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They say that you can't please everyone, but this trope is for when something meant to please a whole group of people only pleases one of them.

The thing could be some food, a drink, a joke, a story, a trip, basically anything, but it has to be designed to be enjoyed, however, only one person enjoys it.

This is nearly always Played for Laughs and usually says something about the sole enjoyer in question. Maybe they're very optimistic or weird or both. They may also be stupid, or at least considered as such by the rest of the cast. If it's a joke, maybe they're easily amused or have a peculiar sense of humour. If it's food, they might be an alien or a pet or whatever with a different palate from the average human, or possibly just a human who eats weird stuff (it might also serve to demonstrate how bad a chef the cook is or that the cook likes to experiment). If it's an outdoor activity, maybe they're a Nature Lover.


When it doesn't say something about the character, it's often because everyone else is having very bad luck and the one person who enjoys it is just lucky. For instance, there might be a camping trip that's a Horrible Camping Trip to all but one.

It might also be because the character is the friend/lover/family member of the person who brought the thing into existence (told the joke, made the cookies, etc).

A common variation is having something meant to entertain kids that doesn't entertain them at all and the one being entertained is an adult. This usually, but not always, means they're a Manchild. It could also mean that the entertainment was too complicated for kids to understand (something too complicated for kids to understand may also have the sole enjoy-er be a Child Prodigy).

Can overlap with Stock "Yuck!", Incredibly Lame Fun, Stylistic Suck, Epic Fail, Low Count Gag, and Lame Pun Reaction, and can also overlap with Museum of Boredom, Tough Room, and Nature Is Boring (although those tropes are downplayed as they at least please one person). Compare and contrast the YMMV page Fun for Some, which is for when a few people find something fun that was never meant to be fun and Slow Clap for when only one person claps at first, but then gradually, everyone does. Also compare Abilene Paradox for when no one wants to take the course of action, but everyone agrees because they mistakenly think each other wants it. Contrast Somebody Doesn't Love Raymond, for when only one person dislikes someone. Can sometimes invert Even the Rats Won't Touch It by having only a rat or whatever want it.



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     Anime & Manga 
  • BlazBlue: Remix Heart: Noel is known for being such a Lethal Chef that none of her closest friends like her cooking. Except for Mai, due to her "super-taste" ability, she can sense the innocence and earnestness of Noel behind her efforts, which apparently makes it taste like heaven (to her).
  • Pokémon: In the "Sun and Moon" saga, when forming the Ultra Guardians, Lusamine designs suits for the heroes that are Sentai-based because she thought it would be cool. Ash is the only one who agrees with her while everyone else cringes from them and finds the suits embarrassing to wear.

    Comic Books 
  • In the Asterix book "Asterix the Legionary", when Asterix and Obelix join the army, they are served soup, which everyone hates except for the British conscript.
  • In The Simpsons comic "The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth", Doug and Troy McClure make a Sci-Fi film which bombs because Doug made it too scientifically accurate (there are no sound effects during the space battles, and the spaceships move slowly because he wouldn't allow faster-than-light travel). The last panel of the premier shows that the entire audience has left in annoyance except for Comic Book Guy, who enthusiastically proclaims it "a triumph".

    Comic Strips 

    Films — Animation 
  • Alice in Wonderland: When the White Rabbit introduces the Queen of Hearts at the croquet match, the spectators loudly cheer. But when he introduces the diminutive King, we hear only one spectator shouting, "Hooray!".
  • During Coco, a trio of nuns are playing their accordions during a Battle of the Bands for the privilege to meet and play for Ernesto de la Cruz...and they only manage to get one patron to enjoy their music.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Played for Horror in The Loved Ones. Lola throws an entire prom, in which her "date" is an unwilling participant, her mother is incapable of speaking or reacting, and her father is solely obsessed with her happiness.
  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country: When McCoy is on the witness stand during the trial, he is asked about his current medical status. He answers, "Aside from a touch of arthritis, I'd say pretty good." A single Klingon laughs his ass off while the rest of the courtroom is dead silent.

  • In the Dirty Bertie story "Burp!", Bertie is eating lunch with his friends and only he likes his lunch.
  • Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing: Similar to the Star Trek: The Next Generation example below , Peter's father makes an omelet of dubious quality (Peter notes that he used an entire carton of eggs, while his mother only uses one or two). Peter tastes it and finds it hideous, but pretends to like it. His father tastes it and realizes that he made a horrible mistake. He scoops up the other plates and throws the omelet in the trash. Fudge starts screaming because he actually liked it.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper has a knack for manipulating group activities so that they end up skewed towards his interests and predilections. Once Sheldon does that, everyone else in the group does not find the activities fun anymore. Especially because if they try to go against it, the Insufferable Genius gets upset, and Hilarity Ensues as he gets revenge or annoys the whole lot of them.
  • In The Cosby Show, a comedian tells jokes to Cliff, Rudy and a bunch of other kids. Cliff is the only one who laughs.
  • The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: during the Wanderer and the Heretic's combination opera/puppet show, the heroes are clearly very annoyed at having to sit through the entire performance just so they can learn how to stop the Skeksis; as such, they spend most of the next few hours groaning exasperatedly, staring in despair, or falling asleep. The one exception to this is Deet, who's fascinated by literally everything aboveground and clearly having the time of her life throughout the entire show. She actually applauds at the end of it!
  • Friends: In "The One Where Chandler Crosses the Line", Ross starts playing the keyboard in front of his friends. Everyone finds his music horrible, except Phoebe, a Cloudcuckoolander who already has weird taste in music.
    • In "The One with the Soap Opera Party," it's revealed that ever since Joey became a regular in Days of Our Lives, he's tricked the rest of the gang into going out of town on some boring trips to keep them away from the rest of the cast and other celebrities in attendance. After they find out, due to Rachel who discovered the secret first and accidentally blabbing about it, they call him out on the fact that the previous time he sent them to a button factory and a tour of the nearby museum, which cause Ross to confess he arranged the museum tour.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has something called "yamok sauce", which everyone but Garak hates.
  • In an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Riker makes his friends scrambled eggs using eggs he got from an alien planet. Most of the people present find the results disgusting, only Worf (who both has a big appetite and is a Klingon) likes them. There's a little fridge brilliance in the scene once one remembers that Riker likes Klingon food.
  • Star Trek: Voyager has something called "leola root", which Neelix adds as an ingredient, but besides him, only Kes seems to like it.

    Print Media 

    Video Games 
  • In the Trespasser DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition, Josephine (with high approval and/or romanced) invites the Inquisitor to join her for an evening of Orlesian opera. Should they accept, the scene which follows makes it clear that Josephine is thoroughly enjoying herself... the Inquisitor, not so much. Note that they're not bored by it, they're terrified.
  • Dragon Quest Builders 2: After the Builder and Malroth escape from Skelcatraz, Lulu decides to throw a private party just for the three of them and brings out a cake that she had baked just for that occasion. Unfortunately, it has some rather... questionable ingredients and Malroth is the only one who enjoys it.

    Western Animation 
  • American Dad!: In the two-part episode "Stan of Arabia", Stan is reassigned to Saudi Arabia, forcing the Smiths to move. The family finds the country horrible due to their strict and oppressive laws, but for hardcore conservative Stan, it's a dream come true.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Toph is the only character to enjoy the completely biased Fire Nation-sponsored play recapping the Gaang's adventures (despite not being able to see it), in part because the play's version of her has much the same personality, if a laughably wrong physical profile (the play's Toph is a burly adult man instead of a twelve-year-old girl).
  • Back at the Barnyard: In "The Good, the Bad, and the Snotty", Snotty Boy feeds the animals pizza laced with hot sauce. While everyone else has the standard reaction, Pip, being Mexican, stomachs them just fine and calls the others lightweights.
  • In the Futurama episode "Xmas Story", Bender serves the crew a dead parrot he found lying in the street. Everyone hates it except for Nibbler, who eats it all.
  • Jane and the Dragon: In one episode, Pepper makes some stew but it tastes like swamp water to everyone but the dragon (Pepper can't taste it herself because her tongue isn't working).
  • In a Looney Tunes cartoon, Elmer Fudd is boxing against Daffy Duck and most of the audience boos Elmer, but his dog says, "Hooray!". Justified as, except for the dog, the audience has nothing but ducks.
  • The Loud House:
    • In "The Crying Dame", there's a singing toy, however, only Lily likes his song. The rest of the Louds find it annoying, even Lori, despite her liking it when she was Lily's age.
    • In several episodes, but starting with "Sleuth or Consequences", there's a comic called Princess Pony, which most of the Louds find too saccharine, even Lola who usually likes saccharine things. Ironically, the one Loud who likes it is Lucy, the stoic goth.
  • Subverted in Martha Speaks: There's a TV show called 'Mushy Duck' and at first it seems that only Ralph the duck likes it, however, it's then revealed that other ducks like it and, in "Martha's Sweater", that Bob does too.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • In "Applebuck Season", Applejack is sleep deprived and mishears the ingredients for Pinkie Pie's muffins, resulting in muffins with potato chips and worms in. Not only does nopony like them, they actually get sick, but Spike the dragon likes them and doesn't get sick.
    • In "The Maud Couple", Maud tries to be a stand-up comedian, but only her sister Pinkie Pie finds the jokes funny.
  • Rugrats:
    • In "Tommy's First Birthday", the babies try eating Spike's food because they think it'll turn them into dogs. Not only does it not work, they all hate it except for Lil, who eats weird food anyway; Phil actually does too, but he didn't like the dog food.
    • In "The Mysterious Mr. Friend", Stu makes a toy for the babies called Mr. Friend, however, the babies just find him scary. Angelica, however, likes him.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Marge Simpson has a well-established love of Incredibly Lame Fun and militant hatred of almost anything other people deem cool, so if she decides on an activity you can expect her alone to enjoy it. As an example, the plot of "Monty Can't Buy Me Love" begins with her dragging the rest of the family to go on a walk with her through the most boring part of town, and she not only is the only one that thinks it's fun, as she points out things she likes in the neighborhood like she was a tour guide. When the family noticed that a superstore opened nearby, she is the only one who doesn't finds it fun because it disrupted her walking route. In "Burns, Baby Burns", the Simpsons spend the day apple-picking at a cider mill; most of the family ends up bored out of their minds, but Marge has a blast and leaves decked with souvenirs.
    • In "You Only Move Twice", Homer accepts a better-paying job with Globex Corporation and relocates the family to Company Town Cypress Creek. He enjoys the extra challenges and gets on well with his new boss, but every other member of the family finds something about the change that makes them miserable; Marge starts drinking wine out of boredom because their new house has too many gadgets that do all her chores for her, Bart gets humiliated when the new school puts him in a remedial class, and Lisa discovers she's allergic to all the new species of plants she encounters.
    • In "Skinner's Sense of Snow", Principal Skinner plays a film, "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't Then Was", to pass the time with all of the students at school because there are no teachers (because it's a snow day, they faked an emergency meeting and are partying at a ski resort) and he absolutely refuses to let the kids go early (heck, he refused to close the school to begin with). The film can only be called "horrible", with its extremely nonsensical plot and bad production quality, and when the kids find out that they are Snowed-In the school, are going to miss Christmas, and Skinner says the film is the only entertainment available, they all scream out three increasingly-horrified Big "No"s. As you can expect of this trope (and Skinner's general attitude), he not only is the only one who enjoys the film, but he is outright gleeful when he says they can keep watching the film.
  • Starfire of Teen Titans is frequently the only one of the team to genuinely enjoy things that the others consider to be disgusting or boring. When Raven once attempted to make pancakes that looked more like steaks, Starfire was the only one who enjoyed them for being "crunchy on the outside, yet runny on the inside".
  • In Time Squad, Edgar Allen Poe forces the squad to listen to his stories, which are not horror but instead nauseatingly saccharine romance novels and children's books. These stories bore Tuddrussel and Larry to death, but Otto actually takes a strong liking to them and claps excitedly when Poe finishes telling his story. This sudden change of Otto enjoying the stories is funny when you realize that Poe's books actually changed him from being the more mature member of the team to being the child he's never really allowed to be while on a mission, forcing Larry and Tuddrussel to figure out how to fix Poe's unrelenting zest for the bright-side of life themselves.


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