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One of Japan's largest TV stations, it is home to many of Toei's anime (including the original Sailor Moon) and Toku shows.note  It's also the home, and producer/license holder, of the Doraemon anime and for many years was also the home of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise and the broadcaster of many other Sunrise productions. The station also owns 100% of Shin-Ei Animation, which produces Doraemon.

From 1959 to 1977, it was named NET (first known as Nihon Educational Television until 1960 and NET Television afterwards; not to be mistaken for the previous name of PBS). Originally part-owned by Toei and operated as a for-profit educational television station (a rarity now as then), NET dropped this approach in 1960 after it proved unprofitable and began to evolve into a general-interest TV station, known for an emphasis on anime and on Japanese dubbed versions of Western programs. The station finally procured a general-interest TV license in 1973.


Since the station's inception as NET, it has been linked to the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun. TV Asahi operates their network through 24 full network stations (among them, are EXnote , ABCnote , KBC, Metele, HTB) and two secondary, cross-network stations (FBC and UMK).

Some shows are produced by stations outside of Tokyo: Asahi Broadcasting Corporation in Osaka (not to be confused with TV Asahi, as the two are separate entities) and Nagoya Broadcasting Network in Nagoya.

Shows aired by TV Asahi and its affiliates:


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