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The Suicide Squad is a 2021 ensemble superhero war comedy film written and directed by James Gunn, based on the DC Comics title of the same name. It is the tenth installment of the DC Extended Universe, and a sequel to and Soft Reboot of 2016's Suicide Squad.

Set after the events of the first film (and Birds of Prey), a new iteration of Task Force X is brought together by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) for yet another deadly mission, that some of whom may not return from.

Returning from the first film are Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), and Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman). They are joined by newcomers Polka-Dot Man (David Dastmalchian), Ratcatcher II (Daniela Melchior), King Shark (Steve Agee), Bloodsport (Idris Elba), Peacemaker (John Cena), Savant (Michael Rooker), T.D.K./Arm-Fall-Off-Boy (Nathan Fillion), The Thinker (Peter Capaldi), Mongal (Mayling Ng), Solsoria (Alice Braga), Blackguard (Pete Davidson), and Weasel (Sean Gunn). Storm Reid, Taika Waititi, Joaquín Cosío, Juan Diego Botto, Jennifer Holland, Tinashe Kajese, Julio Ruiz, and Sylvester Stallone also appear in other roles.


The film is slated for release on August 6, 2021.

Ahead of its release, it was announced in September 2020 that Cena's Peacemaker would be starring in a spinoff series on HBO Max, which will also be written and directed by Gunn. Gunn remains cagey as to whether or not the series will be a prequel or sequel.

Previews: Cast Roll Call. DC FanDome Sneak Peak.

The Suicide Squad contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Dance Battler: Harley can be seen dance-fighting in the Sneak Peak footage.
  • Definite Article Title: The Suicide Squad.
  • Denser and Wackier: The Roll Call introduces a much larger number of characters than the previous film's roster, as well as wackier costumes overall.
  • Green-Skinned Space Babe: Mongal has bright orange skin and wears a revealing outfit in the Roll Call.
  • Guns Akimbo: Harley is seen wielding two guns in the Sneak Peak, one in each hand.
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  • Heroic Build: Peacemaker, TDK, and Rick Flag wear outfits that show off their muscular physiques in the Roll Call.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: There's a considerably larger roster of characters compared to the first film, as illustrated by the Roll Call (which doesn't even include all of them).
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Rick Flag's outfit from the Roll Call consists of a bright yellow t-shirt, which his counterpart in the comics wore during the original run of Suicide Squad comics.
    • Harley's new look (seen in both the Roll Call and the Sneak Peak) is similar to the way she appears in Sam Humphries' run as well as Batman: Arkham City and Injustice 2. Gunn himself confirmed the Injustice connection on Twitter.


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