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Pythagora Switch is a Japanese children's TV show that airs on NHK; in the United States it's carried on NHK's co-owned network TV Japan. The show features several disjointed sketches that are both educational and entertaining. Each sketch is followed by a Pythagora switch (the Japanese term for a Rube Goldberg Device), that features prominently on the show. Each 15-minute episode starts with a puppet skit where two young penguins, Pita and Gora, learn a new concept with the help of an anthropomorphic encyclopedia and a television dog. And each show ends with either the Algorithm March or algorithm exercises hosted by Kazunari Yamada and Hidenori Kikuchi.


Recurring sketches include:

  • Today's Topic
  • 10 stick anime
  • Botejin
  • Father Switch
  • Framy
  • What Is the Dot Doing?
  • Square and Triangle Groups
  • Algorithm Exercises/March
  • You Can't Do This (Konna Koto Dekimasen)

This show provides examples of:

Alternative Title(s): Pitagora Suicchi, Pythagoras Switch


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