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Taika Waititi is voicing King Shark.
Let's be honest, it would be more surprising if he wasn't. This is definitely the type of character he would play, in the vein of Korg and IG-11. It's also pretty suspicious that Taika was the only one on the cast list whose character wasn't confirmed in the teaser.
  • Jossed, it's already been confirmed Steve Agee is King Shark.
    • It's been confirmed that's he's the on-set stand-in for King Shark. His voice is still unconfirmed.
  • It’s possible they could get Ron Funches to do the role here since he’s already become an iconic voice for the character.
Davidson seems so wildly out of place in this story and cast that it makes a lot more sense for him to be a Joke Character who dies early on than to actually be part of the squad. At least let’s hope so, cause Davidson’s a shit actor.
  • Just for that, I hope Gunn trolls us all and has Blackguard live and be an annoying jackass for the whole movie.
    • I personally don’t see that happening since they’re bringing back Captain Boomerang, who fulfills the role of obnoxious jackass. Given Boomerang always makes it through every mission in the comics and he’s popular enough to be one of only four characters who’s returning, I think he’s definitely safe, which means that any other character who comes across a similarly obnoxious douchebag is in danger of getting the axe, since they probably won’t want two or more of the same archetype present on the main squad. Davidson almost exclusively seems to play obnoxious douchebags, so I’m inclined to think he’ll play one here and die.
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    • One way around that would be too make him and Boomerang into Those Two Guys.

This film will have a much higher body count among the squad than the previous entry.
Given the much larger amount of characters, it stands to reason that several of them won’t make it out alive.

Sol Soria is the gender swapped version of Juan Soria

The orignal Ratcatcher will appear in a prequel

The squad will suffer a much larger body count than in the previous movie
The first movie was widely criticized for having too many characters, meaning that a lot of them got pushed to the side without proper characterization or plot use. So the idea that they’d introduce us to an even bigger squad feels like it’s a setup for a ton of them to die. Specifically, I believe a decent amount of characters will die early in the mission, and tune well probably see a couple more go along the way too.

Who will be safe?
Which of the characters can we be sure will make it out of this?
  • Harley Quinn: Obviously safe
  • Bloodsport: Appears to be the new Deadshot like leading man, so he seems pretty safe
  • Rick Flag: A squad mainstay and the official leader, he’ll be safe
  • Captain Boomerang: A fan favorite, and the fact that they’d bring back a minor character from the previous film means he’ll definitely be safe
  • King Shark will very likely make it out fine due to his profile and popularity greatly rising recently, especially since it looks like he’ll be based on his extremely loved portrayal in Harley Quinn. The fact that he’s even going to be one of the main characters in the Suicide Squad video game helps his chances as well. Same goes for Harley and Boomerang.

Peacemaker could end up being a Sacrificial Lion
It would be the ultimate troll move. Casting Memetic Badass John Cena in a role, tricking people into thinking he’ll be this totally awesome fan favorite, and then kill him early into the story.

However, I’m more bringing this up as a more or a possibility than a real prediction. The role was apparently written with James Gunn’s friend Dave Bautista in mind, which makes me think it’ll be a decently sized part.

If this film’s a success, then Will Smith will come back as Deadshot
I don’t know when, and I don’t know if it’ll even be in a Suicide Squad movie, but it’ll happen.

How would the new members be introduced?
Aside from Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang, what would be their possible origins and introductions for the new members?

Starro will be the Big Bad

At least half the team will die stupidly in X-Force fashion
Before even getting into their assigned positions, like parachuting in the wrong places. Or they can fall into obvious traps.
Ranking Likelihood of Death
  • Harley Quinn: Safe (I mean come on, it’s obvious)
  • Amanda Waller: Safe (Waller never dies, it won’t happen here)
  • Captain Boomerang: Safe (Boomerang always makes it out against all odds, and the fact that he’s being brought back for this one despite being a minor role in the first makes me think James Gunn likes the character and actor and wants to do more with him)
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  • King Shark: Safe (A squad mainstay who has recently experienced a huge surge in popularity. I really doubt they’re gonna kill off a character who’s recently become so beloved, especially since it seems like he’ll be based on his wildly popular portrayal in Harley Quinn)
  • Rick Flagg: Safe (The team leader who always survivors to call the shots once more, and the fact that he’s looking more comic accurate this time means they’ll probably try to do him justice unlike the last film, which would be harder to do if they killed him)
    • Counterargument; Rick Flag seemingly died decently early on in the original John Ostrander run, which this movie has said to be taking lots of inspiration from. He was presumed dead for 18 years until 2007. Joel Kinnaman was also one of the people saying to not get attached. Rick Flag dying would be something unexpected, with source material still being very available.
  • Ratcatcher 2: Probably Safe (The character could bite it, but considering this is a brand new, genderbent incarnation I doubt that Gunn will kill her off)
  • Bloodsport: Probably Safe (The new leading man filling in for Deadshot, so he looks pretty safe, but I could imagine the possibility of him getting a big Heroic Sacrifice near the end given the character’s obscurity. However, I’m guessing that won’t happen and they’ll leave him open to continue appearing)
    • Counterargument; Bloodsport could probably be killed off to give an opening for Deadshot to return in a potential sequel. The character was originally written to be Deadshot, but if Will Smith returns, to have Bloodsport and Deadshot in the same movie might seem redundant. They might kill Bloodsport off to avoid that.
  • Polka Dot Man: Probably Safe (He might die, but I think he’s gonna be a fan favorite who the average person will think is a Joke Character, but will prove to be a useful badass. At the very least, even if he winds up dead, it’ll happen close to the end)
  • Sol Soria: Probably Safe (First off, apparently she’s an ally to the squad and not a member, meaning she’s likely more innocent than them. She also appears to be a genderbent character, and as I noted, making a new character like that could help, cause would they want to kill off this new incarnation? However, if they want a sad moment, killing off a more innocent revolutionary could make it happen. Granted we don’t know just how innocent she is)
    • Counterargument; if a female character does die, it'll probably be her; Juan Soria, the character she's apparently based on, only appeared in two comics ever and died in his second appearance. Even the comics version Blackguard has more to his name!
  • Weasel: Leaning Towards Dead (On one hand he’s played by the director’s brother and could be a sort of Team Pet like character, but there’s already the cuter King Shark, and Weasel is comparatively unknown and less successful on the squad in the comics. I think he’ll make it a decent way into the film, but I am expecting right now that he’ll probably die)
  • Peacemaker: Leaning Towards Dead (On one hand, he’s played by the ever popular Memetic Badass John Cena who’s clearly being built up as one of the film’s stars. However, that means he could easily be a perfect Sacrificial Lion. There’s also the fact that his character seems like an unstable man who could definitely end up rebelling. He could make it through here, but I think he seems ripe for a surprise death)
  • Savant: Probably Dead (I think he’ll get some cool moments and last awhile, but something about Michael Rooker in that silly costume just screams death.
  • Mongal: Probably Dead (Worth noting, she’s not part of the team. Based on comics she should be the most powerful person here, but I feel like that means she’ll be end up dying either as a Sacrificial Lion or in a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • The Thinker: Probably Dead (Right now I’m thinking he’ll take on a villainous role given his character is treacherous in the comics and he just looks so dastardly here. If he stays on the squad’s side, I think he could survive though, but I’m not predicting that)
  • TDK: Dead (He’ll got some time to shine and get to show off his hilarious powers, but I just have an unshakable feeling that he’s a goner)
  • Javelin: Dead (As much as I want to see Flula Borg impaling people with a javelin as a former Olympic athletes turned criminal, I don’t see how a character like this lasts too long. Captain Boomerang is already the team’s Improbable Weapon User and I don’t see how Javelin outlasts him. Him getting to the first act would be lucky. He’ll get some time to show off a bit though)
  • Blackguard: So Fucking Dead (There’s no way this guy lasts long. In addition to being an obscure and uninteresting character, he’s being played by a questionable actor, has a generic costume, and Davidson was apparently listed as a cameo. The man’s clearly a goner).

Multiple characters will be blown up by the explosive collars instead of just one.

One of the team members will be a traitor, with the larger number of squad members making it harder to figure out who The Mole is.

One member of the Suicide Squad will either escape in the field or have the chance to but stay to help.

Savant will have a Surprisingly Sudden Death in the middle of a Badass Boast or a Sherlock Scan.

Ratcatcher's running gag will be that she's always talking to her rats as if they're sentient.
A Funko Pop leak confirmed that she's named at least one (Sebastian), and considering she's a goofier concept for a character to begin with, being a Cloud Cuckoo Lander who's so into her job as "Lord Of The Rats" that she thinks she can communicate with them would seem like a fun direction to take the character.


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