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The NHK (short for Nippon Hoso Kyokai, Japanese for "Japan Broadcasting Corporation") is a Japanese public broadcasting organization. It was founded as the Tokyo Broadcasting Station on November 29, 1924, and changed to its current name on August 6th, 1926.

The NHK operates the following channels:

  • NHK General TV, their main channel.
  • NHK Educational TV, which airs... educational content.
  • NHK BS-1, NHK BS Premium, NHK BS-4K, and NHK BS-8K, all satellite TV services.
  • They also operate NHK World, an international TV service.
  • Similarly, they operate a channel called TV Japan that is aimed at the Japanese diaspora in North America, although some shows aired on the channel are not just limited to NHK-produced and aired ones (e.g. some Kamen Rider series aired on TV Japan are from TV Asahi).


List of series that air or have aired on the NHK's channels:


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