging to pledge guilty.
  • Titans (2018): Beast Boy has been locked up in a cage and zapped with a cattle prod by a Mad Scientist trying to study his shapeshifting, so he pretends this trope as an act of defiance.
    Gar: Oh, that felt good!
    Scientist: Don't worry. It's going to feel much, much better.
  • Torchwood: No matter what punishment someone gives him, Captain John Hart manages to turn it into a fetish:
    Gwen: ON YOUR KNEES!
    Captain John: Honestly, it's always sex, sex, sex with you people.
  • True Blood:
    • Maryann's reaction to being bitten by Bill. "Yes! Ravage me! Ravage me!" Plus, she probably knew that her blood was toxic to Bill, since she is a supernatural being.
    • Maryann again in the Season 2 finale, when being impaled by a bull.
    • The bar is set even higher in Season 3. At the end of Episode 3, Bill and Lorena have a very violent sexual encounter in which Bill (pissed off beyond belief) twists Lorena's head 180 degrees. Lorena's response:
      "Oh, William, I so love you."
  • The Umbrella Academy (2019): Klaus is kidnapped and tortured by Hazel and Cha-Cha for the location of Number Five. He ends up having such a good time that they have to give each other pep talks to keep going. What ends up breaking him in the end turns out to be dangling his drug stash in front of him (since by then he's well into withdrawal).
  • The Vampire Diaries: Vampire Elena has turned off her emotions and Stefan and Damon are trying to find a way to elicit an emotional response from her that will 'flip the switch' back to normal. They finally resorted to torturing her by exposing her to sunlight without her protective ring. Her skin starts to burn but she just uses this as an opportunity to mock the brothers again. Finally, she manages to get out of her bonds and stands fully in the sunlight. She is on fire and in agonizing pain, but she is having way too much fun messing with the Salvatores to stop.
  • Jade from Victorious is also implied to be this. In one episode, she's disappointed that something isn't painful, and in another, she says: "This is causing me pain, and not the good kind."

  • Adam Ant's song "Whip in my Valise" is about such a person.
    I can't thank her, my Sunday spanker
  • Tom Lehrer's "The Masochism Tango" features verses such as:
    Say our love is a flame, not an ember,
    Say it's me that you want to dismember.
    Fracture my spine and say that you're mine
    As we dance to the Masochism Tango.
  • The music video for "Happiness In Slavery" by Nine Inch Nails. A man walks into a room, gets naked, lies down... and then a machine rips off his penis and grinds him into meat. And he enjoys it.
  • The song "La Chanson d'Asterix" by L'Orchestre du Splendid is about a teacher quizzes his students about the titular character as if he was a historical figure and threatens them with bizarre punishments when they fail. When a student (stated to be head of the sex education course) incorrectly describes said hero as a typographical symbol, the teacher sentences her to be publicly flogged naked by the emperor's praetorian guard. She eagerly approves.
  • Angus von Ardingen's Song Der Masochist (the masochist) is about some torturers falling into despair over a masochist.

  • Done with Pepe Le Pew in Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball, who doesn't let getting sprayed in the face deter him from pursuing Honey Bunny.
  • Sparky from Metallica, who enjoys his electric chair too much.
    Sparky: My eyeballs feel hot!

    Professional Wrestling 
  • WWE's Mankind used to be an example of this, back when he first started, with the announcers going on and on about his seeming affinity for pain. It was then subverted, during a Worked Shoot interview by Jim Ross...
    Mankind: You know what you tell the people, week in and week out? You say, "Look at Mankind! I don't even know if he feels pain... or maybe, maybe he likes pain!"... What is it about pain that I love?... Is it when I can't get up when my little boy says, "Daddy, I wanna play ball!" and I can't do it? Is that where the fun starts? Is it where a doctor injects a 12-inch needle into the discs of my spine so I can wrestle one more day? Whoopee! Let the party begin!... All you've done to people is mislead them, and let them believe that I'm having the time of my goddamn life when I'm in pain!
  • Raven, during his WCW days, invoked this a few times. One of the most memorable being during his first grudge match against Chris Benoit; when caught in the Crippler Crossface (Benoit's Finishing Move), he started laughing.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Exalted has a fighting style called Laughing Wounds, pioneered by the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears, who may very well be the physical incarnation of this trope. To give you an idea of what it's like, one of the first Charms one can learn in the style allows you to turn wound penalties into attack bonuses. And yes, whips and chains count as form weapons, and a BDSM sense of fashion is included.
  • In the Forgotten Realms setting exists the goddess Loviatar, The Maiden of Pain. Similarly to the Dark Mistress from Dungeon Keeper as mentioned below, her worshipers absolutely adore pain, both inflicting it and experiencing it—in a battle too. This goes double for Loviatar herself, who will actually wade into a pitched battle solely to get injured and experience the sensations.
  • Pathfinder gives us the god Zon-Kuthon. Estranged brother of the Goddess of Love, he presides over darkness, suffering, and sadomasochism. He is depicted in styles reminiscent of the Cenobites, having flayed and pierced his flesh countless times. His priesthood's creed is 'Experience Without Limits', and one of their most holy ceremonies involves stripping one of their number of limbs, eyes, ears, tongue, and lips (and often eating them in the process), leaving a head and torso which are kept alive to be violated and tortured ever after. They call this 'The Joymaking', and the victims are high ranking priests. They don't just volunteer, they demand it be done to them.
  • In Deep 7's Red Dwarf Roleplaying game (yes, it exists), humans get extra dice to their fortitude because of this trope. They're crazy enough to enjoy things like Yanni concerts and five-alarm curries.
  • In the universe of Sentinels of the Multiverse, coming back from the dead is generally a miserable experience; Mr. Fixer, for example, was reduced to a rage-driven undead creature until the rest of the Dark Watch could figure out a solution. However, Spite seems to view his resurrection as entirely awesome and relishes the opportunity to mock the Wraith about it. As the creators put it on their lore podcast, "Coming back from the dead is always a horrible time, but Spite was fine with it because he's into horrible times." Subverted when Spite found out Immortality Hurts - Gloomweaver had bound his soul to his body tightly enough that he couldn't die again, even after an absolute raft of suffering and injury. And the entire thing was a trap designed to turn Spite's corpse into a springboard for Gloomweaver to escape the Realm of Chaos - when he's had his fun, Gloomweaver takes over the body, and while it's not clear what happens to Jonathan Donovan's soul, that's the last anyone hears of Spite.
  • This is why the Inquisition in Warhammer 40,000 hate having to deal with Chaos cultists from the Slaanesh faction. At least one Inquisitor found a sensory deprivation tank the best option. Makes sense.
    • Whatever you do to Slaaneshi Cults, if they win, they get the high of winning. If they lose, they get an experience of loss to savor. In fact, in a Ciaphas Cain novel at least one of the Slaaneshi cultist got off on being killed, and the others were fighting each other to get hacked to pieces, which lead to a great deal of Squick from Cain when he realised that they were actually getting sexual pleasure from being slaughtered.
    • One example of this is towards the end of the novel Fulgrim where one of Ferrus Mannus' bodyguards is about to crush a fallen Emperor's Children legionnaire, the legion that fell to Slaanesh, who took a full hit from a flamethrower and pauses when he sees the look on the Marine's face isn't pain from having his entire body burned with futuristic napalm but ecstatic pleasure. This pause doesn't end well for said bodyguard.
    • Easiest way to deal with Chaos followers would be a Pariah — particularly a Culexus Assassin. Just force them to stay in its presence. Pariahs are utterly discomforting even to regular people, and even more so to those touched by the Warp. The "sensation" is not even pleasurable to Slaaneshi cultists, as it is actually a way of cutting off their sensation of contact from the warp, deadening a sense that they have based their whole self around.
    • Dark Eldar get bonus points by actually getting physically rejuvenated by torture. One book tells of some Space Marines failing miserably to extract information from a Dark Eldar captive through conventional torture methods because the captive got off on it. However, the Dark Eldar had a breakdown when one of them had the idea to lock him in an empty room with nothing to do.
    • Naturally, the same problem exists for Witch Hunters in Warhammer. One enterprising Hunter figured out a way around this, by numbing the cultist's entire body before proceeding, torturing him by not letting him feel it.
    • Fabius Bilenote , one of the biggest loonies of the entire Chaos forces, was once captured by Dark Eldar. Not only did their expert tortures prove totally ineffective, Bile actually taught them a few things about torture. The Dark Eldar were suitably impressed, and even let him study with their Haemonculi.

    Video Games 
  • Calisto Yew from Ace Attorney. When Franziska von Karma threatens her with her trademark whip (actually a riding crop in this case), Yew says it "kind of sounds like fun". Of course, there's still some situational squick: this is a flashback case, and Franziska is thirteen at the time.
  • Subverted by SIE from Alpha Protocol. She clearly gets some enjoyment from her own pain (if you attack her, she'll send you an email about how she enjoys pressing her bullet wounds) but when she is captured by Bravko, she can clearly be heard crying out and nearly sobbing.
  • Lucile of Asdivine Cross is constantly looking for new ways to inflict pain on herself and her fetish for it creeps the other party members out. There's even a stat counter in-game for how much damage she takes in battle.
  • In the PS2 / Xbox release of The Bard's Tale, as the eponymous Bard makes his way to battle Fnarf, the guy that follows him there disables magic electrical forcefields by jumping into them and getting electrocuted. However, he claims to enjoy (and even anticipate) it, to which the Bard amusedly remarks "And they call me a deviant!"
  • In a similar light, in BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, Relius' Astral Heat has several characters in compromising positions. But while the commentary for various characters is along the lines of disgust, Azrael basically asks him "That all you have?"
    • The same move puts Nine the Phantom in a cauldron to be boiled alive. She looks more like Relius interrupted her bath. Considering Nine's character, it's this trope crossed over with her knowing how powerful she is and not giving a toss.
    • In Bang's gag reel, Azrael makes several comments about how lame the various tortures happen to be - he compares the cold of round 2 unfavorably to Kokonoe's freezer, and even asks in round 5 to "amp up the juice" when everyone is being electrocuted. He even makes a snappy comment when being digested by Arakune! Ironically, his inability to register that kind of pain winds up getting him killed along with Bang, Amane and Ragna.
  • Doviculus of Brütal Legend is FAR too kinky to hurt. When fighting him, his normal combat banter is "More pain" and other such comments. Also, some of his attacks inflict pain on him, such as using his heart as a guitar pick and stabbing himself with a huge spear as a double team attack.
  • City of Villains' Silver Mantis, second in command to Black Scorpion, thrives on this trope. Almost every boss has dialogue as you damage them further, from 3/4ths to half to 1/4th health, and upon defeat. The average Silver Mantis dialogue sounds more like she's engaged in other activities. At least one defeat dialogue has her congratulating your character on really knowing how to treat a girl with an addition to call her later. This after you, depending on powerset, may have inflicted anything from blunt trauma to 3rd-degree burns to direct psychic assault on her mind... To being cut with steel claws by a shiny-black clad Catwoman look-alike.
    • Silver Mantis is more disturbing to those who have actually read her backstory. She grew up with an addiction. To having pieces of metal surgically grafted into her skin. Without anesthetic. If you look closely at her costume, you'll notice that it has a metallic sheen and that it includes small metal spikes coming out of her exposed skin.
  • Can be used to the player's advantage in Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. When talking to some of the less... 'friendly' demons in a battle, they will sometimes ask the player character to scream for them, or even state their intent to 'bully' the party (most likely with a hard-hitting spell). Being too eager to scream, or answering 'I want more!' to being bullied, will often make a demon flat-out leave the battle in disgust.
  • Mao from Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. Upon discovering that his butler has been experimenting on him while he was unconscious, he decides to march on over to him and demand video of it for his own viewing pleasure.
  • Deconstructed for laughs in one of Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance's Nether News reports, in which someone interviewing a Fight Mistress comments that he's always wanted to get hit by one of them. He ends up in the hospital after getting his wish fulfilled.
  • Subverted in Dragon Age: Origins by Zevran's dream - he may joke about being tied up, but the cold-blooded torture he suffered at the hands of the other Crows is clearly not something he enjoyed.
  • Hanch from Drakengard 2 does this too. Over the course of the boss fight against her and her pact-beast, the things she says (and the noises she makes) imply that she's actually rather enjoying getting the crap beaten out of her.
  • The Dark Mistress from the Dungeon Keeper series — where all other minions are sent to the torture-chamber to punish them for not working hard enough, thus scaring their colleagues into working harder — or for captured enemies, who can be turned to the dark side or into vengeful ghosts by the ordeal... the Dark Mistress is sent there to raise her morale. Actually, she tends to go there of her own accord, which can be troublesome if you've got many of them since they wind up taking up slots you could use for your enemies.
    • Have you ever wondered who is running those torture chambers? The name implies that she is sadistic and would probably prefer to do the work herself — in fact, if you have a victim in it and put one of these ladies in, they sometimes begin to work on the victims which increases the speed of the torture.
    • Also implied to apply to the Keeper himself, as shown by the phrase given should you end up with 10 Mistresses: "You have an excess of Mistresses. There's a word for Keepers like you."
  • In Guilty Gear Xrd, when Faust uses his "Stimulating Fingers of Annihilation" super, most characters are shown in a severe state of shock and/or pain. That is, except for I-No, who has a massive smile on her face when hit by it. Faust himself has the chance to shout 'MY G-SPOT!' in reaction.
    • Raven is an immortal who just can't die, and as a result he has come to immensely enjoy pain. Getting hit by other characters' attacks, including supers and instant-kills, excites him (as in, while there are attacks which the aforementioned I-No and Faust find terrifying, Raven doesn't mind at all), and he even further provokes his enemies to hurt him more. Furthermore, he is the only character whose instant-kill is also a Suicide Attack (immolating himself and his opponent), and he can survive even that.
  • While much of Zagreus's persistence in escaping Hades despite the many excruciating deaths along the way can be attributed to inhuman determination, it also helps that he actually enjoys pain. He even rekindles a BDSM relationship with one of the Furies tasked with repeatedly killing him.
  • The Black Witch in Immortal Souls is easily powerful enough to do whatever she wants, yet she'll willingly go along with being tortured, ordered around, and beat up if it suits her whims, and even claims to enjoy the pain. Lampshaded by a couple of the main characters when they can't figure out why she's cheerfully camping out as a prisoner of the Templars and submitting to their experiments when their control chip doesn't actually work on her.
  • In the game inFAMOUS the Big Bad of the story Kessler tells the protagonist Cole that in order to survive through torture and pain, in general, is that you have to enjoy the beating, even come to LOVE the pain. This is over the phone as Kessler had just gotten through torturing Sasha another villain in the story, despite Cole's indifference to Sasha as a person, as a result of her psychological torture on him and her sexual advances on him that he was blatantly uninterested in, he finds Kessler to be disgusting for torturing her.
  • Scarecrow in Injustice 2 uses his Fear Toxin to create his bizarre, unpredictable gameplay and disturbing visuals. Most characters are defiant that it can't affect them or that they are above their old fears. In one clash quote, however, The Joker cheerfully says 'More gas, please!' to which Scarecrow mutters 'Stop enjoying this'.
  • The King of Fighters has Shermie in this trope. Or rather in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, as her character portraits show that she is one of the few to not feel embarrassed about the skimpy outfits she's forced to wear. She actually looks like she's enjoying herself in all of her character portraits. Justified as she's into fashion design and styling.
  • Each of the HK-50 assassin droids encountered in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords has a slightly different personality from each other, and in the cut HK Factory level which was restored in he Cut Content Mod, the player can watch a series of “demonstrations” that one droid is performing for a couple other droids in each room. One of which sees a reprogrammed HK-50 in a force cage for the purpose of demonstrating proper torture techniques. As the instructor is introducing this segment, the droid in the cage interrupts and says, “Impatient Query: I was wondering when the interrogation begins. If you wish to skip straight to the torture, I am eager to comply.” Apparently, this was the third time that droid had interrupted, and he continues to do so throughout the exchange.
  • Love of Magic: MC tries spanking Molly to punish her. It doesn't work as expected. Later, he threatens not to spank her if she misbehaves.
  • Gray Fox of Metal Gear Solid blatantly enjoys being attacked. "That's good, Snake... hurt me more!" A milder example is MGS3's The Pain (doesn't blatantly claim to enjoy pain), and he's ambiguous. Could just be that as his beekeeping hobby probably involves insects attacking him, pain barely hurts ...or you could interpret it that he covers himself with them because he enjoys pain.
  • Ōkami: "The Labyrinth of Torment is for the enjoyment of everyone on Oni Island, so don't make a mess of it while playing."
  • Some Pokémon have an Ability called Contrary (Devil's Advocate in Japanese) introduced in Pokémon Black and White, which reverses the effect of stat affecting moves such as Screech or Tickle, effectively making the Pokémon qualify.
  • The Rabbids in Rabbids Go Home, but replace "kinky" with "dumb." They enjoy Video Game Cruelty Potential, and happily enjoy getting smacked in the face, having their features pulled at or exploded, and getting knocked around like pinballs.
  • Pawns in RimWorld with the "Masochist" trait receive mood bonuses directly proportional to how much pain they're in, up to a +20 bonus from going into circulatory shock. In fact, you can surgically implant torture devices called "mindscrews" into them for a permanent mood boost.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, you must free a pimp who is being held in a BDSM club. When you attempt to interrogate one of the club's...clients, the man actually begs you to hit him, saying how he's "been very bad." And no, the dialogue doesn't change according to the Player's gender.
  • Ryouna from the Senran Kagura series is a masochist, to the point of being thoroughly off her rocker. She loves it when other people verbally abuse her, openly enjoys getting beaten up in battle, and hitting her with a Finishing Move that results in clearly orgasmic moans and Ryouna looking way too happy in her defeat pose. Outside of combat, it gets Played for Laughs quite frequently, particularly when her twin sister Ryoubi reveals how to discipline Ryouna: act mildly disappointed with her. She'd just enjoy punishment, and she thinks being ignored is a game. But a light tap on the head and some mild scolding? She's horrified with herself.
  • Shadow Hearts: Covenant has this when the party is thrown in jail on St. Marguerite Island and held at the mercy of dominatrix foe Veronica. The player has to choose which character will be tortured by her from a list of each character's responses to the idea of being tortured, most of which are defiant or fearful, but one of which is ecstatic at the prospect. Since they're not lined up in the same order as the cast onscreen, you can only find out who said what by choosing each option, after which you learn that the one excited about it is not Yuri, as you might think, but Gepetto.
  • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero: In Jammies Mode, Rottytops has spent the entire story stuffed into Shantae's pillow. Rottytops didn't say anything until Shantae unzipped the pillow after the battle against Ammo Baron, and when she was released, Rottytops greeted Shantae with a smile on her face. Mind you, Rottytops got slammed countless times into monsters, lamps that catch on fire, boulders, and even a pirate ship: all while in an airtight space.
  • The Sims Medieval has an Interrogation Chair, a chair Sims can tie other Sims up in to extract information either by "Persuasion," which requires interactions the Sim will like, or "Interrogation," which requires interactions the Sim will not like. Some Sims you can interrogate will actually like being doused with water, and liking a Chinchilla Attack is not unheard of. Almost, but not quite, this trope, since the interaction still affects their Will and can lead to the interrogating Sim getting the information.
  • Kaguya from SINoALICE, befitting her Concept of "Masochism" enjoys the sensation of pain and the feeling of being utterly dominated by another man, and seeks out her author as she believes that her author can deliver her the greatest torment, but accepts punishment from others like the Nightmares. Unfortunately for her, she is much stronger than she expects, which leaves her disappointed as she easily slays powerful Nightmares she expected to hurt her.
  • In Six Days A Sacrifice, you can threaten an acolyte with torture unless he gives you information. He points out that, as a worshipper of what's basically the God of Pain, he's already done far more horrific things to himself than the characters can even conceive of.
  • In The Suffering: Ties That Bind the boss battle with The Creeper ends with the monstrous spirit being stabbed to death by his own conjoined whores. As their knife-like tongues rip into his stomach, he screams, "Yes! That's it! Faster! Harder! Deeeeeeper..."
  • Sapphine in Super Robot Wars: Original Generation 2nd Original Generatio orgasms at Perfectio's Despair Wave and that it was the best thing that happened to her. She even thinks that Perfectio is hot.
  • In one of the Team Fortress 2 promotional videos, Meet the Sandvich, you are treated to the inside of a refrigerator where the titular Sandvich resides. After the Heavy grabs the Sandvich, you hear the sounds of the Heavy attacking and the Scout begging for mercy while the Soldier insults the Heavy on his sloppy work. Which is then subverted seconds after. Then again, it could just be the Soldier trying to be Drill Sergeant Nasty.
    Soldier: You call that breaking my spine? You RED-team ladies couldn't break a spine if— *snap* AAAAGGGHH, MY SPIIIINE!
  • An interactive flash game on Deviantart called Tickle Attayo is entirely built around this trope, with Tickle Torture as the theme. As long as you don't go nuts, she enjoys it. The game was discontinued following the removal of Flash.
    • However, a spiritual successor called Tickle Kuri was released in June 2020 and is a subversion of this trope. Inititally, the victim doesn't enjoy it, but going overboard with certain tools will trigger arousal and turn her into a masochist until you reset the game. You can also do exactly the opposite, potentially turning her into an Empty Shell until you reset the game.
  • Tenshi Hinanawi caused the events of Touhou Hisouten ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody because she was so bored of living in Heaven that she thought getting beat up by the surface denizens of Gensokyo looked like fun. Her cutscene dialogue even asks the player characters to "punish" her. It probably helps that, as a celestial being, she's Nigh-Invulnerable.
  • Mettaton EX in Undertale will actually moan and say "Yeahhh!" when hit.
  • Homer Pieron from Valkyria Chronicles enjoys getting hurt, which is emphasized with a potential that boosts his stats when his health is reduced to less than half. To top it off, the animation for activation has him practically orgasm.
    • Edy's DLC has him encourage Edy to keep hitting him, causing her to remark "So pretty, so broken."
  • In A Witch's Tale, Liddell sees a torture room early on and admires it.
  • World of Warcraft has a situation that falls under the heading of this trope although it's not a literal example. In the Death Knight starting area you fight the Scarlet Crusade. One of the quests sends you out with a magical torture rod made by a literal vampire to get information from the Crusaders. The ones who don't give you information say some seriously disturbing things in voices that sound like they are being tased. Sure, they might just be bluffing...but seeing as the High Inquisitor Isilien they mention was heavily implied to be a Pedophile Priest, there's a very good chance they aren't. In any case, it's enough to give pause to even a sadistic undead monster like the character you happen to be playing.
Scarlet Crusader: You call this pain? I used to work for High Inquisitor Isilien, this is a normal Tuesday afternoon!
  • Albedo from Xenosaga. When he has his arm blasted off by Jr., he simply laughs.

    Visual Novels 
  • The members of Ultimate Despair in Danganronpa take this Up to Eleven. They fetishize the emotion of despair to the point where they not only enjoy making other people feel it, but will even commit acts of self-mutilation and murder their own loved ones so that they can feel it themselves too. At the end of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, the Big Bad of the series, Junko Enoshima, couldn't be more thrilled about her own defeat, since having her plans ruined so close to completion is some of the best quality despair you can get. She then kills herself in order to experience the despair of death, by putting herself through every execution in the game, in order, and she endures them all with a huge smile on her face right up until the final one, which flattens her with a crusher. However, in the end, she doesn't get what she wanted - the crusher is delayed for a second, and comes down right as she looks up; she dies confused rather than basking in despair.
  • Knight from Dot Kareshi is a tank character that enjoys his role a little too much.
  • Off the Cuff is all about playing as a protagonist who is trying to convince her captor of this. Though in some endings, she proves to be just kinky enough to defeat.
  • Trapped with Jester: If you slap Jester out of anger, he says that it hurts... before realising that he likes it and begging to be slapped again. If he doesn't get slapped hard enough, he'll consider you boring and leave.

  • Adventures of God: In "Why He Went To Hell 2", God sends a man to Hell, despite being a perfect Christian who worked at a soup kitchen and adopted a disabled kitten, because of his love of BDSM, sodomy, and masochism. When Jesus complains about his choice, God calls Satan and asks him how the man is doing with all the physical torment and sadistic treatment Hell has to offer. Turns out, his fetishes mean that place is Heaven for him.
  • In Drowtales, the Judicator Cas'nihlus is himself an expert Torture Technician, gets promptly betrayed by one of his allies as The Scapegoat and gets tortured himself. The ally who betrayed him is confident that he won't spill anything important due to this trope, and Cas himself starts singing a popular song as they're burning his feet. The in character commentary from the character's sponsor is also a classic example of this trope:
    There are a million worse things you could be doing to me other than just setting my foot on fire. No no no, get the one with the hooked end on it, there you go. Sharess you're terrible at this, no wonder you didn't make it into the Order of Salvation.
  • In Dumbing of Age, when someone draws penises on every whiteboard in the girls' dorm, Amazi-Girl immediately tackles Mike. She tries to interrogate him, but he's actually quite into excessive force, misconduct, and the possibility of being tied up.
  • In Evil, Inc., one villain is put into a kind of therapy where he gets shocks to the genitals every time he says a cliche. A few strips later, he's reciting cliches specifically to get shocked.
  • In Flipside, protagonist Maytag has learned to accept pain rather than fight it, allowing her to be virtually impervious to torture and even mutilation. One scene has her smiling gently as her arm is being eaten, much to the dismay of the person doing the eating.
  • Gloog from A Game of Fools, who, among other things, enjoys the feeling he gets from being shot by a laser gun. (although, as we see later, that's more due to Sylvester not really knowing how to use it)
    • Played completely straight however when Sylvester and Adam eventually do try to torture him, which ends up being far more torturous for them. He eventually DOES give them the information they want though, as thanks for how much pleasure they gave him.
      Gloog: I really did enjoy that wonderful burning pleasure you gave me.
      Adam: (embarrassed) Don't mention it...
      Gloog: You are a wonderful lover.
      Adam: I SAID "DON'T MENTION IT!!"
  • It's as much not understanding the situation, but Fooker from General Protection Fault shows signs of this.
  • In Ghastly's Ghastly Comic, Zsa Zsa (local dominatrix) said about Freddy that "I can neither beat nor fork the otaku out of her".
  • Girl Genius: André, just André.
    • What happens when a sadist meets a masochist: not always True Love.
  • Girly (here) features a torture chamber designed as a mock-up of hell, but when Winter and Otra arrive, there are only two prisoners. One of them is an immortal who loves being eviscerated. The other is a veterinarian who, while she has not shown any masochistic tendencies in this comic, is an Expy of an earlier character who has appeared in some less reputable comics.
  • Mimi of Grim Tales from Down Below seems to rather enjoy being beaten up.
  • A version that's oddly light on both kinkiness and torture - in Grrl Power, Sydney speaks dismissively to the waitress at a spicy-food-oriented restaurant, prompting the workers there to dose her food with "The Unmaker." To the astonishment of all involved, she loves it.
  • Achilles of Hello From Halo Head is definitely this. After being shoved away by Mars once, his personality becomes one of trying to annoy Mars to the point of kicking his ass, thanks to advice from his inner voice, and he will stop at nothing to try and achieve this goal. His enthusiasm over recieving the slightest bit of physical pain can get kinda concerning at times.
  • Equius Zahhak from Homestuck not only gets off on someone of a lower blood status defying his orders but also on being strangled to death by a bowstring.
  • Karin-dou 4koma: A furious Seren hangs Kinka from the ceiling in apparent rope bondage off-panel for a perceived wrong. When she realizes her mistake and returns to release her, she finds a very happy Kinka saying that she could get used to this as a reward.
  • Undead warlock Richard from Looking for Group. He was only trying to be helpful to the torturer when he pointed out there was room by his calf to insert another knife. In fact, when he was taken back to the dungeon he asked if he could have another go. He seemed to mistake the torture chamber for a spa. Oh, and he started singing during his torture sessions. Which rather unnerved the Legion soldiers. Though he did complain about the waterboarding.
    • He promises to write to his torturer every day.
  • Lighter versions occur in Ménage à 3:
    • Zii, as seen here.
    • Yuki shows shades of this at the beginning with her "emergency handcuffs". Later, Didi comes home unexpectedly and mistakes Yuki for a burglar. As Didi's tying her up on the bed, Yuki yells out, "Harder! I can slip out of these easily!" She even asks Gary for some clothespins!
    • Also see Yuki's happy place.
    • And DiDi tells Yuki while blushing to spank her some more if she must punish her some more.
  • In Oglaf, the "Justice" strip is an example of this trope.
    • One strip beforehand, the Snow Queen is stabbed in the gut multiple times. She innocently mistakes this as some sort of foreplay/sexual activity and moans in response, and even asks if she's "doing it wrong" once she realizes the stabbing party is not pleased with the outcome (because she isn't dead yet; in fact, she doesn't even bleed).
    • In one strip, a sinner condemned for liking butts is sentenced to an Ironic Hell of being crushed between enormous sweaty butts for eternity. Unsurprisingly, he's aroused and grinning like a maniac the whole time, to the concern of his demonic supervisor who's facing an inspection soon.
  • Played with in this The Order of the Stick strip, the Lantern Archons assume this when the Monster in the Darkness wants them to attack him with their rays of light, when really he just doesn't like the dark.
  • In PepsiaPhobia, Klepto is either telling the truth or using this strategy to avoid being tortured at all:
    Phobia: You know, some people whip their slaves for less than that.
    Klepto: Phobia, it has been my goal to be whipped by an Amazon since I was thirteen.
  • Sexy Losers: Yuuko comes back to life and plans her revenge on Shiunji for the things he did to her corpse. When she finally starts threatening him, he's excited by it.
    Yuuko: This murder is becoming less of a random act of revenge and more like a public service.
  • San: Three Kingdoms Comic's version of Huang Gai enjoys whipping too much that it scares the living daylights out of his officer (Zhou Yu).
  • Stated almost by name in this strip from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. The votey has Satan sending the man to Heaven instead, which gets the desired reaction out of him.
  • The grey aliens in the Sluggy Freelance story "Oceans Unmoving" are a bit weird like this, none more so than Murdock, who even likes to watch Dr. Viennason's DVDs. When he's put in futuristic manacles that cover his hands entirely, he wants to wear them permanently after he's been freed from imprisonment.
  • After the death of Pompey in Something*Positive, he appears in one of the 'Old Familiar Faces' arcs, complaining to the demon in hell that he doesn't get the worms eating his flesh or lake of fire torment.
    Pompey: I was just re-reading this travel brochure, and I must say I'm filled with disgust at the false promises.
    Demon: That's not a travel brochure. That's a Bible, and really I wanna know how you keep finding them down here.
  • Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic: Practically any scene where someone tries to torture the drow women Arachne and Charlotte. They like a well-equipped dungeon. Epitomized in the strip "Teach Me". In fact, when Arachne needs to punish Charlotte and feels really mean, she puts Charlotte in a cage in sight of the instruments... and refuses to torture her. Instead, she reads a magazine.

    Web Original 
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd:
    • It's heavily implied that the main reason why the Nerd keeps playing all of those shitty games is because he's a masochist. At the end of "Sonic 2006 Part 2", he is seen having a BDSM session with the titular game.
    • In "Spawn Games", after being killed and sent to Hell, he is offered a chance to be brought back to life if he can complete a selection of Spawn video games. To make it even more torturous for him, he must do it in "the most vile, despicable game room ever imagined by Hell", designed to break men's souls in mere minutes. He is unimpressed by it, as it looks exactly like his own game room. Except for the shelf full of copies of E.T. for the Atari 2600. The Nerd says his own shelf has even more copies of it.
  • CollegeHumor:
    • "Furry Force" shorts run on this, particularly the second one in which the villain's trap elicits... the wrong reaction.
    • In the video "This Kidnapping is SO Hot": A wealthy married couple is kidnapped for a ransom. They enjoy their kidnapping way too much for the kidnapper, to the point that he gives up just to get away from them, much to the couple's disappointment.
  • Decker Shado displays this in his review for Halloween (2007), getting off on Michael Myers choking him. Myers stops the choking after Decker utters the words "Oh, yes, Daddy!"
  • Diamanda Hagan tries to torture LC in Project Million. He thinks she's giving him foreplay.
  • The Dom Reviews redo of Starship Troopers sees Dom parodying the scene of Rico getting whipped — complete with Dom-as-Rico enjoying it after a short bit. Upon realizing this, the instructor calls it off and Dom-as-Rico begs for it to resume, even accidentally calling Zim "Daddy" before correcting himself.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • In Movie 8, seemingly the entire race of Shamoians are representative of this trope. They're enslaved by Paragus and his men, but very clearly get off on getting whipped and beaten. Their collective boner for punishment disappears when Broly prepares to blow up their planet, however; the gag subtitles indicate this as "HORNY x 0". They desperately try to remember their safe word (it's "broccoli") in an effort to get Broly to stop, but don't quite make it in time; when one of the younger Shamoians questions how they forgot their own safe word, the elder replies that "it was lost to time".
    • In Dragon Ball Kai Abridged 2.9, Gohan utters "harder..." while Piccolo is choking him; this is subverted in the next sentence as he meant "Fight it harder, Mr. Piccolo...", but it freaked out everyone enough that Piccolo just chucks him aside for making it weird. Then it gets played straight for real when Krillin gives an ahegao face while Piccolo bites his neck and gets chucked for making that weird.
  • DSBT InsaniT: Killdra has no problem admitting she's a masochist. For example, she eats ice-cream purely for the brainfreeze.
  • Glowfic has a lot of this, particularly in Effulgence, which is full of masochist characters.
  • In Goofy Wants His Money, a Subverted Kids' Show collaboration between Brock Baker and Damian "Makemebad35" Saunders-Baron, sees Goofy get off on Damian smacking him off a second story railing and into a pool table.
  • At the end of the Happy Tree Friends episode "Camp Pokeneyeout", Nutty seems to enjoy roasting his eyeballs like s'mores.
  • Helluva Boss:
    • In "Truth Seekers" Blitzo suggests that he might get off on being tortured during the government agents' attempts to interrogate him and Moxxie, which leads to them dosing them with hallucinogenic gas instead.
    • "Western Energy":
      • Stolas has been captured by Striker, and has already been established to be an intellectual who is an extreme masochist in the bedroom. The more Striker tries to torture him, the more Stolas just compares it to things he's already done with Blitzo, only Blitzo did it better.
        Striker: (holding Stolas at knifepoint) Being a smartass, hmm? 'Cause once I split you open and let you choke on your own Blue Blood, you won't be worth any more than the tombstone you'll be buried under!
        Stolas: Blitzy says far dirtier things to me with much sharper objects at my throat!
      • After Moxxie and Millie arrive to rescue Stolas, Moxxie invokes the trope in order to squick Striker into dropping his guard. It works.
        Striker: Oh, I forgot how easy you are to choke the life out of, little one!
        Moxxie: (wheezing) Harder...
        Striker: (lets go of Moxxie in shock)
    • In "Oops", Blitz and Fizzarolli both get their moments being turned on by Striker's threats.
      Striker, cracking his lasso like a whip: Now, I'm gonna break you like a fucking horse!
      Blitz: Oh, don't you dare talk sexy to me.

      Striker, holding Fizz in a headlock with a gun to his head: I'll at least enjoy gettin' rid of 'im.
      Fizzarolli: Okay... is it bad that I'm getting hard?
  • Apply this mindset to Trash Talk and you get Jerome Thug Love Jones. A troll who so openly admits to, and brags of, the usual subjects of online gaming trash talk that actually insulting him becomes impossible.
  • In LOLNEIN's song "Mother Nature", the Earth is portrayed this way, begging for more and more pollution and mistreatment. It comes off as creepy, and it's supposed to.
  • Mike BurnFire: After Zach empties a shotgun, then an assault rifle, into Mike for turning his grenade launcher into a kitbashed monstrosity, Mike admits he lied to get a rise out of him. When asked why, he invoked this trope.
    Zach: Why didn't you tell me before I started shooting you, then?
    Mike: Because I've developed a fetish for being shot.
    Zach: ...ew.
    Mike: Thanks for fulfilling my every need, Zach!
  • Edward Elric in Nullmetal Alchemist is this way in episode seven, when Barry the Chopper is about to kill Winry in front of him.
    Edward: You know, my life just seems to revolve around the grotesque, so I'm kind of drawn to it now.
  • This was the basic premise of an erotic story titled The Pilfered Princess. In addition to being erotic, it's also a hilarious, self-aware parody of many Heroic Fantasy tropes. The Hero and the Evil Overlord are both determined to carry the Idiot Ball in the name of enacting tropes, The Dragon is also the Only Sane Man, and the kidnapped princess is too kinky to torture. Eventually, The Dragon does manage to find a torture method that works on her, though: a chastity belt. The story ends with the princess becoming the new Evil Overlord and quickly demonstrating that she is Genre Savvy.
  • Invoked in a Quora story, where the writer claims to have sexually harassed his school principal and dean this way when being spanked as punishment for skipping class.
  • Hilariously deconstructed in Reflets d'Acide, where the villain Mortis uses the Priest of Pain Sacher-Masoc as his Mole amongst the other priest of Maender-Alkor, convincing him to work for him by promising him to torture him as a reward. Similarly, when the priests find out about his betrayal and attempt to interrogate him, they quickly realize torture won't work on him and are Genre Savvy enough to promise him they will hit him if he confesses. And it works.
  • Flameflower in Rogues is infamous for treating her captives in this manner.
  • Sailor Mars in Sailor Moon Abridged.
    Mars: (After being bitten by a snake) Ow! Oh, God... it felt good! Don't worry, Serena, I'm used to putting worse things in my body.
    • And in a far less subtle example, the moment where she demands some rough sex from the villain attacking her.
    • Sailor Venus as well:
      Malachite: I'm going to hit you with a beam now, that is supposed to knock you out, so I can molest you, take the crystal, and then molest you.
      Jupiter: No way!
      Venus: Me first!
  • The titular Salad Fingers appears to have masochistic tendencies, getting off to his finger being pierced and to his leg getting caught in the beartrap.
  • Well, if Spooning With Spoony is any indication, Sage is also this. Note: he was rather nonchalant about being roofied and raped by Spoony. Twice.note 
    Sage: Same time next year? [kisses Spoony on the cheek]
  • A running gag on Superdickery jokingly regards Wonder Woman as this due to just how many times she's been featured in various forms of barely-justified bondage on the covers of her series. "I'd make some crack about how if they really wanted to get information out of her, they should threaten to untie her, but it's just not funny anymore..."
  • SuperMarioLogan: In "Hide And Seek!", Bowser catches Chef Pee Pee spitting in his food... and gets mad at him for not peeing in it instead.

  • A non-sexual variant occurs in Survival of the Fittest v4, where Rein Bumgarner is well-known for enjoying pain, enjoying the adrenaline rush that it gives him. As a result, he actually attempts dangerous stunts partly for this reason.
  • In Ultra Fast Pony, Rarity enjoys pain. Threats of violence don't work on her, because anything her opponents can think of is something she already does for fun.
    Applejack: You take that back or I'll cut ya!
    Rarity: (defiantly) Oh, yeah, will you?! (hopefully) Will you...? You can if you want...
  • Warhammer 40,000 Joke Character by JoPereiraLolicron is too kinky to kill: "...she just keep going back for more". The only way to get rid of her is to fail at causing damage. But then she takes offence.

    Western Animation 
  • On Adventure Time, Jake is sick of Finn using him as a battle suit and seriously hurting him, so he does the same to Finn to get him to admit that it sucks. Unfortunately, even non-conventional forms of torture (getting Finn to read a boring book, embarrass himself in front of his girlfriend's family, etc.) prove ineffective, until the end when Finn is begging Jake to actually go through with his plan of making him jump in a volcano. Having his burns treated by Clown Nurses? Too much for Finn. Worth It for Jake.
  • Sheen from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius seems to get a kick out of being electrocuted. In "Krunch Time", after Carl gets electrocuted trying to remember which door has cheese behind it, Sheen is eager to take his turn just so he can touch "the shocky door" again. At the end of the episode, when Jimmy sabotages his perfect candy by having it electrocute people, Sheen is the only one who enjoys it. At the end of "Who's Your Mommy?", he, Jimmy and Carl go to Planet Shmengy to celebrate the birthday of Shmengo, Carl's adopted son who's an alien jellyfish. After Carl gets electrocuted from hugging Shmengo, Sheen hugs Shmengo and gets electrocuted as well. He then hugs Shmengo a second time just so he can get electrocuted again.
  • Archer has Cheryl, who's got a serious kinky side:
    Pam: Well, what's the poem gonna be when Cyril snaps and horribly murders you?
    Cheryl: ...I dunno. "World's Gushiest Orgasm?"
    • She has a penchant for provoking people into attacking her. During one episode she purposefully aggravates Lana so much that she eventually tackles her and beats her senseless. Another time, Archer slaps her, her response being shudder and smile, and then to angrily call him a tease when he refuses to do it again. She also begs a CIA agent with a stun gun to tase her, and when he says no, she tackles him, groans when it goes off, and thanks him when she sits back up.
    • The torture also needn't be physical, since Cheryl admits she's also turned on by emotional violence, such as being yelled at.
    • But the joke becomes a lot darker when she insinuates to the rest of the team that she was regularly sexually abused by her grandfather as a child.
  • On Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Red Hood, a heroic Alternate Universe version of The Joker, tells Silver Cyclone (the evil Red Tornado) that his electro-shock torture "tickles!" He seems to be bluffing, but then, Red Hood admits that he sort of has a screw loose.
  • Inferno from Beast Wars, of the Ax-Crazy sadomasochist variety. Quickstrike learned the hard way.
    Inferno: Ahahahahahahahahaha! Fool! Pain is my friend—allow me to introduce you to it!
  • Beavis and Butt-Head: Something like this is implied with Coach Buzzcut when he tells Butt-Head to "kick him in the jimmy". Butt-Head does so, prompting Buzzcut to turn red and demand he does it harder. When Butt-Head complies the second time, Buzzcut's response is a heated "EEEEEEEEEEEEEYES!"
  • In Dragons: Riders of Berk Ruffnut and Tuffnut take this above and beyond. They constantly abuse each other and clearly enjoy the pain. Also, whenever someone jokes about a plan involving one of them getting seriously injured or even sacrificed, the usual response is that they're happy to oblige.
    Fishlegs: In the past, I know Thor's enjoyed a sacrifice or two.
    Ruffnut: Let's sacrifice Tuffnut!
    Tuffnut: (ponders for a second) Okay. What time should I be there? There better be fire involved.
  • Captain Hero from Drawn Together, being a profoundly perverted parody of a superhero that gets off on most anything, from being smashed by a lead model of the Eiffel Tower, to having his intestines removed from his body. Given the show he's in, this is pretty much expected.
  • Ed in Ed, Edd n Eddy when Rolf attempts to get him to talk by dumping his head into a vat of oatmeal. By the time it's over (about a day later), all that Ed has said is "Hi Rolf!", and Rolf himself is nearly passed out.
  • Family Guy:
    • One episode featured a Cutaway Gag of the Griffin family being tortured by the Dungeon Master. Peter was being whipped, but casually made fun of the torturer.
      Peter: I'm sorry, were you just whipping me or did I just get bit by a mosquito? (Dungeon Master whips Peter again) Hey Lois, if you happen to see the Dungeon Master, can you tell him his grandmother was just trying to work me over?
    • The cow that enjoyed being milked and branded.
    • Stewie found Lois hitting him stimulating.
      Stewie: Come on, discipline me! Make me wear panties, rub dirt in my eye, violate me with a wine bottle— My God, I really do have problems, don't I?
    • Lois's interest in BDSM and how in one scene Peter shoots her and she excitedly demands that he "Stick your finger in there and twist it!" or when Peter started kicking everything after seeing Road House (1989), Lois asked him not to kick her, unless it was her nipple.
    • Another Cutaway Gag:
      Slave-driver: (whips him) What's your name?
      Tobi: Tobi with an "I." With an accent over the "I," and a little line over the "O" so you know it's a long vowel sound and not a short one. And sometimes I like to dot the "I" with a little smiley face or a heart or something. Something to brighten the reader's day.
      Slave-driver: (whips him) I asked you what your name was!
      Tobi: Honey, you keep that up it's whatever you want it to be.
    • Implied in the episode "He's Bla-ack" when Donna spanks Chris for breaking a vase. Towards the end of the episode, Chris approaches her, drops his pants, and says that "he wants to be spanked again"
  • Futurama:
    • When Fry first awakes in the 31st century, he's put through a machine called the Probulator that almost leaves him in tears. Bender later undergoes the same treatment and says, "That Probulator sure knows how to treat a man." Of course, seeing as how Bender and the Probulator are both machines, it was probably a little more consensual than when Fry was on it.
    • In Bender's Game, Leela is forced to wear an electric shock collar to discourage her tendency to violence. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), she comes to associate the electric shocks with the pleasure of beating people up instead of the other way around and starts to enjoy being shocked.
  • Bill Cipher in Gravity Falls shows a degree of this in his Grand Theft Me episode, subjecting poor Dipper's body to all kinds of abuse, such as tumbling headfirst down a stairwell and stabbing himself with several forks. He explicitly says that it's not a Feel No Pain situation, he just thinks pain is hilarious. Ultimately, however, it's subverted. Come the climax, the injuries Bill inflicted on Dipper's body, coupled with several days of sleep deprivation Dipper inflicted on himself beforehand, actually hinder his ability to acquire and destroy the journal. At that point, Bill suddenly realizes pain isn't so hilarious after all.
  • Somewhat in Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Razer's captors try to Mind Rape him into submitting by showing him his worst memories over and over again. He enjoys it because he gets to see his dead wife again, if only for a moment.
  • Johnny Bravo in the original short when a girl zaps him with a stun gun at the Aron City Zoo, although (like the series that would later follow) it just may be that he actually doesn't have a clue (and thus is actually that stupid)...
  • Kaeloo: Mr. Cat provokes Kaeloo into Hulking Out Once per Episode so she will beat him up because he actually likes it. Word of Saint Paul says that he is actually a masochist.
  • In King of the Hill, a pornographer makes a perverted website about Peggy's feet. Hank finds out about it, meets the pornographer, and gives one of his signature lines: "I'm gonna kick your ass!" The pornographer says "Hold on. Let me turn on the camera!" and sticks his rear out. Hank decides against doing what he had threatened, as he usually ends up doing when he makes that threat. Interesting variation here. It's not for him, it's just that he takes his job seriously, and is clearly a pragmatic businessman.
  • An episode of Moral Orel has the title character misinterpreting the preacher's sermon about renouncing worldly pleasures as getting rid of everything that feels good; unfortunately, what makes Orel feel best of all is his relationship with the Lord. He tries to counteract this by subjecting himself to 24/7 torture, but ends up... well, looking forward to his father's next discussion "in the study."
    Clay: You've been having whats? About who!? Doing WHAT!?
    (Clay holds up his belt threateningly, and Orel gives an aroused grin.)
    Clay: (Puts the belt back down, squicked out) Just go to my study.
  • Mort from The Penguins of Madagascar is too stupid to torture because he can't comprehend pain.
  • The 1953 Pepé Le Pew cartoon Wild Over You. Throughout the cartoon, the flirtatious skunk pursues a painted wild cat despite being viciously attacked by the feline several times. The cartoon ends with him telling the audience "Don't knock it 'til you've tried it." while in the middle of being mauled.
  • On Pinky and the Brain, Pinky ends up in a Fire and Brimstone Hell during the Halloween Episode and is subjected to numerous tortures... all of which he enjoys.
    Pinky: I must say, you really know how to spoil a guest. I mean, that sauna with the really hot rocks was to die for.
    Mr. Itch/Satan: That was a barbecue.
  • Played with in The Ripping Friends. The Ripping Friends train themselves to be physically strong by strapping themselves into a machine that gives them intolerable pain. Rip can take the machine turned Up to Eleven, and states that's when "it was just getting good."
  • Rocko's Modern Life: In one episode Rocko is in the yard, practicing his jackhammering, only he can't see very well, so he is about to land the jackhammer on Spunky. Heffer dives taking Spunky out of harm's way at the last second, but Rocko lands the jackhammer on Heffer's backside instead. Rocko apologizes for running him over, but Heffer says that he "kind of likes it" while biting the grass and looking extremely pleased. This might be more due to Kevlard though.
  • Homer, in one Treehouse of Horror short on The Simpsons gets sent to Hell for a day after selling his soul for a donut. Homer ends up in the "Ironic Punishment" division, where the demon in charge decides to force him to eat all the donuts in the world(!) in order to drive him insane, but Homer instead thoroughly enjoys the experience and keeps asking for even more donuts, much to the annoyance and bewilderment of said demon.
    Demon: I don't understand it. James Coco went mad in fifteen minutes!
    • A similar example also happens during one of his near-death experiences in "Homer's Triple Bypass".
    Homer: Oh, Doctor, I was in a wonderful place filled with fire and brimstone and there were all guys in red pajamas sticking pitchforks in my butt!
    • Another episode had Danica Patrick invade Homer's daydream, then Marge appears. The daydream ends just before the two start fighting. Homer comments he ended the dream too soon, but when the daydream reappears, the two women are beating up him. Homer comments, "What they don't realize is I'm secretly into this."
  • South Park:
    • When the boys approach Mel Gibson demanding their money back after seeing The Passion of the Christ, Gibson proves to be this. The problem is, the boys have absolutely no intention of torturing him. Nevertheless, he oils and chains himself up whilst insisting that torture will do them no good (especially if they torture him in just the right place, and maybe use some of those whips he has hanging on his wall). The boys are, needless to say, utterly freaked out by this.
    • Mr. Slave seems to enjoy all sorts of pain for pleasure. At the end of his debut episode "The Death Camp of Tolerance", he and Mr. Garrison are sent to the titular camp after the latter's get-quick-rich scheme is discovered.
      Camp Warden: Vhat do we have here? Noo recruits? I assure you, the next veek will be nothing but pain and suffering!
      Mr. Slave: Oooh, this could be kind of fun!
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • In "The Inmates of Summer", SpongeBob and Patrick accidentally go to a prison camp. They end up enjoying all the horrible mistreatment and punishments that the warden gives them, thinking they're just fun summer activities.
    • In "Ghoul Fools", SpongeBob's friends are sent to their own Ironic Hell to be tortured for all eternity. For Patrick, an anthropomorphic donut tries to make him suffer the same fate as Tantalus. However, it ends up becoming far more torturous to the donut.
      Donut: Hey, stupid? Don't you wanna eat me?
      Patrick: Not really. I don't like plain donuts.
      Donut: Well, what kind do you like?
      Patrick: Um, I like sprinkles! No, chocolate! No, a bagel! No-no-no-no, pancakes! No-no-no...
      Donut: Hey, pick one, so we can get on with your eternal torment!
      Patrick: Okay, okay! Man, you're pushy! How about... a Krabby Patty? With pickles! And ketchup! Wait, wait, wait, I know! I want... a plain doughnut!
    • "The Bully" reveals Spongebob is immune to a Flats the Flounder's punches because his sponginess absorbs the blows. He winds up sitting calmly taking the abuse while the bully wails on him, trying to get him to feel pain, until he eventually passes out from exhaustion.
  • Spy Groove has the Marquis de Guy, a French winemaker who is said to be "all M" when one of the agents calls him an S&M freak.
    Marquis: I wish they used the heavier manacles, it is my birthday.
    Helena: Shut up before I stick a cork in it.
    Marquis: Promise?
  • Lobo was depicted as such when he appeared in Superman: The Animated Series, getting off on the painful feeling of the Perserver's tractor beam and Lois slapping him, as well as stating he thought a night being tied down with razor wire ws a fun time.
  • In the 3rd Season Finale of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), Michelangelo is captured by the invading Triceraton Empire and subjected to the Psionic Extractor, a combination interrogation/torture device normally only used on the worst war criminals, as it extracts knowledge while painfully destroying the victim's psyche. However, Mikey likes it! He really likes it! For the kicker, the only info they could get out of him was his love for a "substance called pizza."
    Michelangelo: Dude! Why did you stop?! That was better than like a hundred million roller coaster rides in outer space! Can I do it again? Can I? Please!
    Captain Mozar: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
  • In Total Drama when one of the challenges the campers face is to withstand ten seconds of torture, Izzy gets the challenge of being electrocuted by electric eels. She enjoys it. "Again!"
    • She then gives herself a poison-ivy face-wrap.
    • In the same episode, Lindsey thanks them for putting hot, gooey marshmallows on her face and then ripping them off, though only because it was the best lip wax she's ever had.
    • In the episode I Triple Dog Dare You, Owen becomes this. The entire episode was a long game of truth or dare (without the truth part), and until Gwen and Owen team up, Owen gladly undertakes each and every dare thrown at him. The highlights include chewing Harold's saved and chewed gum, giving a bear a purple nurple, and eating dog food.
  • In The Venture Bros., Wonderboy (a Robin Captain Ersatz) states that as a result of years of being a Distressed Dude, he can't get an erection without being Bound and Gagged with a bomb taped to his chest.
  • In Voltron: Legendary Defender Episode 7, a cute alien girl handcuffs Lance so she can steal the Blue Lion. After the cuffs go on (and before he realizes what exactly is happening), Lance blushes and seems to be into it.


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