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Spot the Polka Dork.
Calpernia: All right everyone, gather round and take a seat! I hope you're all as excited as I am, because... IT'S LECTURE DAY!!!
Saffron: Ughh kill me now...

They say that you can't please everyone, but this trope is for when something meant to please a whole group of people only pleases one of them.

The thing could be some food, a drink, a joke, a story, a trip, basically anything, but it has to be designed to be enjoyed, however, only one person enjoys it.

This is nearly always Played for Laughs and usually says something about the sole enjoyer in question. Maybe they're very optimistic, weird or both. Maybe they "get it" while to everybody else, True Art Is Incomprehensible. They may also be stupid, or at least considered as such by the rest of the cast. If it's a joke, maybe they're easily amused or have a peculiar sense of humour. If it's food, they might be an alien or a pet or whatever with a different palate from the average human, or possibly just a human who eats weird stuff (it might also serve to demonstrate how bad a chef the cook is or that the cook likes to experiment). If it's an outdoor activity, maybe they're a Nature Lover.

When it doesn't say something about the character, it's often because everyone else is having very bad luck and the one person who enjoys it is just lucky. For instance, there might be a camping trip that's a Horrible Camping Trip to all but one.

It might also be because the character is the friend/lover/family member of the person who brought the thing into existence (told the joke, made the cookies, etc).

A common variation is having something meant to entertain kids that doesn't entertain them at all and the one being entertained is an adult. This usually, but not always, means they're a Manchild. It could also mean that the entertainment was too complicated for kids to understand (something too complicated for kids to understand may also have the sole enjoy-er be a Child Prodigy).

Can overlap with Stock "Yuck!", Incredibly Lame Fun, Stylistic Suck, Epic Fail, Low Count Gag, and Lame Pun Reaction, and can also overlap with Museum of Boredom, Tough Room, and Nature Is Boring (although those tropes are downplayed as they at least please one person). Compare and contrast the YMMV page Fun for Some, which is for when a few people find something fun that was never meant to be fun and Slow Clap for when only one person claps at first, but then gradually, everyone does. Also compare Abilene Paradox for when no one wants to take the course of action, but everyone agrees because they mistakenly think everyone else wants it. Contrast Somebody Doesn't Love Raymond, for when only one person dislikes someone. Can sometimes invert Even the Rats Won't Touch It by having only a rat or whatever want it. This is a subtrope of Odd Reaction Out, so Only One Who Likes Spam is the food equivalent.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • BlazBlue: Remix Heart: Noel is known for being such a Lethal Chef that none of her closest friends like her cooking. Except for Mai, due to her "super-taste" ability, she can sense the innocence and earnestness of Noel behind her efforts, which apparently makes it taste like heaven (to her).
  • Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon:
    • When forming the Ultra Guardians, Lusamine designs suits for the heroes that are Sentai-based because she thought it would be cool. Ash is the only one who agrees with her while everyone else cringes from them and finds the suits embarrassing to wear.
    • In the episode "Sick Daze," Misty made a stew with practically every ingredient and it turned out so inedible, Ash wouldn't even eat it. Hilariously Jessie enjoyed it, calling it a blend of sweet and sour flavors that tickled, teased and tantalized [her] trembling tastebuds, thinking it must be the creation of a genius chef. Adding to that is in the dub Misty and Jessie share the same VA.

    Comic Books 
  • In the Asterix book Asterix the Legionary, when Asterix and Obelix join the army, they are served soup, which everyone hates except for the British conscript (who, in one of Goscinny and Uderzo's many pokes at British cooking and the people who make and eat it, says it's just like the food back home).
  • Discworld: In the comic book adaptation of Mort, an added scene shows Death at the circus, where he's the only person in the audience laughing at the clowns (although whether this is because of the Discworld maxim that "if it was funny, clowns wouldn't be doing it," or simply the effect of his presence on everyone else is unclear).
  • In The Simpsons comic "The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth", Doug and Troy McClure make a sci-fi film which bombs because Doug decided to avert Acceptable Breaks from Reality, and making it scientifically accurate was more important than its entertainment value (there are no sound effects during the spaceship battles, and the spaceships move slowly because he wouldn't allow faster-than-light travel). The last panel of the premier shows that the entire audience has left in annoyance except for Doug and Troy themselves, and Comic Book Guy, who enthusiastically proclaims it "a triumph".

    Comic Strips 
  • In Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin's dad drags him and his mom on an annual camping trip despite their open disdain, and suggestion that they go somewhere, and do something, else. His main response to their criticism of their camping experience is that "Misery Builds Character."
  • One of the Fox family traditions in Foxtrot is a wilderness camping trip. Bumbling Dad Roger looks forward to it with great gusto, but the rest of his family dread it.
  • In Garfield, the eponymous fat cat often has to endure activities that a normal person might find mind-numbingly boring, but his owner, Jon, finds exciting.
  • A two-panel The New Yorker cartoon showed a group of old men at a party being served a giant cake you'd expect a girl to jump out of. In the second panel, the men are eating gigantic slices of cake, with most of them looking annoyed and only one smiling.

    Films — Animation 
  • Alice in Wonderland: When the White Rabbit introduces the Queen of Hearts at the croquet match, the spectators loudly cheer. But when he introduces the diminutive King, we hear only one spectator shouting, "Hooray!". Given this queen, the former weren't likely sincere.
  • During Coco, a trio of nuns are playing their accordions during a Battle of the Bands for the privilege to meet and play for Ernesto de la Cruz... and they only manage to get one patron to enjoy their music.
  • In My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks:
    • Snips and Snails are shown doing a freestyle rap that doesn't catch very much excitement from others, with only Pinkie Pie and Sonata Dusk liking it.
    • During the Rainbooms' "Shake Your Tail" number, their act falls humorously apart when the other acts sabotage their performance; during this, Pinkie Pie is the only one still having fun, while Rainbow Dash just gets mildly confused. Also, Celestia and Luna applaud at the performance happily while the other students are bored and unimpressed, because of the Dazzlings' spell.
  • One of the Camp Coral flashbacks in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run shows Squidward playing a song on his clarinet for a talent show. As usual for this show, nobody finds it pleasant... except for SpongeBob and Patrick, who stand there wide-eyed for the entire performance and give him a Campy trophy anyway after he finds out he lost the talent show.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Blast from the Past, Calvin, an engineer, has created a bomb shelter to protect himself, Helen, his wife, and their incoming son. When the Cuban Missile Crisis begins, he takes her to the shelter, to show her that they would be protected in case war broke out. Just then, a fighter jet malfunctions and crashes onto their house and Calvin locks them in the shelter for thirty-five years, thinking that the Soviets dropped a nuclear weapon. Calvin enjoys the fruits of his labors, while Helen develops a drinking habit due to the isolation and claustrophobia, and since Adam was born and raised in the shelter, only goes along with it because he doesn't know any better.
  • In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the tour of the chocolate factory is prefaced by an incongruous and weird bevy of chirpy animatronics telling the listeners how amazing its owner, Willy Wonka, is. The gathered winners and their parents just stare, unsure what to make of it... except for Augustus Gloop (and his mother) who can be seen smiling and dancing a little.
  • Coming to America: During the truly cringeworthy performance by Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate, the only one who likes it is Sweets the barber, much to the chagrin of his colleagues.
    • While Prince Akeem seems to enjoy posing as a blue collared immigrant laborer, his manservant, Semmi, constantly complains as to how men of their social class have to do tasks such as washing dishes and emptying trash cans.
  • Death Becomes Her: Ernest is the only one in the audience who loves Madeline's performance, as the rest of the audience leaves. He even gives her an ecstatic standing ovation, calling out "Woo!"
  • In Elmo Saves Christmas, Elmo uses a magical snowglobe that Santa gave him as a reward for saving him to wish for it to be Christmas Every Day. Unfortunately, Elmo creates a Bad Future as a result; everyone is broke due to having to buy presents and Christmas trees every day, the Fix-it Shop goes out of business due to it being closed on Christmas and Maria and Luis being out of practice, Big Bird is upset because Snuffy is still celebrating Christmas in Cincinnati with his grandmother and can't get back home to Sesame Street, the carolers have lost their voices from singing too much, and even The Count is sick of counting Christmases. Oscar the Grouch is the only one who loves it being Christmas every day, not just because of everyone else's misery, but also because he is getting tons of garbage in the form of wrapping paper and used Christmas trees. In fact, when Elmo announces that he is going to use his last wish to turn everything back to normal, Oscar protests and tells Elmo to use his last wish to get some new roller skates, since that was what Elmo's original plan was.
    • Likewise, Gina is the only one still smiling and enjoying year round Christmas, even though she also becomes less cheerful in the Bad Future one year later when she's suffering with her fellow carolers whose voice went hoarse.
  • Played for Horror in The Loved Ones. Lola throws an entire prom, in which her "date" is an unwilling participant, her mother is incapable of speaking or reacting, and her father is solely obsessed with her happiness.
  • In The Producers (1968), after the deliberately tasteless opening of the "Springtime for Hitler" musical, the audience is frozen in a collective Jaw Drop, but one lone viewer is elated and begins to applaud. Just when you may think it's a Slow Clap about to begin, everyone else turns on him and pounds him mercilessly.
  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country: When McCoy is on the witness stand during the trial, he is asked about his current medical status. He answers, "Aside from a touch of arthritis, I'd say pretty good.". A single Klingon laughs his ass off while the rest of the courtroom is dead silent.
  • In Dirty Work, the protagonists destroy a production of Don Giovanni with a combination of skunks in the aisles, homeless men squeezing through the seats, and their ailing, horndog father wandering onstage to hit on the performers. One opera patron thinks it's the most brilliant interpretation he's ever seen.
  • You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah: Aaron is the only kid who enjoys Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'", which earns him mockery from DJ Schmuley.

  • In the Dirty Bertie story "Burp!", Bertie is eating lunch with his friends and only he likes his lunch.
  • Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing: Similar to the Star Trek: The Next Generation example below, Peter's father makes an omelet of dubious quality (Peter notes that he used an entire carton of eggs, while his mother only uses one or two). Peter tastes it and finds it hideous, but pretends to like it. His father tastes it and realizes that he made a horrible mistake. He scoops up the other plates and throws the omelet in the trash. Fudge starts screaming because he actually liked it.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper has a knack for manipulating group activities so that they end up skewed towards his interests and predilections. Once Sheldon does that, everyone else in the group does not find the activities fun anymore. Especially because if they try to go against it, the Insufferable Genius gets upset, and Hilarity Ensues as he gets revenge or annoys the whole lot of them.
    • Also Raj is the only one among the group who enjoys murder mystery parties, mostly cause he throws them. Everyone else groans whenever he announces one.
  • Cheers:
    • A recurring joke in the Diane years is Diane trying to get the Cheers gang to enjoy something, and being the only one interested. Mainly because Diane's far more high-brow (or just sometimes pretentious) tastes clash with the far more low-brow ones of the others, and Diane's incapable of enjoying the same things.
    • Cliff's jokes, which are usually inane, or just not actually jokes at all. Lilith is the only one who finds them funny.
    • During "I on Sports", Sam tries doing some rap. Everyone hates it, save Woody, who's cheerfully dancing along.
  • In The Cosby Show, a comedian tells jokes to Cliff, Rudy, and a bunch of other kids. Since the jokes are geared toward adults, Cliff is the only one who laughs.
  • The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: during the Wanderer and the Heretic's opera, the heroes are clearly very annoyed at having to sit through the entire performance, wanting to learn how to stop the Skeksis; as such, they spend most of the next few hours groaning exasperatedly, staring in despair, or falling asleep. The one exception to this is Deet, who's fascinated by literally everything aboveground and clearly having the time of her life throughout the entire show. She actually applauds at the end of it!
  • Dinosaurs: In "Switched at Birth", the Sinclairs discover evidence that their baby may have been switched with another baby while still an egg. This is implied to be the case at first, as Aubrey, the baby belonging to the Molehill family, is green like the rest of the Sinclair family, and Gus, the father of the Molehill family, has a personality similar to Baby's. Tests from the laboratory result in Aubrey belonging to the Sinclairs and Baby belonging to the Molehills. Aubrey's neurotic personality gets on the nerves of Fran, Robbie, and Charlene, as he fusses over minor injuries, gets frequent nosebleeds, and requires sugar-free tofu teething cookies. Earl is the only member of the Sinclair family who likes having Aubrey as a son, because Aubrey doesn't regularly terrorize him like Baby does. Fortunately for Fran, Robbie, and Charlene, there was a mix-up with the tests, meaning that Baby does belong to them after all.
  • Frasier: It's often shown Frasier is the only one who enjoys what he enjoys. At one point he throws a Halloween party and even Niles, usually every bit as stuffy as he, isn't enjoying it. All the other people Frasier invited came down with sudden last minute "illness". Given Frasier's idea of a fun Halloween night apparently involved discussing the Human Genome Project, it's not hard to see why.
  • Friends:
    • In "The One Where Chandler Crosses the Line", Ross starts playing the keyboard in front of his friends. Everyone finds his music horrible, except Phoebe, a Cloudcuckoolander who already has weird taste in music.
    • In "The One with the Soap Opera Party," it's revealed that ever since Joey became a regular in Days of Our Lives, he's tricked the rest of the gang into going out of town on some boring trips to keep them away from the rest of the cast and other celebrities in attendance. After they find out, due to Rachel who discovered the secret first and accidentally blabbing about it, they call him out on the fact that the previous time he sent them to a button factory and a tour of the nearby museum, which cause Ross to confess he arranged the museum tour.
    • In "The One Where Ross Got High", Rachel turns over two pages in her cookbook and mixes a traditional British trifle with a shepherd's pie. Despite being the Trope Namer for It Tastes Like Feet, Joey actually likes it, even helping himself to everybody else's uneaten portions.
      Joey: What's not to like? Custard: good. Jam: good. Meat: good.
  • On Legends of Tomorrow, anyone not being mind-controlled by the Fates thinks the mush they're forced to eat is disgusting and horrible ... except for Nate. As the Legends rally people against the Fates' control, Nate proclaims, "I happen to like mush, but that's not the point!"
    • In an earlier episode, Stein decides to create a distraction in the NASA control room (long story) by randomly belting out Harry Belafonte's 'Banana Boat Song'. Most of the staff (and Rory) stare at him in confusion, and his teammates on the communicators do a lot of bewildered double-takes, but a brief blink-and-you-miss-it shot shows one NASA employee smiling and bobbing his head along to the song.
  • Phil of the Future: While the rest of the Diffys want to desperately get back to their home in the 22nd Century, Phil is the only one who doesn't mind being stuck 100 years in the past, and it's even hinted that he wouldn't mind staying behind if means being with Keely. Tough at the end of the series, the time machine gets fixed, and the family makes their way to their time line.
  • Saturday Night Live:
    • In one sketch, reggae singer Tyrone Greene (Eddie Murphy) leads his band in singing the song "Kill The White People", which, as you'd expect, alienates the primarily white audience to the point that, by the end, there is only one person who's still there clapping along.
    • During Brendan Fraser's hosting stint, he decides to stop the show so he and Will Ferrell can sing songs celebrating the friendship they developed during the week. The rest of the cast is creeped out... except for Norm Macdonald, who smiles and cheers them on throughout all of the songs.
  • Star Trek:
    • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has something called "yamok sauce", which everyone but Garak hates.
    • In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Time Squared", Riker makes his friends scrambled eggs using eggs he got from an alien planet. Most of the people present find the results disgusting, only Worf (who both has a big appetite and is a Klingon) likes them. There's a little fridge brilliance in the scene once one remembers that Riker likes Klingon food.
    • Star Trek: Voyager has something called "leola root", which Neelix adds as an ingredient, but besides him, only Kes seems to like it.

  • Eminem: In the music video for "Just Lose It", Eminem is singing to a crowd, who are into it. Then he drops his pants and they stop cheering, except for one guy who keeps dancing until the guys next to him nudge him to stop.

    Print Media 

  • Cabin Pressure: On a long-haul flight over Russia, Douglas and Martin are bored out of their minds, but reject an equally bored Carolyn's suggestion of letting Arthur play "I, Spy", because his choices are terrible. Douglas figures it would make the boredom actually fatal. Sadly, she eventually gives in.

    Tabletop Games 
  • A Dragon magazine article tying in with the Dungeons & Dragons Age of Worms Adventure Path describes various shops and hirelings the PCs could employ to improve their apparent status at the Prince of Redhand's grand ball. If they choose to hire the urchin Shrieking Sammi as a herald, she'll do the job for free just for the experience, but will turn out to be under the impression that the louder and shriller she announces her employer the better. This causes a penalty to Diplomacy checks with the other guests ... except the Prince himself, who will be greatly amused and ask Sammi to make the announcement several times.

    Video Games 
  • In the Trespasser DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition, Josephine (with high approval and/or romanced) invites the Inquisitor to join her for an evening of Orlesian opera. Should they accept, the scene which follows makes it clear that Josephine is thoroughly enjoying herself... the Inquisitor, not so much. Note that they're not bored by it, they're terrified.
  • Dragon Quest Builders 2: After the Builder and Malroth escape from Skelcatraz, Lulu decides to throw a private party just for the three of them and brings out a cake that she had baked just for that occasion. Unfortunately, it has some rather... questionable ingredients and Malroth is the only one who enjoys it.
  • Fallen London: One of the symphonies you can hold in the Empress' Court entails a musical adaptation of the Correspondence, a set of Black Speech glyphs that serve as Brown Notes for those who read them. The description says that you barely get through two movements of the symphony when you and your musicians and instruments are mobbed and attacked by the frantic audience — with the notable exception of the Traitor Empress herself, who is "tapping her foot happily, and her expression is wistful. As if she recognises the tune."
  • Genshin Impact: Most people hate Cyno's joke. However, every once and a while there is someone who actually enjoyed them. So far, that list of people who independently enjoyed them are Albedo, Nahida, and Charlotte.
  • Very sinister example from Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Unlike some of the other Consuls/Moebius, such as J/Joran and/or N, the original Noah, who didn't like seeing all their Past-Life Memories and going mad from them, D/Blackblaze Dirk enjoys seeing all of his past lives, seeing it as "transcendence", since he gets to remember all of his kills before Z recruited him.

  • Cursed Princess Club: Calpernia likes to hold lectures that she thinks will help the club members with life. But the club members are considerably less excited than her to discuss topics like "Financially-Savvy Princesses and the Fairy Godmother that is Compound Interest" or the history of ancient beauty rituals. As she lectures on the latter topic, the club members even wear some of Jolie's extra eye masks to unconvincingly pretend to be awake while they doze off (except for Gwendolyn, but that's probably more due to her being polite rather than genuinely interested).
  • Darths & Droids: During Pete's short turn as GM, he manages to upset all the other players with his Killer Game Master attitude, and the fact his playstyle requires them to have memorized the entirety of rules and know how to manipulate them (except for Jim, whose character he was legitimately trying to kill). Pete doesn't seem to realize no-one else actually likes this.
  • In Girl Genius, when it turns out Master Payne's circus has been putting on shows based on Agatha's adventures, her friends and associates are all horrified or enraged by how they're being portrayed. Agatha herself finds it hilarious. (Although, after she gets over her initial shock, Zeetha agrees. Which doesn't stop her going backstage and pretending to be mad about it.)

    Western Animation 
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius: In "Krunch Time", Jimmy invents a candy so perfect that everyone in Retroville continually demands more from him. Jimmy eventually gets the idea to sabotage his candy so that it will electrocute anyone who tastes it. By the end of the episode, all of the garbage cans in Retroville are filled with Jimmy's candy, but Sheen, who seems to get a kick out of being electrocuted compliments Jimmy on his last batch as he continues to eat the candy and get electrocuted.
    • Also in "Lights! Camera! Danger!" when Hugh sings a twenty second Shaq parody song "Donut Boy", Carl, Cindy and Libby stare at him mortified while Sheen is bopping to the beat.
  • American Dad!: In the two-part episode "Stan of Arabia", Stan is reassigned to Saudi Arabia, forcing the Smiths to move. The family finds the country horrible due to their strict and oppressive laws, but for hardcore conservative Stan, it's a dream come true.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Toph is the only character to enjoy the completely biased Fire Nation-sponsored play recapping the Gaang's adventures (despite not being able to see it), in part because the play's version of her has much the same personality, if a laughably wrong physical profile (the play's Toph is a burly adult man instead of a twelve-year-old girl). Her opinion sours at the end though when the play ends with Fire Lord Ozai killing Aang and taking over the world.
  • Back at the Barnyard: In "The Good, the Bad, and the Snotty", Snotty Boy feeds the animals pizza laced with hot sauce. While everyone else has the standard reaction, Pip, being Mexican, stomachs them just fine and calls the others lightweights.
  • Big City Greens:
    • In one episode, Cricket uses his first tip from working at Big Coffee to buy a singing fish plaque, but only he loves it while the rest of the Greens are annoyed. It's not until Barry gets destroyed out of the blue that he becomes upset, and when he finds out his entire family are the culprits, he is livid with them.
    • Inverted in a later episode; Tilly finds Gramma's old ventriloquist dummy which she chooses to use as her open mic act; the others enjoy the dummy except for Cricket, who is severely freaked out by it, but doesn't want to tell Tilly because he worries it could hurt her feelings.
    • Inverted again in the karaoke episode as Bill was the only one in the audience who didn't like Cricket and Remy's choice of song.
    • In "Urban Legend", Gramma reveals she hates neighbors coming to their house, so she pretends to be a wicked swamp witch to scare them away. Bill is against that and holds a barbecue to cheer the neighbors up; Tilly and Nancy side with him, but Cricket chooses to side with Gramma because he thinks it's funny to scare people. However, he regrets his choice once he sees the town has formed an angry mob against Gramma.
    • Played straight in an episode where Bill wants his family to see the positive side during a blackberry harvest and issues a "Live, Laugh, Love" propaganda where they must stay positive, no matter what. Cricket and Gramma know it's wrong to force positivity, but Tilly immediately takes to it and sides with Bill.
      Tilly: Oh, I get it! Live, laugh, love! Can't argue with that!
  • Codename: Kids Next Door: In "OPERATION I.T." when Numbuh 13 gets tagged as "it", meaning he'd become the new KND leader, a job no one else wants, not even Numbuh 362, he's elated at the prospect, only to have everyone dog pile on him just to make sure he doesn't stay "it" for long.
  • Daisy is the only person in DuckTales (2017) who not only fully understands Donald, but finds his singing voice to be beautiful.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: Whenever the Eds are in a certain predicament that ends with them on the short end of the stick, Ed is usually the only one who is still quite happy, even in the rare episodes when the Eds are captured and later tortured by the Kankers.
    • One episode has Eddy write slanderous articles about the cul-de-sac kids to write newspapers. They're furious when they're reading it, Jonny 2X4 however finds all of the stories to be hilarious, including the one about him finding Atlantis in his nostril.
    • In "Pain in the Ed" Jonny was the only one to enjoy Ed's terrible violin playing that was driving everyone else mad.
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum:
    • The first episode "Wizboy" begins with wizard Kyle giving a rather drastic and realistic grand entrance. No student in the class seems to catch on except for Fanboy and Chum Chum, who cheer excitedly (because they believe it was an act he set up).
    • The episode "Night Morning" has Fanboy invite the whole class over to watch what Chum Chum does in the morning at night... which is just his regular morning routine. However, only Fanboy likes what he's doing, while the rest of the class boredly take their money back and leave.
  • Jane and the Dragon: In one episode, Pepper makes some stew but it tastes like swamp water to everyone but the dragon (Pepper can't taste it herself because her tongue isn't working).
  • In a Looney Tunes cartoon, Elmer Fudd is boxing against Daffy Duck and most of the audience boos Elmer, but his dog says, "Hooray!". Justified as, except for the dog, the audience has nothing but ducks.
  • The Loud House:
    • In "The Crying Dame", there's a singing toy, however, only Lily likes his song. The rest of the Louds find it annoying, even Lori, despite her liking it when she was Lily's age. When the toy is taken away, it causes Lily to become increasingly depressed, falling into Heroic BSoD territory.
    • In several episodes, but starting with "Sleuth or Consequences", there's a comic called Princess Pony, which most of the Louds find too saccharine, even Lola who usually likes saccharine things. Ironically, the one Loud who likes it is Lucy, the stoic goth.
    • By the time of the fifth season, Lily appears to be the only one who likes Luan's April Fool's pranks, and devises a plan by swapping places with Charles and booby-trapping the whole house to convince Luan to come out of her 10-Minute Retirement.
    • In "A Bug's Strife", Leni is the only one of the siblings to enjoy Aunt Ruth's 700 slides of the Malls of the Midwest.
  • Subverted in Martha Speaks: There's a TV show called 'Mushy Duck' and at first it seems that only Ralph the duck likes it, however, it's then revealed that other ducks like it and, in "Martha's Sweater", that Bob does too.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • In "Applebuck Season", Applejack is sleep-deprived and mishears the ingredients for Pinkie Pie's muffins, resulting in muffins made with potato chips, soda, lemon juice and earthworms. Not only do none of the ponies like them, they actually get sick, but Spike the dragon likes them and doesn't get sick. This is Justified by his draconian physiology. If he can swim in lava and eat gems like they were candy then some bad muffins aren't going to get him sick.
    • In "Family Appreciation Day," all the students are bored by Filthy Rich's guest lecture — except his daughter, Diamond Tiara, who seems entranced.
    • In "What Lies Beneath", when Twilight announces her upcoming test, all the students groan exhausted... except Cozy Glow who smiles and applauds.
    • Cloudcuckoolander Pinkie Pie makes something of a habit of this.
      • When Discord takes over Equestria and causes mass chaos, everypony works to rein it in except for Pinkie, who delights in the absurdity as much as Discord himself. Even when she was corrupted into her opposite element she was still enjoying the chaos, more or less. When he returns in "Keep Calm and Flutter On," she's still constantly amused by his antics while the others are suspicious and angry.
      • In "The Maud Couple", Maud tries to be a stand-up comedian, but only her sister Pinkie Pie finds the jokes funny.
      • In "Equestria Games", Spike unintentionally chooses to sing the Cloudsdale anthem (he was expecting the Ponyville one to play), and given that he doesn't know any of the words, he sings his own poorly made rendition, inserting references to the Wonderbolts, Cloudsdale, nice trees, and wishing the song was over. Not one person in the audience is enthused...except Pinkie Pie, who smiles and bobs her head, and once he's finished, she belts out, "NAILED IT!!!"
  • The Owl House: It's revealed in "Any Sport In A Storm" that Amity is the only person in the entirety of the Boiling Isles who has any interest in Good Witch Azura book series.
  • The Patrick Star Show: In "Klopnodian Heritage Festival", Bunny is the only member of the Star family to enjoy the festival, since she's been attending them since she was a kid and thus is actually experienced with the traditions. GrandPat holds a grudge against the Klopnod people and ends up getting a cream puff thrown in his face, while Cecil, Patrick, and Squidina are forced to take part in dangerous and humiliating activities.
  • In the Phineas and Ferb episode "Road to Danville", the kids decide to make a quilt. In the end, Buford says that it was surprisingly fun, but everyone else vows to never do it again.
  • Of all the characters in The Proud Family, Peabo is the only one who enjoys Proud Snax.
  • Recess: In "The Substitute", Mr. E substitutes for Mrs. Grotke during the latter's bunion surgery. During recess, he makes all the students do push-ups and jumping jacks. Most of the students are miserable and exhausted from doing so, but Vince, being the gang's jock, is the only one who enjoys them, saying that if they exercised as often as he did, they would be in better shape and he wouldn't have to carry them all in kickball. Mr. E even praises Vince for doing such a good job exercising.
  • Rick and Morty: In “Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate”, one alien in the back of the hospital waiting room seems to be really getting into The Personal Space Show.
  • Rugrats (1991):
    • In "Tommy's First Birthday", the babies try eating Spike's food because they think it'll turn them into dogs. Not only does it not work, they all hate it except for Lil, who eats weird food anyway. Phil does too, but he still didn't like the dog food.
    • In "The Mysterious Mr. Friend", Stu makes a toy for the babies called Mr. Friend, however, the babies just find him scary. Angelica, however, likes him.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Marge Simpson has a well-established love of Incredibly Lame Fun and militant hatred of almost anything other people deem cool, so if she decides on an activity you can expect her alone to enjoy it. As an example, the plot of "Monty Can't Buy Me Love" begins with her dragging the rest of the family to go on a walk with her through the most boring part of town, and not only is she the only one that thinks it's fun, she points out things she likes in the neighborhood like she was a tour guide. When the family notice that a superstore has opened nearby, she's the only one who doesn't find it fun because it disrupted her walking route. In "Burns, Baby Burns", the Simpsons spend the day apple-picking at a cider mill. Most of the family ends up bored out of their minds, but Marge has a blast and leaves decked with souvenirs.
      Marge: I feel sorry for all those people stuck inside watching the World Series.
    • Played for Drama in "You Only Move Twice", when Homer accepts a better-paying job with Globex Corporation and relocates the family to Company Town Cypress Creek. He enjoys the extra challenges and gets on well with his new boss, but every other member of the family finds something about the change that makes them miserable. Marge starts drinking wine out of boredom because their new house has too many gadgets that do all her chores for her, Bart gets humiliated when the new school puts him in a remedial class, and Lisa discovers she's allergic to all the new species of plants she encounters.
    • In "Skinner's Sense of Snow", Principal Skinner plays a film, "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't Then Was", to pass the time with all of the students at school because there are no teachers (because it's a snow day, they faked an emergency meeting and are partying at a ski resort) and he absolutely refuses to let the kids go early (heck, he refused to close the school to begin with). The film can only be called "horrible", with its extremely nonsensical plot and bad production quality, and when the kids find out that they are Snowed-In the school, are going to miss Christmas, and Skinner says the film is the only entertainment available, they all scream out three increasingly-horrified Big Nos. As you can expect of this trope (and Skinner's general attitude), he not only is the only one who enjoys the film, but he is outright gleeful when he says they can keep watching the film.
    • In "A Star Is Burns", Mr. Burn's entry to Springfield's film festival is met with loud boos and jeers, which his assistant, Smithers, tries to play off as them cheering his name as "Boo-urns". Mr. Burn gets up and asks the audience if they were saying "'Boo' or 'Boo-urns'", to be met by angry Produce Pelting by everyone. Well, almost everyone.
      Hans Moleman: I was saying 'Boo-urns'.
    • In "Bart On The Road", Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, and Martin are passing through Branson, Missouri when Nelson sees a sign for an Andy Williams show and (forcefully) insists that they stop and see it. As we seem them at the show, Nelson is the only one enjoying it while the others are absolutely bored.
    • In "Bart Gets Famous", Principal Skinner reveals that Bart's class will be taking a field trip to Springfield's box factory (again). The only one who's excited to go is Martin, who happily sings "99 Boxes Of Beer" (a play on "99 Bottles Of Beer") with Skinner on the bus ride there.
  • South Park
    • The South Park version of Heaven is a prime example of Good Is Boring. It's frequently depicted as being so boring that only Mormons (who, according to the show, are the only ones allowed to go there anyway) like hanging out up there.
    • In "The China Problem," when some of the boys react badly to the 4th Indiana Jones movie, Butters says that he thought the film was okay.
    • Cartman is the only kid in the class who likes the Sexual Harassment Panda. Even Wendy, who usually likes and cares about socially relevant stuff, doesn't have much of an opinion about him.
    • In "Pandemic", the Boys are at the mall when they come across a Peruvian pan flute band playing for the patrons. While Stan and Cartman complain about it, Kenny is seen grooving to the music.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • In "Culture Shock", when Squidward is presenting the talent show, he makes a couple of snarky comments under his breath. Patrick is the only one who laughs at them (and then continues to laugh at anything he says until he leaves the stage for Pearl).
    • In "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture", the movie that SpongeBob and the gang make turns out to be terrible and full of Bad "Bad Acting", and obviously received backlash from the crowd; the only ones watching the movie who liked it were SpongeBob, Patrick, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.
    • Patrick's Brown Note song in "Sing a Song of Patrick"; only SpongeBob likes the song, while most of the Bikini Bottomites riot against it. However, only a teen male fish and Old Man Walker liked it as well.
  • Starfire of Teen Titans is frequently the only one of the team to genuinely enjoy things that the others consider to be disgusting or boring. When Raven once attempted to make pancakes that looked more like steaks, Starfire was the only one who enjoyed them for being "crunchy on the outside, yet runny on the inside".
  • Thomas & Friends:
    • In "Tickled Pink", Bridget Hatt and her friends were the only ones who did not laugh at James' pink undercoat, because she loves pink as it's her favorite color and the theme for her birthday party.
    • In "Splish Splash Splosh", Rosie and Charlie were the only ones who liked Thomas' mud splashing game while Emily, James and Sir Topham Hatt complained.
  • In Time Squad, Edgar Allen Poe forces the squad to listen to his stories, which are not horror but instead nauseatingly saccharine romance novels and children's books. These stories bore Tuddrussel and Larry to death, but Otto actually takes a strong liking to them and claps excitedly when Poe finishes telling his story. This sudden change of Otto enjoying the stories is funny when you realize that Poe's books actually changed him from being the more mature member of the team to being the child he's never really allowed to be while on a mission, forcing Larry and Tuddrussel to figure out how to fix Poe's unrelenting zest for the bright side of life themselves.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures: In "Henny Youngman Day", Henny Youngman substitutes for a sick Daffy Duck, and bores the class with his jokes to the point of them leaving him. Not only is Hamton J. Pig the only student who likes Henny's jokes, but also the only one who stays in class for the whole episode to hear them.
  • The Transformers: The loud rock music Blaster broadcasts is commonly seen as an earache by the most of the other Autobots (and Spike's dad Sparkplug) and is only appreciated by Cosmos and fellow music-loving Autobot Jazz, who even dances to it.
  • In The Weekenders, all four protagonists have a different thing planned for one weekend and agree to each go to each other's events. But Lor, Carver, and Tish are each the only ones to like the events they had planned and hate the others so much that they refuse to go to Tino's comic book convention. In the end they change their minds, on the grounds that Tino suffered through their events, and all four wind up liking the convention anyway.



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