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Mahou no Mako-chan (officially titled Maco the Mermaid by Toei in English) is an early Magical Girl Anime loosely based on The Little Mermaid, created by Toei Animation's planning team and veteran screenwriter Masaki Tsuji.

Mako is a young mermaid who one day rescues a handsome young man named Akira from drowning in a shipwreck and promptly falls in love with him. In order to be with her beloved, she convinces the Witch of the Sea to turn her into a human, becoming Ordinary High-School Student Mako Urashima.

The rest of the series follows Mako in her new life on dry land as she makes friends, learns about the human world, and solves problems with the help of her magical pendant given to her by her Overprotective Dad, Ryuu-oh the King of the Sea.

Mahou no Mako-chan was the third entry in Toei's "majokko" series and the first to not be based on an existing manga. Along with contemporary Attack No. 1, it's also one of the first anime made to appeal specifically to teenage girls. Despite having been adapted into Spanish, Italian, and French, it's was one of the more obscure magical girl series in its day, as it failed to repeat the success of its predecessors Sally the Witch and Himitsu no Akko-chan, despite having been made specifically to appeal to viewers of those earlier shows as they progressed into adolescence. Nevertheless, it's regarded by many as a classic today.




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