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Beginning life in 1992 as a four-hour weekend programming block on Cartoon Network, note  Boomerang serves as a showcase for Warner Bros.'s extensive animation archives, including pre-1986 MGM (Tom and Jerry), Hanna-Barbera (The Smurfs (1981), Scooby-Doo, The Snorks, The Flintstones, etc.), and older animation from Warner Bros. itself (Looney Tunes). Like its corporate sibling, Turner Classic Movies, Boomerang didn't run any outside advertising, with its commercial breaks consisting of ads for both its own and Cartoon Network programming, as well as music videos known as Cartoon Network Groovies.

Eventually, Boomerang started adding more recent material to its schedule, mostly Cartoon Cartoons-era shows, as well as older episodes of acquired shows such as Pokémon. While some cried foul, others noted that Time Marches On, with several of the "new" additions being over a decade old by that point.

Starting in 2014, Boomerang became an ad-supported network, followed by a complete rebranding in 2015note  into a family-oriented animation network aimed at parents, younger children and girls (as opposed to its older-skewing, boy-slanted parent channel). With this rebrand, Boomerang began producing and broadcasting original series (such as Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production, Bunnicula, and Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!) and shifted to reruns of current Cartoon Network shows, while downplaying its archival programming to focus only on popular franchises (namely, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, and Tom and Jerry). While some cried foul over this, many accepted it was a logical step to allow the channel to survive, as video-on-demand services have long since taken away the channel's main selling pointnote . Case-and-point: to compensate for the channel's low coverage, Boomerang launched its own subscription-based streaming service on April 11, 2017. Not long after its launch, new episodes of the network's programming and some new shows began airing on the streaming service. The following year, Boomerang would also launch their own channel on VRV.

As part of a corporate restructuring following the 2018 AT&T-Time Warner acquisition, Boomerang (along with the rest of Cartoon Network) was moved under the oversight of Warner Bros. in 2019 as part of the newly-rebranded WarnerMedia. In response to the channel's lack of availability, Cartoon Network would refocus as a family-oriented brand with the U.S launch of Cartoonito as both a programming block and a hub on HBO Max. By 2024, the brand's global presence was gone, as Boomerang rebranded in a good chunk of the world, to Cartoonito and the brand's remaining international channels are in the UK, France, Italy, Thailand & Canada.

A list of shows that have aired on Boomerang: