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San Antonio, Texas during Christmas.

In fictional settings authors often decide to make great cities for their work. In "classic" sci-fi the city served as a common trope to be used to represent whatever society that existed. They, when animated, drawn or otherwise shown a Design Student's Orgasm usually occurs. This comes in two flavors and is often the capital of The Federation, The Alliance, The Empire, or The Republic. Is usually a City of Adventure.


Shiny and Awesome

  • Dresediel Lex from Two Serpents Rise. Floating skyscrapers, giant black-glass pyramids for office buildings, zombie street cleaners, and goddesses hovering over every poker game.
  • Vampire New York as seen in Day Breakers. While it's the exact opposite of "shiny", the sheer infrastructure of adapting the biggest city in the world to Vampires gets it put in this category. Besides, Dark is shiny for vampires.
  • Themyscira of Wonder Woman. Just take a look.
  • As seen above, Coruscant is a planet. It's so large they needed an entire subsidiary guide just to explain how it worked.
  • The titular MegaTokyo.
  • New Domino City from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.
  • Metru Nui from BIONICLE.
  • Any city level from Ratchet & Clank. You'd think those guys were architects.
  • Metropolis from Superman.
  • Dentech City from Mega Man Battle Network. The fact that Everything Is Online compounds this. And its virtual counterpart Navi City which is online.
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  • Trantor from the Foundation series. It covers all the planet, it's the capital of the galactic empire, and continues many kilometers underground.
  • The city of Zootopia with its multifaceted districts enabled by the installation of artificial climate zones.
  • The Citadel from Mass Effect. It's a giant space station. Just check out its page. It is awesome. Of course it was made by crazy Robo-Cthulhu death farmers. But that's beside the point.
    • Although it's getting beat up on at the time by Reapers, future Vancouver looks pretty impressive, as does the asari city on Thessia. Illium, which you get an aerial car chase through in Lair of the Shadowbroker is similarly scenery-porn-tastic.
  • Mitakihara City from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • Sternbild City, a three-leveled city decorated with several Statue-of-Liberty-sized monuments from Tiger & Bunny is also a nice example.
  • Atlantis from Stargate Atlantis. Crystal Spires on hyperdrives.
    • Our city is a submersible and can fly between galaxies. What does yours do?
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Canterlot, the capital city impossibly perched on a steep mountain.
    • Cloudsdale, a hovering (and possibly mobile) city made almost entirely from clouds and rainbows and featuring a weather factory.
    • The Crystal Empire, whose crystal street layout is actually an enormous accumulator array to collect love and camaraderie from the city's inhabitants and feed it into the city's central spire to be weaponized against evildoers.
  • Minbari cities such as Yedor and Tuzanor from Babylon 5. In fact, the planet is rich in ginormous crystals, so much so that they carve entire cities out of these crystals. Just take a look.
  • Zaofu in The Legend of Korra, a city made entirely of metal. The city is made to look like a congregation of Lotus flowers, that stay open in the day, but are closed by night.
  • Most cities in Rocket Age could count, although most of the Martian cities are in various states of decline, but New York takes the cake. It's in many ways the same as our universe's New York in 1938, only with even more money thrown into it and enough sky traffic to make it feel like Coruscant.
  • Starbase Yorktown in Star Trek Beyond is like a Domed City but with the dome being a perfect sphere, as it is in space. It is also beyond gigantic. Artificial Gravity will make the definition of "down" different for you than for the street twisting above you.

Dark and Gritty


  • Examples of both the above appear in The Reckoners. Newcago (the former city of Chicago) is dark and gritty, under a perpetually black sky, the entire city transmuted to steel with many living in tunnels beneath. Babilar (once New York) by contrast, is a bright and colorful party city where the waters rise up so high, the people live on the roofs and upper stories of skyscrapers. Ildithia (Atlanta) is a city of salt that grows out of the ground on one side, collapses on the other, cycling through once a week and so crawling across the landscape.
  • The titular Metropolis. It borrows from H. G. Wells The Time Machine and has a shiny Art Deco city on top and a gritty worker's city under the earth.
  • Minas Tirith.
  • Asgard.
  • And the major cities of World of Warcraft: Silver Moon, Undercity, the Exodar, Dalaran and Shattrah.
  • Warhammer 40,000 has quite a lot. Eldar cities and the Dark Eldar capital of Commorgah are both very impressive (the former are Crystal Spires and Togas style cites housed inside Craftworlds, spacecrafts the size of small moons, the latter is a Dark Towers and Spikes style city located inside the Webway). Humans have numerous heavily populated worlds with impressive looking cities, but the grand price goes to Holy Terra, seat of the Imperium. The Imperial Palace alone covers most of what used to be Eurasia.