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Gregory Austin McConnell is an American YouTube videomaker, who makes videos about nothing in particular. His focuses vary from his endeavors as an independent and short film director, journalism on minute parts of history, practical advice and shout-outs, to occasional personal speaking.

Starting in 2023, he began work on the Superzeroes, a low-budget superhero film universe using forgotten comic book heroes from the public domain. He's already produced a novel based on The Spider Queen, a 1940s precursor to Spider-Man, and a short cartoon pilot based on The Sensational Cat-Man. He's also successfully funded a Cat-Man movie, as well as a film based on Atlas: Man of Might.

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Wartime Monopoly

A World War II-era Monopoly set came with something unexpected when unearthed: a custom game board drawn by the original owner introducing new mechanics.

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