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"I’m Austin McConnell, KYX7-123LMNOP News."
Gregory Austin McConnell, "Why Do Reporters Talk Like That?"

One of the most common go to names for a fictional TV news program is to add a usually-random letter to "NN" (or in some cases, two letters to "N") as a reference to CNN ("Cable News Network"). Popular choices for the first word in the acronym are a reference to the area the network covers (such as Galaxy or Global) or a reference to the work. Often the logo will be inspired by the CNN logo as well.

Subtrope of Brand X. Can overlap with Fun with Acronyms


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  • Former Macintosh clone manufacturer (back in the short days when Macs had clones) Power Computing had a multi-media promotional CD with fake television shows on it, and the Tag Line "You're watching PNN, a Power Computing network."


    Comic Books 
  • Averted in XIII: the channel broadcasting president Wally Sheridan's "judgement" is ABS, a clear cross of ABC and CBS.
  • Originally appearing in Lois & Clark, Lexcorp's news station is sometimes named as LNN in Superman comics. (It's also been WLEX and LexCom at different times.)
  • Grandville has CNN, but it's the main news channel of the French Empire, and stands for Canal des Nouvelles Nationales.

    Fan Works 
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, the Home Galaxy (of Star Wars fame) has the Galaxy News Network (GNN), Galaxy News Service (GNS), and Nova Network (NN).
  • The Next Frontier has the odd reference to KBS News, the initials standing for Kerbin Broadcasting Service.
  • Jacqueline Lichtenberg's longrunning Star Trek fanfiction series Kraith had Newsnet. It only becomes important in the Kraith novel Federation Centennial, where conspirators agitating for a Klingon-Federation war use interviews with officials to stir up anti-Fed sentiment.

    Films — Animated 
  • In Animalympics, the Animalympics news coverage is broadcast on ZOO.
  • Cars has RSN (Racing Sports Network).
  • Bee Movie has BNN (Bee News Network) airing Bee Larry King (do you see a pattern?).
  • Zootopia has ZNN. The anchors are a female snow leopard and (depending on the region) a male moose (US, UK, Canada and most of Europe), jaguar (Brazil), koala (Australia), panda (China), or raccoon dog (Japan).
  • Osmosis Jones has NNN. Since it takes place inside the human body, the first N stands for Nerve.
  • Shrek 2 features ME! TV (Medieval Entertainment Television), complete with E!-style logo.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Flintstones plays with this. They use the CNN initials, but it's called the Cave News Network.
  • Batman Forever and The Dark Knight uses GNN, "The Gotham News Network" to provide exposition.
  • Buck Williams in the 2000-2005 Left Behind films works for Global News Network, also GNN.
  • Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues also has a news network called GNN, which the main characters work for.
  • Helen Hannah in the Apocalypse film series works for World News Network, WNN.
  • The film version of Atlas Shrugged inverts this with NNT.
  • Countdown to Looking Glass has CVN.
    • "CVN" is the U. S. Navy designation for a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Appropriate, given the subject of the film...
  • In Network it's UBS — Union Broadcasting System.
  • In France, the fictional television channel the journalist played by Léa Seydoux works for has a "i" as symbol.

  • The Left Behind book series has GCCNN, which is basically the Global Community owning the original CNN.
  • The Rosemary Wells picture book Emily's First 100 Days of School is presented by BNN, or the "Bunny News Network."
  • ''The Kraken Wakes by John Wyndham: The protagonist and his wife work as a correspondent and scriptwriter respectively for the English Broadcasting Company, a commercial radio and TV network that's implied to be a fairly recent development.note  Interviewees mistakenly believing that they're from the BBC instead is something of a running gag.
  • The Star Trek Novel Verse has the Federation News Network, later seen in Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Lower Decks.

    Live-Action TV 
  • ZNN on JAG, First Monday, NCIS and everything else Bellisario-produced.
    • In the very first JAG episode it appears in, "We the People", it seems to inexplicably stand for "Satellite News Network".
  • Lois & Clark had LNN, Luthor News Network.
  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Daemons" has an interesting variation when everyone's watching news on BBC 3. It's worth pointing out that at the time it was made BBC 2 had only been around for seven years.
    • The relaunch generally uses the BBC for main news and has AMNN for American news during any given News Monopoly.
  • The Chaser called their fake news network CNNNN (Chaser NoN-stop News Network).
    • The final episode of the first season had a look back at the station's 40-year history: originally, it was CNNN (for Chaser Nonstop News Network), but inexplicably added a fourth N: the extra N is "explained" in an unreveal.
  • CANAL International, a parody of CNN imagined as a 24-hour news channel set in the Fictional Country Groland, for the needs of a satirical show on French television that lasted from 1994 to 1999.
    • The "CANAL" wordmark was literally spelled "C-A-N-A-L" and pronounced with an American accent so that it sounded like "C-N-N"; the shape of CANAL International's logo also parodied CNN's.
  • Brass Eye would air broadcasts from affiliate station 10NN in all news stories from the United States, as did the preceding series from the same writers, The Day Today.
  • On Babylon 5 they have ISN, the "InterStellar Network News". While at first an independent—if blatantly sensationalist and ratings-driven—network, it becomes the dictatorial Clark Administration's Propaganda Machine starting in Season 3.
  • Dinosaurs has DNN, the Dinosaur News Network.
  • The Onion is the owner of the Onion News Network, or [Onion logo]NN.
  • Casseta & Planeta, a Brazilian group of comedians, had NNN, aimed for the nasal-voiced viewer. It was never stated what the first "N" stands for.
  • Sherlock: CAM Global News, owned by season three antagonist Charles Augustus Magnussen.
  • Since 24 aired on FOX, it often showed news broadcasts from FOX News, but also sometimes used its own version of CNN called CNB. This also appeared on Homeland and Tyrant (2014), both also by 24 showrunner Howard Gordon.
  • Jessica Jones (2015): At the start of season 2, Trish Walker's boyfriend Griffin is a war correspondent at ZCN, who have a CNN graphics package with slightly altered logo.
  • The Morning Show is all about- who would have thought?- a morning news/talk show on the fictional UBA network.
  • Sesame Street has RNN where the R stands for Ridiculous. Hence the name, Monty reports this with he wonders to do and Big Bird can't seem to define.
    • GNN: the G stands for Grouch and the network is all dirty. Oscar reports the stories about him before his lover Grundgetta gave him a Phlegmmy Award.
    • VNN: the V stands for Vegetable. reported by a Cucumber named Anderson.
    • MNN: the M stands for Monster. Elmo is the chief anchor, Cookie Monster as a sound mocking science reporter, Prairie as a special commentator, and a slew of special international correspondents. the motto is where 2 monster mascots cover its globe.
  • Parodied in the Saturday Night Live crossover parody between Joker (2019) and Sesame Street, where Guy Smiley is the anchor at ABCDEFG News.
  • Star Trek: Picard has the Federation News Network, or FNN.

    Music Videos 
  • A music video for "Пожалуйста небо" (Please Sky) by Russian singer Anita Tsoy has SNN.

  • The main display in Dialed In! is presented as a news broadcast from JJP Channel 8.
  • Heist!: A billboard can be seen advertising "BNN" (Big News Network).

    Professional Wrestling 
  • In 1991, Paul Neu debuted in WCW as a wrestling rapper named P. N. News. He sometimes shaved a "PNN" logo into his hair, in imitation of the CNN logo; back then, of course, WCW and CNN had the same parent company: Turner Broadcasting.
  • When Randy Orton was sidelined with an injury in 2002, WWE kept him on television in humorous weekly vignettes in which he updated fans on his medical condition; these were done under the heading of "Randy News Network" or "RNN".

  • Negativland, in its incarnation as a The Firesign Theatre-esque avant-garde surrealist radio theater group instigated by master culture jammer Don Joyce, had the Universal Media Netweb, often referred to as UMN. All of Joyce's creations including his weekly KPFA show Over the Edge were presented under the aegis of UMN and its mind-breaking or mind-controlling (or mind-liberating) agenda. UMN was founded by C. Elliot Friday, the wealthiest man in the solar sphere, who lives on Howland Island, runs Fridatronics Industries and still (despite Joyce's untimely death) runs for President of the United States every four years on the Universal Party ticket. Casual listeners are probably most familiar with Crosley Bendix, UMN's Director of Stylistic Premonitions and Cultural/Arts Reviewer. He's the one who proposed a fourth primary color, "Squant". UMN's biggest competitor is ABS, the American Broadcasting System, which runs "The Piddle Diddle Report", investigating and criticizing Friday and his empire.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Shadowrun, CNN itself became NN (NewsNet) when it was re-organized in accordance with Ted Turner's will.
  • One of the playable factions in Android: Netrunner is NBN, which changed what it stands for so often that NBN became its whole name.
  • Eclipse Phase makes a mention of the irreverent news review cast MRGCNN, the Monster Raving Goblin Cock News Network.

    Video Games 
  • Alpha Protocol shows a TV displaying INN.
  • Black Market has the Tricorp News Network, TNN, provide commentary (and exposition) at key moments.
  • The Master of Orion games have the GNN (Galactic News Network) reporting some random events and statistics. The anchor is, naturally, a robot.note 
  • Metal Wolf Chaos has DNN.
  • Touhou Project fandom knows CNN as "Cirno News Network", thanks to some pretty bad Cowboy BeBop at His Computer.
  • Pokémon Diamond and Pearl has Sinnoh News Net, which, while not abbreviated in the game, does make SNN if you do abbreviate it.
  • Desert Strike and its sequel, Jungle Strike both feature EANN, Electronic Arts News Network.
  • Crysis in the Kremlin has GNN representing News from American sources. It is never stated in-game what it stands for.
  • Vega Strike has procedurally generated News from GNN readable on base computers, mostly concerning space fights between factions, with occasional mentions of Privateers' help, that is completed Player Character missions.
  • StarCraft and especially StarCraft II have UNN (Universal News Network) as the primary news source for Terran civilization, and the propaganda outlet for whatever government currently controls it. The network plays a large role in some stories set in the Expanded Universe as well.
  • Escape Velocity Nova has the Hyper News Network (the Federation's news service). Interestingly, it is actually the only news service shown in the game whose acronym ends in "N" despite every one being built on a three-word structure with three-letter acronyms shown — there's two News Services, two News Corps, two Info Commands, one Info Service and one Intel Corps. The two earlier games had their newsnote  fit the basic model of the trope, though with the acronyms not quite being what one would think from looking at the full names — Classic has the Interstellar News Network using the acronym ISN, while Override had the United Earth News Network with the acronym UEN.
  • The Mega Man Battle Network series had DNN.
  • Elite Dangerous has GalNet, which doesn't have an abbreviated form but serves as the game's primary source of exposition for many events that happen in the Galaxy that players can actively influence (unless it's detailing the clout surrounding the president of The Federation or The Empire's succession crisis).
  • The Horde has the Franzpowanki News Network (FNN), which broadcasts on Crystal Ball.
  • The Fallout universe has a Galaxy News Network (GNN). Although "Galaxy News Network" appears in the first Fallout game, the acronym "GNN" doesn't appear with any prominence (other than a single note in Fallout 2) in-universe until Fallout 4, where it is featured on banners and billboards.
  • Hitman (2016) also has GNN, with a logo blatantly satirising real-life American news channel CNN.
  • The camera in Super Mario 64 is operated by Lakitu, who is an employee of KNN- Kingdom News Network.
  • In the world of dragons in Spyro the Dragon (1998) there is DNN (Dragon News Network).
  • Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain has UNN, Universal News Network, as what seems to be the sole surviving news broadcaster after an alien invasion wrecked the Earth. The broadcasts serve as a sort of Greek Chorus giving a view of the player character's squad's actions in the larger war, albeit with a strong dose of cheerleading and propaganda.


    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Bob's Burgers has the student-run news program at the kids' school, WSN (Wagstaff Scool News).
  • The VeggieTales episode "Sumo of the Opera" is Japan-themed, and has ESN (Emperor's Sports Network), a cross between CNN and ESPN.
  • A Futurama episode had it revealed that Atlanta's bigshots would eventually move the town into the ocean. CNN was then renamed ''SeaNN''.
  • In the episode "Terry Unmarried" on The Cleveland Show, there's an inversion. After Cleveland figures out Terry's gay, he freaks out and his babbling becomes scrolling details with a headline. At the bottom left, you see CNN and directly under it, you see Cleveland News Network.
  • The All Dogs Go to Heaven Christmas Special has CCN.
  • The Magic School Bus has FNN.
  • Liberty's Kids has LNN.
  • Vampirina has Transylvania News Network.
  • Milo Murphy's Law has DNN.
  • Parodied in Inside Job (2021) where one of the two political news networks Cognito runs is called MSCNNBCNBBC.

    Real Life 
  • Besides CNN there are a lot of small channels that use the news network nomenclature, such as Ohio-based Ohio News Network.
  • Far-right news channel One America News Network uses this naming scheme.
  • All the major commercial Japanese network television news divisions use these:
    • All-Nippon News Network (TV Asahi)
    • Fuji News Network (Fuji Television)
    • Japan News Network (Tokyo Broadcasting System)
    • Nippon News Network (Nippon Television Network)